SparkPeople Official Stress Busting Challenge Team Messageboard SparkPeople's Official Stress Busting Challenge will help you take control of stress and improve your outlook in just 4 weeks! By completing the program, you'll earn a special SparkTrophy to display on your SparkPage, too. Join the Team anytime to start the challenge! SparkPeople Official Stress Busting Challenge Team Messageboard Week 1 Argh. Stressed to go back to work then day #2 stress in work. I know I shouldn't let this bother me but it does. Probably the only thing that does at the mo. Need to find some way to cope with this better! Tue, 24 Mar 2015 20:09:45 EST Reflect week 2 I'm behind in the challenge which could be a source of stress but what I learned during the week was that staying in the moment physically and mentally helps a lot. It will just take me a week or two longer to complete this challenge. <BR> <BR> What I tried this week was when I couldn't escape a bitter colleague who was always complaining and just a huge source of negativity was to concentrate on my own business. I was afraid I seemed unfriendly to her but I didn't think I could get through ... Mon, 23 Mar 2015 11:14:52 EST Hello New to group. Need help with stress reduction. Wed, 18 Mar 2015 19:55:36 EST Week 1 I exercised a few days this week and wrote a blog for a journal entry. I thought my blog was private but someone immediately commented. From now on I'll keep a private journal using pencil and paper or I won't do it at all. <BR> <BR> Week one goals: Keep things in perspective and not turn molehills into mountains. Take half an hour a day to do something that makes me happy like knitting, listening to my favorite music or taking a walk. Sun, 8 Mar 2015 12:09:09 EST My intro to the team. Hello everyone. I joined this challenge last week to learn how to deal with my stress better. When I'm stressed out I get angry and depressed. It's not good for me and it's not good for my family and friends. Sun, 8 Mar 2015 11:47:14 EST Week 1....yeah, I picked a GREAT time to start! My name is Amanda. I am a college senior (experimental psych, graduating in December). I started this challenge because there are numerous stressors involved with being a non-traditional student who lives off-campus and has pretty much worked two jobs the entire time I've been in school. <BR> <BR> I left one of those jobs last semester, and this semester, I work as an undergraduate research fellow. This is a very exciting opportunity but creates several stresses all on it's own. <BR> <BR> ... Sat, 7 Mar 2015 19:16:18 EST Dealing with sons being held back and future Hi. I introduced myself a year ago concerning my twin 4 y.o. boys who are in a special ed preschool. The youngest one was diagnosed with autism a year ago. Overall, they're doing fine. They are progressing in this preschool which happens to be housing the same grade level that my 8 y.o. daughter is in. I got stressed out again, because even though the older twin is making progress faster than the younger twin, the teacher doesn't think the younger twin will be saying full sentences by nex... Sat, 7 Mar 2015 10:03:45 EST New to the Group Hi Everyone, I have an issue dealing with stress which is one of the reasons I'm over weight. I'm an emotional eater. Looking forward to the change. Fri, 27 Feb 2015 19:28:14 EST week 1 I know that one of my main problems is that I have way too many goals. I do not know where the best place is to start. My goals tend to be umbrella goals that are later broken down into a million specific goals. For me baby steps can sometimes escape me as I'm trying to meet these multiple facets of a goal. <BR> <BR> By the end of the challenge I would like to be able to make peace with stress and anxiety without fish tailing into a downward spiral. I want to be able to face life. See life ... Wed, 25 Feb 2015 08:42:37 EST Newbie Here Thanks everyone for having me. Mon, 23 Feb 2015 22:14:10 EST nan's week 1 w/c16/2/15 Monday 16/2 stress level high 'cos I don.t know how we are going to get properly prepared for carpet layer. <BR> Read 7 ways to stress bust. <BR> Tuesday 17/2 had a good day. Taken at leisurely pace. Just read another stress article <BR> Mon, 16 Feb 2015 04:02:17 EST Reflection I've been incorporating running into my weekly routine and it has helped tremendously with my stress levels. On days that I can't run or do other exercise, however, I feel extremely stressed. Other techniques don't work as well for me. I'm thinking I need to try to manage my time better so that I can have time to exercise without it getting in the way of the other work I need to get done. Wed, 11 Feb 2015 21:01:42 EST I think stress is good! Read, then let me know. So far, I've been using a wide variety of stress-reducing techniques consistently. I'm sure it is helping. If not, I would really be in trouble, because I still have stress. <BR> <BR> Actually, I don't think stress is bad for a person. I think it actually is beneficial. It helps a person grow, get strong and increase endurance. This is true physically, intellectually and also emotionally. <BR> <BR> The issue isn't stress. The issue is distress. Distress is when a person perceives, whether... Wed, 4 Feb 2015 17:22:28 EST Hi everyone! My name is Heather and I am a 34 year old mom of 1. My son is 7 and has aspergers syndrome, my husband is a truck driver and is out 2 weeks at a time, and my mom (who lives with us) was just recently diagnosed with cancer. Life around here is pretty stressful right now and I don't get alot of time to focus on working on me. When I'm not stressing out about everyone else I like to play video games, mostly sim type games or tycoon games.I am also going back to school to get my high school diplo... Tue, 20 Jan 2015 02:43:27 EST Discussing week 3 - My TV find So far, I am finding the techniques I've used for years are the ones recommended in this challenge. In other words, I've been doing what I should be doing all along. The advantage of the challenge has been to consciously confirm I am on the correct track and thus encouraging me to continue on. <BR> <BR> I have practiced muscle and deep breathing relaxation. I have focused on positive thoughts. I have taken hot baths. I have participated in enjoyable activities and stopped when they became st... Mon, 19 Jan 2015 13:11:58 EST reflecting on week 3 It was helpful to look over my stress tracker to see any patterns. I was able to make some positive changes by fixing some things that I had been putting off. There are some things I cannot do much about right now, but I was able to have more awareness of some things that need to change. That is helpful. <BR> <BR> I have been writing in my personal journal and working up a sweat for my daily routine. The journal is helping with problem solving and the workouts make me feel better and are... Sat, 17 Jan 2015 19:52:35 EST discussing week 2 here I haven't discussed week 2 here, so I thought I should. I've been discussing it with people in person. <BR> <BR> I've found consciously sitting or lying still, then relaxing all my muscles, as if I were floating is extremely stress-reducing. Also, I stretch. Finally, I find whistling helps relief stress. Unfortunately, I find it causes stress in others. Lol. Mon, 12 Jan 2015 14:02:20 EST stress busting? Hey group! Hoping this page will help me deal with stress, a bit. Between working full time and being a graduate student full time, I have a ton of stress! However, I know two of my issues to work on are: 1)saying no when i'm feeling overwhelmed, especially to people who are takers and definitely do not reciprocate 2) working on my tempter! More than anything, I need to work on communication when things are bothering me. I have a wicked habit of holding everything in until I cant hold it in a... Sun, 11 Jan 2015 18:20:00 EST week 2 reflection The two strategies I wanted to focus on were writing in a journal and working up a sweat. Both of these strategies worked for me. The journaling helps me to reframe stressful things and problem solve. The workouts take my mind off everything and let me just have fun and feel better. I wanted to dance more this week because it is my favorite workout, but I had to walk more days this week because of pain. I think I am going to pull out my book that has exercises that ease pain and do some ... Sat, 10 Jan 2015 09:09:35 EST My Week ! I found out I can control the way I look at my situations more than I thought. I can also control my stress levels more than I thought. Regardless whether I get what I want, or not, I can choose how I will respond. Regardless whether I have stressors or relaxers influencing my life - in other words, whether it's easier or more difficult to be relaxed - I still have a choice and I still have control. I just have to use the control I have and not let go of the wheel. <BR> <BR> This week has be... Thu, 8 Jan 2015 17:19:56 EST Stress challenge week 1 I challenge myself to start exercising again this week. I recently have been turning to food or alcohol to calm down when I know exercise works very well for me and I enjoy it. I am setting a goal to do at least 20 minutes of exercise 3 days this week. Tue, 6 Jan 2015 12:16:48 EST I'm back!! I logged on back in 2006 only to not do so well. :( Well, I'm back on board and hoping to lose those stubborn pounds! Tue, 6 Jan 2015 11:31:12 EST Question Fitness magazine has 2 different exercises that I have been doing. I can't find them on SparkFitness tracker..."Double-Leg Stretch" &"Dead Bug". Does anyone know what they are on the SparkFitness? Mon, 5 Jan 2015 19:28:10 EST week 1 It is helpful journaling about what is causing stress, whether it is within my sphere of influence to change it, and what strategies could I try. Working out has been good stress relief and doing yoga was good stress relief. <BR> <BR> Sometimes the stressor is a person. <BR> <BR> I heard about a device that tracks your stress response. I think that might be useful if you could use relaxation techniques when you saw you were having a stress response. Mon, 5 Jan 2015 18:29:32 EST Returning to Spark w/my Jawbone I am Julie. I am a few months away from 50 years old. I have been a “sparker” for a long time. However in May or June of last year – I had to take a break. I had lost 30 of my 50 pounds and was spending more time on-line with spark than I was with my husband. A little over a month ago – we both committed to get healthier. We bout Jawbone Up fitness bands, and I have been faithfully using that. But the first recommendation was to use it with myfitnesspal. I have been good with using tha... Fri, 2 Jan 2015 20:58:27 EST letting go... I have lost both of my parents in the past 14 months, and I had been their care giver for years. One of the things I did was give my dad, and later, my mom, permission to go. This was something I needed to do, and something I need to continue to work on. <BR> <BR> Letting go is difficult, especially of a loved one, but with that ability, the stress slowly eases. I need to become aware of what I can and cannot control, and to accept the positive experiences and focus on the best of memories.... Tue, 30 Dec 2014 15:30:01 EST Good bye stress! :-) Greetings! <BR> <BR> I realize that there will always be stress in life, however managing it is the goal. This includes a glass-half-full attitude, as well as changing perspective. <BR> <BR> The proverbial optimist, I hope I can learn to minimize stress in the upcoming weeks. <BR> <BR> Thank you for welcoming me on board! Tue, 30 Dec 2014 15:22:47 EST Hi! Good morning all. My name is Mary and I am 54 years old. As 2014 comes to a close i have committed to making those life style changes that will lead me to a happier...healthier life. Stress is a killer for me and at times can become paralyzing. I am looking forward to learning new ways to deal with stress. Tue, 30 Dec 2014 09:58:15 EST hello i am Linda i never thought i would ever suffer from stress i am so organised i do my Christmas shopping on line, in the summer, i wrap and write my cards then too. before Christmas this year i had an appointment with my shoulder consultant for a pain killing injection i thought but he did not do it, instead he said i needed a MIR scan to find out where the pain really y coming from as i had my left one operated on but it did not cure the pain it is worse in fact. anyway my ... Tue, 30 Dec 2014 08:53:14 EST Hello New to this chat/messaging. Not sure what I'm doing just yet. <BR> Dealing with a family member with health issues. <BR> Doesn't help that I'm an emotional matter. :( Sun, 28 Dec 2014 23:28:30 EST Reducing Stress My intention going forward today is to handle "stress" and deal with issues head on! Sun, 21 Dec 2014 12:58:14 EST Hi I'm dannielle. I'm 32, a single mom of 3 kids, 15, 10, & 2. I work full time 3rd shift. In addition, at 25 yrs old, I was diagnosed with MS which poses its own challenges. I hope work towards not only weight loss, but a set of tools to deal with what life deals out. Mon, 17 Nov 2014 10:00:51 EST Week 4 reflections Is all of my stress gone? No. Can I manage it a lot better and put it into perspective? Yes I can. By following this challenge and really doing my best to complete it, I've managed to let go a lot of what was bogging me down. Simple things like committing to get enough sleep every night, and taking a few minutes to let myself de-compress have really added up over the month.Working on positivity has helped too, and the stress journals were an invaluable tool for really laying down what was bot... Sun, 16 Nov 2014 18:49:20 EST Learning to let go and it is't all about me. I have learned that everyone has a past issue. Some of us keep these thoughts to ourselves, and we hurt ourself by (overeating). Some take there anger out on other's. I have learned to take these comments like a grain of salt. (I am on a low sodium diet anyway) <BR> <em>530</em> Fri, 14 Nov 2014 20:07:11 EST Week 3 wrap up I really feel like week 3 was where things really came together. I'm making a point to carve out time for myself each day, I'm breathing and putting things into perspective more, and I'm working on the goals set in week 1. I've been working on positivity and motivation exercises in my blog and in my journal. I'm excited for week 4 and beyond. Mon, 10 Nov 2014 09:55:41 EST Self Esteem Probably the most difficult for me is to feel valuable. After a traumatic event in life, it has been the most difficult to feel like anyone truly cares about me and really wants to be a part of my life. So, just working one day at a time to try to accomplish something good, has been a small goal that I have set. I work on all the other areas: exercise, rest, nutrition with relative ease, but the ability to feel truly loved still escapes me. I hope to do better at this by joining this grou... Sun, 9 Nov 2014 21:59:24 EST Week 2 reflections Well this past week was a hard, stressful one. I will say that having this group helped. I remembered to exercise, I made time for stress busters, I used the 3 minute de-stress technique, and I continued to journal. I don't think that at the end of this month my stress will be gone, but by learning new techniques I will be able to manage it better. Wed, 5 Nov 2014 11:39:50 EST Unresolved issues The largest part of my stress reduction program is resolving all unresolved issues with the people in my life. <BR> <BR> My Sister is a maniac. I've tried contacting her on several occassions during the past year to no avail. I've even had common friends of ours try to build a bridge between us, but she won't have any part of it. C'est la vie. I've tried, I've done my best. Now I've let her go. <BR> <BR> My Brother has his own life. We were born less than 1 year apart but have never been ... Mon, 3 Nov 2014 11:22:31 EST Hello! :) Hi! My name is Sara and I'm 18. I'm suffering from depression due to my recent start at med school (I have had to move 3000 km from home), and that joined with the fact that I have lots of work, have to solve my problems by myself, and have had a dissapointment in love, is all messing with my game. I have trouble concentrating and sleeping at night, I wake up with anxiety which lasts every single minute of the day and have headaches. My purpose here is trying to bust stress so at least I can ... Tue, 28 Oct 2014 12:00:53 EST Lower Bloodpressure One of my major stress indicators is my bloodpressure. Another is my pulse rate, but my BP is my major indicator. <BR> <BR> One reason I have a higher BP than I would like in because I internalize what little stress I have. Changing my diet, exercising more often and sleeping more soundly through the night has really helped lower my BP. <BR> <BR> Last week: 146 over 92 <BR> This week: 134 over 86 <BR> <BR> I'm also dealing with my stressors better. One thing I've changed is that I don't... Tue, 28 Oct 2014 10:26:05 EST Tired of being tired anyone else feel stressed because they are tired which in turn makes me more tired... Just tired of worrying about everything. <BR> <BR> My goal is to focus on the small things like drinking water and actually eating breakfast. Sat, 25 Oct 2014 19:52:27 EST Stuck on coming up with goals I know there are things that I should be able to do to help with reducing stress; but at the moment I can't seem to think of any ... <em>24</em> Wed, 22 Oct 2014 21:23:40 EST hello! Hello everyone! My name is Sarah. I am working my way through college as a waitress, and I am also caregiver to my nursing home bound father.The more weight I gain,the more food I eat! I'm hoping to learn some techniques sooner rather than later. Tue, 21 Oct 2014 11:53:58 EST starting off right my 3rd week is starting off right,i am less stressed and feeling great. i love this feeling Tue, 21 Oct 2014 07:30:11 EST Challenge goal! I'd like to help identify background stress that I'm not aware of but that is taking a physical toll on me. I've had a number of stress-induced physical things come up lately (a TMJ flare-up, a back muscle spasm, etc.) and I know it's because something in the background is bothering me. <BR> <BR> So that's my goal! Mon, 20 Oct 2014 18:22:35 EST Week 1 Goal Determine my stress triggers and how I feel when the stress is occuring Mon, 20 Oct 2014 16:39:00 EST Week 1 I've been monitoring my stress by taking my Blood Pressure. I think it is helping me be more aware of the little hints my body gives out that I am stressed. Not sure how I'll do journaling but I am going to give it a try. Mon, 20 Oct 2014 13:37:30 EST Morning Morning fellow challengers, <BR> <BR> I'm here to see if I can focus on self-care during this very stressful time in my life. I'm a nurse in a very busy hospital working with stressed out patients and other stressed out nurses and doctors... Geez! That IS a lot of stress! No wonder I have problems sleeping and find eating so comforting. I recently started to monitor my eating and movement habits to see if I could correlate it with weight gain and loss. In other words, if I don't sleep enough... Mon, 20 Oct 2014 13:32:00 EST Stress Busting Challenge Intro. Hi everyone, <BR> I'm looking to slow my life down and enjoy each day. I've so busy just doing that I've been senseless on feeling. Hoping to learn ways to de-stress life and enjoy the moment. Mon, 20 Oct 2014 12:47:35 EST week 1 stress challenge goas I've been around SparkPeople for a while but never really used this site. I'm looking to reduce stress and beter cope with life. My goals for this week are to keep track of my food intake, stay active with P90, and educate myself about stress awarness and de-stressing. Feel free to reach out I'm not really sure what to expect from this site. Mon, 20 Oct 2014 12:40:01 EST stress ive been so stressed lately and havent been able to get rid of it, but all of a sudden today i felt mellow. i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. then tonight i felt more normal like i could get my positive back. i kno im trying for a baby and dont know if early pregnancy could make you feel weird, and i mean like 1 to 3 weeks. as long as this turns around ill be happy Thu, 16 Oct 2014 21:49:21 EST Challenge Reboot I've completed this challenge before. I seem to have since lost my way. My bipolar has kicked into high gear, postpartum depression crept up on me, and I feel so anxious lately I find it hard to function. I'm sure it's still all the same problems and stressors I've had in the past, but I need to come at them head on again. Going to make a good attempt to start keeping my journal again. I know that helped. Also, really going to try for some meditation time. Need to get my "om" on or something.... Thu, 16 Oct 2014 13:44:34 EST Time to Start Over Time to start over in Sparkpeople. I am a Stress Eater, trying to deal with my stress through yoga and walking. Mon, 13 Oct 2014 20:02:40 EST week 1 i was able to relieve stress this week and get things done with a smile on my face and feel good about it, i still got stressed out about what other people . but i tryed to shake it off and keep my attitude positive Mon, 13 Oct 2014 18:16:45 EST Blah I feel very tense and lazy. I haven't done a lot today and have gained weight. I'm feeling very discouraged and upset with today's weigh in.My body and mind have required a lot of sleep lately, more than usual. My mood has been up and down and more down than up today. <em>39</em> <BR> Fri, 26 Sep 2014 17:49:30 EST De-stress Today when you feel stress B-R-E-A-T-H deep and close your eyes move your arms in circles, is sounds silly but it helps anxiety and anger. Keep doing this for ten breaths. Wed, 17 Sep 2014 10:04:15 EST New Insights With a positive attitude, stress slides off me like water off a duck's back. All I have to do for stress relief is sit at the computer and play Free Cell. I discovered that it was a form of escapism and consumed time that should have been spent on other things, which should have increased my stress, but - just one more game, and like Scarlet O'Hara, I'll think about those problems another day. <BR> Little things still bug me, like having my tracking on the Start Page stop working - so I... Fri, 12 Sep 2014 10:54:39 EST Loving God and life! Today, will be a good day for those who choose to make it that way. Learning about God is a stress buster for me but prayer pushes me through my days and helps me hang on. Wed, 10 Sep 2014 08:29:44 EST My week 2 I think this is going well. Mostly its about being mindful of what I'm feeling, even when I'm convinced I'm thinking, not feeling. Mixing up those two in the heat of the moment seems to be the set-off point for my stress. I didn't reach for any food when stressed this week and didn't have any mommy meltdowns, so I'm quite pleased. Mon, 8 Sep 2014 14:27:49 EST week 2 Had lots to navigate thru, but one thing at a time, and here I Am. Thank you Sparks! Sat, 6 Sep 2014 13:03:55 EST Reflecting on Week 3 Week 3 started off great for me - a four-day weekend from work, getting various parts of house cleaned out and reorganized, and managed to get in <em>315</em> even though I was <em>527</em> . I was getting plenty of <em>102</em> . Once work kicked back in, my stress levels ticked up a bit, such that I am now starting Week 4 a little frazzled. <em>24</em> <BR> <BR> But, I keep reminding myself that I work to live, not live to work. I have been keeping myself around nine hours a d... Fri, 5 Sep 2014 08:02:57 EST Retaking the stres busting challenge I am not sure if anyone else has had tis problem but I had slid of my spark people eating plan regained any weight I have lost and slid back into my old stressful habits after I dislocated my shoulder in May. I still have to have surgery yet because it is not right. So I am restarting this program and redoing the stress challenge. <em>33</em> Thu, 4 Sep 2014 10:20:21 EST Week 2 Reflections Have learned so much this past week. The best part is learning I am not alone in this. So many of the articles speak to what I am feeling. Learning new techniques, and being more aware of my reactions to stress. This is a great challenge. Also loving the journal-ing and my morning walks. Best wishes to all on this journey!! Tue, 2 Sep 2014 09:55:57 EST My Goal for Week 1 My goals for week one are to list out my common stress triggers. Along with that is to decide whether or not they're things I can control and if not, work out an action plan for coping with them. Mon, 1 Sep 2014 08:34:28 EST Week 1 Goals Oddly, I hadn't noticed feeling really stressed. It wasn't until I started experiencing some "classic signs", specific to me personally, of stress that I realized it had crept in. I was losing too much hair; my skin and hair were different just wonky; I was having trouble focusing at work and at home; and other signs. My goal is to control as much as I have the ability to and roll with the rest. Stressful things happen, but I am better equipped to handle them if I am getting enough sleep, eat... Tue, 26 Aug 2014 22:34:09 EST Stressing in Florida Hi all! My name is Shannon and I am in Florida and the stress level stays moderately high pretty much all the time in this past year and doesn't appear that it will get any better at least in the foreseeable future. Looking for ways to help de-stress while working on improving my health. Tue, 26 Aug 2014 14:14:14 EST Its not selfish... its healthy. Being a mother, a wife, and a business owner, taking time for myself seemed selfish. Going to the gym seemed to be an inconvenience for others. What I have found, when they see the results of your time well spent, they will be more encouraging and excited by your results. <BR> <BR> Treat yourself good, take time to do something healthy for yourself. Walk the track during your son's football practice, stand up while talking on the phone, go to the gym, walk the mall... anything for yoursel... Tue, 26 Aug 2014 08:45:58 EST Taking time to journal I'm finding it difficult to journal the stress in my life. I can come up with excuses and say I'm to tired, but simply I'm not putting myself first. I'm going thru a nasty divorce. My husband has custody of our son and has threatened to take my visitation away if I don't do want he wants me to do. I've got my lawyer on it and he has backed off the threats. Just in the waiting game now. Waiting for paperwork to go thru the courts so we can have our first hearing on custody. I'm very cer... Mon, 25 Aug 2014 17:43:32 EST Week 1 Goals New to this challenge, where do we post our goals? I will post here for now........ <BR> <BR> Week 1 Goals <BR> <BR> 1. Leave 15 minutes for myself in the morning to journal before beginning day <BR> 2. Get up from work desk every 2 hours and stretch, walk or dance <BR> 3. Take a walk outside at least 3 days <BR> <BR> Best wishes to all !! Fri, 22 Aug 2014 11:28:44 EST Krys from Florida So i'm Krys and i'm here because I believe that stress has big impact on not only my weight but also my sleep. I am a worrier and here is why. I have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis as well as crohns disease. I had my first hip replacement in Nov 2013 at the age of 40. I have five children the youngest of which are autistic twins- one has pervasive developmental disorder and the other has rett's syndrome. I can't work because I have medical issues, but I can't collect SSI either based on the... Thu, 21 Aug 2014 22:00:15 EST My Week 1 Journey My goals for this challenge were to: <BR> <BR> - get eight hours of sleep every night <BR> - meditate for 15 minutes (at least) three days a week <BR> - remember that I work to live, not the other way around <BR> - do 45 min of cardio every other day <BR> <BR> I have been getting my sleep in <em>102</em> , which has helped a lot. Our air conditioner died, so we brought a mega shop fan into the bedroom from the garage. My electric bill is probably happier as well, without the A/C ru... Thu, 21 Aug 2014 08:11:57 EST Stressed Right Now There are a lot of major life changes looming over my head (new job, possible move to another foreign country, etc) but right now it is my two year old daughter that is making my muscles tighten, my breathing grow shallow, and me to just feel angry. <BR> <BR> My kids are two, three, and six. I am used to them, and I love them. I just also wish I could have a single thought that didn't get interrupted, or a single private moment in my day. I can't use the bathroom without an interruption, an... Thu, 21 Aug 2014 03:17:20 EST Week 1 Discussion: Stress My biggest stressor is my drive to and from work. I drive an hour and half to and from work 5 days a week. There is a lot of Oilfield traffic and it can be very dangerous on this highway. About two weeks ago, a semi truck had a blow-out and nearly hit me head on at 5:45 in the morning. I swerved to get out of his way and ended up spinning around about 5 times and ended up in the field. He hit the truck behind me, then drove off. I have not figured out a way that I can reduce this stress... Tue, 19 Aug 2014 15:19:22 EST Making Stress My Friend Stress -- could not live without stress. Just a part of life. I can change how I react to it. When stress too high, need to stop and reflect. Think -- what can I do to change this situation? Then take action. Sat, 16 Aug 2014 20:05:09 EST Hi I am Brittany I am a mom of two toddlers. Chloe is 2 and Lucas is 3. My oldest has autism. He has come such a long way. I am so proud of all he has overcome. But, we are still working through things. Chloe is this smart, sassy, independent girl. My husband is in the army. He is active at home thank goodness for now. But, leaves for training and assignments every few months. I have an immune disorder and am in a constant struggle with my health. I am also a mommy blogger with a very active page and around 3... Fri, 15 Aug 2014 08:00:31 EST Week 4 Reflection Today, I'm going to click the box for week 4 and earn my 4-week stress buster challenge award. I deserve it. <BR> <BR> Because I signed up 7 weeks ago, completely overwhelmed and feeling broken beyond repair. <BR> Because I didn't let my evil perfectionist voice win out. <BR> Because I persevered when I thought I couldn't. <BR> Because I took one tiny step at a time, even when it felt like I was going nowhere, even when it took me days to take the next one. <BR> Because I did what I... Wed, 13 Aug 2014 13:32:11 EST New to the group! Hi everyone! I just joined this group. My whole life I've had a very slight problem with anxiety. It depends but under certain stressful situations, I can almost make myself sick from a combination of stress and anxiety. I hope to learn some great things from this group and keep my stress levels and anxiety in check. :) Wed, 13 Aug 2014 09:25:08 EST wk 3 Feeling a little hopeless at this point. The techniques work just fine for the moment but the stress comes right back afterward. Also I'm stressing throughout the day so I'm going to have to practice several times a day. It's the environment, which I'm stuck in. Not much I can do about that part, atleast for now. Wed, 13 Aug 2014 07:28:27 EST Greetings all! Hi, how I handle stress is definately impacting my food choices. I'm working on my attitude and how I can control my situation. I am currently reading "a complaint free world" which is helping with my perspective. Mon, 11 Aug 2014 18:12:03 EST Therapy exercises also help with stress As many of you may know, I broke my arm near the shoulder 6 weeks ago. I'm out of the sling now, but I'm having therapy and do exercises at home. They are time consuming, but I know they are helping me to regain movement of my arm. Interestingly, some of them also seem to relieve stress (i.e. squeezing putty with my hands, rolling my shoulders, and isometric exercises). . <BR> <BR> I usually don't mind grocery shopping, but pushing that cart makes my arm hurt, especially reaching in and... Sat, 9 Aug 2014 15:46:56 EST hello Good morning everyone, <BR> I have joined this challenge to help me overcome the stresses in my life, build new supports. <BR> I am 34 years old, a mother of three and work full-time as an emerg nurse. So I tend to have some stress. I need to get my weight under control and get my life back Thu, 7 Aug 2014 06:58:10 EST wk 2 Ah well, nothing has changed. The boundaries I set forth are being ignored accept by my husband. He's being mindful of what he talks about before bed, etc. If he starts slipping than I remind him. So I guess it's a start atleast. Am I less stressed? Not really but hopefully I'll get there. Wed, 6 Aug 2014 20:30:11 EST Wk 2 Reflections Since doing at least 1 destressing activity a day for the last 2 weeks, I am finally starting to feel some relief. I've learned a few things about what triggers me & also some techniques that help me release the stress. Most effective for me: <BR> <BR> Working with my horses - there's a reason people do "equine therapy" lol The physical aspects, the mental focus, the emotional connection with another being. Good stuff! <BR> <BR> Engaging in creative activities, like finger painting, h... Wed, 30 Jul 2014 17:49:32 EST My Stress Journal My biggest stressors is . . . waiting. Worse than simple impatience, I have obsessive compulsions and once I latch onto something, well, I have to have it or it will consume my thoughts. <BR> <BR> About once a month I have an anxiety attack because I want to move out of my parent's house and start my family already, but don't make nearly enough to do so. Worst of all is the not knowing when I WILL make enough. That stress often causes me to blame others, namely, my fiance, who I live with, ... Mon, 28 Jul 2014 23:51:36 EST No time like the present! The week my fiance and I are moving in together into a new townhouse may not be the best time in the world to start a stress-reducing challenge. Or it could be the perfect time. :P <BR> <BR> Hi--I'm Liz and to say that I'm a bit over-stressed would be an understatement. Let's the last 12 months I finished my last 6 classes towards my paralegal degree, was promoted to assistant manager (under a new manager who than helpful), got engaged, bought a new car, and will be ... Sun, 6 Jul 2014 15:35:52 EST Hello Hi. I'm a 41 y.o. mother of 3. I'm married to my husband of 9 years, and I've gone through a lot for these past 12 years. About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and unfortunately, despite all my accomplishments with getting a Masters degree through a scholarship program, I couldn't really hold a steady job, because of GAD. Even though I lost weight, and passed my nursing boards the first time after getting a BS in Nursing Degree all while nursing my 1... Sun, 6 Jul 2014 09:18:32 EST stressors Right now, there are 11 people living in our house. We are responsible for 1/2 of everything. No one seems to want to help. It's rough right now.... but things will get better. Mon, 30 Jun 2014 16:20:19 EST Still feeling energized This is Day 10 on Spark and Day 10 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I hope I can keep up the momentum so i can get healthier and lose 30 pounds by christmas. Most importantly, I want to feel better about my health and fitness level! Wed, 25 Jun 2014 15:21:38 EST Searching for happy me I have not been myself in the past months because I let stress and worry control me. I am hoping this challenge will not only help me relieve stress but help me find the happy me I once was. I used to enjoy the small things in life, like sitting outside and eating lunch, and now I don't even remember the last time I paused to enjoy my scenery. I can't wait to find that balance between work and me time so I can be the optimistic and cheerful person I used to be. Wed, 25 Jun 2014 11:01:54 EST Paying for College Hello, I am Jasmine and I am a current college senior. I am working two jobs and taking an online class for the summer. I have been down because I feel at 20 I should be doing more activities I enjoy instead of only working. I am extremely stressed and always crunch numbers to make sure I have enough for my bills and to eat. The stress of graduating next May is also a huge issue I have and I hope this challenge will help me better cope with these stressors in my life. Wed, 25 Jun 2014 10:03:53 EST Week 3 results This week I didn't write on my journal as much. I have been trying a new technique this week. I stayed away from the computer as much as I could. I also used walking as a stress reliever. I listened to music and read to help in the process. I really have experienced less stress since I started the challenge. I feel great! Even my hair stopped falling out. Thu, 19 Jun 2014 03:18:13 EST Making Choices For Me Making choices with myself in mind has greatly helped my stress levels in a way I can't even explain. I started asking myself again, "What do I want?" instead of just giving into the needs/demands of those around me. That was my habit and I didn't like it. I still fall back into it some time but 99% of the time, I think before I agree (sometimes for some time) to do something. <BR> <BR> I've also started picking up hobbies that I had before that I wanted to get back into so badly, like wr... Sun, 15 Jun 2014 05:56:39 EST A different perspective! I found this on facebook and wanted to share it. <em>381</em> <BR> <BR> A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they'd be asked the "half empty or half full" question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she enquired: "How heavy is this glass of water?" <BR> <BR> <BR> Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz. <BR> <BR> She replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how l... Fri, 13 Jun 2014 14:00:04 EST Week 4 I managed to really reduce my stress level. Thank you <em>252</em> Fri, 13 Jun 2014 00:28:49 EST Week 3 <em>41</em> I have reduced a lot of my stress. A lot of deep breathing and eating better. Exercising which helps big time. <em>521</em> Thu, 12 Jun 2014 21:19:23 EST My TOPS Club weight loss journey Just wanted to check in and share. I lost 5lbs. last night at my TOPS club meeting last night. I'm approaching my next milestone which is to be in the 380's. I've lost 45 lbs from my highest weight. I've been in my club since September '96/97. It's a long hard road but it's so worth it.I'm hoping to hit that next milestone next Wed. I'm working towards that 100lb. Pound loss called the century club. Making those baby steps to get there. No matter what happens each week just keep on keepin on... Thu, 12 Jun 2014 11:18:57 EST Relieving stress I am going away for a 3 day women's retreat on Forgiveness and Healing. I have also enrolled in a meditation group that will start next week. I am hopeful that both of these events will help bring my life back into perspective. Thu, 12 Jun 2014 11:00:08 EST New beginnings My name is Diane from Sacramento, CA. My husband and I moved here to take care of his elderly mother and by doing so, left all of my children and grandchildren in Oregon. I stay stressed all of the time because I want to go home. I dislike Sacramento mainly because of the heat, so in my dislike I eat to console my heart. Well now, doesn't that just make a lot of sense? Eating is not going to get me back home and if anything at the rate I am going I will die from heart disease which I fou... Thu, 12 Jun 2014 10:55:14 EST Week 2 wrap up Haven't had a chance to use walking as a stress reliever, which is sad cause I love to walk...especially along the beach. <em>211</em> This week, whenever I started to feel the usual pang of stress, I took a timeout. When I got home from work and during my lunch time, I read a book and I've noticed a big difference. So far, so good! <BR> Mon, 9 Jun 2014 02:28:54 EST week 1 doing pretty good in week 1.. Trying some more walking and deep breathing.. <em>252</em> <em>304</em> <em>41</em> Mon, 2 Jun 2014 23:43:26 EST week 2 reflections Doing some deep breathing and walking everyday has bin doing me a world of good. Making progress in week 2. <em>41</em> Mon, 2 Jun 2014 23:41:33 EST Week Three - Cat's Status I'm going through a divorce; which is causing much stress and fear. At times very unpleasant interactions with spouse. I'm adjusting some of my fearful thoughts into positive thoughts. Such as now I see friends more often, I can watch comedy movies, eat healthier meals, at some point find a partner that better matches my personality and goals. Its actually working quite well. I established a new goal to focus on positive traits verses negative traits. Not always easy to do, but awarenes... Sat, 31 May 2014 19:42:58 EST Loss the stress To start a journal of things I like about myself. Thu, 29 May 2014 12:41:48 EST Hello Everyone My name is Griselda but I like to be called Gris. It is 4:25am so you'll excuse me if this is short. I am a stepmother of 3 children, one preteen, one teenager and one young adult. I've been married for almost 2 years and our little life is full of adventure. My 3 main stressors come from my job, my debt and my stepchildren (I love them but it's hard being a stepmother). I look forward to learning how to handle my stress and I am going to bed now. Good luck to everyone! <em>104</em> Tue, 27 May 2014 05:28:12 EST goals for this challenge My goals are to start sleeping a full 8 hours (minimum) every night, to organize my time better, and to continue with the DBT group that I started this month. I hope that this challenge can help me with all of that! <BR> Mon, 26 May 2014 22:49:18 EST less stress, please! Hi I'm Ceema. I joined the challenge last week but I'm shy about posting. I tend to over share and then get embarrassed about it. I did start tracking my stress level daily on my start page and I also have been writing in the blog-I'm aiming for twice a week for that. <BR> <BR> I'm a social worker and I've noticed that my stress levels are highest when I'm at work, or have to deal with work stuff. I also have a really busy life with 2 jobs, I'm in school part-time for a second master's degr... Mon, 26 May 2014 22:36:39 EST Long Term Goals I've noticed an increase in my mood and an even larger increase in my mental clarity once I started making sure I get my workouts in everyday. I didn't get to do one yesterday because I was ill, but I'm going to be sure to do something today so that I can ensure that I feel better. <BR> <BR> With this in mind my main long term goal is to exercise at least 30 minutes a day everyday! <BR> <BR> My secondary goal is to remove as much external stress that I can from my life. If I can influen... Sat, 24 May 2014 06:10:48 EST 1st day with this challage, need support/advice I've had a very eventful few years (in a bad way) but I think the most devastating thing is that my dad's cancer is back and just last week I found that he has been told that he only has 3-6 months left to live. Needless to say I don't really know haw to handle this and my already stressful life is in the extremes now. Any advice on how to handle this/any stress reducing things I should try? Thu, 22 May 2014 00:33:45 EST week 2 reflections Well, there are just things you can't change, and deep breathing, exercise and things like that are not going fix things that can't be changed. I think acceptance and just moving on is a good choice. I guess noting that this will not be forever is also a good choice. Tue, 20 May 2014 15:48:02 EST All About Stress Busting Well, this week seems to be a minimal stress kind of week. Let's see how that goes when I start moving out of my house on Saturday. LOL Tue, 20 May 2014 13:02:04 EST Week Three: My Quick Health Assessment left much to be desired. D: <BR> <BR> My self-esteem is tanked, my quality of sleep is sub par, my stress level is still relatively high (though breathing and playing with poi is helping with that more than I thought was possible!), BUT my energy levels are actually pretty decent. <BR> <BR> One thing that I've noticed lately as my stress level rose my acne problem became...well, a serious problem. I've had acne most of my life but normally during certain times of the month. Now it... Sun, 18 May 2014 06:27:52 EST Week 2 Reflection So, I thought that I had done this post before but I guess I hadn't. haha <BR> <BR> During week two, and continuing through week three, I attempted to share my feelings with my boyfriend more explicitly. I tend to worry about how people will respond to how I feel, rather than sharing what I'm actually feeling. This just leaves me feeling alienated and frustrated...oh and stressed!! <BR> <BR> Like all change it is slow going but I'm trying! Sun, 18 May 2014 06:20:30 EST Time to reboot. Hi, I'm Erin, I'm about to be 29 in two months, live in the Poconos and I'm trying to lose around 75 lbs. I use to be a competitive swimmer from the time I was 4 untill I was 18. Unfortunately, no one told me that when you stop swimming, you have to stop eating an insane amount of calories. I became a widow a year and a half ago, lost my soul mate to a heart attack the day before his 35th birthday. I too have a family history of heart disease, and dropping this extra weight can only help me b... Fri, 16 May 2014 03:26:50 EST Depressed and Over 30 Hey guys, my name is Bianca. I am 34 years old and beginning to become depressed with my weight gain. I had a total hysterectomy two years ago. Since then, I have gained a total of 30 pounds and it is beginning to depress me. I have always been a size 8 and now I am weighing 12-14. I have never been this heavy. I have health screenings each year, in which everything checks out good, except the fact that I am overweight. I think that my biggest problem is balancing my hormones. Since I d... Tue, 6 May 2014 10:57:29 EST My Long Term During this challenge I have learned that I can control my stress level. Everyday I have some sort of stress in my life and with out fail it used to get the better of me. I would raise my voice, start screaming, I would get HORRID headaches. Since this challenge I have learned that I can use breathing techniques and meditation to avoid some of the stress. I can choose what I let get to me. <BR> <BR> My long term stress reduction techniques will include, breathing, ear buds and music, jou... Mon, 5 May 2014 14:46:20 EST Week 2 - Making Progress Very stressing week, but at the end of it I'm doing much better now. My husband of 23 years moved out. Lots of drama to make it happen. After a few days alone I've settled down and starting to find a new rhythm. I've been writing in my journal, exercising, gardening & deep breathing for relaxation/reflection. Seeing a therapist & attorney for support. Finally outreached to family to communicate life status. Their love and support has really lifted me up. <BR> <BR> Pretty sure next w... Sun, 4 May 2014 21:21:52 EST Goal Start a journal and write a daily entry. Sun, 4 May 2014 10:11:02 EST Week 1 Goal: Find my stress triggers Keeping the stress diary has definitely helped me discover what I already knew really. My full-time job is the culprit of most of my stress. The calls/texts on my day off about work, my boss freaking out daily about every little thing, no one higher up seeing the work I put in just the work that doesn't get done. You know, standard work stuff that people don't want to have to deal with. <BR> <BR> My second major stress comes from my relationship...or lack there of with my boyfriend of two... Fri, 2 May 2014 23:43:59 EST Beginning week 3 I have been trying to be a lot more mindful lately. it's been helping. So has pausing and doing some deep breathing. <BR> I'm still getting overwhelemed by the sheer volume of things that need doing. :( Tue, 29 Apr 2014 00:28:42 EST Hello! Hi, <BR> <BR> I'm Marquita, or Marq. I had considered myself someone who could handle stress very well but the amount of life changes I'm implementing have gotten the better of me and now I'm soo stressed when I go to my job (which I currently do not like) I get sick to my stomach and have a hard time with solid foods. <BR> <BR> I'm hoping that the next four weeks will get me back to "normal" so I can spend my time doing what I love and moving towards my goals instead of sleeping the days ... Sun, 27 Apr 2014 06:42:59 EST Saying Hello Hi, <BR> My name is Sherri and I've decided I need to get my life in my control rather than letting it control me. I have health issues that stress makes worse so I want to beat stress back. I'm a LVN working in long-term care. I'm married and have 3 fur babies. Nice to meet ya'll. Thu, 24 Apr 2014 14:41:35 EST week 1 - goal my goal is to make the time for 10 minutes of activity/10 minutes of meditation. I am going to try yoga. Wed, 23 Apr 2014 21:11:51 EST I am new here Hello, I am new to this site and this challenge. I know that I definately need to reduce stress. Stress kills, and I want to live. <em>249</em> Tue, 22 Apr 2014 09:56:02 EST My goals Since I am just starting week 2, and if I'm understanding this right, we're supposed to set goals at the end of week 1 (Right?) Here goes! <BR> I want to learn to keep the emotional eating under control. <BR> I want to have a better connection between my body and my emotions <BR> I want to keep the stress to a minimum, so I can learn to be more present for my son. Tue, 22 Apr 2014 00:15:28 EST Can't seem to finish Week 1 I really do need to work on my stress, but I have a hard time coming back to this SparkTeam to work on it. I have incorporated some stress relievers in my life, such as watching my breath and slowing it down, but others (like daily meditation and journaling) are much more difficult to motivate myself to do than even climbing hundreds of stairs or staying away from sweets. I'm not consistent with working on my stress goals and I'd like to know what others do to make sure they actually do it. Mon, 21 Apr 2014 10:47:18 EST Stress less This week I took the time to become aware of the tension in my face and shoulders. The minute I realized it was there., I took a deep breath. Just that awareness has helped somewhat. Sun, 20 Apr 2014 09:00:51 EST Introducing myself I had taken on a new position a couple of years ago and am finding the workload impossible at times. I am want to try the Stress Busters team to remind myself to relax and "to do what I can do, the rest will wait". Sun, 20 Apr 2014 08:51:58 EST Stress Exhausted myself this week. Ate bad and skipped exercise. Today I slept in and took a 75 minute nature walk. Have a lot to do but will slow down the pace today. Sat, 19 Apr 2014 12:19:56 EST Week 1: Goals I am a full-time college student who commutes an hour to and from twice a week, and has a part time job at a local community college (that feels more like full-time, 24/7). I am getting close to finals week and I want to learn how to handle the inevitable stressors to come without succumbing to previous negative behaviors like binge eating and moping. <BR> <BR> My goal is by the end of the challenge to know how to identify my stressors, my triggers, and how to handle them properly. Thu, 17 Apr 2014 20:25:34 EST Use the "Seven P's" to calm the mind Also use the "Seven P's" to calm the mind when face with stress created by life's never ending changes. <BR> <BR> 1) Pause to calm your thoughts - you can't focus when your mind is divided by a multitude of thoughts, focus on a positive aspect of your life then on resolving one issue at a time. <BR> 2) Permanently record needed actions in a journal or equivalent tickler so that they can be addressed later - when under stress you often tend to forget important matters, but once you properly... Wed, 16 Apr 2014 17:19:51 EST The Seven P's of Success Use the "Seven P's of Success" to remove the clutter or frenzy from your mind and your life. <BR> <BR> 1) Pause to calm your thoughts - you can't focus when your mind is divided by a multitude of thoughts. <BR> 2) Permanently record your thoughts in a journal or equivalent tickler so that they can be addressed later - once you have properly recorded your thoughts, you can rest assured that you won't forget to address them in due time. <BR> 3) Put aside negative thoughts on matters for whic... Wed, 16 Apr 2014 15:49:34 EST Hi, I'm Jacque! I'm a web designer, a bookworm, a first time mommy to an awesome little boy. I've been married for almost 3 years now. I love to bike ride, do yoga, and dance. :) Right now I'm trying to focus on, clearly, destressing! Mon, 14 Apr 2014 19:28:51 EST Hi, I'm Catrina I've been doing SparkPeople on and off for a few years now. I've lost about 20 pounds along the way. I'm in my late 40's and really want to be in a healthy & happy place before hitting 50! <BR> <BR> I've been dealing with stress and depression mainly due to marriage issues. I'd like to stop responding to things I cannot control and focus on healthy living for myself. I'm working on no longer being co-dependent. <BR> <BR> I'm looking forward to this challenge. Its something I need... Mon, 14 Apr 2014 14:38:59 EST Week 1 Goals My marriage is struggling and causing lots of stress. My job is stressing because of company financial issues. <BR> <BR> 1. I plan to focus on accepting what I cannot change. <BR> 2. Focus on diet, exercise, personal thoughts. <BR> 3. Walk daily. <BR> 4. Do one household improvement task this week. <BR> 5. Connect with a friend. Mon, 14 Apr 2014 14:30:13 EST Stress-reducing goals from "Raspberryland" :) So far, so good - a p[leasant and productive start to the weekend has definitely helped! <BR> <BR> If I can keep a cool head in the face of stress (whether or not things are at a "crisis" level) I feel that'll be a great start...........more ideas to come as I continue to work on this challenge and try to figure things out...... Sun, 13 Apr 2014 05:21:03 EST Hi. Looking foward to the challenge. I'm Starr. I'm not sure I'm stressed, but I do know that I am doing some pretty dumb things lately. (Like not going to an expensive dinner I had already paid for because I didn't "feel up to it" last night) <BR> <BR> Anyway, I will do my best and I'm looking forward to the challenge. Actually it looks more fun that anything else. <em>104</em> <BR> <BR> I'm 68, almost 69, have a body that creaks and groans even when I turn over in bed. I don't like to go to sleep, but then I hate to get u... Sun, 13 Apr 2014 01:56:16 EST Hi I'm New Hi, my name is Michelle and I am a stressed-out emotional eater in my early 40's. Life just will throw you curve balls. I am currently trying to get my feet back under me from the last one. <BR> <BR> I have a few things in my life that I would like to change (bad habits to break and good habits to form). I also have some goals that I would like to achieve. My main problem is that I have a hard time just focusing on one, I want to tackle them all at once then wind up exhausted and discour... Tue, 8 Apr 2014 12:51:00 EST week 2 reflection For week 2 I've been keeping up with my journal (blog) and picked up the amount I exercise (I'm also in the 28 day boot camp challenge so that was easy :p) The increased exercise and writing how my day has been going and reflecting on things that bother me or challenge me has helped me understand what I feel and how to manage the stress a little bit better. I'm not obsessing about my upcoming wedding nearly as much (it's in a year!) and I'm stressing over the little things as much as I used t... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 19:23:14 EST Hi, I've been lurking off and on . . . but my stress level is spiralling out of control with a high pressure job and elder care. Joining this challenge for real is I hope a first step. Fri, 28 Mar 2014 13:24:18 EST Leslie's first day Hi I am Leslie and I seriously need to find a way to control my stress that doesn't involve eating. I joined this challenge because if I am going to be successful I need to get a handle on my stress eating I gained 40 lbs in 2 years OUCH! Wish me luck <em>521</em> Thu, 27 Mar 2014 14:32:02 EST Goals Stay Focused on My Blessings <em>459</em> <BR> Meditate <em>135</em> <BR> Stir and Cleanse Chakras daily <em>532</em> <BR> Be Kind To Myself and more accepting of others <em>381</em> <BR> Be more realistic with my writing goals. <em>195</em> Wed, 26 Mar 2014 16:36:33 EST dealing with frustration What is most frustrating for me, What is causing my stress is being disappointed with my husband. Can't yell at him for being who he is, I married it. I'll get over it, just not sure how without a bag of chips. <BR> <em>198</em> <BR> Sat, 22 Mar 2014 18:07:59 EST Week 1 Goal Over the next week I'm going to simply wake up when the alarm goes off at 5:30am and not procrastinate for up to 45 minutes about getting up and doing some strength training and stretching. This will be the first step in breaking my procrastination cycle of life. Fri, 21 Mar 2014 23:44:59 EST My week 1 goals <em>39</em> I have family issues that trigger very stressful reactions in me with the mention of a name. What I need to learn is to take slow breathes and then calmly listen to what is being said first instead of just reacting to the name being mentioned. And then to discuss things when calm and not all upset and unable to respond rationally because of the high emotions involved. This just happened a short while ago and instead of losing my cool I calmly settled myself then was able t... Wed, 19 Mar 2014 22:28:16 EST My goals: During times of great stress I will remember to take good long breaths. <BR> Look for the positive in all things <BR> Have some fun and learn to relax Wed, 19 Mar 2014 21:40:11 EST week 1 goals Start doing yoga 5 times a week. When I start feeling stress, ask myself if it's really worth the negative energy. Sun, 16 Mar 2014 10:37:25 EST week three discussion Well I realize how I was letting little things like traffic on the commute stress me and I am stopping that pattern. I also realize just how stressful my job is and I am considering transferring to a different school where the students aren't so stressful. Sun, 9 Mar 2014 11:12:49 EST forgetting to write in journal Finding it difficult to remember at end of day to write in journal. This is the hardest part of my new health plan, the stress. Difficult to remember when the stress trigger starts to try one of the de-stress techniques. <em>24</em> Need support. Wed, 5 Mar 2014 08:55:41 EST reflecting on week 2 writing in the journal is really helping, it is making me notice when I get stressed and start my thinking to change. I have been trying to use the envisioning the quiet serene place when stressed and that seems to really help. Sun, 2 Mar 2014 21:48:56 EST Week 1 Goals 1. Take 30 minutes a day to get lost in a book. <BR> <BR> 2. Exercises at least three times this week for at least 30 minutes. (Saturday - Friday) <BR> <BR> 3. Track food daily. Sat, 1 Mar 2014 16:57:33 EST Hi I am new here I live in England. I was really pleased to fine this group. I need it! I will y to participate buy please give me time to get involved. my stress is social phobia to name one. Sat, 1 Mar 2014 13:23:11 EST Week 1 Getting back on track this week. Goals are to exercise 3X this week. Eat more protein and less carbs. Stop eating after 7 pm. <em>41</em> Thu, 27 Feb 2014 10:29:31 EST Share my challenge goals I am going to write in my stress journal at least 3 times a week to try and identify my stressors and I am trying to learn to meditate by starting with 3 minute increments. it is very hard for me to clear my mind and relax. Wed, 26 Feb 2014 13:25:52 EST Hi I'm Lisa I have been having a lot of Tension Migraines brought on by stress. I want to learn how to reduce my stress levels so it will help reduce my Tension Migraines. I live with my brother Steven, sister-in-law Lisa, her mom Barb, 3 cats, 2 dogs & a Quaker Parrot. There are days when there is a lot of tension & stress in the house. I love to write stories, read, color Mandalas, knit with both needles & knitting board looms, crochet embroider & other crafts. Tue, 25 Feb 2014 22:21:26 EST Week 1 - Goals and Challenges There are stresses that are going to exist (without a large realignment in career, etc that I'm not willing/able to change at the moment), and my goals are more to deal constructively with stress than to eliminate it. <BR> <BR> 1: Enjoy my commute; listen to audio books, observe nature, or simply reflect on the day. I too often dislike my commute, and need to look at the positive aspects. <BR> <BR> 2: De-stress in a more constructive manner. It's been my habit to eat when stressed/angry/etc... Fri, 21 Feb 2014 10:35:47 EST Reflections on Week Two I had four days off from work this week and no step-kids this weekend while I was off so it was just my little guy and I! Needless to say, stress-free describes it perfectly. <BR> While I do and can occasionally get a little wound up from my little guy and his frustrations and new found temper tantrums, I found having the time off to enjoy him really helped! <BR> I also got some exercise in and some reading and took some time for myself as well as my little booger! <BR> Tue, 18 Feb 2014 21:01:14 EST Week One Goals My goal is to have a consistent schedule so that I know what I have time for. My plan is to work out at least three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday (to start). This will happen after work, as I work right down the street from my gym. I plan to wake up at 5 a.m. every morning to work on homework for two hours during the week. Saturday will be a "finish homework day" and Sunday will be a relaxing day. Tue, 18 Feb 2014 14:47:53 EST week # 1--check Goal Day: I have thought about this a lot. <BR> <BR> 1. I am going to start 'taking off' one day per week. I will do no 'stuff' that day. I will cook the day before and we will have leftovers. No laundry. I will take care of my doggie. <BR> <BR> The reason for this is that I go....go...go....go..until I collapse. My OCD-ness, caused by my caregiver schedule x2 that I had for years makes me do this. I continue to PUSH myself until I do all I can do. So I thought about it and prayed about i... Mon, 17 Feb 2014 21:57:28 EST Reflection for week two I started the week with more worries than I would generally like, but, after doing my fitness routine, yoga, reading, meditating on nature and journalizing that in my second blog, I ended up finding more peace than I expected to finish out strong. Now, if I can stay on this roll ... I believe I may have something good here. Phew ... Good bye two and come on in week three! <em>521</em> or, at least, I think I got this! Thank you SP for this outlet. Good luck all Thu, 13 Feb 2014 01:51:06 EST Newbie Hi my name is Katie! I am in the process of renewing myself body, mind and soul. My biggest setback by far is my habit of over analyzing and worrying. We all know stress is a slippery slope...I'm hoping this team will help me to better manage stress in a healthy way! Wed, 12 Feb 2014 16:21:12 EST Week Two Done I am just wrapping up a mini vacation with my family. They are usually very stressful for me. But this one was extraordinarily different. Just using some very simple strategies, I had a fantastic weekend. Mon, 10 Feb 2014 07:57:54 EST Week One Goals Stress is just causing my fibromyalgia to flare up. My goals are therefore to work on breathing techniques and counting to ten before reacting. I also need to remember that it is not what is said but how I react to it. I need to be accountable for my own stress, not blame the causes on others. Sat, 8 Feb 2014 13:19:00 EST My Wed. TOPS Night. We after having 3 weeks of good losses, I gained 5 lbs. tonight. I do know what I did. Gotta watch my salt. I just want to stay under at my milestone. It's a new day. <BR> These are our mottos we use in our club: <BR> I CAN YOU CAN TOGETHER WE CAN <BR> IF IT IS TO BE IT'S UP TO ME <BR> <em>521</em> <em>386</em> Wed, 5 Feb 2014 23:39:43 EST Week One Done So after review my stress an where it comes from these are my goals going into week 2. <BR> 1. Continue to eat well <BR> 2. Enjoy the kids <BR> 3. DO Yoga before bed <BR> 4. Complete stress journal daily <BR> 5. Complete Grateful Journal Mon, 3 Feb 2014 12:32:16 EST this week goal My goal this week is to start a regular workout routine Thu, 30 Jan 2014 12:18:08 EST Checking In. My TOPS weight loss journey Just wanted to share I lost 4 lbs and tied for loser of the Week with one of our newest members and a good friend of mine. Working towards my 350 lb. Milestone next. Tonight was 3 weeks no gain. Have a wonderful rest of the Week y'all! <BR> <em>521</em> <em>386</em> <BR> <BR> I CAN YOU CAN TOGETHER WE CAN <BR> IF IT IS TO BE IT'S UP TO ME Wed, 29 Jan 2014 23:25:10 EST First week done! Having just finished week one (now starting week two) I did a couple new things that so far seem to actually be having positive effects! <BR> <BR> For one, I actually took my calendar and wrote in a 15 minute block at a specific time EVERY DAY that I will go in my room and lie down while doing deep breathing. <BR> <BR> The second is I started a very simple basic yoga workout, one specifically for stress reduction that comes off of a CD. (My therapist made it and gives it to her anxiety ... Wed, 29 Jan 2014 07:25:14 EST My first week goal. I am trying to organize my home this week. I have bronchitis so it will be a challenge but I know I have to start somewhere. I did my 10 minute workout this morning (shocked to feel the burn in just 10 minutes I know now it has been too long) and after that it actually did help my stress level. I painted a sign for my wall to help me relax. I will clean out the fridge before I start dinner since that was my email today. Wed, 22 Jan 2014 15:48:48 EST New to the team Hello everyone! My friends call me Simmy. I live in NE Ohio and am 40 years old. I had been diagnosed with severe anxiety/panic disorder 10 years ago this past December. I have been in bi-weekly therapy this whole time. Stress is a constant overwhelming thing for me. Despite therapy, occasionally writing in my journal, low dose meds, and occasionally practicing relaxation techniques I cannot seem to deal with things well. Over these last 10 years I managed to gain over 150 pounds. :( ... Wed, 22 Jan 2014 07:02:02 EST Hi everyone! I'm Teresa- I've been with SparkPeople a little over 2 months now, and am glad to find this challenge!! Life has been seriously stressful lately- the usual of course-dealing with financial woes, teenagers and tweenagers, job stress, etc... Hoping to learn new ways to cope, exercise has helped a lot, but not quite enough. Best wishes to all my new teammates~! Tue, 21 Jan 2014 16:41:28 EST Joni Hello, I'm Joni. I have been struggling with anxiety for about a year. I started being medically treated about 4 months ago. The anxiety attacks have gotten much much better. However, it has cause me to gain about 20 pounds. And this causes me stress as I have always struggled with my weight and I pride myself on maintaining it and get very upset when I can't. Tue, 21 Jan 2014 08:59:36 EST Starting Week 3 I already read the requirements for this week, and I think I am making headway. <BR> <BR> I picked up where I left off in 2013, and I want to steamroll into 2014 with more positivity than before. No matter what comes my way, I still have a family that loves me and friends that support me, and that makes life worth living! <BR> <BR> Now that Monday is out of the way, full steam ahead! <BR> Mon, 20 Jan 2014 11:15:35 EST Week 2 Looks Good WOW! <BR> <BR> The reading materials, although I read them the first time in the end of September of last year, all hit a note with the stressors that I am dealing with now as well! <BR> <BR> I have a journal, a game plan, and the energy to reboot this challenge! <BR> <BR> Just looking for online friends to help make it happen!!! <BR> <BR> Thanks in advance!! Mon, 20 Jan 2014 11:10:55 EST Stress goals So my goals for this challenge: <BR> 1. Stop thinking about what other people are thinking. You will never know what they are thinking. <BR> 2. Confine stressful things to small time slots. Turn off the computer - step away from the computer - and go get something done. <BR> 3. Lists are good. They help you remember what needs to be done and it's fun to cross things off when they are done. They help to prevent those "forehead-smacking" moments when you stress out because you forgot s... Sat, 18 Jan 2014 00:03:12 EST My Wed. TOPS Weigh In Well, just wanted to check in. I lost 2 1/2 lbs. At at TOPS Meeting tonight. I'm sooo happy I am under at my milestone. My next milestone I am shooting for is 350. My overall weight loss goal is to lose 50 lbs. This year! Just making those small goals to get up to ny overall goal. <BR> <BR> Also wanted to share My name was drawn for our 50/50 Let it ride game and with over a,half of the deck of cards left I picked the joker and,won $75 and some change. Just wanted to share! Have a great ... Wed, 15 Jan 2014 23:46:27 EST Positive thinking I want to get a positive mind set that i can achieve my goals and stick with them until i accomplish the weight lost i need to get heathy Wed, 15 Jan 2014 16:18:04 EST Why I joined I joined the Stress Busting Challenge because I am trying to conceive via fertility treatments and decreasing my stress should improve my chances. Mon, 13 Jan 2014 09:33:10 EST Weekly goals My goals for this week are to: <BR> 1. Meditate for 10 minutes each day <BR> 2. Reach out to at least one friend I haven't talked to in a while <BR> 3. Put some things into perspective / decrease perfectionism Mon, 13 Jan 2014 09:26:03 EST My personality tends toward stress I just read the article about personalities and stress, and I exhibit at least 5 of the 10 (I think their were 10) characteristics that create stress from the inside. I think many of these "habits" are leftovers from when I was a mom with 4 kids at home and never had enough time for everything, let alone for myself. Now life should be different, but I seem to be stuck in that mode, of always doing two things at one time, never relaxing, never taking time for myself, etc, even though life sh... Sat, 11 Jan 2014 08:58:24 EST Ah to be less stressed.... Hi there. I am a mother of 5 kids. One just off to college and 4 at home. Married to a great man who (unfortunately works out of state 3 weeks a month) - so, almost a single mom whose kids are very active and busy. One child is schooled at home. Another was born with a birth defect (which has ongoing issues, but nothing really overwhelming). I have one OVER over-achiever and one who does not care what goes on around him. I also have a business that I am running from home. Wrestling, volleybal... Thu, 9 Jan 2014 13:21:36 EST Relearning to destress Hi, Im Laura. I have recently found out I do not have to have a second back surgery. However the gentleman that lives with me does. Dealing with months of pain and financial concerns have me extremely stressed and holding it in. I have practiced yoga and meditation for 35 years . Now I cant seem to meditate because my mind is going a hundred miles an hour. Im hoping if I set goals for myself it will put me back on the right track and focus me in the present. Wed, 8 Jan 2014 07:54:47 EST week 1 goals my goals for this week is: <BR> track nutrition <BR> walk the dog every day, <BR> exercise 3 times a week <BR> take time for me. <BR> Tue, 7 Jan 2014 08:36:31 EST Week one to a better me My goal for less stress in my life this week is to write down everything that I stress out about for the 7 days. Having this list I think will help with understanding my priorities as I always worry about the future. Which is something that I cant control. Finances and my health also stress me out but I believe focusing on my goals of starting to exercise 3-4 times a week and mediate daily for 30 minutes will help too Sat, 4 Jan 2014 13:00:51 EST My goals My goal is to not stress out any more. It affects my family and makes me feel horrible when it does affect them. Work and finances are my biggest stresses and when I get stressed I make the wrong choices when it comes to food. I really want to get this under control, so I can get healthier and to not have work or money affect my family. Fri, 3 Jan 2014 23:18:02 EST Hi my names Crystal My name is Crystal..36, I live in Loudoun County VA, <BR> My family all suffer from various Mental & Physical Health Illnesses.... a lot I feel could have been prevented living an Active Lifestyle and Eating Clean. Ive always had a different view on food then my family growing up. <BR> <BR> That still gets in the way,.and good marketing .and my good habits go to Bad Eating and Lack of Motivation to workout. <BR> .. <BR> My Excuses...time, money, stress, family,,work......... Thu, 2 Jan 2014 11:56:02 EST Maintaining an even keel I have read that it is a good thing to avoid both emotional highs and lows since what goes up must come down, so to speak. Putting this into practice (not always easy) has been resulting in a feeling of inner calm for me these days. Thanks to Spark People's direction, and the power of prayer. When I do get stressed I find that a good workout on my exercise bike really helps to work off excess adrenaline, and prayer while I'm biking helps calm my spirit. I really feel better when I'm done. Sat, 28 Dec 2013 18:20:55 EST My goal My challenge goal is to use NLP to stop "awfulizing" when I don't have information about an incident or what someone else is thinking. I will be myself and remember what Dr Seuss said - those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter. Sat, 28 Dec 2013 12:20:24 EST Stressed Hi Everyone My name is Nancy.I joined this team because I am stressed out and looking for ways to learn to deal with it. <BR> I am staying sick all the time.Mostly stomach problems.I know it is caused from stress.I tend to eat my way through stressful times.Mainly sweets.The sugar seems to lift me up but only shortly then I come crashing down.I seek the sugar high. <BR> I know all this is bad for me.I am looking for positive ways to deal with this. Sun, 22 Dec 2013 19:28:08 EST My Wed. TOPS Weigh in. Checking In Just checking in and wanted to share that I lost 3 lbs. At me TOPS Meeting tonight!! It was our last weigh in for the year! I'm 4 lbs. under at my milestone!!! I'm just beyond excited!! We won't have a meeting for two to three weeks. I've lost 25lbs. For this year! Looking forward to 2014 in my weight loss journey! IF IT IS TO BE IT'S UP TO ME/I CAN YOU CAN TOGETHER WE CAN! <BR> I hope each of you here have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! <em>521</em> <em>386</em> Thu, 19 Dec 2013 00:24:10 EST Week 1 Goals I'm on vacation from work this week so that's helping to eliminate some of my stress. Dealing with my grown son who lives with me and is not responsible causes me great stress and yesterday was a bad day... <BR> <BR> My goal this week is to focus on the things I can change, deep breathing when stressed, exercise, and healthy eating. Thu, 12 Dec 2013 15:44:07 EST My goals I just joined the challenge, and I really need to learn how to deal with stressors without internalizing them. I'm going to check out some of the articles here on SP, but I also want to set some goals for this challenge. <BR> <BR> I need to learn how to talk about what is stressing me without worrying about the conflict it might cause. <BR> <BR> I want to get off my anti-anxiety meds. <BR> <BR> I want to be able to learn to relax and take time for myself. <BR> <BR> Wed, 11 Dec 2013 09:06:54 EST Hi There! With the holidays quickly approaching and my husand's temporary job quickly coming to an end, I decided to go ahead and join this challenge. I need to learn how to juggle my health problems and my husband's employment challenges, all while dealing with living with an elderly parent and a high stress job. <BR> <BR> Hoping this challenge will help me learn to talk about things more freely, and to find alternatives to the anxiety medicine I'm currently on. Wed, 11 Dec 2013 09:03:52 EST Week one I think too much about my mother when she was ill. I think about what could have done better for her when she was alive. And I get upset, and I eat and then I get stressed because I'll get fat.I am starting to learn that if I go to the gym I feel less stressed, maybe because I feel guilty if I don't workout? Wed, 11 Dec 2013 05:10:35 EST What I have learned from this challenge... This challenge has been very helpful for me. It has let me see how much I already did to alleviate the stress I live with and given me some very useful tools that I hadn't thought about before. My long term goal for stress management is to keep using these techniques and to periodically review the tips in the calendar in the resources section. I also want to continue to find ways to take events that I perceive as stressful and transform those events into stress relieving episodes instead. ... Tue, 10 Dec 2013 12:45:29 EST Working off the stress I've been working towards stopping neativity cycles before they can go round and round in my mind and keep me from sleeping. It's tough to stop stressing at night, but it's getting easier with practice. I've also been heading to the gym when I start feeling overwhelmed and it helps quite a bit. Here's to a healthier body AND a healthier mind! Mon, 9 Dec 2013 10:21:36 EST De-stress AHHHHHH So my biggest thing is I take the stress home with me. I am a preschool teacher and I have a hard time letting things go at the end of the day. One of my goals on the goal board is to enjoy life. That is something that I forget to do. I think I could overcome my stress issues if I would just relax and enjoy the simple things of life. Sat, 7 Dec 2013 08:07:36 EST Week 3 (caution, abuse trigger alert) My greatest stressor is my mindset of professional victimhood. <BR> <BR> A little background - my childhood started off pretty rough. I was left out to burn in the sun at 6 weeks. A 18 months I lost everything I owned in a flood. My dad's pet names for me were stupid, useless and worthless and he told me constantly that what I really needed was to be smacked between the eyes with a 2x4 to knock some sense into me. He found wild baby animals for me to play with and then kill them in front... Tue, 3 Dec 2013 08:01:12 EST Starting Over Hi all! <BR> I am on my second go-round with SparkPeople. I lost over 30 lbs in 2011, but "fell of the wagon" and have gained it all back, plus some bonus pounds! I turned 30 this year and I really feel like this is the time to take it off and keep it off through a lifestyle change that includes healthy eating and a more active lifestyle. I am a mother, wife, grad student, and full-time employee, so sometimes my health/exercise priorities get shoved aside. I am working to make a change so tha... Mon, 2 Dec 2013 13:03:34 EST Week 2 I took a bubble bath this week and talked to my family about issues. I also tried to minimize my daily commute by listening to music or audio books... Tue, 26 Nov 2013 20:09:40 EST Week 2 This week has been a challenge, between both jobs, lack of sleep, and sinus hasn't been the best week. I lost it a couple of times and let people get the best of me. But on an up side...finally got the much needed sleep my body was begging for..still have sinus issues but managed to get caught up on house cleaning and some Christmas shopping...time for more cold meds and another long night of sleep hopefully. Sat, 23 Nov 2013 20:10:35 EST Week 2 This week has seen some up and downs. It started out great. I was almost stress free for the first half of the week. And then something hit a trigger. I shut down and I didn't reach out for help. I don't even know what the trigger was. That was the day that I stopped keeping up with my stress journal. I fell into a dark place. I'm still not out of it, and everything is starting to seem to pile on top of another. Fri, 22 Nov 2013 14:52:12 EST Some Changes to Nutrition Tracker This is from Coach Tanya: <BR> <BR> Sorry that I didn't post this sooner. You can copy and paste this message in your teams to better inform them if you are seeing questions. <BR> <BR> This morning we launched a slightly redesigned version of the nutrition tracker. The changes entail: <BR> <BR> 1) An overall visual redesign. We simplified the colors, and a few other things. The goal was to better match the redesigns recently launched on pages like our homepage and Start page. <BR> <BR> 2)... Thu, 21 Nov 2013 21:27:59 EST I'm Jumping In This is my first team challenge and first posting; I started laughing when I realized that this was stressful. Laughing is one my best tools to reduce stress. Thu, 21 Nov 2013 19:02:41 EST My TOPS Wed. weigh in night. Just wanted to share tonight at my weight in night I lost 4 lbs. and was loser of the Week. Since the beginning of the year I have lost 24.3 lbs. Since the beginning of the year! Working on my 100 lb century club. Making those small goals first! Working on my next milestone. We won't be have a meeting for the next two weeks. Next week's Thanksgiving and then the Week after that is our Christmas party. Just wanted to share! <BR> <BR> I CAN YOU CAN TOGETHER WE CAN <BR> IF IT IS TO BE IT'... Thu, 21 Nov 2013 00:25:36 EST hi i like me time I don't go out much. work than home. so i do the exercises by my self town is 30 mint away. am doing ok Sun, 17 Nov 2013 10:41:43 EST my week one... Taking on this challenge actually made me more aware of what goes on around me. I let small things bother me, things I have no control over bother me, and other peoples actions bother me...I need to focus on me and my own attitude/behavior and make my own changes to benefit my life. Sat, 16 Nov 2013 11:40:29 EST Week 2 This week, my stress reduction techniques included taking hot bubble baths with Eucalyptus Spearmint bubble bath to relax and calling a friend to chat to get me out of my stressed, high anxiety mood. <BR> <BR> I felt more relaxed this week, although I need to get more sleep. I believe if I got more sleep, I would feel better and not feel so stressed out. Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:24:16 EST My Reflection, More Like a Mirror I've been blaming my stress on my abusive childhood and my autistic child but really I think I'm the cause of 99% of my stress. Two things I've concentrated on this past week: <BR> <BR> 1. Stop complaining. I've been trying to go 24 hours without complaining. It hasn't happened yet. I'll keep working on it. <BR> <BR> 2. Be kind to myself. It's #1 turned inwards, the amount of negative self abuse I put on myself is amazing. I would get away from anyone who treated me the way I treat ... Tue, 12 Nov 2013 05:26:37 EST Goals After looking at my stress journal and reflecting on my week I realize that much of my stress comes from myself and "toxic thoughts". I make excuses. My goals include: <BR> <BR> learn new techniques to handle stress- the ones I have are obviously not working. <BR> Take a more positive outlook <BR> Stop getting hooked up on little things <BR> Learn how to accept <BR> Meet new people and form at least one new friendship Sun, 10 Nov 2013 14:10:11 EST Hello. Hi. My name is Tara. I'm on a mission to recover from depression. Stress has been one of the forces behind it, and I want to be able to live in spite of my stress. I hope to find the motivation and support behind this challenge. <BR> <BR> Have a good day! Thu, 7 Nov 2013 16:27:04 EST My TOPS Wed. Roll Call/ Wanted to to share! My TOPS Wed. Roll Call - for 11/6/13 - I lost 2 lbs. tonight and made my milestone tonight! I would like to share my weight with ya'll since I am at my first milestone! <BR> Tonight I was 398 lbs. I also tied for loser of the month with 3 1/2 lbs. Was so excited to share my milestone with ya'll! Monday <BR> <BR> *Monday the 11th is my 39th birthday and we are having a family celebration and I am going to my favorite Mexican food place, Gringos! Birthday are only once a year! I have a pla... Thu, 7 Nov 2013 00:07:45 EST Stress busting goals I need to look at the things I can change instead of the things I cannot change. I need to recognize what I have and how blessed I am. I need to be more positive. I also need to take a deep breath and learn to relax. <BR> <BR> I need to learn to control my emotions instead of becoming overwelmed so easily. Wed, 6 Nov 2013 16:12:36 EST My Goal I want to stop always worrying about what is going to happen next. How am I going to pay this bill, what am I going to do after work, what will next Wednesday hold?? i really need to stop freaking out about the future and just deal with what is happening NOW. <BR> <BR> I also need to stop letting OTHER PEOPLE'S bad attitude upset me. I need to stop getting worked up over other people Wed, 6 Nov 2013 12:54:29 EST Good Morning :) Hello everybody!! I am Alena and I am new to the stress busting challenge. It has been over a year since I have been on Spark, but I really need the motivation to get me going to where I would like to be. I know that I am capable of accomplishing my goals, I just need to break past the anxiety of what other people may view me as while I do it. I know that it is all just mental stress. I have to be confident! Wed, 6 Nov 2013 09:04:37 EST Finished Week 2 I finished Week Two and I was able to take a walk every day for stress relief, as well as reduce caffeine intake, regular journaling/blogging and have been using nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes to aid in my quest to quit smoking. But, I still want to implement zen meditation back into my routine (20 minutes in the morning and in the evening) as I've found that to be the best stress reducing technique I've found. Tue, 5 Nov 2013 15:07:25 EST Good Morning My name is Kathie and I am very new to this. I will say that I do feel a lot of stress. I am hoping this Challenge will help me over come some of my stress that I feel. Sun, 3 Nov 2013 06:45:26 EST How do you resist outside stress? Kind of a crisis My best friend/boyfriend (not sure what he is) and I have had a bad year, starting last summer. First my boss, who was like a family member, died unexpectedly. So I lost my job. Then I ended up in the hospital half dead needing emergency surgery. Then our really close friend was killed by a drunk driver - we knew the driver very well, and he's in prison now. Then my aunt died. Then I got a very aggressive and scary form of cancer. (This all happened in less than six months.) Then I lost my ho... Fri, 25 Oct 2013 00:46:16 EST Less Stress My goals for less stress: <BR> <BR> 1) Don't hold onto stress. Let things go. Do not dwell on stressful events. <em>253</em> <BR> 2) Always make time to exercise, at least 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week. <em>362</em> <BR> 3) Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. <em>102</em> <BR> 4) Eat healthy, but reward myself at the end of the week for doing so. <em>551</em> Thu, 24 Oct 2013 15:24:03 EST My Wed. TOPS WEIGH IN NIGHT Just wanted to check in with y'all with my weight loss journey. I didn't make my milestone tonight. I gained 1 1/2 lbs. Tonight. I still have a good loss going for the year. Just making those small goals. Just wanted to share what we did for our Program tonight. On a long table. There was an array of different kinds of fruits, veggies, chips. Another member was helping and what they did is one of the ladies picked her serving of what she would really like and then the,other member showed... Wed, 23 Oct 2013 23:09:14 EST Working overnight shift. I am new to this spark team thing so I my not be doing this right. My biggest stress right now is working overnight. I need some guidance in how to eat. I work 12 hour shifts. So I go in at 6 PM. What happens most of the time is I try to get some sleep before I go in to work but I rarely can sleep more than an hour or two. Then I work until 6 AM. When I get home I sleep for 6 to 8 hours get up Eat a light Breakfast type meal and start the 6 PM shift again. At the end of the second shift I try... Tue, 22 Oct 2013 10:50:03 EST Goals for stress I think a lot of people would envy me - I don't work right now, I don't have to worry about money, and I have plenty of time to relax. But I just finished cancer treatment, and the fear of not staying in remission is the most stressful thing I have ever experienced - worse than law school or the bar exam! <BR> <BR> I'm doing all that I can. I quit smoking. I'm losing weight. And I'm exercising. But there is only so much I can do, and the rest is out of my hands. I need to figure out more way... Mon, 21 Oct 2013 22:27:20 EST Ann's stress journal I'll try to keep my history brief. I have mental illness and a therapist and am on medications. I've tried committing suicide twice. I've also got alot of physical problems which put me on prednisone and between it, my menopause, and depression (meaning I don't care if I change out of my pj's all day much less move around) I've gained over 100 lbs. Now we're all caught up. My mother causes most of my stress by trying to change me. My husband does too but smothering me to death with love (does... Fri, 18 Oct 2013 23:42:00 EST Changes to Start Page on Monday 10/21 There are major changes coming to the Start page on Monday. <BR> <BR> <link><BR>st=introducing_a_brand_new_sparkpeople<BR>_experience </link> <BR> <BR> I was one of the testers and I really like the changes. It is going to be great for new users. It may take some of us "old-timers" a bit of getting used to, but things are organized in a much more logical fashion. I think having tracking front and center is a huge improvement. Fri, 18 Oct 2013 08:06:49 EST Goals for Week 1- Stress Buster OK -- here are my goals - This is not an option as I was in the hospital 1 week agao with a TIA (mini stroke) kinda scary at my age, so I am on a stress busting quest!!! <BR> <BR> 1. Exercise outside by walking in nature 3 times this week <BR> 2. Start my gratitude journal again and write in it at least 3 times this week <BR> 3. Soak in a hot bath once this week <BR> 4. Get more 7-8 hours sleep each day <BR> 5. Light a candle for 15 min and be still/meditate each day <BR> <BR> <em>548</em... Thu, 17 Oct 2013 23:13:31 EST My Goals 1) Stop worrying about what has not happened yet <BR> 2). Get out more <BR> 3). Find a hobby <BR> 4). Learn to keep a journal Wed, 16 Oct 2013 10:11:07 EST Stress buster challenge goals Most of my stress is either work related or finance related. I've got to work on not letting my work stress me out so bad and carry over into my personal life. Ive got to realize that I cam only do so much work in a day regardless of how much I an suppose to do and stressing and freaking out about it ismt going to help get more work done or get it stone any faster. So that's my first goal, do the best I can to get the work done each day but don't let it destroy my day if I cant gwt it done.... Sun, 13 Oct 2013 16:32:55 EST me and my stress journal This is my stress journal. Lol, my therapist has been bugging me to try making a mental illness journal, this might be the closest I can get. <BR> <BR> I'm stressed from my life, from physical illness (lupus, osteoporosis, peripheral neuropathy, leftover brain trauma from strokes/seizures) and mental illness (depression, anxiety, PTSD), from constantly thinking of stuff I can't do or can't do anymore (I used to be much more active, I used to have more friends, etc), and from money issues (o... Sun, 13 Oct 2013 13:24:20 EST intense day I did something really challenging and kind of scary today. I went to the school where I used to work and acted as a consultant to the teachers. My old boss had recommended me for the job of observing classrooms and making suggestions for behavior management and lesson planning. I guess you'd call it troubleshooting. Not only was it the first day at a job that requires looking like you know what you're doing, but I knew I was bound to run into this one friend of mine who works there. Sh... Thu, 10 Oct 2013 17:12:58 EST My Wed. TOPS weigh in/Checkin In Just wanted to check in with y'all and share at my TOPS Meeting I lost 3 1/2 lbs and was loser of the Week. I have lost 18.30 lbs since January of this year! I am very close to making that milestone. Striving to keep on going down. Make those small goals. <BR> I CAN YOU CAN TOGETHER WE CAN/IF IT IS TO BE IT'S UP TO ME <BR> <BR> Also wanted to share I am walking this Saturday morning in a 5K Alzheimer's Walk on one of the Galveston beaches. I am private home caregiver and have been for ... Thu, 10 Oct 2013 03:00:58 EST carries stress journal Work stress is the worst. My boss is so demanding, it seems like the more u get accomplished the more she adss untill ur workload is so huge its impossible to get it done. Than when u dont she yells at u. If u inform her its too much she informs u that everyone needs to do their part. Most people on my team just give up and quit. Im not a quitter so theres my dilema for the day sometimes i just wanna scream and run away <em>46</em> Wed, 9 Oct 2013 22:56:56 EST Making some progress It's nothing groundbreaking, but I think I'm slowly getting better. My big success so far is public paranoia of everyone judging me constantly. I think I'm finally getting myself to REALIZE that no one cares--everyone's thinking about what people think of themselves, and I'm NOT in the spotlight all the time for people to jump on and laugh at. Now that I'm conquering that aspect of stress, I think more social problems I have will begin to get better. <BR> <BR> Other stuff I'm still fairly st... Tue, 8 Oct 2013 16:47:46 EST Week three done I feel like I am reducing my stress. I didn't even work this weekend and enjoyed myself with my family! Sun, 6 Oct 2013 21:02:13 EST The Little Things The ' L I T T L E ' Things~ <BR> As you might remember, the head of a company survived 9/11 Because his son started kindergarten. <BR> <BR> Another fellow was alive because it was His turn to bring donuts. <BR> <BR> One woman was late because her Alarm clock didn't go off in time. <BR> <BR> One was late because of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike Because of an auto accident. <BR> <BR> One of them Missed his bus. <BR> <BR> One spilled food on her clothes and had to take Time to change. <BR>... Sun, 6 Oct 2013 10:00:33 EST long range goals. my long range goals are to change my routine around. I no longer go to the gym but get exercise at my apartment. I stopped using my food journal, but I still try to measure things. I am losing weight and feeling better. At the moment I am focusing on my health the best I can. I am eating healthier more and more. Sat, 5 Oct 2013 13:38:13 EST Retired- Stressed I thought when I retired from a high stress job (FAA Air Traffic Control) I would be able to relax, but now I get stressed about accomplishing chores, finding time volunteer stuff which I am involved in, etc. My wife thinks I am OCD, but I am definitely NOT a nea freak, so kinda doubt that. At least I made my target weight a long time ago (3 years) and have held it. (down to 163 from 233). I do exercise regularly, walking around lake at local State Park, and going to the gym 2-3x a week, as ... Sat, 5 Oct 2013 09:49:35 EST So I'm onto week 2 Ok well I'm into week 2 and I must say that I can definitely tell a difference in my mood swings. I also have noticed that I let things people say blow away like the wind instead of strike me like thunder, some of the time. I'm still working on that one, lol. So my 2nd week goals to combine with my 1st week are: <BR> 1. Call a friend if its really bad <BR> 2. Dance to some upbeat music (I'm up to 10 minutes but working towards 30) <BR> 3. Take a relaxing hot bath with soothing music and candl... Sat, 5 Oct 2013 02:46:42 EST Week 1 So long Stress 4EVER!!! I'm so stressed that making these goals was stressful but I've done it. I decided to start easy because I am a perfectionist and a worrier. So at first I was afraid I will fail and then give up on losing wieght all together. Yes I can jump from failing at destressing to giving up on losing weight that quickly and rationalize it somehow. <BR> <em>40</em> <BR> So here are my goals. After taking the test I believe these are whats best for me: <BR> 1. Get on schedule with taking my meds and ... Sat, 5 Oct 2013 01:10:12 EST Hi, my name is Ann. I'm new to SP and this group. I am so stressed that i believe telling you allmy stressors may stress some of you overboard. <BR> <em>198</em> <BR> I say it jokingly because honestly I don't know how else to help myself except to be destructive and release the anger that fills me til I explode and I know that is not healthy to me or others. So I'm here because I truly need help busting my stress!! <BR> <em>303</em> Sat, 5 Oct 2013 00:13:49 EST Week 1 - saying goodbye to stress - Goals 1. Leave work at WORK. <BR> 2. Don't go to bed angry. <BR> 3. WORK OUT - and make time for it. Regardless of how tired I am! <BR> 4. Take a little "Me" time. If not everyday, at LEAST once a week. <BR> 5. Grocery shop on the weekends, and plan meals ahead. <BR> <BR> What do I hope to get out of this challenge? <BR> <BR> I hope to be a happier (and less snappy) mom, and to find myself exercising without making excuses. Thu, 3 Oct 2013 16:12:06 EST Finally beating the stress monkey on my back I changed jobs last month and the reduction in stress is amazing. I actually am able to have a life and be more financially stable. When my time at my old job was over, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I had lost weight last year but I'm a stress eater and gained all of it back and then some. Since I started my new job I've lost 16 lbs and gone down a pant size. I really feel great and I'm having a chance to do things that I want to do and things that need to be do... Thu, 3 Oct 2013 12:49:48 EST Yay for stress busting! Is it just me? Or do other people feel better just being here? <em>30</em> <BR> <BR> Oh gosh, I took the Vulnerable to stress test, and I could have guessed the results would be pretty darn vulnerable, but reading it in reality is just a wake up call. I'm so busy that I don't even have time to check in to see if I'm happy or not. I want to change that. I'm going to change that! Thu, 3 Oct 2013 11:03:32 EST My TOPS Wed. Night Weigh In and meeting Just wanted to check in tonight with y'all. After having some good losses the past few weeks. Tonight I gained 2 lbs. I will NEVER GIVE UP! I do have to share and say mother nature is both friend this month....part of being a woman. I know I need to not beat myself up. Just taking it One day at a Time. Going to be making my cabbage veggie soup this coming week. <BR> <BR> Just wanted to share some things we do in our club to raise money. I bought the raffle for this mth. I found this rea... Wed, 2 Oct 2013 23:49:34 EST "Reflection" To be honest, this was a bad week for me. I had a REALLY hard time keeping my stress levels down. I feel a bit like I failed, but at the same time, it's really opened my eyes to how IMPORTANT it is that I work on de-stressing and exercise more. <BR> <BR> My stress has made me too quick to anger lately, too, though two big "emotional dumps" the other day DID lift a huge burden from my shoulders. Instead of waiting until they become that large, I think I need to "get things out" in smaller, m... Wed, 2 Oct 2013 10:29:37 EST A big hello..!! Hi, <BR> <BR> I am Priyanka. I have been battling stress ever since my daughter was born, although it was such a joyous moment in our lives, but taking care of the baby took a toll on me.. The night-time feedings, staying awake the whole night etc etc etc. Plus managing the whole house. And because of that I did some emotional eating and now I have ballooned up. I don't feel like going anywhere, which adds some more stress.. I feel responsible for everything, starting from our household fin... Tue, 1 Oct 2013 15:10:26 EST This Really Helped Me I've been on antidepressants and anti anxiety medication for well over a few years now, and this challenge helped me get off of the anxiety pills. They were making me so tired that I'd sleep for up to 11 hours. The antidepressants are something I'll probably be on for a long time, if not indefinitely, due to a family history of depression, suicide, and alcoholism, and I've noticed such a huge (positive) difference since being on them. This challenge has helped me address all of the stressors ... Mon, 30 Sep 2013 11:04:47 EST I am allowed to make mistakes So, I'm figuring out that most of my stress is caused by me. I have unreasonable expectations of myself. I'm a perfectionist, which mostly means I'm constantly letting myself down. Well, no more! The best thing that's helped me let go of stress, is letting go of perfectionism. I am allowed to make mistakes. (I'm going to make them anyways, just like anyone, so I might as well give myself a break, right?) <BR> So I'm getting happier, and getting things done that I was putting off (in cas... Sun, 29 Sep 2013 22:20:02 EST Greetings Hello everyone! My name is Nina, I'm 28 years old from the great state of NC. I joined this group to try to learn better ways to handle stress and meet some great new people! Sat, 28 Sep 2013 23:54:58 EST Interesting... How to make stress your friend This TED video is pretty amazing and well worth the watch. <link><BR>w_to_make_stress_your_friend.html </link> <BR> <BR> "Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positive, and introduces us to an unsung m... Thu, 26 Sep 2013 11:47:46 EST My TOPS Wed. Night Weigh In Just wanted to share. It is Wed. again. My TOPS night! I lost 3 lbs. tonight and was Loser of the Week and Loser of the Month with 7 lbs. I got some goodies in our best loser pot, 2 cans of Progresso soup/ Potato and Chicken Pot Pie and 1 dollar in change. I have lost 16.25 lbs. for the year! Just making those small goals of 1 lb. at a time. Or as our TOPS club motto is. 1/4 a lb. at a time! Just wanted to share. Wanted to share again the mottos that we use in our club. IF IT IS TO BE IT... Wed, 25 Sep 2013 23:07:37 EST Rethinking my plan and my goals I have always hated playing games. When I was younger it always seemed that a game was just another opportunity for an opponent to beat me at something I probably wasn't good at anyway. Lately I feel that my job feels a lot like playing a game. I think I've strategized and solved one problem and another one pops up. My stress level has tripled since the start of school, and I know that if I just spend a few minutes with this challenge each day, that I will be able to learn to handle stres... Wed, 25 Sep 2013 21:27:26 EST My Stress Busting Goals 1) I set a map up for my workout, i plan to speed walk my route 3x week on my good RA weeks and 2x a week on my bad RA weeks. <BR> 2) I plan to read one of my favorite books daily, when i can not make time for that, i will read it at least 2x week. <BR> 3) I plan to practice meditation every day - at least 10 minutes, if not longer <BR> 4) I plan to practice Yoga at least 1x week, along with deep breathing daily during meditation. <BR> 5) I plan to be easy on myself and not over do anything,... Wed, 25 Sep 2013 12:15:46 EST Stress Busting Goals Learn how to be more in the present moment...stop worrying about what MIGHT happen! <BR> Learn techniques to combat anxiety from stress which effects my eating and emotions <BR> Learn about busting stress overall so I can help others! Wed, 25 Sep 2013 05:46:50 EST Howdy, Hello and Hi! As I see it, the biggest problem I have to overcome right now is chronic stress that is rearing it's ugly head at my health problems. I have two adopted boys (now 17 and 18) who have big issues and a husband that is of little help with anything. I am seriously in trouble with stress and I don't know how to stop it! <BR> The 18-year-old was literally jumping trains and homeless for 6 months - because of a serious seizure disorder I had put him on the National Missing Person list. He's hom... Mon, 23 Sep 2013 09:10:13 EST busy week to stress less this week I am going to relax and crochet. the stress I have right now is the clutter in my apartment. to stress less I am going to just do about 15 minutes a day so it does not become overwhelming. what I also like to do is to start my day out listening to Christian music and also read devotionals. the best thing for me is to journal. doing my stress management homework for my course is time consuming and stressful so I just do a little at a time. I prefer to take time out and... Sun, 22 Sep 2013 09:36:22 EST new support group I was just surfing around on the internet last night when I came upon a website with over 500 support groups. I decided to join one for stress management to see what I could learn from other people. this is such an important subject. If anyone else is interested in joining an online support group here is the website. I wish you all the best of luck with that should you choose to look at it. as for me, my stress is getting better a little at a time. Fri, 20 Sep 2013 09:35:35 EST Didn't Get Email Hi! I just joined this challenge yesterday, but didn't get my first email yet. Was I supposed to have received it? If so, what should I do? Thanks in advance for the help! Thu, 19 Sep 2013 01:59:51 EST My Wed. TOPS Roll Call Well just wanted to check in with my weight loss journey. I lost 4 1/2 lbs. tonight at my TOPS meeting and was loser of the week! I got quite a surprise tonight at the meeting, even my mom knew and she kept the secret <em>41</em> We were awarded at our TOPS fall rally about 3 weeks ago. Our Club had 3 no gain meetings and when we have our no gain meetings we get to decorate our leader. Well our leader has been already decorated a few times. Since I am the Co-Leader they surprised me and ... Thu, 19 Sep 2013 00:44:03 EST Week 1-Stress Buster goals 1. Keep up with my food logging in order to keep a routine and to establish consistency <BR> 2. Allot myself more time for coursework <BR> 3. Meet new people <BR> 4. Go to more university events Tue, 17 Sep 2013 21:06:14 EST Email When joining, I unchecked the send weekly challenge email due to being used to unchecking them on most websites to avoid spam emails and I think I may have missed the email regarding week one goals. Is there any way someone could post the goals here or anything? Tue, 17 Sep 2013 12:27:30 EST Stress buster 1st day. 4 weeks to go. 1. Meditate as much as possible <BR> 2. get 8 hours of sleep. <BR> 3. Walk in addition to my work-out at work 15 mins daily. <BR> 4. Handel my own BINNIZ, Let other do their own work. (Thats right i said Binniz) <BR> 5. Don't take customer problems to personally. <BR> 6. Stretch yoga while at my desk. <BR> <BR> Drink loads of water!!! Thats just a gimmy. Mon, 16 Sep 2013 13:15:30 EST this weeks goals my goals for the week: <BR> 1. to continue to keep up with my food journal <BR> read up on motivational tips on Sparkpeople <BR> work out in the gym from Monday to Friday <BR> finish my stress management homework. Mon, 16 Sep 2013 09:50:42 EST finding a routine I have found out that writing out a routine for morning, noon and night helps me stress less. I do not give myself any major things to do in a day, and if I have things like errands, I make sure just like appointments I do not do more than 1 or 2 a day. <em>252</em> Sun, 15 Sep 2013 02:10:54 EST My Wed. TOPS weigh in/My weight loss journey Just wanted to check in and share after that past few weeks of losses this past week I gained 3 3 3/4 lbs. I just have to keep going and I will never give up! I have a good loss,for the year. <BR> IF IT TO BE IT'S UP TO ME/I CAN YOU CAN TOGETHER WE CAN <em>386</em> Sat, 14 Sep 2013 02:34:23 EST what i do to stress less first of all, the best thing right now for me is I am taking a stress management course which is very helpful. to stress less, I make a weekly plan and then I put it on my calendar on my computer. I usually do not list more than one thing to do each day in addition to my regular household work. I usually do this and then I can remember what is important and what is not. another way I stress less is I crochet everyday. sitting a reading a book also helps me. one of the best things I enjoy is a... Fri, 13 Sep 2013 23:55:59 EST week 2 reflection Alot of the tips I read about have really helped me out. Its taken my stress levels from an all time high to about a moderate level. One thing that really helped was something a team member said about how it was something she needed to change about herself not things she needed to change about others. This was an aha moment for me because this is one of my biggest problems. I focus too much on what others should do and it stresses me out but this is something I can't control. I feel a sense o... Wed, 11 Sep 2013 01:08:29 EST Wow, What a stressful week. Having to utilize my stress reduction techniques that I have in place. Having these things in place, along with a supportive spouse has been a life savor. Tue, 10 Sep 2013 22:48:40 EST Finally coming out It's ironic that i give myself a post name NE1CAN but CANT be consistent on my journey to be fit. I use to be an advocate walker for years until i started working from home. No matter how badly i beat myself up about it I find that i start/stop allot. So I finally decided to stop hiding (spark member for years) and join the rank on getting the support I need to succeed. My goals is to walk again, adopt good healthy eating habits, lose wieght to lower my blood pressure and most of all keep it... Mon, 9 Sep 2013 19:51:35 EST hi when stressed i clean Mon, 9 Sep 2013 11:57:32 EST What I learned in week one When I am overworked I try to power through with caffeine & don't take time to eat. When I get hungry the stress feels worse and I end up eating Badly which just starts a whole lot of trouble for my diet. <BR> <BR> This week I made myself stop & eat a healthy lunch before I got to that point & it really helped Sun, 8 Sep 2013 21:22:09 EST Week 2 reflection This week was definitely stressful for me. Work was challenging and I had some frustrating medical issues. But, I survived it. I reached out to friends, I exercised when I was able, I went to church, I spent time nourishing myself by napping, reading, knitting, etc. I am working on gratitude, optimism, and prayer. Sun, 8 Sep 2013 21:03:30 EST My Wed. TOPS Weigh in...My Weight Loss Journey I just wanted to share. I am so excited! Last night at my TOPS Club meeting I lost 3.25 lbs. and was loser of the week. Starting off with 2nd week no gain this week. This weekend is our TOPS Fall Rally! We always love going to these. The theme is Whine and Roses. One of our members paints and she decorate 3 glasses for us to bring Saturday. It is one of the main contests they are having. I have a good loss going for the year! Just making those small goals. Also shooting for that mileston... Thu, 5 Sep 2013 10:58:18 EST My Relaxation Helps Neck Rolling <BR> <BR> Massages <BR> <BR> Walking the dog <BR> <BR> Singing Praise songs <BR> <BR> Cuddling (and more) with the hubby <BR> <BR> Hot tea <BR> <BR> Spa music, favorite scented candle, eye mask and warmed deer corn pad <BR> <BR> I also posted Stress Busters list from an article I read here on Sparks on my fridge. Due to my fibromyalgia, stress tends to go straight to my neck and shoulders. It gives me migraines and insomnia. I. Must. Conquer. My. Stress! Thu, 5 Sep 2013 01:04:54 EST Exercise and calling a friend My most effective strategy for stress relief is to exercise. I always feel better if I do that, it's just hard to motivate myself sometimes. Talking on the phone with my best friend helps too. <em>20</em> Mon, 2 Sep 2013 22:29:28 EST Goals Walk on my own and swim better Sun, 1 Sep 2013 20:04:47 EST Week One Discussion Stress = getting emotional = emotional hunger = overeating = overweight <BR> <BR> Moral: Learn how not to stress or how to deal with stress in a healthy way. <BR> <BR> Today is day 1 for me and so far so good. Fri, 30 Aug 2013 15:31:56 EST Wanted to share... My TOPS Wed. Roll Call... <BR> After my bad gain last week. <BR> <BR> Last night I lost 7.25 lbs. tonight. Was loser of the Week too. I was loser of the month with 7 1/2 lbs. <BR> <BR> Wanted to also share our club accomplishments as a whole. We have lost 25.75 lbs. As club. <BR> <BR> Shooting for that smaller loss next week. <BR> <BR> I CAN YOU CAN TOGETHER WE CAN. <BR> Thu, 29 Aug 2013 09:45:39 EST Week 2 Reflection, Early Finally arrived officially at Week 2, reflecting is a little early as did all the reading of great articles and actually I find I do all the relevant-to-me items listed in each article. I have a lot of mechanisms to control stress, including exercise, control over most of my emotional eating, calling on friends to talk things over and letting them help me while at the same time reciprocating when they need me to lend an ear, and more. <BR> <BR> One thing that I also find a huge stress buster... Thu, 29 Aug 2013 09:02:42 EST hello i am new here hello my name is Tammy, I am new here, I am obese and been overweight since my teenage years. You could say, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am physically and emotionally tired of looking like I do (obese). I need to watch what I eat in small portions and exercise. Simply Put. Thu, 29 Aug 2013 08:59:42 EST my long range goals I've made a lot of progress during the challenge and am motivated to continue working on ways to handle and reduce stress. I will continue using the techniques that worked during the challenges and develop more coping mechanisms; being more positive, stop worrying about the small things, learning to let go, stop trying to control everything and learning to relax more. Also staring yogi class and join exercise class at the YMCA. I know I can overcome. Wed, 28 Aug 2013 15:00:33 EST Week 2 Reflection I think the stress buster article was great. I even wrote down ways to destress on a notepad and put it on my fridge. I thought the fridge was a fitting place to put it since when I am stressed, the fridge gets utilized a lot! I wrote in bold marker colors so I can read it from across the room. As I go get water I can reread my list. I might even add on to it once I get some of the ones mentioned in the article in place. <BR> <BR> Stress goes straight to my neck and shoulders and causes gre... Wed, 28 Aug 2013 13:01:09 EST Week 4 Stress Busters I felt less stressed in week 4 than in week 1, but it might just be that not as many stressful things happened the last week. I do feel like I have some new tools to help me when I get stressed. My long term goals are the same as my goals from week 1: To be able to let go of things that are not under my control, and to have an appropriate level of stress over things that happen. <BR> <BR> Tue, 27 Aug 2013 09:46:10 EST Monday back to work was able to redirect a stressful situation and mostly not take ownership of feeling like not being liked as the situation did not really relate to something I could control. Did not give in to the feeling and eating to make myself feel better. <em>248</em> for today. Thanks for all the encouragement from everyone. Mon, 26 Aug 2013 19:29:00 EST My stress goals My goals are simple - to lower my stress level. I have had a couple of stressful situations occur in the last couple of months and already lead a pretty stressful life. Long story short - I have spent almost the whole of the last week throwing up as a result of so much stress. Yeah - gotta stop that. Sun, 25 Aug 2013 18:07:35 EST Week 1 & Goal Woot! Hello to all! <em>213</em> <BR> <BR> Since I got the second week email, although it is not yet accessible to me, which is ok, I will be discussing week 1 and goals for week 1 here now, though have been on this challenge less than a week. <BR> <BR> As I posted somewhere my stress factors and goals re this are private and I am using a private team to list them but just generally my goal this week has been to do better (as defined by moi lol) in taking care of my health in ways not r... Sun, 25 Aug 2013 09:14:06 EST End of week 2 So far, I have learned some stress busting techniques. Deep breathing and visualization are working for me for immediate help. Gentle yoga stretches are my go-to for general relaxation. I have started journaling and it's as amazing as I've heard. I never took the time until now. finding just the right words to express my feelings and then getting them out of my head onto paper is working to help me express and move on. <BR> I needed this challenge more than I realized! Sun, 25 Aug 2013 08:59:17 EST Goals for Stress Management <em>375</em> Goals: <BR> 1. Try out a stress journal. <BR> 2. Find something positive to say rather than complaining. <BR> 3. Keep up with gratitude journal, maybe just 2 entries per day instead of 3. Sat, 24 Aug 2013 22:37:45 EST my long range goals my stress reduction tools : <BR> 1-pool/gym membership --pool makes me forget everything and revives me <BR> 2- plan ahead for contingencies --be prepared <BR> 3-to do lists <BR> 4-listen to my music <BR> 5-puppy/dog therapy <BR> 6-meditation <BR> 7- read <BR> 8- deep breaths <BR> 9-journaling <BR> 10-decluttering <BR> 11-reflection : I have the sparkpeople's quote of the day on my cell phone which is always with me <BR> <BR> year long stress busting techniques <BR> 1-a meal schedule for ... Sat, 24 Aug 2013 14:34:00 EST Goals My goals for the week are: <BR> 1. exercise for at least 10 minutes everyday <BR> 2. eat more fruits and vegetables <BR> 3. wake up by 11 am <BR> 4. figure out ways to better manage my stress <BR> <BR> I tend to blow up on people when I get stressed out because I think they should know how I am feeling. I know that this is not fair and I really want to find a way to manage my stress better. So.... here we go! <em>334</em> Sat, 24 Aug 2013 00:41:39 EST Dumb Question #1 So... when I joined the team and challenge, I didn't checkmark the 'email me' thing about the weekly challenges... <BR> <BR> ... does that mean I won't get the challenges? Can I change it? Fri, 23 Aug 2013 20:50:50 EST Hello from Canada! Hello <em>213</em> <BR> <BR> My name is Stacie and I just decided to join the stress busting challenge! I've been on and off sparkpeople for a few years, but have recently gotten back to it with a new motivation. I graduated back in June as a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, and even though I have all this information in my head, I am still over weight. <BR> <BR> I know how much stress can affect my weight, mood and my choices. This is just one of the necessary steps I need ... Fri, 23 Aug 2013 16:49:08 EST my goals my goals: <BR> 1. practice time management to stay on top of school assignments <BR> 2. plan easy meals so I don't have to worry about food <BR> 3. go to the gym 2x/week <BR> 4. practice walking meditation or yoga at least once a week Fri, 23 Aug 2013 16:18:42 EST My Goal: <BR> 1. Find time for me. <BR> 2. Find a daycare for my son so i dont stress about a sitter <BR> 3. Journel <BR> 4. Continue Reading Thu, 22 Aug 2013 16:08:55 EST zen Catholic I have been trying to my conscious contact with God and be more mindful through the day. <BR> Succeeding at meditating for 20 minutes most days and have a prayer routine. <BR> Also getting back to practicing Tai Chi and signed up for class in it at the Y for the fall. Varying the pace... fast and energetic or super slow. Like lifting weights, slower is actually harder. <BR> I had an extremely stressful May -- July and I bounced back to normal more slowly than I expected, but I'm get... Wed, 21 Aug 2013 20:25:02 EST making progress Doing much better handling everyday stress; still have a ways to go and need to work on getting more rest which I know will help even more Wed, 21 Aug 2013 19:21:15 EST Week One I really like writing in a journal and identifying what my triggers are! Tue, 20 Aug 2013 14:35:40 EST week 3 i have learned to let the little stuff go. which has been my biggest stress. Also starting up my workout routine again helps a lot. Tue, 20 Aug 2013 06:11:36 EST Week 3 Stress Buster I found it really interesting to go back through my stress journal. I looked for all item that I rated 8 or above, then I noted what day they occurred, and what the issues were. Most issues were stress about a family member, one was about work, and one was something that was small and shouldn't have affected me as much as I let it. At the time I did that, all the 8+ issues were Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, but that has not proved true for the rest of the week. <BR> <BR> I also found that ... Mon, 19 Aug 2013 10:29:10 EST Long~Range Goals #1) Get at least 7, preferably 8 hours of sleep each night. <BR> #2) Continue to clean up food with more nutritious choices. <BR> #3) Keep up meditation and journaling time as a way to minimize stress. <BR> #4) Incorporate more physical activity, including workout time. <BR> #5) Continue improving my self-talk with positive affirmations. <BR> #6) Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! <BR> <BR> Long~range goals that embrace the above will, I hope, reduce or at least minimize my stress. <BR> <BR> Mon, 19 Aug 2013 07:47:42 EST My Weeks 1, 2 and 3 in a nutshell Somehow, when Week 1 was beginning with the list of suggested stress busters (after I figured out my main stressor - my husband's nit picky attitude:) I automatically started "talking" to myself when stress poked its ugly little face in my brain. I "talked" to myself and immediately began feeling better about everything. It's already become a habit for me - YAY! My other #1 stress buster is walking our dog, Mickey. We're working up to several miles per day and I always feel exhilarated wh... Mon, 19 Aug 2013 06:01:14 EST Newbie I am a PW and Home school mom to 3 wonderful children. I can't wait to find practical ways to beat this monster called stress wrecking havoc on my life. <BR> <BR> Elizabeth <em>20</em> Sat, 17 Aug 2013 19:50:06 EST