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Does anyone have any suggestions, how to make brow T63918 13 T63918
10/21/16 8:24 P
Tonight marks when I get serious about losing weig ODENSHARD 16 JACQUIEB75
10/20/16 9:03 A
What's the difference in a regular member and a pr BNICOLE240130 4 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
10/19/16 5:30 P
Very sad day, my father passed away this morning. PAMALAMA1314 73 DOGGONE_IT
10/18/16 11:35 P
How do you stay motivated?? I have tried and tried JWRIGHT48 10 CLYNNPET
10/17/16 12:09 P
Anyone want to help me out? Trying to lose around ALEX933 4 ALEX933
10/16/16 10:31 P
My fiance and I are getting married in May and I w CFRADY5989 66 LMCBEE53081
10/13/16 2:09 P
How do you get in so much protein! Im eating salads alot with chicken on them even beans and i still ANDREA888CDA 31 WINDYSUE5666
10/17/16 6:51 A
I've been keeping track of calories, but how can I K61674 3 LEDOORMAT530
10/11/16 10:55 P
Down another 1.2 pounds. FITBY2016 7 WHITNEYLD
10/4/16 7:24 A
Hi, im relatively new here and am excited about this new weight loss/management journey. If you are MUSIQCHIC04 15 JANDYLEA
10/3/16 4:58 P
One of my problem area are my arms. Will dumbbells CHAANNE81 16 LAURAWELCH123
10/3/16 6:06 P
What do people have for breakfast that is satiatin R59563 49 DENA2017
10/4/16 1:08 P
Me: Wow, I actually look pretty good Flouresent l JLUCAS86 6 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/27/16 8:49 A
Hard to keep up or notice any weight differences w SKITTLEKAT922 11 CLARADAY
9/26/16 5:11 P
My weakness is a cold glass of white wine or night looking for healthier alternatives....trie BELLAMYLOVE1 19 22AWALLACE
9/25/16 10:44 P
It says my least amount of calories I should eat i GREENEYEDMOUSE3 20 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/25/16 11:18 P
Hello to all! Down 20 pounds and feel amazing! MRSKIRKWOOD17 12 LYNETTET123
9/24/16 9:06 P
I eat under 600 calories a day, mostly veggies and MARYTRACKER101 11 SNAPDRAGON04
9/22/16 6:57 P
Help I am hungry and lying in bed hearing my stomach roar. I really didn't eat enough today I know, THIAKAY 26 LINOU052
9/21/16 11:30 P
Dont know what im doing wrong #help. I track my in LCAPEK 11 FSAMUEL6
9/26/16 2:40 P
After nine years of trying, I found out I'm pregnant this morning!!! I guess the 75# total weight lo TORRIESJOURNEY 141 GINA515
9/17/16 8:42 A
So I need help figuring this out. Wednesday I was G69054 9 WHITNEYLD
9/16/16 8:34 P
Is it true your differential has to be 3500 a week G69054 8 G69054
9/16/16 8:40 P
Started a 48 hour dry fast. Preparing for a 45 day MANLYMACHO 9 DOLLYMELISSA
9/16/16 6:54 A
Joined WW, counted points for 3 days, now off 3 d LOOKBETTA15 13 LOOKBETTA15
9/15/16 7:28 P
I have had a horrible week .I just ordered pizza f MELISSACHRISTER 3 NATALIE428
9/15/16 7:03 P
Kind of gross, but if throw up right after eating, NELSANNA 13 MSMAKEOVER
9/15/16 7:34 P
WORKOUT ROLLCALL... What was your workout for tod MSMAKEOVER 89 QSHEPP
9/15/16 8:40 P
9/8/16 8:42 P
So has anyone lost any weight by following their c JOYCELYN081489 11 BOT2823WADLEY2
9/7/16 10:12 P
This really doesn't work well it doesn't have all PRAISERS64 2 WHITNEYLD
9/7/16 6:24 P
How much do you guys spend on groceries monthly? ANNASIV 15 GOOSENBERRY678
9/6/16 1:16 P
Question on how to track something... I cooked so CATHERINEM7489 4 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/5/16 5:53 P
Just wondering, if you stay within your calories, SMELLYMAMA 10 GAT174
9/4/16 10:48 P
I am starting my diet today. Any body have any tip ECHO1948 25 CALA51
9/20/16 9:32 A
I was able to incorporate 30 mins of cardio during D63783 30 LADYVOLSFAN1954
9/2/16 11:25 P
Has anyone ever done isagenix? #weightlosshelp #desparatetolosebabyweight #50togo #thanksforyouropin LMULLAN8 4 MLAVO056
9/19/16 3:07 P
Aaaaand, just like that, the 150s were over. I am now in the '40s. (Well, it was more like two m DIZZYBRITCHES 51 WHITNEYLD
8/31/16 6:54 P
I have ate healthy all today and only have 938 cal LANAELAINE 14 LANAELAINE
8/27/16 8:15 P
I am tired, bored, overwhelmed, and cranky. I want MINATHERED 24 LEWPLACE5
8/25/16 4:21 P
9/8/16 11:43 A
How do I keep myself on track and pick myself up after i fall? I am starting from scratch with a new ANG3LWINGS1998 17 QUEEN_CARLOTTA
8/18/16 2:41 P
Healthy Lunch!!! What y'all have? I'm having a sa MEILANIMOMMY 51 KNIVISON
8/23/16 2:02 P
How much weight did you lose so far? NCANTY6 170 MCCAREFUL
10/6/16 1:55 P
Just downloaded this app. Been working out since J TEQQI1 4 KFSTAAB
8/18/16 1:43 P
My boss is having pizza delivered for lunch for th LUHNA023 32 LANETTEPATE27
8/18/16 1:42 P
Got a new bike, late mother's day present the othe NSTAMPS97 4 SPRITEPRINCESS
8/18/16 1:10 P
Ugh.. 9 lbs down, and tonight I pretty much put aw LUHNA023 21 JLYNN559
8/15/16 9:46 P
I just have a Flex and love it. #fitbit KALLIPSO4 6 JENNIFER565
8/16/16 5:34 P
I am at my typical 3 week slump. Despite being rea MOYNIHAN44 21 CTEA88
8/16/16 8:48 A
Fell off the food wagon...need motivation to stop J41318 11 HEATHERSCOTTTN
8/14/16 10:12 P
I've been doing so well with my diet and have been WHITNEYLD 2 DAWNJACKSON72
8/12/16 7:55 A
Yesterday I went to the Dr. For a regular check up K81414 8 SEBARTLETT
8/10/16 9:33 P
Why does everyone describe weight loss as a journe D4RKLYNOON 28 CRAFTYMRSG87
8/11/16 5:24 P
Also, sorry about the triplicate. WHITNEYLD 1 WHITNEYLD
8/6/16 4:24 P
Does anyone find themselves thinking unhealthy tho WHITNEYLD 1 WHITNEYLD
8/6/16 4:23 P
Does anyone find themselves thinking unhealthy tho WHITNEYLD 1 WHITNEYLD
8/6/16 4:23 P
Does anyone find themselves thinking unhealthy tho WHITNEYLD 1 WHITNEYLD
8/6/16 4:23 P
I feel so tired today. Didn't get enough sleep las WHITNEYLD 6 MSSLIMGOODIE
8/5/16 6:48 P
9/16/16 2:56 A
So I have been doing fabulous for two and a half w WHITNEYLD 18 ROUSE1105
7/30/16 10:14 P
How many more lbs do u have to lose? Discipline an JLYNN559 424 CONQEURRGRL223
10/20/16 10:27 A
Anyone up to do a 30 Day challenge with me for the month of August? Eat healthy, exercise and stay a FIREMERMAID 156 CHEVYMONTE81
9/5/16 8:32 A
My wife keeps picking fast food for lunch despite TSINDEBAN 27 SOCKOTHEHAMSTER
8/5/16 1:05 P
Who has their calorie range goal set to adjust according to exercise? Is this beneficial or not? I h WHITNEYLD 17 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
7/28/16 8:24 P
I dug out my weight watchers food scale from back WHITNEYLD 2 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
7/27/16 3:26 P
I dug out my weight watchers food scale from back WHITNEYLD 5 HUMMINBIRRRD
7/27/16 3:35 P
Good morning everyone! Here is a fun little questi CALZADILLAS30 26 PASTORJEFF2
7/27/16 8:29 A
I'm having a hard time getting in all my calories, I eat when I'm hungry but since I'm making health SHELLIE1374 34 WHYTEBROWN
7/26/16 1:25 P
Thinking about starting a clean eating challenge i QU33N_KAY 33 GETWELL2016
8/1/16 7:16 A
I'm going gluten free starting Now to see if I can GETWELL2016 8 CHRISTINA155
7/24/16 2:08 P
Going grocery shopping. What has become your new " ABREELYN 17 JENNYSAUFL
7/22/16 6:04 P
Trying to change it up some, so I don't lose inter AHARP6 14 CHAQUITA73
7/27/16 12:58 P
Anyone have days where they can't seem to get full APRKRR 11 LRJUSTUS1
7/21/16 4:25 P

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