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One of our supplier reps came to visit us today and brought along her manager to meet us. Said mana WANNATHIN 2 GIAARNOLD
2/22/18 10:14 A
I sell new cars for a living and have for years, but you still get men who assume that I'm an admini WANNATHIN 12 PREMAMEHROTRA
2/21/18 3:41 A
Or maybe I'll go very grown up and do this instead? Chocolate has always been my favourite, so mayb WANNATHIN 10 WANNATHIN
2/19/18 8:35 A
What I'm thinking about having for my 40th birthday! I will feel like a kid again and I'm sure my 4 WANNATHIN 10 ORTATK
2/19/18 7:35 A
Made it to my PUMP class yesterday morning after two weeks of not attending. Squats weren't as bad WANNATHIN 2 MLR_00
2/19/18 6:44 A
Did my planned 5km HIIT Treadmill Cardio in 40mins this morning, after feeling like hitting the snoo WANNATHIN 7 GAOUDI
2/16/18 4:19 A
Have a happy day! 2 hard boiled eggs with everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s & a b JBALL21 38 MUSTANGMOM6
2/15/18 11:13 A
Saw the most gorgeous Adidas trainers on an advert on Facebook last night. I must have them!! Thin WANNATHIN 4 LAURAFOOTE
2/15/18 8:43 A
I've been barely hanging in for the last week. Managing to log in, but not much else. At least I've JESS0000 18 VIRGINIAGIRL
2/15/18 2:38 P
Still enjoying my body weight circuits with some weights thrown in for variety. Think I'll just try WANNATHIN 3 LAURAFOOTE
2/15/18 8:45 A
Had my entire handbag stolen out of the trunk of my car yesterday afternoon! I had my cellphone and WANNATHIN 4 MOONSHADOWE
2/10/18 3:05 A
Did another body weight circuit this morning, but added some weighted upper body moves. Really enjo WANNATHIN 3 BIRBKITTEN1234
2/9/18 10:46 A
Have you ever done anything crazy with your hair? Don't wait til you are at your goal weight, tick o SLEEPYWALKER 17 SLEEPYWALKER
2/8/18 2:51 A
Only 4.5 weeks until my 40th birthday!! EEEEECCKK!! Really doesn't feel like that's enough time to WANNATHIN 7 WLHOPE
2/7/18 4:13 A
Tried out a body weight circuit workout I found on Facebook. Really enjoyed it, but it was tough! WANNATHIN 5 WANNATHIN
2/7/18 2:28 A
I’m down another 1/2 lbs. even though i want to eat a bushel of bananas!! SUESALLA1 8 LWLAR7
2/7/18 3:10 A
2/7/18 9:32 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 22 1CRAZYDOG
2/6/18 12:15 P
Its coffee time NEPTUNE1939 7 PATRICIA-CR
2/6/18 8:50 A
A berry delicious breakfast..... steel cut oatmeal, raspberries, and Strawberries. KIMLADYBUG 30 ROCKYCPA
2/6/18 5:21 P
After a very difficult few days, I relished the simple joy of playing with my son last night. He wa WANNATHIN 1 WANNATHIN
2/6/18 1:35 A
Such a joy dropping my son at school this morning. So many hugs and kisses goodbye and a special re WANNATHIN 1 WANNATHIN
2/6/18 1:31 A
Posted a photo DIVAGLOW 39 PAULA3420
2/6/18 2:21 P
Good luck today everyone! Get out there and kill it! 💜 CARNEYGAMES 6 LIZZIE138
2/5/18 10:23 A
So ever since last Thursday, I have been emotional eating like crazy due to all the stress I am expe WANNATHIN 13 MSMITCHELL2696
2/5/18 8:36 A
Almost 50 lbs down! 21 in January! BL3SS3DWITHLIF3 40 BONNIE1552
2/5/18 7:36 A
I have a Baby Shower coming up next week and want to take a salad, either veggie or bean or a combo. HWNHMMBRD 5 TAQUINO77
2/5/18 5:39 A
09:00 At work on a Saturday morning. Yet another day in my son's life that I miss because of this WANNATHIN 4 SANDRAEH68
2/3/18 6:25 A
Feeling super despondent about work. Going to be performance managed in an effort to get rid of me, WANNATHIN 5 GOODGETNBETR
2/2/18 10:49 P
What was your best lifetime weight, how'd you do i J38850 14 RUBYREDSTAR19
2/20/18 7:26 A
I really applaud the bravery it takes to post "before" photos. I keep saying I should take some pho WANNATHIN 6 MOONSHADOWE
2/1/18 12:45 P
February 1st, write down some realistic goals for the month and do your best to complete them, we ca DANYGIRL40 3 WANNATHIN
2/1/18 10:00 A
1/31/18 12:12 P
Started this challenge today from a member suggestion. Have set it for 4 days, since I won't have a WANNATHIN 7 RDCAGAIN10
1/31/18 10:19 A
My husband has been so supportive and is eating all the same foods I am. He does slather on the butt STALBOTT48 11 COUNTRYMAMA8210
1/31/18 2:59 A
I really haven't been very good with drinking my 3L of water per day! So today I am committing to d WANNATHIN 6 PATSYGO
1/31/18 4:20 A
Go heavy. Then go home. WANNATHIN 2 JANIEWWJD
1/31/18 3:30 A
Happy Monday!! I'm going grocery shopping today, anybody have any new/old ideas for snacks or no coo LIL1IAN 12 AMYINTHEWILD
1/29/18 8:49 A
Did my 3rd PUMP class in 3 weeks yesterday. So far I'm sticking to my 2018 commitment that it would WANNATHIN 4 WANNATHIN
1/29/18 7:40 A
Reeeeeaaaaaally didn't feel like getting out of bed at 04:40 this morning, but I DID and even though WANNATHIN 12 SHELLLEY2
1/29/18 5:58 A
Really think I need to have a before / after photo thing happening! I'll take the "before" tomorrow WANNATHIN 1 WANNATHIN
1/26/18 8:16 A
Posted a photo DRAMAQUEEN926 20 POSEY440
1/26/18 9:35 A
It's my birthday every Friday and Sunday! WANNATHIN 6 L_DROUIN
1/26/18 2:40 A
Goals! Goals! Goals! WANNATHIN 6 L_DROUIN
1/26/18 2:40 A
1/26/18 2:26 A
Posted a photo GYMLYF_RJONES 11 -POOKIE-
1/26/18 2:58 A
Downloaded some classic tracks by Nirvana, Guns & Roses and Faithless this morning and it really hel WANNATHIN 3 MUSTANGMOM6
1/26/18 1:29 A
220 calories Vs. 220 calories SABRENADAWN73 13 SABRENADAWN73
1/26/18 11:22 A
When I'm into the last 10 minutes of my weight training hour.... WANNATHIN 6 WANNATHIN
1/26/18 1:03 A
This is TOTALLY me! I cannot train without my tunes, man! WANNATHIN 8 WANNATHIN
1/26/18 12:57 A
Hahahaha! I remember waaaaayyyyy back when I had a trainer. This was me on day 1! WANNATHIN 5 BIRBKITTEN1234
1/25/18 10:55 A
1/25/18 11:13 A
This is so damn awesome!!! Love it! WANNATHIN 2 SADIEMYERS
1/25/18 11:14 A
My favourite poem! WANNATHIN 1 WANNATHIN
1/25/18 10:19 A
I don't think I have ever felt so low, despondent, negative and bleak about work. I absolutely HATE WANNATHIN 11 RUBYREDUSA
1/25/18 6:25 A
I put on my nicest, best fitting pants today, and had a huge surprise when I had to keep pulling the ANHLYSS 7 TOBYBIRD
1/25/18 3:42 A
Just thought this was funny. PAMMIESUE81 5 WANNATHIN
1/25/18 2:26 A
Thank you Starbucks. Had a great birthday, and my birthday cake...pop helped me stay on target. SOULCOLLAGESUE 17 SOULCOLLAGESUE
1/27/18 10:33 P
My dinner tonight. I was really craving chocolate so decided to get low fat chocolate milk. I treat KRISTIGIRL12208 13 DIANEDOESSMILES
1/25/18 4:41 A
I did strength training this morning. I also set a new personal record by doing 20 set of 10 reps of SHADOWDRAGON19 5 PEARL79
1/25/18 2:57 A
My gym has a website where you can go see how many times you've been over any given time period. Ov WANNATHIN 5 MARINEMAMA
1/24/18 4:12 A
Proud of how often I've been to the gym since starting back on this journey on 20 Nov 2016! It's so WANNATHIN 6 MARINEMAMA
1/24/18 4:11 A
I was inspired to start adding yoga into my routine by a recent article about "fit" coming in every WANNATHIN 3 WANNATHIN
1/24/18 2:06 A
Finally getting used to drinking water again, and I have my food all planned out for the day today. BAT_CAT 5 DJ4HEALTH
1/24/18 1:40 A
Feeling very swollen and bloated again today. I'm going to chalk it up to water retention due to my WANNATHIN 3 STUBBY_DOUGLAS
1/23/18 4:04 A
Something I have realized from the photos people post of their food on Facebook, Instagram and on he WANNATHIN 6 RDCAGAIN10
1/22/18 9:13 A
I’m doing good at reaching my #goals except for the scale. It hasn’t budged one bit. Makes me so dis NURSESADIE 12 CTYONIT
1/22/18 4:46 A
This is totally me today.... Sales... it sucks! WANNATHIN 6 SCHECK5
1/22/18 5:01 A
Completed my second PUMP class yesterday morning and it was TOUGH! I went a bit heavier than last w WANNATHIN 3 MARINEMAMA
1/22/18 4:19 A
Had 10 cups of water yesterday. It felt so good meeting my daily goal. #h2whoa KIENOR 13 RDCAGAIN10
1/19/18 12:14 P
I have been focusing so hard on my 40th birthday coming up in March, that I've almost forgotten it's WANNATHIN 4 SADIEMYERS
1/19/18 9:00 A
Accidentally pressed my alarm off instead of my usual snooze this morning and ended up missing my wo WANNATHIN 2 WENDYSU48
1/19/18 7:11 A
Gah!!! I’m trying to get healthy again. Two military moves, lots of time home alone, and now living MANDIECRAWFORD 8 RAWN13
1/18/18 4:43 A
I can’t find where to search this feed.... I’m looking for suggestions for a fitness tracker. Fitbit LOLINMR 9 LOLINMR
1/18/18 11:59 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 6 JAMER123
1/18/18 11:42 P