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TOPIC:   Greetings from Chicago...Half Ironman in Training! 

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12/4/07 6:52 A

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well, if you can have an mp3 player on if you are riding on a bike path, music helps alot. i know it may be a safety risk. if you have a cross or mtb can you ride along the lake? i know that is a great place in the summer. are there some bike and hike trails that they keep cleared that you can go out on the weekend? i live in cleveland so i have similar conditions.
we have a group of people that will bear the cold on the weekends and we go on a coffee ride (ride to a coffee shop around 10 miles away, have a cup and come back) this makes it kind of social. somehow its more fun when others are suffering around you!
i've always been a cyclist, it just seems like that is what i have enjoyed doing.. now running on the other hand is my nemesis

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12/3/07 4:47 P

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My advice is to move to a warmer climate. The difference between riding in the fresh air to riding indoors on a stationary bike is like night and day. Where I live I am able to ride outdoors year round!

As for the triathlon, you can have the swimming and running part; I'll stick to the biking!

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12/3/07 3:08 P

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Hi there. Kind of ironic--cycling is my favorite of the disciplines in a tri! Now if I could figure out how to avoid the run, we'd be set...

To "befriend" your bike, just spend time with her. Start with shorter rides and increase slowly. Don't try to make those trainer rides too long--you'll go crazy. But use them to increase your cadence and to do some intervals. Variety will help a lot indoors on your own. I also have a tv/vcr with a remote control in front of my trainer. I can either use Spinerval workouts or just catch up on my tv viewing. Just start logging miles. When you get the bike outside, you'll feel so much better about it.

CHICAGORUBY's Photo Posts: 22
12/3/07 2:05 P

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I figured I owed it to myself to join one of the biking teams here on SP. I'm training for a Half Ironman triathlon and the bike is my weakest and most dreaded discipline of all three. If I'm spending 56-miles in the saddle, I could definitely use the support and encouragement from the fine folks who are avid bikers.

Cycling outdoors in Chicago in the winter is...hmm...crazy at best, but I'm giving my husband a trainer for Christmas so we'll be able to alternate indoor cycling on our set up. I'm also planning on taking 2 10-week cycling classes starting in January (the indoor long ride and a bike technique/endurance class).

Anyone have any advice on how I can actually befriend my bike and not be so freaked out spending hours on end with her?

You already have everything you need to be a distance's mindset, not miles, that separates those who do from those who dream.


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