SparkPeople The Rainbow Bridge - Grieving the Loss of a Pet Team Messageboard Your heart is broken and feels like it will never mend. This is the place to find a shoulder to cry on, to tell your story, and to heal. SparkPeople The Rainbow Bridge - Grieving the Loss of a Pet Team Messageboard Lost battle with our Pumpkin. Our nightmare started June 4th, at 4:30am. We had gotten up, fed the animals, cleaned litter and sat down to enjoy our coffee when Pumpkin climbed into the litter and started crying. I knew immediately we had an urinary problem. Called our vet right away and she met us at the office where she had to cath him, he had crystals. Now what made this had to take was that our kitties are on 95% canned food, and the tiny bit of hard food they received was mixed with a can of food. Our vet explain... Fri, 7 Aug 2015 08:13:03 EST Hello, I am a new member Hello, I am a new member. <BR> <BR> I had to put my 7 yr old beagle/terrier dog down last Tuesday. I had her since we rescued each other when she was a little pup. A couple of yrs ago she and I moved to a new city and into a house that my boy had just bought for all of us to live in. The bf has a boy that is going on 10 that lives with us half the time and with his mom in a near by city the other half of the time. So they had know my dog most of her life too. I don't know what happened,... Mon, 10 Nov 2014 14:36:02 EST Still missing my boy It was 9 weeks ago last night that Utah passed. Some days are still just so hard. Well, not days necessarily but periods of time. He simply made my life so very happy. I caught myself glancing down as I was working yesterday. I used to just look down and he would fill me with happiness. Last night sitting on the couch I recall thinking, I don't like this now, just being. I used to love to just sit and be with him. Nothing really mattered, he filled me. <BR> <BR> That is gone now an... Sun, 1 Jun 2014 07:14:58 EST New to the group and lost my best friend - ouch! Hi there, I saw this group and thought I would join to see if I can find some comfort. I lost my best friend 2 weeks ago and we really don't know the exact reason but the dr's think a possible brain tumor. It has been devastating to all of us and we are having a difficult time moving on. She was a huge part of my daily routine...walks in the morning, her goofy self running around trying to keep me from catching her (a game we played every day), picking on and pawing her older 13 year old br... Fri, 9 May 2014 06:19:35 EST Introduction Hello, <BR> I had to put down my first fur baby, Lexus, a German Shepherd, five years ago at the age of 12. I then had to put down Shelby, also a German Shepherd, four years ago and am still grieving her passing over the rainbow bridge. It isn't as debilitating as it was at the beginning. I just have a diffiicult time around the time of her "birth", don't know her real birthdate, as she was a rescue from the Animal Shelter. Well, It was her birthday last week so I already had the blues, a... Fri, 27 Dec 2013 18:12:24 EST RIP Moses Moses was my elderly neighbor's dog. I wrote about them in an earlier blog on my page. He was young, funny, sweet natured, easy going, playful, and just a great little dog. <BR> The children of my neighbor decided he was too much work for them, and they made a choice that I could not agree with. <BR> I am sad, and I will miss dear little Moses. I wrote another short blog about him/ <BR> RIP Moses, I loved you as if you were my own. I Sun, 15 Dec 2013 20:09:50 EST I lost Lucy today I had to let go of Lucy this morning. She had 2 mammary tumors and it looks like they punched into her lung. Her nose was bleeding and she was struggling to breathe. Jerry(my vet) said it was time. <BR> I'm going to miss her so. <BR> <em>46</em> Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:27:58 EST A week since I lost my Lupin I had to put my baby Lupin to sleep last Wednesday. He was 2 years, 11 months, and 3 days old. I feel like I killed him. <BR> <BR> The doctors told me that he had Idiopathic Hemolytic Anemia. His body was attacking his red blood cells, and they were clumping together. He only had 6% red blood cell count. He was jaundiced, and having trouble breathing. He couldn't stand. The doctors told me that I could put him through transfusions, but that his survival was unlikely. They also offere... Wed, 6 Nov 2013 08:42:41 EST Stopping in to say hello This where we introduce ourselves and say Hi <BR> My name is Helen and I want to say Hi and offer a support and hugs to all. Sun, 20 Oct 2013 21:58:14 EST Rainbow Bridge Author I get a newsletter and here is the link to the books Niki has written. <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Fri, 11 Oct 2013 21:00:48 EST Picking up RT's Ashes I wrote in my blog today about picking up RT's ashes this morning. If you would like to read about it. <BR> I have a new picture of RT with my daughter. Sigh, I'm sad, but I'm not going to over eat, and I'm not going to emotionally eat either. <BR> Thanks for listening, I know you understand. Sat, 14 Sep 2013 16:24:40 EST Goodbye Georgie My sister had to put her 15 year old yorkie, Georgie to sleep today. She has another 6 yr. old yorkie named Dixie. Georgie was born around the time her FIL died and his name was George. Dixie was born around when mine and her dad died and his name was Dix. So Georgie & Dixie. My sister is so sad and she was crying outside the vet really hard and her little boy (3) said "It's ok mommy you still have me." <BR> We will miss little Georgie! She was the sweetest little girl! Wed, 28 Aug 2013 00:53:36 EST Prayers for daughter and grandkids Could you please send out some comfort prayers for my daughter, Melissa and my grandchildren? Their year-old Boxer, Coach was hit by a semi today and killed. She called me a while ago, pretty hysterical, she had seen it and was trying to blame herself for not catching him before he ran into the highway that is directly in front of their yard, after he had gotten out. He was a sweet boy, reminded me so very much of "Chance" in the movie "Homeward Bound", tons of energy. He will be missed so... Tue, 27 Aug 2013 23:28:34 EST Introduction It has been hard for me to visit this team and finally introduce myself. I'm Melissa. I was a dog mommy to an extraoridary mutt named Jack. We had to put him down on May 23, 2013. He had brain cancer and it got so bad on the last day he couldn't even stand up! <BR> <BR> We got him when he was 4 months old. He was a joy in our lives! <BR> <BR> You can see pics of him all over my page. I still need to post pics of my new puppy, Sassy. <BR> <BR> I've had alot of loss and Jack's lo... Sun, 21 Jul 2013 11:20:57 EST I lost Mari today My sweet Mari passed away today. She had a mammary tumor that was growing very fast and it seemed to have punched into her lung. She hadn't been doing very well for a while, not able to eat well. Bananas and yogurt mostly, some supplement but no hard food anymore. This morning she was bleeding from her nose and eye and having trouble breathing. I made an apt to take her in to Jerry, to let her go, but she passed while I was holding her before I could take her in. I was so afraid that she... Mon, 15 Jul 2013 21:12:35 EST I'm going to be a new mommy! I got a call this morning from my vet. Gina, the receptionist, told me that someone had dropped off 4 little boy furbabies and did not want them back. Of course, you KNOW who they called! I will be picking them up tomorrow afternoon, I have a cage big enough and I'll get it cleaned up and ready to go tonight. Now I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Jerry is going to neuter them for me so we don't have battles. I am a bit apprehensive about how the girls will be, but they won't be l... Thu, 13 Jun 2013 15:59:46 EST I lost Alice yesterday Alice passed away yesterday. She hadn't been doing very well, the doc thought that, with her symptoms she most likely had a brain tumor. We had her on steroids and antibiotics, but this was not something she was going to come back from. She just stopped breathing. Mari was trying to keep her warm so I knew the end was coming. <BR> My heart hurts, this is always so hard. <BR> <em>39</em> <em>46</em> Sun, 24 Mar 2013 18:47:48 EST Experiencing loss again... Mourning Phoenix Most people know that this team was created when we lost my original heart dog, Tyler... There just weren't any resources to connect with others and share similar experiences. No one is ever ready to go through loss, and we definitely were unprepared to go through the process again so suddenly and quickly. My DH and I were surprised... On 2/21, we noticed that Phoenix, AKA Baby Girl, had slightly bloody diarrhea. She wasn't running a temp, but the stool was red-red, seemingly indicating ... Sun, 10 Mar 2013 03:58:34 EST 2013 Challenge So Momma and I have been throwing around a couple of ideas for this year. We'd like to do a year long challenge. To participate in this year's challenge, this is what you need to do. <BR> <BR> 1) Update your SparkPage to reflect what your yearlong self-challenge is going to be. Also, post the goal on this thread. <BR> <BR> 2) Check back in at the end of every month, and update the team on your month long progress toward keeping your "resolution" toward your goal. <BR> <BR> Make sure that... Sun, 20 Jan 2013 23:45:34 EST We lost our 2nd baby this month. I lost my Bruno on Saturday Dec 22, he passed away in my arms at 7:35am. My husband and I took turns all night holding and talking to with him, My Bruno just turned 19 years old, I was picked by him when he was about 8-9 weeks old and the two of us has had a bond that I can not begin to explain. On December 9, 2012 we had to have our precious Morgan kitty put is so painful losing 2 within days of each other. I guess my tears will start to decrease with time but for now my heart... Tue, 25 Dec 2012 06:18:37 EST Saw this team and had to join...... Hello all :-) <BR> I'm not new to losing a pet as I have been in rescue for years and was a vet tech for a decade and helped owners with the loss of their pets...... but last week found that one of my danes has an advanced squamous cell tumor in her mouth in an area that is inoperable.....took her to the vet today to confirm and found that she has approx 4 months left.. Losing this girl is extremely hard for me, glad I happened across this group... <BR> <BR> I wish you all healing thought ... Fri, 28 Sep 2012 00:50:26 EST No money for a vet. Miss Kitty died last Tuesday morning. We had no money to take her to the vet. <em>459</em> I am disabled and we had seven cats to feed and take care of. Four cats came to us through a "friend" who begged me to watch her cats for a couple of months until she found a place where she could have them. She gave me a bag of food and a bag of litter and I never heard from her again. But Miss Kitty was not one of those cats, whom we have taken into our hearts, she was my father's cat. She looked an... Tue, 31 Jul 2012 20:38:47 EST It has been a year to the day.... I have really been missing my Simon. It has been exactly one year since I had to make the sad decision. <BR> <BR> On the bright side, Simon hated change, and he hated boxes and moving. This past year I have had to do both, I moved twice, once to stay with friends until my disability pension came through, then again a couple of months ago I was finally able to get my own (rent subsidized) place again. My friends could not have let me keep Simon with me, so he would have had to go to a bo... Fri, 27 Jul 2012 19:47:22 EST In loving your pet and name <em>240</em> Precious! Wed, 4 Jul 2012 21:23:24 EST When is it the right time to let go? We recently put a dog down that we had had for 16 years. My husband and I don't agree as to when it is necessary. I believe in sparing pain and suffering and he feels that it should be doe through nature and God's act. I hate seeing the suffering, knowing there will be no improvement or quality of life for the dog.Add to this that my problem child Tye the doberman has been developing masses all over his body and I think he is suffer but he is still active and eating well he just can't get com... Sat, 14 Jan 2012 15:42:16 EST My beloved doggie is gone I rescued my dog 11 years ago. I found homes for all his brothers and sisters but he kept hanging around. My son was diagnosed with autism during this period so I tested the last puppy to see if he could be a service dog. He passed with flying colors! I registered him as Michael because he seemed like an angel sent to help me as well as my son. My son called him Crazyhorse. I called him my son's little brother. No matter what you called him he was a great dog. Smart and funny, Such a good lit... Wed, 2 Nov 2011 16:43:29 EST Hello everyone~~glad I found this team. Hi~~ <BR> <BR> Wish I would have found this team a couple of months ago, but better late than never. We have been through our share of heartache over the past months with the loss of 3 of our beloved fur babies. Within a 14 month period I had to put down our 17 yr old Sadie kitty (had her since she was 4 weeks old), our 17.5 yr old Bob dog (adopted him at 6 weeks old) and our 21 yr old Pandy kitty (had him since he was 6 yr old). Needless to say many tears have been shed and no pounds hav... Fri, 19 Aug 2011 07:23:24 EST I think that this could help....a lot. Hello, my name is Terri and I am in a pretty sad place right now. I am a rat lover, I've had them with me for the last 11 years. It kinda started cause my daughter was living with me and she had a snake. The snake wasn't hungry, I was going to take the rat back to the store for a credit, she was in a small box that I couldn't help just looking in again...and again, to make sure she was comfy, the rat and I made eye contact....and the rest is history! Well, I lost the last of a very long l... Tue, 16 Aug 2011 22:17:08 EST Still mourning the loss of my Gizmo I had to make the difficult decision to put my sweet boy down a week ago this past Friday. I can't believe he's gone. I have two more cats and a guinea pig, but my world is sad without him in it. He was my first cat. He was only 9 years old and shouldn't have gotten so sick, so quickly, without any chance to make him better. I will miss my sweet boy for all of my days. He has made my life so full and happy, and I will always cherish that and hold it in my heart. I will never forget the way he... Sun, 24 Jul 2011 21:33:04 EST Needing some positive thoughts for my little guy.. I just joined the team because I need some positive energy coming my way for my rat, Remy. I took him to the vet yesterday morning after noticing how lethargic he was acting. He wouldn't get up when I opened his cage, and he wouldn't eat or drink anything for me. He acted very disoriented and like he could barely lift his little head. I got him into the vet within an hour of noticing his behavior, and the vet asked me to let him stay overnight at their "hospital". They took x-rays, did b... Wed, 27 Apr 2011 16:39:55 EST Hey Yall~ Hey there to ALL <BR> I am new and just wanted to say hey and I was thrilled when i saw this Group... I love the Rainbow Bridge... even have the poem hanging here in my computer room along with a pic of my beloved Britches Bear Bean.. he passed in 2001.. He was a beautiful big pinto colored Akita... He was my best friend and loyal companion for 11 yrs... Lost him to bloating and even though it has been a few years... I still miss him sooo sooo much... He was so smart, loving and did anything ... Fri, 22 Apr 2011 22:30:18 EST Hi!!! New here Hello all....I am new to the team, not to SP...and new to pet loss. My best friend and companion and momma's boy passed away on Mar 28, 11..He had Lupus for many years and on Prednisone which, evidently, masked the symptoms of his intestinal cancer. I took him to the vets Sat night (....back ground...I am a bit of a agrophobic, my hubby does most of the out of the house things...I have some depression that Buster has been with me through. Hubby went on vaca with his brothers on Thurs night).... Tue, 19 Apr 2011 07:40:49 EST Take a Word, Add a Word Mother Earth Fri, 15 Apr 2011 02:36:06 EST Use an emoticon to show how you feel today <em>198</em> (I can't believe I drop an entire bowl of hot soup just out of the microwave in my lap and all over my foot!!! OUCH!!) <BR> <BR> No you don't need to explain your emoticon, just paste the one that shows how you feel today. Fri, 25 Mar 2011 21:54:46 EST My new guy I'm excited to share that we adopted a new puppy this weekend! His name is Jasper, and he's a mixed breed, approx 12-14 weeks. There is really nothing better than a warm puppy to heal a sad heart. <BR> <BR> Stop by my page if you'd like to see his pic. Mon, 14 Feb 2011 08:57:19 EST February Take a Word, Add a Word Ok...a new game for us to play.... <BR> This is how it works, the first player...that would be me, <BR> Leaves 2 words that make a phrase of sorts. <BR> The next person eliminates one of the 2 words and adds a new one to make a new phrase. <BR> <BR> example: sunny skies <BR> drop skies and add days: sunny days <BR> <BR> It doesn't matter which of the 2 words you change as long as you only change 1 of them and what you leave makes sense. <BR> <BR> LET'S PLAY! <BR> <BR> garden path Mon, 7 Feb 2011 23:43:09 EST What is that Emoticon Game? Do you know what the emoticons on Spark mean or refer to? There are many I am not sure what they are? Help me and the team with what you think or know they are. I will post one and you post what you think it is and post one and than the next person can post what they think it is and so on...Thank you for playing. <BR> <em>304</em> <em>247</em> Sat, 29 Jan 2011 21:58:22 EST Grieving for my 'son' I am so glad to have found this group. There are so many who don't understand that just because he had fur and paws, TediBear was no less my son than any of our other kids. <BR> <BR> TediBear is a Sheltie/Corgie mix. I found him abandoned in the parking lot of the flea market on Valentine's day 2004. He was barely four weeks old - just a puff ball with legs. There was still snow on the ground, and he would never have survived the night. I picked him up fully intending to turn him in to sec... Sat, 22 Jan 2011 16:55:14 EST What's your favorite memory? Would anyone like to share a favorite memory of their beloved furry baby? I have a silly/funny one for Oliver. Up until a few months before he passed, whenever someone would come over our house, Oliver would take a throw pillow off the couch and start furiously humping the pillow. This made everyone that saw it go into hysterical laughter. (it WAS very funny) Just thinking about it right now is making me smile <em>246</em> Fri, 12 Nov 2010 10:46:56 EST Still so sad I've been putting on a brave face, but I'm still so sad. I still find it so hard to accept that Sadie's gone. She was such a huge part of me. <BR> <BR> On sad days, like today, I still feel like I'm losing my mind. Fri, 12 Nov 2010 09:58:47 EST Just got Tanner's ashes! The Paws Memorial garden just delivered Tanner's ashes. It almost matches Bucky's but it is a little bigger. They also gave a certificate and a Rainbow Bridge bookmark with a paw print adornment that you take off and plant in the ground for wild flowers that will grow in honor of Tanner. <BR> There is also a Bit of literature on Rainbow Bridge and a frameable picture with the poem. Our vet also sent one like it. We got a sympathy card from both also. <BR> Wed, 10 Nov 2010 13:46:26 EST Hello-new here Hello all. My beloved dog Oliver passed away 2 weeks ago. He had congestive heart failure and after a month of meds and doing well, he had a rapid decline and sadly had to leave me. I had Oliver since he was 8 weeks old. He would have been 15 yrs old on Valentines Day this year. I miss him terribly and I'm glad I found this team. Wed, 10 Nov 2010 09:19:07 EST Still missing my Blue boy... I just found this group and thought that perhaps knowing others are going through the same process I am would help. <BR> <BR> On the morning of Oct. 15, 2010 our much loved Balamese cat Blue passed away in my husband's arms after suffering a major seizure. He came into our lives as a small furball of only 10 weeks old, and when we spotted him in the pet store it was love at first sight. He was a part of our lives for 18 years. Longer than our actual human children. I am still torn about ... Sat, 6 Nov 2010 16:41:42 EST RIP Tanner- Thank you for the best 10 years! I am new to this group. My name is Terri. <BR> 10 years ago my Bucky died on my mom's birthday, Nov. 25, and we waited 2 months for a new puppy from the shelter. Tanner came to us and he blessed our lives for 10 years. He died today after we found out he was full of cancer. It was so hard. The whole family was there. He was surrounded by everyone he loved. He looked for me the whole time. He was scared but he is pain free now and going to Rainbow Bridge to be with all my fur babies from the p... Fri, 5 Nov 2010 22:21:58 EST 4 months and still grieving Prior to 2008, I had two dogs, Samantha and Rosie and a husband. Then in 2008, my husband and I divorced, but hey, I kept the house and got full custody of the dogs. Then last fall I had to say goodbye to Sam. Sam was a very sweet natured dog and she had made it to the mature age of 16. I was very sad when I lost Sam, but she had lived a full life so it wasn't as if her time was cut short. I grieved a little, but Rosie was still around to distract me from the grief. <BR> <BR> Then this past ... Fri, 22 Oct 2010 23:18:06 EST Two months without my friend I can't believe it's been two months since Sadie died. The anger still eats at me every day that this might have been different if she had been properly diagnosed. <BR> <BR> I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow to see if she can help me deal with the anger/bitterness that I'm feeling. It's been so hard for me to get past this. I miss her so much. <BR> <BR> Thank you for listening. Mon, 18 Oct 2010 10:24:59 EST End of An Era Today, my husband's former dog, who lives with his ex-wife crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We had pug-sat for Winston many times. And while we knew his time was coming (he was blind, deaf, lost his sense of smell and had a brain tumor causing seizures), it comes as a shock, so closely on the heels of so many other beloved pets this year. <BR> <BR> First, my friend C's dog Harvey passed away. He was 14 and had Cancer. <BR> <BR> Then my own beloved Freya. <BR> <BR> On 9/11, my best friend's d... Thu, 7 Oct 2010 16:36:40 EST Just another bad day I had a few good days this week, but today has been rough. I had a "friend" tell me that she was just a dog and I need to get over it. She also said if I get that attached, I really should never have a dog. I know it's just words, and some people don't understand. But why don't they understand? <BR> <BR> It hurts that people have either forgotten about me or ignore me. I feel so empty and alone. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Fri, 1 Oct 2010 11:41:04 EST Goodbye Miska Today was a bad day. Courtney got home and went to let Miska out and she was dead. Miska was born in our house in our closet. She was the only puppy in the litter. She was a beautiful Newfoundland that had a beautiful spirit. Her mother, Baby, died a few years after Miska was born. Now that Miska, Pepper and Baby are gone, all we have left of that line is Magnus. I love his so much and want him to live longer than the rest of his family. That is the one huge downfall of having and loving big ... Thu, 30 Sep 2010 19:59:30 EST A furbaby's violent death Hi everyone. Suzymobile told me about this team, and I'm so glad she did. My daughter's dog, Sampson, was violently killed by a coward on Friday. My daughter is grown, lives with her husband and their combined 6 children (ages 10 months to 17 years). Sampson was almost 9 years old, he was born the same week as one of my granddaughters, and they were raised together. They live out in the country on a gravel lane. Sampson is as important to me and he is to them. We are a close family, and he wa... Sun, 26 Sep 2010 20:58:12 EST I was just starting to feel better, and ... I was searching for a team having to do with "rotator cuff" or "shoulder," and this team popped up. I figured this was somehow meant to be, even though I'm feeling much better. Less than a week ago, we lost our buddy Dingo th' Dog to a train. He got loose and was having a blast running in big herding-type circles, when the Amtrak (which runs by the back of our house) hit him. We found out the next day. Neighbors helped us gather him up and bury him in our yard. Fri, 24 Sep 2010 22:02:52 EST It's been 3 months And I still miss her horribly. My girl passed while we were moving across country to Georgia. She passed just after we crossed the state line. She never got to see our new place. And I struggle to be here in Georgia without her. Her loss shadows everything about my new home. <BR> <BR> For years she was my true, other-half. She made up for my weaknesses, covering my hearing loss so it was mostly hidden from me. Even with those silly online "what breed of dog are you quizzes", everyon... Sun, 19 Sep 2010 12:49:26 EST Feeling Anxious I'm feeling very anxious about tomorrow. It was September 9, 2001, that we adopted our beautiful Sadie. I still remember picking that small black ball of fur from the box at a local rescue shelter. She was in the back, so we thought she was calmer than the others--we would find out soon that was definitely not the case. <em>100</em> <BR> <BR> And two days later, I remember her crying in her crate while we watched the television coverage of 9/11/01. <BR> <BR> I was recovering from the hys... Wed, 8 Sep 2010 10:35:48 EST I lost my best friend My beautiful dog Sadie died on Monday. Most don't understand the incredible bond we had; she was my baby and she did everything with us. I feel like my heart has been torn from my body. <BR> <BR> I haven't been able to eat since Saturday. We took her to Cornell Veterinary Hospital, but we had to leave on Sunday night to return home for work on Monday. On Monday morning, we received a call that her breathing was difficult, and we should come see her right away. It's a 3 hour drive to get the... Fri, 20 Aug 2010 09:43:43 EST This is so hard! I have tried to type something all day and just can't do it. I had to wait until after work ... you know ... the eye makeup will run. I'm new here and am trying desperately to get on the healthy track but I use sad things in life as an excuse to fall off the wagon. Five months ago I lost my beloved 12 year old Bouvier to cancer. She went from 100lbs to 63 in a matter of 4 months. Now ... tomorrow ... I will take my other angel to go be with his friend. Rocky is a 13 year old black and w... Tue, 17 Aug 2010 20:39:45 EST saying hi! 8/6 hi everyone - i just wanted to see how everyone was doing today. i'm doing okay. it's a very nice day here, so later i am hoping to walk in the meadow for a while. i have some pics on my page of the meadow and some of the birds & other animals i've seen there. <BR> <BR> ...hope you all are doing well & enjoying the day! Fri, 6 Aug 2010 13:15:43 EST just lost reilly hello everyone. 1 week ago, i put my beloved mini schnauzer, reilly, to sleep. he was almost 13 years old and we got him as a baby. he was my constant companion & such a love. i can't tell you how much i miss him. i am trying to navigate this grief, but it is really heavy. i feel anger, guilt, numbness, and a desperate need to have him back. i'm glad to find this team, and people who know what i'm feeling. thank you! Sat, 31 Jul 2010 14:51:39 EST Do dogs go to Heaven When Pepper died I found this poem and I put his picture on it and laminated it. Then I permanently put it on the bench that is out near his grave. I can sit on the bench, talk to Pepper and read this poem. I hope you like it as much as I do. <BR> <BR> <BR> My precious Pepper passed away, no more to breathe a sound. I held him for the last time, then entombed him in the ground. <BR> Day and night I wept so much, in tears I thought I'd drown. I searched my soul for comfort, but no peac... Mon, 17 May 2010 15:12:17 EST New and still feeling so sad My beloved Pepper died on March 5th at 9:30am. My husband and I were with him when he took his last breath. As I am typing this the tears well up in my eyes again. I am not sure if this is going to help my state of mind or add to my sadness. I guess time will tell. If you would like to read my last three blogs it tells about Pepper and now my dilema about what to do about a new puppy. When does the heart stop hurting. When will I be able to think about him without crying. I never knew it was ... Sat, 15 May 2010 08:12:43 EST Mother's Day - Any one else sad due to loss ? Yesterday was my first Mother's Day without my Dachshund Frita. She was my baby girl for 14.5 years. I was VERY sad yesterday knowing that she is no longer with me. Anyone else Feeling this way? Mon, 10 May 2010 10:51:08 EST New to the team I have been on Spark since the beginning of January and, all in all, doing well until this last week where I actually gained two pounds. <BR> <BR> In addition to not feeling well myself (ended in the urgent care yesterday), my older son had surgery on Thursday, and then we had to put Ero, our oldest German Shepherd, down the same day. We have/had three indoor and therefore each has their own "masters", the son that had surgery Thursday was Ero's and it was a very, very bad day all the way... Sun, 21 Feb 2010 17:32:05 EST Feline on Jury Duty I got this off the newsletter off Rainbow Bridge. It's a true story. <BR> <BR> <BR> The only way they were able to get Sal off the list was by sending in a letter from his vet. <BR> <BR> It's a civic duty many of us try to avoid - jury duty. But Sal Esposito has a really good excuse. He's a cat. <BR> <BR> Somehow, Sal was placed on a list of potential jurors and his owners in Boston are having trouble getting him off of it. They tried mailing in an exemption form stating Sal doesn't speak... Fri, 22 Jan 2010 21:15:01 EST Introduction to Team Hi all~ <BR> <BR> I was so thankful to find this group. I lost my best friend of 15 years and most of my heart April 2009. Macie was an amazing australian shepherd who forever changed my life. She gave me so many gifts. She introduced me to the world of dog sports and training, my dearest friends, unconditional love, and a love of nature. I deeply thankful to share my life with Baylor (an aussie) who is amazing but I miss Macie so very much. <BR> <BR> It is hard to explain to someone who ... Mon, 18 Jan 2010 13:04:35 EST I'm confused - a mixture of excitiment & guilt Hi my name is Tiffany. I am new to the team. My baby who I love with all my heart, Simba, an 11 year old shih tzu, went to heaven October 10, 2009 on our patio of our studio apartment. It was horrific. My heart is just broken. I miss him so much. I've been wrestling with my emotions. The only one who has been really supportive is my husband. No one else really gives a damn. I tried to reach out. My husband immigrated Simba and I here to California from Canada in 2004. I've tried to make frien... Fri, 15 Jan 2010 16:41:08 EST Left hand words This game is for only words you can type using your left hand. <BR> <BR> <BR> create Sat, 26 Dec 2009 20:21:14 EST Right hand words This game is for only words you can type using your right hand. <BR> <BR> jump Sat, 26 Dec 2009 20:20:23 EST Daily Chat Adding a daily chat thread for those that want to drop by and share... Sat, 26 Dec 2009 15:40:27 EST It's Been 8 Months... Hi everyone. It's been 8 months since I lost two of my kitties in 2 weeks time. This happened in May. I lost 2 kitties in 2007 as well. You can see their pictures on my page. I still "see" Tiger at times when I pull into the driveway and Sandi too as they used to wait for me together. Sadly I have no picture of Sandi. Tiger and Sandi were outside cats. I did bring Tiger in toward the last month when he wa s sick with kidney disease. <BR> <BR> Sorry I went on so long in the intro part of the ... Thu, 24 Dec 2009 00:06:29 EST A Christmas Wish by Philippe Brisebois A Christmas Wish <BR> by Philippe Brisebois <BR> <BR> A time of year <BR> To think of love and sharing <BR> A time of peace <BR> For the whole world to cherish <BR> A time to be with all your friends and family <BR> And wish them all <BR> A Merry Christmas <BR> <BR> Making angels in the snow <BR> or sliding down a hill <BR> roasting chestnuts on the fire <BR> takes away the chill <BR> Candy canes and mistle toe <BR> and grand-ma’s home made pie <BR> Ginger bread and hot co-co <BR> You kno... Tue, 22 Dec 2009 12:48:00 EST Introduction Hi <BR> <BR> My name is Kathy and I just started with spark people. If I can ever figure all this stuff out maybe I wouldn't feel so confused. I'm not sure where I am suppose to write things - I know nothing about blogs, etc. <BR> <BR> I lost my beautiful 7 year old Golden retriever to hemangiosarcoma in August. He had his spleen removed in May and they gave him two to six months. Well, it was only three. Thankfully he had quality of life for those three months. He got to play and do ... Sat, 19 Dec 2009 13:23:53 EST Snuggles Hi guys. Today, November 2nd, would've been my precious little Snuggles' 12th birthday. I miss her so much and it's just killing me. Thanks to all of you for listening. <link><BR>apandhawksbaby/Snuggles-1.jpg </link> Mon, 2 Nov 2009 02:25:29 EST Newbie Here My name is Lauren and I'm 22 year old. On July 10th of this year, my precious little teacup Chihuahua Snuggles had to be put down. She was diagnosed with cancer back in January and fought a good fight, but she just couldn't go on any longer. I got Snuggles for Christmas when I was 10 years old. Having a special animal in your life for almost 12 years and then losing them somewhat unexpectedly is not easy to deal with. I miss her every day, every single day. <em>39</em> Tue, 27 Oct 2009 00:16:23 EST Laughter.. .something we never have too much of Al, Bill, and Hillary at the Pearly Gates <BR> <BR> Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore were in an airplane that crashed. In heaven, they found God sitting on the great, white throne. <BR> <BR> He addressed Al first. "Al, what do you believe in?" <BR> <BR> Al replied, "Well, I believe I won the election in 2000, but it was your will that I did not serve. I've come to understand that now." <BR> <BR> God thought for a second and said, "Very good. Come and sit at my left." <BR> <BR> ... Sat, 5 Sep 2009 22:00:40 EST Hello I joined this team a while ago when I was looking thru the teams. I was a 39 year old fat and unhealthy woman. But, Thanks to sp I am losing slowly but surely and I am more healthier woman now. <BR> <BR> Here is my store of my little man: <BR> <BR> My son died a year and 7 months ago. He was my best friend. He weighed about 4 pounds. He was a pom. He was orange and black. I was very depressed when he left me. But, if I could have him back and he was the way he was, I would not. My l... Thu, 13 Aug 2009 20:28:44 EST lucky. lucky is an 8 year old lab mix. my parents adopted him from a shelter when i was 14. i remember walking out to my parents car one day after school - and seeing my sister, my mom and my dad smiling, ear to ear, in the window. i didn't know why they were smiling - but as i got closer, there he was. <BR> <BR> lucky is white, has big floppy ears and a wiry coat. the pound thought maybe he was a german sheperd mix, but we didn't really care what he was - - he was ours. =] at first, he was ... Thu, 13 Aug 2009 12:29:32 EST Question about adding a certain post opportunity? I was just wondering what people thought about what all of you thought about having a post that is meant to be one where people share short happy memories of their beloved pets. It just occurred to me while I was going through old camcorder movies of Belle and Christmas or the lake and they reminded me of good things even though they also brought tears to my eyes and sometimes increased the grief. However, it's just a suggestion - maybe a post where we had a poem we wrote about our animal f... Wed, 5 Aug 2009 23:14:58 EST beans. hello. what a great group to have on spark people. often times it is grief that contributes to the horrible feelings people have that lead to poor eating, poor health, and lack of motivation. i can definitely say i've been there. <BR> <BR> although it has been almost eight months (tomorrow)- i still miss my beans everyday. on december 5 i did something foolish - something i will probably never forgive myself for - that lead to the untimely death of our three year old cat. <BR> <BR> ... Tue, 4 Aug 2009 08:21:09 EST Angry - Should I be or is it stupid? Hi everyone I apologize for being absent during most of the last 4 weeks or so but I haven't been doing well emotionally and am also sometimes upstate where I have no nearby internet access. I want to try to sum this up as much as possible but it will be very difficult so I do not mind or will feel hurt if you cannot read it all and respond. It may take awhile to get to the point of the post too because I feel I have to share some info to give a sense of the situation. <BR> I may hav... Thu, 30 Jul 2009 20:11:13 EST Lost a Great Friend Two weeks ago, we lost Ebony, our Border Collie mix, to rattlesnake bites that she got while on her nightly walk. We got our girl around five years ago after someone dumped her on a country road and she showed up at our place Thanksgiving Day. From day one, she made herself at home with us, becoming my support throughout the last years of high school for me. She was my running partner every night as we ran three miles down the road and back, our working girl who was unafraid of the Angus catt... Mon, 6 Jul 2009 11:00:38 EST Feeling both grateful and anxious I just thought I'd share that since Belle passed away on Dec 26th 2008 this past year we have received several letters from different animal shelters and from Cornell Vet School in NY to let us know that donations were made in Belle's memory and honor. One was from a neighbor who ended up having to put her lab down a few months after Belle, another was from the vet that Belle saw for 14.6 years and whom she loved and got lots of treats from (she never was afraid of him) and another was from ... Mon, 22 Jun 2009 14:34:57 EST SPARKY STORIES Thank you for all the kind actions from the members here. I just thought I would share a few Sparky stories: <BR> <BR> We lived in this tiny house where the carport was right outside the kitchen/dinning room. Every time we pulled into the carport he would be on the table barking. We would pull the chairs away from the table and he would somehow still get on the table. His short little Dauchsund legs were determined. We also had a crate for him. He figured out how to "fold" it up and ge... Mon, 22 Jun 2009 12:49:41 EST Grief is horrible We just had to put my long haired Dauchsund down on June 8. All I see in my mind is handing him over to the tech knowing what was happening to him. I feel like I killed one of my kids. He had a bad heart and liver for several years, but when his kidneys started to fail we didn't want him suffering. He was born blind and was pretty well deaf the last few years. He would be 15 in September and we got him when he was 9 weeks old. He got me through a lot and now I just feel lost without him.... Sat, 20 Jun 2009 15:18:31 EST Just thought I'd share My parents were up the other morning looking out the back window down towards the woods were Belle is buried. They saw a young buck, a doe, and a fawn that could barely walk and looked like it had just been born sometime this week. Anyway, when Belle was younger and even up until she was 12-13 years old my dad would tie a long rope attached to her collar if he and Belle were out in the back yard. If she saw a deer she would race after it with all her "gentle" fierceness and into the woods s... Fri, 12 Jun 2009 16:59:13 EST Feeling Down Hi. I just thought I'd write in on how I'm feeling since today is just one of those days where I really miss my lab Belle. I go on my Sparkpage and I look at the pictures and some make me laugh but then others just bring me to tears. Right now my brother in VT has all the photos and is going to have them put on a DVD disc for us all. My dad and I were watching videos from the lake house a few years back and just watching her take a giant leap through the air to fetch her buoy made my eyes wat... Sun, 7 Jun 2009 17:44:23 EST scared and alone I lost my 14 year old chow chow last fall. She had fought kidney failure for close to a month before she left me. Now tonight my 19 year old cat went into convulsions. During the seizure she pulled out a couple of nails and got her teeth hung in the sofa she was laying on. I managed to get her untangled and after stroking her for about 20 minutes she sat up a little and seemed to not be quite as scared. She has heart problems and I don't think there is anything a vet could do at this poi... Mon, 1 Jun 2009 22:48:11 EST Thanks for the Welcome and also a thought I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who so kindly welcomed me to the team. I'm sorry I did not respond right away - I was at my parents lake house and in the mountains so we have no internet and it's to expensive to get any kind put in right now. So there will be many times this summer where I will be offline for several days. Anyway I didn't want to let another day go by without saying HELLO. I don't know if others have already mentioned this but actually before my Belle passed ... Fri, 29 May 2009 12:59:49 EST Hi - I'm new and grieving Hi I am 28 years old and I saw that this team was created and thought I'd try it out. I'm on several other teams such as one for Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that I have had since I was 11-12 years old. If you visit my spark page you'll find a lot of pictures of my yellow lab Belle. She was a pedigree American Lab so she had an AKC name "Belle de la Foret" which in French means Beauty of the Forest. We live in a town called forestburgh and she loved the woods and also our l... Thu, 21 May 2009 17:46:53 EST Poetry, Inspirations, and Quotations... This is the place to post poems, quotes, etc. that have helped you cope, heal, and move forward through the pain of losing a pet. Tue, 19 May 2009 21:16:02 EST Resources for Pet Grief This is the place to post resources for coping, healing, and moving forward through the pain of losing a pet. Thu, 30 Apr 2009 21:40:44 EST