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More hungry these days than I have been in several HEALTH_NOW 15 RALPHDB
7/23/16 1:27 A
Day 1 I know I can do this! EMM1987 10 TWEETIBEAR
7/21/16 7:04 A
I shouldn't have weighed myself.. I only lost 9 po SHMAREBEAR7861 36 SHMAREBEAR7861
7/19/16 9:12 P
So I broke down and had pizza not just 2 slices bu JAYISOLDEM2 17 NASHUA12
7/18/16 9:40 P
First week done! 11 pounds gone! Yay πŸ˜ƒ AIJOHNSO 12 LANAELAINE
7/18/16 9:14 P
Counting calories is a lot harder than I thoug KGTUCKER21 12 AGRAY7903
7/19/16 7:09 A
Well yesterday was a lil bit of a slip but I'm not FR8TRAIN9 7 RO2BENT
7/17/16 9:08 A
I am starting SparkPeople in the morning. Today I have been doing a bit of research. I hope that thi MARYGATGENS 17 HIGHLIGHTMEBLUE
7/16/16 10:43 P
Hi I'm new to spark I would love for y'all to help RAVE82 26 UNKYNDENESSE
7/17/16 5:47 P
It seems like the weight came on so fast and easy. NICOLET41 17 DIZZYBRITCHES
7/15/16 2:28 P
Had another difficult night. That marks three in a JMGM2014 6 TWEETIBEAR
7/11/16 8:34 P
Staying on track JASMINEW21788 4 MSMAKEOVER
7/11/16 8:33 P
I'm really feeling like giving up. I need help. #h RMIHAMA 22 BANANASLOUIE7
7/5/16 8:13 P
I managed to have a cheat weekend without gaining JANA0132 8 ALASKAPUP
7/5/16 2:02 P
What are you doing for the Fourth? I am staying l IAMHOLDINGON 15 QUEEN_CARLOTTA
7/5/16 12:45 A
Which food can't you stop eating? #food SONIA_THORNTON 65 AZVIXEN8
7/7/16 3:17 A
Week one officially completed and im down 6.8lbs CAM_IS_SLIMMING 20 LTRINH9
7/3/16 10:33 P
Had a really bad day today. Am trying to keep under 800 cals and ended up eating over 1000. Oops. We LAURASUTCLIFFE 17 TWEETIBEAR
7/3/16 8:50 P
How many net carbs are people eating? LYSSA1910 19 CARENNON
7/3/16 1:08 P
Month 4 is in the books. Down 66 lbs as of today. AAYERS8 32 DRBARNETT
7/1/16 9:01 A
I started this app like a month ago and never did WADE2011 6 JANIEWWJD
6/30/16 10:46 P
Hi everyone, Im new here and trying to loose 70lbs JUDITHLEIGH 92 S_MHANCOCK
7/22/16 12:12 P
The scale hit a number I was shocked to see yester LFISHER1980 18 TWEETIBEAR
6/29/16 10:32 P
So I did go to McDonald's today but it was after m KTERHUNE0509 14 LRJUSTUS1
6/29/16 10:31 P
How do people get the cravings out of their system 123CAMITCHELL 12 DIZZYBRITCHES
6/26/16 4:00 P
Hi everyone this is my 5 day. I weight in and i lo MARGY1962 13 LTRINH9
6/25/16 7:14 P
Yay, I'm really down into the 210s now! 218 today LITTLESAPPHIRE 27 APETERS16
6/25/16 7:44 P
How do I delete something in my log, I DIDN'T eat CARY0705 4 TWEETIBEAR
6/25/16 5:20 P
How do you avoid carbs?? What doo you munch on instead?? I love it all...pastas, rice, breads. STEPHRY87 22 MWARNER211
6/24/16 12:52 P
I've only lost 7 pounds since June 2nd I should ha DARLINGTL 15 NSHEAR
6/23/16 11:20 P
Lost 7 pounds since May 24th. Huge hurdle! Very ha WILKESRM 8 NDEMINK
6/23/16 10:12 P
#breakfast What do you eat to start your day? HEART261 31 KRISPITY
6/22/16 11:16 A
I'm so thankful for this app. I absolutely love be JESSCHALKER 8 SASSYJIVEL155
6/22/16 11:22 A
I tried Ancient Grain and Super Seed Oatmeal for b KTERHUNE0509 5 TWEETIBEAR
6/22/16 10:26 A
Logging food in been away from this site for quite MCPOSW 6 PERRY901
6/22/16 11:15 A
What a long day. Worked 11 hours. Friday can't com JESSIELABRAKE 7 MEL9300
6/21/16 11:17 P
#help Does anyone know how to stop food cravings? INDIEHIPSTER10 5 SWEATHERH
6/21/16 10:47 P
What Exercise Did You Do Today... HOMEBODY4EVER 20 HOMEBODY4EVER
7/6/16 9:25 A
I have a hard time motivating myself to go out for LOMAEQ 57 GUTZMOM
6/20/16 9:17 A
Ugh. When depression and anxiety tell you to go bu BECCA5158 13 BECCA5158
6/17/16 11:38 A
I realized yesterday that my poor eating is habitu CHRISTENNICOLEP 30 KBELLE68
6/15/16 2:09 P
Up and dressed at 5:45 am, ready for my morning wa NCBOOKGIRL 6 CSMOLKO0
6/13/16 6:51 A
Good morning hard working people! New week ahead o MRSKLAUSSNER 11 CHUBBY_KT
6/13/16 7:15 A
Down 2lbs! Good way to start Monday! HANGRYMOM 17 MMEQUEEN
6/13/16 9:57 A
My first day . Went grocery shopping and it took f ROSESYELLOW 22 JLAA33
6/15/16 9:28 A
Made a huge #lowcarb lasagna tonight with zucchini LITTLESAPPHIRE 4 LITTLESAPPHIRE
6/12/16 9:25 P
Started Sparks last Monday. Tracking my exercise DAMOMMAROSE 8 TWEETIBEAR
6/12/16 9:03 P
#FIRSTPOST Yesterday I found out I am prediabetic. KARENAWHEELE 16 CHOCCHIC
6/10/16 11:00 P
Sparkpeople works if you're willing to work too! I KTWEB37 7 RAINEY2010
6/10/16 10:48 P
What is your favorite healthy snack? WONDERLUSTQUEEN 7 LPATRICK0
6/10/16 11:06 P
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 455 BDUBBSDEY
7/28/16 3:27 P
Question of the Day..... .??????? HOMEBODY4EVER 136 CDGO4TH
7/28/16 7:50 P
What Is Your Craft or Crafts of Choice ... HOMEBODY4EVER 25 PATTI_PAL1
7/16/16 9:06 P
I've hit a little stall. Determined. I know I have KORRILCONGDON 6 RO2BENT
6/8/16 9:11 A
Have a terrible cough. I tried cold and cough med DYLANDERYN 17 DYLANDERYN
6/6/16 11:32 P
Every time I weigh myself it gives me a different FAMILY_FIRST01 12 ALDAHBRA
6/6/16 10:49 P
Nearly disappeared from here again, but managed to GOATBOY_SNR 20 TWEETIBEAR
6/6/16 8:15 P
#techsupport Is there a way to set a reminder to w FLANGELGIRL01 8 FLANGELGIRL01
6/30/16 4:56 A
How does a person quit soda? I am so addicted to s RUTLEDGEMARIE 39 LPATRICK0
6/2/16 12:04 A
Aside from walking.. can anyone suggest some exerc 1981CHARRIS 6 SBUXGAL
5/31/16 8:57 P
Really stressed out...I messed up this morning rea JOHNNYSGAL73 24 MAGIC_HORSES
5/31/16 11:58 P
I love this tracker it keeps me accountable for my choicesπŸ˜€ BOATMANYVONNE 8 49AJ83
5/31/16 9:30 P
So on March 7 2016 I weighed in at 502 and decided BIGNICK5909 239 SPARTANJAI
6/10/16 2:30 P
Im struggling with eating when I'm bored or tired. LYNETTEMARSHALL 16 HAPYGERL
5/29/16 7:57 A
I can't walk or do any exercise... I always think ANUBHA22 11 NLEARN
5/29/16 7:22 A
I need some good ways to lose the fat on my arms.. TINKOF4 10 TINKOF4
5/28/16 1:14 P
Broke through to 179.8!! Finally!! SPARKLE_NINJA 55 CHRISCANN
5/25/16 1:05 P
Had a salad with chicken for lunch today when I ad DRBARNETT 45 B-LESS-ED
5/13/16 3:13 P
Today was the first time that an article of clothi NICHOLEHOWSON 12 JJCDILLC7
5/11/16 10:59 P
I want quick results to keep me motivated. Has an CRIJUL 16 LESS_IS_MO
5/11/16 11:14 A
Weigh in Wednesday... I'm down another lb.πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ LITISHA88 37 BUBBA365
5/4/16 9:53 A
I feel it's hard for me to get a job because peopl SHILTA 11 SIM2064
5/4/16 8:15 A
Feeling disheartened this week only lost 1lb😐 LEAHWILLIAMS96 20 JDORAU6
4/30/16 7:40 A
Well it took me three weeks to lose 10lb looks lik GBUCK2 8 JDORAU6
4/30/16 7:39 A
What do you do when you feel like snacking?! EMILYAG11 34 CONNIEDZ
4/27/16 5:06 P

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