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3/4/11 11:08 A

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Thank you all for the advice. After reading several other posts too, it definitely seems I'll have to do some experimenting to find what works for me. On my up day, I ate healthy foods, but I felt stuffed (about 2700 calories) so I don't think that was such a great idea. I will try a little more moderation on the Up days, and on down days if I can hold off my workouts until later in the day, I believe that will help too. I'm so glad I found this forum!

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3/1/11 11:40 P

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MH, I have trouble with 500 calorie down days, that's why I'm using a modified plan. I do a water fast on M/W/F. For me, it's easier to do a water fast than to eat a low calorie diet for the day. Any food seems to trigger my appetite. As far as the Yoga class goes, it's hard to say if it is interfering with your appetite. When I fast, I often burn off about 1200 calories at the fitness center without much trouble, however, I do it at night. I do remember, however that when I used to jog in the morning, that I used to get more hungry. I'm doing a higher intensity exercise at the fitness center than I was jogging, so maybe the lower intensity exercise may induce your appetite whereas a higher intensity exercise may suppress it ???

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2/28/11 7:18 P

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Welcome MH....this will work....and welcome aboard.
Bug is our resident expert on this....and has always helped us...


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2/28/11 1:44 A

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Welcome to the team~

Bringing this up to the top for the new people..

For the new members who see those of us who do fasting, please do not think that it's required. It's a tool we use to help us break plateau's or lose quickly an unexpected weight gain. Doing the 500 down day will adjust your body to lower calories and more control over food.
It says in the book on page 244 that the high number is only to get the number of calories we need on the down day. (but then he gives 500 as the down day calories.) It says it's absolutely (his words) not necessary to eat that amount on the up days. He says to eat only until satisfied. The calculator is more to set the down days or higher if you want to just maintain. Like 50% to maintain on. I have to use the 500 or less or I can't even maintain. Think about it, you're trying to lose weight, if you're satisfied with a smaller amount on the up days, that's normal..If your tummy is shrinking, that's a good thing.

Just keeping this on top!
JUDDD in a nutshell:
It is a 500, or less, calorie down day and eat until you're satisfied up day. You do not have to eat a lot on your up day. If you stick to the down day at 500 or less, I guarantee a loss of 1-6 lbs. Then eat moderately on the up day. Some people join JUDDD because they think it's a license to eat all they want on the up day and some do get away with it for awhile but eventually you will have to tame those up days to continue losing.
Dr. Johnson wants us to do shakes on the down days for two weeks to be sure we aren't under estimating how many calories we are eating on our down days. If you do that I would recommend EAS Advant Edge Carb Control shakes. (at Walmart down by the body building stuff) They are only 110 calories and 17 grams of protein and the protein will help you survive the DD. The down days get easier with time and you will soon look forward to them after too many up day calories. Some people do not like to do the shakes but would rather eat food. My advice here is to make your calories count by eating protein and be sure to measure everything. It is very important to drink 8-10 glasses of water not because it's the thing to do but because it helps the diet to work. Some find it easier to wait as long as you can on a DD to eat something. If you do the EAS shakes you can have 3 of the shakes and a couple servings of plain cooked broccoli, no butter just seasonings. Or 4 shakes. Cucumbers and celery are also great to munch on. If you prefer food, a sample down day diet would be an EAS shake for breakfast and 4 oz's of skinless breast of chicken for 120 calories and 2 cups of lettuce with lemon or just seasoning for 13 calories. Some find Walden Farms have lots of no calorie, no carb dressings and other products too. The cheapest place to get them is at I find it cheaper even with shipping than my grocery store. Then at dinner more chicken and salad. If you have enough calories, add more broccoli plain. Another great tool is hot tea and chicken broth to tide you over in a hunger attack. Please keep this thread free from other postings so that I can add other things that I think of to help you. This will be the only thread not used for posting and that's to make it easier for the new people to find the info that they need to succeed. Another DD menu would be .5 cup egg beaters for breakfast 60 calories
1 piece of bacon 69 calories,or 45 calorie slice of toast with a cup of green tea For lunch, salad 13 calories with 2 oz breast of chicken, 60 calories, low carb tortilla (50 calories) then dinner, one pouch of tuna or salmon, about 90 calories with a low carb tortilla (50calories) for a total of under 500 calories. So you can see that it is possible to do way under 500. Don't forget if you have hunger drink a cup of chicken broth.
Now for the mindset:
First and foremost, I can eat tomorrow. If I tough it out and keep it under 500, I will see a loss tomorrow. I can do this, it's only for one day. If I follow this faithfully I'll reach my goal. It gets easier as you figure out what food are in the down day range that you like. I'm only dieting half the time. After the two weeks are over you continue the same. It's only the shakes for two weeks, if you chose food during the two weeks then you just keep on doing the alternate days.
You do not need to buy the resveratrol to succeed on this plan so don't worry if you don't like to take pills..

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about LEARNING TO DANCE IN THE RAIN!

Trust in God when the going gets rough! Keep Him with you all through out the day...Think of Him often, He has every hair on your head counted and He's always "On call"....

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This is my team:

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2/27/11 11:58 P

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Hello all. I just attempted my first "down" day today, and it was a complete friggin' disaster. I need some input from those who have been there, done that. I have done a medically-supervised fast before, so I know I'm capable of doing the down days, but today in the afternoon I got sooo hungry, it was crazy. I tried all the tricks -- drank tons of water, distracted myself, etc, but the gnawing, urgent feeling just kept coming back, and I wound up eating about 2500 calories for the day. I did attend a Bikram (hot) yoga class in the a.m. then came home to do a light/medium weights circuit, but this is normal for me. (And I was trying to stick with the 500 calories, but I know Bikram burns several hundred, minimum. Maybe that's my mistake??) Any suggestions? This diet seems tailor made for me, but I was shocked at how much difficulty I had. I appreciate any suggestions for success. Thanks!

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