SparkPeople Avon and Mark Representatives Team Messageboard For those involved in selling Avon or Mark and are looking for someone to relate weight loss and talk about their business too. Welcome. SparkPeople Avon and Mark Representatives Team Messageboard Fundraisers Does anyone here do fundraisers with AVON? If so, what tips do you have for getting started and finding organizations? Sun, 2 Mar 2014 13:48:21 EST AVON Mobile App? Okay, I posted this in the actual AVON fourms at the youravon website but haven't received responses there. Figured I'd give it a chance here and ask. <BR> I found an app called yourAVON mobile, does anyone know if this is an AVON approved app or has anyone used it? In theory it sounds like a great idea but it does require login and if it's not avon I don't feel comfortable putting the site login there. Tue, 25 Feb 2014 18:35:17 EST Avon/Spa rkPeople question Is it ever okay to mention Avon on here? I had a couple of statuses once and no one said anything. I had it in my signature since I started one said anything. I posted a blog and spark people removed it and said we can't do that. it okay to have it in the signature or put it on my page? I don't want to wind up with my Spark account removed! Wed, 19 Feb 2014 15:59:59 EST My intro Hi everyone, I'm 33 from Madison, WI. Just started selling AVON again. I've been on spark for about a year, but just started getting active in teams and forums a few months ago. I've also lost 20 pounds since then! I'm hoping to improve my sales and continue improving my health! Hopefully this team is semi-active. A lot of them on here are kind of stagnant :/ Wed, 19 Feb 2014 15:58:09 EST Mark Reps merge with Avon If you are a Mark. Rep who did not move over to Avon please contact me if you are interested in being in a phenominal team--Team Unstoppable! Wed, 9 Oct 2013 17:16:01 EST Hi all! Hi everyone, it has been a while since i have been on sparkpeople. I am still in Avon.. still trying to get my business rolling. I do have one new recruit and one that just had her account become inactive for the second time in a row. UGH! <BR> <BR> Anyway I am working on getting some more people in.. trying to work on some advertising things. How does everyone like the new and improved homepage we have?? I think it is better but it does have its little issues when trying to customize it. ... Fri, 13 Sep 2013 10:43:50 EST hi hi im new to this team and to selling avon ...just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on being a successful seller Tue, 4 Jun 2013 14:30:48 EST Healthy tip ideas.. Healthy tip ideas... Tue, 1 May 2012 14:09:18 EST MARK- Jasmine Petal I just received the MARK Jasmine Petal (body wash, body spray and the body butter). I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I know fragrance is a personal preference, but I absolutely love this fragrance. <BR> <BR> I usually will try all of AVON'S new fragrances. I will wear it all one day and see how it effected me. The new MARK Jasmine Petal is a fragrance that I enjoyed ALL DAY. I use all three products to layer it. I also just bought my second order of all 3 in case they don't keep it around. <BR> Sat, 21 Apr 2012 07:31:35 EST Change one letter in four Four Wed, 18 Apr 2012 18:30:05 EST Earnings Percentage Question I've been an Avon representative for almost 3 years now, and I don't have many in-person customers. In a recent push to increase my business, I've worked diligently to create a Facebook page and partner with fundraising groups/teams to host online events. I just had an online event generate approximately $200 in sales in addition to my $100 in normal orders. Based on that, I was expecting to be in the 35% earnings bracket but when I received my invoice it reflected only 20% earnings. Has ... Mon, 26 Mar 2012 14:08:04 EST Spring is in the air! And in our books soon! So I absolutely love spring! Weather is perfect. Sun is always shining! It just makes me happy! <BR> <BR> And for me it also means my husband will be home soon! <BR> <BR> I want to be able to get down 15 pounds before this March 31st! I'll be stepping it into highgear and getting my work outs in. Plus, we'll be selling all these cute springs dresses and shoes and jewlery. I want to be able to feel a little better for him and for my prospects when I go out looking for new business partners! ... Tue, 7 Feb 2012 11:39:36 EST I need ideas for my Avon table!!!! I'm doing an Avon Table at my local bank on January 1st and don't have much money to spend but need ideas on how to display things and make my table appealing that I can do my self or wont cost much. Mon, 12 Dec 2011 23:14:45 EST I'm want to have an Avon party HELP!! I really want to have an Avon and Mark party but I don't know where to start and when would be the best time to have one. I need all the help and tips that I can get so pleas help me out. I have raffel tickets so I was thinking about selling one for about $3 and the first prize is a gift basket 2nd is free shipping and 3rd will be samples of every thing. Mon, 19 Sep 2011 14:44:44 EST The Avon come home for the Holidays was cool!! I have never been to an Avon event before and had a blast plus I got to smell all of the perfumes that I wanted to buy but was not sure that I would like and I loved the MARK bahama breeze I think it was called. If you went to the Come home for the holidays event what was your new favorite product? Fri, 2 Sep 2011 19:11:32 EST How can I use Avon on a job Application? I don't know who to put as my superviser and the phone number to put on my job applaction when useing Avon as a job refrence. pleas help me!! Fri, 19 Aug 2011 04:51:06 EST Is any one from Oregon Hillsboro, eavertion, Aloha I was just hopeing to find someone close to Hillsboro that is an Avon rep so I can get to know other reps better and maby even get help with an Avon party later doun the road. Fri, 19 Aug 2011 04:46:38 EST Ideas for more customers What are some of your best ideas for more customers? When I go in and drop books off somewhere, I actually talk to the person, not just put the books down and leave. I've had several people tell me that no other rep does that. What about you? Sat, 14 May 2011 11:04:31 EST Avon Ladies walking off the pounds? Are there any other Avon ladies out there walking off the pounds? Let's swap tips and do this together! We can build our business and shed pounds! <BR> <BR> Here's what I posted on my Avon blog: "Your local Avon Lady is Losin' it! I'm walking off the pounds in your neighborhood. I'll be out several times a week hanging Avon catalogs on doors. Great exercise for me, fun catalog for you ;-)" <BR> <BR> When I was in Avon years ago my upline was in tight with the DM and got tons of past campaig... Mon, 18 Apr 2011 15:01:59 EST Fundraising Questions After a rather extended Avon Hiatus (6 months) I am back and set up an online event for a fundraiser. Have any of you done this before? What kind of results did you get? I am donating 30% of the proceeds to Relay for Life(American Cancer Society charity). Any and all ideas would be appreciated or even stories of your own successes or challenges. Thanks in advance. <em>41</em> Fri, 18 Mar 2011 09:05:23 EST Can't do without I have a team meeting this next week and we were asked to bring in the one product we can't live without to share with the others. <BR> It is hard to think of just one but I know I can't live without their lipsticks. <BR> <BR> What is your "Can't live without" product? Sat, 29 Jan 2011 11:07:06 EST New idea for my avon business I all, <BR> Well I have been in the avon business for almost a year and a half now, and haven't made any thing in the way of money for me. :( <BR> <BR> I have come to the conclusion that I am not a sales perosn, was hoping that I would have changed a little but not so. I still do not have it in me. I don't want to give up my account just yet. I am keeping it open for personal use and a few family members and neigbhors and some friends who still order. <BR> <BR> I am just going to take the ... Wed, 19 Jan 2011 16:08:46 EST See any movies lately? See any movies?? Sat, 11 Dec 2010 10:46:53 EST Good morning! I have been a spark member for years but only recently started looking for teams that were not excersize related! Glad to be here! Thu, 4 Nov 2010 10:20:51 EST Wheel Points?? How many points on the wheel spin today did you get? Fri, 10 Sep 2010 17:16:51 EST Is anyone.. Anyone in the district 4138?? Reason asking because im a new representative and wanted to find some close people to me that know how our district works?? Tue, 10 Aug 2010 22:00:36 EST District Teams Meetings. My district and community do not have anything at all posted for team meetings or anything else for that matter. In fact I wonder if my area is just nearly defunct. There are plenty of reps in my city. Lots of work to be done here. I just don't understand how all this works. I have pretty much parsed through the entire website including the bulletin boards and the my district section Thu, 5 Aug 2010 17:56:03 EST Fell off The Wagon Yesterday I went to deliver some products to a good customer. I found out that she had recently quit her job at the car dealership she worked at. Her order was $33.18. My campaign totals have been low because I have been busy with my degree. I had the customer's cell number but I lost it. I didn't know where she lived. Fortunately while at the car dealership they dialed her number and let me leave a message. I was bummed out because she was a good customer. I went to the grocery store and bou... Wed, 4 Aug 2010 17:28:45 EST Problems with packaging? Has anyone else had problems with the way they are packaging your products? I have had whole bottles of conditioner spill out, my brochure boxes ripped down one corner so I end up short a couple of books and this time they packaged one of my brochure boxes with the books laying flat and they shorted me 6 books. It's getting a little excessive! <BR> <BR> Sorry to vent I am just a little upset about throwing money down the drain. Thu, 22 Jul 2010 20:53:53 EST I am so excited! Hi team! <BR> My name is Shelley and I live in Ohio with my hubby of 18 years and our two children, Vivie (6) and Benjamin almost 4. I have been a member of SP since March of this year and have lost nearly 60 pounds so far! <BR> I just signed up to be an Avon rep and am so excited. I now know that if I have been successful so far with my weight loss, I can be successful as a representative. I welcome any and all suggestions! <em>30</em> <em>213</em> Fri, 16 Jul 2010 10:16:13 EST Really bad experience. I am so hurt and confused. My manager has been wonderful to me. She was meeting with me weekly-she offered. Offered to show me how to approach people. We had several plans. I think of her as so fun and wonderful. However, I stopped hearing from her. I sent a message re my confusion about our plan. I thought maybe she forgot with all her responsibilities. Now she is angry at me? I think? I received an email about not meeting weekly and "things are going to change." I am so confused... Thu, 10 Jun 2010 16:30:53 EST Oil Free Body Lotion I have a customer looking for Oil Free body lotion. Am I missing something? I cant seem to find one. Does Avon sell one? Wed, 9 Jun 2010 19:33:11 EST June Challenge Try to get your 7-8 hours of sleep in each night/day. Thu, 3 Jun 2010 12:31:38 EST Returns I sent in my first small box of returns. It had eye creams, lipsticks and the cam corder. I got an email from them today and only one lipstick was counted as the return and the rest were listed as missing. I was wondering if that is a glitch in the returns and I will get credit for the returned items or do I need to give a call and ask about it. I did the return through EZ returns and that was very nice and easy but I don't want them to take my credit back if they say those items weren't in t... Fri, 7 May 2010 18:48:11 EST Booking Script If you have the Anew trail kits with the ful sized eye product demo kits you can use this. <BR> <BR> Hi, Mary! This is Sue calling. Do you have a quick <BR> minute. I am so excited, I just started my own AVON business. <BR> I'd like to get your opinion of Avon's products Is there <BR> any reason why we couldn't get together so t.hat I can show you what Avon has to offer? Great, would a weekend or weekday work better for you. Friday or Saturday? am or pm? Now Mary, it would really help m... Sat, 24 Apr 2010 21:11:12 EST Health Tips put our Health Tips here! Wed, 21 Apr 2010 10:13:34 EST What Do I do with the Extras? Hi Ladies, <BR> <BR> I need some input on what I can do with the extra Avon merchandise I have sitting at home. I tried taking it to my friend's yard sale but it was not very successful. Plus, it was almost insulting of me to bring such fine products to a yard sale such as the day and night creams. Can we do flea markets?...please share your ideas so I can get some money from the stuff I have at home. <BR> Thanks a bunch! <BR> <BR> Susan <BR> <em>223</em> Sun, 11 Apr 2010 13:08:53 EST Newbie Hello, I am new to this site and some what new to Avon. May will make a year that I started my dream job. I love Avon sooo much. I have done so many ATB from mary kay, YTB, Home and Garden Party and Quixtar. They are all good business in one way or another but Avon, to me, is the Best!! So I would love to meet other Avon sisters and brothers! Thu, 4 Mar 2010 16:43:46 EST power of 3 Hello Ladies, <BR> Just popping in and wanted to post that it has been suggested to ME and I know that you have heard it too or may have heard of it too. That when you give out your brochures to have a sticky note or post it note on the top of it, with room for names, phone numbers and or emails for contact info. <BR> <BR> Well today, I decided to go ahead and set 3 brochures for the next time I go out, with the post it note on it where I can get prospective customers info. I had not done t... Sat, 6 Feb 2010 17:56:51 EST Back with Mark and Sparkpeople! Good morning, just wanted to introduce myself- I am Staci and I'm a former Mark rep, signing back up again <em>30</em> Also, this is my 3rd time returning to Sparkpeople and so happy I did!! I'm a retail manager looking to leave that field once and for all and work from home, would love to telecommute/do data entry, etc. Excited to be back and looking forward to some wonderful changes this year! Mon, 18 Jan 2010 09:31:44 EST Does anyone remember the name of the product for.. I remember that Avon use to (or maybe still does) sell a product to help eliminate stretch marks, cellulite... <BR> I cannot remember the name. Can anyone help me please? <em>41</em> Tue, 5 Jan 2010 11:34:29 EST Hello from Acton, Ontario, Canada Hello everyone! <BR> <BR> I have been selling Avon for 7 years now and am a member of the President's Club. I joined so that I could be paid for purchasing all my Avon... I was my reps biggest customer. She was sad to see me go! <BR> My Avon sales have been down, that is where people cut down during a recession! <em>39</em> <BR> <BR> I joined SparkPeople December 2nd, so will be celebrating my 1 month anniversary tomorrow. <BR> I am looking to loose 40 lbs by August 24th. I want to weig... Fri, 1 Jan 2010 20:42:32 EST My upline said they would be understanding? When I signed up to be a rep with AVON my upline manager said that AVON corp would be understanding and help when we have money issues. I tried to get help. My order might be cancelled. What do I do if I have customers who want to order and i have balance still? Mon, 7 Dec 2009 23:42:59 EST New to Avon but not sparkpeople Hi everyone <BR> I just joined the team here. I am Deborah, and I have been a member of sparkpeople for a couple of years now. I just became an Avon Rep. in August. So far I have not really had a good customer base. It is so hard to get people to order things when the freaking economy is in the pits! <BR> <BR> Also weather plays a big part here, when the weather is bad, I don't go out, then I have books to get rid of. <BR> <BR> Sometimes I just get frustrated, and that is not the best th... Wed, 11 Nov 2009 20:35:00 EST Anyone gluten-free? Join this group for Avon reps on glutenfree faces. Add ideas on GF Avon/ mark. parties, or your experiences being GF. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>marklovers </link> Sun, 8 Nov 2009 14:41:14 EST Hello! I am not new to spark but fairly new to AVON. I have been with spark for over a year but only been with Avon for 5 campaigns. <BR> I love the products and I love selling Avon. Just today, I had 5 apartment complexs/mobile home parks allow me to leave brochures!! I hope I get some business from them! <BR> I am totally in love with the new In Bloom. That stuff is wonderful. <BR> I am also on the dog lovers team. Love my puppies, more sometimes them amything else LOL <BR> <BR> edited for s... Wed, 4 Nov 2009 15:23:50 EST I can't beleive Avon sent me to a collectios!! We are having a little bit of a hard time. I've been unemployed since November and I haven't been getting any Avon customers. I stopped ordering from them because I couldn't pay and since things are tight. It was only $70. I contacted them and explained the situation. I've always been good at paying and if I couldn't I would contact them. I told them I would pay them when I could and all they said was that I need to pay before I placed another order. They started adding interest and now in a ... Thu, 30 Jul 2009 21:52:09 EST Great incentives happening with AVON I am sure most of you are all ready aware, either by a mass email or by your DM but wanted to make sure you all knew about this~! <BR> <BR> Now is the Time to Sell Beauty: Triple and Double Dollar Incentive! <BR> <BR> With the Now Is the Time to Sell Beauty incentive, you can earn Triple Dollars for Beauty Award Sales in Campaign 17 (Trendsetter Campaign 19) and Double Dollars in Campaigns 18 & 19 (Trendsetter Campaigns 20 & 21) and achieve your President's Recognition Program Goals. <BR>... Tue, 28 Jul 2009 11:06:09 EST ANEW Alternative I was at my sales meeting last week and we were told that the ANEW Alternative line is being phased out. This would explain the deals! haha <BR> Replacing the Alternative line is the new ANEW Reversalist line. The first to debut is the night cream and the more potent serum. These products will be targeting wrinkles! <BR> Tue, 21 Jul 2009 11:16:20 EST New to Spark and AVON I'm a new rep, 4th campaign, and really having a great time of it. It's fun. I am taking it slow because so much of it is out of my comfort zone (I'm not normally an outgoing person.) But I'm growing each time, and things are getting easier. <BR> <BR> Now, about why I'm here: <BR> <BR> As someone who has been overweight her entire life, I have always felt that I am a step behind everyone else. Too many things I have been unable to do because of my size, lack of energy, or lack of confide... Wed, 24 Jun 2009 02:08:28 EST EYE CREAMS hello all...i need some opinions. i have a potential customer that would like to purchase eye cream for moisture and dark circles. she says she doesnt like a lot of chemicals and wants something for her sensitive skin. does anyone have a suggestion? thanks for your help!! Tue, 2 Jun 2009 13:47:12 EST mark mist opportunity just thought i'd's 104 where i am and my AC is not working (repair guys on his way)... <BR> <BR> i keep my mist opportunity in the refrigerator...and right now it's really coming in handy!! every now and then i spray my face and arms...and it feels good!!!! Sun, 17 May 2009 19:46:17 EST HELP!!! mark PORE MINIMIZER does mark still make the pore minimizer? i knew someone who ordered it about a year ago...i haven't seen any in the recent!!! Wed, 13 May 2009 13:00:07 EST Not Thrilled I just found out that they are changing the districts and I have been moved to another district and have a new district manager...I am not thrilled about this, the district I have been in has been perfect and it was easy for me to get to the meetings because they were in my neighborhood...geesh why cant they leave things alone? This does not make sense...sigh...anyone else affected by this change? <BR> Monika Sun, 19 Apr 2009 16:08:42 EST Attn. My Fitness Coach Users Hi all! I'm starting a new team called MFC Clan and the challenge is to get 10+ people in this group to pledge to loose 5 pounds each for a total of 50+ pounds for the month of April, we will post daily what we have done, motivate, challenge and support, its a lot of fun so stop by and PLEDGE your 5 pounds! <BR> Here is the link! See ya there! <BR> <BR> <BR> messageboard_thread.asp?board=0x28750x <BR> 24432402 <BR> <BR> If the link does not work (whi... Sun, 5 Apr 2009 11:53:01 EST Question I am having surgery this week and am going to be able to send an order in for the campaign due August 3 and would like to know if I miss two campaigns will it effect my status? Mon, 30 Mar 2009 16:50:20 EST Just curious? How many brocures do you hand out per campaign, and what is your average order? Just curious...trying to see how much I need to pick up on my business, get an idea of what I need to do...Thanks everyone...big warm angel hugs. Sun, 29 Mar 2009 20:44:30 EST Confrence I just got an email about a spark people confrance in San Diego...I am really thinking about going, plus I have a friend down there and this falls just between our birthdays so I can get together with her...I havnt seen her in a long really excited about this...just not sure I can afford it, but am going to do everything I can to go...anyone else thinking about going? Wed, 25 Mar 2009 18:37:18 EST Hello Just checking in, saying that I am doing alright, I went to my sisters to celebrate my youngest niece and my dads birthday which both are today...I had a blast playing with my 2 nieces, it was great because I havnt seen them for 4 yrs...long story there...anyway, I am doing better and I thank everyone for the support the last few all are great...big warm angel hugs. Mon, 23 Mar 2009 22:56:00 EST Its St. Patty's Day!!! Dont forget to wear green and drink green tea! LOL Tue, 17 Mar 2009 13:52:41 EST I am back from the hospital I just got out of the hospital this afternoon, and am feeling alittle better, I got my meds adjusted, they increased one and added a med for thyroid...I am nervous about being out, afraid of winding up in the same situation without someone to manage my meds...but at the same time I am happy to be out...I didnt sleep well at all while I was there and the food was not all that great, I probably gained weight while I was there, cause the food was not that healthy...also now I can get back to my ... Mon, 16 Mar 2009 19:47:20 EST What is wrong with me.... Is it just me...I have such a hard time getting customers who order...I keep giving them the brocures and they say they are going to order...I even check in with them and send them reminders of order deadlines...but still I dont get many orders...this time my mom had the biggest order and besides me and her I had 2 other orders, from my best friend and his mom...does anyone have this problem and anyone have any ideas...I am going to hand out more brocures for the next campaign, but how do I a... Tue, 24 Feb 2009 22:49:41 EST iritating district sales managers Do any of you have irritating district sales managers? How do you handle them? Mine, daily I have to pray for Mon, 23 Feb 2009 15:27:20 EST avon on facebook Lol I just put a store up on my facebook page...I heard something about doing that, but I just figured out how to do it...I love that feature... <em>246</em> Fri, 20 Feb 2009 03:47:16 EST Hi, I am new Hi, I am new to this group as well as being fairly new to avon..I sold avon for about a year about a year ago, then had to stop for awhile...I just came back to avon in January, and am excited about buiding my business. I was so excited to find this group...and when I got in, I saw the product discussions, which I am thrilled about, now I have somewhere to go to get information about the products. Anyway I am excited about being in this group and losing weight...I look forward to getting to ... Thu, 19 Feb 2009 00:22:59 EST Valentines day..a new my crazy 18 year old son renamed valentines awareness Fri, 13 Feb 2009 22:26:40 EST getting new customers I need suggestions on how to get new customers..i dont work so i dont have access to offices Fri, 13 Feb 2009 10:36:08 EST "Heads Up" There is a Valentine's Day virus going around. You can read about it at Sounds like a very serious virus. Thanks. Sat, 7 Feb 2009 16:11:31 EST really excited! I dont know if all of you know about they do business cards, signs,shirts for your business..many for free..all you do is pay postage <BR> <BR> I got from them 250 business cards for free, printed on pens at a low cost and today! I got my free magnet for my car and my free t-shirt that has avon on going to wear it to the gym..Im going to take a picture and put it on my in the next week or so everyone check my sparkpage!!! Oh and I have a sign for our yard... Wed, 4 Feb 2009 18:43:57 EST Yum or Yuck? Hi,saw this on another team. Let's give it a try. First person names a food. The second person answers with yum or yuck then names a new food. Ready? <BR> <BR> Peppers? <em>267</em> Wed, 4 Feb 2009 17:47:41 EST new team started a new team for 1200 cal sparkers..feel sorry for my lonely self on my team and come and say hello..smiles Sat, 31 Jan 2009 22:39:10 EST avon commercial Everyone dont forget to check out the avon commercial before the superbowl on sunday! It is at 6.15pm-6.30pm. I am doing well. After tomorrow I will be two recruits shy of a unit A month or two ago I didnt care about having any Im up to win a bag of 300.00 worth of products..this has never happened to me before..smiles. Have a nice weekend everyone. Fri, 30 Jan 2009 13:49:55 EST cleveland ohio reps Hi. In the fall from sept till dec many places have craft shows. Since starting with avon over a year ago I have looked for other reps who would be willing to share a table at these craft shows. You have to rent the space and usually they provide a table...its a great way to get new customers and to sell product. We often had a contest of a free facial and free product by winning a drawing plus you got new contacts. If any of you are interested please message me here and we can go on from the... Thu, 15 Jan 2009 16:14:41 EST bridal fair in clevlenad ohio Hi everyone..this sunday is the big bridal fair at the IX center here in cleveland ohio..Avon has a table and I volunteered to help at the table..Im really nervous..I havent done this since my mary kay days..Im hoping I will get some customers out of it (I have none at the present time) so please wish me luck. Its on sunday from 8.30am on... Thu, 15 Jan 2009 16:08:46 EST Here's a laugh for y'all Letter to our Pets <BR> <BR> The following was found posted very low on a refrigerator door. <BR> <BR> Dear Dogs and Cats: The dishes with the paw prints are yours and contain your food. <BR> The other dishes are mine and contain my food. <BR> <BR> Placing a paw print in the middle of my plate and food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor do I find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. <BR> The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack - R... Thu, 15 Jan 2009 09:54:22 EST Happy New Year I know I've been gone for a long time, but I'm going to make an effort to logging in regularly. I also signed up with the discovery channel's fitness kickoff, and I'm going to Bally's for 30 days...I'm going to see where this takes me. I have thought about you guys a lot, and I am happy to see you're still here. Hope to talk soon. Thu, 1 Jan 2009 23:10:32 EST Hi everyone! Hi! My name is Sue, I have been with Avon since May 2008. I am new to sparkpeople. I need to lose around 50 pounds. I can only log in 1x/wk as I lead a busy lifestyle, but I am happy to be here!! Mon, 8 Dec 2008 09:15:12 EST Facebook Anyone add their Avon Badge to facebook yet if you are on there? I am curious if anyone has gotten any leads or new customers from it yet. I haven't. :( <BR> <BR> <BR> Tue, 2 Dec 2008 11:32:06 EST What's new Links In case anyone needs it is. Just remember to change the year and/or brochure number to what you are looking for! <BR> <BR> <link><BR>/02/en/whatsnew/p1.html </link> Tue, 2 Dec 2008 11:29:40 EST Hello Hello, <BR> I have started trying something and I thought I would share. I am using my son's chore chart and I have wrote down my daily goals on it (treadmill, red, total gym, tracking food and staying in target plus other goals that I have set up on here). It is right on my refrigerator door so I see it constantly. I give myself a star when I complete one of the items in the day! <BR> I am a visual person and having it right in front of where I walk by helps me not to forget. Also, my son is... Fri, 28 Nov 2008 10:08:31 EST Anyone doing Black Friday deals? How's C25 going? Is everyone making it their biggest campaign ever? <BR> I put a sticker on the front of each book that read...Want to save money? and had three increments of % off deals. So far its going well...but I still have a ways to go to beat last year's c25 sales. <BR> <BR> Last Black Friday I had a special where if they called on Friday...anytime...they received 20% off. I think I generated about $150 that day. However, this year, my C25 goes in by noon Friday. <BR> I should still... Mon, 24 Nov 2008 11:26:31 EST Selling Tips Selling Tips <BR> Call EVERY Customer a few days after you deliver a brochure <BR> <BR> <BR> Set a goal to conduct one Avon party every campaign. Reward the host <BR> <BR> <BR> Invite your customer to have a friend over when you are there <BR> <BR> <BR> Have an open house and have all your customers bring a friend <BR> <BR> <BR> Every weekday, give a brochure to 2 prospective Customers <BR> <BR> <BR> Leave extra brochures with your existing Customers <BR> Ask them to gi... Thu, 20 Nov 2008 10:51:38 EST Help registering online... I signed up to sell AVON on 11/03/2008 ~ The rep that signed me up does not use a computer, so I am guessing that she had to mail the information in. When I go to to register, it keeps telling me... <BR> <BR> The account information you've entered is invalid. Please refer to your contract or a current invoice for this information and try again. <BR> <BR> Any suggestions??? <BR> <BR> Have a fantastic weekend, <BR> Kelley <BR> <em>225</em> + <em>301</em> + <em>231</em> + <em... Fri, 7 Nov 2008 09:12:29 EST Focus Notebook I was wondering if anyone used them or had any advice about using one. Fri, 24 Oct 2008 02:38:20 EST organizing your avon business How do you all organize yourselves with the constant in flux of products catalogues and returns. I have a room in my house to do business but it flows out into the hall way HELP ME!!!! Thu, 23 Oct 2008 23:15:13 EST I AM STRUGGLING I have no clue what I am doing wrong. This is my 5th campaign and the only customers I have are friends and family. I need some advice!!!! Wed, 22 Oct 2008 21:22:53 EST What products are hot for.... What campaign are you selling right now and is there a particular product(s) that seems to be a hot item for you? Let us know! <BR> <BR> Thu, 2 Oct 2008 10:40:56 EST Leader News I will be leaving this team as co leader i have tried to keep the posting going and unsuccessful so hoping no hard feelings! Please keep in touch on my spark page!!!! <BR> Thank You! & Good luck in your Weight loss & Selling Journeys! <em>247</em> <BR> Tami Tue, 30 Sep 2008 09:54:05 EST Inga (chi-towngirl) Surgery! Inga is having breast cancer surgery to remove her 2 lumps under her right arm on Wed. Oct 1. <BR> Please keep her and her family and friends in your thoughts n prayers! We pray for a fast recovery for Inga! She is the nicest person and soooo positive in her life and others! Go Inga!!!!! <em>48</em> <em>247</em> <em>220</em> Mon, 29 Sep 2008 09:35:17 EST Ding Dong AVON Calling! Ring the bell if your here today! Mon, 29 Sep 2008 09:30:59 EST Avon Calendar! September~ <BR> <BR> Courage doesnt always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow. <BR> <BR> (Thanks Inga!) <em>247</em> Wed, 24 Sep 2008 15:13:54 EST Update on Inga 9/23! Im sooo excited i just talked to Inga on the phone! She called! Was nice to hear her voice! She sounds even nicer than i thought she would! <BR> She still needs our prayers and says she absolutely is sooo thankful for them!! <BR> She has 2 lumps under her right arm and sounds like she is waiting to have surgery to remove them. <BR> Lets keep her in our prayers and thoughts for her and for the doctors to make the right decisions! <BR> We talked about soo much LOL i forgot to ask how her family... Wed, 24 Sep 2008 14:46:11 EST ~Kiss The Earth~ Kiss The Earth (Was Looking for poems for women and came across this one...reminded me of the scent EARTH!) <BR> by Thich Nhat Hanh <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Walk and touch peace every moment. <BR> Walk and touch happiness every moment. <BR> Each step brings a fresh breeze. <BR> Each step makes a flower bloom. <BR> Kiss the Earth with your feet. <BR> Bring the Earth your love and happiness. <BR> The Earth will be safe <BR> when we feel safe in ourselves. <BR> <BR> <BR> Tue, 23 Sep 2008 14:12:54 EST 3 Words Game Make a sentence with the 3 words,then list 3 more words for the next person. <BR> <BR> game,fun,word <BR> <BR> Tue, 23 Sep 2008 14:05:54 EST Lets Get to Know Each other Game! answer the question then ask one! <BR> <BR> Ill go 1st: <BR> <BR> Are you having a Holiday Open House? Tue, 23 Sep 2008 14:02:38 EST Update On Inga! 9/17 i heard from INGA this am!!!! <BR> here is the update please keep praying real hard ok! <BR> <BR> My surgeon called me and said she had the pet and cat scan results, she said the only cancer present is that in the area of my underarm, however she must do a bone scan to just make sure, I don't believe it will show anything. I have been immersed in so much prayer and I keep asking God to let my body be free of any other cancer. I have the bone scan today, first you get injected with this radio... Wed, 17 Sep 2008 09:49:30 EST Prayers For Inga! Our friend Inga today is going thru some big tests she is battling a 3rd occurance of breast cancer she beat this 2x before and will this time too with all of her love n support! <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> Fri, 12 Sep 2008 10:51:03 EST New website Hello ladies <BR> <BR> I was at my meeting last night, and we were introduced to a new avon website for each district! It is soooo cool! It just started up this week. <BR> so..I am in District of logging onto now we can log onto I am assuming all districts have their own sites now so give yours a try! <BR> <BR> You do have to be an erep to be able to get into it though... Fri, 12 Sep 2008 09:58:22 EST ~Weekly Weigh In Support~ Please post here after your weigh in we all weigh in diferent days sooowe can celebrate or give tips and support!!!!! <em>244</em> <em>104</em> Fri, 12 Sep 2008 09:43:32 EST Scramble & Unscramble! atreh Wed, 10 Sep 2008 09:32:05 EST Prayers for Inga! Inga chitown is going thru breast cancer tests this week! please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! <BR> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> Wed, 10 Sep 2008 09:30:25 EST Any Advice? One of my customers who was a big buyer just had to quit purchasing due to a cut in pay. I have one who buys every so often. I have one that buys good but has laid off buying for 3 to 4 campaigns. I have one that bought clinical and likes it but doesn't want to pay $32. She was previously using Estee Lauder. Her daughter worked the counter in a department store. I guess she got deep discounts. I've tried to get her to do the ageless results. I have one customer that purchases sporadically. I... Sat, 6 Sep 2008 19:54:53 EST Holiday incentives I was just curious what everyone else was offering for holiday incentives, specials, open houses, ect. Or what kind of specials on product you will be offering. Sat, 6 Sep 2008 11:14:21 EST Name that Avon Product! Pick a product and give a hint-whoever quesses then its thier turn! Thu, 4 Sep 2008 09:48:39 EST Lets Get to Know Each Other! List 3 things daily about you! Thu, 4 Sep 2008 09:46:24 EST WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON THIS TEAM? meaning what would you like to see-or do here? would love to hear your ideas ok! <em>189</em> Wed, 27 Aug 2008 10:18:42 EST NEW CHALLENGE! starting tomorrow aug 25 -sept 24th we will add points up-whoever has the most points wins a prize that i will mail to you! <BR> <BR> Points: <BR> <BR> 5 points for tracking on your food journal each day. <BR> 5 points for 20 min's exercise each day. <BR> 5 points for drinking 8 oz of h20 each day. <BR> 5 points for posting on this thread each day. <BR> <BR> keep track of your own points and the end of sept. 24th post here what your total points are! <BR> <BR> easy and motivating dont you... Sun, 24 Aug 2008 17:09:16 EST I think I gotta leave for awhile. I am thinking of leaving SP for awhile or maybe just the teams. I just found out that the only brother I have left has 2-6 months to live. The cancer which was really doing well has turned in the opposite direction and there isn't anything they can do for him anymore. I am devastated and don't know where to turn. I may go and stay with him to take care of him until the end. I did that for 9 months with my husband and I think I can do it with my brother. Please keep us in your prayers. ... Wed, 20 Aug 2008 20:11:45 EST tshirt and pins...where tp find them? i hear of people wearing avon tshirts or there pin every where they go to show that they are a rep and i was wondering where they got them at...does anyone know??? Mon, 18 Aug 2008 21:09:05 EST How are your sales? I just was curious how everyones sales are right now. I know a few months ago mine were down a little do to gas prices and all, but seem to be increasing steady. I went from $300 a camp to $600 a camp and its not even the holidays yet! Just curious. Sun, 17 Aug 2008 10:34:42 EST Ingridiane has a new name Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know I have a new name. Happy Sparkin' Avon friends! <em>247</em> Sat, 16 Aug 2008 18:17:43 EST brand new avon girl hey everyone! my name is ashley and im new to avon. a rep is coming over on monday to get me started. im also on a journey to lose 70 pounds. im looking for any advice to selling avon that u guys can give me. Sat, 9 Aug 2008 17:46:05 EST TIPS FOR SELLING OR WEIGHT LOSS when i get my order the 1st thing i do is read thru the REPRESNTATIVE TIMES NEWSLETTER on pg 3 there is usually a clip on the new product so i cut that out and print it to give with a sample-it has given me some sales! <BR> i always order the samples in the whats new demo bks-it coincides with the brochure! Mon, 4 Aug 2008 13:05:58 EST What Avon Products Do You Use?? Here's a place where you can list the Avon products you use daily or weekly or whatever. I am real interested to see what our representatives use that are Avon products? Thu, 24 Jul 2008 00:28:20 EST Great sales tool! Go on Pick any product such as skin care and print out the information on the product and the product reviews of the people who love the product. It's a great sales tool. Show it to customers when they ask about how good products you have never tried are. Show thorough knowledge about the product and what it does in talking to them and use the reviews as a product testimony. Wed, 16 Jul 2008 00:49:11 EST how do you make a profit?? exactly how much do you we have to sell in order to get a discount? i was just looking at the invoice for my last order, and i didn't receive any discount at all, so i had to pay the customer price, plus shipping, plus a late order fee because i placed my order like an hour late, plus brochures. this isn't worth it. i'm spending all the money i'd made up to this point. Tue, 15 Jul 2008 22:29:00 EST Customers Who Welch on You Ect. Recently I had a customer who had been good about paying for her orderers call and tell me that she attached payment that she had placed in an envalope to my front door while on her way to work early in the morning. When I found this out I went and looked on our car port and there was no money. None. The wind would not blow it away. Additionaly we have several bikes in our car port. If people were going to steel anything on my car port it would be the bikes they could see not an envelope of m... Tue, 8 Jul 2008 01:00:49 EST Would you Rather Game Pizza or tacos? <BR> <BR> answer and then your turn. Sun, 6 Jul 2008 16:37:43 EST I AM GREAT TODAY BECAUSE..... please post daily! Sun, 6 Jul 2008 16:29:10 EST Expression Line Filler Question I received the ANEW Clinical Expression Line Filler with my last order. I cannot figure out how to get it OUT of the tube and ONTO my face. I included the sample packets in my customers' orders but I would like to try it myself before I start recommending it to my customers. Does anyone know how to get it out of the tube? Thanks for any help you can give me. Thu, 26 Jun 2008 16:28:08 EST Trick your Body <link><BR>lculat </link> Thu, 26 Jun 2008 09:06:40 EST CHECK YOUR BODY FAT! <link><BR>me-body-fat-test-2774-143.html?ic=4004 </link> Wed, 25 Jun 2008 10:08:07 EST WHATS FOR LUNCH? OR SUPPER? post here what you have! we can get ideas from each other! <em>194</em> <em>267</em> <em>190</em> Wed, 25 Jun 2008 09:04:09 EST LETS HUDDLE! :) did you know when you huddle you get spark points? <BR> <BR> also its a good motivator for us! Huddle! <em>104</em> Wed, 25 Jun 2008 09:01:21 EST advertising? how do you all advertise??? Fri, 20 Jun 2008 23:40:36 EST What did you have for breakfast today? We all know that breakfast is VERY important. Post here and tell us what you had! Its a great thread to get ideas on new things to eat for breakfast as well! <BR> Wed, 11 Jun 2008 15:01:50 EST Avon and Mark Representatives Team I was just checking and we have 85 Avon Representatives on this team. Tami, Jen and I seem to be the only ones posting. We had a BANDMOM the other day. Where is everyone that joined?? Tue, 10 Jun 2008 15:23:52 EST How do You organize? how do you organize your own makeup? and things on hand? Tue, 10 Jun 2008 09:19:03 EST i have to do my first return so i have to set up my first exchange today... can anyone give me an idea of how this process works? Fri, 6 Jun 2008 12:53:56 EST Leader News Im just letting all know i wont be on spark as much for the summer and especially for the next week . <BR> Does anyone else want to take over leadership? if not i still can just let me know what you want changed -added or deleted! <BR> <BR> Tami <em>247</em> Thu, 29 May 2008 10:07:58 EST GUESS THE AVON PRODUCT! it has a 100 or more uses Fri, 23 May 2008 13:37:18 EST Goals end today! our 2 goals are done today! we didnt come close to our goal! <BR> what should we have now????? <BR> any suggestions????? <BR> thanks! <BR> tami Thu, 22 May 2008 08:56:33 EST LOSING WEIGHT BYTES POST SITES FOR LOSING WEIGHT HERE. Wed, 21 May 2008 16:04:02 EST I am so Discouraged. I've been selling Avon to the employees at the customer service booth at Home Depot. They will order good. I Sold $150 my first time. Then I sold 70.00 this past campaign. Right now I have given out several books and not recieved a single order. Some people give fake phone numbers. They just want a book to look at and not order. Some people order good ad then cool off It's a numbers game. I'm tired of giving books and getting no orders. A book represents $20.00. I don't believe in indiscrimin... Sat, 10 May 2008 22:32:04 EST Happy Mothers Day Wkend! <em>214</em> happy moms to all of you! any special plans????? <BR> Fri, 9 May 2008 10:06:50 EST Creating Your Focus Notebook Creating Your Focus Notebook <BR> <BR> FOCUS is the acronym for Follow One Course Until Successful! In regards to AVON we basically earn money by seeing people and talking people – networking. However, in order to see the people and talk to the people you must have a system for keeping track of all of your leads and a solid follow-through system. Realizing that most reps work Avon in addition to a full-time job, Reps require an efficient system to function as a traveling office. Additi... Sat, 3 May 2008 09:42:06 EST More Ways To Find New AVON Customers More Ways To Find New AVON Customers <BR> Take advantage of the advertising of others… call about their ads and offer them your service. <BR> Post flyers in apartments – ask at the rental office first. <BR> Leave AVON brochures at Auto Repair shops and Tire Service centers. <BR> Wear a name badge or a button that says you sell AVON! <BR> Approach those who are Fundraising with your Fundraiser information, they can consider you for their next Fundraiser! Follow-up with their Organization.... Sat, 3 May 2008 09:28:25 EST 50 WAYS TO GET NEW CUSTOMERS! 50 WAYS TO GET NEW CUSTOMERS! <BR> 1. Set a goal to find at least 2 new customers every campaign. <BR> 2. Use the “Power of 3” – Make 3 new contacts every day. <BR> 3. Comparison shop and be ready to give results to contacts. <BR> 4. Increase the number of brochures ordered by 10 every campaign. <BR> 5. Leave a brochure at 1 new business every campaign. <BR> 6. Start a jewelry club – Especially for those who never buy make-up (then start putting make-up and skin samples with their orders). <B... Sat, 3 May 2008 09:25:06 EST Ask customers to host a Beauty Bash! <link><BR>/avon-reps-beauty-bash-flyer/ </link> Sat, 3 May 2008 09:21:36 EST Avon Christmas Pamper Yourself Flyer Hyperlink <link><BR>/avon-flyer-christmas-pamper-yourself/ </link> Sat, 3 May 2008 09:19:30 EST CUSTOMER COUPON CARD FORGET IT. Sat, 3 May 2008 09:16:44 EST Frequent Customer Card Hyperlink <link><BR>/avon-template-frequent-shopper-card/ </link> Sat, 3 May 2008 09:11:45 EST Re Beauty Bonus Club cards When you get to where the hyperlink takes you click on the tan highlighted frount and back hyperlinks. Sat, 3 May 2008 09:09:03 EST Avon Beauty Bonus Club Cards Hyperlink <link><BR>/beauty-bonus-club-cards/ </link> Sat, 3 May 2008 09:05:26 EST Happy May Day! i wish you all the best in this new month!!!! <BR> <BR> anyone do anything special today? <em>184</em> Thu, 1 May 2008 11:29:03 EST demo 13!! wow have you looked at the items in demo bk 13??? i want 2 of each!!!! looks like some good stuff AGAIN!!!! darn it! :) Tue, 29 Apr 2008 10:49:21 EST door knob dealies! are you all using these door knob dealies to advertise for pro -to -go lipstick????? <BR> <BR> any tips? <BR> i dont like going door to door! <em>39</em> Tue, 29 Apr 2008 08:51:59 EST Some may not know me so here's a "re-intro" Hello ladies, Nice to meet you. <BR> Well if anyone cares to know, my name is Fatima.I'm 27 years old, 5'1", 145lbs. Born and raised in Atlantic City N.J., I now reside in VA. I've been a muslim for abt 18yrs now.I'm married for seven wonderful years, and I have one beautiful son who is now three years old(check out my page to see pics of my fam.)I love to sing, shop, and scrapbook. I'm in school for professional Photography, a licensed beautician, and an Avon sells Representative. <BR> <BR... Mon, 28 Apr 2008 02:00:24 EST TEAM GOALS we need a goal any ideas? we can set a new goal each month? what do you think? <BR> <BR> suggestions? <em>91</em> <em>220</em> <em>231</em> <em>277</em> <em>267</em> <BR> <BR> this is new to spark on the bottom of this page-i think you can add/ delete goals i dont think it has to be just the leader? so do we as a group want to set goals together here 1st then post them below???? WE CAN HAVE 5 GOALS. <BR> <BR> SparkTeam Goal Tips <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Overview: <BR> <BR> The ... Thu, 24 Apr 2008 09:30:58 EST i lost!!!! 2.5 pds YAHOOOOOOOOO <BR> <BR> im sooo excited!!!! ive been trying sooo hard and hoping this is a break thru now!!!!!! <BR> <BR> how is your weight loss going???? Thu, 24 Apr 2008 09:18:36 EST GO GREEN! <BR> lets start a thread here to post ideas to help our EARTH! <BR> post ways we can GO GREEN! <BR> lets encourage our families- kids and parents too!!! <BR> SAVE THE EARTH! <BR> <em>280</em> Mon, 14 Apr 2008 13:45:06 EST NEW GAME! give 2 hints of a fruit or vege-the person who quesses gives the next hints. ill start: <BR> <BR> 1. green <BR> 2. fuzzy Fri, 11 Apr 2008 10:57:46 EST TIPS FOR WEIGHT LOSS~ use applesauce when baking instead of sugar. Fri, 11 Apr 2008 10:55:58 EST I DID IT!! $100 IN FREE SAMPLES PLUS AVON PIN!! What I had to do was....on my 2nd-5th campaign sell more than $175.00. And I just put my 5th campaign (camp 8) in, and got the notice that I did it. I am also now on track for Presidents Club, well for us here that just started. For being a new rep I am very excited!! Wed, 9 Apr 2008 15:15:59 EST Leaving the Biz Behind Well - I have been selling AVON since July/August of 2007. Its no longer profitable... In fact, I feel like lately my profits that I did have are melting away!!! I rarely buy things for myself... however, It just seems anytime I get an invoice, its charge after charge after charge. Many of my customers either were laid off from my office (and cant afford to buy anymore) or have lost interest. I regularaly dropped booklets at laundromats... including 15% off on first orders and offered referra... Wed, 9 Apr 2008 14:44:15 EST New Co-Leader!!! Thanks to Jen!!!!! <BR> <em>214</em> Tue, 8 Apr 2008 13:05:44 EST I made presidents club !!!!!!!!!!!! :-) I'm so happy , and sorry i never introduced myself --Debbie from lees summit Mo. Going thru the change at 49 --gained 30 Lb.s in a year --now i need to get it off :-( Wed, 2 Apr 2008 19:25:20 EST Best ways you advertise to grow your business! Let's all admit it, late winter is a horrid time for self motivation~~~at least it is for me!!! <em>20</em> <BR> <BR> What are some things that you do to vamp up your sales and get new customers?? Tried and true things or things you have just started. <BR> <BR> Let's share and bounce ideas off of eachother!! <BR> <BR> And let's get selling. I am really working toward President's Club this year!! <BR> <BR> Kirsten Wed, 26 Mar 2008 07:52:46 EST ~REWARDS~ pOST REWARD IDEA'S FOR YOU AND OTHERS WHEN YOU HIT A GOAL! Wed, 19 Mar 2008 09:50:12 EST Easter! What is your easter palns and menus??? <BR> my son and DIL and grandbaby are coming for the wkend-im looking for some low cal dishes??? Sun, 16 Mar 2008 19:40:47 EST support spark while you shop! <BR> Did you know that we can support Spark while shopping online? If you click on the Spread The Spark link at the top of this page and click on the More Ways To Spread the Spark box on that page you will get to a page with links for all types of things. <BR> Click on the SparkPeople Shopping Club link. <BR> If you use those links for your shopping Spark gets credit. Sites like e-bay and amazon and travelocity. You can add it to your favorites or bookmark it. This is great Let's help keep... Fri, 14 Mar 2008 22:26:31 EST 50 Ways To Leave Your Number <link> </link> <BR> <BR> I found this great 13 page PDF where an Avon lady has compiled all of her ideas on how she markets her Avon. I just thought I'd share this! <em>250</em> Fri, 14 Mar 2008 15:57:31 EST 20 year Avon Lady here! Hello everyone, <BR> I joined sparks in january and thought carefully about the groups I joined, I just saw someone who was in this group, and I thought this is great group for me. I started selling Avon almost 20 years ago, my daughter was 6 months old, she'll be 20 this month. Beside selling Avon, I have 3 awseome kids, 2 boys and a girl, 2 in college one in 4th grade. <BR> I am celebrating life as a 2x breast cancer survivor! <BR> I am an animal lover and I enjoy most outdoor activites, ... Mon, 10 Mar 2008 10:36:23 EST Has My Favorite Lipstick Been Cancelled? Can anyone tell me what happened to Perfectwear? <BR> <BR> By far, the best long lasting, non transfer lipstick is Perfectwear (lip stain on one side, gloss on the other). I am desperately in search of this lipstick in the shade 'Berry Enduring'...I have tried every brand out there (MAC, Covergirl, Maybelline, L'oreal, Lancome...on and on)...AVON did it right. <BR> <BR> Can anyone help? <BR> <BR> Lucille Sat, 8 Mar 2008 14:45:40 EST DAILY EXERCISE CHALLENGE(easy challenge try it!) everyday we will list a challenge to do somekind of exercise-25 crunches etc. very achievable! <BR> thanks to jen for this challenge!!!! Thu, 28 Feb 2008 13:12:40 EST WHEN IS YOUR ORDER DUE? lets use this thread as a reminder everyone can help each other remember when your order is due and which campaign & also pep each other up to go for more orders & reminders to call-email your customers!!!!! Wed, 27 Feb 2008 20:28:45 EST BOOKS TO SHARE! share books about weight loss-everyday reading-non fiction-fiction-inspirationals any kind of book!!! Tue, 26 Feb 2008 10:49:24 EST When to stop delivering campaigns to non-buyers?!! I have several people in my area that asked for AVON catalog delivery - most people would order after a catalog or two - some people have never placed an order with me - they have been getting catalogs for a few months - delivering to their homes is a waste of time - honestly, I am running a business, how are you supposed to make money on customers that do not buy, but drain you of resources (campaigns/samples, etc) and time/gas?! I am not talking about consistent customers - I am talking abo... Fri, 15 Feb 2008 12:28:41 EST SPRING IS IN THE AIR! LIST TIPS/IDEAS HERE! what can we do to get more fit before spring is here? its right around the corner !!! <em>126</em> Thu, 14 Feb 2008 13:30:56 EST USE A EMOTICON HOW YOU ARE FEELING TODAY! <em>247</em> i feel like hugging today more than usual! <BR> happy valentines day! Thu, 14 Feb 2008 13:26:23 EST well this is not how i wanted to grow my business unfortionatly, it looks like i have all the time i need to work on building my business now. <BR> <BR> I say unfortionatly because my boss found out i sell avon and was fired for "working for a competitive company" so apparently she seen avon as a threat. lol that may be a good thing seeing as it is one of the big corporations that fired me. <BR> <BR> So any tips for getting my name out there? <BR> <BR> Oh and don't worry I'm not going to just trust that my business will pick up and save m... Wed, 13 Feb 2008 18:44:41 EST diabetic denial diet Hi, I'm Merry.. I found out I was diabetic 3 years ago at an appointment with my ob/gyn. I was on a plan to have a baby, had recently had a corrective surgery and we were all set to start when the dr gave me the bad news that my A1C was high and further testing was needed before we could move forward. She told me my numbers in the past had been great, but she feared the onset of so much stress had caused my hormones to go nuts The stress was from the placement of a sibling group of 4 children... Fri, 8 Feb 2008 14:42:34 EST TIPS TO SELLING post tips here to help each other sell! Wed, 6 Feb 2008 09:42:09 EST topic on getting your water in!<BR>ion_articles.asp?id=1014 <BR> <BR> hope this link works! <BR> Tue, 5 Feb 2008 11:49:13 EST Valentines Day Idea's! i was thinking of sending valentines day cards to my customers with a coupon in them-dont know what yet-5.00 off? or ???? also just thinking of sending to my best customers only??? <BR> are you doing anything special???? Mon, 4 Feb 2008 22:20:30 EST Yeah! I just started Thursday, and I already have 4 orders!! Okay, so 2 orders are family....but 2 aren't! I love the website, and that you can get orders without having to go door to door. I know that i have gotten, and I am sure I will continue to get, great advice from you all!! <BR> <BR> Thanks again! <BR> Kirsten Sun, 3 Feb 2008 15:46:19 EST Another Avon Lady saying hello! I cannot believe I didn't think to look for all of you before... I have been selling Avon/mark products now since August 2006, and I've been on SparkPeople since October 2007. I love it, though I took a huge downturn when I was in the middle of my move to Ireland. I am now still selling as an eRep, since I technically am not able to work in Ireland, and my boyfriend has joined in, and is now selling in Ireland, (so I can still get my products while I'm here! Yay!) I look forward to being mo... Fri, 1 Feb 2008 12:27:36 EST Okay, I am now a new Avon what? <em>249</em> <BR> Okay, here I go! I am so excited...I learned quite a bit from my DM lst night, and have been on the training website. As soon as I am done on here, I am going to get my website started, paypal set up, business cards and book labels printed out. <BR> <BR> What are some good, tried and true ideas to get my name and books out there? <BR> <BR> How do you promote yourselves?? The paper, flyers, anything? <BR> <BR> thank you so much for your good luck wishes so far! <BR> ... Fri, 1 Feb 2008 12:22:03 EST Team newbie from Wisconsin Hi Team - I have been selling Avon since July 2007 - Recent addition to sparks. I love this site!!! I hope to meet other reps like me that have a lot of weight to loose and or are doing south beach... <BR> <BR> Hope to see you on the boards and huddles soon !!! <BR> <BR> Check out my page to learn more about me, see my pix, and add me if you wish! <BR> <BR> -Desiree Thu, 31 Jan 2008 14:59:58 EST RECIPES TO SHARE PLEASE SHARE HEALTHY RECIPES HERE! Thu, 31 Jan 2008 12:57:42 EST 3 THINGS YOU WILL DO ! LIST 3 THINGS YOU WILL DO EACH WEEK TO HEALTHIER.. SO COME BACK EACH WEEK TO STATE WHAT YOU WILL DO & THEN WHEN YOU COME BACK FOR NEW WEEK REFLECT & SHARE YOUR SUCCESSES AND OR FAILURES-SO WE CAN ALL LEARN FROM EACH OTHER!!!!! <em>220</em> Thu, 31 Jan 2008 12:44:57 EST WATER CHALLENGE! report daily how many oz's of H20! i will keep track & whoever drinks the most will receive a small prize!!! so check in daily & post your oz's!!!!! <em>9</em> <BR> we will go from jan 30-feb 29! Wed, 30 Jan 2008 15:31:17 EST SCRABBLE! I'LL START JUST CHANGE 1 LETTER! <BR> <BR> HAIR Wed, 30 Jan 2008 15:25:42 EST Brand new Rep (okay, starting Thurs!) <em>67</em> <BR> Hello! I am so excited to be starting with Avon! I have loved using their products for a long time. Since I moved to a new state, and know no one who sells in the area...I decided to take to steps to do it myself! The local manager comes on Thursday to get me set up! <BR> <BR> YEAH...woot! woot! <BR> I am very excited...hope to get great support and ideas for both my journey on weightloss and starting selling Avon! <BR> <BR> thanks, <BR> Kirsten Mon, 28 Jan 2008 10:05:40 EST Hi from MN Hey everyone, <BR> I have been selling AVON for 1 year today! YEA!!! I have been a member of Sparkpeople...I don't remember. In almost a year I have lost 54 pounds with 36 to go. <BR> I am married with 2 teen daughters. We live in central Minnesota. I work as a receptionist and my husband is a dairy farmer. <BR> I am looking forward to meeting all that I can and working together to loose weight and regain a healthier lifestyle. <BR> Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:25:51 EST Im a Grandma!!!!! hey ladies! it finally happened! sun. nite jan 13th @ 7:09pm my 1st grand-daughter was born! Leita!!!!! <BR> she is beautiful!!!!!!! soooo tiny....6.5 pds 21 inches long-dark hair-she was born with her eyes wide open!!!! just like her dad! mom is doing well awesome actually!!!! totalty amazing! <BR> they had an at home birth with a midwife we met her she was amazing as well!!! what an eye opener for me-i have a diferent opionion about at home births-its not for everyone but this is for my s... Mon, 14 Jan 2008 21:36:11 EST Any good advice for taxes? So its the end of the year and of course I did not keep up with my avon records....I know I know. I kept track of mileage for the first time though! yeah! <BR> Anyone have great tips on figuring out your earnings? I don't know why I find it so difficult. What I have done to figure out my earnings is this:the amount of money I paid to avon, minus what I received from customers, minus my stuff(includes what I bought, demos, books, supplies, etc), minus any other fees, like e-rep= net profit. <B... Thu, 3 Jan 2008 12:49:04 EST Any New Year Resolutions? I have been thinking about it this year more than ever. I normally don't do them but this year I have a new start in health. I had dual partial knee replacement on Oct. 31 and now I have no excuses not to exercise! <BR> So I have to make time to do it and lose this weight. <BR> My goal is to lose the 50 lbs. by next New Years eve. <BR> So I'm going to get back on track and do this..... <BR> anyone want to join me? <BR> <em>12</em> Sun, 30 Dec 2007 10:19:17 EST Hi, new to this group. Hi my name is Judy, I live in Western Washington. I have been selling Avon for 5 years and have just become a UL this year. I love selling Avon. I have been with SP for just over a year. I look forward to getting to know everyone. Thu, 27 Dec 2007 20:29:15 EST new top of the line weightloss tracking scale so i asked my mom for a scale that does body fat as well as standard weight for christmas and well she looked at the weight watchers one and in her own words "was afraid i'd fall through the glass". Gee thanks mom. lol so that was my boost of confidence from mom when we exchanged christmas gifts today. <BR> She tried explaining it wasn't because of my weight, it was just because it was glass, it was like drive the stake a little deeper lady. lol anyways she didn't get one that measures body f... Sun, 23 Dec 2007 00:01:00 EST Campaign 25- How's it going? Well, my order goes in today. I have about $600 in orders. And I even cut mine down to $30 from $80. Since many customers are getting 20-25% off I know that will be cutting into any profit so I figured I better watch my spending! <BR> I am happy because I ordered two Christian Lacroix perfumes last time to sell and I sold them both! One of them at 25% off and the other I gave to a loyal customer for $20 because I did open that one and used it for a tester. I got 45% discount on them so it wor... Fri, 30 Nov 2007 09:37:02 EST Gift Certificates??? Okay so I just started (yesterday actually) and I was trying to think of ways to boost customer numbers almost immediately (which may sound a little crazy because I've always been taught that customers come over time with faith and word of mouth by other satisfied customers) but I came up with seems to be a crazy idea right now, because I know it's going to cause me to lose money at first, but my idea was to give a $5 gift certificate (only applicable to sales through me) to anyone who refers... Thu, 29 Nov 2007 21:31:47 EST I suppose I'm jumping the gun a bit... Hi My Name is Steven, I am going to get started selling Avon next Wednesday. Makes me a little nervous thinking about it, lol, but I think I'll do just fine, I'm glad to see a group for avon reps on sparks though, I'm here more than any other site I visit. Fri, 23 Nov 2007 12:53:39 EST Thanksgiving We are getting close to Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a great holiday! Remember eat lots of veggies and drink lots of water! Tue, 20 Nov 2007 09:52:36 EST Holiday Open House Has anyone done one? Any did it turn out? Was it worth it? What items did you have for cash and carry? <BR> <BR> I ordered quite a bit in the last campaign and of course have lots of stuff from the year still piling up in my house and would like to get rid of! So I am thinking of doing an open house in a couple of weeks. Just something simple. I printed off the invitations off of the avon website. Mon, 19 Nov 2007 17:39:07 EST Question?? How does the credit part work? If you have an ecustomer on your webstore and they do the direct shipment? When do you see the percentage of what you made and where? Wed, 14 Nov 2007 11:31:44 EST I'm Back to SparkPeople This is after gaining a few pound and starting up as a AVON Ind. Sales Rep. I am on my second campaign. :) Tho I am haven't been doing much in sales it has got me doing more active things. It does have me out of the house and away from the computer. I do have a full time day job sitting in front of a computer to come home and do the same thing - BAD HABIT 0 that needs to be broken. Staying up till quarter till midnight is a bad habit to. Night Guys and Gals. Mon, 12 Nov 2007 23:41:02 EST tips Nov. 1. What needs to happen for you to be successful this month? Write down you goal and commit to it. <BR> Nov. 2. Going out to eat? Be the first in your group to order. Don't let others influence you to make poor choices. <BR> Nov. 3. Don't be a spectator today. Take part in an activity. <BR> Nov. 4. A good goal for November is to "lighten up"-your cooking, your portion sizes and your weight. <BR> Nov. 5. Drink more water Take time to really enjoy the refreshing taste. <BR> Nov. 6. Pi... Fri, 9 Nov 2007 10:58:20 EST Beware of Scams! I started my Avon webstore and out to the blue I got a contact on there from a familar common name. I thought maybe was a friend of mine who I wasn't familar with her married name. TODAY I get this EMAIL! SCAM SCAM SCAM written ALL OVER IT! <BR> <BR> her "name" is Kristana Ingram email <BR> <BR> hello, <BR> a friend of my told me about avon and its products, how good, real and effective thier products are and how i can order for goods through online billing or loc... Fri, 9 Nov 2007 09:07:11 EST Happy Halloween! I'm dressed up in my munchkin outfit today! Our group is the wizard of oz. I don't feel like a munchkin, but whatever! Anyone else dressing up today? <BR> I got one new customer on my e-rep site last night!! An old friend of mine that I used to work with! Yeah. Wed, 31 Oct 2007 09:33:19 EST Product questions- looking for some feedback! I have a customer that wants to order the christmas stained glass gift boxes in red and green with the flameless tealights- anyone see these in person?? Any comments? She also is curious about the poinsetta tree with lights- Anyone seen this? <BR> She doesn't want to actually buy them before seeing them! But if I tell her how they look she will take my word for them Mon, 29 Oct 2007 15:29:00 EST What do you wish AVON had? I really wish they made an eye primer.... <BR> I've heard many reps use the mary kay eye primer! LOL <BR> No matter what eyeshadow I use it creases terribly and wears off. I've tried putting foundation on, doesn't work. <BR> So, I am now on ebay looking for some primer! I know, its terrible. Please don't yell at me! LOL <BR> Wed, 24 Oct 2007 16:32:02 EST Hi! I'm new! Hi! I'm new and glad I found this board. I love selling Avon I just restarted I took a 10 yr hiatus. I restarted c16 and now we are on c25. I do abt $500/campaign. I work in a 7 story office building and only 4 reps total work there and we have assigned ourselves floors which is pretty cool. Happy selling and I spend half of my profits too. I used to buy from a rep each campaign abt $200. She moved and hadn't been contacted by another one since. Then I decided to sell again and found ou... Tue, 23 Oct 2007 20:33:31 EST Hello everyone! Hello, I am an avon/leadership rep in Canada, and hoping to find support to overcome what hinders me in developing my business - mainly my weight. I've been a sales rep for almost three years, and a leader for just over 1.5 yet I am only a UL. Mon, 15 Oct 2007 16:26:40 EST Possible fundraiser lead for me Well, I had volunteered to help count money for my child's school fundraiser. The president and treasurer of the PTO were there and they started talking about wanting to do a new fundraiser, that they weren't all that crazy about our current fundraiser. Since I was there, I told them that I sold Avon and that we do fundraisers. The treasurer was familiar with the fundraiser possibility and the president thought about it for a couple seconds, and said I think that would do well here. AAAAA... Fri, 12 Oct 2007 11:56:39 EST I Love Lip gloss I don't care, I know I'm goofy. But, I had been aggravated with my children fighting with each other, so I sent them to bed. Then, I started going through my box of Avon goodies that I just got in today, and the one thing that brought a big smile to my face is my new Glazewear Extreme Sangria lip gloss. I have like 10-20 lipsticks and lip glosses, but I just love it. Thu, 4 Oct 2007 22:20:29 EST I'm making progress!! & Holiday Expo I am very excited to share that I have dropped below the 150 mark. It felt like it was such a hurdle, but I have officially broken it. Yeah me! <BR> <BR> Anyway, I was also wondering if anyone on here was in the Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana areas that were coming to the Holiday Expo in Cincinnati on Oct. 6. I thought it would be fun to meet whoever might be going. Let me know if you're attending! Sat, 29 Sep 2007 17:30:30 EST New Kid On the Block Hi Girls <BR> I would love to join your little group of Avon. <BR> I've been selling Avon this time for almost 6 years. At the moment it's for me, family and friends. I live in MI. Noth of Grand Rapids in a town called Sparta.. Anyone else from MI and close by? Can't wait to get started with loosing weight and meeting new friends. <BR> have a Great day. <BR> Karen Fri, 14 Sep 2007 14:02:34 EST Leadership Anyone here in Leadership? I am needing 2 more people to become a Unit Leader, any suggestions? Thu, 14 Jun 2007 22:24:44 EST Hi I'm new here too! I just put in my first Avon order this week, but I've been with SP since March. I guess I'm new to both, then! I'm looking forward t learning more about Avon while getting encouragement I sorely need to lose weight. I'm from Michigan and am a SAHM to 20 month old son, Jordan. I look forward to meeting you all. <BR> <BR> Kendra Wed, 23 May 2007 15:29:42 EST Fundraisers Has anyone done any fundraisers? Wed, 23 May 2007 10:11:41 EST Anyone Around? Just curious if anyone is around in this group. Maybe we're all too busy selling AVON to participate. LOL <em>20</em> <BR> <em>201</em> C.C. Sun, 6 May 2007 19:49:04 EST New to SP, but not to AVON Good morning yall! I just joined SP mid-week. However, I've been with AVON for over 6 years. I am a Unit Leader (almost Advanced Unit Leader) and this is the first year I haven't made PC. We moved 3 times in 1 year and that just killed my business. We're planning to stay put here for quite some time, so I'm slowly rebuilding my customer base. Just thought I'd pop in and say hi to all the other AVON reps. <em>213</em> Sat, 28 Apr 2007 14:33:52 EST Free Kashi Cereal sample... If you go to they are giving away free samples of their awesome crunch cereal! I love kashi products. If you haven't tried it yet, here's your chance to try for free!! Tue, 17 Apr 2007 16:53:42 EST New to Avon!!! Hi there. I'm Jennifer, and I just became an AVON Rep. I've been on SparkPeople a little over a month now, and I love it. I hope to love AVON as much. I look forward to talking with you. Wed, 21 Feb 2007 14:03:30 EST Newbie here Hi Everyone! I'm Cindy and i've been selling AVON for the past (almost) 14 years. I love it. I hope this site can become active again. I had to go clear to page 20 something to find it. Hope to hear from others. Thu, 1 Feb 2007 00:27:27 EST Hey! Newbie Hi my name is Katie, from minnesota I am three weeks into spark and I am on my 6months of AVON Loving both of them but at times things are slow.... <BR> <BR> <em>224</em> Sat, 20 Jan 2007 12:48:41 EST New to the group Hi My name is Vicki, from Broken Arrow, Ok, been selling Avon for 4 months and am loving it, getting ready to move into leadership. My goal is to keep avon going and lose weight in the process. I look forward to meeting lots of new Avon Reps. Take care <BR> <BR> Vicki <em>184</em> Mon, 15 Jan 2007 23:29:24 EST New to the group Hi My name is Bronwyn and I have been selling avon for the last 5 years in South Africa. I am now a group sales leader and work from home and look after my 1 year old son. Where has everyone come from? Wed, 10 Jan 2007 15:07:05 EST Introducing myself I started Spark in April. <BR> I had a slow start. Up and down alot. But today I hit 182!! Only 2 more lbs and it will be 30 lbs lost! <em>224</em> <BR> I started Avon in Sept. That has been going slow too. <BR> But, I am starting to get out there and talking to people more. I think as I lose the weight my self confidence will get stronger and it will be easy to get out of my comfort zone. <BR> Have a great day. Fri, 1 Dec 2006 11:26:16 EST New to Avon and SparkPeople! Hi! <BR> <BR> I've been with Avon for 2 campaigns (LOVING it so far!!!) and SparkPeople well, for 1 day! LOL <BR> <BR> Hope to get some advice and make some buddies in the group! Thu, 10 Aug 2006 06:46:55 EST New to the Group! Hi all, I started SparkPeaople about a month ago and haven't had much time to get on here, but I am going to try harder. I have been with AVON since October of 2005. I have two boys and I watch my niece full time so it is kind of crazy most days with 3 that are under 5yrs.! :) Tue, 18 Jul 2006 09:11:25 EST Avon People Group Forum This topic was automatically created when the SparkPoints Group "Avon People" was started. Here is the description for this Group: <BR> <BR> Just for the people involved in Avon Company. Mon, 27 Mar 2006 23:48:35 EST