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Welcome to the High Blood Pressure team, OHSO_BEAUTIFUL ! Spark People has plenty of tools, information and community support to help you achieve your goals -- but in the end, of course, it is YOU that must do the work. SUNNYARIZONA had very good advice regarding the surgery -- many people have achieved success with it, but any surgery can have complications and I feel that if there is any possible way to avoid it we are better off.

Like you, most of us have tried -- and failed -- a number of times to lose weight. But that doesn't mean that we can't do it, just that we haven't quite got it right yet. First, you need to accept that it isn't something you can do for a while and then you'll be done, because you will never be "done." This is a new lifestyle. Next, it's not going to happen overnight. You have a big goal of losing 150 or so pounds, but it will be much more attainable if you break it up into smaller interval goals -- to lose, say, 1-1/2 pounds per week -- and then reward yourself (preferably NOT with food!) when you achieve your weekly goal. Remember that it's also important to watch for achievement that is not related to the scales -- one of mine was an old shirt that I use whenever I color my hair that I had NEVER been able to button over my belly -- and all of a sudden noticed that I could! Woo hoo -- sometimes it doesn't take much to really make your day!! Take one day at a time -- you can get through ANYTHING for just one day, right? and don't expect to be perfect, because none of us are. If you mess up, just get back on track ASAP, don't try to make up for a "bad" day by starving yourself the next, just get back to your plan. Which brings me to: somewhere here on SP there is the quote "A goal without a plan is just a wish." So, set your goals, and make a PLAN for achieving them -- one that you can actually live with day to day, not one that you think you should live with, or that someone else is living with. Cut back a bit on the calories, and increase a bit on the activity. Find activities that you enjoy...start out slowly and work up from there.

For a bit more inspiration you might want to read the story of this Spark People member's weight loss journey:

Best wishes on achieving your goals!


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Welcome to spark people. I have had two very close friends have the surgery at first it went well then the old habits kick back in and the stomach starts to stretch and they found themselves in the same position they were in at the beginning except they both have health issue they didn't have before. Both of them are sorry they ever had the surgery. I have tried weight watchers and it is a great plan I lost over 100 pounds but you know what I started to gain the weight back. I found after two years I got board and lost the motivation. I am working on these problems now and find the spark people site is helping. Let's face it we all like food we all like to eat and those bad habits keep coming back. I hate exercise but I force myself to walk I am finding that helps with being board and even helping to motivate me. So stick with this site forget the surgery you have little ones depending on you. emoticon

5/14/13 10:20 A

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emoticon By all means, give Sparks a try. As the other members have said, You must do the work. You have the motivation, but try not to be discouraged. It is a learning process., but it does work!

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5/13/13 5:50 P

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Awesome advise. I agree with you had a friend who almost died. And to this a day eats like bird. She doesn't eat any vegetable or fruits. Her diet lacks nutrient and vitamins. I would encourage that take it one step a ta time and look into living a healthy life style. emoticon emoticon

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5/13/13 5:37 P

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As a nurse who takes care of folk AFTER the fact of this kind of surgery, I am so glad you came here to talk about this before you go that route.

The big thing to remember, is that it is NOT a panacia , it will NOT magically change your way of dealing with food.

I have had MANY patients, back for other things who either regained all, or some of what they lost after this surgery.

I have also had many patients back with all sorts of problems secondary to this drastic surgery....problems that won't ever go away. One dear lady, who in, her 50's never recovered, went home, and has since passed away.

God gave us the size of our stomach for a is HARD to get all your nutrients unless you have the stomach as is....

Now you said you have never really exercised.....I suggest you keep coming HERE , make use of this site, AND start WALKING every day. Make up your mind that you will committ to this. Give yourself 6 months of really doing the plan, exercising and blogging here about your journey.

LOG in your foods everyday. That is quite an eye opener!!! It was for me!

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5/13/13 1:09 P

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emoticon Please try to lose with SparkPeople. I don't know anyone that has had the surgery and kept the weight off. You will be far better off if you can learn to eat healthy and incorporate exercise into your daily routines. When you're not sure if it is real hunger, go for a walk or drink some water. Anything to distract you to help determine your real needs. And depend on God. With Him, all things are possible!

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5/13/13 12:41 P

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Welcome to the group!

I think this system will work, but like everything else, you have to put the time and effort into it. Remember, baby steps, baby steps. Start with small changes, maybe just 1 or 2, and perhaps take as long as 30 days to convert those changes into habits. Then add a couple of more. When it comes to exercise, my attitude is any movement is better than none or just sitting.

I don't know know about you, but when I have a large project of any kind, I find it easy to get overwhelmed and/or discouraged. I find it really helps to break it down into small goals and celebrate those.

I wish you all the best on this journey and please do keep us posted.

Mary Lynne

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5/13/13 10:46 A

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Welcome, Yes this works but you have to utilize the site and do a lot of reading on how it works. Good luck!

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5/13/13 10:31 A

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Hello everyone! Im pretty new here, joined a few weeks ago, but am really starting my change today. I have tried numerous things to lose weight and have finally came to the conclusion that......I'm addicted to food. I didn't see it as that, but that is what it is. I can NOT control myself, I always give myself excuse after excuse as to why I eat. I really cant tell the difference between true hunger and just boredum hunger or addiction hunger. I am contemplating getting bariatric surgery, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and I am terrified of having to have surgery, but Im afraid if I dont take that risk soon, something else will happen because of my eating habits anyway so I might as well take the risk and get it done. Im a pretty spiritual person, I believe in God and his glory, grace and goodness. I am struggling with myself terribly at this point. If this doesnt work, I know that I will have to do something. I was currently on weight watchers, I lost at first, but for some reason just couldnt keep up with it, its a great program and Im sure it works, but for me it just got difficult (or too easy, i guess). I have 4 children and a husband and I would like to be here for them as long as possible, if the Lord agrees. Does this really work? Does counting calories really work?? and I have never really exercised a day in my life so im terribly out of shape, but how will I know how many calories I am burning? any help with do, thank you everyone. I have about 155 lbs to lose. Im currently 305 and would like to get to 150.

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