SparkPeople **Positive Sparkers** Team Messageboard A positive attitude has been demonstrated to have a correlation with successful healthy living. Surround yourself with positive thinking, those who exude positivity, & find your journey a bit easier. SparkPeople **Positive Sparkers** Team Messageboard hello all, I'm annsmith. I'm a new member of the forum sparkpeople, very pleased to be acquainted and make friends to share everything in life with people. Especially learned from the forum. <BR> Tue, 22 May 2018 23:37:41 EST Hello Hi - <BR> I got a Fitbit and joined Spark a couple of weeks ago but haven't been very active. So I thought I'd find a place to get and give some support and fun, and here I am. In the market for SparkFriends and a kick in the rear! <BR> Thanks, <BR> Maggie <BR> Mon, 9 Apr 2018 15:40:50 EST Lotsa little meals. I have a diagnosis or gastro pareisis and the doctor recommend lots of little meals. So I opened up my sparkpeople so I could keep track and not over eat. If I eat too much the next meal is so hard. I'm amazed at how unhungry I am looking forward to the last meal of the day. Apparently I can do this. I don't know exactly How I will manage church tomorrow. It's tricky. Small meals. Lot's of them wish me luck... <BR> Emma Smart. Sat, 17 Feb 2018 21:49:50 EST New gal on the block! Newly back to SparkPeople, and newly back to Positive Sparkers. <BR> <BR> When I joined awhile back, I didn't get to participate in here much because I left SparkPeople not long after that. So looking forward to getting to know you all. <BR> <BR> About me: I am 45, in recovery for bulimia and binge eating and on a journey to a healthier, happier self. I had some health scares, and also a new grandmother for the first time (she's 10 months old now) so, I realize I have to help myself to g... Mon, 12 Feb 2018 08:31:18 EST What's Your Elf Name If you were an elf, what would your name be? Find out with the elf name generator at the following link: <BR> <BR> <link><BR>ould-your-name-be-find-out-now/ </link> <BR> <BR> Mine is: Gingerbread Floppy Feet <BR> <BR> Post what yours is. Thu, 7 Dec 2017 01:00:38 EST Hi all! Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I've been off and on of Sparkpeople for the past 5 years. I rejoined in 2015 and I've been a consistent member of the site. I started running during the summer of 2015 and I'm training for Tough Mudder Half in October and the Rocky Run in November, which will be my first half marathon! I have come to a point where I am more comfortable with my body, and I now focus on being able to run healthily and eating better (I believe everything in moderation). Current... Sun, 30 Jul 2017 14:35:18 EST Hello! Hi! I am so happy to find you. I've been on Sparkpeople a while (I can't even remember when I first joined!) I lost 115 pounds but have watched 25 creep back. That's what has made me start trying to be more consistent on SP - What brought me HERE is my desire for a more positive life. <BR> I was working in a very toxic environment and at some point I realized that if I wasn't making things better then I was part of the problem. I started a positivity circle at work where we get a weekly email... Sat, 15 Jul 2017 22:40:15 EST Hello Hi All, <BR> <BR> Joined a few days ago when I found this team while searching for a team that brought LOA/affirmations into the mix. <BR> <BR> I have been reading books on positive thinking, LOA, the subconscious mind, etc. Funny how we think that losing weight is simply about logging your foods and exercising. Yet many of us have been unsuccessful. Until I began reading those books and listening to people like Louise Hay, I was a very negative thinker. If i spoke to my best friend t... Sat, 10 Jun 2017 17:25:17 EST Smelling the roses challenge - 09 to 16 June Spend 15 minutes outside each day observing nature or life around you to recharge and energise yourself. Focus on the positives, the sights, aromas and sounds that are happening around you, 'soak' it all up and enjoy. <BR> <BR> Drop by and post to say you've met the goal that day. At the end of the week those who've posted will receive a goodie, more importantly the benefits of spending a few minutes each day observing will leave you feeling more positive and contented. Fri, 9 Jun 2017 05:52:08 EST Hi, I'm Kelly, can I join you? Hello everyone. I have been searching for a team full of positive people and a team that is still active, as I have found so many teams with no traffic. I am a long time Sparker, first came here in 2006, lost about 75 lbs. Life got in the way and I faded away, but came back again and then got sick and had to leave in 2013 due to health issues. I came back in late December and am using the site daily to track and find inspiration to stay plugged in, track daily and find/give support... Sun, 4 Jun 2017 13:53:39 EST Having a hard day and need encouragment? Come here We all have bad days.... <BR> Be it a bad mood, sad news or the emotional aftermath of unhealthy food choices. <BR> I just wanted a place that we could come, explain our situation and receive encouragement and a hug ! <BR> <BR> Just come on in, vent and let this positive community uplift and support you through it. <BR> We can all get through hard times together! Thu, 25 May 2017 13:51:36 EST Random Acts of Kindness Okay you wonderful positive sparkers...I have a great idea but I need some help with this. <BR> Let's start a thread and movement of random acts of kindness! <BR> <BR> I am sure you all know how this goes, but I will say it anyways: <BR> Each of us does something, just out of sheer kindness for another person. <BR> And if they thank you, just ask them to "pay it forward" and do another act of kindness for someone else. <BR> <BR> We can even do acts of kindness to pay it forward with our fel... Thu, 25 May 2017 12:40:50 EST How were you a spark of kindness today? Being Positive goes hand in hand with being kind to others - spreading that positive spark! <BR> <BR> How were you a positive spark in someone's life today? Thu, 25 May 2017 12:32:43 EST What was your Positive Moment of the day ? I thought that this would be a nice new thread to have! <BR> <BR> Gratitude can shift our perception and create even More abundance of joy and happiness in our lives, so why not , as a group, have a thread that focuses on just that? :) <BR> <BR> Even the stinkiest of days has at least one thing to be grateful for! <BR> <BR> What happened today that you are grateful for? Thu, 25 May 2017 12:20:33 EST Getting to know the team Let's all post a little something about ourselves to get to know each other or post a question for others to answer as well as answering questions from previous posts. <BR> <BR> Getting to know each other can be fun. <BR> <BR> Remember all questions are optional, if you don't want to share any information, then don't, miss it out and move on. Mon, 22 May 2017 13:23:12 EST Positive thoughts for goodies challenge 22-28 May Please post a positive thought, quote, idea or pic each day to inspire the team for a week for goodies. <BR> <BR> Mon, 22 May 2017 13:10:16 EST Weekly Weigh - In I like to keep track of my weigh in each week. I am not ashamed to post it on all my teams, no matter if I gain or lose. I feel it helps each and everyone of us to meet some sort of goal no matter how big or small. So lets all join in. My weigh - in is Sunday as it is the first day of the week. I will post where I am at this point and on Sunday I will put my loss or gain in. Fri, 21 Apr 2017 16:08:24 EST Motivational Songs Do you have a song that motivates you when exercising, picks you up if you're feeling down or you simply have to sing along to? Thu, 13 Apr 2017 13:17:49 EST Stepping down as co team leader <BR> Hi Everyone... <BR> <BR> I am needing to step down as leader... <BR> <BR> It will be awhile for my arm to heal.... so I need to cut way back on my Comp time.. <BR> <BR> Wishing everyone all the best and much Success <BR> <BR> BLESSings ALLways~Deby <BR> <BR> Fri, 31 Mar 2017 08:47:49 EST Team Newbie Hi! New to this team although I have done SP off and on for several years. I recommitted late last year to getting myself down to a healthy weight. My experience is that the more active I am on the SP teams the more inspired and motivated I am. <BR> I am 58, married mom of 3 with a high stress sedentary job that leaves me drained and short of personal time. Went from extremely skinny child to 260+ lb adult. <BR> Looking for friends on an active team who help me focus on my positives rather ... Sun, 19 Feb 2017 11:09:01 EST New to the team Hi everyone! I just joined the team and have been a member of SparkPeople for almost a month. This team seems fairly active and I love the positive theme! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you as we move forward in our journey. Wed, 15 Feb 2017 15:38:26 EST I AM ..... POSITIVE... AFIRMATIONS <BR> There is a Power to our thoughts... <BR> <BR> when we Proclaim our I AMs.... we create a focus point....for the day Fri, 10 Feb 2017 09:42:03 EST NEW: Last letter starts next word starT Thu, 2 Feb 2017 22:29:09 EST Your input, what do you want from this team? Please post your ideas and suggestions as to how you would like to see the team develop to keep everyone motivated and joining in. <BR> <BR> Keep sparking! <BR> <BR> Thu, 2 Feb 2017 13:27:36 EST 28 Jan - 03 Feb Challenge Undertake 3 random acts of kindness each day. <BR> <BR> A simple compliment or a 'thank you' can make a huge difference to the person receiving it, hold open a door for someone, offer support and encouragement, assist a colleague or friend with a task. <BR> <BR> What you do is up to you, just drop by and post your progress on this thread. Copy and paste the days below adding as you go. <BR> <BR> Sat - <BR> Sun - <BR> Mon - <BR> Tue - <BR> Wed - <BR> Thu - <BR> Fri - <BR> Sat, 28 Jan 2017 07:11:45 EST Q & A - Answer the Question of the day 25 Jan - What did you eat for breakfast? Wed, 25 Jan 2017 13:38:08 EST Never ending story Let's have some fun and create our own ongoing story. <BR> <BR> Each post is one line of the story, let's see how it develops over time. Mon, 23 Jan 2017 13:28:19 EST Positive Picture or Emoticon for team goodies... <BR> Post a positive Pic... or emoticon.... for MONTHly team goodies Fri, 13 Jan 2017 13:11:20 EST EMOTICON ... your movement (s) for today <BR> how did you move today Thu, 12 Jan 2017 14:59:21 EST Happy B-day Sarah (12/16), Steph (12/17), Beth! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>460</em> <em>443</em> Thu, 22 Dec 2016 12:25:58 EST Happy Birthday, Self_Respect (12/12)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>460</em> <em>446</em> <em>443</em> <em>500</em> <em>44</em> Wed, 14 Dec 2016 12:34:00 EST Hello everyone! When I saw this Team I decided to join immediately! I really believe that being positive can help me in every aspect of my life -also in getting healthier, fit and gorgeos ;) ;) ;) <BR> Add me if you want to - I would like to bould a stron team of people who are willing to motivate each other. I'm not totally new to SP, but started new some days ago, after a long break. Tue, 13 Dec 2016 07:24:04 EST Hello Hi, <BR> I'm Kathie. My weight problem spiraled out of control when I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer in 2009. Instead of losing weight while going through chemo - I gained it. After all my chemo, surgeries, and radiation, I never felt strong enough to go back to work. So, I have just been sitting around the house and 'eating' for 7 years now. I find that some of my eating habits are emotional and a lot from boredom. I am tired of just buying bigger clothes and having no energy ... Sun, 11 Dec 2016 08:49:48 EST Happy Birthday, Holly (12/10)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>442</em> <em>443</em> <em>475</em> <em>460</em> Fri, 9 Dec 2016 11:39:06 EST Happy belated b-day Carol & Debbie! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>442</em> <em>443</em> <em>475</em> Fri, 9 Dec 2016 11:36:25 EST Happy birthday (11/22-11/28)! <em>383</em> LiveWellAndFit (11/22) <em>244</em> Heidi (11/26) <em>383</em> CFPunkin (11/27) <em>236</em> Shirley (11/28) <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> <em>426</em> <em>471</em> <em>475</em> Never too early to celebrate! // May you have the harvest of love and harmony this year! Sun, 20 Nov 2016 15:57:19 EST Happy Birthday (11/14-11/17)! <em>383</em> Janie111480 (11/14) <em>236</em> Red_WritingHood (11/7) <em>244</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> <em>426</em> <em>471</em> <em>44</em> // May you feel blessed with the abundance of love and care in your life - may gratitude feel felt in each of your lives! Fri, 18 Nov 2016 11:58:38 EST Happy Birthday (11/9-11/13)! <em>383</em> 40puddlejumper (11/9) <em>244</em> <em>383</em> Jenny (11/11) <em>236</em> <em>383</em> Losen4Sizes (11/12) <em>334</em> <em>383</em> DreamNScheme (11/13) <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>465</em> <em>426</em> <em>764</em> <em>475</em> Sun, 13 Nov 2016 15:57:27 EST Happy Belated Birthday! (11/1-11/7) <em>383</em> QuanyIN1 (11/1) <em>383</em> Cassidy (11/5) <em>383</em> Sara &amp; AeonWarrior (11/7)! <em>244</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> <em>76</em> <em>471</em> <em>475</em> <em>44</em> Wed, 9 Nov 2016 12:40:40 EST Happy Belated b-days! (10/21-10/26) <em>383</em> Sweet_Adeline47 (10/21) <em>236</em> Minnie &amp; Cathy (10/22) <em>383</em> Mary &amp; Ms_Sweetheart (10/25) <em>244</em> Myrtly &amp; Deidre (10/26)! <em>236</em> <em>244</em> Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:57:51 EST Newbie Hi guys, <BR> I'm Brenda but go by Star. I'm new to the group just joined.I'm 34 and a mom of 3 teens 1 girl and 2 boys, and I look forward to getting to know everyone and maybe making a few friends. Sun, 23 Oct 2016 12:50:57 EST Hi - I'm a new team member. Hello, team. I am Elizabeth and, as my Spark name alludes, I live in Florida's capital city of Tallahassee. I've been retired from the paying workforce for six months now, have been married to my one-and-only for 40 years (and two weeks!) and all our children have paws - presently 3 dachshunds and a sweet kitty cat. <BR> <BR> My go-to workouts are Tai Chi, which I practice and teach, and plenty of walking. I'm trying to work strength training into my routine, also. I am healthy and in weigh... Fri, 21 Oct 2016 15:55:09 EST Happy Birthday, Carolsmom1 (10/18)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> <em>44</em> Wed, 19 Oct 2016 12:55:18 EST Happy Birthday BeckyLiz (10/16)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> <em>475</em> Sun, 16 Oct 2016 15:00:45 EST Happy Birthday, Jen & Teresa (10/12)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> <em>44</em> Thu, 13 Oct 2016 13:10:24 EST Happy Belated B-day Melissa (10/6) & mine (10/4)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>475</em> <em>465</em> Sat, 8 Oct 2016 13:49:07 EST Happy Birthday, Kathryn (10/3 or 10/13)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> Mon, 3 Oct 2016 11:58:29 EST Happy Belated Birthday, Cindy and Tricia (10/1)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> Mon, 3 Oct 2016 11:56:43 EST Happy B-day Livelightenfree (9/20) & Gailwinds1! <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>465</em> <em>244</em> Fri, 23 Sep 2016 11:39:06 EST Happy Birthday, Glenzetta & Tracy (9/14)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> Wed, 14 Sep 2016 11:05:21 EST Happy Birthday, Beth (9/3) & Amanda (9/4)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>44</em> Sat, 3 Sep 2016 12:18:19 EST Happy Birthday, Angela & Chrissi (8/30)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> Fri, 26 Aug 2016 13:19:37 EST Happy belated birthday, Debbie & Stephanie (8/25)! Keep on celebrating!!! <BR> <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Fri, 26 Aug 2016 13:18:25 EST Happy Birthday, Kris (8/18)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Thu, 18 Aug 2016 13:28:41 EST Happy Belated B-days (8/16-8/17)! Happy Birthday to: <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <BR> <BR> Lily / Amanda - 8/6 <BR> Angie - 8/10 <BR> LBryson / Linda - 8/12 <BR> Maria / Jenny - 8/13 <BR> Annie - 8/15 <BR> Smiley / Jakkii - 8/16 <BR> Jessie - 8/17 Thu, 18 Aug 2016 13:27:26 EST Happy Birthday, Ilene Rachel (8/4)! <em>383</em> Thu, 4 Aug 2016 13:45:08 EST Happy Birthday, Lioness81 (8/1)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>298</em> <em>44</em> Sat, 30 Jul 2016 14:07:25 EST Happy Birthday, Jennie (7/26) & Alexis (7/28)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>76</em> Thu, 28 Jul 2016 13:02:00 EST Happy Birthday, Dazzeedoo & Marsha (7/21)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>464</em> <em>14</em> <em>377</em> <em>175</em> Fri, 22 Jul 2016 13:08:35 EST Happy Birthday Elaine & Stacy (7/17)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>44</em> Mon, 18 Jul 2016 12:48:44 EST Happy Birthday, Jessie Rose (7/13)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>298</em> <em>468</em> Thu, 14 Jul 2016 12:18:53 EST Is anyone noticing? Hi all. I just thought it might be nice to start a topic on the compliments people get and perhaps how they felt at the time. <BR> <BR> Today, I was in the bank and the teller told me I was really slimming down. I felt happy to hear and to know that someone noticed. <BR> <BR> Anyone else? Thu, 7 Jul 2016 16:10:38 EST Happy Birthday, Crystal 7/5 (Past Leader)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>26</em> (AKA Photo_Mom_1984) Tue, 5 Jul 2016 13:43:31 EST Happy b-day Christina, Tlcfme, Janrolg (7/2-7/4)! <em>383</em> Christina (7/2), <em>383</em> Tlcfme (7/3), Janrolg (7/4)! <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>468</em> <em>283</em> Thu, 30 Jun 2016 13:00:07 EST Happy b-day Bigpoppapuff (6/27) & Debra (6/30)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>283</em> Thu, 30 Jun 2016 12:57:26 EST Happy Birthday, Leyette! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>298</em> <em>76</em> Wed, 29 Jun 2016 10:43:30 EST Happy Birthday Susan (6/27)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>44</em> Tue, 28 Jun 2016 13:01:35 EST Happy B-day, Rosie , Leanne, & Michelle! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>47</em> Thu, 23 Jun 2016 13:25:35 EST Happy Birthday, Kati (6/19)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>298</em> <em>468</em> Sat, 18 Jun 2016 14:41:59 EST Happy Birthday, Sandy (6/13)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>44</em> Tue, 14 Jun 2016 12:54:34 EST Happy Birthday, IUHRYTR (6/12)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>298</em> <em>47</em> <em>76</em> Sat, 11 Jun 2016 14:23:47 EST Happy Birthday, Vanessa (6/9)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>468</em> Thu, 9 Jun 2016 13:23:34 EST Happy Birthday, Jo (6/7)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>475</em> Tue, 7 Jun 2016 13:44:33 EST Happy Birthday, Godzleadinglady & Katie (6/5)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>298</em> Sat, 4 Jun 2016 14:13:30 EST Happy Birthday, Karen (6/2)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> Thu, 2 Jun 2016 13:19:24 EST Happy B-day, Karen, Becca, Peggy! <em>383</em> Sat, 28 May 2016 17:51:20 EST Happy Birthday, Karen & Becca (5/28)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> Fri, 27 May 2016 12:03:37 EST Happy belated birthday, Michelle & Sandy! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> Fri, 27 May 2016 12:01:39 EST Happy Birthday, Manda (5/21)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>76</em> Sat, 21 May 2016 17:24:08 EST Happy belated b-day, MediaMs7 & RustBucket1! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> Fri, 20 May 2016 13:08:27 EST Happy B-day Susie (5/13), Brandie (5/14), Cmelose! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Fri, 13 May 2016 11:58:28 EST Happy belated Birthday, SallyandGene (5/11)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Fri, 13 May 2016 11:56:37 EST Happy Birthday, TakeAStand (5/9)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> Mon, 9 May 2016 13:23:12 EST Happy Birthday JudyPoppins (5/4) - Former leader <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>214</em> <em>26</em> Fri, 6 May 2016 12:56:22 EST Happy B-day Mi-Ellkaybee (5/2)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>44</em> Mon, 2 May 2016 13:07:03 EST Happy Birthday, Lorraine (4/29)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>475</em> Thu, 28 Apr 2016 13:27:41 EST Happy Birthday Bonnie & Sweetpea1954! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>44</em> Tue, 26 Apr 2016 12:52:30 EST Happy Birthday Terri (4/23) and Joyce (4/24)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>184</em> Sun, 24 Apr 2016 16:38:37 EST Happy Birthday, Angela & Danielle (4/17)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <BR> <BR> May your birthday tomorrow be great! Sat, 16 Apr 2016 13:43:37 EST Happy belated birthday! Happy belated birthday to Paula, StrawberryLass, and Carolyn. <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>184</em> <em>214</em> <em>146</em> Fri, 15 Apr 2016 12:42:59 EST need some postive in my life new to the team.was doing good on my own, but i dropped off.working graveyard and keeping healthy and maintaining a relaionship and kids is i am here for help. Fri, 8 Apr 2016 04:35:40 EST Happy b-day Onicam (4/3)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>126</em> <em>184</em> Mon, 4 Apr 2016 11:56:02 EST Happy B-day EllaKaybee! <em>383</em> Sun, 3 Apr 2016 16:52:15 EST What is your favorite flower? With spring here - what better question to ask. <BR> <BR> I would have to say the stargazer lily Thu, 31 Mar 2016 16:49:00 EST Happy Birthday, Rain (3/29)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>144</em> <em>27</em> <em>126</em> Tue, 29 Mar 2016 21:10:16 EST Happy birthday Sue and Shirley! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>126</em> <em>452</em> <em>450</em> <em>184</em> <em>453</em> <em>448</em> <em>451</em> <em>172</em> <em>449</em> Thu, 24 Mar 2016 11:56:18 EST Happy Birthday, Marcia (3/22)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>452</em> <em>375</em> <em>450</em> <em>453</em> <em>126</em> <em>448</em> <em>451</em> <em>184</em> <em>172</em> <em>449</em> Tue, 22 Mar 2016 16:32:17 EST Happy Birthday Sparklepie and Macilinn (3/20)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>126</em> <em>184</em> <em>375</em> <em>453</em> Sun, 20 Mar 2016 15:28:01 EST Happy birthday, Gloria & Robin (3/19)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>126</em> Sat, 19 Mar 2016 15:01:50 EST Happy Birthday, Jennifer (3/17)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>438</em> <em>440</em> <em>137</em> <BR> <BR> ...and may the luck of the Irish be with you throughout the year! Thu, 17 Mar 2016 11:50:23 EST Happy Birthday, Cathy (3/12)! - Ms. Cinderella May you truly have a Cinderella Birthday &amp; all your wishes and dreams really do come true! <BR> <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>137</em> Sat, 12 Mar 2016 14:45:09 EST Happy Birthday, Sue (3/5)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>438</em> <em>137</em> <em>437</em> <em>440</em> Sat, 5 Mar 2016 15:51:33 EST Happy Birthday, Monica(3/4)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>438</em> <em>441</em> <em>440</em> <em>137</em> Fri, 4 Mar 2016 11:51:48 EST Happy Belated Birthday! (2/27-3/3)! Happy belated birthday BarabooDan1 (2/27), Kelley421 (2/28), Josie (3/1), Shamrocky2k (3/3), LadyIrish317(3/3), Monica (3/3)!!! <BR> <BR> Sorry, I have been really busy trying to complete a course online that was due today! I am done with it now and should be back completing my duties again. <BR> <BR> Fri, 4 Mar 2016 11:49:29 EST Happy Birthday, Sandy (2/23) and Deb (2/25)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> Wed, 24 Feb 2016 10:08:28 EST Happy Birthday Laurene (2/19)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Sat, 20 Feb 2016 11:29:05 EST Happy belated birthdays (2/15-2/19)! 7Farmer (2/15) <BR> Chaliceflower (2/16) <BR> Disappearing1 (2/19) <BR> KateJM (2/19) - Kate or Kathy <BR> <BR> <BR> I hope you all had a wonderful birthday. Birthdays are a time to have wishes and my wish for you is that you all have a healthier and happier year! <BR> <BR> <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> Sat, 20 Feb 2016 11:26:04 EST Looking for positive thoughts Hi my name is Donna and I'm from Wisconsin. I have been a part of Sparks for a few years but not actively for a few months. I am feeling defeated and I hate it. My Husband and I have decided that this year we were going to get healthy no excuses. Well my husband is doing great but I fell cross country skiing and hurt my tailbone bad which now has set me back. I am cooking and eating well but because it hurts to sit and bend I don't know what to do for exercise. Any ideas would be greatly appr... Mon, 15 Feb 2016 19:36:59 EST Happy Birthday, Happy1049 (2/10)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Wed, 10 Feb 2016 10:52:09 EST Happy Birthday, Edwards1411 & Martha! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Mon, 8 Feb 2016 10:48:12 EST Happy Birthday, Nanadee44 (2/2)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Sat, 6 Feb 2016 11:48:42 EST Happy Birthday, Trish (1/26)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>444</em> Tue, 26 Jan 2016 14:53:10 EST Happy Birthday, Mary (1/22)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>425</em> Thu, 21 Jan 2016 17:00:51 EST Happy Birthday, Brenda (1/13)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>425</em> <em>444</em> Thu, 14 Jan 2016 15:10:29 EST Happy Birthday, SunnyDeja (1/9)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>443</em> <em>425</em> Fri, 8 Jan 2016 14:07:06 EST Happy Birthday, PamelaPanda (1/6)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>425</em> <em>444</em> Tue, 5 Jan 2016 12:06:02 EST Happy Birthday, Lisa (1/3)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>443</em> Sun, 3 Jan 2016 15:46:19 EST Happy Birthday, FitnessRem ix(12/31)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>443</em> <em>425</em> <em>409</em> <em>408</em> Wed, 30 Dec 2015 17:40:18 EST Happy B-Day, KPace7, Kathy, & Teri (12/29)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>443</em> <em>425</em> Tue, 29 Dec 2015 16:58:37 EST Happy Birthday, Anna (12/28)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>425</em> <em>443</em> Tue, 29 Dec 2015 16:56:07 EST Happy Birthday Stephanie (12/17) & Beth (12/19)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>389</em> <em>443</em> <em>442</em> <em>460</em> Fri, 18 Dec 2015 13:04:01 EST Happy Birthday, Sarah! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>443</em> <em>442</em> <em>445</em> <em>460</em> Wed, 16 Dec 2015 12:25:28 EST Happy B-day, Holly (12/10) and Self_Respect (12/12 <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>442</em> <em>443</em> <em>460</em> <em>445</em> Fri, 11 Dec 2015 11:42:36 EST Happy Birthday, Debbie (12/8)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>443</em> <em>442</em> <em>460</em> Mon, 7 Dec 2015 14:09:17 EST Happy Birthday, Carol (12/5)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>443</em> <em>442</em> <em>460</em> Fri, 4 Dec 2015 13:13:43 EST Happy Birthday! Heidi (11/26), CFPunkin (11/27), Shirley (11/28) <BR> <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>430</em> <em>429</em> <em>428</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> Wed, 25 Nov 2015 15:19:19 EST Happy Belated Birthdays! Happy Belated Birthday to Myrtly (10/26), Deidre (10/26), Quayin1 (11/1), Cassidy (11/5), Aeonwarrior (11/7), Sara (11/7), 40 Puddlejumper (11/9), Jenny (11/11), Losen4sizes (11/12), Dreamnscheme (11/13), Janie (11/14), LiveWellandfit (11/22)!! Wed, 25 Nov 2015 15:17:07 EST Happy Birthday, Mary (10/25)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>421</em> <em>422</em> <em>465</em> Sun, 25 Oct 2015 05:03:15 EST Happy Birthday, Sweet_Adeline47 (10/21)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>19</em> <em>389</em> <em>214</em> <em>443</em> <em>465</em> <em>422</em> Tue, 20 Oct 2015 02:22:52 EST Happy Birthday Minnie & Cathy (10-22)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>389</em> <em>443</em> <em>465</em> Tue, 20 Oct 2015 02:20:21 EST Happy Birthday, Carol'sMom1 (10/18)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>443</em> <em>465</em> Sun, 18 Oct 2015 02:13:38 EST Happy Birthday, Becky Liz (10/16)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> Fri, 16 Oct 2015 00:47:40 EST Happy Birthday, Jen & Teresa (10/12)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>465</em> Mon, 12 Oct 2015 03:34:34 EST What's your favorite thing about autumn? What is your favorite thing(s) about autumn? Is it.... <BR> <BR> Fall Colors / Fall decor? <em>465</em> <BR> Foods? Pumpkin. Apples / Apple cider, Warm drinks, Fall squash, baking more etc <em>443</em> <em>471</em> <BR> Fall Holidays? <em>431</em> <em>426</em> <BR> The weather? <BR> Other? <BR> <BR> For me: I like the fall colors, pumpkin type foods, apple cider, and warm drinks like hot chocolate / hot apple cider Thu, 8 Oct 2015 01:34:59 EST Happy Birthday, Melissa! (10/6)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> Tue, 6 Oct 2015 05:04:09 EST My birthday - 10/4 Feel free to wish me a happy birthday! <em>19</em> <em>443</em> <em>44</em> <BR> <BR> Have a positive month, folks! Sat, 3 Oct 2015 00:41:45 EST Happy Birthday, Kathryn (10/3 or 10/13)? <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> Sat, 3 Oct 2015 00:39:29 EST New to team When you are around others that are not so positive it kills your mood and sometimes its hard to get your juices flowing again. I am new to the team and I love to encourage and let others know you are not alone. I am almost 51..November 9, is my birthday 39 days away....I have 3 children 2 boys 1 girl 1 grandbaby that is my pride and joy...I love to read and go to me time is listening to some music and reading the Bible...I guess that about sums its up for me.... <em>247</em> Thu, 1 Oct 2015 09:42:15 EST Happy Birthday, Cindy & Tricia (10/1)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>465</em> Thu, 1 Oct 2015 00:53:58 EST Happy Belated birthdays! 9/14 - Glenzetta & Tracy <BR> 9/20 - Livelightenfree <BR> 9/23 - Gailwinds1 <BR> <BR> I am sorry I have been out of state and haven't had access to a computer. <BR> I wish you all a wonderful birthday which can last more than one day - It is a time for wishing, dreaming, and achieving your goals! -Blessings Sat, 26 Sep 2015 03:53:41 EST Best Summer Memories - 2015 With Labor day approaching, what did you like best about this summer. <BR> <BR> For me, I really like the weather (I hate snow! <em>425</em> Sun, 6 Sep 2015 00:12:52 EST Happy Bday Beth (9-3), Amanda (9-4), & Amanda (9-6 <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Sat, 5 Sep 2015 23:21:39 EST Happy B-day, Beth (28th) and Angela / Chrissi (30) <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>214</em> Thu, 27 Aug 2015 03:51:35 EST Happy Birthday, Stephanie & Debbie (8/25)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Tue, 25 Aug 2015 00:10:44 EST Happy Birthday, Jessie (8/17) & Kris (8/18)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Wed, 19 Aug 2015 03:47:16 EST Happy birthday Smiley & Jakkii (16th) <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Sun, 16 Aug 2015 04:51:23 EST Happy belated birthday! Amanda Lynn - Aug 6 <BR> Angie - Aug 10 <BR> LBryson - Aug 12 <BR> Linda - Aug 12 <BR> Maria - Aug 13 <BR> Jenny - Aug <BR> Annie - Aug 15 <BR> <BR> So sorry! I have been very busy, but you all deserve a happy birthday. My philosophy is... Don't just celebrate one day...Make this a time for wishing, dreaming, and achieving your dreams. Remember, with the right attitude you can go far! -Blessings Deborah-Sims Sun, 16 Aug 2015 04:49:08 EST Happy birthday, Ilene Rachel (8/4)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> Tue, 4 Aug 2015 03:28:18 EST Happy Birthday, Lioness81 (8/1)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Sat, 1 Aug 2015 05:57:24 EST Happy Birthday, Jennie (7/26) & Alexmax2015 (7-28) <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Mon, 27 Jul 2015 00:32:30 EST Happy B-day Dazzeedoo & Marsha (7/21)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> Mon, 20 Jul 2015 01:58:41 EST Happy B-day Elaine & Stacy! (7-17) <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>144</em> <em>410</em> <em>67</em> <em>214</em> <em>146</em> Fri, 17 Jul 2015 05:33:50 EST Happy Birthday, Photo_mom_1984 (Crystal) 7/5! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>382</em> Sat, 4 Jul 2015 23:45:12 EST Happy birthday, ticfme (7/3) & Janrolg (7/4)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> <em>283</em> <em>19</em> <em>214</em> <em>409</em> Fri, 3 Jul 2015 01:53:42 EST Happy Birthday, Christina (7-2)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>375</em> <em>214</em> Thu, 2 Jul 2015 01:10:21 EST Happy belated birthday, Debra (6-30)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>376</em> <em>257</em> Thu, 2 Jul 2015 01:08:31 EST Happy Birthday Susan (6/27) & Leyette (6/28)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 27 Jun 2015 01:15:00 EST Happy b-day, Rosie, Leanne (6/22), Michelle (6/23) <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Fri, 26 Jun 2015 03:53:32 EST Happy Birthday, Kati (6/19)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>409</em> <em>214</em> Sat, 20 Jun 2015 05:40:00 EST Happy Birthday, IUHRYTR (6/12) & Sandy (6/13)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>184</em> <em>376</em> <em>67</em> Thu, 11 Jun 2015 03:28:44 EST Happy Birthday, Vanessa (6/9)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Wed, 10 Jun 2015 02:32:10 EST Happy Birthday, Jo (6/7)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>126</em> <em>184</em> <em>214</em> Sun, 7 Jun 2015 00:17:54 EST Happy belated b-day, Godzleadinglady & Katie (6/5) <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> Sun, 7 Jun 2015 00:16:46 EST Happy Birthday, Karen (6/2)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>126</em> <em>214</em> <em>146</em> Tue, 2 Jun 2015 01:43:36 EST Happy Birthday, Peggy (Lose4life47)!! <em>383</em> <em>244</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>126</em> <em>184</em> <em>214</em> <em>87</em> <em>146</em> <em>125</em> <BR> We miss you Peggy! I hope all is going well Sat, 30 May 2015 02:37:17 EST Happy belated b-day, Michelle, Sandy, Karen, Becca <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> . The <em>432</em> is yours! I hope this year will be a time for <em>376</em> (Growing and planting) , <em>542</em> away old habits, turning over a new <em>479</em> , and being a <em>141</em> ! <BR> The <em>128</em> is now! <BR> <BR> Best Wishes! Sat, 30 May 2015 02:27:54 EST Happy Birthday, Michelle (5/24)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>214</em> Sun, 24 May 2015 00:32:58 EST Happy Belated B-day, Rustbucket1, Manda, MSoledad5 <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>126</em> <em>184</em> <em>19</em> Sun, 24 May 2015 00:31:43 EST Happy B-day, CMeLose (5/15) & MediaMs7(5/17)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> <em>126</em> <em>376</em> <em>378</em> Sun, 17 May 2015 02:58:36 EST Happy Birthday, Susie (5/13) & Brandie (5/14)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>19</em> <em>126</em> <em>184</em> <em>87</em> Thu, 14 May 2015 00:42:31 EST Happy Birthday, SallyandGene (5/11)! <em>383</em> <em>244</em> <em>236</em> <em>126</em> <em>184</em> <em>214</em> Wed, 13 May 2015 03:29:10 EST Happy Birthday, TakeAStand (5/9)! <em>236</em> <em>244</em> <em>410</em> <em>19</em> <em>126</em> <em>184</em> Sun, 10 May 2015 05:13:33 EST Happy Birthday, Judy Poppins (5/4)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>126</em> <em>382</em> Mon, 4 May 2015 23:27:21 EST Happy Belated B-day, EllKaybee (5/2)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>126</em> Mon, 4 May 2015 23:25:51 EST Happy B-day, Sweetpea1954 (4/27) & Lorraine (4/29) <em>244</em> <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>126</em> Wed, 29 Apr 2015 00:01:36 EST Happy Birthday, Terri (4/23) & Joyce (4/24)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>19</em> <em>126</em> Fri, 24 Apr 2015 00:12:50 EST Happy Birthday, Danielle (4/17)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>184</em> <em>126</em> <em>375</em> <em>19</em> Thu, 16 Apr 2015 05:06:37 EST Happy Birthday, Carolyn (4/10)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>19</em> <em>179</em> <em>146</em> <em>87</em> <em>214</em> <em>184</em> <em>126</em> Sun, 12 Apr 2015 00:17:41 EST Happy B-day, Paula (4/5) & Strawberrylass (4/6)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>449</em> <em>448</em> <em>451</em> <em>453</em> <em>452</em> Sat, 4 Apr 2015 00:55:48 EST Happy Birthday, Onicam (4/3)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>19</em> <em>449</em> Sat, 4 Apr 2015 00:53:51 EST Happy Birthday, Diane (4/2)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>448</em> <em>449</em> <em>451</em> <em>172</em> Thu, 2 Apr 2015 01:12:01 EST Happy Birthday, Rain! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>257</em> Sun, 29 Mar 2015 01:34:14 EST Happy Birthday, Shirley (3/24)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>214</em> <em>126</em> Tue, 24 Mar 2015 05:15:28 EST Happy Birthday, Sue (3/23)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>407</em> <em>146</em> Mon, 23 Mar 2015 02:35:59 EST Happy Birthday, Marcia (3/22)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> Sun, 22 Mar 2015 03:53:11 EST Happy Birthday, Sparklepie & Macilinn (3/20)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>407</em> <em>179</em> <em>214</em> Thu, 19 Mar 2015 00:17:29 EST Happy Birthday, Gloria & Robin (3/19)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>67</em> (May sunny days greet you) <em>19</em> <em>410</em> <em>409</em> Thu, 19 Mar 2015 00:15:19 EST Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy St. Patrick's Day! <em>137</em> <em>437</em> <em>440</em> <em>438</em> <BR> <BR> Under the Exercise, Health, questions, & spark News forum, <BR> Feel free to answer WHY you feel you are A LUCKY PERSON. Tue, 17 Mar 2015 01:46:58 EST Happy Birthday, Jennifer (3/17)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <BR> Happy Birthday and the luck of the Irish with you! <em>437</em> <em>441</em> <em>440</em> <em>137</em> <em>724</em> Tue, 17 Mar 2015 01:41:56 EST Happy belated birthday. Cathy (3-12)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>137</em> Sat, 14 Mar 2015 23:35:13 EST Happy Birthday, Sue (3/5)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>144</em> <em>137</em> Fri, 6 Mar 2015 23:32:26 EST Happy Birthday, Monica (3/4)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>437</em> <em>440</em> Tue, 3 Mar 2015 23:50:10 EST Happy B-day, Shamrocky2k, Ladyirish317, & Kelly! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>437</em> <em>137</em> <em>410</em> Mon, 2 Mar 2015 02:53:32 EST Happy Birthday, Josie (3/1)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> <em>137</em> Sun, 1 Mar 2015 04:37:58 EST Happy Birthday, Kelley421 (2/28)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> Sat, 28 Feb 2015 01:47:03 EST Happy Birthday, BarabooDan1 (2/27)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>410</em> Fri, 27 Feb 2015 00:02:24 EST Happy Birthday Sandy (2/23) & Deb (2/25)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Tue, 24 Feb 2015 05:30:15 EST I am a lucky person because... In honor of St. Patrick's day, feel free to say / share why you have been a lucky person. <BR> <BR> I am lucky because ... <BR> <BR> I have friends and family <BR> In my country, we have freedoms of speech, press, & religion <BR> Compared to a lot of the people in the world, just owning a car, having a place to live with heat, would make me a wealthy person in comparison, <BR> <BR> God bless you all! Thu, 19 Feb 2015 00:13:47 EST Happy Birthday, Laurene (2/20)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>125</em> Wed, 18 Feb 2015 23:54:35 EST Happy Birthday, disappearing1 & KateJM (2/19)! <em>383</em> <em>244</em> <em>236</em> Wed, 18 Feb 2015 04:39:05 EST Happy Birthday, ChaliceFlower (2/16)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Mon, 16 Feb 2015 05:11:27 EST Happy Birthday, 7Farmer (2/15)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Sun, 15 Feb 2015 02:31:41 EST Happy Birthday, Happy1049! (2/10) <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Tue, 10 Feb 2015 05:05:30 EST Happy Birthday Edwards1411 & Martha (2/8)! <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>244</em> <em>179</em> <em>26</em> Sat, 7 Feb 2015 05:48:04 EST Happy Birthday, Nanadee (2/2)! <em>383</em> <em>244</em> <em>236</em> <BR> Please try to influence the groundhog - I am tired of winter! <BR> <BR> Mon, 2 Feb 2015 03:14:49 EST Happy Birthday, Trish (1/26)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Mon, 26 Jan 2015 03:52:20 EST Happy Birthday, Mary (1/22)! Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope it is a good one! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Wed, 21 Jan 2015 02:07:08 EST Happy Birthday, Brenda (1/13)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Tue, 13 Jan 2015 00:03:55 EST Happy Belated birthday, LisaLucas23 (1/3)! So <em>245</em> I hope you had a great <em>383</em> ! Sat, 10 Jan 2015 00:05:02 EST Happy Birthday SunnyDeja (1/9)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Fri, 9 Jan 2015 01:14:04 EST Happy Birthday, Pamela (1/6)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Mon, 5 Jan 2015 05:34:16 EST Happy belated B-day, FitnessRemix (12/31)! <em>245</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Sat, 3 Jan 2015 01:43:30 EST Happy Belated B-day, KPace7 & Kathy (12/29)! <em>245</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 3 Jan 2015 01:42:36 EST Happy belated b-day, Beth (12/19) & Anna (12/28)! <em>245</em> <em>383</em> Sat, 3 Jan 2015 01:41:30 EST Happy Belated Birthday, Sarah (12/16)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Wed, 17 Dec 2014 05:19:54 EST Happy Birthday, Stephanie (12/17)! <em>383</em> Serenity 143143! Tue, 16 Dec 2014 00:16:29 EST Just Joined the Team Hi, my name is Amy and I'm from MI. I joined SparkPeople last year, hoping that joining would be a motivator. Well, it took me another year (and 20 lbs) to find the motivation to start putting myself on my priority list! <BR> <BR> I joined Weight Watchers in the fall and have lost about half the weight that I'd like to lose. Now that I'm serious about taking care of myself, I thought that it would be a great time to start SparkPeople again. I' not fully up and running with tracking on the ... Sun, 14 Dec 2014 21:10:29 EST Hi Hi everyone I am new here. I have a massive amount of weight to lose so i'm aiming at 50 lbs. per time as a goal. I have struggled with staying commited to any program and came across sparkpeople while doing an internet search. I'm hoping to meet fun, supportive people who have the same goals as myself. So far i'm liking the website however i'm sure i'm not understanding the entire thing and all the benefits it has to offer so any suggestions and tips would be appreciated ! Sat, 13 Dec 2014 10:53:57 EST Happy Birthday, Self_Respect (12/12)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Fri, 12 Dec 2014 03:50:34 EST Happy Birthday, Holly (12/10)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Wed, 10 Dec 2014 00:27:56 EST Happy Birthday, Debbie (12/8)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Sun, 7 Dec 2014 23:59:27 EST Happy Birthday, Carol (12/5)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Fri, 5 Dec 2014 04:43:23 EST Hi I just wanted to quickly introduce myself :) My name is Michelle and I am from Canada, I am not new to spark but have decided to start over again and re give it a go. In the past I have joined teams and stayed pretty quiet not really getting active on the message boards and this time through i'm hoping to change that. Its super easy to just walk away from spark when your quietly in the backround unnoticed but if I actually get to know people who can help keep me accountable I won't be able to... Sat, 29 Nov 2014 23:22:51 EST Happy B-Day, Heidi (11/26) & Shirley (11/28)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Fri, 28 Nov 2014 00:00:43 EST Team Newbie Hello Positive Sparkers! My name is Adrienne. I am not new to Spark but I am trying to renew my motivation as it is slowly waning. I look forward to meeting you all and reading those positive comments. We all need to be reminded sometimes about the good in life- gotta keep yourself out of that negative mindset! Sat, 22 Nov 2014 10:51:28 EST Happy Birthday, LiveWellAndFit (11/22)! <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>236</em> Fri, 21 Nov 2014 02:33:28 EST Happy Birthday, DreamNScheme (11/13)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>383</em> Thu, 13 Nov 2014 04:58:49 EST Happy Birthday, Losen4sizes (11/12)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>383</em> Wed, 12 Nov 2014 01:02:51 EST Happy Birthday, Jenny (11/11)! <em>244</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>383</em> Mon, 10 Nov 2014 00:35:17 EST Happy Birthday, 40PuddleJumper (11/9)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> <em>244</em> Sun, 9 Nov 2014 01:07:17 EST Happy Birthday, Sara (11/7)! <em>383</em> <em>244</em> <em>383</em> Fri, 7 Nov 2014 00:27:18 EST Happy Birthday, Quanyin1 (11/1)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 1 Nov 2014 00:02:54 EST Happy B-Day Mary (10/25), Myrtly, & Deidre 10/26 <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sun, 26 Oct 2014 00:36:08 EST Happy Birthday, Cathy (10/22)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Wed, 22 Oct 2014 00:27:20 EST Happy Birthday BeckyLiz (10/16)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Thu, 16 Oct 2014 01:13:27 EST Happy Birthday, Jen & Teresa (10/12)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sun, 12 Oct 2014 00:08:54 EST Happy Birthday, Melissa (10/6)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Mon, 6 Oct 2014 01:01:03 EST It's My Birthday (10/4) - Deborah-Sims Feel free to wish me a Happy Birthday if you want. <BR> Hope every has a wonderful weekend! <BR> -Deborah-Sims Sat, 4 Oct 2014 00:42:17 EST Happy Birthday, Kathryn (10/3 or 10/13)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Wed, 1 Oct 2014 00:09:51 EST Happy Birthday, Cindy and Tricia (10/1)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Wed, 1 Oct 2014 00:03:01 EST Happy Birthday, Gailwinds1 (9/23)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Mon, 22 Sep 2014 23:28:12 EST Happy Birthday, LiveLightenFree (9/20)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 20 Sep 2014 00:22:30 EST Happy Birthday, Glenzetta & Tracy (9/14)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sun, 14 Sep 2014 00:46:46 EST Happy Birthday Beth (9/3) & Amanda (9/4)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Tue, 2 Sep 2014 23:54:45 EST Happy Birthday, Angela & Chrissi (8/30)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 30 Aug 2014 23:36:58 EST Happy Birthday, Beth (8/28/)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Fri, 29 Aug 2014 01:16:34 EST Happy Belated Birthday, Sparked2bFit (8/25)! Hope it was a good one - Keep on Celebrating YOU! Wed, 27 Aug 2014 02:46:42 EST Happy Birthday, Stephanie (8/25-Monday)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 23 Aug 2014 06:12:28 EST Happy Birthday, Kris (8/18)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Mon, 18 Aug 2014 02:17:29 EST Happy Birthday, Jessie (8/17)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sun, 17 Aug 2014 06:24:34 EST Happy Birthday Smiley3826 & Jakkii (8/16)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 16 Aug 2014 06:24:14 EST Happy Birthday, Annie(8/15)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Fri, 15 Aug 2014 04:31:14 EST Happy Birthday, Linda (8/12), Maria & Jenny (8/13) Happy Birthday Everyone! Blessings! Tue, 12 Aug 2014 05:07:22 EST Happy Birthday, Angie (8/10)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sun, 10 Aug 2014 05:46:11 EST Happy Birthday, Ilene Rachel (8/4)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Mon, 4 Aug 2014 04:38:16 EST Happy Birthday, Lioness81 (8/1)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Fri, 1 Aug 2014 04:55:38 EST Positive roll models A - Z List someone famous or a job title of a person that we look up to. <BR> <BR> Abraham Lincoln Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:08:25 EST Happy Belated Birthday, Forzachandmatt! (7/26) <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Tue, 29 Jul 2014 00:50:53 EST Happy Birthday, Dazzeedoo (7/21)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Mon, 21 Jul 2014 00:22:49 EST Giving the Team Points? I used to be able to give the team points daily by clicking on the red banner flag on my start page but today there's ads where the banner used to be. Does anyone know if they stopped with giving team points? thanks! <BR> <BR> that's ok...I found it under ''spark America team bonus points' Tue, 15 Jul 2014 06:10:05 EST Happy Birthday, Elaine & Stacy (Both 7/17)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Tue, 15 Jul 2014 03:17:14 EST Newbie Here Hopefully, I posted this were it needs to be...learning better navigation @ Spark People everyday :-) <BR> <BR> I'm 45, have two sons at home, full time caregiver & love being around positive people. Will add more to my start page as I go along. Look forward to getting to know the group :-) Tue, 8 Jul 2014 20:20:38 EST Happy Birthday, Crystal (Photo_M om_1984) (7/5) <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Fri, 4 Jul 2014 01:26:50 EST Happy Birthday TLCFME (7/3)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Thu, 3 Jul 2014 05:23:21 EST Hurrah a positive Team...I'm so stoked to find you Hello everyone. My name is Heather Ferdinand and I live in Nova Scotia Canada with my hubby of 28 years and my son Tristan who is 19 years old. My daughter Kailee is 24, married to a great guy Graham and they my first adorable grandson Jaxson who is 7 months old and just the thought of him, brings a smile to my lips. My other son is brandon who is 23 and lives close to us as well. I've been on spark for a very long time. I reached goal back in 2009 however the hotel I managed burned down... Wed, 2 Jul 2014 13:27:57 EST Happy Birthday, Christina (7/2)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Wed, 2 Jul 2014 00:20:53 EST Happy Birthday, Leyette (6/28) & Debra (6/30)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 28 Jun 2014 01:15:10 EST Happy Birthday Susan (6/27)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Fri, 27 Jun 2014 00:24:55 EST Happy Birthday, Rosie (6/22)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sun, 22 Jun 2014 23:51:57 EST Happy Birthday, Leanne (6/22)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sun, 22 Jun 2014 03:58:58 EST A summer puzzle <link> </link> Sat, 21 Jun 2014 13:57:53 EST Happy Bithday, Kati (6/19)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Tue, 17 Jun 2014 05:24:17 EST Happy Birthday, Sandy (June 13)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 14 Jun 2014 01:09:25 EST Positively! I am new to this team. <BR> <BR> I reached a healthy weight in 2009, but got derailed. Now I am back on SP because the tracking features and community spirit on this site are outstanding! <BR> <BR> Recently, I dropped off some Freecycle stuff to someone who was trying to figure out her fitness plan, and she remarked, "Are you always this enthusiastic?" "Yes!" replied DH. Yes, indeed. I remember when I cheered at the loss of my 2nd chin and the re-discovery of my waist. I celebrate eve... Wed, 11 Jun 2014 13:43:51 EST Happy Birthday Vanessa! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Mon, 9 Jun 2014 04:35:01 EST Take it or leave it? Easy game. Just tell us something (could be anything). The next person will say take it or leave it, then name something new for the next person to decide on. How far can we take it? <BR> <BR> Picnics. <BR> Sat, 7 Jun 2014 17:43:04 EST I am an eternal optiist... ...and it drives my husband nuts! As far as I am concerned there is a positive spin to everything! This sounds like a team made for me. <BR> <BR> My name is Jaynee and I am the married mother of 3 and grandmother of 4. I am a men's health advocate working as a Prostate Cancer Program Manager. I was in nursing for 30 years, taught school for 3 years, owned my own business and ran for the US House of Representative (twice). I was born and raised in Michigan and after being widowed in 2003, me... Fri, 6 Jun 2014 13:07:00 EST Happy Birthday to Godzleadinglady and Katie! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Thu, 5 Jun 2014 04:21:15 EST Happy Birthday, Karen (6/2)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Tue, 3 Jun 2014 00:28:35 EST Happy Birthday, Peggy (5/31)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Fri, 30 May 2014 23:45:17 EST Happy Belated Birthday, Becca! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Thu, 29 May 2014 03:15:39 EST Late Night Snacks Any recommendations on good/healthy late night snacks? I love popcorn and chips, and I love dips too! But I'm trying to not each too much of those. <BR> <BR> Thanks! Fri, 23 May 2014 10:51:08 EST Happy Birthday, Lorraine (4/29)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Mon, 28 Apr 2014 00:35:16 EST Happy belated birthday Sweetpea1954! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Mon, 28 Apr 2014 00:34:13 EST Happy Birthday, Joyseeker24! <em>383</em> Thu, 24 Apr 2014 23:42:46 EST positive this time I have spent along time in and out of counseling. One thing that I have needed to work on is boundaries. As I have worked in these areas in my life, I came to understand that part of my problem much to my disappointment was my own lack of boundaries with myself.. As I have continued to work on these areas in my life. I came to understand until I face facts about why I have extra weight on and why I lose it and gain it back a dozen times. That I could never fully keep it off. so for two years ... Tue, 22 Apr 2014 21:55:51 EST Happy Birthday, Danielle (4/17/14)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Tue, 15 Apr 2014 00:17:43 EST Happy Birthday, Carolyn! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Thu, 10 Apr 2014 00:10:14 EST intro;-) Hi, <BR> <BR> My name is Callie and I have 50 lbs to lose. I am off to a great start with SP. <BR> <BR> I like the official SP challenges. SP Official Healthy Cooking Challenge and SP Official 'Eat Up, Slim Down' Challenge <BR> <BR> Here are the changes I have made so far: <BR> 1. Planning meals now <BR> 2. Drinking 2.2 L of H2O per day <BR> 3. Keeping fruit in bowls throughout my house <BR> Lastly, Tracking my food calories with (wow....lots of work there, but gotta do it!) ... Sun, 6 Apr 2014 13:49:41 EST Happy Birthday, Strawberrylass (4/6)! <em>383</em> <em>244</em> Sat, 5 Apr 2014 00:07:35 EST Starting over... Hi All, <BR> <BR> I'm back.:) I had moderate success with weight loss a couple years ago with the help of this website. I started at 206 and went down to 172. My goal weight was 154. I lost focus after beginning a new relationship (which eventually led to marriage in July of 2012). It's kind of been downhill ever since. I crept back up to 206 which seems to be where my body says enough is enough! This is the point where I can only fit a few articles of clothing in my wardrobe and I'... Thu, 3 Apr 2014 10:39:58 EST Starting over... Hi All, <BR> <BR> I'm back.:) I had moderate success with weight loss a couple years ago with the help of this website. I started at 206 and went down to 172. My goal weight was 154. I lost focus after beginning a new relationship (which eventually led to marriage in July of 2012). It's kind of been downhill ever since. I crept back up to 206 which seems to be where my body says enough is enough! This is the point where I can only fit a few articles of clothing in my wardrobe and I'... Thu, 3 Apr 2014 09:58:08 EST Starting over... Hi All, <BR> <BR> I'm back.:) I had moderate success with weight loss a couple years ago with the help of this website. I started at 206 and went down to 172. My goal weight was 154. I lost focus after beginning a new relationship (which eventually led to marriage in July of 2012). It's kind of been downhill ever since. I crept back up to 206 which seems to be where my body says enough is enough! This is the point where I can only fit a few articles of clothing in my wardrobe and I'... Thu, 3 Apr 2014 09:18:42 EST Happy Belated Birthday, Fit4HzGlory! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Thu, 3 Apr 2014 00:32:22 EST Happy birthday, Onicam (4/3/14)! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Thu, 3 Apr 2014 00:31:39 EST Hi everyone! I'm new to this group!!! I'm Cheri and I am looking for a group such as this with an upbeat and uplifting attitude! I am co team leader of a not very active group and my goals in life are to be positive as much as possible! I believe in the law of attraction, as like attracts like and the universe brings you what you are thinking whether it be negative or positive, so I choose positive and help steer others in that direction when life gets tough. Many lessons are learned through bad times, and there is light at the e... Sat, 29 Mar 2014 21:08:11 EST Happy Birthday, Rain! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 29 Mar 2014 03:30:48 EST Happy Birthday, Shirley! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Mon, 24 Mar 2014 02:42:51 EST Happy Birthday, Marcia & Sue! <em>236</em> <em>383</em> <em>236</em> Sat, 22 Mar 2014 23:10:10 EST