SparkPeople Having Fun and Being Healthy Team Messageboard Have a sense of humor? Like to have fun? Like to be challenged? That's what this team is all about. Come join in on the fun and be challenged. SparkPeople Having Fun and Being Healthy Team Messageboard Introductions!! Hi everyone, it looks like a group in coma!! <BR> Let's cheer it up! Starting with introductions, I hope we can get familiarized with each other! <BR> <BR> <em>185</em> Tue, 24 Jan 2012 07:19:55 EST Motivation and 90 Days Motivation and 90 Days <BR> <BR> Happy New Year Everyone! Sorry I haven’t been able to get back to everyone sooner but between my work, overtime, and continuing health problems I haven’t been able to get on the computer to be with you! This year I’m going to intensify my efforts and make more solid progress. I have gained back 10 pounds and I had the New Years Blues but… now that is in the past! New Year… New Goals! What I have learned over the years is that your past is in the past and you... Sun, 15 Jan 2012 14:23:26 EST does anyone want to take this team over I just don't have the time for it and if someone would like to take it over I won't have it deleted.. Tue, 1 Nov 2011 09:50:36 EST Old TV shows A-Z (not movies) Post titles of tv shows ( not movies)....alphabetically. Thu, 13 Oct 2011 13:06:27 EST Food---2nd Letter Makes a New Word Post a name of food that starts with the 2nd letter of the previous post. Thu, 13 Oct 2011 13:02:30 EST Off the Top of Your Head.... Right now....Post three things on your mind. Thu, 13 Oct 2011 10:25:00 EST Modes of Transportation Post here modes of transportation. Can be types, names, etc. of cars, trucks, animals, etc. You name it. <BR> <BR> <BR> Only catch....needs to be Alphabetically. <BR> <BR> Let's have some fun here & see how creative we can be! <em>334</em> Wed, 12 Oct 2011 19:23:55 EST Actors & Actresses Let's play a new game. <BR> <BR> Name an actor or actress that appears on TV or in movies. Your answer must begin with the first letter of the last name. <BR> <BR> Alan Alda <BR> <BR> Next is "A" Wed, 12 Oct 2011 12:03:55 EST Roll Call and/or Chat Sometimes life is so busy that we just don't have time to chat. If that is what is happening with you, stop by & post an emoticon. It let's us know that you are still with us. <BR> <BR> Hope to see you around! <em>114</em> Wed, 12 Oct 2011 11:31:05 EST Name Three Here, we're going to name three things (it can be almost anything) that the last poster asks and then leave our own "Name three...' question for the next person. <BR> <BR> Name three of your favorite fruits...... Wed, 12 Oct 2011 11:06:34 EST It is a sad day for Ray Because of medical circumstances, I have not been able to be a good leader here lately. My health has made it impossible to get on Sparkpeople as much as I want to... (as you've noticed) Because of my Part time work status, I can no longer afford my internet at home so I have to rely on the computer at work which is very part time! It is for this reason that I have to step down as a Leader. I loved being a Leader but, for now, I believe that in the teams interest, I have to step down and co... Sat, 8 Oct 2011 20:24:34 EST Motivation and Adversity Have you ever woke up in the morning and because of a medical condition you actually feel unrested, tired, bogged down ... feeling like you can't face the world? I have... every single day since I started taking this new medication for Gout and Arthritis. <BR> <BR> There are days sometimes when I feel..."what's the use... if I can't I can't" Then I remember... My Wife... My Family... My responsabilities ...and My commitment to myself and I realize that I just have to "Suck it up Buttercup" ... Mon, 5 Sep 2011 13:36:26 EST 39 ways to uplift yourself <link><BR>-yourself/ </link> Mon, 4 Jul 2011 13:09:33 EST food cravings? what your body needs <link><BR>avings-here-is-what-your-body-really-w<BR>ants/ </link> Tue, 14 Jun 2011 14:08:31 EST Motivation and Lifestyle Change What will it take for you to be a winner? What will it take for you to succeed in your lifestyle change? <BR> These are great questions. Other things to think about are...what will you have to give up or to do in order to stay on track and to complete your journey to fitness. <BR> <BR> Surprise... the lifestyle change isn't something you can do for a short period of time and expect success! It's a continuous effort in order to maintain what you've already accomplished! <BR> <BR> What doe... Sun, 12 Jun 2011 20:27:29 EST I have a Positive Attitude, so why is nothing happ <link><BR>a-positive-attitude-so-why-is-nothing-<BR>happening-yet/ </link> Sun, 12 Jun 2011 18:42:04 EST Animal Kingdom A to Z Let's see how many we can come up with. (Technically insects aren't animals, but for our purposes they can be included here). Here we go: <BR> <BR> Alpaca Sat, 11 Jun 2011 09:56:48 EST Sunday Silliness 6/5 (Sorry, forgot to post this yesterday) <BR> <BR> What is your favorite ice cream flavor? <BR> <BR> How old were you when you learned to drive? <BR> <BR> Where are you in your family's birth order? <BR> <BR> How many pillows do you sleep with? <BR> <BR> Have you ever gone ice skating? Sun, 5 Jun 2011 11:49:28 EST 30 days to an active lifestyle <link><BR>ion_articles.asp?id=870 </link> Wed, 1 Jun 2011 07:46:57 EST June daily affirmations post your daily affirmations here... and here's a definition if you are unsure what an affirmation is.. <BR> <BR> af·firm·a·tion/&#716;af&#601;r&#712;m&#2<BR>57;SH&#601;n/Noun <BR> 1. The action or process of affirming or being affirmed. <BR> 2. A formal declaration by a person who declines to take an oath for reasons of conscience. Tue, 31 May 2011 18:16:32 EST june chit chat getting ready for the 1st day of june tomorrow.. happy summer <em>334</em> <em>464</em> Tue, 31 May 2011 18:14:45 EST 60 small ways to improve your life <link><BR>60-small-ways-to-improve-your-life-in-<BR>the-next-100-days.html </link> Tue, 31 May 2011 17:36:55 EST Conga Line Words (Borrowed from another team). <BR> <BR> The last two letters of the previous word start the new word. For instance, if I say talentED, the next person could say EDucate, and so on. Please be sure your word ends in two letters that actually start a new word (someone posted a word whose last two letters don't start any words!). Okay, here we go: <BR> <BR> considER Sat, 28 May 2011 09:58:03 EST Eat Smaller Bites to Lose Weight <link>this was an interesting article <link><BR>es_to_lose_weight.php </link> </link> Tue, 24 May 2011 09:55:21 EST Dog Vs. Cat Dog Vs. Cat <BR> <BR> A dog thinks: These people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with <BR> a nice warm, dry house, pet me, and take good care of me... They must be <BR> awesome! <BR> <BR> A cat thinks: These people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with <BR> a nice warm, dry house, pet me, and take good care of me... I must be <BR> awesome! Tue, 24 May 2011 07:59:48 EST Time For Crime Time For Crime <BR> <BR> A turtle walked into a sheriff's office. "I've just been attacked by <BR> three snails!" he shouted. <BR> <BR> "Tell me what happened," the sheriff replied. <BR> <BR> The turtle shook his head: "I don't know, it all happened so fast!" <BR> <em>134</em> Tue, 24 May 2011 07:59:07 EST Well Done Well Done <BR> <BR> John was furious when his steak arrived too rare. <BR> <BR> "Waiter," he shouted, "Didn't you hear me say 'well done'?" <BR> <BR> "I can't thank you enough, sir," replied the waiter. "I hardly ever get <BR> a compliment!" Tue, 24 May 2011 07:57:35 EST Growing Boy Growing Boy <BR> <BR> A teenage boy was visiting his grandmother. Like all growing boys, he <BR> was constantly hungry, so grandma went to the refrigerator to find <BR> something he might like. After poking around a bit and moving the milk <BR> and juice cartons, she spotted a bowl of leftover chili. <BR> <BR> She called out to him excitedly. He came running into the kitchen. <BR> "Look! I found some chili!" <BR> <BR> Struggling to be polite, he said, "If you're that surprised to find it, ... Tue, 24 May 2011 07:56:57 EST Cooking A Roast Cooking A Roast <BR> <BR> One day a little girl was watching her mom make a roast beef. She cut <BR> off the ends, wrapped it in string, seasoned it and set it in the <BR> roasting pan. <BR> <BR> The little girl asked her mom why she cut off the ends of the roast. Mom <BR> replied, after some thought, that it was the way that her mother had <BR> done it. <BR> <BR> That night grandma came to dinner and the little girl and her mom went <BR> to her and asked why she had cut the end off of the... Mon, 23 May 2011 19:31:31 EST Nervous Student Nervous Student <BR> <BR> A computer programmer sat down with a woman and told her he would be <BR> showing her how to use some new software. She sighed with relief then <BR> remarked, "I'm so glad it's you who is teaching me instead of Bob." <BR> <BR> Surprised, the programmer said that Bob was far more experienced than he <BR> was. <BR> <BR> "Yes," the woman said, "but I feel much more comfortable with you... I <BR> get nervous around really smart people." Mon, 23 May 2011 19:30:01 EST Hidden Games Hidden Games <BR> <BR> When he was managing an office, Bob instituted a rule that there would <BR> be no playing games on company computers. So he wouldn't be a hypocrite, <BR> he had a computer specialist get rid of the games on his laptop along <BR> with all the others in the office. Therefore, he was surprised to find <BR> his grandson playing Solitaire on it one weekend. Bob asked his grandson <BR> if he had loaded the game. <BR> <BR> "No," the grandson answered, "it was already there. ... Mon, 23 May 2011 19:29:08 EST The New Nurse The New Nurse <BR> <BR> A newly hired nurse listened while the doctor was yelling, "Typhoid! <BR> Tetanus! Measles!" <BR> <BR> She asked another nurse, "Why is he going on like that?" <BR> <BR> The experienced nurse replied, "Oh, he just likes to call the shots <BR> around here." Mon, 23 May 2011 18:56:41 EST Flowery Words Flowery Words <BR> <BR> A gentleman entered a busy florist shop that displayed a large sign that <BR> read, "Say It With Flowers." <BR> <BR> "I'd like to buy one rose," he told the florist. <BR> <BR> "Only one?" the florist asked. <BR> <BR> "Just one," the customer replied. "I'm a man of few words." Mon, 23 May 2011 18:55:58 EST my blonde moment for the day i was trying to update my ipod with some meditation music and for the life o me couldn't figure it out.. i went to help and still couldn't figure it out.. so i called dh and asked for his help.. he's like for the device in the list to my left i looked no device.. he's like the ipod is connected right and i'm like yes then i had a duh moment i had it plugged into the outlet no the computer... would help if it was plugged in... Mon, 23 May 2011 18:53:52 EST socks and underwear ... What are today's colours? Mon, 23 May 2011 18:53:10 EST Today - have you ... ? Simple format, answer the question in the previous post then ask a question ... <BR> <BR> Sooo, here's goes: <BR> <BR> Today, have you been for a walk? Mon, 23 May 2011 18:50:51 EST A - Z - Surnames Following the A to Z order, let's go~~~!!! <em>41</em> Mon, 23 May 2011 18:49:32 EST need help I don't want to give this team up but with my crazy schedule with homeschooling and activities i'm not getting the time i want to spend on it.. I really could use some help.. <BR> <BR> I was hoping someone(s) would want to come help ray and I, with posting some fun things. Could really use a person to help come up with games and get them going. <BR> <BR> thanks in advance... Sun, 22 May 2011 20:53:52 EST today's healthy reflection this one hit home with me... <BR> <BR> <BR> Are you afraid to try or are you afraid to fail? <BR> <BR> A well-lived life is not for the timid. The world was never meant to be approached with extra caution and fear of making mistakes. Kids know that you have to jump in feet first and be willing to take some lumps on the head if you're going to have any fun. When did we stop trying new things? Why did we stop taking risks? In large part, we're afraid of messing up. We've settled into our co... Fri, 13 May 2011 07:25:07 EST 5 motivation myths debunked thought this was a great article to share <BR> <BR> <link><BR>wsID=11133&Section=NUTRITION&source=DH<BR>B_110509&key=Body+Title&utm_source=DHB<BR>_110509&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Nutr<BR>ition&utm_content=Body+Title&utm_campa<BR>ign=DailyHealthBulletin </link> Wed, 11 May 2011 10:48:49 EST Happy Mother's day I hope all the mother's or ones who have been a mother to someone... and to our furrbabies.. have a wonderful day... Sun, 8 May 2011 10:03:02 EST prison versus housewives Prison Versus Housewives <BR> <BR> In prison, you get three square meals a day. <BR> <BR> At home, you cook three square meals a day and try to get your kids to eat it. <BR> <BR> In prison, you get an hour each day in the yard to exercise and mingle. <BR> <BR> At home you get to clean the yard up so you can mow it so your kids can spread more toys all over it so that you can go out and clean it again because little Jr. can't sleep without his latest lego creation. <BR> <BR> In prison... Sat, 7 May 2011 11:01:44 EST A Mother's Dictionary A Mother's Dictionary <BR> <BR> Bottle feeding: An opportunity for Daddy to get up at 2 am too. <BR> <BR> Defense: What you'd better have around de yard if you're going to let the children play outside. <BR> <BR> Drooling: How teething babies wash their chins. <BR> <BR> Dumbwaiter: One who asks if the kids would care to order dessert. <BR> <BR> Family planning: The art of spacing your children the proper distance apart to keep you on the edge of financial disaster <BR> <BR> Feedback: Th... Sat, 7 May 2011 10:58:13 EST Happy Renewal Day what are you going to renew today <BR> <BR><BR>ays/May/renewalday.htm Thu, 5 May 2011 07:22:40 EST May Affirmations post your daily affirmations here <BR> <BR> i am kind and loving Sun, 1 May 2011 09:22:16 EST May daily chit chat Hi guys what are your plans for may.. i can't believe it's already may.. and it's still cold here.. brrrr.. i'm so ready for the lazy days of summer.. i love summer and heat... awwww makes me feel so good. Sun, 1 May 2011 09:14:42 EST i flattened your cat I flattened your cat <BR> <BR> Seems a guy was driving for hours thu desolate country when he passed a farmhouse, and before he could react, a cat ran out in front of him and*splat*... he flattened the cat. Out of kindness and consideration, he stopped, turned around and drove back to the farmhouse to notify the occupants. When the housewife came to the door, said he, "Pardon memadame, but I just ran over a cat in front of your house, and assumed that it must belong to you. I know this might... Sun, 1 May 2011 09:13:20 EST settlling a cow case Settling a cow case <BR> <BR> A big-city lawyer was representing the railroad in a lawsuit filed by an old rancher. The rancher's prize bull was missing from the section through which the railroad passed. The rancher only wanted to be paid the fair value of the bull. <BR> <BR> The case was scheduled to be tried before the justice of the peace in the back room of the general store. <BR> <BR> The attorney for the railroad immediately cornered the rancher and tried to get him to settle out ... Sun, 1 May 2011 09:11:55 EST Wife isn't in the car Wife isn't in the car <BR> <BR> On a rural road a state trooper pulled this farmer over and said: "Sir, do you realize your wife fell out of the car several miles back?" <BR> <BR> To which the farmer replied: "Thank God, I thought I had gone deaf!" Sun, 1 May 2011 09:10:08 EST dumb CT laws i must remember when i'm in devon to walk backwards after sun set lol... <BR> <BR> Connecticut Crazy Law <BR> <BR> You can be stopped by the police for biking over 65 miles per hour. <BR> <BR> In order for a pickle to officially be considered a pickle, it must bounce. <BR> <BR> Looking for more dumb laws? Check out! <BR> It is illegal to dispose of used razor blades. <BR> <BR> You cannot buy any alcohol after 8pm or on Sundays. <BR> <BR> The marriage of imbeciles and fe... Sun, 1 May 2011 09:07:10 EST 4 worst breakfast foods <link><BR>oday-today_health/ </link> Sun, 1 May 2011 09:05:10 EST Hashimoto's Disease Affects Quality of Life, A new study published in the journal "Thyroid" has reported that Hashimoto's disease affects quality of life, long before thyroid function is specifically affected. <BR> <BR> I also have to add not everyone tests positive to TPO antibodies there is one other called anti-thyroglubulin antibodies.. and if your doctor does not test for both you could still be being misdiagnoised. How do i know this.. because i'm one who does not test positive for TPO but anti-thyroglublin and was undiagnoised a... Fri, 29 Apr 2011 09:02:57 EST roobios tea i love this tea.. have you tried it? <BR> <BR> <link><BR>ndex/a/rooibos_benefits.htm?nl=1 </link> Tue, 26 Apr 2011 11:36:21 EST happy national pretzel day How do you like your pretzel? Thick or thin? Straight or twisted? Crisp and crunchy, or soft? Salted, unsalted, mustard flavored, perhaps? <BR> <BR> <link><BR>/April/nationalpretzelday.htm </link> <BR> <BR> i like the soft with cinnamon sugar on them or the big sour dough ones.. and i also like the flat ones.. and love cheese sauce with pretzels. (though i don't have it this way very often) <BR> Tue, 26 Apr 2011 11:29:47 EST jokes Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Person asked a young Engineer fresh out of Texas A&M, "And what starting salary were you looking for?" The Engineer said, "In the neighbourhood of $125,000 a year, depending on the benefits package." The interviewer said, "Well, what would you say to a package of 5 weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental, a company matching retirement fund for 50% of your salary, and a company car leased every 2 years -- say, a red Cor... Tue, 26 Apr 2011 11:26:23 EST Motivation Through Successful Thinking! Did you know that you have the power within you to succeed? Absolute truth! If you convince yourself that you are going to succeed and do everything in your power to stay on track… you’ll succeed! <BR> <BR> The day that you take responsibility for your actions and admit that there’s more that you can do to improve your life and take that all important step towards a more healthy lifestyle is the day that you will have great success! <BR> <BR> The excuses will stop, the self blame will... Sat, 23 Apr 2011 13:54:05 EST Healthy Foods Instead of a Diet this is a really good article.. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>a/keepitsimple.htm?nl=1 </link> Wed, 20 Apr 2011 10:25:10 EST happy blame someone else day <link><BR>omeoneday.htm </link> <BR> <BR> so today the rain i'm getting is ray's fault lol Wed, 13 Apr 2011 07:24:49 EST happy 8 track day <link><BR>/April/eighttracktapeday.htm </link> Mon, 11 Apr 2011 19:25:46 EST food of the week green peas <BR> <BR> What's New and Beneficial about Green Peas <BR> <BR> We don't usually think about green peas as an exotic food in terms of nutrient composition-but we should. Because of their sweet taste and starchy texture, we know that green peas must contain some sugar and starch (and they do). But they also contain a unique assortment of health-protective phytonutrients. One of these phytonutrients-a polyphenol called coumestrol-has recently come to the forefront of research with respect to ... Sun, 10 Apr 2011 08:44:48 EST Motivation and Truth Motivation and The Truth <BR> How successful you become at your new lifestyle is measured by what you do and what you don’t do… Think about this for a minute… your success depends on what you do and what you don’t do! This all depends on the TRUTH! If you believe that you’re doing the right thing but in reality you’re doing another thing you’ll get confused because you’re convincing yourself that you’re changing …but in reality you’re not! <BR> <BR> Let me explain. Yo... Sat, 9 Apr 2011 18:58:51 EST april is also National Smile Month Thu, 7 Apr 2011 09:03:45 EST April is.... National Humor Month!!! Let's all celebrate by posting jokes and funny stories... or any info on how humor helps our health.. Thu, 7 Apr 2011 09:02:23 EST Rays Back... Sort of... I got the position at the water center in Calgary but as soon as I got everything together there I have been promoted to Security Supervisor for the City Hall in Calgary... Just when I thought I'd have more time to get back into Spark People! When the shifts start tomorrow I'll be back on, at least on a semi permanent basis... I've been working 14 hour days to get things up and running and now I have to start the process all over again... I'll catch up with everyone later... Don't be worried... Wed, 6 Apr 2011 22:18:37 EST music and laughter help slow blood pressure <link><BR>help_slow_blood_pressure.php?utm_sourc<BR>e=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campa<BR>ign=Feed%3A+diet-blog+%28Diet+Blog%29 </link> Tue, 5 Apr 2011 07:26:30 EST april daily chit chat hope everyone is having a great weekend.. Hopefully noone pulled to many april fools jokes ya... i managed one on hubby.. we knew we were to have snow.. nice of mother nature huh.. so i woke up and looked out the window.. and went man i wonder when the plow is going to go by.. and he's like that bad? i'm like yea... he gets up and looks out and i go april fools.. lol... <BR> <BR> yesterday we went to a rock and mineral show and had a blast...and today i'm having company over.. Sun, 3 Apr 2011 11:10:09 EST 50 life secrets and tips this one i'm going to have to read and reread and read and reread.. a lot to take in enjoy. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>nd-tips/comment-page-1/ </link> Tue, 29 Mar 2011 20:20:47 EST just squeeze Next time you find yourself in front of a bakery window full of pastries, here's a little trick to help you say "no, thanks": Just make a fist, and squeeze. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>g-less-and-making-smart-choices?eid=10<BR>98940008&memberid=9909205 </link> Mon, 28 Mar 2011 07:04:13 EST start your day in 33 different ways <link><BR>your-day/ </link> Sun, 27 Mar 2011 19:26:45 EST top 25 motivational quotes <link> </link> Sun, 27 Mar 2011 14:16:21 EST cat vs internet roflmao <BR> <link><BR>t </link> Sun, 27 Mar 2011 14:13:00 EST asparagus this is one of my favorite veggies.. i even grow it in my garden.. mmmmm <BR> <BR> <link><BR>odspice&dbid=12 </link> Fri, 25 Mar 2011 07:58:52 EST 30 worst popular restaurant choices <link><BR>fits/the-30-worst-popular-restaurant-c<BR>hoices/ </link> Thu, 24 Mar 2011 20:21:47 EST got my blood work ya know it's kinda nice.. when i get blood work done these days.. i don't worry to much... it all came out just fine.. my thyroid is in a good range.. so my sluggishness has got to be my adrenals.. but i just started a supplement today for that so we will see how i do.. <BR> <BR> vit D is excellent.. it's in the 80s which is where my endo really likes to see it.. he likes 70-90 because he feels that's really where we can fight more disease.. not where all the experts say. <BR> <BR> it's ... Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:27:16 EST inspirational blog <link><BR>_i_started_to_live_again </link> Wed, 23 Mar 2011 10:21:31 EST 3 Reasons Why Many People With Thyroid Conditions <link><BR>feature=email </link> Wed, 23 Mar 2011 08:29:08 EST use only four words I like that rule! Wed, 23 Mar 2011 07:29:31 EST 13 surprisingly salty products <link><BR>/13-surprisingly-salty-processed-foods<BR>-b497547?utm_source=newsletter&utm_med<BR>ium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_2011<BR>0323&utm_term=title2 </link> Wed, 23 Mar 2011 07:24:14 EST top ways to be happy <link><BR>tivity/tp/Top-Ways-To-Be-Happy.htm?nl=1 </link> Mon, 21 Mar 2011 10:43:31 EST louie selling bibles A pastor concluded that his church was getting into very serious financial troubles While checking the church storeroom, he discovered several cartons of new bibles that had never been opened and distributed. <BR> <BR> So at his Sunday sermon, he asked for three volunteers from the congregation who would be willing to sell the bibles door-to-door for $10 each to raise the desperately needed money for the church. <BR> <BR> Jack, Paul and Louie all raised their hands to volunteer for the task... Mon, 21 Mar 2011 08:39:18 EST Tiger's snack A tiger was walking through the jungle one day and saw two men relaxing under a tree. One was reading a newspaper, and the other was working feverishly on a manual typewriter. <BR> <BR> The tiger leapt on the man with the newspaper, and ate him up. The tiger did not bother the other man at all. That's because any predator knows that readers digest but writers cramp. <em>334</em> Mon, 21 Mar 2011 08:35:48 EST sloth vs turtles A sloth calls the police to report that he was attacked and robbed by a gang of turtles. When the police ask him to describe the attack, he replies: <BR> <BR> "I.....Doooon't.....knoooow... <BR> It... all... happened..... soooooo ... fasssst....." Mon, 21 Mar 2011 08:34:38 EST 600 story hotel Tom, Dick and Harry went to a party. After the party they returned to the hotel. The hotel was 600 stories high. <BR> <BR> Unfortunately for them, the elevator was not working. They made a plan for the first 200 stories, Tom will crack jokes. <BR> <BR> The second 200 stories Dick will tell a happy story and lastly Harry will tell a sad story.They then started up the steps <BR> <BR> After 2 hours it was Harry's turn. He turned to the other two and said "Ok guys, here's my sad story. I for... Mon, 21 Mar 2011 08:33:55 EST 9 easy ways to clean up your diet <link><BR>.shtml?cm_mmc=Spotlight%20Weight%20Los<BR>s-_-03212011-_-Weight%20Loss-_-Clean%2<BR>0Up%20Your%20Diet%20and%20Slim%20Down%20Naturally </link> Mon, 21 Mar 2011 07:35:51 EST the climb <link> </link> <BR> <BR> such a motivational song... Sun, 20 Mar 2011 16:38:35 EST I Think We're Becoming Our Parents If you are 30, or older, you might think this is hilarious! <BR> <BR> When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were. When they were growing up; what with walking twenty-five miles to school every morning.... Uphill... Barefoot... BOTH ways...yadda, yadda, yadda <BR> <BR> And I remember promising myself that when I grew up, there was no way I was going to lay a trip like that on my kids about how hard I had it and how easy they've g... Sat, 19 Mar 2011 09:44:57 EST The Test... Do You Believe? I ask you this... why, if you tell someone that there are a billion stars in the sky they believe you but if you tell them that a bench has wet paint on it, they still have to test it? <BR> <BR> It's a test of trust, It's a test of faith and curiosity does get the best of us... <BR> <BR> The same thing happens when we are told by Doctors, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Specialists and (Of course) our families that we really should lose weight and get into shape! <BR> I bel... Tue, 15 Mar 2011 23:20:22 EST the worst reasons to workout this is a good article <BR> <BR> <link><BR>_articles.asp?id=1615 </link> Tue, 15 Mar 2011 08:03:25 EST what color are you If you were a color what color would you be? This is just a fun question. Mon, 14 Mar 2011 19:02:38 EST virus on spark did you guys hear about the virus? i guess it's a rogue ad. i hope they have found it by now. Mon, 14 Mar 2011 18:59:34 EST Who Are You? Who Are You? <BR> <BR> Or maybe a better question is … Who do you want to become! <BR> Have you been labeled by society as a (whatever) and you want to know why? Identity labels are not only a useful tool, they also help us define who we are and what we may become! They’re a necessary evil when you’re trying to become something other than what you are! They define us . They shape the way people perceive us, and how we act towards others. <BR> <BR> When people look at you do they see ... Sun, 13 Mar 2011 15:50:41 EST Motivation... and Experience Life’s Experiences are a small string of happenings that when strung together take you from point A to Point B creating your “Life”. Good or bad, each one makes us stronger. Every event in our lives we are tried, tested, and how we look at the event will determine whether we “Pass” or “Fail”. <BR> <BR> As Thomas Edison said while inventing the light bulb... I never failed... I only invented 1000 ways not how to do it!. If you stray from your goals, Don't beat yourself up ab... Sat, 12 Mar 2011 14:21:40 EST "Fast Corvette" Joke <BR> A senior citizen picked up his brand new Corvette convertible and drove out of the car dealership. As he is going down the road, he decides to floor it up to 80 mph, enjoying the wind passing through the little hair he had. "Amazing," he felt as he flew down the I-90, he jams the pedal down even more as he looks in his rear view mirror, he sees a state trooper right behind him, lights a flashing and siren a blaring. So he floored it to 100 mph, then 110, then 120 .. suddenly he thought,... Fri, 11 Mar 2011 13:46:45 EST Snake Bite" Joke <BR> Jonathan and Randy were hiking buddies and on this one day in the woods Randy is bitten on the rear end by a huge rattlesnake. Ok, Jonathan says "I'll run to town for a doctor." Jonathan runs as fast as he can for 10 miles to a small town and finds the town's only doctor, who is busy delivering a baby. Jonathan says “My buddy’s been bit by a rattle snake in the woods and needs urgent help right away!” Doc says "I can't leave now, I’m busy!" "But here's what you can do. Take a pocket kni... Fri, 11 Mar 2011 13:43:21 EST Goony Bird" Joke <BR> <BR> After many years of marriage, a husband has turned into a couch potato, became completely inattentive to his wife and sat guzzling beer and watching TV all day. The wife was dismayed because no matter what she did to attract the husband's attention, he'd just shrug her off with some bored comment. This went on for many months and the wife was going crazy with boredom. Then one day at a pet store, the wife saw this big, ugly, snorting bird with a hairy chest, powerful hairy forearm... Fri, 11 Mar 2011 13:37:01 EST worthless-women-an -men-who-make-them definetly an article to get ya thinking.. as a woman i have said many of those negative comments in the list.. actually just as of last night.. <BR> <BR> <BR> <link><BR>men-and-men-who-make-them.html </link> Fri, 11 Mar 2011 13:34:17 EST A Tale Of King Arthur Young King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by the monarch of a neighboring kingdom. The monarch could have killed him but was moved by Arthur 's youth and ideals. So, the monarch offered him his freedom, as long as he could answer a very difficult question. Arthur would have a year to figure out the answer and, if after a year, he still had no answer, he would be put to death. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> The question?...What do women really want? Such a question would perplex even the most k... Thu, 10 Mar 2011 19:24:19 EST Bananagrams Hello to all. For Christmas I got a game called Bannanagrams. It is a great game - for adults, kids or both. It is kinda like scrabble. Better for 3 or more people. Just thought I would share..... Wed, 9 Mar 2011 20:07:03 EST Kind of a scary day!! Wow.. today was weird/scary. I felt really great this a.m. Right before it was time to get the kids from school I decided to get in my mile walk for the day. Got it done, felt great. As I'm going out the door I realize I haven't had lunch yet so I count out a serving of almonds to take with me. <BR> As I'm waiting for them to get out of school, I eat my almonds and within minutes I start having weird pains in my chest (upper right). I think.. hmm.. odd. Must be indigestion. I drink some... Wed, 9 Mar 2011 18:42:16 EST Hip Hip HURRAAAY YYYY!!!! I finally found the courage to go get weighed today! Since my last weigh-in around January 1st, I've lost 8 lbs. And I've only started again on sparkpeople about 3 weeks ago. I am sooo happy. I'm doing it... I'm really doing it this time!!! I have a long way to go... but it'll happen. I'm getting the swing of how it works. I have almost ALL bad foods out of the house. It's a health zone. I've faithfully worked out 5 out of 7 days per week for the past 3 weeks and I'm really truly feelin... Tue, 8 Mar 2011 12:05:47 EST Motivation and Choices MAKING A CHOICE IS YOUR GREATEST POWER <BR> <BR> At any time you can decide to alter the course of your life. No one can ever take that away from you. <BR> <BR> To be able to choose your destiny is a wonderful thing. To be able to look at any given problem and have the choice to make can also be a good thing... but it can be a bad thing as well! Let me explain! <BR> <BR> I want to lose weight... <BR> Decision 1: <BR> I'm going to do everything right and change my lifestyle and get my healt... Mon, 7 Mar 2011 23:27:11 EST What did you do today to have fun? post here what you did today for fun.... <BR> <BR> for me i'm going to hang with a friend today.. Mon, 7 Mar 2011 08:21:52 EST march daily chit chat I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. <BR> <BR> i have a very busy week again this week. I need a vacation just from school activities.. you know how school kids get spring break and such.. sometimes i don't get those breaks till summer yet.. we still homeschool in the summer. just w/o a zillion activities. <BR> <BR> have a great monday! Mon, 7 Mar 2011 08:19:21 EST GMO corn and germany <link><BR>NR=1 </link> <BR> <BR> go germany! Sun, 6 Mar 2011 12:04:41 EST 0-200 0 to 200 in 6 seconds <BR> Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was <BR> really pissed. <BR> <BR> She told him "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the <BR> driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE !!" <BR> <BR> The next morning he got up early and left for work. When his wife woke <BR> up, she looked out the window and sure enough there was a box <BR> gift-wrapped in the middle of the driveway. <BR> <BR> Confused, the wife pu... Sun, 6 Mar 2011 08:27:05 EST Commit to Fit asks How do you prepare main meal? Commit to Fit asks... when preparing the main meal of the day what is your preferred method of cooking? <BR> <BR> These could include: Boiling, Broiling, Frying, Barbecuing, Smoking, Steaming, Dry Cooking, Curing, Pickling, Brine, Salt Cure, Shake & Bake style coating, Deep Frying, Open fire cooking, <BR> Sushi (Raw), Tandoori, Pressure Cooker, Crock Pot... <BR> <BR> Details if possible! Sat, 5 Mar 2011 13:58:20 EST Commit To Fit asks What do you cook with? Commit to fit asks what (if anything) do you cook with? <BR> <BR> Some examples would be: Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Cooking Spray, Margarine, Butter(Unsalted), Butter(Salted), Water, Coconut oil, Flax seed oil, balsamic vinegar, Honey, Ketchup, salad dressings... Sat, 5 Mar 2011 11:51:35 EST Commit To Fit... Typical Breakfast What does a typical breakfast look like for you? What do you eat? (Good or Bad) Sat, 5 Mar 2011 11:06:25 EST does anyone plan their exercise like sit down and say i'm doing this this day and that that day.. just like i plan my menus? <BR> <BR> just curious if it has helped. Fri, 4 Mar 2011 07:38:59 EST vitamin D some information on vit D <BR> <link><BR>_scientific_research.html </link> Thu, 3 Mar 2011 07:45:24 EST buffalo meat compared to other meats.. I once tried ground turkey and i felt awful on it.. so i went back to ground beef.. well.. then i came acrossed ground buffalo.. we love it.. everyone says how healthy turkey is and think buffalo is just as bad as beef.. but this is a great chart showing how they all stack up. I really want to order some buffalo steaks to try too. but haven't yet.. i still buy beef for that. <BR> <BR> here's the link <link><BR>ion_comparison2.html </link> Wed, 2 Mar 2011 12:33:25 EST Spring A-Z April Wed, 2 Mar 2011 11:38:12 EST Savor: mindful eating, mindful living I just started reading this book last night and i have to share it. this is the website for the book. i still need to look around because i didn't even know there was a site for it. <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Wed, 2 Mar 2011 08:42:48 EST The Family Feud! The Family Feud <BR> <BR> Here are some actual answers from contestants who have appeared on the game show Family Feud (Family Fortunes in the UK): <BR> <BR> Name something a blind person might use: a sword <BR> <BR> Name a song with moon in the title: blue suede moon <BR> <BR> Name a bird with a long neck: a penguin <BR> <BR> Name an occupation where you need a torch: a burglar <BR> <BR> Name a famous brother and sister: Bonnie and Clyde <BR> <BR> Name an item of clothing worn by the ... Wed, 2 Mar 2011 01:30:50 EST Playlist for walking Does anyone know where I can find a playlist for walking? one that starts with a warm up, then a faster pace.. then a cool down. I've looked online but I'm getting tired and frustrated tonight so thought it would be easier to just ask. Thanks in advance for any help. <BR> Allie Tue, 1 Mar 2011 22:50:11 EST jokes Craig's two kids are in the same class at school, and the teacher had the class write reports about their pets. After the reports were all turned in, the teacher called one of the youngsters up to her desk and scolded him. <BR> <BR> "This report on 'My Dog' is exactly, word for word, the same as your brother's. Did you copy from him?" <BR> <BR> He replies, "No Ma'am. It's about the same dog." Tue, 1 Mar 2011 08:09:48 EST support those livers liver support is really important! i've just started taking a supplement for liver since my liver and gallbladder always seem blah... <BR> <BR> <link><BR>wsID=10827&Section=Disease&source=DHB_<BR>110301&key=Body+Title </link> Tue, 1 Mar 2011 07:43:20 EST Motivation... are you the Butterfly? ALL PERSONAL GROWTH INVOLVES CHANGE <BR> <BR> Are you a Butterfly? <BR> are you changing into someone different? Physically, Mentally, Spiritually... are ready to shed your old ways and embrace the new you? New body, new clothing, new weight... new attitude? My wife thinks I'm more of a moth but nope... I'm a happy little butterfly just about ready for my departure from my cocoon! <BR> <BR> Personal growth is the process of responding positively to change. It involves risk as you step from ... Mon, 28 Feb 2011 23:17:34 EST housework Housework <BR> <BR> Definition: Husband - A person who can take out the garbage and give the impression that he just cleaned the whole house. <BR> <BR> A clean house is a sign of a misspent life. <BR> <BR> Housework done properly can kill you. Sun, 27 Feb 2011 08:38:47 EST kitchen jokes Kitchen Jokes <BR> <BR> No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes. <BR> <BR> Keep your kitchen clean. Eat out. <BR> <BR> A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen. This one is delirious. <BR> <BR> Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator. <BR> <BR> My next house will not have a kitchen - just vending machines. <BR> <BR> Countless people have eaten in this kitchen and gone on to lead normal lives. <BR> <BR> Skinny cooks can't be trusted. <BR> <BR> A balanced diet is a Twinki... Sun, 27 Feb 2011 08:37:22 EST exercise joke Exercise Joke <BR> <BR> <BR> For those keyboard jockeys (those with jobs that require sitting at a computer all day) who don't want to spend the money for those fancy exercise machines, here is a little secret for building arm and shoulder muscles. Three days a week is best. <BR> <BR> Begin by standing (in your cubicle works well) with a five pound potato sack in each hand. Extend your arms straight out to your sides and hold them there as long as you can. <BR> <BR> After a few weeks, mov... Sun, 27 Feb 2011 08:34:24 EST Motivation... Do You Know WhereTo Start If You're new to Spark People or having trouble getting started and don't know where to go from here, you're not alone! You probably have looked at some of the members Spark Pages and maybe felt a little discouraged or perhaps overwhelmed at all the weight loss! How did they do it? I know That's the question that I asked? How did they do it? Where did they start? Would it help to tell you that behind every success story there was a starting place! That person started somewhere! <BR> They bega... Fri, 25 Feb 2011 01:34:39 EST Motivation... Action Equals Results! I have a question for everyone today... I everything that happens in your life, are you the type of person who sits back and let others handle the details or do you jump in to handle the situation yourself to make sure that it's done right? <BR> <BR> To truly succeed you should be the type of person who handles the details digging in and getting things done. A procrastinator or a lazy person (either one) will let things go or leave things because they think "They Can". and they let "OTHERS" ... Sat, 19 Feb 2011 10:15:58 EST rue or false: stepping on the scale every day help Joy's Myth-busters <BR> Dealing With a Weighty Issue <BR> Q: True or false: stepping on the scale every day helps you maintain weight loss. <BR> <BR> A: True — at least according to an 18-month study that found people who stepped on the scale daily were far less likely to regain weight than those who did not. According to the lead researcher, Dr. Rena Wing, daily weigh-ins help you catch little upticks in weight before they compound and become overwhelming. If you see an extra pound or two... Sat, 19 Feb 2011 09:26:00 EST funnies Muffled Workers <BR> <BR> <BR> Winters are fierce where he lives, so the owner of the estate felt He was doing a good deed when he bought earmuffs for his foreman. <BR> <BR> Noticing, however, that the foreman wasn't wearing the earmuffs even on the bitterest day, the landlord asked, "Didn't you like the muffs?" <BR> <BR> The Foreman said, "They're a thing of beauty." <BR> <BR> "Why don't you wear them?" <BR> <BR> The Foreman explained, "I was wearing them the first day, and somebody ... Wed, 16 Feb 2011 13:37:52 EST does artificial sugar affect your appetitie this is a good article.. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>al-sugar-affect-your-appetite-b487138?<BR>utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email<BR>&utm_campaign=newsletter_20110216&utm_<BR>term=continue1 </link> Wed, 16 Feb 2011 07:17:47 EST For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously! Thoughts For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously <BR> <BR> 1. Change is inevitable, except from vending machines. <BR> 2. A day without sunshine is like, night <BR> 3. On the other hand, you have different fingers. <BR> 4. I just got lost in thought. It wasn't familiar territory. <BR> 5. 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. <BR> 6. 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name. <BR> 7. I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe. <BR> 8. Honk if you love peace ... Tue, 15 Feb 2011 01:57:48 EST valentine's day jokes A Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift <BR> <BR> Jim asked his friend, Tony, whether he had bought his wife anything for Valentine's Day. <BR> <BR> 'Yes,' came the answer from Tony who was a bit of a chauvinist, 'I've bought her a belt and a bag.' <BR> <BR> 'That was very kind of you,' Jim added, 'I hope she appreciated the thought.' <BR> <BR> Tony smiled as he replied, 'So do I, and hopefully the vacuum cleaner will work better now.' <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> My One And Only <BR> <BR> Roger, wh... Mon, 14 Feb 2011 10:41:43 EST My Name Is Rose! My Name is Rose. <BR> <BR> The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get to know someone we didn't already know. I stood up to look around when a gentle hand touched my shoulder. <BR> <BR> I turned around to find a wrinkled, little old lady beaming up at me with a smile that lit up her entire being. <BR> <BR> She said, 'Hi handsome. My name is Rose. I'm eighty-seven years old. Can I give you a hug?' <BR> <BR> I laughed and enthusiastically responded, 'O... Sun, 13 Feb 2011 16:11:36 EST 6 letter words A - Z A-Z six letter words .... here goes <em>41</em> <BR> <BR> around Sun, 13 Feb 2011 13:37:29 EST Carrot, Egg or Coffee? Carrot, Egg or Coffee <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one arose. <BR> <BR> Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to boil. In the first she placed carrots, in t... Sun, 13 Feb 2011 13:29:41 EST Daily Affirmations We will post our daily affirmations here. Sun, 13 Feb 2011 10:53:59 EST created a new forum Healthy and motivational topics - this is where we can post all those healthy articles, tips, exercise and motivational things we find or what to share. <BR> <BR> To bad i can't move the past posts here. I looked and i don't see how... but maybe i missed something. Sun, 13 Feb 2011 10:53:37 EST Motivation... Make Time For Yourself! Do you ever find yourself running out of time? How many times have you promised yourself that you were going to make time for yourself only to find that other priorities seem to have taken up all of your time? <BR> These are the questions that you should be asking... Am I making the right things a priority? <BR> <BR> Am I making the right choices a priority? Am I making the right goals a priority? <BR> <BR> It's not that you have a shortage of time... it's that you have the priorities in ... Sat, 12 Feb 2011 10:04:51 EST Commit To Fit #3 How much weight have you lost? Hello everyone! <BR> This time We're looking for how much weight you've lost since you started with your current lifestyle program? <BR> I've lost 85 pounds so far and I plan to lose another 45 pounds to get to my goal! <BR> <BR> Ray Wed, 9 Feb 2011 23:45:09 EST Motivation... There's a Good Side To Everything! When looking at opportunities do you think positively or negatively? Do you react to people positively or negatively? When doing things... again positively or negativity? <BR> The Optimist tries to see everything positively... even in misfortune where a Pessimist sees the negativity in everything that goes on and the negative side to everything. <BR> <BR> It's the Pessimist who talks themselves out of what could be a great thing! <BR> The Optimist sees the doughnut... the Pessimist sees th... Wed, 9 Feb 2011 22:42:26 EST Ask Ray Forum Hello Everyone. My name is Ray and I love to do research! if you have questions about motivation, exercise, diet or anything else just Ask Ray... I'll try to do my best to research and answer your problem, concern, query etc! You already know the Commit to Fit segment! just "Ask Ray" anything... you may be surprised at how many of us have answers to what you're looking for! <BR> <BR> Ray Wed, 9 Feb 2011 14:19:59 EST hey gang! We are a little team at the moment but would love to grow the team more. I would like to get ideas of what you would like to see on Having fun and being healthy? What kinda of topics would you like to see, games, what other kinds of humor etc. It can be almost anything we cover a good bit of info. <BR> <BR> can't wait to hear everyone's ideas! <BR> <BR> have an awesome day. <BR> Wed, 9 Feb 2011 08:35:25 EST I challenge you..... Today I challenge you to do one thing that has to (SHOULD) get done today. <BR> <BR> Like: <BR> <BR> pay bills <BR> wash the kitchen floor (That's mine!) <BR> dust <BR> get back on the Wii <BR> take your vitamins that you have been forgetting <BR> call a friend <BR> <BR> you get the idea............... Tue, 8 Feb 2011 11:36:18 EST ways to combat depression some links <link><BR>2805 </link> <BR> <BR> <link><BR>ight-Depression&id=290867 </link> Tue, 8 Feb 2011 09:44:31 EST transfats increase the risk of depression <link><BR>ns_risk_of_depression.php?utm_source=f<BR>eedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign<BR>=Feed:+diet-blog+(Diet+Blog) </link> Tue, 8 Feb 2011 08:45:00 EST Commit to Fit Exotic Foods List Hello Everyone... <BR> This is the Commit to Fit Exotic Foods list as submitted by people from all over the world (Short List) For those who are Squeamish.. this list might get to you. <BR> <BR> Mud fish, fried frogs, rattle snake, Monitor Lizard, roaches, fried grass hoppers,fried bugs, turtle soup, chicken feet,whale blubber, seal meat, caribou meat, rooster testicles, Indonesian bats, frogs legs,octopus, squid, calamari, cuttlefish, escargot, bear, deer, squirrel, possum, alligator,conch,... Sun, 6 Feb 2011 13:10:12 EST February challenge I was reading one of the spark blogs <link><BR>rove_your_mood_with_this_2minute_exercise </link> <BR> this blog really clicked with me. We need to practice gratitude more often. Just thinking about positives in one's life helps the brain stay positive. I really believe this. I say daily affirmations and notice when i don't i don't do as well. <BR> <BR> So for this challenge lets write down daily or as close to daily of the little things we are g... Sat, 5 Feb 2011 10:59:38 EST this is a great article how excuses ruin us <link><BR>uses_give_us_permission_to_fail </link> <BR> <BR> how many times do you come up with excuses for your health, fitness, just in general.. they are negative comments.. which are not good for our souls. Sat, 5 Feb 2011 10:43:14 EST spit or swallow this is always a fun game... a person will say something we ingest like food or drink and you say if you spit or swallow then you pick something for the next person. <BR> <BR> i'll start it off.. <BR> <BR> liver Sat, 5 Feb 2011 10:38:34 EST Motivation and Enjoying What You Do! When you do exercise do you really enjoy what you do, or are you just going mindlessly through the paces? <BR> Loving what you do makes the difference when exercising because then you'll look forward to the exercising session and want to keep coming back! Studies from all over the world suggest that if you hate what you're doing when exercising, chances are you'll quit and not want to return to the activity that you were performing! <BR> <BR> This is why when you choose a personal activity,... Sat, 5 Feb 2011 07:07:55 EST Commit to Fit #2 What is your favorite snack? What is your favorite snack food of all time? <BR> <BR> This can be fun... Good or bad, What is your favorite snack... I'll give you some suggestions to help you think! <BR> <BR> Pickled Herring <BR> potato chips <BR> carrot sticks <BR> radishes <BR> cabbage rolls <BR> candy bars <BR> Vienna sausage <BR> Sat, 5 Feb 2011 06:33:26 EST Commit to Fit :1. How many ways do you EXERCISE? Please feel free to add to the list! <BR> <BR> leg raises while watching TV or on the computer? <BR> take the stairs at work instead of the elevator or escalator? <BR> stand and stretch from side to side while cooking? <BR> walk to the store rather than take your car <BR> play frizzbee or throw a ball rather than sitting down soaking up the sun? <BR> ride a bicycle to where you want to go? <BR> skipping <BR> play lawn bowling, Boccie, lawn darts and horse shoes <BR> climb a tree <BR>... Wed, 2 Feb 2011 22:41:49 EST What is Commit to Fit 2011? Hello everyone! <BR> I would like to start by saying that everyone on Spark People, whether working towards our goal or at our goal, have a lot in common! We want to lose weight or maintain our weight through proper nutrition, exercise, knowledge, supplements Whatever it takes, we want to succeed and complete our goals! <BR> <BR> I can't tell you how many times, in the hundreds of E-mails and Spark mails,that people want to get fit and eat healthy but after a week or two they drop back to ... Wed, 2 Feb 2011 22:30:06 EST Motivation and Choices You Make How many choices do you make... 100... 1000... more? Probably more, and right or wrong they are your choices and you stand behind them. Will your decisions be successful or will they be not so successful? Notice I didn't say you failed because to fail means that you totally gave up the fight, called "No Joy", threw in the white towel, Quit , never to return, Turned tail and run... The list goes on! <BR> <BR> Nope... It's just a temporary setback! It isn't Permanent!! <BR> <BR> You yourself... Tue, 1 Feb 2011 22:30:58 EST meditation <link><BR>w-meditation-may-change-the-brain/?src<BR>=fbhe </link> Sat, 29 Jan 2011 12:59:46 EST Motivation... Making Wishes Come True Have you ever watched Pinocchio? Does Pinocchio get his wish? At what cost... you can't get anything today, it seems, without it costing something!... <BR> <BR> Does The little Mermaid get her man... What changes does she have to go through to get Prince Eric? <BR> <BR> Will you have to take a chance and kiss a few frogs to get what you want? <BR> <BR> We all have within us the power to making all of our wishes come true. But there is a cost involved. We have to be prepared to do what it ... Sat, 29 Jan 2011 10:33:22 EST out of the mouth of babes What's Really Important <BR> <BR> One warm summer evening a mother was driving with her three young children. A woman in the convertible in front of them stood up and waved. She was STARK NAKED. As the mother was reeling from shock, the five year old said, "Mom, that lady isn't wearing a seat belt!" <BR> <BR> Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:52:25 EST Those Questions No One Can Answer We put in our two cents, but only get a penny for our thoughts. Who gets the extra penny? Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:51:19 EST New England Temperature Conversion Chart New England Temperature Conversion Chart <BR> <BR> <BR> 60° F: Southern Californians shiver uncontrollably. New Englanders sunbathe. <BR> <BR> 50° F: New Yorkers turn on the heat. People in New England plant gardens. <BR> <BR> 40° F: Italian & English cars won't start. New Englanders drive with the windows down. <BR> <BR> 32° F: Distilled water freezes. Maine's Moosehead Lake's water gets thicker. <BR> <BR> 20° F: Floridians put on coats coats, gloves, wool hats and thermal underwear. P... Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:46:56 EST dumb criminals Wasn't Thinking <BR> <BR> The police responded to an alarm at an elementary school. They responded in time to see a suspect running through the cafeteria and out the back door. They were not able to catch him. But when he ran out, the suspect dropped his cell phone. <BR> <BR> The police picked up the phone, searched thought the list of contacts and called one labeled "Ma." <BR> <BR> Ma gave the police her son's name. <BR> <BR> <BR> Just Doing Their Job <BR> <BR> The police were just doi... Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:45:03 EST Motivation... Winning is Everything! WANTING TO WIN IS EVERYTHING <BR> <BR> Success is connected with continuous action. <BR> <BR> It's largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. You're not finished when you're defeated, you're only finished when you quit. <BR> <BR> The most important quality essential to success is perseverance. <BR> <BR> It overcomes almost everything, even nature. <BR> <BR> You can have a fresh start any time you choose, for "failure" is not in the falling down, but in the staying down. I... Fri, 21 Jan 2011 23:11:56 EST clean jokes why don't sharks eat clowns? <BR> <BR> Because they taste funny <BR> <BR> <BR> When I went to starbucks for coffee they lied. it wasn't starbucks, it was four bucks! <BR> <BR> What do you get when a dog walks across the sun? <BR> <BR> A hot dog! <BR> <BR> <BR> Teacher: George go to the map and find North America. <BR> George: here it is! <BR> Teacher: Correct. now class, who discovered America? <BR> Class: George! Fri, 21 Jan 2011 09:37:45 EST Ways to be Happy everyday! Take care of yourself, and make sure your needs are met <BR> <BR> Fri, 21 Jan 2011 09:13:07 EST hehehe What do you get if you cross a cat with a tree? <BR> <BR> A cat a logue! Fri, 21 Jan 2011 09:10:22 EST green tea for weight loss <link><BR>green_tea_weight_loss.htm?nl=1 </link> Tue, 18 Jan 2011 12:32:59 EST Brain function lessens with obesity New research from northwestern university’s Feinberg school of medicine confirms that being overweight adversely affects the brain function of older women in terms of their memory, reasoning and other mental skills. The surprise is that the effect appears to be even more pronounced in women who carry excess weight around their hips, known as pear shapes, than those who carry it around their waists, called apple shapes. Sun, 16 Jan 2011 12:41:27 EST Try This! Did you know that drinking two glasses of Gatorade can relieve headache pain almost immediately-without the unpleasant side effects caused by traditional pain relievers? <BR> <BR> Did you know that Colgate Toothpaste makes an excellent salve for burns? <BR> <BR> Stuffy Nose? Before you head to the drugstore for a high-priced inhaler filled with mysterious chemicals, try chewing on a couple of curiously strong Altoids peppermints. They'll clear up your stuffed nose. <BR> <BR> <BR> Achy ... Sat, 15 Jan 2011 13:03:38 EST puppies vs cat <link><BR>feature=related </link> Fri, 14 Jan 2011 13:11:00 EST youtube cats <link> </link> Fri, 14 Jan 2011 13:01:35 EST i love this one!!! running dog <link><BR>feature=channel </link> Fri, 14 Jan 2011 12:53:15 EST funniest pranks <link><BR>feature=related </link> Fri, 14 Jan 2011 12:50:56 EST youtube pranks <link><BR>feature=&p=16147C9D2C22E21A&index=0&pl<BR>aynext=1 </link> <BR> <BR> happy laughing Fri, 14 Jan 2011 12:46:44 EST 10 things your skin say about your health <link><BR>ur-skin-says-about-your-health </link> Thu, 13 Jan 2011 16:49:16 EST Motivation ... Try Try Try Again PERSISTENCE IS REQUIRED TO REACH A GOAL <BR> <BR> "Keep trying" is the rule that must be followed to be successful at anything. <BR> <BR> Your success will always be connected with your actions. <BR> <BR> Just keep moving towards your goal. <BR> You'll make mistakes but don't ever quit. <BR> You may even have to hang on after others have let go. <BR> <BR> Persistence means taking pains to overcome every obstacle,to do all that's necessary to reach your goal. <BR> <BR> In the end, the... Tue, 11 Jan 2011 23:02:39 EST What did you do today to have fun? I played the xbox kinect. downloaded a new game for yourshape... bollywood dancing.. hmmm yea i'm sure that was a sight to watch.. but it was fun and different. Tue, 11 Jan 2011 17:57:25 EST Daily chit chat Hey guys! i'm bracing for storm #3 to hit us.. they are guessing around 10-16". one friend said 24" yea ok.. not sure where she got her info. anyways.. should be a fun day watching the snow fall and then watching hubby snow blow another foot of snow. Hoping it's wet snow so the kids can make a snowman with it. Tue, 11 Jan 2011 17:56:02 EST How to get Motivated How to Get Motivated <BR> <BR> (Concept by PickTheBrain | Motivation and Self Improvement Copyright © 2011) <BR> <BR> 1. Make yourself aware of the negative consequences of not getting results you desire. If you don't get your act together, you will never get what you want! Always think positive! <BR> <BR> 2. Give yourself a reward for a job well done. When you reward yourself, you will want to do better. <BR> <BR> 3. If you want a specific result, then get or give yourself specific i... Sun, 9 Jan 2011 09:44:10 EST Q: what is the loudest state? <BR> A: ILLI-NOISE Sat, 8 Jan 2011 15:27:23 EST a riddle for the day A riddle for the day <BR> <BR> Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one. <BR> <BR> Michael J. Fox has a small one. <BR> <BR> Madonna doesn't have one. <BR> <BR> The Pope has one but doesn't use it. <BR> <BR> Clinton uses his all the time. <BR> <BR> Mickey Mouse has an unusual one. <BR> <BR> Liberace never used his on women. <BR> <BR> Jerry Seinfeld is very, very proud of his. <BR> <BR> Cher claims that she took on 3. <BR> <BR> We never saw Lucy use Desi's. <BR> <BR> What is it? Answer b... Sat, 8 Jan 2011 15:26:18 EST mirror work this has some great information to help love yourself. <link><BR>ror-work/ </link> Thu, 6 Jan 2011 08:02:48 EST serving sizes i'm trying to make sure i'm eating the right serving sizes.. so i'm looking and came acrossed this site <BR> <BR> <link><BR>examples.html </link> <BR> <BR> i measure my fruit and veggies by grams so i'm still looking for a good guide to how many grams i should eat per serving.. Wed, 5 Jan 2011 10:29:49 EST Motivation and Running With The Right People! FOLLOW THE PATH OF OTHERS TO SUCCESS <BR> <BR> You can learn from other people to make up for your lack of experience in any area of life. <BR> <BR> Be open and receptive to the people around you. They have things to teach you. <BR> <BR> Take advantage of the people that have made the journey ahead of you. <BR> <BR> Try to pick the right role models. Don't look for people that make you feel good or entertain you. Look for people that can help you. <BR> <BR> Role models are more than peop... Wed, 5 Jan 2011 00:22:34 EST alpha lipoic acids ramps up weight loss <link><BR>id_ramps_up_weight_loss.php </link> <BR> <BR> i had heard about this in another team and i couldn't remember how much to take. I bought some so i need to up it some more. Tue, 4 Jan 2011 08:06:34 EST 5 quick fixes for a diet-friendly kitchen <link><BR>or_a_diet-friendly_kitchen.php </link> Tue, 4 Jan 2011 08:03:21 EST lack of Vit D makes children fat <link><BR>_makes_kids_fat.php </link> Tue, 4 Jan 2011 07:58:55 EST 365 year in pictures blog one of my goals for this year is to take a picture a day and blog about it. I really suck at writting/spelling and grammar so this is a huge step for me. Now i just have to remember to take a picture everyday. Here is the first picture of the year. of my kitty chasing the laser light. <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Sun, 2 Jan 2011 08:19:51 EST Motivation and Opportunity YOU MAKE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITIES <BR> <BR> Your destiny isn't a matter of chance, it's a matter of the choices you'll make in the coming year. <BR> <BR> Success isn't something you wait for, it's something you must pursue in the months ahead. <BR> <BR> Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities to be successful. Seize common occasions and turn them into great ones. Opportunities sometimes come disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. <BR> <BR> Start where you are. You... Sat, 1 Jan 2011 15:07:16 EST What foods do you eat on new years day they say there are some foods we should eat on new years day to bring in luck.. do you do any of these traditions and if so what. <BR> <BR> we usually do a pork fried rice, which this year i'll just make instead of getting it out. <BR> <BR> new years eve we always do chocolate fondue with lots of fruits. Thu, 30 Dec 2010 08:35:12 EST Daily Chit Chat hey team starting a new chit chat thread. How has everyone been doing? I've been stressed with the holidays and feel that weight lifting. i'm getting back into the grove of exercising again i think. I also think i have a better morning routine that might get me to exercise much earlier in the morning then i have been. We'll see. <BR> <BR> i also got the xbox kinect and i'm liking the games a little more than i ever did the wii. i still love the wii and owe it my 20-25 lbs weight loss... Mon, 27 Dec 2010 16:07:56 EST merry christmas i hope everyone is having a fun day filled with wonderful memories. Sat, 25 Dec 2010 15:42:34 EST sugar Content in Various Drinks Amount of Sugar in Various Kinds of Soft Drinks <BR> <BR> <BR> ________________________________________ <BR> ___________ <BR> tsp/Can <BR> Propel‚ Kiwi-Strawberry 0.00 <BR> Root Beer‚ Barqs‚ Diet 0.08 <BR> Seven Up‚ Diet 0.21 <BR> Coke‚ Diet‚Caffeine-Free 0.24 <BR> Seven Up‚ Diet‚ Cherry 0.24 <BR> Lemonade 0.24 <BR> Cola‚ Diet Rite 0.30 <BR> Pepsi‚ Diet‚ Vanilla 0.32 <BR> Vault 0.56 <BR> Mt. Dew‚ Diet 1.21 <BR> Dr. Pepper‚ Diet 1.24 <BR> Pepsi‚ Diet 2.14 <BR> Gat... Sat, 18 Dec 2010 16:13:00 EST Motivation and the Holiday Season! There comes a time of year when the words Diet, Nutrition,and exercise just don't seem to fit... We seem to put these on the back burner in favor of the holiday treats, candy, cookies, cakes, pie, large holiday dinners and don't forget the million calorie eggnog topped with rum, other holiday drinks, the liquor filled fruitcake etc etc... <BR> <BR> Oh here goes Ray on a tangent about thou shalt not eat they neighbors holiday spread and drink to excess... Well this could be partially be true!... Sat, 18 Dec 2010 12:01:00 EST christmas jokes It was the day after Christmas at a church in San Francisco. Pastor Mike was looking at the nativity scene outside when he noticed the baby Jesus was missing from the figures. <BR> <BR> Immediately, Pastor Mike turned towards the church to call the police. But as he was about to do so, he saw little Jimmy with a red wagon, and in the wagon was the figure of the little infant, Jesus. <BR> <BR> Pastor Mike walked up to Jimmy and said, "Well, Jimmy, where did you get the little infant?"Jimmy... Fri, 17 Dec 2010 15:33:27 EST fruitcake FRUIT CAKE RECIPE - Guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit. <BR> <BR> You'll need the following: four large eggs, two cups of dried fruit, a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of salt, a cup of brown sugar, lemon juice, nuts, and a bottle or two of rum. <BR> <BR> Before you start, sample the rum to check for quality. If it's good, let's get started. <BR> <BR> Take a large bowl, and a measuring cup. Check the rum again. To be sure it is the highest quality, pour one level cup and drin... Fri, 17 Dec 2010 15:31:21 EST ben franklin Most folks believe that Ben Franklin discovered electricity with his famous kite experiment. <BR> <BR> Actually, a women made that discovery possible. <BR> <BR> The real story was that Ben Franklin was laying in bed with his wife one night, leaned over and whispered something in her ear. <BR> <BR> She told him to go fly a kite. The rest is history. Fri, 17 Dec 2010 15:28:54 EST 4 business men Once there were four business men. They were sitting on a bench in a hospital waiting room because their wives were having babies. <BR> <BR> A nurse comes over and says to the first businessman, "Congratulations! Your wife had 1 baby." <BR> <BR> The man says, "What a coincidence! I'm the president of And1!" <BR> <BR> The nurse goes away. <BR> <BR> Then the nurse comes back and says to the second businessman, "Congratulations! Your wife had twins!" <BR> <BR> The man says, "What a coincid... Fri, 17 Dec 2010 15:27:02 EST sherlock holmes Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were going camping. They pitched their tent under the stars and went to sleep. <BR> <BR> Sometime in the middle of the night Holmes woke Watson up and said: “Watson, look up at the stars, and tell me what you see.” <BR> <BR> Watson replied: “I see millions and millions of stars.” <BR> <BR> Holmes said: “and what do you deduce from that?” <BR> <BR> Watson replied: “Well, if there are millions of stars, and if even a few of those have planets, it’s quite like... Fri, 17 Dec 2010 15:25:16 EST Santas Trip scientifically Explained Santa Facts <BR> No known species of reindeer can fly. BUT there are 300,000 species of living organism yet to be classified, and while most of these are insects and germs, this does not COMPLETELY rule our flying reindeer, which only Santa has ever seen. <BR> <BR> There are 2 billion children (persons under 18) in the world. But since Santa doesn't (appear to) handle the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist children, that reduces the workload to 15% of the total - or 378 million according to ... Sun, 12 Dec 2010 10:37:36 EST christmas songs here is one of my favorite song from my childhood <BR> <link><BR>feature=related </link> Sat, 11 Dec 2010 19:08:09 EST Why an Angel or Star on the Christmas Tree Having an Angel on top of the tree represents being close to the sky/heaven/God <BR> The angel also represents the angels that brought the news of Christ's birth or it could also represent the angel that appeared to Mary. Some people put a star in representation of the star that led the Wisemen to Jesus. Others just choose one of the other as there decorative preference.It's been Rumored that George W. Bush dedicated his Christmas star to all of the soldiers in Afghanistan. I myself have an a... Sat, 11 Dec 2010 14:57:05 EST The Christmas Story (The Reason We Celebrate!) The Full Christmas Story <BR> Long ago, about 2000 years, when King Herod ruled Judea (now part of Israel), God sent the angel Gabriel to a young women who lived in the northern town of Nazareth. The girl's name was Mary and she was engaged to marry Joseph. <BR> <BR> The angel Gabriel said to Mary: 'Peace be with you! God has blessed you and is pleased with you.' Mary was very surprised by this and wondered what the angel meant. The angel said to her 'Don't be afraid, God has been very kind ... Sat, 11 Dec 2010 14:04:33 EST How to say Merry Christmas Around the World! How "Merry Christmas" is said ..... <BR> Afrikaans: Geseënde Kersfees <BR> Afrikander: Een Plesierige Kerfees <BR> African/ Eritrean/ Tigrinja: Rehus-Beal-Ledeats <BR> Albanian:Gezur Krislinjden <BR> Arabic: Milad Majid <BR> Argentine: Feliz Navidad <BR> Armenian: Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Pari Gaghand <BR> Azeri: Tezze Iliniz Yahsi Olsun <BR> Bahasa Malaysia: Selamat Hari Natal <BR> Basque: Zorionak eta Urte Berri On! <BR> Bengali: Shuvo Naba Barsha <BR> Bohemian: Vesele Vanoce <BR> Bosnian:... Sat, 11 Dec 2010 13:41:10 EST The Origin of the Christmas Tree Christmas trees <BR> The Christmas tree is a strong symbol of Christmas. It serves as the family’s center of attention. In fact, it is the center of most Christmas ceremonies all over the world. <BR> <BR> Christmas is about traditions and memories, and symmetric and beautifully decorated Christmas trees are something that the entire family will always value and remember. Every year, between 25 and 30 million Americans celebrate Christmas with Christmas trees, thus, the scent of a freshly c... Sat, 11 Dec 2010 13:04:40 EST The Origin Of Santa Claus Santa Claus <BR> Most children know Santa Claus as a big, round, red-cheeked, joyous, old gentleman who delivers Christmas gifts clad in black boots and a red and white suit. But really, who is Santa Claus and where does Santa Claus come from? <BR> <BR> The legend of Santa Claus dates all the way back to the 4th century when a child named Nicholas was born. At that time, nobody knew that he was to become world renowned as Santa Claus, but Nicholas soon showed signs of special abilities. <BR... Sat, 11 Dec 2010 12:50:20 EST Christmas Stocking Origin Christmas stockings <BR> Christmas stockings are hung near the chimney on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus to fill it with goodies for the children. It is an empty sock or a bag that is given the shape of a sock. The children in United States and some other countries have been following this tradition of hanging a Christmas stocking, believing that Father Christmas will fill it with sweets and gifts for them. The items that are believed to be stuffed in the Christmas stocking by Santa Claus are ... Sat, 11 Dec 2010 12:33:44 EST Motivation and Environment YOU ARE YOUR ENVIRONMENT <BR> <BR> Always be mindful that you're a product of your environment. <BR> <BR> So choose an environment that will best develop you toward your objective. <BR> <BR> Analyze your life in terms of your environment. <BR> Are the things around you helping you toward your success, or are they holding you back? <BR> <BR> The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide that you're not going to stay where you are. You're not a captive of your environment. <BR> <BR>... Wed, 8 Dec 2010 23:10:54 EST a - z - five letter words Post a five letter word in the a to z order - easy peasy fun <em>41</em> <BR> <BR> apple Wed, 8 Dec 2010 14:56:11 EST Brain Teaser Answers 1) 26 letters of the alphabet <BR> 2) 7 wonders of the ancient world <BR> 3) 1001 Arabian Nights <BR> 4) 12 signs of the zodiac <BR> 5) 54 cards in a deck (with jokers) <BR> 6) 9 planets in the solar system <BR> 7) 88 piano keys <BR> 8) 13 stripes on the American flag <BR> 9) 1 day at a time <BR> 10) 18 holes on a golf course <BR> Tue, 7 Dec 2010 12:41:19 EST What did you do today to love yourself what did you do today to show yourself you love yourself...ok that sounds repeative but i'm tired... <BR> <BR> i exercised, ate well and had fun with my girls today.. today was my oldests 10th birthday. Mon, 6 Dec 2010 18:50:58 EST a-z ... four letter words Easy peasy game. Following the A to Z order post a four letter word ... <BR> <BR> able Sun, 5 Dec 2010 20:14:21 EST this or that ... The object of the game is to choose one of the two options offered. Once you've chosen your option - post it and then offer a choice for the next person. <BR> <BR> Here goes: <BR> <BR> swimming pool or spa pool? <BR> <BR> Sun, 5 Dec 2010 20:11:44 EST Discuss December 2010 challenge here Let's use this tread to discuss the december goal setting challenge. we can share our goals, asking questions, bounce ideas off each other. let's make 2011 even more wonderful than 2010. I had some negative things that happened in 2010 and if i only looked at that 2010 was a crappy year, but being able to look at my goals i set out for myself. i found i had a very productive year with some stumbling blocks... just like any year should be. There is no perfect year. Sun, 5 Dec 2010 11:54:22 EST December All month challenge Setting goals: with the new year just a few weeks away we start thinking of setting new years resolutions. Well we always break those. A few years ago i started doing Goals and reviewing them once a month to see how i'm doing. This has worked so much better. I still use the end of the year to set goals for the following year. <BR> <BR> So this challenge is for everyone to set 2011 goals for themselves. If you set goals for 2010 this is a good time to review them. <BR> <BR> A useful way to... Sun, 5 Dec 2010 11:46:54 EST Emoticon Picture Words <BR> <BR> OK I'm in games mode here. This is one of my favourite team games. Just use the emoticons to make up a word or a saying, funny or not. <BR> <BR> <em>104</em> <em>46</em> <BR> <BR> Just Waxed!! Sun, 5 Dec 2010 01:42:07 EST Sentences With the Same Letter ...... A to Z <BR> <BR> This game I pinched from my friend Onecookietwo, it's great fun. Just make up a sentence with every word starting with the same letter and follow with the next letter on the next post. Don't worry most of the sentences don't make any sense. <BR> <BR> <BR> Andy abhored asking about Alison's anteaters antics. <BR> <BR> <BR> OK next post is for the letter B and so on. Sun, 5 Dec 2010 01:33:29 EST Irish Blessing May there always be work for you hands to do <BR> May your purse always hold a coin or two <BR> May the sun always shine on your windowpane <BR> May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain <BR> May the hand of a friend always be near you <BR> May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you <BR> <BR> <em>137</em> <em>440</em> <em>438</em> Sat, 4 Dec 2010 17:12:07 EST Rays Holiday Poem Short Time before Christmas, <BR> And Throughout the site; <BR> Spark People are stirring, <BR> Doing everything right! <BR> <BR> With Holidays coming, <BR> There's things to prepare; <BR> Making everything special, <BR> For everyone there. <BR> <BR> With Challenges, greetings, <BR> and friends dropping by; <BR> The Blogs just keep coming, <BR> ...for you and I <BR> <BR> The time's counting down, <BR> I'm at my wits end; <BR> Must send all my greetings, <BR> to all of my friends. <BR> <BR... Sat, 4 Dec 2010 15:44:29 EST Motivation and Climbing Mountains MOUNTAINS ARE CLIMBED ONE STEP AT A TIME <BR> <BR> Everyone who got where they are had to begin where they were. Your opportunity for success is right in front of you. <BR> <BR> To attain success or to reach your goal, don't worry about having all the answers in advance. You just need to have a clear idea of your goal and move toward it. <BR> <BR> Don't procrastinate when faced with a difficult problem. Break your problems into parts and handle one part at a time. <BR> <BR> Develop a te... Sat, 4 Dec 2010 10:21:26 EST Brain Teaser First 10: <BR> <BR> 1) 26 L. of the A. <BR> 2) 7 W. of the A. W. <BR> 3) 1,001 A. N. <BR> 4) 12 S. of the Z. <BR> 5) 54 C. in a D. (with J.) <BR> 6) 9 P. in the S. S. <BR> 7) 88 P. K. <BR> 8) 13 S. on the A. F. <BR> 9) 1 D. at a T. <BR> 10) 18 H. on a G. C. <BR> Sat, 4 Dec 2010 09:48:46 EST The Awakening A time comes in your life when you finally get…when, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out…ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying and blaming and struggling to hold on. Then, like a child quieting down after a tantrum, you blink back your tears and begin to look at the world through new eyes. <BR> <BR> This is your awakening. <BR> <BR> You realize it’s time to stop hoping and waiting for something to ch... Sat, 4 Dec 2010 09:37:21 EST Start sentence with last word of previous sentence <BR> <BR> This should be a fun game, I've actually pilfered it off one of my other teams. Write a sentence,it can make sense or not, be totally stupid if you want. The next sentence doesn't have to follow on from the other one either, just start the new sentence with the last word of the last sentence. I'll start it off..... <BR> <BR> <BR> When the light burns at both ends you end up getting burnt fingers. <BR> <BR> Sat, 4 Dec 2010 04:37:57 EST hey team i know i've been way over extended in my life and spending less time here on spark. but i haven't forgotten about you. <BR> <BR> I would like to find out if anyone would like to start any of their own threads, like ray has his jokes, and does the inspirational posts, i post whatever i come acrossed in reading that sounds interesting and jokes. I have not had time to do challenges unfortunately. Anyone want to pick those up? or start something else. someone wnat to help out with games? ... Fri, 3 Dec 2010 07:01:30 EST a day on the 31 days to healthier holidays i think this is where i've stumbled " <BR> Stay active. Don’t <BR> mistake being <BR> "busy" for being <BR> "active." You still need to <BR> exercise at least 30 <BR> minutes each day. Break <BR> it up into a few smaller <BR> sessions throughout the <BR> day if you're pressed for <BR> time" <BR> <BR> i've been so busy so i've counted my walking around shopping as exercise and not just taking time for exercise. or any walking i've been doing in general because i haven't been able to focus on... Wed, 1 Dec 2010 07:52:50 EST i'm sorry I so wanted to make this group great and lots of fun. When i started it i wasn't as busy, but then the girls school activities kicked into high gear and i've been gasping for air to do everything and not wear myself out too. I haven't been posting as much as i wanted and not coming up with enough challenges and i'm sorry for that. <BR> <BR> I was hoping there was a need for this kind of group on spark... <BR> <BR> Wed, 1 Dec 2010 07:50:13 EST Motivation and Personal Growth and Change ALL PERSONAL GROWTH INVOLVES CHANGE <BR> <BR> Personal growth is the process of responding positively to change. It involves risk as you step from the known to the unknown. <BR> <BR> All your growth will depend on your activity. Your strength and growth will come only through continuous effort and struggle. There will be no development without effort. <BR> <BR> Trouble is the common denominator of living. It is the great equalizer of life. Your trials, your sorrows and your grief's wil... Sat, 27 Nov 2010 10:19:30 EST Old Barns and People A stranger came by the farm the other day with an offer to set me thinking. He wanted to buy the old bard that sits out by the highway! I told him right off that he was crazy! <BR> <BR> He was a city type, you could tell by his clothes, his car,his hands and the way he talked. He said he was driving by and saw that beautiful old barn sitting out in the tall grass and wanted to know if it was for sale! <BR> <BR> I told him that he had a funny idea of beauty! Sure... it was a handsome buildin... Wed, 24 Nov 2010 23:01:20 EST what does this quote mean to you? The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet. <BR> <BR> - James Oppenheim, short-story writer, novelist, poet <BR> <BR> To me this is i have to look in the present for happiness and stop looking for it but start living and seeing the happiness now. <BR> Wed, 24 Nov 2010 08:30:05 EST 30 tactics to outsmart your unhealth tempations <link><BR>ion_articles.asp?id=1361 </link> Wed, 24 Nov 2010 08:27:36 EST Happy thanksgiving to my friends in the states What do you plan on eating, are you going to try and get some exercise in tomorrow? What are your special plans. We live in an area with no family and it's a good 10 hr trip to my family so we are staying put.. and going to a friends house who also doesn't have family in the area. She is cooking but she's a pretty good cook and they do eat pretty healthy. i'm sure there will be some bad food there too. but i feel pretty good about it all. i think i'm taking deviled eggs and i made a pum... Wed, 24 Nov 2010 08:18:15 EST How About Turduckin For Thanksgiving? We saw a turducken recipe mentioned in a newspaper and tried it for the first time in 1990. It is so much better than a regular turkey that we have made many more turduckens over the years. The juices from the duck and the sausage stuffing really help to add flavor to the turkey and keep it moist without basting. This is what we do: <BR> <BR> The Turducken will need to cook for approximately 9 hours at 225 degrees F so begin preparation well in advance. The fowls can be deboned the day befor... Sun, 21 Nov 2010 12:49:35 EST i've stopped having fun my life since the kids school has started has been very hectic. running them here, there and also making sure they are learning their lessons. I'm suffering. I have to learn to combine the two worlds. I'm also stressing over other stuff like why have i stopped losing weight. I'm not pushing myself with exercise either, i'm still moving and doing stuff but probably only giving 85-90% vs 110%. I've also been sick and it's taken almost a month to clear out my lungs and it's still not 100%.... Sun, 21 Nov 2010 07:52:34 EST Motivation and Acting on Your Dreams YOU MUST ACT ON THOSE DREAMS <BR> <BR> You have to make your own opportunities. Your future is not a matter of chance. It's a matter of your choice. It's not something you wait for. It's something you must actively pursue. <BR> <BR> Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Opportunity can come disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. <BR> <BR> Start today, right where you are. Distant fields will always appear greener... Sat, 20 Nov 2010 14:54:19 EST Beginning Today Beginning today <BR> <BR> I will no longer worry about yesterday. <BR> It is in the past and the past will never change. <BR> Only I can change by choosing to do so. <BR> <BR> Beginning today <BR> <BR> I will no longer worry about tomorrow. <BR> Tomorrow will always be there, waiting for me to <BR> make the most of it. But I cannot make the <BR> most of tomorrow without first <BR> making the most of today. <BR> <BR> Beginning today <BR> <BR> I will look in the mirror and I will see a <BR... Tue, 16 Nov 2010 22:34:53 EST Turkey Survival Turkey Survival <BR> <BR> When I was a young turkey, new to the coop, My big brother Mike took me out on the stoop, <BR> <BR> Then he sat me down, and he spoke real slow, And he told me there was something that I had to know; <BR> <BR> His look and his tone I will always remember, When he told me of the horrors of ..... Black November; <BR> <BR> "Come about August, now listen to me, Each day you'll be thick, where once you were thin, And you'll grow a big rubbery thing under your chin. <B... Mon, 15 Nov 2010 22:49:08 EST quotes what the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve. - Napoleon hill Mon, 15 Nov 2010 09:47:43 EST happiness Finding happiness is like finding yourself. You don't find happiness, you make happiness. You choose happiness. Self-actualization is a process of discovering who you are, who you want to be and paving the way to happiness by doing what brings YOU the most meaning and contentment to your life over the long run. <BR> This definition of happiness by David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy <BR> <BR> True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. <BR>... Sun, 14 Nov 2010 17:15:54 EST be careful for what you wish for A man walks into a restaurant with a full-grown ostrich behind him. <BR> <BR> The waitress asks them for their orders. <BR> <BR> The man says, 'A hamburger, fries and a coke,' and turns to the ostrich, 'What's yours?' <BR> <BR> 'I'll have the same,' says the ostrich. <BR> <BR> A short time later the waitress returns with the order 'That will be $9.40 please,' and the man reaches into his pocket and pulls out the exact change for payment. <BR> <BR> The next day, the man and the ostrich co... Sun, 14 Nov 2010 17:05:51 EST prepare for battle Once a captain on his ship was disturbed by his assistant telling him, "Sir! Sir! There are 5 enemy ships on the horizon." <BR> <BR> The captain tells the man," Get my red coat and prepare for battle!" <BR> <BR> The assistant runs without question to get the captains red coat and prepares for battle. After their victory the assistant asks the captain why he wanted his red coat. <BR> <BR> The captain tells the assistant "If I was shot you would not be able to tell I'm bleeding and you would... Sun, 14 Nov 2010 17:02:39 EST Chihuahua Two men were walking their dogs together. The first guy with a Chocolate lab and the second a Chihuahua <BR> <BR> The first guy says, "Hey, you want to get something to eat?" <BR> <BR> The second guy replies, "Yeah, but they all have signs that say 'No Dogs Allowed'." <BR> <BR> The first guy with the lab puts sunglasses on and hands the other guy a pair. "Follow my lead," he says. <BR> <BR> As he walks into the restaurant a waiter stops him and says, "Sir, no dogs allowed." <BR> <BR> The... Sun, 14 Nov 2010 16:59:43 EST Who Packed Your Parachute? Who Packed Your Parachute? <BR> Author Unknown <BR> <BR> Charles Plumb was a US Navy jet pilot in Vietnam. After 75 combat missions, his plane was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile. Plumb ejected and parachuted into enemy hands. He was captured and spent 6 years in a communist Vietnamese prison. He survived the ordeal and now lectures on lessons learned from that experience! <BR> <BR> One day, when Plumb and his wife were sitting in a restaurant, a man at another table came up an... Sun, 14 Nov 2010 14:33:12 EST The Round Tuit The Round Tuit <BR> <BR> <BR> When you finally get your Round Tuit... <BR> Guard it with your life, as Tuits are hard to come by <BR> especially the round ones. <BR> This is an indispensable item. <BR> It will help you become a more efficient worker. <BR> For years we have heard people say, <BR> I'll do it as soon as I get a Round Tuit. <BR> Now that you have one, <BR> you can accomplish all those things <BR> you put aside until you got a Round Tuit! <BR> <BR> <BR> Please feel free give <... Sun, 14 Nov 2010 13:24:50 EST Old Warwick Not long ago, a friend sent me the story of "Old Warwick." It brought a smile to my face, and I think it shares a wonderful lesson for everyone to learn. <BR> <BR> A man was lost while driving through the country. As he tried to reach for the map, he accidentally drove off the road into a ditch. Thought he wasn't injured, his car was stuck deep in the mud. So the man walked to a nearby farm to ask for help. "Warwick can get you out of that ditch," said the farmer, pointing to an old mule sta... Sat, 13 Nov 2010 09:33:58 EST foot doctor i went to the foot doctor to find out about my feet. i do have some spurring on my heels not sure how bad. I do have plantar fiatsis (sp) he wants me to do physical therapy.. i don't have the money nor the time to do this. After i said this he just was more distant to me. i tried to tell him how easily i fall, he pretty much ignored that comment. My friend of mine loves this guy but he was very distant to me it was really weird. <BR> <BR> he gave me a night splint i managed 2 hours on... Fri, 12 Nov 2010 13:25:31 EST Is Your Pet Smarter Than You??? <BR> <BR> This is such a silly test and it's a funny site as well. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>ets-IQ.htm </link> Fri, 12 Nov 2010 05:12:37 EST A knock at the door A new pastor was visiting the homes of his parishioners. <BR> <BR> At one house it seemed obvious that someone was at home, but no answer came to his repeated knocks at the door. Therefore, he took out a card and wrote "Revelation 3:20" on the back of it and stuck it in the door. <BR> <BR> When the offering was processed the following Sunday, he found that his card had been returned. Added to it was this cryptic message, Genesis 3:10." <BR> <BR> Reaching for his Bible to check out the cita... Wed, 10 Nov 2010 07:51:22 EST Little Things Too often we don't realize <BR> what we have until it is gone; <BR> Too often we wait too late to say <BR> "I'm sorry - I was wrong." <BR> Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones <BR> we hold dearest to our hearts; <BR> And we allow foolish things <BR> to tear our lives apart. <BR> <BR> Far too many times we let <BR> unimportant things into our minds; <BR> And then it's usually too late <BR> to see what made us blind. <BR> <BR> So be sure that you let people know <BR> how much they mean to you;... Tue, 9 Nov 2010 22:29:39 EST Motivation... You are what you think! YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK <BR> <BR> Whatever thoughts you plant in your subconscious mind and nourish every day with conviction and emotion will one day become a reality. <BR> <BR> Constant repetition carries conviction. Repeat something often enough and it will start to become you. <BR> <BR> A change in what you tell yourself will result in a change in your behavior. What you impress upon your mind, you'll inevitably become. <BR> <BR> Self suggestion makes you master of yourself. <BR> <BR>... Tue, 9 Nov 2010 00:44:57 EST If you were stranded on a tropical island what 2 things would you want with you? Sun, 7 Nov 2010 17:26:47 EST I Was Blessed Today By... my wonderful family and a wonderful friend who is teaching me reiki Sun, 7 Nov 2010 17:18:57 EST Motivation... Something a little bit different! "When you always do your best, you take action. Doing your best is taking action because you love it, not because you're expecting a reward." -Don Miguel Ruiz <BR> ________________________________________ <BR> Ray: To give 100 percent means also that you get 100 percent in return! If you don't exercise or eat right you'll never get anything out of your effort... it's physically impossible! <BR> ________________________________________ <BR> <BR> "There are risks and costs to a program of acti... Sun, 7 Nov 2010 11:43:42 EST americans only walk 1/2 as much as they should <link><BR>fitness/?ocid=twitter </link> Fri, 5 Nov 2010 08:09:16 EST 11/03 I Challenge You... do 1 - 3 sets with 10 reps each of Calf Raises today. To add to the 'burn' do one-legged Calf Raises...1 set of 5-8 on each leg. <BR> <BR> <em>306</em> <BR> <BR> <em>185</em> <BR> Deb <BR> <BR> <em>248</em> Wed, 3 Nov 2010 08:43:10 EST lunch ideas need help ok now that my kids homeschool activities have kicked up i'm struggling again. some days we leave before lunch and i'm not home till i'm cooking dinner. So we are eating out a lot more for lunch. I"m making self honoring choices but... the sodium kills me and the calorie count in a lot of foods. So... this leads me to posting this question. i need foods for myself and kids that aren't high in calorie but are tasty and filling. I can't eat soy i topple over in pain. lunch meat has to mu... Tue, 2 Nov 2010 09:22:50 EST November challenge We haven't done a challenge in awhile (my life has been crazy insane). This challenge is not my idea, i got it from my local team. I thought it was an awesome challenge excepcially with the holidays upon us. <BR> So this is how it goes. <BR> <BR> I guess the original challenge was broken down into teams but we will do this individually. I hope some of you are game. <BR> <BR> <BR> As for point calculations, feel free to post your weekly points here. I'll keep a spreadsheet on totals, etc... Mon, 1 Nov 2010 17:38:43 EST 30 days to greater happiness <link><BR>r_2007-11.pdf </link> Mon, 1 Nov 2010 08:39:24 EST 6 things dr. seuss taught me about fitness blog i thought this was a neat blog and i think most of us have loved dr seuss. <BR> <link><BR>gs-dr-seuss-taught-me-about-fitness/ </link> Fri, 29 Oct 2010 08:37:50 EST scary facts - sitting to much can killyou <link><BR>-facts-sitting-too-much-will-kill-you.<BR>htm?nl=1 </link> Thu, 28 Oct 2010 09:38:26 EST Motivation and the Wise Use Of Time! THERE IS ALWAYS ENOUGH TIME IF YOU USE IT WISELY <BR> <BR> <BR> Your dilemma goes deeper than having a shortage of time, <BR> it's basically a problem of priorities. <BR> <BR> Most people leave undone those things that should be done, while they do things that they shouldn't be doing. <BR> <BR> Set priorities for your goals. A major part of successful living lies in your ability to put first things first. <BR> <BR> Most major goals are not achieved because people put second things firs... Wed, 27 Oct 2010 01:25:50 EST it is time to visualize a new fitter you <link><BR>ory/A1Story20101025-244105.html </link> Mon, 25 Oct 2010 08:41:09 EST positive thinking <link><BR>titude-essential-for-getting-success/ </link> Sun, 24 Oct 2010 18:36:04 EST funny quotes A girl phoned me the other day and said... Come on over, there's nobody home. I went over. Nobody was home. <BR> Rodney Dangerfield Sun, 24 Oct 2010 16:38:42 EST even turtles need recess <link><BR>0/101019132045.htm?utm_source=feedburn<BR>er&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3<BR>A+sciencedaily+%28ScienceDaily%3A+Late<BR>st+Science+News%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher </link> Sun, 24 Oct 2010 16:33:32 EST abc fall and winter a <BR> autumn Sun, 24 Oct 2010 16:19:18 EST Positive Points to Ponder I wish I was a glow worm, <BR> A glow worm's never glum. <BR> 'Cos how can you be grumpy <BR> When the sun shines out your bum! <BR> ~Author Unknown <BR> <BR> <BR> Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses. ~Alphonse Karr <BR> <BR> <BR> Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities - always see them, for they're always there. ~Norman Vincent Peale <BR> <BR> ... Sun, 24 Oct 2010 13:11:42 EST Brain Busters Three people check into a hotel. They pay $30 to the manager and go to their room. The manager suddenly remembers that the room rate is $25 and gives $5 to the bellboy to return to the people. On the way to the room the bellboy reasons that $5 would be difficult to share among three people so he pockets $2 and gives $1 to each person. Now each person paid $10 and got back $1. So they paid $9 each, totalling $27. The bellboy has $2, totalling $29. Where is the missing $1? <BR> <BR> <BR> ____... Sun, 24 Oct 2010 09:47:47 EST Puppies for sale Puppies for Sale <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> A store owner was tacking a sign above his door that read "Puppies For Sale." Signs like that have a way of attracting small children and sure enough, a little boy appeared by the store owner's sign. "How much are you going to sell the puppies for?" he asked. The store owner replied, "Anywhere from $30-$50." <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> The little boy reached in his pocket and pulled out some change. "I have $2.37," he said. "May I please look at them?" The ... Sat, 23 Oct 2010 15:49:38 EST The Eagle An American Indian tells about a brave who found an eagle's egg and put it into the nest of a Prairie Chicken. The eaglet hatched with the brood of chicks and grew up with them. <BR> <BR> All its life, the changeling eagle, thinking it was a prairie chicken, did what the prairie chickens did. It scratched in the dirt for seeds and insects to eat. It clucked and cackled. And it flew in a brief thrashing of wings and flurry of feathers no more than a few feet off the ground. After all, that's... Sat, 23 Oct 2010 13:53:56 EST 10/23 challenge for the week I'm taking ray's post on excuses and motivation and turning it into a challenge. <BR> <BR> What i challenge you to do is when you say an excuse, turn it around into something positive. YOU CAN DO IT! Come back here and talk about it. Sat, 23 Oct 2010 10:19:25 EST Motivation and those 4 little words YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING <BR> <BR> <BR> The only thing that stands between you and what you want from life, is simply the will to pursue it and the faith to believe that it is possible. <BR> <BR> You can have anything on earth that you want, once you mentally accept the fact that you can have it. <BR> <BR> If you want success, begin thinking of yourself as a success. The feeling of being successful has to come first. <BR> <BR> If you have a deep inner conviction that you will always ... Sat, 23 Oct 2010 10:01:46 EST Don't let go of hope! Hope gives you the strength to keep going <BR> when you feel like giving up. <BR> <BR> Don't ever quit believing in yourself. <BR> As long as you believe you can, you will have <BR> a reason for trying. <BR> <BR> Don't let anyone hold your happiness in <BR> their hands; hold it in your own, so it will <BR> always be within your reach. <BR> <BR> Don't measure success or failure by <BR> material wealth, but by how you feel. Our feelings <BR> determine the riches in our lives. <BR> <BR> ... Tue, 19 Oct 2010 23:34:55 EST Friends Friends are very special people who accept <BR> each other with unconditional caring. They <BR> <BR> <BR> Recognize each other's talents and faults, and <BR> acknowledge them without judgment. <BR> <BR> They are Incapable of turning away when times <BR> are tough and life's problems seem hard to bear. <BR> <BR> Instead, they Encourage each other so they can <BR> enjoy the good times and find strength to endure the <BR> <BR> bad times. They're Never afraid to say what <BR> they feel and... Tue, 19 Oct 2010 23:23:50 EST Bathtub Test I will admit that I copied this from another thread on another team but thought of you all. Hope I am not breaking any rules and my apologies if I am. <BR> <BR> The Bathtub Test <BR> <BR> During a visit to the mental asylum, I asked the Director, How do you determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized? <BR> <BR> "Well," said the Director, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup, and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub." ... Mon, 18 Oct 2010 15:04:42 EST 10/18/10 I Challenge YOU to... <BR> get a minuimum of 10 minutes of exercise every day this week! <BR> <BR> Walk, do a SP video, an exercise show on TV, or whatever else YOU can come up with. Post what you did and for how may inspire one of your teammates! <BR> <BR> should take it easy and rest! <BR> <BR> Monday 10/18/10... <BR> <BR> I'm going to do a Resistance Band (10 minute) full body work out with Coach Nicole on the SP Fitness Starter Kit DVD. <BR> <BR> <em>317</em> <BR> Deb :) Mon, 18 Oct 2010 10:50:58 EST sorry i've been quite we went away thurs - sat to rhode island and i came home sick. since being back i haven't been to chatty on the computer. just resting a lot. i'm feeling a little better today.. but still really blah and my back hurts so bad from the coughing. my youngest now has it ugh. This cold came out of nowhere and hit hard and fast. evil cold. <BR> <BR> I don't have the energy to think of a challenge can someone come up with either a daily or weekly. i don't care if it's exercise, health, men... Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:29:56 EST Motivation and control A SUCCESSFUL PERSON MAKES DECISIONS <BR> <BR> To control the outcome of anything, you control the action at the point of decision making. <BR> <BR> If you let others make decisions for you, you give up control. When you control the decisions, you control the actions. <BR> <BR> It's your life. You decide what you are going to do with it. <BR> <BR> If you don't run your own life someone else will. You are in control of your life to the degree you make decisions. <BR> <BR> Take charge ... Tue, 12 Oct 2010 12:54:39 EST 10 Signs Your An Internet Geek 10 Signs Your An Internet Geek <BR> <BR> 10. When filling out your driver's license application you give your IP address. <BR> <BR> 9. You no longer ask prospective dates what their sign is, instead your line is "Hi, what's your URL?" <BR> <BR> 8. Instead of calling you to dinner, your spouse sends e-mail. <BR> <BR> 7. You're amazed to find out spam is a food. <BR> <BR> 6. You "ping" people to see if they're awake, "finger" them to find out how they are, and "AYT" them to make sure they'... Mon, 11 Oct 2010 08:26:42 EST the letter game - D How to play: <BR> Copy the whole list to your post and fill in ONE answer. <BR> <BR> When the list is full, we'll move on to the next letter. <BR> <BR> Let's see how long it takes us to go through the alphabet. <BR> <BR> ________________________ <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Letter "D" <BR> <BR> <BR> 1. A child's toy - <BR> <BR> 2. Something in your wardrobe - <BR> <BR> 3. Something in your fridge - <BR> <BR> 4. A mood - <BR> <BR> 5. A film title - <BR> <BR> 6. Something you buy from the s... Mon, 11 Oct 2010 08:01:22 EST 10/13 week challenge This one just came to me today. STANDING <BR> there are health benefits of just standing around. check out this link <link><BR>y-standing </link> <BR> <BR> i'm goign to make an effort of just standing around. maybe this could help my legs. Sat, 9 Oct 2010 09:35:53 EST Days away from Sparkpeople Hi Team! <BR> I'm headed into the hospital for the Agiogram and I'm not sure wow many days I'll be away from the computer! I'll be back as soon as I can! <BR> Ray Thu, 7 Oct 2010 23:35:32 EST the letter game - C How to play: <BR> Copy the whole list to your post and fill in ONE answer. <BR> <BR> When the list is full, we'll move on to the next letter. <BR> <BR> Let's see how long it takes us to go through the alphabet. <BR> <BR> ________________________ <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Letter "C" <BR> <BR> <BR> 1. A child's toy - <BR> <BR> 2. Something in your wardrobe - <BR> <BR> 3. Something in your fridge - <BR> <BR> 4. A mood - <BR> <BR> 5. A film title - <BR> <BR> 6. Something you buy from the ... Wed, 6 Oct 2010 08:17:02 EST Motivation and Attaining Your Dreams PURSUE YOUR DREAMS AND YOU'LL ATTAIN THEM <BR> <BR> <BR> When you're sure you're on the right road to success you don't have to plan your journey too far ahead. <BR> <BR> Don't burden yourself with doubts and fears as to the obstacles that may bar your progress. <BR> <BR> You don't need to know all your answers in advance. Just have a clear idea of the goal you want to reach. <BR> <BR> You can only take one step at a time. If you can muster up the courage to begin, you'll find the courag... Tue, 5 Oct 2010 01:04:57 EST Things I learned about ceiling fans from my kids A ceiling fan equipped with a dog leash is not strong enough to rotate a 42 lb kid wearing superman PJs. <BR> It is however strong enough to spread paint evenly on 4 walls of a 16x20 room. <BR> <BR> You should not throw a baseball into the air while standing under a ceiling fan. <BR> <BR> A ceiling fan can knock a baseball a long way. <BR> Double pain glass windows will not stop a baseball properly hit by a ceiling fan. <BR> <BR> A ceiling fan will usually hit more foul balls than fair one... Mon, 4 Oct 2010 00:31:34 EST the letter game - B How to play: <BR> Copy the whole list to your post and fill in ONE answer. <BR> <BR> When the list is full, we'll move on to the next letter. <BR> <BR> Let's see how long it takes us to go through the alphabet. <BR> <BR> ________________________ <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Letter "A" <BR> <BR> <BR> 1. A child's toy - <BR> <BR> 2. Something in your wardrobe - <BR> <BR> 3. Something in your fridge - apple <BR> <BR> 4. A mood - <BR> <BR> 5. A film title - <BR> <BR> 6. Something you buy from... Sun, 3 Oct 2010 13:42:58 EST Who is your favorite cartoon character and why? Mine is scooby! I have loved him since a kid. Love the way he talks and can solve the crime even though he's a scardy cat. lol Sat, 2 Oct 2010 20:42:03 EST The letter game - A How to play: <BR> Copy the whole list to your post and fill in ONE answer. <BR> <BR> When the list is full, we'll move on to the next letter. <BR> <BR> Let's see how long it takes us to go through the alphabet. <BR> <BR> ________________________ <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Letter "A" <BR> <BR> <BR> 1. A child's toy - <BR> <BR> 2. Something in your wardrobe - <BR> <BR> 3. Something in your fridge - apple <BR> <BR> 4. A mood - <BR> <BR> 5. A film title - <BR> <BR> 6. Something you buy from... Sat, 2 Oct 2010 20:40:02 EST 10 games for old age 1.)Sag, You're it <BR> 2.)Pin the Toupee on the bald guy <BR> 3.)20 questions shouted into your good ear <BR> 4.)Kick the bucket <BR> 5.)Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says Bend Over <BR> 6.)Doc Goose <BR> 7.)Simon says something incoherent <BR> 8.)Hide and go pee <BR> 9.)Spin the Bottle of Mylanta <BR> 10.)Musical recliners Sat, 2 Oct 2010 20:32:46 EST Challenge for the week of 10/3 I challenge you to see how many squats you can do this week. Dr. Oz says squats are one of the best exercises for the thighs. post how many you can do. post daily or your weeks total. good luck and happy squating. Sat, 2 Oct 2010 20:28:33 EST The Builder An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans to leave the house building business and live a more leisurely life with his wife enjoying his extended family. He would miss the paycheck, but he needed to retire. They could get by. <BR> <BR> The contractor was sorry to see his good worker go and asked if he could build just one more house as a personal favor. The carpenter said yes, but in time it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work. He r... Sat, 2 Oct 2010 13:15:58 EST Dementia Quiz DEMENTIA QUIZ or how to feel really stupid fast <BR> <BR> FIRST QUESTION: <BR> <BR> YOU ARE A PARTICIPANT IN A RACE. YOU OVERTAKE <BR> THE SECOND PERSON. WHAT POSITION ARE YOU IN? <BR> ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> ANSWER : IF YOU ANSWERED THAT YOU ARE FIRST, <BR> THEN YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG! IF YOU OVERTAKE THE <BR> SECOND PERSON AND YOU TAKE HIS PLACE, YOU ARE IN SECOND PLACE! <BR> <BR> TRY TO DO BETTER NEXT TIME. <BR> NOW ANSWER THE SECOND QUESTI... Sat, 2 Oct 2010 09:19:48 EST sorry i've been missing I know i'm hit or miss lately. I have a lot on my plate, i did not realize this school year was going to be so full. We are homeschoolers and i seem to have my kids in a lot of activities. I know all will be great for them. We do girl scouts, 4h, martial arts and other classes and activities. Then i have my many doctors appts. That's one reason i've been stressed. I definetly need laughter in my life. my own life has been a challenge lately. and low energy... i'm sure that's probably... Fri, 1 Oct 2010 14:18:28 EST 10/01 I Challenge YOU... set 3 Goals for October. <BR> <BR> I'll start... <BR> <BR> 1) Exercise for 10+ minutes every day <BR> 2) Drink 8+ glasses of water every day <BR> 3) Use the Nutrition Tracker every day <BR> <BR> I know some days 'life happens' and I may miss one or more of these goals but I'm really gonna strive to meet them as often as I can! <BR> <BR> New month, new opportunities, re-new that motivation...WE CAN DO IT! <BR> <BR> <em>311</em> x 7 <BR> <em>91</em> x 8 <BR> <em>4</em> <em>195<... Fri, 1 Oct 2010 07:43:43 EST brain stuff this one always amazes me. <BR> <BR> From Cambridge University . <BR> <BR> Olny srmat poelpe can raed this. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the first and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it wouthit a porbelm. Th... Thu, 30 Sep 2010 09:52:41 EST Ray Fights Back! I want to start by saying thankyou to all of my Spark Friends who have stood beside me and support me! Your kindness, Sharing, and caring... the outpouring of support, the prayers the information is making my job a whole lot easier! <BR> <BR> My health is getting better... my numbers are getting smaller, but I'm looking at the world in a different way! To date, over 500 cards, letters, Spark Mails, E mails and phone calls (Not to mention visits) have put me back on the road to recovery and ... Thu, 30 Sep 2010 01:17:54 EST 09/29 I Challenge YOU... To post your total calories for Breakfast... <BR> <BR> The more familiar we become with out intake, the better! <BR> <BR> I'll start... <BR> Total 443 <BR> <BR> Remaining for today... <BR> 757-1107 <BR> <BR> My Range is... <BR> 1200-1550 <BR> <BR> 'Ranger' Deb :) <BR> <em>4</em> Wed, 29 Sep 2010 09:56:52 EST If a movie was made of your life what genre would oh i think mine would have to fall into comedy category. excepcially if it was about the blonde things i do lol.. Tue, 28 Sep 2010 11:36:36 EST A small challenge today 9/27 Today go find a fitness article/video on sparkpeople that you like and share it with us. <BR> <BR> I'll do this myself when i get back this afternoon. I finally got caught up on my spark emails from this past weekend. MIL is gone by the way. Mon, 27 Sep 2010 11:56:34 EST the background behind those apple sayings <link><BR>6/DISH/9260320 </link> Sun, 26 Sep 2010 08:01:51 EST Motivation and Achievement ALL GREAT ACHIEVEMENT TAKES TIME <BR> <BR> "Keep trying" is the rule that must be followed to be successful at anything. <BR> <BR> Your success will always be connected with your actions. Just keep moving towards your goal. <BR> <BR> You'll make mistakes but don't ever quit. You may even have to hang on after others have let go. <BR> <BR> Persistence means taking pains to overcome every obstacle, to do all that's necessary to reach your goal. In the end, the only people who fail are t... Sat, 25 Sep 2010 13:44:07 EST 09/25 I Challenge YOU... walk a minimum of 10 minutes today. <BR> <BR> We CAN do it!!!!! <BR> Deb :) :) :) Sat, 25 Sep 2010 10:06:00 EST out of the loop for the next few days, i'll probably pop in out to read messages but probably won't post much. Today we are celebrating my youngests 8th birthday which is actually the 30th. MIL is also here visiting give me strength. and tomorrow i'm hoping maybe to get out and go to a fair or something just so i'm not just sitting around with her. She's already driving me and hubby insane. ugh... anyways everyone have a wonderful weekend. post some jokes i'm going ot need the humor.. Sat, 25 Sep 2010 07:58:34 EST Friday 09/24 Challenge Open and check out this link... <BR> <BR> <link><BR>AbsFast.pdf </link> <BR> <BR> I did and the exercises look beneficial! <BR> I think you could do these with a towel or without any equipment. <BR> <BR> Happy Friday! <BR> Deb :) Fri, 24 Sep 2010 11:41:31 EST master your emotions <link><BR>_to_stay_alive_master_your_emotions/im<BR>prove_your_mood.html?dst=rss|df </link> Fri, 24 Sep 2010 08:39:02 EST