SparkPeople SP Class of July 29- August 4, 2012 Team Messageboard This team is for all members who joined SparkPeople from July 29- August 4, 2012. Welcome! SparkPeople SP Class of July 29- August 4, 2012 Team Messageboard Hoping to stick with it! Hi. I joined 2 years ago but didn't keep up with the tracking. I restarted about 3 weeks ago and I'm still having trouble keeping consistent with daily tracking. I've got a modest aim - 10 to 15 pounds but it's weight that has crept up with each year and it's harder and harder to get rid of! I've not blogged or participated in the communities in the past so maybe that's the extra push and motivation I need. Here's to hoping I can stick with it this time! Sat, 31 May 2014 11:29:06 EST CB This losing weight is a "mind game" - how do I get my mind, my wanting, my cravings to stop giving me this attitude of not wanting to take better care of myself? I'm tired of how I look and feel about my body. I want to be healthy but I'm fighting this mind of mine that I will start doing better on Monday.....LOTS OF MONDAY'S HAVE BLOWN BY... Sat, 29 Dec 2012 22:29:23 EST whole new ballgame I was using the tracker to watch what I ate and keep tabs on my nutrition but my husband was recently put in the hospital unexpectedly with end stage renal failure. He is home now but must take dialysis and adhere to a strict diet. I don't want him tempted so I will cook according to his dietary needs with slight exceptions for our 8 year old since he is still growing and is very active so he needs more calcium, protein and minerals than my husband and I do. I am curious to see how slowly or ... Sat, 8 Sep 2012 11:19:23 EST How is everyone doing?? Are you progressing well? do you need help? Let us know!! Thu, 6 Sep 2012 18:23:07 EST Hello everyone Hey everyone, I Joined Sp on Aug 2nd but just found this team today. I am brand new to spark people but so far I love it. I have been trying to lose weight off most of my life. I have never been thin. I think my kindergarten picture is the last time I looked like I was in my recomended weight range. I have started my newest attempt in June. To date I have lost 14 lbs 6 of those I have to thank SP for helping me. My total goal is to lose 100lbs by late spring. The nutrition tracker has been my... Tue, 21 Aug 2012 17:38:34 EST How are YOU doing? So we're about a week into this Class of.. Spark Journey together. Some of us have been Sparking longer than others, but we're all a part of this team. How are you doing? <BR> <BR> What have you learned? <BR> What did you read, see, realize, or discover that made you go OOOHHHH! <BR> What questions do you have? <BR> What's been the easiest for you so far? <BR> What's been the hardest? <BR> <BR> Let us know how you're doing and if we can help or cheer you on in any way. <BR> C~ Sat, 11 Aug 2012 09:38:40 EST Post Workout Craving Hi All, <BR> <BR> I am running a Half Marathon for a charity called MediCinema that build and run purpose built cinema's inside hospitals. The run is in about 8 weeks and as such I have begun training. As part of training for an edurance run like the Half Marathon I have been encouraged to up the distance of the 1 Long Run I do a week (additional to shorter runs) by 1 mile approximately per week. <BR> <BR> Today I ran 8.76km or approx 5.4 miles and as such all day I have wanted to do nothin... Fri, 10 Aug 2012 13:10:27 EST Day 4 and still here (an achievement for me!!) I'm in the middle of Day 4 and I already feel better! I'm eating 'real food' and recording what I eat. The snacking on unlimited fresh fruit and veg is going means that I don't feel I'm denying myself food and I don't have to be hungry at all (unless it is time for a meal...which I consider to be good hunger...I don't experience that when I overeat!). Looking forward to posting that I'm on Day 24....and Day 104!! Tue, 7 Aug 2012 07:50:11 EST Hello Hi everyone, nice to be apart of this group, I hope I can lose this weight and get healthy again Mon, 6 Aug 2012 15:48:10 EST New Job Hi Everyone! I've decided that my goal for this month is to lose 15 pounds! I know that is an ambitious goal but once my oldest goes back to school that will leave me to my own devices!!! I've also decided to look at my weight loss as my FULL TIME JOB! I'm not working outside the house right now so this will be my way of sticking to it. I can't use job stress as an excuse even though sometimes losing weight has it's own stresses. I'm also stuck in a shoe/boot right now because my doc is... Sun, 5 Aug 2012 21:09:10 EST Giving it a second try. Hi there. I am back for the second time. My little boy is older and not in need of me constantly and I am not stuck in a wheelchair constantly so I am hoping this time I can see some results. Last time I tried to do everything right but didn't lose much of anything after about 6 months. I still weigh what I did then so, here I go again. This time my husband is a Spark person also. He was just told to lose weight or end up on dialysis so we are doing this together. I want to help him all I can... Sat, 4 Aug 2012 19:09:58 EST Hi! Gamer girl here needing to lose weight! Hi. I'm eighteen years old and I'm trying to lose weight. I'm not entirely sure what my weight is at the moment but from what I remember my last weigh-in was, I'm probably around 330 pounds (150Kg) at the moment and I absolutely hate it. I want to be fit and I want to be able to live my life without worrying about medical needs. <BR> <BR> I'm a gamer girl. I absolutely love playing games and the internet in general. Gaming and design is where I want to go with my future career but I don't wa... Sat, 4 Aug 2012 05:37:15 EST Just me! :) Hey y'all! My name's Melody, I'm 20, and I'm looking to get fit! I'm currently about 170-175, and I'm 5'6" tall. I work retail, 40+ hours a week, no kids, and not currently in school. Trying to hit the gym for one session a day, at least 30 minutes at a time, but it's hard. Any support would be much appreciated, I'd love to talk to someone who knows what this journey is like. Also, any runners/joggers who have tips would be AWESOME, trying to slowly but surely get into the sport. Thank you! Sat, 4 Aug 2012 02:44:37 EST Goal questions Hi All! I am new to SparkPeople and am excited to get going!!!!! I'm just most of you chose your goal weight to be the weight that you want to end your weight loss journey at or do you start with a small goal and make new goals at each milestone? Sometimes I think about the 65 lbs. I want to lose and it seems soooo daunting!!! Anyone else? Fri, 3 Aug 2012 23:21:28 EST Just getting started name is Brenda and I just joined Sparks People :) I'm finding it much more difficult to stay motivated and focused to lose the weight I need to lose and to live a more healthy lifestyle. I turned 50 this year and I'm feeling every year of my aching joints, weak muscles and constant fatigue. I hope by being part of a group like this I will receive (and eventually contribute) some much needed motivation and encouragement to reach my goals :) Fri, 3 Aug 2012 23:12:21 EST be my age i am 48 i took a reai age test and my body is 55 i want to be physcial independent for my life time Fri, 3 Aug 2012 21:09:45 EST Hi. I found out last month I was diabetic (not borderline-- way past the border) and all my numbers & functions are screwed up. I've been making a lot of changes and things are getting better. Fairly new... I officially joined July 30. <BR> <BR> Fri, 3 Aug 2012 18:45:52 EST Hi Everyone!!! Hi everyone!!! <BR> <BR> I am a 40 something guy who lives on the east coast of Scotland with his wife, two daughters and a mad Jack Russell called "Pip". <BR> <BR> Unfortunately i am also living with Binge Eating Disorder. Which is slowly taking its toll on both my mental and physical health. I have been receiving counseling from my local Gp practice . Unfortunately the therapist that is counseling me doesn't really have an idea in what she is dealing with. <BR> <BR> I have been on and of... Thu, 2 Aug 2012 10:14:49 EST August Goals Can you believe it's August already? I know, right? Where has this year gone? <BR> <BR> So let's set some goals for this month. What do YOU want to accomplish over the next 31 days? No matter if you're a returning Sparker or brand-spankin' new, goals are a great way to keep your eye on the prize. <BR> <BR> Will you.... <BR> ...drink 8 cups of water each day? <BR> ...get your 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day? <BR> ...make at least 10 minutes of exercise per day a priority? <BR> ...... Wed, 1 Aug 2012 10:38:57 EST Hi! I'm Patricia, and I'm recommitting to my weight loss/get health plan. <BR> <BR> I lost 60 pounds with Spark People, starting in August 2009. I was very committed then and I'm now working on rebuilding that strength! <BR> <BR> <BR> Fri, 27 Jul 2012 12:03:43 EST Water Water is something we all need. It is suggested that we all drink 8 cups of water daily. Are you up for the challenge? Mon, 23 Jul 2012 21:37:26 EST WELCOME!!! Hi and welcome to the team! Thu, 21 Jun 2012 17:27:27 EST