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So the elliptical machine-- I HATE it! Its evil! I have a hard time doing even 10 minutes on this th NCJESSICA77 13 RETAT60
1/9/18 10:07 P
Hey everyone! For those who use a step counter.. do you add this to your fitness tracker everyday? T AKIMBRE1 4 CATHERINEKIRBY
1/8/18 8:44 P
Looking for suggestions...Trying to come up with ideas to reward myself for the progress I'm making. SO_MANY_DREAMS 10 ALLYLIZZY
1/8/18 10:44 P
On a roll. Two days of working out and watching what I eat. Not perfect with either yet but I'm clos WORKNPROGRESS27 3 7STIGGYMT
1/8/18 8:43 P
This picture is from Christmas. I'm approximately 330lbs there. It's taken me a bit gather up the co ATHLETELORI 16 HOTPINKCAMARO49
1/7/18 9:10 P
I normally don't post pictures of myself but time to change things up. My starting point today at 25 SEHRAT71 301 CUTE_FLUTE40
1/2/18 2:35 A
Starting point. Goal is to lose at least a pound a JUSTSTICKWITHIT 153 MWARNER211
1/2/18 6:08 A
Here I am at 5 am questioning my sanity. It's 31F/0C and windy. Got in 5 miles before sunrise. Ha 1DAY-ATA-TIME 205 JOYCEHARRIS3
1/2/18 6:46 A
Does anyone have a good app or anything that walks you through workouts at the gym? I want to get in NAFKAP 9 WORKNPROGRESS27
12/29/17 9:41 P
Okay, I am going out of this year on a low note. Had a great weight loss breakthrough right before DOLPH79 7 LKMANNING7
12/29/17 10:53 P
I didn't really want to go to the gym today, I vomited multiple times last night :( B88895 8 NARNIA9334
12/30/17 12:03 A
This year was good to me lost 70 pounds! I want GBENITEZSITA 36 PBVHCCVH
12/30/17 2:42 A
My before and Afters of 2017, 30lbs left to my goal weight.. 144 lbs lost!! what a change in every a EMILYSNEWLIFE 169 SOOZIE12
12/30/17 8:36 A
I had Ramen Noodles for dinner. Not the smartest choice I know but when I put them in I found I am s WORKNPROGRESS27 2 TATTOOMOMMA1974
10/10/17 7:34 P
Please help me not talk myself out of tomorrow morning's bike ride MOKIRCHER 6 BIKEORAMA
8/23/17 9:02 P
8/23/17 8:40 P
Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor for a physical. I THEJACKIEDEAN12 307 NOCALORIES
8/24/17 12:47 A
53 pounds down and none of my pants fit!! BECKY_US 256 GINTEX
8/23/17 7:08 A
Hey guys so aug 17th was my birthday I turned 38 I was hoping for a specific result for my birthday NBUTLER57 252 NBUTLER57
8/22/17 9:29 A
How do you guy's feel about smoothie king? Is it just like any other sweet treat? better or worse? MSBATTLE30 5 MSBATTLE30
8/15/17 8:09 P
How much could you possibly gain if you exceed your calories for 2 weeks? MAYASTOLEMAN 2 WORKNPROGRESS27
8/14/17 8:29 P
Name 1 Thing You Did to Reach a Goal Today! MINININJASUZUME 3469 IMREITE
1/22/18 8:49 P
Not a good day - plan for a better tomorrow TOMSTUMP 4 WORKNPROGRESS27
8/11/17 9:36 P
Augggh! So upset i just binged out on so many unhealthy "food" gained back 4 pounds after losing 18 NICOLE1713 5 NICOLE1713
8/8/17 10:01 P
1/21/18 5:04 P
I'm stuck at 180 pounds. I consume from 1200 to 1400 a day and I burn up to 5000-6000 calories a day XXBRITTANYSXX 8 XXBRITTANYSXX
8/6/17 7:14 P
Today is my first day and I am nervous I hope I can do it J36829 11 SLSPLAINE
8/6/17 8:14 P
Wow it feels good down from 16 to 8 MYJERR4ME 144 GOIN4IT233
8/7/17 3:27 A
Anyone have suggestions to stop sabotaging yourself? Every time I get close to 200lbs, I start blow TLG71567 6 NIGHTGLOW
8/5/17 1:19 P
My precious one year old . Also the reasoning to PARRISH_OKULY 15 LUANN_IN_PA
8/4/17 11:09 P
Went to a doctor appointment with my mom today. They told us she may have six months. Three weeks ag MADDIEBSMAMA 170 ABUELAMEMA52
8/4/17 5:26 A
My trainer/fitness practitioner is recommending that I increase my protein, aiming to add foods that HEALTHY-ME26 4 ZHOEN2016
8/1/17 11:20 P
Day two, healthy eating and gym time. 1026ANNAMAC 16 GETITDONE79
8/1/17 8:34 P
I don't know if this makes a difference, but the CAJUNGAL328 27 TCARTER29
6/3/17 10:08 P
I've lost 5 pounds this week on the keto diet -- stay in the pink!! Anyone else here using Fascia Bl SKINNYKYRA 6 JOANNAPLYER2013
6/3/17 10:05 P
down a total of 90 pounds... took a little over a year to get here and still trying to lose more. 14 JCHRISSY92 198 KAHANGI
5/9/17 8:04 A
I've been seeing a lot about this, how good it is for you. How you can lose weight with it. Has anyo YOTERRY 12 YOTERRY
4/29/17 12:52 P
I finally bought a scale. How often do you guys weigh yourself? I've heard every week, every other w HAMM1992 11 AMCAFEE_01
4/29/17 10:36 A
Hey! You there reading this! Yes, you. I just wanted to remind you that you are a beautiful perso CRAFTYRU 9 NANCYNIEMEIER
4/29/17 11:53 A
Went shopping in my closet for something to wear to a banquet tonight. Size 14 skirt that I could n SUESMITH73 48 NVRGIVINGUP
7/13/17 11:53 A
I got done with a spin class my husband with a combat class and what does he say? Lets go for a bike WORKNPROGRESS27 1 WORKNPROGRESS27
4/29/17 10:07 A
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was tennis practice. How about you? Here is today's b SPARKGUY 46 EJOY-EVELYN
4/27/17 9:45 P
Wearing this dress was a reward to myself for getting into the 170's! NANCYANNE55 134 GYMRAT54
4/26/17 4:48 P
Posting my first comparison. Last May to this april. Down 82lbs and counting. FLOUNDER1323 280 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
11/22/17 8:27 A
No calories eaten and no calories burned yet. Tryi CDOGSTAYFIT 18 CDOGSTAYFIT
4/28/17 10:52 A
I'm an emotional eater. Today I am struggling with a dip in my mood and the urge to binge eat is ext FLAME1989 18 FLAME1989
4/20/17 5:22 P
I am now at 79lbs lost!!! BKISSEE1 260 BKISSEE1
4/25/17 3:28 P
Four months on a weight loss plateau. I'm sick of people telling me that I'm doing something wrong, TIGERSEYEHEART 22 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/12/17 7:33 P
OMG! It is so hard to see yourself!Funny, because everyone else sees me like this everyday. It is so COMMIT139 9 SWDENTON
4/4/17 9:19 P
I will go NUTS if I have to keep re-posting this, so I won't write that much. (It has taken me AGES MSBOOTCAMP 6 WORKNPROGRESS27
4/4/17 6:46 P
4 miles in 43 minutes! Can't believe i can finally maintain less than 11 min mile! KASG81 16 BARBRUCKER1
3/9/17 8:34 P
Braved the weight room today!!! DRUCELLAJOHNSON 370 KHALIA2
7/31/17 9:10 A
What I Cleaned and Organized - January 2017 TRAVELBUG12 61 2BDYNAMIC
1/30/17 3:07 P
1/16/18 2:28 P
***** LOSE 16 IN 2016 CHALLANG ******** LESLEE33 192 SBEAR5
11/30/16 4:19 P
Anyone else have a target outfit? BIGBROWNTABBY 63 HONEYBEAR1031
9/24/17 3:57 P
How were you AWESOME today?? MOMMY2MADILYN 795 HEARTMONY13
11/23/14 6:57 P
March 2012 5 lb Challenge GODDESSOFHOME 126 GODDESSOFHOME
4/4/12 1:20 P
Season 11 Discuss Show on Now MAGA99 377 CCBULLDOG
3/29/11 2:14 P
? 1 - 13 -11 how do you train PACKY62 8 WORKNPROGRESS27
1/13/11 8:12 P
? 1-11-10 elimination who PACKY62 34 RAGGDOLL
1/13/11 12:39 A
1/24/11 10:30 P
? 01/05/11 who would you pick PACKY62 30 FATBUSTER50
1/7/11 4:21 A
New Trainers COCONNOR10 26 COCONNOR10
1/8/11 11:44 A
1/11/11 11:46 P
Share your challenge goals SPARK_COACH_JEN 19029 FLYINGONBY
1/16/18 5:54 P
BL Weight Loss Challenge (NEW) PACKY62 151 AMYLOVESTZU
2/24/11 11:19 A
? 12/30/10 what are you going to try new this new PACKY62 27 SKNYTWINK
1/4/11 3:12 P
Diamond Head / Running Buddy! DCONS001 7 BRENDARK
5/12/11 4:59 A
9/29/15 6:52 A
Please announce spoilers!! ASLBETHANY 34 BARBARASDIET
5/18/10 2:15 P
General Chat Thread CM_GARDNER78 40 CM_GARDNER78
3/25/15 9:08 A
What's your biggest challenge? EMBRACE_SUCCESS 14 LAURELSPARK
6/29/10 8:22 P
Introduce Yourself and Find Friends Here! EMBRACE_SUCCESS 143 CM_GARDNER78
11/29/11 8:33 A
Post your progress here SPADABEK 19456 KURTZIE1998
1/22/18 5:40 P