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3/31/09 12:32 P

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AJENAN, Welcome to the group. Feel free to ask any question you want. We have all walked down very similar paths. There have been some good response here so far. When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease I was also told to avoid dairy and the doctor told my I had an intolerance to lactose. But this went away after my body healed and I am once again able to eat dairy. But I still have to keep it in moderation because to much will cause problems the worst being major bloating and gas. But headaches are often part of it.

Sounds like you are doing a good job at doing an elimination diet to check what else you could be reacting to. Also, until your body heals be careful with soy.

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3/27/09 2:13 P

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My sister is a self-diagnosed no milk and no wheat person, and I am a self-diagnosed no gluten person. She went through a year or two of feeling terrible, sleeping all the time, and being cranky as all heck when in desperation she also did a detox diet and on the third day she was pretty much normal again. She slowly added foods back in and she said within 30 minutes of the wheat and milk, she knew she found the problem. She has since been allergy tested and nothing shows up, but her allergist told her that only means you don't have a true life-threatening throat-closing allergy and if it makes her feel better to avoid milk and wheat, then keep doing it.
My story is about the same, but instead of feeling lousy I "just" had wild crazy blood sugar swings (I'm a type 1 diabetic) and after 2 days without gluten (tested on a hunch based on stuff I'd read and my sister's new allergy discovery) I was pretty much back to normal again. I have failed blood tests that test for Celiac, but my doctor agrees that if I get better results from not eating gluten then I shouldn't eat gluten regardless of what a test says.
I was lucky in that I lived with my sister at the time and she had already done an awful lot of label reading and research as to what we could eat, but its still challenging sometimes. There's hidden stuff in places you'd never think to look and it will be frustrating at times, but it gets easier and feeling better is well worth the hassle.
SP does have a gluten-free recipe filter on the SparkRecipes site, and while its handy, there's a lot of recipes that aren't marked as GF but are really easy to adapt. Be wary of prepared sauces, but a lot of Mexican and Thai meals are really easy to alter to be milk-free and gluten-free, and there's a whole new world of grains out there that can be substituted left and right to make things safe to eat.
Good luck with it all, its a lot to handle sometimes but its well worth it! If you have any questions or need advice on anything this is a great group to ask!


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AJENAN's Photo Posts: 8
2/24/09 3:09 P

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Thanks for the words of encouragement! I just had an allergy test done so I know it is not allergy related. I'm still waiting for blood tests so we shall see what happens. Regardless - I feel so much better just cutting wheat and dairy out of my diet and I have so much more energy so I'm going to stick to it - even if I don't get a diagnosis.

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2/24/09 3:02 P

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Welcome! Feeling HEALTHY is worth all the hassle. I had to diagnose myself, and insist the doc get me tested! My advice is don't be shy about it! Tell EVERYONE you know that you can't eat this and that. I now have all my relatives trained in the fine art of keeping the cans, boxes and wrappers from everything they cook with so I can read the ingredients list. It's still tough; just last weekend my grandmother made a creamy chicken and rice casserole. "and I didn't put any flour in it!" she exclaimed. Of course a bell goes off in my head because you'd be hard up to fins a creamy chicken casserole that didn't involve a can of cream of soup, which as we all know is filled with wheat! I still came to dinner, but I brought my own :)

Don't worry, in the beginning we all accidentally gluten ourselves. You'll get the hang of it.

One more thing, I found that dairy is much more agreeable now that I don't eat wheat. I wouldn't go and drink a glass of milk, but in small servings, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and even ice cream doesn't effect me at all. Before, I wouldn't have dreamed of eating those things. I don't even take the lactose pills anymore!

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2/20/09 6:05 P

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Welcome!! I avoid gluten and dairy (and also corn and peanut butter). I don't know if Spark People has any specifically gluten free recipes but many can be adapted. Check the archives of this team and you will find many good suggestions for web sites with gluten free recipes. Isn't it great to feel better!(It really is worth the hassle of avoiding some foods and planning ahead and explaining to people why you can't have certain things.) emoticon LOL

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AJENAN's Photo Posts: 8
2/20/09 8:37 A

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Hi all,

I've just recently gone on a gluten free and dairy free diet. Ever since I was little I would get very sick after eating certain foods - but I could never pinpoint what it was that was causing it. The doctors never diagnosed it.

Now that I'm 27, I had been getting sick after eating pretty frequently and didn't know what it was. I never thought about wheat - which is in almost everything!

During the month of January I had a constant headache that just would not go away. I had a brain scan and everything came out normal. At that time I decided to go on a detox diet to see if food was causing it. The detox diet consisted of mainly eating organic vegetables. After the second day on the diet my headache disappeared!

I've since introduced corn with no problems. However, I ate one slice of pizza (mainly as a science test to see how I'd react) and I got really bad heart palpitations all night. I've also tested dairy alone and my headache came back.

I'm in the process of getting tested for both gluten and dairy intolerances and allergies - but I thought I'd join a group for moral support since this stage in my life is very frustrating. I feel like a lot of people think I'm just crazy and I'm fine and nothing is wrong (even my doctor!). I had to insist that I get tested because she refused to consider that I might have an intolerance to something.

Either way, I do feel a lot healthier now after making this dietary change and I haven't been getting sick after eating and my headache is gone again. I figured this might be a good place to get ideas for recipes and foods to eat.

Does anyone know if Spark People has a recipe filter for gluten free or dairy free? I didn't see one so I'm wondering if maybe they haven't considered dietary restrictions in their search results yet.

Thanks for reading!

Austin, TX

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