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Scratch Cooking With Love

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TOPIC:   from scratch cook - in a prefab world 

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MARTIET's Photo Posts: 2,400
7/19/08 4:44 P

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idk if that was a good time and place for that explanation, although it might be the case. A lot fo girls I know would have been like "Gee, maybe I need to go eat McDonalds..." I would say the hgh's and other junk IS a cause for a lot of miss-growth in our kids.

I guess I never experienced someboey being directly like that, but I know some people (like Hillary Clinton) have said things like "I don't have time to sit home and bake cookies". I've known a lot of people who felt things were less valid if you were doing them for yourself, but if you do the same thing "professionally", you are lauded. If you teach school, cool! If you homeschool, not so much. If you stay home with your own preschool children, that's a break, but if you teach preschool, now you're really doing something with your life! If you are a chef, wow! If you "just cook" must have a lot of time and not much of anything "worthwhile" to do.


LONEWOLF359's Photo SparkPoints: (0)
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7/19/08 2:19 P

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I can't believe people would really be that condescending! My mom cooked from scratch too, and I remember when I was in the fifth grade I wondered why all the other 11 year old girls had boobs except me. My mom said it was because they eat McDonald's all the time. With all the female growth hormones they pump into their chickens and cows, I think she may have been right!
Keep on cookin'!

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it's there.
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MARTIET's Photo Posts: 2,400
7/18/08 8:57 P

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Welcome, Bella! I'm sorry you had trouble finding us, but really glad you finally did! I'm curious about that...what did you search for? I want to change anything I can to make the group as "findable" as I can. So glad you joined!!!


BELLASOLA's Photo SparkPoints: (0)
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7/18/08 12:07 P

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Hello everyone. you know I have used the team finder wizard about a zillion times, and not found you guys... This morning I followed the link of a post I agreed with, which lead me here. WOO HOO!
My mom was a from scratch cook when I was growing up. And I've learned - it's a lot cheaper, better tasting and simpler to have a cabinet full of real ingredients instead of mixes. I love cooking with real food!
Things that bug me - cookbooks that start with prefab ingredients, poeple that think from a tube or a box is homemade, and the general perception that homemade takes forever. The attitude of some women (and men) that 'I don't cook' in that demeaning - 'only people who have no marketable skills cook' way.
Things I like - making pie crust from scratch, when my hubby braggs about how good a cook I am, the confidence that I can make just about anything with what my pantry is stocked with. :)

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