SparkPeople SP Class of October 16-22, 2011 Team Messageboard This team is for all members who joined SparkPeople from October 16-22, 2011. Welcome! SparkPeople SP Class of October 16-22, 2011 Team Messageboard Time to Change for the Last Time Hello, <BR> <BR> I am to young and smart to have my body hold me back like I allow it to. Maybe it is age or depression has set in, but usually in the past I have always found motivation to get fit, I was in the Marine Corp! Yet these days, I feel like I have let myself get so gross that I can not see the light. All my attempts this last year have failed miserably and I need support. The one thing that I know I had in the past and have lacked this last year. I want this pity and this 35 lbs ... Tue, 19 Aug 2014 15:29:09 EST I'm back and trying something new! I started the Isagenix program last month, and I just stared working out last week with zumba classes 3 -4 times a week. So far so good. It seems to me that I only lose weight on cleanse days, and on shake days I start gaining the weight back! Is this happening with any of you? I just started the zumba last week so I am going to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for any feedback. Mon, 11 Mar 2013 11:56:43 EST Hello from Kenya While I am not on the same schedule as most people on the boards, I am also trying to lose a bit of weight. It is slowly creeping up in Middle age. <BR> I am a wife, mom, teacher and missionary in Kenya. I am trying to lose the weight without being too grumpy with the family. I want to do it the right way without rushing and failing. I am trying to change the way I do things and not focus on dieting so much. <BR> I would love to hear from others about how they balance dieting with mee... Tue, 3 Jan 2012 23:18:44 EST Hello-New-ish here... My name is Stephanie, I joined back in October, but kind of fell off the wagon before I even got started. I am currently trying to eat healthier and cut back on pop and sweets, getting ready to get back on the exercise bandwagon. I am married to a great guy for the last 13 years, and we have three terrific kids: two boys, ages 11 and 8, and a little girl, 3. I work a weird swing shift, so it is sometimes difficult for me to eat right and exercise when I want to, but I know I need to do bet... Thu, 22 Dec 2011 06:42:48 EST Suggestions please Hi my name is Beth and I am starting over! My acutaly diet starts monday, but I am getting everthing ready. Any suggestions on what I should have in my fridge to keep me on track, and suggestions for snacks to take to work, salty, sweet, crunchy. I want to do it this time. Sun, 27 Nov 2011 11:31:01 EST A new me I have thought about doing something to improve my health, get to and most importantly maintain a healthy weight. My youngest daughter just moved off so instead of sitting on the couch eating non-stop I am ready to make a change. I work a full time job and run my business on a part time basis. I need something easy to do and this looks like the solution for me. Sun, 13 Nov 2011 17:55:33 EST Hey I'm Savannah and I'm trying to lose 10 pounds Hey <BR> I'm Savannah I'm trying to lose 10 pounds before the end of November, and it has not been very easy. I'm trying to coop with not over eating which is extremely hard when I exercise for 2 plus hours everyday. Trying to stay under 1,500 calories when you are burning or that much or more everyday. How are you guys cooping with feeling hungry, and staying on track with your weight lose goals. Tue, 8 Nov 2011 22:04:38 EST What new habit are you working on? Instead of setting about to break bad habits I'm working on makin new good habits. I'm finding they don't leave as much time for the bad ones. Since joining Sparkpeople my first new habit I'm working on is taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever I can. So far I've walk the four flights everyday to the lunch room. What new habits have anybocy else started? <em>206</em> Thu, 3 Nov 2011 21:57:49 EST Progress Scale Well, I figured out how to add the ticker to my post and page. I just had to post something, and the option came up. I love all the technology! Thu, 3 Nov 2011 16:32:08 EST Hello SparkPeople!! I wanted to take a minute to say hello and introduce myself. I am new to the site and am looking for some motivation to help continue on my fitness journey. I have had some success with my current program and have been at a standstill due to work commitments and my upcoming wedding. I am looking to refocus and make some more progress. I joined this site because the resources are numerous and it seems so supportive. I just need some more accountability to keep moving forward. <BR> <BR> Have a... Thu, 3 Nov 2011 11:21:10 EST Hello friends ! I am new to Glendale, I feel so fortunate when I see how pretty it is these days outside ! New to SP too and looking for support. I am 30 + w/ 100 + lbs to lose. Hope to add more friends on my SP page along my journey. Just wanted to say HI ! Thu, 3 Nov 2011 04:40:30 EST Using the Sparkpeople website I was excited to learn about this website in an article in "O Magazine". I got to my goal weight a couple of years ago going to Weight Watchers but have since gained back what I lost plus more. I love all the features on the site and am very slowly learning how to use them. I try several sections and then have to go back a few times to really "get" them. Luckily, I'm retired and have the time (between social and volunteer engagements--retirement is great!) to work on understanding the site. I... Wed, 2 Nov 2011 08:13:28 EST 28-day Bootcamp 28 days -2. Just finished day 2 video. I thinkit was easier than day 1. anybodyelse doing or have done the 28-day bootcamp? Mon, 31 Oct 2011 21:32:15 EST My bday August 8th Mon, 31 Oct 2011 12:22:04 EST Intro Name: Elle <BR> <BR> Location: Sacramento, CA <BR> <BR> Date Joined SP: 10/20 <BR> <BR> Goal Weight/ Goal weight loss: to weigh 135 and lose 55 lbs <BR> <BR> Overall Goal: To ensure I take steps to becoming more healthy so that I can live as long as possible for my son and future children. <BR> <BR> 2 Fun Facts: I embrace that I am a leo and am very proud of that. I want Ron Paul to win the elections. Mon, 31 Oct 2011 12:21:24 EST DAy 1: 28 day bootcamp I started the 28-day bootcamp challeng today. 1 day streak and counting! Sun, 30 Oct 2011 17:40:35 EST help! this is driving me nuts! Maybe someone can help before I email the big boss for answers lol <BR> <BR> I'm not getting emails when people add me as a friend. I've noticed that I'm a friend on some peoples pages but I would have liked to know so I can add them back. I don't want to seem rude but I just don't get email notifications for it. I've checked to see if I set it up right but I don't see anything about it. <BR> <BR> HELP Sun, 30 Oct 2011 02:41:39 EST Balance acquired..sort of. OK so I maybe didn't get enough veggies today but overall my diet was pretty healthy and balanced *and* satisfying. Definitely not perfect but as close as I've been so far. <BR> <BR> Tomorrow I meet with the new Riverside, CA roller derby league again. Let's see if I do better away from home this go 'round :) Wed, 26 Oct 2011 21:48:41 EST Veggies! Ever since I was very young, I've had an aversion to vegetables. I know that's really nothing new as far as kids go, but my problem is it's carried over into adulthood. Really the only vegetables I like are onions and lettuce...which while not bad for you, really don't make up a substantial part of a side 'vegetable.' <BR> <BR> Any recommendations for making myself start to like and eat these more? Maybe suggestions on how to cook them or season them? I really want to start liking veggies an... Wed, 26 Oct 2011 14:36:17 EST 58 pounds lighter Hello everyone! <BR> <BR> Last year I decided to finally make loosing 67 pounds a priority. One year later, I have come so close to my goal weight of 145lbs. With just another 9lbs to go, I seem to have come to a stand still. I have had some stumbling blocks, one at Christmas (just a plateau) and then in March a medical emergency. I had to have surgery, and was in the hospital for five days. I then had a six week recovery at home. This was the most difficult time. I have a habit of e... Tue, 25 Oct 2011 19:56:25 EST birthday 24/10/61 <em>244</em> Tue, 25 Oct 2011 10:26:22 EST Good Evening Hello everyone my name is Alex. I am new to the site and trying to learn about the different groups and opportunities that SparkPeople offers. Mon, 24 Oct 2011 22:46:10 EST maryhill12 H everyone,thank-you for the support that i have received,since joining sparkpeople,i hope to achieve my weight loss dream,it has to be now the right time,o by the way this is my 50th birthday,so it it is the begining of my journey. Mon, 24 Oct 2011 09:46:29 EST Trying this again Hi every one, <BR> My name is Carrie. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I want to lose weight to better control my diabetes. This time I am setting more realistic goals for myself. My first goal is to just lose 10 pounds. I also want to track my food and make sure I moving everyday, even if it is 10 mins. I have a more positive approach this time around. iI feel with the added motivation of Sparkpeople, I can finally make the changes I need for a healthier life. <BR> <BR> Mon, 24 Oct 2011 08:40:10 EST A Long Journey - wilbur I have been working on my health in increments for a long time. I am hoping that I get a boost to put the ball over the goal line on the last 25 lbs. I exercise a lot and the composition of my diet is fairly good. I guess I eat too many calories. I followed the Dukan diet and lost about 20 lbs but can't sustain the zero carbs forever. I am hoping to be brutally honest with myself regarding how much I am eating (and what I am eating). <BR> <BR> I am hoping to be fully engaged in the pr... Sun, 23 Oct 2011 21:15:00 EST New, excited and ready!!! Hi I'm Ashley, I'm 28 years old and have a 4 month old baby boy. I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy and am ready to lose the weight. I've come to realize that losing this weight and getting back in shape will not come as easy as I had thought it would. <BR> I recently moved from Nebraska to Chicago IL and have had a hard time with the move. I miss home and my family and I don't think that has helped me with trying to lose weight. I'm trying many different things to lose the weight that a... Sun, 23 Oct 2011 16:00:02 EST New to the SparkPeople World Hi my name is April. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I am trying this website to lose weight and to help me keep motivation. I work full time and I'm a full time job. I feel like I never have time for myself. I know its time for me to step it up and do what I have to do to be healthy and to lose weight. I need to get back to the before I had my son size. Sat, 22 Oct 2011 18:09:14 EST hi im lauren i am new :) hi my name is lauren and i have just signed up to sparkpeople. I have put on between 6and 8 stone which is between 80 and 100 pounds in 5 years because i let people get to me and food was a comfort. A couple of weeks ago i looked at my self in the mirror and feel embarrest. I have been looking a the net for help and spark people was the best site for help i came across. I want to lose 100 pounds in 1 year then go from there. 100 pound loss is my goal i no it is going to be hard but im ready :... Sat, 22 Oct 2011 13:35:02 EST Newbie!! Hey all, <BR> <BR> My name is Erika and I am new to sparkpeople.. I join hoping to find the motivation to lose weight and chage my life. Just like many others I have tried losing weight many times but I always end up giving up. I guess you can say I'm impatient and when Idon't see results soon I give. I know I won't see major results within days, I don't expect to lose 10lbs in a week.. but I do like to see that my hardwork is paying off. I recently started working out, I went from doing no... Sat, 22 Oct 2011 00:20:13 EST Howdy everyone! My name is Cassandra and I'm ready to be 140 pounds LESS! <BR> I'm around 290-310 About 3 weeks ago I was at the laundry mat with my wonderful fiancee' and we had some quarters to spare so we decided to use the scale....I outweighed him *look of shame* <BR> hes assured me regardless, he LOVE ME for ME. and he has <BR> through my morning face to oh my god, MY HAIRDRESSER IS ON VACATION FOR 2 MONTHS!!!!! <BR> I'm looking fro support buddies, new friends, (shopping mani pedi THE WORKS!), and... Fri, 21 Oct 2011 15:27:44 EST Hi I am New Hi everyone! My name is Amy and I am new to Sparkpeople. I have been on this weight loss journey since March 17, 2008 and have lost 95lbs to date. My goal is to lose another 24lbs. I want to be healthy and live a long life. I am a full time student, own my own AVON business and am a stay at home Mom to my 2 1/2 year old. My husband is in the Air Force so we live kind of a strange life. <BR> I enjoy working out its the healthy eating part that tends to get the best of me. I enjoy spending tim... Fri, 21 Oct 2011 12:41:54 EST I left my bubble.. and my calorie count exploded! Dropped off my BF this morning to drive a couple hours and visit a friend who's overdue (preggo) today. <BR> <BR> I failed to make an eating plan and ended up picking up a protein bar that got great nutritional reviews on Fooducate but tasted like poo! Some pine nuts and a sugar free iced coffee.. pfft. <BR> <BR> Lunch w/ my friend was at a restaurant and it was tasty and chicken and veggies. I did not eat the full portion presented but already I was over my c... Fri, 21 Oct 2011 01:24:00 EST The New Guy Hi all, my name is Rob and I just become a Spark Person today. I have come to a point in my life in which I realized I need a change. I am almost 40 and I am 23kilos overweight. I live a very sedentary life style and feel tired all the time. I have 2 young children that I have troubles keeping up with, I play with them for 30 or so minutes and I find myself feeling exhausted. I have tried to diet and exercise several times in the past and it only last for a couple of months. I am hoping with ... Fri, 21 Oct 2011 00:47:14 EST Hello fellow Sparks Hi my name is Melissa. I have been following spark for a long time on Facebook but just signed up yesterday to track my fitness and follow all the wonderful triumphs and advice from members. I have lost 88 lbs in 23 months and going strong with lots of exercise. Say hi and let's share our stories. Thu, 20 Oct 2011 18:37:19 EST Flashy Title! Everyone clicks on a flashy title...... <BR> I'm Jason,22, computer programmer. Well, I will be when I get hired. I graduated about 4 days ago from a 4 year course. I genuinely love it and could talk about it all day, <BR> well either that or my new android phone, or psychology. Or the decline in quality in televisual entertainment in recent years. <BR> Or quite frankly just about anything. <BR> Thu, 20 Oct 2011 16:33:02 EST New member on Ideal Protein... Needs some help! Hi My name is Sandy. This is my first day on here...I am looking for comments about the Ideal Protein diet.. Please if anyone has experience on this diet.. I have been on it for 9 weeks and my weight has been like a roller coaster.. Please read my blog and if you can help me in any way.. please feel free!! Thanks! Thu, 20 Oct 2011 13:43:47 EST No more excuses Hello Spark Community. I'm ready to hold myself more accountable and really just want the support of others...someone to talk to who's going through the same challenges I am. I am 37 years old and have always had a problem keeping my weight under 200 pounds. My goal is to lose 70 pounds in the next 12 months and keep it off. I enjoy participating in RAGNAR races like Hood to Coast (relay-type long distance walking or running), also doing half marathons. I'm at a comfortable exercise leve... Thu, 20 Oct 2011 11:09:54 EST Hey there Friends! Hi, I'm Donna. I'm new and I'm ready to change my life. Thu, 20 Oct 2011 09:27:55 EST Triumphs! I was lying in bed last night really excited for how well my first day on SP went and really wanted to tell someone this. So I thought I'd share on here! :) <BR> <BR> Yesterday I successfully said "no!" to red velvet cupcakes in the lunch room at work AND I said "no!" to candy that my friend was trying to give me during class. <BR> <BR> I was really proud of myself. :) Thu, 20 Oct 2011 06:41:09 EST needed extra help I have been losing weight by myself ,I have lost 9# so far but decided I need some help so here I am Wed, 19 Oct 2011 18:59:19 EST i am new My name is anna i am new and i need help to lose 15lbs Wed, 19 Oct 2011 18:05:35 EST Yum! Plus.. Just tried Organic Oats and Flax Trader Joes and it's *so* good! 'nuther suggestion: if you haven't tried check it out :) Wed, 19 Oct 2011 15:25:53 EST HEY!!! How are you?? My name is Hema and I'm a 21 year old college student FED UP of my weight. I'm always ranting to my boyfriend that I'm fat until I realized that I need to stop TALKING about it and DO something about it. I have tried to lose weight before and it's gone well until I fell off the workout wagon. It's always so easy to continue working out once I'm in a routine but as soon as I stop, starting back becomes impossible for me. I've never actually reached my goal weight but no more nons... Wed, 19 Oct 2011 04:08:43 EST Hello everyone! Hi Im Angie :] ready to make a change for the greatest i found this site and im hoping itll be great! :D Thanks guys!! Wed, 19 Oct 2011 00:34:22 EST First Day on SP :) Hello everyone. My name is Danielle and today is my first day on Sparkpeople. I've never done the message board thing so bear with me. I'm 22 and want to be healthier...and ill be honest being skinnier will be awesome too. My friend and I have start a program to motivate each other...but i also want to take advantage of the community here as well. so feel free to add me i like to be motivating too...and sometimes its nice to know that i'm not the only one who would rather have a cheeseburger ... Wed, 19 Oct 2011 00:02:44 EST Hi...I'm new here :) Hi everyone! I'm brand new around here as of this morning, and have already been so inspired! I've been battling back and forth with my last pounds for far too long and am really looking forward to the awesome motivation I see everywhere on the site. <BR> <BR> I'm a vegan, but the past six months have turned me into a junk-and-convenience-food vegan, so I'm determined to get a strong hold on healthy eating! I also want to make exercise a habit so I can lead a more active lifestyle. <BR>... Tue, 18 Oct 2011 22:10:15 EST Ready to start Hi. My name is Jen. I am a 28 year old overweight female. I hate that word. Overweight. But it's reality and I am here to either change the reality or change my perception of it...whichever comes first. The only way to get where I want to go is to start so here I am, ready to start. I am here because I need help. I don't have much support at home so I am in this on my own. I have done the whole diet and exercise thing too many times before and I have failed most times. I am looking for tips, ... Tue, 18 Oct 2011 21:43:33 EST Where to begin? Hi everyone, I am new to spark people. I have herd great things. I am just very over whelmed by it all. Any suggestions to getting started? Tue, 18 Oct 2011 20:37:15 EST Birthday Date Hi my birthday is Nov. 25 <BR> <em>426</em> Tue, 18 Oct 2011 20:31:53 EST Hi Friends I am Gina. I am 46 years old and have really started having problems with my weight the last 2 years. I am very self-conscious about the way I look and have been trying to get 25 lbs off for over a year...only to put 15 on. I've tried diet after diet and nothing is working. Discouraging is not the word!! Anyway, I ran across sparkle and thought.....why not? If I could just get motivated and see some positive results, I think I'd feel much better. I work evenings in a hospital and it ... Tue, 18 Oct 2011 15:40:14 EST Birthday My birthday is April 12th. Looking forward to reaching my goals each month so that by my birthday I will be where I need to be. Tue, 18 Oct 2011 12:41:25 EST Getting back in shape as of 10/17/11 Hi ! My name is Liz and like everyone else I need to lose weight. I did the weight watchers thing and it worked some for me ... what I really needed was a plan that took into account my health issues and helped me plan meals around them .. I had heard good things about Spark so I thought I would try it ... have to say I am quite impressed ... I have about 70 pounds to lose . I had a knee replacement done about 2 years ago and eventually will have to have the other one done so I have a har... Tue, 18 Oct 2011 12:39:28 EST time to get back in shape whats up poeople im just starting today trying to get back in shape like i use to be not this round shape i i stay in riverside ,ca so if any one need a work out partner hit me up men or women ..i doi got a bizzy life i am a single fther go to school and do a lot of music from recording performing and showing up at events ..feel free to message me . Tue, 18 Oct 2011 11:15:54 EST Hello There Hi everyone! <BR> <BR> I'm Denise. On September 28, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am fabulous, 40 something and in good health so this was a BIG, BIG shock. I am still adjusting but a friend suggested I try this site to track my sugar and hopefully find others out there who are in the same situation. Some days are good and some days no so much but I am going to figure out how to make my life work with this disease. Best wishes to everyone out there taking their first steps to ... Tue, 18 Oct 2011 10:20:04 EST Introducing myself to the team Hi to everyone! Glad to be part of the team and look forward to meeting my goal! <BR> <em>465</em> <em>30</em> Mon, 17 Oct 2011 23:52:01 EST Hey there! 39lb to go in OC New to the site and posting my first intro message. Just taking a look around today to see what the site has to offer. Mon, 17 Oct 2011 22:43:01 EST Hello, I am new and just introducing myself Hello everyone, I am new to this site but it looks like a good place to help motivate towards my health and fitness goals. My name is Jennifer. I am 27, married and have 5 kids. I want to lose about 34 pounds. I have already lost 40 pounds but have hit a major plateau. I am seeing a trainer now once a week, working out 3 - 5 times a week, and changing up my nutrition a little to try and get past this plateau. I am very excited to get to my goal and hope to be there by my anniversary in ... Mon, 17 Oct 2011 22:16:30 EST Hello! My first posting. Hello! My name is Rosa. I'm a stay at home mom to 15 month old twins. I joined sparkpeople in the hopes that I could lose the 40 extra pounds that I have been carrying around for the last 12 years. I am also hoping to start exercising and get my spending under control. <BR> I've tried so many diets and while they all work I always lose motivation and gain the weight back. The same goes for my spending, I'll have periods of time where I am able to control it but then go off the deep up.... Mon, 17 Oct 2011 12:30:24 EST Brand Spanking New Member I just joined today and am looking for a lot of pokes and prodding to get going. Any advice for a first day? Mon, 17 Oct 2011 10:42:03 EST Hi Hi, <BR> Just starting again and have 50 pounds to lose. Mon, 17 Oct 2011 10:03:10 EST Really Need This I've always been overweight. And always unhappy with my shape. Yesterday, my 5 yo son referred to me as "fat". I said, "yes, honey I am, but that's not nice to say". But I'm glad he said it, because it's woken me up to the fact that I NEED to do something about it! I'm here because I know I SHOULD be, but I don't WANT to be yet. So I'm hoping that just by doing, I can get excited about it. Sure would love any help or encouragement the team has to offer. :) Mon, 17 Oct 2011 09:50:22 EST Hoping for Results This weekend I went trail walking with my immediate family, and after the long, hard walks, and not to mention pictures going up on Facebook, I decided I need to take a step to start losing some weight. I used to be quite the athlete so it's hard to see myself like this and am hoping through sparkpeople I can stick to my goals and get this weight loss thing accomplished and under control once and for all. Mon, 17 Oct 2011 09:43:39 EST This time I mean it. Hi all, <BR> When I graduated college in 08, I went on Weight Watchers and lost almost 60lbs. I felt happy and fabulous, and so proud of myself. Then after a hard year of personal decisions, moving and living with roommates again, the weight found its way back to me and it brought friends. <BR> I've had enough of hating myself for letting me digress and feeling so uncomfortable in my own body. This time, I mean it. This time, I'll do more than just watch what I eat and walk. I will track, tr... Sun, 16 Oct 2011 22:20:47 EST New to Sparkspeople I am new this weightloss site and I am looking forward to the support that is available on here. I have three beautiful children, 7, 5 and 3 months and I have been married to my husband for 10 years. My goal by next summer is to get to my weight before children. Looking forward to any advise for a newbie!! Sun, 16 Oct 2011 10:59:23 EST Grandmother for life I'm a 43 yo Grandmother of two. My husband and I are raising the boys, ages 19 mos and 4 yo. My husband is 10+ years younger than me. Over the last two years I've managed to gain over 50 lbs, considering I was heavier than I should have been before that, that's not good. I'm out of shape, and the boys run me ragged. I've got to get this weight off, as it is hurting me, and get into better shape. I want to be around for my husband and my boys, be able to have fun with them, do activities and n... Sun, 16 Oct 2011 10:52:53 EST