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KITTY1970's Photo Posts: 5,005
6/2/10 10:39 P

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CJBAGGINS's Photo Posts: 30,037
6/2/10 12:29 A

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All the best to you as you work towards your goals.

It must be challenging to try and workout and eat healthily and yet be frustrated by your life right now with little ones and a husband who does not need to lose weight.

I used to think I had to make separate meals for myself and my family when I was being strict about my eating (especially when I was eating all whole foods for instance). However, I now have decided that if I am making dinner, I will make what I need to eat, and I can modify it somewhat for them - for example, if I am making a stew or something, but need to know how much I am eating, I will take mine out first, measure, and then put theirs all mixed together. I add sauces or things for them as well, after I have taken mine out. The biggest thing I found, though, was that dinners was the easiest to eat the most healthy as lean meats, a starch and vegetables are filling, healthy and do not go overboard with calories. My family can eat more if they wish, but I measure my portions.

On the days my dh makes dinner, I choose to eat some of the food, all of it, or none of it, depending on what it is.

Plus, my family can choose to eat appetizers that I don't eat, bigger portions, big glasses of milk with the meal, and desserts that I usually pass up.

Perhaps you can incorporate some of these ideas into your eating and meal planning as well.

There are probably some other teams as well wherein all the members have young children. They probably have suggestions on how to exercise with little ones around.

Again, good luck to you!


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SAMODER's Photo Posts: 11,838
6/1/10 11:22 P

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Welcome to the team. I am also on the SparkCincinnati team with you.


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6/1/10 10:55 P

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Hi folks! This is my first time posting here, although I've used SP on and off since January. Great site!

I'm a 30-something with about 20 pounds to lose. My main challenge is that I have two young sons who are picky, and they (along with my husband) don't need to lose any weight at all. This creates all sorts of havoc in our grocery shopping and cooking habits, as I'd like to use low-fat options but my sons especially need all the calories and fat they can get. Same with my dear hubby.

After setting up a room for myself as a designated workout space, I've found that I do exercise more. However, my sons usually find me after about 5-10 minutes and, well, the rest is history.

I'm hoping to find inspiration, motivation, and even similar stories here just so that I know I'm not alone. I just want to feel as healthy as I used to. :)

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