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I am new to this, only on day 2 and it's really ha SERENMOM 22 PROUDMOM04
7/30/16 11:36 A
I have another problem and I need help!!! I will b ROSEMARP 10 MSTATES
7/30/16 9:42 A
Woot! I'm so excited, just weighed myself and am d SSMITH762 121 RANAF222
7/30/16 8:40 A
Yesterday was a great day of exercise outdoors. We DIVAOF321 4 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/30/16 3:59 A
Approaching 2 weeks tracking calories and drinking 2911JER 20 DRAPOSA-H
7/30/16 11:05 A
What are spark points used for? I'm new on here an LCBAILEY 3 DORHYGT
7/30/16 6:57 A
After almost 4 years of my daughter working as a w WPM911 6 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
7/30/16 8:16 A
Also are there any teachers out there? How do you TRISH12211221 10 PHEBERUTH
7/29/16 4:07 P
My wife keeps picking fast food for lunch despite TSINDEBAN 25 KTERHUNE0509
7/29/16 5:03 P
This my fifth day ... Still having trouble drinkin WROBERTS- 10 TUNKATOO
7/29/16 5:08 P
Well weigh in today I have lost 10lbs!!! So impati MBE1971 48 KFSTAAB
7/29/16 7:21 P
Never knew a lifestyle change was all I needed. I TOOTI202 11 PJM1968
7/29/16 5:53 P
I have started walking everyday for an hour, I cou AMANDACANTO 15 LANAELAINE
7/29/16 4:19 P
Runs into CVS for meds.... Doesn't buy any unneces PIANONIGHTSTARS 31 BIGRENTMAN
7/29/16 4:18 P
Lunch on vacation...I took 3 ounces pork lion cut FITBY2016 6 CLARADAY
7/29/16 4:40 P
Why can't I get my food cravings to go away STEPHDZK 11 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/28/16 8:05 P
What foods should I avoid or decrease my cholester DOERAE46 5 LANAELAINE
7/28/16 8:35 P
Well kinda bummed today was my first full week and FRANZEN21 20 PURPLEROSES08
7/28/16 9:57 P
Hello everyone, What is the difference between net carbs and total carbs? How does it work? JTANNER69 8 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/28/16 8:04 P
I started last week Thursday today was my first we FRANZEN21 7 FRANZEN21
7/28/16 10:04 P
What did everyone have for dinner tonight? I had g AIJOHNSO 28 A1DENSMOM
7/28/16 9:00 P
To satisfy my sweet tooth I eat special K chocolat FAMILY_FIRST01 43 00BUMBLEBEE00
7/28/16 8:46 P
I accomplished my first goal today. I was able to SASSYGINGER2014 29 CASSIEB111
7/28/16 11:24 P
What is one thing you don't want to give up for we RUNNERGIRLUSA78 122 COCOBEE2016
7/29/16 7:53 P
It's official! I fit into XL ladies t-shirts!!! I picked up three of them for $3 each and found 3 wo TORRIESJOURNEY 32 TMACKEY87
7/28/16 11:14 P
Joined yesterday. Pretty cool. ....I've removed my BELINDA2017 26 LYNXMYNX
7/27/16 7:17 P
Normally when I'm having a rough time, I close my SHAPEUPCHELLE 28 JEWELSTAR5
7/27/16 3:58 P
Today is a new day!! Start over if you need to or ARMYWIFE75 3 THANCHI
7/27/16 9:42 A
I have a hard time trying to drink 8 cups of water NICANN07 42 LANAMCDONALD
7/27/16 4:26 P
7/28/16 1:23 P
I want ๐Ÿฐ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿช๐Ÿฉso baaaad FUJHHV 13 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/27/16 9:39 A
#firstpost for my first week! Packed a healthy lun JADMOM 13 DRBARNETT
7/27/16 11:14 A
I wish I could say off sweets and develop a long t KERIKSEN6 19 CLARADAY
7/29/16 8:59 A
Ok can we just take a moment to be grateful for SP LUHNA023 13 RIPJUJU
7/27/16 9:40 A
I am just now starting to do this and i need help. SKYMOTION 7 CHAQUITA73
7/26/16 8:23 A
Today's goal: drink my water. And dance! See, sayi ANNDIEDR 4 CSMOLKO0
7/26/16 8:17 A
I just hit the 25 pound mark this week. Goal is to AVW1985 51 CALA51
7/29/16 3:54 P
Broke through my plateau to the 25 lb loss mark. T STACYREB 7 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/26/16 7:56 A
Thought I gained over the weekend, but it must hav HUNTKM 22 SANJASJOURNEY
7/26/16 9:37 A
Pokรฉmon Go! I know it is clichรฉ, however, I hav AME2013 10 MEHMIMI
7/23/16 4:54 P
I can never get my calorie percentage correct. I'm either too high or too low on fat, carbs, and pro CHENILLEGIL 6 LRJUSTUS1
7/23/16 4:49 P
95 lbs down and wearing size 10 dresses today! Sta AJ0708 2513 LANAELAINE
7/30/16 2:26 P
I can do this! You can do this! We can do this tog LEIGHBIRD555 3 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/23/16 4:01 P
I really need some encouragement today. I'm doing ASHLEYODDITY 15 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/23/16 4:01 P
Just finished working out. I feel really good. GLENWICK 3 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/23/16 4:01 P
Lost 2 more pounds. Total 13 in little over 2 week GINGERDKL 12 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/23/16 4:00 P
This weather is fabulous!!!! HJENKINS79 11 TUNKATOO
7/22/16 4:30 P
Good luck with everyone JJOHNSON393 2 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/22/16 4:09 P
Went to the doctor today and loss another two poun BRENIYAHS 46 JOCELYNH711
7/23/16 9:54 A
Starting weight 178 down to 169. On my way to 150 BEACHLVR222 20 AWROTEN
7/24/16 2:03 P
7/22/16 4:08 P
Okay my new friends...Any advice on how not to ove MARIPOSAJESSI 34 HEALTHEATER711
7/22/16 4:36 P
I love summer and my daily workouts, but I just ca DANGLIN8 18 HLANIER4
7/22/16 4:20 P
Seeing small results is exciting! Down my first 3. LMI333 62 LTRINH9
7/22/16 4:15 P
Today is the day. I finally made it to my first go FUNNYFACE101002 400 PROUDMOM04
7/30/16 11:32 A
Started a new lifestyle 2 days ago, and I feel gre CHASBROUC 12 CINDYB35111
7/21/16 7:11 A
I have asthma and exercise is difficult. I do have JYHUMES 13 CINDYB35111
7/21/16 7:13 A
Day one. Can't wait KELEDONIA 10 LOVEHEARTS43
7/21/16 5:48 A
I'm down 15 pounds!! Started this diet June 27th I BRE712CARRIE 10 ERIKAVILLA777
7/21/16 9:54 P
Couldn't figure out why I stayed at the same weigh GINGERDKL 3 LTRINH9
7/21/16 4:51 A
I'm ready to start holding myself accountable for WVANCE1121 13 LTRINH9
7/21/16 4:53 A
Just got my Fitbit charge ( it was on sale!) #fit GREEN1117 18 TINE-ANN
7/20/16 6:32 P
Hey! It's my birthday and the start of a new year! 240POINT6 19 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/20/16 1:27 P
I've just been checking my calorie allowance on my "MyFitnessPal app" I'm 150lbs and allowed 1,320. SMALLTALK1960 13 SMALLTALK1960
7/21/16 2:10 P
Just arrived. Excited to have something to motivat MMITCHELL660 8 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/20/16 1:26 P
Finally out of the 190's. been a rough week. Hope FAER33 13 CHRISCANN
7/20/16 1:27 P
Starting out with 2 weeks sugar free. It helps to reset your metabolism. The resetting came from wha BLISS991 7 APALEMOUSE
7/20/16 1:48 P
Made my water goal today!! ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™ PPARKER2214 16 AWROTEN
7/22/16 12:35 P
I started March 1st and have lost 26 lbs. I'm supe CALDENMADD 31 MELSMIMI
7/28/16 5:20 P
The struggle between work and making sure i get my AMANDAAMALLINE 9 MNIEMIEC013
7/20/16 11:01 P
Hey family, looking forward to connecting MYRAKERSCHER 3 TWEETIEBIRDIE
7/20/16 1:24 P
This is going to be a long hard road feeling overw RAQUELGABALDON 11 CLARADAY
7/20/16 4:33 P
I'm down 4lbs this week! With a total of 7.1lbs do INVAL1DT3ARDR0P 19 DETRIASGOALS
7/20/16 1:25 P
Eating 1200 cal. burning 300 walking. Should I be BUDDHADOLL 5 SNAPDRAGON04
7/20/16 1:29 P
How many shoes do you pack in your suitcase when t JUDY2FIT 10 BECCA0327
7/22/16 6:19 P

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