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4/5/08 7:44 A

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Welcome to the team and congrats on your weight loss. You will find a lot of people on spark that can help you and motivate you. Good luck girl! You rock!

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4/3/08 3:18 A

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Wow!! It is wonderful that you have found a way to reclaim your life and well, You!

Great work on your weight loss and Welcome to the group! There is alot of support on this site!!

"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."
Proverbs 16:3

We are so excited and looking forward to our New Arrival this December!!

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4/2/08 2:21 P

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What a powerful and inspirational story. Welcome to the team. emoticon

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4/2/08 11:04 A

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You are such an inspiration! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it and welcome to the group.

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4/2/08 9:08 A

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Way to go on your weight loss to date! Welcome to the team!

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4/2/08 8:15 A

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First of all, thanks for sharing your story! It's amazing that you have lost so much weight. I have to admit while reading your story, I was in awe at how you were able to share the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm glad you are seeing yourself for the beautiful you are on the inside.

I was compelled to keep reading your story because I love to see when someone my height (5'2") and condition (pcos) can loose weight. Very inspiring. Plus, I can relate to some of your past experiences.

Again thank you for sharing and welcome to the group. You are truly a victor and not a victim!


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4/2/08 8:10 A

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I just want to say Welcome and Congrats for losing all that weight, despite your history. That's a lot of obstacles, emotional and physical, to overcome and you've done it. Your story is very inspiring!


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4/2/08 1:13 A

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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself today, since I recently joined SP and subsequently this group. I知 super excited about my new life. I知 33, and I have PCOS (insulin resistance). The majority of the last 14 years has been spent around 250 lbs, except for the 3 or 4 years I spent at a miserable 302 lbs. I知 only 52, so imagine that. I壇 tried so many times to lose weight that I壇 just given up. Nothing ever seemed to work long term. Jenny Craig took it off for a while only so I could gain more later. I壇 given away most of my skinny clothes and completely quit trying. After trying every diet on the market, why bother anymore when I already knew nothing could possibly ever work long term? I was about to get bariatric surgery, before trying one last time. I ended up making lifestyle changes that have become a habit. I now weigh 215.4 and have lost 87 lbs so far.

There were several different reasons I gained weight. I was a skinny child, a chubby older kid and preteen, a skinny teenager, then a super obese adult. The weight originally started as a response to having been molested starting around age 5. I went on a liquid diet and lost my extra weight when I was 12. I gained it back quickly after I was raped at age 13. I went to fat camp and lost it all again when I was 15, after which I kept it off with bulimia. I didn稚 gain it back until I was 18, after being drugged and raped repeatedly by two men over a period of time. I became a recluse due to panic attacks and social anxiety. I was diagnosed with everything under the sun, but really had just plain old Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The multitudes of meds they tried on me accelerated my weight gain, and I gained 120 lbs that year. I found a psychologist who recognized the PTSD and helped me get past my history enough to function in society again and to hold a good job. To further my progress, I found a new one that uses EMDR (excellent for rape therapy). She痴 helping me tweak the few last things that are still wrong with me.
1.) My weight
2.) I pick horrible boyfriends that treat me like the crap I used to think I was. They aren稚 just being jerks... For the most part, they致e been mentally ill. Obviously, I need to learn to pick better.

About a year prior to receiving this therapy I went to a diet hypnosis center and had made a few diet changes. I壇 lost about 15 to 20 lbs until after receiving this therapy. After leaving my fianc馥 at the time, I started exercising and eating even better. After a 45 pound loss, I hired a personal trainer with a degree in nutrition, Brad. I知 finally at 215, and have lost a total of *** 87 lbs ***. I was diagnosed with PCOS around age 26 by the most excellent PCOS doctor in the world, Dr. Stephanie Elmore. She tried meds on me at that time, but I didn稚 take them religiously, didn稚 exercise and didn稚 eat right. I知 33, more mature and finally trying it again properly. This is my regimen to which I adhere under the instruction of Brad and Dr. Elmore:

I知 on Metformin, Armour Thyroid, Spironolactone, a bioavailable powdered multivitamin, R-Lipoic Acid, Biosil, and allergy meds
I eat NO fast food or soda EVER, rarely any white flour or sugar, mildly adhere to low GI meals, keep my meals balanced with something from each food group in each meal,
I eat 1300 calories per day, and keep sodium to 1500-2000 (as much as possible)
I drink a proper amount of water (drink the total in ounces - my weight divided by two)
I exercise 6 x痴 per week:
--2 with my personal trainer (weights and balance) to speed up my metabolism
--2 interval training cardio days to increase my ability to burn fat instead of sugar while doing cardio
--2 base heart rate (zone 2) cardio days to increase my ability to burn fat instead of sugar while doing cardio

Trust me, this works. To see a picture album and videos of me discussing this topic, check out I understand this appears to be the Hitler diet from Hell, but it痴 really not. I do cheat, but now it痴 on a much smaller scale. My cheat is a handful of M&Ms, and not a day full of macaroni and cheese and pie. After that handful of M&Ms I get right back up that instant, and don稚 wait until tomorrow. I do realize this is very hardcore. However, once the rewards start coming, it痴 hard to want things to be any other way.
I was size 30, now I知 wearing 14/16痴 and XL痴.
I was 302, now I知 215 and am convinced I can make it to 130 if I want.
I have completely come off antidepressants. I知 always in control of my thoughts and actions. I am mentally stable and happy. I am finally HAPPY!!!
I have confidence, and don稚 feel I need a man to complete me. If I find one, cool. If I don稚, who cares. I have ME!
I can shop at regular stores.
I can go out with my girlfriends, and I知 not just the fat ugly tagalong. People actually want to hear what I have to say.
People at work respect me more, and treat me like my opinion matters. There will be no fat-bias when I try to climb the corporate latter or interview for a new position.
I知 going to live! I have a greater chance to comfortably make it to an old age.
There are a ton more but I think you get the idea. I値l stop now.

As for my history, I don稚 want anyone to feel bad for me for anything I致e gone through. Mine is a story of triumph, learning, and helping others. If I ever cry, my friends, it痴 always tears of joy. Nothing can ever take that away from me. So, please be good to yourselves, because if you don稚 - no one else will! Drag yourselves out of that mud pit and survive!

Your diligent friend,

PCOS Doctor: Dr. Stephanie Elmore, Irving, TX
Personal Trainer: Brad Foulds at Lifetime Fitness in Flower Mound, TX

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