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2/25/13 11:15 A

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Lots of great strategies here already! I especially like the details that Tina lays out for you, and I will say that is exactly how I manage to maintain my 100 pound loss as well. I don't EVER consider myself on a diet anymore--and I think being able to change my point of view away from that mindset has been a key factor to my overall success in losing what I needed to and now maintaining it for a year now. Finding the balance between diligent monitoring and obsession may be something that you will have to work on to find what works for you too, but daily weight monitoring and food tracking are essential to me. I also depend on activity to maintain, but I'm not a huge lover of intense exercise, so I have to depend on my food more than my activity to keep me in my range. Everyone is so different in what motivates, what inspires, what keeps us accountable. I hope that with all the great strategies members have provided that you can work to discover your unique recipe for balance in your health/weight goals.


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2/25/13 8:56 A

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Thank you, TINAJANE! That is such good advice for all of us maintenance strugglers!

And, daily weighing definitely should be No.1. It's surprising how quickly the scales inch up!

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2/24/13 5:59 P

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I've been in your situation many, many times--I've probably lost and regained at least 300 pounds over the course of my life. Maintaining a relatively stable weight is something I'm working very hard to do in maintenance and it's still not easy even with almost a year under my belt. Still, I consider it a huge accomplishment that, since leveling off back in June, my weight hasn't varied by more than about six pounds. I also use the +/-3% variation as a maintenance guideline because I think it allows for a reasonable variation without feeling too onerous to stay within.

A few things that have personally helped me take the bounce out of my maintenance have been:

-Daily weigh-ins so small blips don't turn into larger gains.
-Continuing to weigh, measure and track my food to ensure my eating is where it should be and my portions aren't creeping.
-Setting a minimum daily calorie target--I find that going below 1,300 calories for more than one day sets me up for a binge.
-Maintaining my one treat meal a week policy to keep cravings at bay.
-Establishing a binge management plan with specific steps for what I can do to ward it off.
-When I do see that gains are becoming a trend, I VERY gradually work at losing the weight until I'm back where I want to be--I realize that a few pounds are not the end of the world and if it takes me two months to lose three or four pounds that annoy me, so be it. I don't want my maintenance to be a perpetual cycle of gaining and losing, so I like to keep things as consistent as possible the vast majority of the time. If I have a longer period of overeating, I make small adjustments to my maintenance plan so that I hardly notice anything's different from normal.

Good luck with working to stabilize your weight and please don't hesitate to ask if you need additional help.

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My name's Tina. I lost more than 90 pounds between March 2010 and March 2012 and have been keeping if off ever since. Had a baby at the end of April 2016 and am working to get back to my pre baby form, or at least as close to it as I realistically can!

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2/24/13 5:54 P

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Are you scared of reaching your goal and being disappointed? I know I struggle with that for my own goal of 140. I know that's my issue I deal withz


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2/24/13 5:44 P

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I, too, try to keep within a range so that one number doesn't become the be-all-and-end-all. I have trigger foods that I don't buy, like salty potato crisps, salty crackers, so that they are not in the house. I will overeat when stressed but now try to confine my overeating to healthy food rather than chocolates, crisps, biscuits (I just can't stop at one gingernut!) etc. I do sometimes have a treat food, like a brownie, but always in a cafe and always share with someone else. I think the comment about thinking about a lifetime of healthy eating rather than a diet which has a start and finish point is pertinent. Having a stopping point implies that you can revert to previous behaviours and sets you up for yo-yoing. So the path to success is all in the mind!

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2/24/13 5:28 P

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What was suggested ot me 2 years ago was to set a weight range you can use the 3% or what every I have been figuring on 3% which gives me a range of 137.7 to 146.2 142 as my goal weight. @nd thing is I had ot change my mindset I use to think there was an end date to my weight loss journey hence I have found out there is no end date. I have ot watch what I am doing I just once again got to almost 150 For the pass 2 weeks working on getting back within range 3rd I never think of me as "dieting" no foods are off limits for me that helps me

Everyone is different and we have to find what works for us I'm sure you will get a lot of seasoned maintainer will share what works for them This team always has a challenge going on you make want to take part in that.

Good luck on finding what works for you and please share with the rest of us it may help us on this journey.

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2/24/13 5:28 P

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I am one of those people who has a bunch of foods I simply cannot eat: salty snacks, Reeses, little chocolate candies. They set up a craving that I just can't overcome, so I don't eat even one. But that leaves a lot of foods I CAN eat. I plan days in advance, write it all of it down, every day. I don't get exactly hungry, but I do get the itch to chaw on something. Hot coffee with a little milk keeps it at bay until I can start preparing the next meal. I have learned to love planning and meal prep as much as eating. It didn't happen overnight. A slip takes so long to overcome that it is worth it to me to do whatever I have to do to get to the next meal, and eat my planned portion with relish. As I try new foods, new recipes, the list of foods I love has gotten longer. It is hard to love what you can eat if you are kicking yourself over eating something you regret. I have absolute faith that hard as it is to stay on Plan sometimes, it really is easier than going off and trying to get back.

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2/24/13 5:10 P

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I think the key is to find enjoyable foods that you can eat a lot of without going over your calorie allotment. I also drink a few cups of green tea a day. I like to eat and probably eat more than I should. I eat a lot of greens and vegetables. No added sugar. I only eat healthy fats. Olive oil, avocado, and nut butters. Finally, if I am really hungry, I do 20 minutes on the treadmill. Physical activity helps me keep hunger away.

Weight is the result of what you have been doing for the past week.

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2/24/13 4:59 P

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Personally I think for me tracking works. I don't have anything on an excluded list and I track what I eat. I try to stay in calorie, or go over as little as I can. IE if I am hungry, I eat something. OTherwise I know I will eat worse if I get too hungry and it won't be a good choice. So if I am hungry and have no calories, some baby carrots, a graham cracker (I have no idea why but a graham cracker helps my stomach calm down when it is mad at me.), etc. YOu can't completely deprive yourself or you will binge eat. I know I would anyway. When I don't have enough calories for ice cream for about three or four days, I know I start to get to where I want it too bad and then get a larger serving than I should when I do get it. So I do try and allow calories for a treat about every 3 days, as I know I need that for my own sanity and long-term success. I hope you can find what works for you.

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2/24/13 4:50 P

Hi. I was at 157 and now I am at 130. My goal is really 120. But I have never reached it. What happens is I get close but then I gain it back. This has been going on for years. The good thing is that I am not going as high into the 150s this time. This time I caught myself at 135. BUT, I keep dieting. Then over eating. Then I will diet again and then over eat again. back and forth. To me this is not really the way I want to maintain. It is very stressful to my body. When I am 'dieting" I feel starved. And then that is why I want to over eat. I am now in the over-eat phase. I feel very confused. I may have lost weight but I still really dont know what I am doing.

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