SparkPeople SP Class of June 23-29, 2013 Team Messageboard This team is for all members who joined SparkPeople from June 23-29, 2013. Welcome! SparkPeople SP Class of June 23-29, 2013 Team Messageboard Finally losing weight! So I created this account a long looooong time ago hoping it would motivate me to lose weight. I ended up avoiding it :) especially when the weight stopped coming off. I have been in the 190-200 bracket for the past two years and no matter what I tried, the weight would not come off. <BR> <BR> A Little About Me <BR> I am 33 and a mother of two. I have suffered with PCOS, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol for the past several years.( Before kids, I was always in the gym, ate clean, a... Wed, 24 Jun 2015 18:05:43 EST How is everyone? How is everyone doing? Are you meeting your goals? Fri, 31 Jan 2014 11:29:48 EST How is everyone? How is everyone doing? Are you reaching your goals? Have some success stories? Wed, 4 Sep 2013 08:38:05 EST Summer is winding down What are your fall plans? Thu, 8 Aug 2013 13:37:38 EST Are we going to have any challenges? thought it might be fun if we start some challenges, <BR> - working out x times a week <BR> - trying new recipes x times a week <BR> <BR> thoughts? Wed, 24 Jul 2013 09:06:38 EST Hello Hi. My name is Rebecca and I joined Spark People about a month ago. I have a total of 78 lbs. to lose. I do not just want to lose weight but become more fit for my family. I would like to be able to have the energy to involve myself in all of the outdoor activities that they do and not be to exhausted to keep up. Tue, 23 Jul 2013 14:15:22 EST Hello! Yes, I am super slow to get "out there" and say hi, but I am enjoying SP and all the information located on this site! A little about me -- I have been married to my wonderful husband for 21 years and we have 6 children. When my dad passed away nearly 4 years ago, I took a good look at myself and had to admit that I was not living the life my dad wanted for me. He always encouraged my siblings and me to be healthy. It has been slow, but I have removed 61 pounds so far. I joined SP lookin... Sat, 20 Jul 2013 01:00:44 EST I'm back (DELETE, This posted twice. SORRY) MAYBE SOMEONE COULD DELETE THIS ONE <BR> <BR> <BR> I was a member of Sparkpeople a couple of years ago and lost 40 pounds. I gained it all back. :( I dont know why I got so off track. I think I got burnt out and unmotivated. But I am here to try again. I'm not giving up. I may fall but I will get back up. So here I am again. :) Wish me luck! I have 100 pounds to lose. Fri, 19 Jul 2013 16:13:10 EST I'm back I was a member of Sparkpeople a couple of years ago and lost 40 pounds. I gained it all back. :( I dont know why I got so off track. I think I got burnt out and unmotivated. But I am here to try again. I'm not giving up. I may fall but I will get back up. So here I am again. :) Wish me luck! I have 100 pounds to lose. Fri, 19 Jul 2013 16:09:38 EST SHARE YOUR WEIGH-IN I feel that, in order for me to stay on track, I have to be accountable and transparent regarding my weigh-ins. Regardless if I lose or gain, I will share my weight and so here goes: <BR> <BR> 6/28 (original weigh-in): 350 <BR> 7/5: 338 <BR> 7/13: 335 <BR> 7/19: 328 <BR> <BR> Total: <em>55</em> 22 lbs! Fri, 19 Jul 2013 10:35:24 EST So sorry I'm so sorry that I've been MIA lately. I have been taking two very time consuming classes this summer for my credentials and they have been taking SO much longer than I ever thought. They end this week and then I'll be back to my regular routine. Mon, 15 Jul 2013 14:56:03 EST New to SP Class of June 23-29, looking for friends Hi everyone! My name is Nina and I'm brand new to Spark People and to the team. I'm 29 years old and have been super stressed out lately because I've just started in a new career, but I'm ready to lose the weight for good! However despite my previous best efforts, I've been a little low on motivation lately. My hope is that with a little support from a community (like this one!), I can finally find the strength to lose the weight for good. <BR> <BR> I know that once I see an initial weight... Mon, 8 Jul 2013 17:43:10 EST Are we there yet? Unlike a family vacation, where everyone has an allotted space to stay in for less disruption when riding in the vehicle; this journey is not one to take alone, so here I am. Thu, 4 Jul 2013 11:03:10 EST New to Spark. Wanting to connect! Hi, My name is Missi. I am a 32 year old mother of an almost one year old child. I got married to a wonderful man almost 2 years ago, and was in close to the best shape of my life. Long story short, Wedding night got prego with my precious baby girl, Had digestional diabetes, and gained a ton of weight. I had to have a c-section and so that put off working out a bit, and then I got lazy. It's been almost a year, and I am sick of being where I'm at. Being 10-15 pounds shy of 200 pounds is not ... Wed, 3 Jul 2013 00:04:55 EST New Here I am 47 years old and weigh more than i should especially with only being 5" 1. I live in beaver county and could use some local support. I am nervous about it all. Mon, 1 Jul 2013 00:17:14 EST Happy Sunday Wow, done with my first week and still feeling the spark!! <BR> <BR> I just wanted to know if we are going to have any team challenges? I need to stay motivated! Sun, 30 Jun 2013 14:54:46 EST Introduction Hi <BR> I am new this week, and look forward to joining and learning from this team. I wish you all well as we embark on this journey together. As they say: <BR> <BR> IF it is to be, it is up to me.... <BR> <BR> Regards <BR> Dianne Sun, 30 Jun 2013 14:32:03 EST hello new to spark people hello, my name is Tammy. I weigh 330 pounds. I have been obese since I was a teenager. I am tired of the way I look. I am tired of carrying around this excess weight. I have medical problems that interferes with my weight and all my Dr.'s say I need to lose weight. Its like I don't already know that. I look in the mirror and I don't like what I see. I need to change my lifestyle habits to form healthy habits. I need to lose 175 pounds to meet my goal weight. I am starting off with small chang... Sat, 29 Jun 2013 21:45:54 EST my weight loss Hi people I am giving this a second chance just wish I did not have to startover Sat, 29 Jun 2013 17:30:30 EST Hi Hi, my name is Sue. I am looking for support and motivation. I am 50 with a recently empty nest and a sick and overweight husband. I am about 90 lbs overweight, but just trying for the first 50. Health wise I am depressed, have arthritis and back and joint pain from all the extra weight. I have gone from about 130 to the current 190 in just the last 6-7 years. Right now I am visiting my sister giving her moral support as her daughter is packing the moving van. Empty nest syndrome is just awfu... Sat, 29 Jun 2013 15:02:02 EST Hi Everyone My name is Jim and I live in Wisconsin. I have poor health and even worse eating habits. I joined Spark People to learn how to eat the right way and enjoy my life instead of making endless excuses. I'm am pleased to meet all of you and I am looking forward to this challenge. Sat, 29 Jun 2013 11:51:35 EST I need this! Hello! My name is Jessy and I am brand spanking new to Spark People. I have struggled my whole life with my weight and have tried every fad you can think of. I can't do this alone and I know it is my lifestyle that needs an overhaul. I'm a mom of two beautiful daughters and I want to be someone they are proud of. I'm excited to be apart of this community! Fri, 28 Jun 2013 22:27:36 EST New to group I am very happy to be a part of this group. Thank you all for welcoming me in. I have struggled on my own and am happy to have support. Fri, 28 Jun 2013 20:46:22 EST teeny Just getting started, need a good support team. Mother of 3 grown sons and Nana to 3 wonderful gkids. Ready to loose some weight have a good way to go appreciate help and support Fri, 28 Jun 2013 19:33:13 EST teeny Just getting started, need a good support team. Mother of 3 grown sons and Nana to 3 wonderful gkids. Ready to loose some weight have a good way to go appreciate help and support Fri, 28 Jun 2013 19:26:44 EST hi everyone My name is terry and I <BR> m a 34 year old young woman from MN whom loves to a lot. I'm looking to lose weight and feel good doing it. Fri, 28 Jun 2013 17:27:36 EST hi everyone My name is terry and I <BR> m a 34 year old young woman from MN whom loves to a lot. I'm looking to lose weight and feel good doing it. Fri, 28 Jun 2013 17:27:02 EST Recommened to try this via EXPRESS HEALTH We have a Employer sponsored health plan that encouraged me to join "Spark People " I enjoy & use a lot of tech stuff at work & at home ( to the point I got carried away with my time-management , food & exercise management activities . Hopefully I will find a proper balance here Fri, 28 Jun 2013 14:46:38 EST Good Morning to All I'm so happy to have found this site but actually I was searching the internet for a girdle to hide my belly and then I came across an article in the Huffing ton Post by Pam Holmes. She recommended your site and her story of losing 175 lbs. was so inspiring. She's an older woman as I am with joint aches etc. and I related so much with her journey and when she recommended your site; I said this might just work for me. At present, I cannot exercise but I will walk daily, even if it's just a ... Fri, 28 Jun 2013 10:22:00 EST Back to SparkPeople and looking for friends Hi! I used SP to drop from 205 to 145, but life got busy and I got undisciplined, and I re-gained 20 pounds that I had lost. I am back to re-lose the weight and get better at maintaining it again. I need a supportive community to help keep me accountable! I am looking for friends to check in with and chat with about both weight loss and life in general. Fri, 28 Jun 2013 08:30:23 EST I'm Back !! Here I go again, This is my second time with spark people. I really want to lose weight. My family has a history of Type 2 diabetes which I don't have yet but, at my weight and age it is probable. I also have a Heart condition that limits my ability to exercise so , losing weight will help my heart to have less issues and allow me to keep up with my two year old grandson Oliver. He is my heart and soul and I want to be able to do all things with him, Disney , Sea World, and anything else he e... Thu, 27 Jun 2013 20:31:02 EST Nickyos Hello I just joined and am excited about losing and learning a new way of eating Thu, 27 Jun 2013 17:34:18 EST Hello - I'm new:-) I would like to introduce myself to this team. My name is Luise. I'm 34 years old and live in Copenhagen, Denmark with my fiancé. I was a Sparkpeople member a couple of years ago, but left because my working life was crazy. That was a stupid decision! Now I am back and hoping to loose some pounds before my wedding on October 19. However, I know that I will have to continue losing weight for a LOOOONG time, so I hope to get the chance to get to know a lot of you:-) Thu, 27 Jun 2013 17:13:28 EST Snehal Hi...My name is Snehal....This is my first time joining any online program/forum....i feel kind of embarrassed and low to discuss about my weight loss attempt or about my weight with anybody.I am looking forward the help from my friends here towards my weight loss goal. Please feel free to message me. <BR> <BR> Thanks !! <BR> Thu, 27 Jun 2013 17:08:49 EST Need a buddy Hi Teammates, I am 36 working mom of 2 little ones (4, 1 1/2) with a work from home husband who lost 35lbs. I am not new to SP but need to get my act together. I used it a few years ago and lost weight, kept it off but then had my son so I need accountability again. <BR> <BR> Looking forward to getting to know everyone! Thu, 27 Jun 2013 13:20:40 EST Need motivation Hey everyone, <BR> <BR> Christina here. I am 28 and the heaviest I've ever been. I've been so unmotivated to commit to losing weight (I think a bit of depression set in to be honest). I am so ready to make some changes and hope having the support from a community like this will keep me motivated and hold me accountable. Good luck to everyone! Thu, 27 Jun 2013 11:45:47 EST Greetings to all I just joined this morning. I really need to lose some weight and I am hoping that joining will give me some much needed encouragement and support. For the past several months I have been trying to eat better and watch my calories. Some days I do better than other days. I need to exercise more which is my biggest challenge. I have very bad arthritis in my knees, which limits my choices. I am however determined to somehow lose this weight. <BR> <BR> Looking forward to sharing this journey wi... Thu, 27 Jun 2013 07:42:36 EST brand new to Sparks People I'm brand new to Sparks People and am very excited to get involved. I have already receive a lot of support and encouragement from the links. It makes me feel wolcomed but perhaps a bit overwhemed as i am not accustomed to working with computers at all.(l am not allowed to order anything from a computer site because the last time I ended up buying the same exact item three times.) But, hopefully that will get better With time and practice. I am 59 years old. I recently had a 'biventricu... Thu, 27 Jun 2013 07:37:20 EST I need to get healthy Hi <BR> I'm 46 years young, a mother of two young boys and a college student. 4 years ago I started college and neglected my health. I relied on fast foods for a great part of those 4 years. I gained 40 pounds in four years and now I'm having a difficult time losing the weight plus I have high blood pressure. I made it my mission to jump start my metabolism during summer vacation. I have all the exercise equipment I need at home and have the determination at this time but it's hard cooking ... Thu, 27 Jun 2013 00:32:52 EST Greetings! Hello Everyone! <BR> <BR> Joined yesterday but just now getting around to looking at my SparkTeams. Excited to get started! Wed, 26 Jun 2013 23:34:36 EST New today!! Hi Everyone!! I'm really excited to be here and start on this program! I'm hoping that we can all help and support each other. We can do it!! Wed, 26 Jun 2013 21:11:37 EST just me Hello all! <BR> I am currently experiencing some health problems that are interfering with my exercising but i wanted a community with more stuff then loseit has so here i am. i am thinking of doing some yoga for now as it is low impact and i might not get so dizzy (i have severe vertigo with unknown cause at the moment) i am looking forward to knowing all of you and experiencing the wonders of this site. Wed, 26 Jun 2013 19:33:50 EST Hi all newbie here I've started ti struggle with my weight. Ive been struggling since junior year of high school, and I'm know going into my senior year of college. I lost 50 pounds on Atkins diet senior year but gained it back. I then went on weight watchers during sophomore year of college , but since I live at home my mom would never cook meals I could eat, and buy snacks for my younger siblings. I'm one of a 9 siblings and I thought the whole family could eat healthier. We eat well, and healthy, but h... Wed, 26 Jun 2013 17:58:30 EST I am new My name is Helena and I want to lose 80 pounds so I can be healthy and more physically fit my friends and fiancé are my motivation... My fiancé is very physically fit and I want to have the stamina to take a run with him without running out of breath in 20 feet and I have diabetes so I want to be healthier.. So I joined so I have support from people all aiming for same goal! Wed, 26 Jun 2013 14:55:01 EST Hi! :) Hi I have just joined, I need to lose around 70 pounds and am really struggling. I have been trying for ages but I seem to just keep putting weight on! I struggle with emotional and binge eating. I am looking forward to getting to know you all :) Wed, 26 Jun 2013 14:52:14 EST Adding all of you as friends - we can do this!! I'm Lindsey. I'm 28 years old. I just joined Spark today (6/26). My goal is to lose 56 pounds to reach my ultimate goal weight, but as long as I am seeing the number on the scale drop, I am satisfied. I live in Wisconsin but am moving to Arizona next month to start my first teaching job. I will be teaching History to 7th and 8th graders. I love to read, I have an awesome cat, I listen to music of all kinds, and I'm a horseback rider. <BR> <BR> Like I said, I'm adding all of you [active memb... Wed, 26 Jun 2013 11:15:26 EST hi everyone hello my name is nyki i am a 34 yo women, i am at my heaviest weight ever at 199.2lbs, and i am despert to lose 80 to 90lbs, oh yeah i am only 4"11. i have been off of depo shot b.c. and ever since then weight has been packing on like crazy, just 4 years ago i was at 126lbs. i think the depo messed with my hormones and now i cant take off the weight. Wed, 26 Jun 2013 10:53:33 EST Kia Ora y'all Hi y'all! My name is Evan, I am 28 years old and am currently living overseas in South Korea with my wife. I've always been a big person and it's time I get fit. For many years, I have ate unhealthy, ate junk food, fast food, didn't drink water, hated fruits and vegetables. <BR> <BR> Since I left America in 2010, my diet and lifestyle has drastically changed. I started drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables. Recently, I decided to cut out red meat, pork, and diary. That was a huge chan... Wed, 26 Jun 2013 08:43:29 EST Introduce myself I joined Spark People yesterday. My daughter has been on for over 2 months and has lost weight. I see this is more than about losing weight. It's about a new lifestyle and helping myself feel better. I think I'm going to enjoy this and will stick with it. I am a breast cancer survivor. My diagnosis was in 2011. I'm almost 2 years away from my last chemotherapy. I lost weight during that time but have gained it back. I need to lose 100 pounds. I'm married and retired. My husband and I are tryi... Wed, 26 Jun 2013 07:33:58 EST Hello From AZ Hi All, <BR> I'm new to Spark People. I was looking for some recipes and I happened upon this site and I thought, what the heck. :-) I had already cleaned out my kitchen and it appeared that one of my first goals was to introduce myself and to cook three times a week. So, I had found a recipe for healthy muffins. So my first night of cooking was I made the muffins for a good healthy breakfast. I'm trying one now, so I guess it's my dinner. :-) They're pretty good. I made oatmeal muff... Tue, 25 Jun 2013 22:49:40 EST Hello from NC Hello everyone. I'm new to SP and I'm hoping that I'm going to lose about 30 pounds. I look forward trying to complete this although I really love to eat. Tue, 25 Jun 2013 21:35:26 EST Hi - Still trying to figure all this out Hi, I am still working on trying to figure all this out so please be patient. I am one of those overweight for years and still trying to lose it. This time I am determined. I had 3 strokes a year ago one of them in my brain stem so my balance/tolerance level is affected and have a lot of issues with exercise due to that. But in the year before that I lost 50 lbs through a program I was on with my MD. Hopefully with right eating, and doing what exercise I can it will be a slow steady progress ... Tue, 25 Jun 2013 20:12:36 EST Low Carb Rayla I am living low carb, moderate protein, high fat. Tue, 25 Jun 2013 18:19:28 EST New and not sure how to begin! I'm new to this site and eager to find out how everything works. Its a little scary. Plus I never know what to say. LOL I'm very outgoing and a little weird. LOL I hope this finally works for me! Tue, 25 Jun 2013 17:29:45 EST Hi Hi, a few years ago I lost 180 lbs, and since have gained almost all of it back. I deal with depression and binge eating. I've made great strides, I began by reading a lot of books, first on sugar and then wheat, and for me eliminating these have made a big difference. I also had to learn to cook, which is going pretty well, ive gotten pretty good at throwing stuff in a pot and making a healthy meal. and i planted a garden, (I went over today and gathered peas) <BR> I do occasionally slip and... Tue, 25 Jun 2013 14:28:38 EST Hi, I'm Robby I joined Spark People to help me to lose the 150 pounds i need to lose. I also wanted the community it offers. I thought it would help to be able to interact with others that are on the same journey I'm on to reach goal weight. I am an avid reader. I am limited in what I can do now because of health problems due to my weight. I am happy to be a part of spark people. Tue, 25 Jun 2013 09:20:38 EST Susan - Just joined July 25, 2013 Hi, Thanks to my friend Elaine, I've decided to join Spark People. Anyway, I have so many health issues and I need to change in order to enjoy a better quality of life. I'm now 64 years old, still working (teacher-3 years to the drop), and I have several health issues of which I'm aware: Type II Diabetes; Diverticulosis; Ulcerative Colitis; Arthritis / Joint pain, especially in the knees; Mitral Valve Prolapse and arrhythmia; Depression at times and I'm having some problems with wounds healin... Tue, 25 Jun 2013 07:58:16 EST I am a human yo-yo So I lost some weight and was happy, then I quit smoking after 30 years and not only re-gained all I lost but and additional 15lbs to boot. So I guess its time to start from scratch. Tue, 25 Jun 2013 07:46:34 EST Hi again! Hi everyone, <BR> I'm Laura a 38 year old girl from Barcelona. I joined Sparkpeople 5 years ago, stay there for 3 years and left the group after that period, although I'm actively keeping the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle. Now I'm back to stick more on a healthy diet and exercise in order to be fit and fabolous in my late thirties. <BR> I'm sure I can do it! <BR> <BR> Best wishes! <BR> <BR> Laura Tue, 25 Jun 2013 06:47:13 EST Ready To Commit Hi all, <BR> I'm ready to work hard and make a life change. I'm 5'4", 204 lbs., 60 years old. Weight crept up with the need of both hips replaced, both have been replaced latest being 10 months ago. I love to walk, and love the outdoors. My weight goal is 150 lbs. <BR> <BR> I am pre-diabetes, in the very low category of "pre", but want to get it under control now. I use the 'fitbit' pedometer, I love it. Would welcome anyone and everyone who wants to help me be accountable for my los... Mon, 24 Jun 2013 20:16:22 EST Hey Hey y'all I'm Marie, 52 years old , I am 5' 2" at 260 lbs, totally morbidly obese and embarrassed around people. I want so bad to join a zumba class but can't get anyone to go with me no doubt they are embarrassed of me to LOL I have many years yet I need to work and I need to drop weight to make work and life in general easier. I have 3 boys and 1 girl all grown but still my babies I worry about. I also have a very beautiful gran daughter and a very handsome gran son I love dearly and want... Mon, 24 Jun 2013 18:44:20 EST Greetings! Hello everyone! My name is Deanna but all my friends call me Dean. I have a passion for reading, foreign TV shows with angsty characters, and Star Trek. I've lived as a blob for far too long and I'm certainly through with not living my life to the fullest. I've joined SparkPeople so I can make sure that I will live long and prosper. Mon, 24 Jun 2013 13:13:38 EST Hey Everyone! Hey there. My name is Chelle and I'm new here as of today. I'm all sorts of scared, excited, anxious, and ready to go. I've been so ready to do this and I hope that I can find some good friends to support and to give support (and keep me accountable!). <BR> <BR> Best wishes to everyone just starting. We can do this! Mon, 24 Jun 2013 13:00:51 EST Hi I'm Scared to Death! I've come to the conclusion if I try to do this on my own I may lose my mind. There are just so many facets to losing weight. I'm quite sure I don't understand much of anything having to do with my own dependence on food. For physical and spiritual reasons I really want to get a grip on this part of my life. HELP!!! Mon, 24 Jun 2013 11:45:54 EST Hi Everybody! Hello! <BR> My name is Tabitha and I am joining in hopes of positive change! I have had a hard time with my weight since being in college the past eight years ... low funds, late nights, stress, emotional eating, etc. I am hoping this will give me motivation and keep me responsible to making sure I make a change! I am graduating with my masters in August and hoping to start a family with my husband in the fall and would like to be in the best health I can! And I want to feel comfortable in m... Sun, 23 Jun 2013 20:31:33 EST Newbie Here Hi All, <BR> <BR> I joined literally about an hour ago and I'm looking forward to learning more about SP, meeting new people and starting my healthy lifestyle journey. Sun, 23 Jun 2013 13:16:40 EST Welcome to all the new team members!! Welcome to all of you who are new to the team! It's great to have you here!! When you have a chance, please introduce yourselves!! Sun, 23 Jun 2013 11:22:07 EST ABCs of summer Air conditioning Mon, 17 Jun 2013 01:02:29 EST Introduce yourself here Hi everyone. I am one of your team leaders. My name is Paula and I've been sparking for nearly two years. I love it here. I live in Nevada with my hubby of 25 years and our kiddos and fur babies. I look forward to meeting you all. Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:57:59 EST Today I..... Will get in my walking. Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:55:30 EST Daily chit chat So what's on your mind? Post it here. Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:54:48 EST