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Laurell K. Hamilton/Kim Harrison Book club

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So....What books are we all reading right now?  DIABLA81 69 NICOLETT1225
3/31/14 1:41 P
Who is your fave out of Anita's Men? CSULLIVAN83 7 AERFAERY
3/22/11 9:21 P
Best scene in Anita Blake series ARGUSMOM 4 TUESDAYMAE
6/26/10 12:03 P
Some of your Favorite Anita Blake Series Quotes CSULLIVAN83 1 CSULLIVAN83
3/4/10 1:06 A
Bill, Eric, Sam, or Quinn? CSULLIVAN83 3 RHAHP281
2/3/10 12:43 P
Laurell K Hamilton book signing EOSAURORA84 2 TUESDAYMAE
1/22/10 11:37 P
Need help remembering a book title ARGUSMOM 5 TUESDAYMAE
8/8/09 1:23 P
Kim Harrison NICOLETT1225 10 ARGUSMOM
4/16/09 7:34 P
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