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My fitness today = Women's March JSCHMERLER 6 MMEQUEEN
1/21/17 6:35 P
I gave myself a day to mourn and be sad. Now, I need to get up and live my life pretending that Doom LIONESSFIT7 12 VIVI65
1/21/17 5:21 P
Hi everyone! I'm new here, and hoping I can stick with it! I tend to give up on myself easily, wheth DBLANKER 9 BAWEISS55
1/21/17 9:00 A
So just curious, for those of you that workout in the mornings, do you eat first or wait? I got a li D18731 14 EMMAYBEE
1/17/17 4:08 P
#weightcheck This starts my 3rd week of tracking calories w. this app. I'm down 7 lbs! R33265 11 DOC1975
1/17/17 12:50 P
I'm a carboholic on the road to recovery. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm afraid if I eat one cupcak SAUNDRAROSE213 13 A1DENSMOM
1/17/17 1:44 P
Week 1 not so good, i have learned a lot about portion control and high protien. But Have not lost a BRENDALYNNET 9 1DERLAND99
1/17/17 1:28 P
Today was my first time doing my weekly weigh in, said a little prayer and looked. I lost 3.8 lbs!! MAIAFW93 20 TSHAWGER
1/17/17 8:57 A
It may not mean much to some folks, but to me; going from a 5x in pants to a 3x in pants is a big de DAWN1830 193 SARAWALL2013
1/15/17 12:54 P
I just took my blood sugar. It's at 171. First time in MONTHS that it's below 200. #keto #ketodiet # BECCADIANE3782 42 ROMI1984
1/9/17 7:34 P
This is the first time I am trying this. I have seemed to try everything.. I am almost a year clean PATTYMACK416 13 NIKIJACKSON32
1/4/17 5:58 P
First 10 Pounds Gone! UNDEFEATED1 166 KHALIA2
1/19/17 3:04 P
Lost 80lbs and what's my reward? I'm now slim enou TEEKS13 41 FITBY2016
12/15/16 5:57 A
So upset. Was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Dr s LSTEPHANI 13 TWEDEE777
12/13/16 9:09 A
HELP! I've gained weight. I'm at my highest ever. RANA!! 13 LOLAHH
12/9/16 11:06 A
I am back trying to track again. Omg calories add up fast. It is so hard to stay at 1200 calories. I DJACOBY-C 15 DJACOBY-C
12/9/16 10:12 A
Second day of my jorney... I tracked what I ate us JOURNEYOFLOVEFI 15 OHTAFFYWHITE
12/9/16 9:54 A
I used Spark a few months ago but got discouraged. KBYRNE02 12 JAYISOLDEM2
11/30/16 9:17 A
Hi I'm kind of new on here only been on for about SWEETEMS1217 9 CHAPINRAJMAN
11/30/16 2:11 P
I did it!!! I FINALLY did it!!! This week I reac BABYGURL45 904 BECKIELPN2
1/2/17 1:39 P
My bras have been so uncomfortable lately. It just FIBROMITE87 7 LAURENPAYNE1978
11/27/16 11:30 A
Starting to see some pounds come off, very excited NICOLENTITO 12 JAMIENELSON13
11/27/16 11:44 A
Had a nonscale victory today...a friend asked if I MOMMYVX3 16 RAEANNE84
11/12/16 12:36 A
What are some ways to combat stress eating? Especi KUOBALTBLUE 9 WEGENERCS
11/11/16 9:14 P
#weightloss my scales say I've lost 2 pounds from GETFITJAN1 32 LANNEMACK
11/8/16 1:49 P
So I realized how far out in the country I live to MWARNER211 21 DRBARNETT
11/8/16 9:31 A
Just did just over five miles DSANKS 26 TSHAWGER
11/8/16 11:20 A
No politics on's like a breath of fresh a DWILK67 31 ADORKABLE-ME
11/8/16 9:30 A
I need help! I dropped 30 and gained it all back. IGOTITGOINGON 12 XOUXIQUE
11/6/16 1:11 P
Went clothes shopping yesterday. No longer plus s KCR477 27 PATTIANN1227
10/31/16 11:08 A
Stay strong today, everyone...Halloween candy won' AJRIDERGIRL 23 MCFLY_BARBER
11/1/16 7:59 P
Weighed in this morning and I am officially down e IMDOINGTHIS4ME 2241 LOLAPALOOZAH
1/18/17 11:45 P
Hi I am a new member #friendfinder #firstpost CANONATI 15 TMALBERS525
10/27/16 9:30 P
I may never be able to eat like a normal person wh DEJALABE1 10 TINALOUCHIC
10/26/16 9:49 P
I'm obese! It's feels weird to celebrate but this ALPARTLOW 36 KSMITH662
10/26/16 9:45 P
I've went from 370 to 350 #prouddroppingthelbs LORNABURKE5664 36 CARNEYC8
10/26/16 9:46 P
need help. I fell of the wagon and gained back the CHANTEL2106 7 RASHELLESKY
10/26/16 9:45 P
Goal to lose 30 pounds CINTHIAMORENO98 9 SPARTANJAI
10/26/16 9:49 P
#babysteps today is day 3 in logging in everything RHERTWICK1919 12 KIMLADYBUG
10/24/16 9:10 P
Weird question, this time around of trying to los LSTANDRIDGE1 15 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/24/16 11:41 A
Went to Outback last night for dinner. The server GEEKMOM727 30 LAURAMURPHY108
10/24/16 10:24 A
I cried, I swear I cried. I weighed in at 145 toda MCRAYCRAFT 2301 NATOSHIAL
1/21/17 12:35 P
I ate an entire gallon of ice cream last night. Th BOOTYLICIOUS83 22 SBOYD1982
10/23/16 10:14 A
It's a beautiful Fall day in Iowa. Where is everyo C86471 51 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/23/16 9:56 A
weighted myself yesterday so far I lost 65 pounds NICKJOHN17 268 ANGEL2GOOD31
10/28/16 7:04 P
Well I didn't reach for the chocolate and cleaned MHOOGE 12 JOHNBM
10/19/16 6:56 P
How do you guys diet, when the rest of your family KITTEN121011 38 MELSMIMI
10/20/16 6:37 P
I DID IT! I got over 10,000 steps. Yesterday I had DEE1532 9 MISSDORKNESS
10/19/16 9:46 P
52 lbs gone in a year... long way to go but progre KNOSE99 100 BHARRISONO
10/20/16 9:06 A
I went to the movies and didnt eat anything! I went to lunch out and had a half of a turkey avocado JACKITRIPLETT 14 HEALTH_NOW
10/15/16 7:16 P
50 minute walk. 17 min.per mile..72 yrs old...m� GOALIEGRANDMA3 18 LOISLEL
10/15/16 7:15 P
Enjoying my day and getting the exercise I really LORI101369 7 B-LESS-ED
10/15/16 6:49 P
4 miles walked today..longest I have walked since CHARMAINED88 11 PSEMACH4
10/15/16 7:16 P
What are your favorite exercises? #favoritewaystom CONQEURRGRL223 23 JAYISOLDEM2
10/15/16 10:04 P
So how long have you been using this app and losing? Would love to hear of some longterm success! #g ANDREA888CDA 20 VIVI65
12/8/16 7:46 A
I lost 2 pounds and then gained 4. And I'm sure ELIPEE 12 ALMOSTPERFECT83
10/4/16 10:12 A
Tomorrow is my birthday. For my gift to me ...... S71810 48 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/27/16 8:40 A
Day one of my diet 63 pounds to go...I can do this AMYF1980 42 JKAE568
9/27/16 2:22 P
I've started my change of lifestyle in March 2016 BSB2724 69 AVAMARIE37
9/30/16 4:33 P
I'm having an energy crisis. For the past year, I' BUTTERFLYMOMSC 31 MISSSVJS
9/26/16 7:45 P
#weightcheck first time in three years for being below 190lbs. Broke the barrier this morning and UPPSEYDAISY 43 BLANDINGL
9/29/16 8:23 A
I got, for the first time over 35,000 steps in, in FUNNYFACE101002 24 SPARTANJAI
9/25/16 4:48 P
Today I start the long process of getting my weigh BRITTNICMAN 4 WEGENERCS
9/23/16 8:55 A
I am trying to decide if I should join weight watc CRAZYNURSEMOM 19 WEGENERCS
9/21/16 10:32 A
Need friends! I'm new. LIANE113 12 LOISLEL
9/21/16 10:46 A
Hi my name is June. I'm new to this. I'm weighing in at 173 actually 174 today. I'm a little apprehe JUNEBUG1943 18 CAPTAINDEE
9/22/16 10:02 P
do you guys think coffee is enough to jump-start m NATALIE428 14 SNAPDRAGON04
9/21/16 1:44 P
The price of produce floors me. For 6 zucs & 6 p AKELLY45 22 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/9/16 6:28 P
Well I am 73 today have lost over 70 lbs NOELNARVESON 124 SMCCAIN53
9/6/16 6:44 P
#motivation #goalweight #help Hi! I started my wei ITISHEALTHY 9 MOJAVEHIKER
8/28/16 6:34 P
What's your biggest motivation? Health,family, social outings, feeling secure, clothing, feeling goo JLYNN559 80 MRANSOM8
9/2/16 7:25 P
# first post, today is my third day on my new diet MSMATLOCK11 20 MSMATLOCK11
9/8/16 1:15 P
Today is rough but I'm tracking FERNANDEZ42 8 7STIGGYMT
8/27/16 8:57 A
What motivates you all? CLAY410 22 TONYALADO
8/26/16 5:58 P
Down 3lbs! It's nothing major but it's a start in CHEVYGRL12 63 AMALLOY6
9/1/16 9:16 A

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