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4/15/16 9:03 A

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You are the same age Jenye as my Mum! You'll get there as we all will. We'll just keep plodding along.

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4/15/16 2:03 A

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Hi everyone, my name is Jenye and I live in Central Victoria. My husband died recently and I am finding it very hard to manage on my own - I pay most of my bills by b-pay and direct debit but when it comes to other expenses I find I have nothing left. I hope you can help me.

I am 74 years old and have a grown up family of 3 children.



"What will be. will be"

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4/11/16 7:54 A

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Hello, I am Paula a 49 year old married mother of two. Jake 21 and Sarah 20.

Currently weight in at 53.4 kilo's I aim to maintain at 52 kilo's. But am finding that last little bit hard to lose.

I left sparkpeople a while ago and since then have rejoined . I decided to come back to sparkpeople to really get my weight loss under control this time.

I know I am not obese by any means but still for me I have too much weight on for my hips to carry around.

I have slight hip osteoarthritis in both hips. Doctors and specialists told me a few years ago I would need to have 2 hip replacements which I refused to have, or at least put off as long as possible. I am doing things naturally, fixing my diet, weight loss and the like.

I also have Scoliosis in my back have had it since I was a teenager. I wore a back brace then for 2 years which prevented it getting any worse.

My issues make exercising very difficult. So am unable to do much of that other than normal stuff like housework, gardening when I am able.

My goals to lose my weight are:

1. Eat three times daily only no snacks.
2. Allow 4 - 5 hours between each of the three meals.
3. Eat correct portion sizes.
4. Limit my wheat intake.
5. Count or track my steps and aim to do no less than 3000 steps in a day. (I Have my Garmin Tracker liked to sparkpeople)
6. Get 7 - 8 hours sleep each night.
7. Drink 7 - 8 glasses of water each day.
8. Not to drink soda / soft drink.
9. Cut out sugar. Consume only sugar of the natural kind found in fruits and honey.
10. Have a vision board with positive quotes, pictures and affirmations to do with my goals on it.
11. Exercise when I can, if my arthritic hips allow and I am not in pain doing so.
12. Stick to my weekly budget.
13. Save a least $1.00 per day in my money tin on my desk..

I try to eat healthy and organically where possible and avoid all preservatives and additives and processed food where and when I can. Plus I am wheat free not Gluten free & trust me when I tell you there is a difference between the two because there is.

I Drink reverse osmosis water from my water filter. Use Australian made and owned cleaning products that are non toxic and without any harsh chemicals.

I have interests in candles, reading, feng shui, computers, positive thinking, spirituality, new age thinking, Leptin Diet, Eat Right for your type diet, soccer and gardening & beginning Sewing / quilting to name a few.

Remember it's not a diet but a healthy lifestyle!

Thank you for letting me join, I look forward to being a team member.

Paula from Brisbane Queensland Australia emoticon

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3/17/16 12:54 P

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I guess I should have introduced myself the other day. My name is Deborah. I'm 51 years old and in my second long-term relationship as of 4 years ago this month after 27 years of marriage fell apart suddenly in some ways, not so suddenly in others. I continue to learn about myself and with the incredible man in my life have learned it is possible to have a emotional commitment with myself.
There are things I am working on; weight, self-image, energy levels, and trust. Financial calm is what I would like to achieve. Not sure if it is possible, but if I don't take steps in the right direction I know I won't happen. At least this way, I can be closer to reducing the financial stain and gain financial calm.

Lift someones spirit. Give them a SMILE :)

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." - Zig Ziglar

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3/6/16 2:36 P

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Hi, my name is Julia and I'm currently re-booting my Spark! I've been on SP for a few years and really like it, but I want to put some more effort into reaching (& exceeding) my goals to improve my lifestyle. Currently, I am sort of a maintainer (up 10) and I want to fix that plus, my finances. I need to down-size, re-group, and re-make my life so that I can live within my means contentedly. I like the topics touched in this group and hope learn more.

"Screw your courage to the sticking-place, And we'll not fail."
- William Shakespeare, ("Lady") Macbeth, 1.7

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2/9/15 10:01 P

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Hi, my name is Virginia and I just joined the group. I'm currently struggling to figure out how to pay off my debts and still afford the basic essentials plus save and give to church. Not sure how to do so when more than half of what I receive is currently paid towards rent, utilities and services. I'm cutting tv once the contract is up but until then it's still something I have to pay. It doesn't help that I can't find a job and have to go to college as well plus I lost my financial aid. Definitely didn't get off to a good start this semester when I learned that. I was counting on the money and now don't know what to do.

1/17/15 3:35 P

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I'm Julie. I'm 54 and teach 7th grade reading. I've been overweight since the birth of my last child--my 21 year old son. Time to get rid of the baby fat, right? Lol. It's been an up and down thing for years. This time, I have a wonderful man at my side who is supportive and who is on his own weight loss and better health journey. I am blessed!

My debt issue has also been an ongoing situation for many years. It is time to get that healthy again, too. I've been through the Dave Ramsey course, probably ten years ago, and plan to begin there. I've started checking creditkarma each month, but really haven't started my repair actions yet. For the past 6 years, I've been inconsistent in making payments on time and sometimes even making them at all. My boyfriend has been working very hard on his credit repair and I do not want to be a deficit to his credit when we eventually marry.

During 2015, my two biggest goals are weight loss and to improve my finances. Hoping this team will be an encouragement in both areas.

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7/17/14 12:47 P

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Hello, all. I'm Sharon. I'm very happily married with two kids and a house full of furbabies. This team seems like just the thing for me. It seems like we are always running into some issue that keeps us from eliminating our debt!
Hoping to learn a lot and make a lot of new friends here!


"Many of life�s failures are from people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison

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3/2/14 12:24 P

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Hello, I am just getting back to SP - we were doing ok in the debt department until my car died. really really dead. so now I have a car payment. the furnace is going -- I'm trying to sell the house and I don't want to buy a new furnace but there is alot of winter left. and the stupid cheap new car is too low I had to buy a snowblower ugh! we are back were we were 3 years ago.

Praying that the houses sell quickly

Happy Sparking
Cheryl J

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1/3/14 2:06 A

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This group seems like the perfect fit for my life right now. I've been working hard to reduce my debt for a few months now. (We've reduced it by $7,000 and the goal is $13,901 by May 31) And I really, really, really need to lose weight and get fit, too. In part, because my life will be better that way, but also because my family is in a financial and health fitness challenge. Anyway, I look forward to learning from you all and I hope I can be a source of encouragement also!

I am one-fourth of an awesome family and we are completely changing our lives as part of an 8 month financial and physical fitness challenge! Learn more about me and family at
You can vote for us, too!

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12/30/13 4:55 P

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Jaeda [Alexander] and although this is a NEW profile. I'm not new to the site. In fact, I've managed to forget my information 2 two former accounts. NO worries there, I simply chalk that up to my lack of motivation. Well, I'm desperate to shed some weight. I'm currently 267 pounds and to be honest, that might not even be accurate. My house is uneven so in the hallway I am 281, but in the bedroom I am 267. I don't know what to believe. But, I plan on getting weighed at the gym son; so no worries there. And I simply won't rely on a weigh in unless it's on a medical scale or the scale at the gym.

Well, speaking of the "Gym". I am a member of Planet Fitness in Catonsville and I have been for about a year. However, since I don't have a workout buddy; I haven't really gone. That stops now, I'll be going with or without one now. BUT, if you reside in that area or can get there. I would love to meet up and have someone to work out with. You can even come as my guest. emoticon

I battle Depression, but don't worry it's not to the point where I will lose my mind. I've learned in life that I just have to deal with things as is and find a better outlet. And I have found that through working out and even walking. I feel a lot better.

Well, anyways. Feel free to contact me on here or visit my Spark page to find out how else to contact me and any tips, inspiration, or anything that you will like to send my way. Please do so.

From the girl who H8SHERBMI!

Jaeda M. Alexander,

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11/17/13 2:22 P

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not sure what happened but I am harperlady not sure where the 1 came from but it ( site ) must have thought I was someone different, , lol

( only those who risk going to far know how far they can go)

self control is knowing you can and deciding you wont

the only thing you can't do what you dont think you can do!!!!!.
co- leader of "The Secret"

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11/17/13 2:16 P

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Hi everyone, I have been a member of spark for awhile now, never been good with my $ but would like to see that change

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10/29/13 1:21 P

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Hello everyone! I'm Gabby, 22 and married 10/3/2013 to my best friend. My husband is National Guard and works two part time jobs to help us get by. I work in Transportation and make decent money, but will be leaving at the end of the year to finish my education. Our goal is to get a good chunk of our debt paid off and gone before the first of the year, but time is running out. My family is on the wealthier side so they cannot empathize with our situation.

Can't wait to chat with you guys! Have a great day.

Army Wife, Crazy Cat Lady, PCOS Fighter.

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3/26/13 4:33 P

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Hi!! I am Bridget and I am a 29 year old wife and mother of 2. My husband is in sales and I am currently unemployed. :( Unfortunately!! We are neck high in debt and my waist is too thick!! LOL So here I am!! :)

Working Mom of 2
Healthy Weight Loss is the Goal

Join My Team and Stay Active with ME!!

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2/15/13 5:38 A

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high my name is joanne i am 50ish married over 20 years two teen age kids. I work as an auditor in a large company . my husband is a printer who keeps getting his hrs cut by days . Me and my daughter both have pacemakers hers at age 4 mine at 45 . my son has crohns collitius, and my husband had both hands done with carpal tunnel surgery this year. we can seem to get by . so i am hoping to get ideas here. I am an optimist and believe that hard works gets you places , but i would like t get there sooner lol

"Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him."~Aldous Huxley

Because I love you-Mick St. John _moonlight

A women must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself. Susan B Anthony

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12/11/12 2:48 P

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Hey everyone, I'm Erin and I'm a 27 year old aspiring circus performer. I'm a classically trained actor and unfortunately the conservatory I went to put me in a lot of debt...and then I was trying to make a living as an actor, and that put me in even more debt. My debt isn't from buying a bunch of stuff I don't need, but rather just trying to support myself and my cats. I have a well paying job now, but not only is the financial damage done, but I'm also spending a lot of money on circus training (which giving up isn't an option). I hate my job and I can't see myself staying there long term because I'm still stuck on the idea that one day I will have a job I like.

Every time I seem to get ahead on the financial front something seems to happen. My special needs cat gets sick again. Something breaks on my car. My job cuts my hours. The most recent straw to break the camels back was my car's transmission going out, forcing me to make the difficult decision of buying a new car. I had to borrow money and spend all my savings for a down payment just to have piece of mind that my car will not die. I live 30 miles from work with no public transportation options.

This happened a month ago and it sent me into a depressed, downhill spiral of little exercise and eating pizza every day. I'm getting the food and exercise under control, but I have no idea how to get back on track with the rest of my life. I was planning on moving across country next year for better circus training and now all I see is debt, clutter, fat, and my dreams slipping away.

I honestly didn't mean for this to be so long, but that's my story and I'm hoping this group can help me get my life back.

"If this is as hard as it gets, you've got a fighting chance."
~Melissa Ferrick

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9/17/12 1:15 P

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Hi my name is Mary! I'm a preschool teacher. It was just recently I realized that my issues with money and food go hand in hand right now. I'm trying to tackle them both as I also finish school and work on some other goals. At times it becomes pretty tough but in the last 2 or 3 years I've been able to pay off 2 credit cards hoping to have 2 more paid off in the next 6 months leaving 2 more credit cards to pay off. I want to get rid of all the debt before I get married (I'm not dating yet) but I know that will come in time but debt isn't anything I want to bring to the table.

Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me
Gal 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not

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7/17/12 3:16 P

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Hello all of new new Debt Haven friends,

I just joined sparkpeople yesterday. When I turned 40 last October - I realized that all the money in was equal to all the money out. So I developed a 5-YEAR PLAN. This plan will enable me to pay off all my debts (well honestly it might be more of a 6 year plan due to my husband's getting hurt at work and my extended family moving out of my basement). But health and happiness are equally important to me. I had joined another forum for frugality. I have posted my progress there. I am making amazing progress. I had a total of 8 debts in october of 2011 and I'm now down to 4.

One week ago I realized that I needed to take the same strength that I was applying to my 5-YEAR PLAN and also work towards OPTIMAL HEALTH. This is what brought me to sparkpeople, and image my surprise that there is a fiscal fitness area. So I wanted to introduce myself and say hey.

You can get anywhere you want to go if you take it one step at a time.....
OPTIMAL HEALTH - here I come!!!!

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7/15/12 12:10 P

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Hello! My name is Christina. I'm a 5th grade teacher, which in itself, doesn't pay much, while my husband was not renewed as a para for the upcoming year. Money has always been an issue for the both of us, but in the past few years we've been trying to take steps in reducing our bills. Although we've done this, it's the past that has us picking up the pieces & trying to catch up. We weren't always good with money. It's to the point where we cannot pay all of our bills, some months. My husband has narcolepsy & this impacts his working, but is difficult to apply for disability. Luckily we don't have any kids that rely on us for now, but hoping to get pregnant within the next year or 2. Hoping this will help a little.

"The principle is competing against yourself. It's about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before" -Steve Young
Alexandria, VA

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6/19/12 10:31 A

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hello, i'm jessica. i have been on this never ending cycle of paying of my credit card, then racking up charges again, then paying off, etc. my husband doesn't have a permanent full time job yet (laid off march 2011), so i really don't need to be spending $. i see all these good deals, know my # by heart and realize after i made the purchase that i didn't need to. i am the only one working a permanent job right now, and i am the only one contributing to our house fund every month for our mortgage. so, i am stressed that we will be kicked outta our house (even though we would really LOVE to move now into a smaller place). i know that there are many things i don't have any control over, but i would LOVE to feel more financially stable and be able to keep my credit card paid off permanently. and no, getting rid of it isn't an option. LOL

I would never talk to my BFF the way I talk to myself about my body.

6/6/12 10:40 P

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Hi guys! I am Mae. I am kind of new here.....I registered a year or so ago, and have just now found my way back. Not only do I have pounds to lose but also debt. My hubby and I have been through some major life changes recently. I was a stay at home mom for 9 years, but recently I had to go to work due to my dh losing half his pay every week. With everything we owed, we had to file bankruptcy. We are now trying to learn from our mistakes, and stick to a budget.

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5/16/12 8:15 A

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New to this team! I 'm a 40 year old mother of 3 putting my retired military husband thru college. I'm the only one working and seem to carry the debt we are in everywhere with me. I want to pay off everything so as to not feel trapped in my current occupation. I'm setting a goal of paying off everything to make it possible to have options. My initial goals are to get rid of anything in my house that has the potential to be yard saled and buy no new clothing for myself at least till December. (I work in an office environment so suits are part of my wardrobe everyday) , I take lunch everyday and no longer go to Starbucks a couple days a week. Happy to Joing this team and looking forward to seeing a light at the end of this tunnel!

On My Way

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4/9/12 11:33 A

HI my name is Ruth. I joined Sparkpeople a few years back and still have been struggling with weight loss. I am also in debt and have put myself on a budget to try and get my bills under control. Hopefully by following my plans I should be where I want to be weight wise by October and moneywise in 28 months.

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3/14/12 1:16 A

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Hi my name is Carrie and I would like to join this group. I am in Debt he!! right now. It can be very stressful and I react by eating. I know eating will not fix my main sewer line to my home, nor will eating fix my delapated garage. Eating will not stop anything, it just makes me get further away from my goals. I am working on setting some goals in saving. I am glad I found this team.

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1/5/12 5:10 P

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1/5/12 4:43 P

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Message from TONING4LIFE:

My name is Debbie and just joined the group today. 2012 is going to be a great year!! When I found this SparkTeam page, I knew that it would be important for me to join. I realized last year that my being overweight relates to my being in debt. I tend to hang on to the things I really don't need or can't wear anymore (clothes that I might fit back into when I lose weight...) and then buy new things when I feel bad about my self image causing me to spend too much money. I've noticed a vicious cycle and neither my excess weight nor my indebtedness is going away. So I decided that this year I would do things differently. I decided to live each day to it's fullest meaning that I'm not going to look back at the past what I did or didn't accomplish. I seem to stay stuck in the same way of thinking and that hasn't done me any good. And I am not going to look too far into the future. I know there are good things to planning, but when that consumes my day and that's all I ever do, then that is not beneficial either. So, I'm living in the day and aiming for a healthy balance in every area of my day! I worked out a monthly and weekly budget for my finances and I'm using SparkPeople to help me with my nutrition and fitness goals. So, here goes to a great beginning of 2012!!!

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