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5 weeks on here & lost 11 pounds! I sure wouldn't want to carry an 11 pound sack around 24/7. When I CORALDREAMS71 90 JANETFAYE
4/30/17 2:49 P
Working out outside is always nice MDRAKEAZ 6 POKEY_
4/30/17 2:35 P
My favorite spot on my walk. I love rivers and the sound of running water. MISS-WILLOW 18 RAWCOOKIE
4/29/17 3:51 P
So. I've been tracking for almost a week... As a lifetime dieter, this is the first time I have act MDZEIG 4 WEGENERCS
4/26/17 9:29 A
Walked 7 miles yesterday.... GRAMMICHELLE 7 GRAMMICHELLE
4/26/17 9:54 P
Gained a pound, lost a pound, gained two pounds!! All in the course of three days. Weighing myself P-NOT-P 16 MISS-WILLOW
4/26/17 5:24 P
Question for all! I'm sorta new to all of this. Today is my first day in the Spark world. What are s LJOLMAN1 9 CHKCHNC
4/26/17 9:52 A
Just did my gym session of 30mins cardio and 30mins strength training πŸ™† feeling awesome!!πŸ˜‰ Now pre GULSHAFAQ 3 J38850
4/26/17 9:28 A
Officially down 30 pounds as of this morning! JSTANLEY2322 10 JSTANLEY2322
4/26/17 1:51 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 14 ROBBIEY
4/26/17 9:48 A
Posted a photo MARION-S 50 BOB5148
4/26/17 9:23 A
First time under 200 in 10 years! And that time I was breastfeeding and not eating any dairy due to MICOLINA26 163 SHARONKHARTER
4/26/17 5:18 P
I'm SOOO close to being at my goal of under 300! Weighing today puts my Spark loss at 85.6 lbs.! Hop BECCA_73 305 SHARONKHARTER
4/26/17 5:16 P
Ugh. 4 years I've eaten, "clean," for my IBS. No sugars, no grains. No cheating except for holidays. GUAVASTAR 2 WEGENERCS
4/25/17 10:34 A
There are no doughnuts in the staff room. There are no doughnuts in the staff room. It's just a mira AUGUSTAGLOOP 7 MCJULIEO
4/26/17 12:07 A
#StayActive #WeCanDoThis #AnythingCounts #Goodmorning πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸƒπŸšΆπŸ‹πŸ’ƒπŸŽ–πŸ†βš½βšΎπŸ€πŸπŸˆπŸŽΎπŸ“πŸΈβ›³πŸŽΏβ›·πŸ‚πŸ„πŸŠβ›ΉπŸš΄πŸŽ΅ RLANCE62 7 WEGENERCS
4/25/17 10:20 A
My life. I've gain basically half of what I lost two years ago. I'm stressed. When I'm stressed, I e JENN53888 4 WEGENERCS
4/25/17 10:20 A
4/25/17 10:22 A
What a beautiful ending to a terrific run! Have a great day! 5 glorious miles and one minute of refl SOUTHTXXRNNR 14 SARAEMILYMAY
4/30/17 5:21 P
Yesterday, I hit the track and accomplished a mile walk. I intended to do more but wasn't able to br EPIDEMICDREAMS 12 EPIDEMICDREAMS
4/25/17 1:35 P
My visitor this cool morning here in Florida. Looks like it's going to be a lovely day. What are y GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 GADGETCC
4/25/17 10:29 A
In 18 months I've gone from 180 lbs to 145 lbs! I walk better, feel better and look better! Love thi YKOEHLER 54 RLUNYOU
4/25/17 2:03 P
Posted a photo XOAMANDADAWN 304 PDXLOR
4/25/17 9:10 P
Today is the mark of me using sparkpeople for 1 year and following all the way through. On this day LTRINH9 305 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
4/25/17 3:38 P
I've gained back some weight and i am feeling very discouraged.... anyone have and tips/tricks? SARAHANGELS 67 ISNESS
4/25/17 6:37 A
Feeling pretty awesome about my progress!!! LEEANNPW85 88 MORTONDH
4/22/17 9:27 P
I did it met my goal this month. And under 200. Its fantastic to see this number! That's a total of DEBBIEABATEY 273 ANGEL2GOOD31
4/22/17 9:21 P
Anyone besides me having ongoing issues with SP app that may/may not count steps/miles? Even when th WEGENERCS 4 GLMOM2
4/29/17 8:36 A
After a year of thyroid disease i have gained 40 lbs and feel like lead every day. My doctor recomm LAURAANNE333 10 ARGYLEMYSTERY
4/22/17 3:56 P
Grateful for a sunny morning, a working furnace until it warms up outside and a delicious cuppa tea. SKB329 8 WEGENERCS
4/22/17 9:08 A
Fitbit??? I have been thinking about buying a fitbit and wondered which is the best to buy. I seen LARAJONES1 31 GAYLEP1957
4/22/17 10:36 A
Guess what... When you are boiling bones, the lid of the pot is HOT!!!! BETTYWEST824 6 MISS-WILLOW
4/20/17 6:17 P
I've learned that It is ok to slip up just don't stay slipped get right back on the wagon ,don't bea MISSMARIA93 5 JUDY1260
4/19/17 5:01 P
Well day 1 of chemo round #6..,exhaustion from the meds and light leg cramps. my 30 min i MISS-WILLOW 222 ROBINANN101
4/20/17 8:44 P
Need to remind myself that even baby steps is a steps in the right direction FLGIRL2017 15 MOONGLOWSNANA
4/18/17 10:43 A
I'm gonna go back to the house now! #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 91 TBRYAN-LU
4/18/17 5:34 P
Apple Health Not Syncing Correctly DOING-IT-4ME 34 MERMAIDSPIRIT
4/21/17 1:53 P
This is at 318 pounds and it's been almost a month and 18 pounds light. Just really keeping the calo FELISOL71 21 FELISOL71
4/20/17 1:50 P
Received my division winner award today. :D ELLENGRAY54 7 7STIGGYMT
4/13/17 5:04 P
Today's NSV... I've lost enough weight to remove my wedding band without trouble. ... which I know MISSDORKNESS 33 SOUTHPONDCAMP
4/19/17 8:50 A
I am not feeling great today. I am 48 days clean from heroin & gained like 30lbs since 2-18-17. To PRINNICKIE 307 WEGENERCS
4/10/17 10:04 A
Feeling determined to lose this weight. I am at 203. I have a ways to go until my goal of 160 SLIVERBULLET 39 GLORIA116
4/9/17 11:35 A
Posted a photo GEORGIA1236 17 AQUAGIRL08
4/9/17 11:17 A
I wish I could be the person my Buddy thinks I am. MIMI 13 _LINDA
4/9/17 11:43 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 106 CHUBBYNOMORE3
4/9/17 4:57 P
Hello i am new today. I had lost 80 lbs but now i want to lose more so i am trying this app. Nice to MARYNEWSTART14 57 BOHEMIANCHICK7
4/9/17 9:58 A
Been separated for a yr. And not only got rid of 180 pounds of toxic weight ( ex ) I started working LAURAMINER48 294 BMCCAMMON
4/6/17 5:30 P
I've gotten bad news all day. Does anyone have any good news to share? BEBE_RVA 9 CHKCHNC
4/5/17 12:08 A
I hit the snooze 3 times today, but I still got up and worked out. Why? Because I have to answer to MISSCNJ 14 QSHEPP
4/5/17 12:23 A
I am soooo excited! I weighed in today (after having NOT been to the gym in 2 months - BAD Lala!) an LALATIDAH 166 NVAUGHN21
4/5/17 4:19 A
I am so proud of my consistency. 21 lb and 5 inches lost. Lots and lots of gains. See my blog for al MAGLITE7 15 KIRK-0517
4/3/17 10:55 A
Posted a photo GLORYB83 17 KITT52
4/3/17 2:15 P
So true! We make it harder than it needs to be. Keep it simple. Do what's right! πŸ’œ #gettinhealthy # OTTERBEME 43 WHITEANGEL4
4/5/17 10:21 A
One inch at a time, my waistline is slowly decreasing❀️ Another 2 inches downπŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ͺ🏿❀️ YELIAB21 121 MCCALI59
4/18/17 2:37 P
Went to old navy today to do some jean shopping and grab these jeans bc I thought they were cute, I THEJACKIEDEAN12 97 FITWITHIN
4/3/17 8:46 A
After looking at these side by side I'm even more determined than ever. Can't wait till I hit my nex CHAIRBERRY 305 IMAVISION
4/30/17 2:58 P
I normally don't post body pics of myself, but I saw this and I wanted to cry because of so much dif THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 SUKULELE
4/2/17 7:55 A
This is a note to myself today BONNIESABLES2 12 JERZRN
4/1/17 7:43 A
285lbs lost since Jan 2015!! With no surgery!! Don GPALMER29 281 SUBTLEWITCH
3/30/17 9:19 A
Today was weigh in day and im beyond ecstatic. Been working so hard and its showing lost 4.4 pounds INVISIBLEGIRL06 307 LERLAINE
3/31/17 11:17 P
Morning!!! KATRINKAKONG 125 TERRI1458
3/29/17 1:55 P
Good Morning my spark friends BIGRENTMAN 22 POSEY440
3/29/17 9:45 P
Fitness isn't a seasonal hobby. Fitness is a lifestyle. KRSUMNER 10 TEEDEE911
3/29/17 11:44 A
I have been getting up early to workout 3 days straight now. I am so proud. But I wonder if it's bec MIMIGEE2 40 CHUBBYNOMORE3
3/29/17 11:44 A
Hi SparkPeople! I am going to need your help. I have tried this 3x and every time, I seem to fade o LADYDRAGON_FYRE 50 MYTIMEOK
3/28/17 9:20 P
After a recent miscarriage my husband and I decided to take a break from trying so hard because we a BRITTANICIARRA 20 KOOLPOPS35
3/26/17 11:58 P
Hello everyone I am new and starting to try to loose weight I want to be at least 190 I am 272 now t JACQUEC2012 92 ALSGIRL4
3/27/17 11:28 A
Goal weight reached! Never posted a pic before, but if it will maybe inspire others to push themselv GROOMS74 305 MCCALI59
3/21/17 12:30 P
2 years, 5 months. That's how long it took me to lose 117 pounds. No gimmicks, no quick fixes, no CARRIEB1011 282 BEVIEG41
3/18/17 5:28 P
206 day streak on SP! Down 44 pounds since July. Still a ways to go, but now...I GOT THIS! NARNIAROSE2003 50 LPORTER2015
3/15/17 3:56 A
I'm so happy I lost another 8 pounds. When you put the hard work in you really see it ZAZABEANDER 131 MEFATAGAIN
3/14/17 8:27 P
Do I belong here? SPLORI 8 MARGIEB221
3/14/17 9:38 A
Hey everyone. So, my boyfriend has decided to go on a diet and in support of him I decided to do it MISSYLYNN0621 3 SPARKGUY
3/12/17 9:51 P
I have recently started yoga for arthritis and am hoping that it will help. PATRICIAANN46 8 MBPP50
3/13/17 10:52 A
The reason for everything I do ❀ SDAVID1114 3 JADIEGIRL1974
3/11/17 7:16 P

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