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emoticon like CAROLJEAN said, getting some classes with a certified Yoga instructor will help you to design how you can do the poses according to your needs, right now for the time being in the second thread there is a link to practice Yoga 21 day with Yoga Journal instructor, it is free so you go to the link and sign-up, there are to levels, beginners and intermediate, you can check it out, also in the Forum are plenty of info about sites that offer classes free or by fee.

You know, sitting at the edge of folded blankets, and placing folded blankets underyour knees can help you to improve your sitting position, not everyone is flexible like the instructors, many poses can be modified and the blocks, folded blankets are very useful. It takes time.
Warming-up is good, 5 minutes walk to loose the muscles, or if you have the chance to watch Namaste Yoga on TV(cable) or youtube, Kate Potter always start with poses for warm-up and closes the practice with a cool-down. In 21-day Yoga Journal Challenge they start slowly warming up and end with savasana or child pose.

Join us in the monthly challenge to learn what other do, to inspire and be inspired.

Here a link to learn about the different types of Yoga:

Namaste Yoga warm-up (one of them)

another link for Namaste Yoga (format4-5min warm-up, 12 min main focus, 4-5 cool down)
it shows various segments:

You can practice Yoga every day, you can choose the length according to your schedule,you can have a very active practice oe day and a very restorative the following day, Yoga is a personal journey, Meditation is also important in the balance of body and mind that is the main focus of practicing Yoga. As I mentioned before, come and join us in the monthly challenge and the thread for the 21-day Yoga Journal Challenge and Healing Rhythms Meditation links, they just started on June 10 and is free to join. Check them out.
Glad you join. May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be at ease. Namaste! emoticon

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My name is Nadine and I live in Winter Haven, Fl

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First, please consider a couple of private sessions with a certified yoga teacher. He/She could help you set up a practice that would work for your body and that you could practice at home. Perhaps you could even find a teacher who would come to your home.
I begin each yoga practice with the same three poses: child's pose (5 breaths .... I count using a metronome set at 40 beats per minutes and use 2 beats per inhale and 2 per exhale. ), down dog five breaths and big toe pose (essentially forward fold while grabbing your big toes.)
Then I do about 5 standing poses, 3 stretching poses (for example wide spread seated forward fold), then about 3 seated poses, some back extensions ending with plow. Then I stretch out on my back and relax for about 3-4 minutes and then sit in lotus pose for about the same amount of time.
As far as your knees, that has to do with the openness of your hips and the angle of your hips. Imagine your hips form the edges of a bowl. When you are seated cross-legged, you want your hips tipped forward so you would feel as if any water in the bowl were pouring our the front.
Hope I didn't give you TMI.

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6/13/13 4:46 P

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Welcome and I hope you get answers. I am also new, do mostly just videos too. And I'm exactly opposite from you. Can't reach my toes but I'm fine cross-legged. But a lot of my beginning instruction videos tell me to sit on a block or a folded towel to get hips and knees in the right position. Also if my feet are under my thighs my knees don't go down as far; if I stack my ankles kind of on top (not sure how to describe that) my knees go right down like good little children. :-)

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6/13/13 4:39 P

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Hi there,
I'm Lauren and a newb. I've been practicing for about 5 months now without formal instruction (thank you internet videos!)

I know I should go to a class, but I'm kiiiinda agoraphobic.

Here are some questions! if anyone cares to respond it would be much appreciated:

Do you warm up before yoga? Isn't stretching pre-exercise supposed to be harmful, so how does that work in terms of yoga?

I mostly practice vinyasa yoga. Is it ok to go for it every day? Are there other styles you would recommend?

What's wrong with a person who can't sit cross legged? Like, I can touch my toes, I'm not terribly inflexible. When I sit crosslegged, my knees are up very very high, nowehere near the ground. It's not even painful (though I guess it would be if I forced it) it just...doesn't work. What does that mean? Lol

Thanks ^^. Feel free to message me!

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