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12/28/12 11:56 A

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it is challenging, but it's worth it if you feel better. i don't know anything about jenny craig, though.
hang in there, be prepared to learn a LOT!

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12/22/12 6:50 P

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Hi! I currently have a thyroid condition and have been suffering fatigue recently. I am going to start a gluten free diet to see if it helps reduce my fatigue. I also am interested in nutrition. Gluten free has been an interest of mine; I am finally going through on my decision to be gluten free.

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12/4/12 11:17 P

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Welcome to the group! This is a great place to be!

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12/4/12 10:34 P

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Welcome to the team. I see that you got some good info so just take it from there and go slowly as you learn more about being gluten free.


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12/4/12 9:39 P

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Decreasing gluten, and, going GF, are two different things. I eat lower gluten because I seem to have some gluten sensitivities, and I take a gluten enzyme when I choose to consume gluten, to help my body to process it.

You said that your doc advised you just to decrease gluten? That is much easier than going 100% GF. And, yes. Start by eliminating breads and pastas. And crackers, any breakfast cereals with wheat or barley, etc. You could also purchase, or make your own GF ones, but, I don't do that. I just choose more options that are already naturally GF. Such as oatmeal or Chex cereal for breakfast. A lot of protein and vegetable meals. Substituting brown rice, corn tortillas, quinoa, etc, when I want a starch.

In restaurants, I order burgers with no bun. (We have a local diner with awesome burgers, and I actually prefer them that way!) Many restaurants that serve a bread or other gluten side with your meal might be willing to substitute a side salad, or the vegetable of the day. For mexican food, I request corn tortillas instead of flour, etc. Most restaurants are really willing to make substitutes if you ask them.

I don't know anything about Jenny Craig food.

I don't have a thyroid condition, but I have MS (multiple sclerosis). Both, I think, are auto-immune diseases. And, gluten sensitivity tends to be somewhat common in those with auto-immune diseases. I used to have intestinal symptoms (ie: diarrhea, etc) when I consumed gluten. They are very rare now, with reduced gluten and the use of gluten enzymes. I choose to consumer gluten approx 3-4x per week. Many average people likely eat gluten 3-4x per day. I don't miss it, since I have not needed to give it up completely. And, white flour products, particularly, seem to make it more difficult to lose weight, so decreasing gluten has had an added benefit for me (made weight loss easier.)

Best wishes in your dietary changes.

~ Faith

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12/4/12 4:19 P

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Gluten free seems really hard at first, but it is worth it. Find new things to eat like whole oats and brown rice and give up sandwiches. You have to find a new paradigm... one that is centered on fruits and vegetables and whole grains. It is possible.

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12/4/12 3:49 P

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I just had my thyroid panel checked (twice within 3 weeks) and because my numbers were so wacky (in particular the thyroid peroxidase antibodies) both times, the PA I saw recommended I try to decrease the gluten in my diet. Does that just mean I eliminate breads, pastas, etc? I don't really know where to start.

The other difficult thing is I just joined Jenny Craig a week and a half ago, and I don't think they have very many gluten free options if any...

I'd love to hear if anyone has either a similar thyroid condition that improved by going GF, or was/is on Jenny Craig as well, or has any ideas on where I should start since I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Thanks so much!

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