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Hahaha. Thankfully I'm very modest and NOT comfort DRINKALOTH2O 22 1CRAZYDOG
2/18/18 3:49 P
Maybe #40 push-up wasn't quite as big as #1, but I did 40 push-ups today! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 14 TUBLADY
2/18/18 3:21 P
WELL.... No Weight Loss this week.. : ( .. and No Inches , So Sad... But Keep on Trackin' Didn't Qui DARPALMIERI 16 DARPALMIERI
2/18/18 3:41 P
We just received 6 inches of fresh snow, and my workout will be to remove it from the driveway! Hav JSTETSER 36 GOODLUCKCHARLIE
2/18/18 10:40 P
Phew. No Pickleball today. Just occasional small walks. My body is tired today. Ive had 7 glasses of DRINKALOTH2O 3 TUBLADY
2/18/18 3:13 P
I completed initial tax forms and filed paperwork; I packed for my trip; I organized home (tidy, pre ALIHIKES 2 TUBLADY
2/18/18 3:12 P
Good Morning, this is a beautiful Saturday morning. I wish I could send the blue sky, warm sun aroun TUBLADY 11 ILOVEROSES
2/18/18 8:25 A
Already starting the morning with icky work stuff and feelings that stem from "not good enough" and ANNIEONLI 8 CHERYLA2012
2/16/18 12:49 P
I have a green salad everyday for lunch... love those veggies #eattherainbow KITT52 9 EDLEAR
2/19/18 3:01 A
Does anyone want fresh start on the New Year? Chinese New Year starts today. It's the year of the d TUBLADY 10 SPEDED2
2/16/18 9:36 P
Today is ASH WEDNESDAY. Kicks off 40 days of Lent. I haven't decided what to give up. I know it shou TUBLADY 5 OHMEMEME
2/14/18 2:44 P
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all fellow Sparkers. Should say, FRIENDS. Cheers TUBLADY 5 SPEDED2
2/14/18 2:22 P
Good Morning. The sun is shinning , it's another hot day in Miami Beach. Took Titan out for a short TUBLADY 7 MORTICIAADDAMS
2/11/18 8:20 P
Valentine's Day is in 4 days. Put some thought into planning healthy way to commemorate. PYNETREE 3 SPEDED2
2/10/18 8:34 P
It's National Pizza Day. Pizza, that is one food that I could eat every day. But I won't. I have lea TUBLADY 17 OSONIYE
2/10/18 4:03 A
Rough week and lack of sleep equals no self control this week. ;( FITCOFFEEMOM357 6 TUBLADY
2/8/18 10:34 A
31 push-ups today! I'll be doing push-ups until 3/1 when I challenge my son who was Reconnaissance JSTETSER 9 LIS193
2/6/18 12:08 P
~ Just for kicks DGFOWLER 34 1CRAZYDOG
2/6/18 12:16 P
Oh you don't know how happy I am at this moment. I just got my cable hooked up. I have Wi-Fi and TV. TUBLADY 6 MORTICIAADDAMS
2/6/18 9:45 A
Happy Groundhogs Day. Will he see his shadow? Why is it a he and not a she? Since October I have be TUBLADY 20 SPEDED2
2/2/18 10:00 P
What a week! These are some really good numbers for me. I am going to strive to beat my weekly goal! NVRGIVINGUP 12 TUBLADY
1/31/18 10:45 A
Still down for the count - face still looks terrible with the sores / fever blisters around the mont MARILYNS70 7 TUBLADY
1/27/18 6:25 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 9 1CRAZYDOG
1/27/18 10:50 A
Has anyone tried the 21 day container diet? I am thinking of trying since I don't eat enough. I a APPEALSTOME 4 TUBLADY
1/25/18 10:38 A
I just used the nutrition tracker for the first time in ages - to see what the meal plan suggestions RAWCOOKIE 10 ZORO22
1/29/18 2:49 P
Although I have technically done exercise, I've been up since 4am. I've mopped and swept floors, I' DGFOWLER 13 1958TMC
1/24/18 6:57 P
Good morning all. Hope you have a great start this morning. Hubby is staying home with the flu. It's ANGELIADEANNE 2 TUBLADY
1/22/18 10:21 A
Happy to say it has been over 110 days without diet soda! ... Water is #1 and making wise choices w/ 2BDYNAMIC 23 WALLAHALLA
1/21/18 6:50 P
Last night I was walking in the house. I was tired so I decided to sit on the bed for a few minutes. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 MARBEALL
1/29/18 3:38 P
OK spark friends. I am still having a lot of spasms in my back and legs every time I move or go from LIVINGLOVINLIFE 7 TUBLADY
1/18/18 2:16 P
Camping season is right around the corner! JSTETSER 28 PEGGY-BEE
1/19/18 2:43 P
Hoping to get haircut in this morning, before impending sleet to snow this afternoon. PYNETREE 5 CANNINGNANNY
1/17/18 7:46 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 11 JAMER123
1/16/18 12:19 A
Going into a busy Monday on only 3 hrs sleep. Woke at 3:50am & could not go back to sleep. PYNETREE 7 CANNINGNANNY
1/17/18 7:49 A
It's going to be a long day at work today. I've been awake since 1am when I was awakened by the sme DGFOWLER 23 ROSEWCI
1/15/18 5:25 A
Cold weather on Mt Washington JSTETSER 26 LIVEDAILY
1/14/18 5:13 P
Maintained thru the Holidays , and Down ONE More LB !!!! DARPALMIERI 22 JUNIORSSISTER
1/14/18 1:02 P
I feel good! JSTETSER 12 1958TMC
1/10/18 8:23 P
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was a long walk with my wife and dog. How about you? SPARKGUY 33 LOVELY*LADY
1/6/18 6:48 P
Thank you for all the love, support and encouragement my Sparkfriends...I truly appreciate each and NVRGIVINGUP 15 LOVELY*LADY
1/5/18 7:04 P
Wonderful Wednesday! JSTETSER 21 GARDENCHRIS
1/3/18 11:56 A
Wonderful Wednesday! JSTETSER 12 LIVEDAILY
1/3/18 4:49 P
Posted a photo ~INDYGIRL 304 MAYIE53
1/4/18 1:00 A
This sub-zero weather is just wrong..... PICKIE98 15 CANNINGNANNY
1/3/18 11:11 A
Enjoy the day! JSTETSER 9 MSLZZY
1/1/18 7:05 P
Hubby gave me my newest addition to the gear arsenal. Weighted vest by comfortable an SMHPHOTOGAL 6 SMHPHOTOGAL
1/1/18 12:13 P
Starting out 2018 57 lbs lighter then the start of JMSKREDE 301 REDROBIN47
1/2/18 8:22 A
First run of the year, 5.4 miles, 23 degrees with flurries. Could you asked for anything better? Bus SLYDE-GLYDER 14 SLYDE-GLYDER
1/1/18 1:10 P
Happy 2018 New Year. Regardless of where were are on this journey to live a healthier life, there ar TUBLADY 7 DRINKALOTH2O
1/1/18 11:12 P
I need to get walking again, so I just ordered trekking poles. I’m looking forward to getting out in SUCCESS122018 3 SUCCESS122018
12/31/17 2:46 P
Ring in the New Year whatever way works best for you. Truth be told, my midnight celebrations ended TUBLADY 10 SPEDED2
12/31/17 9:10 P
13k run this morning - my longest run to date - trail running, muddy, raining - brilliant! Great way RAWCOOKIE 10 ENGELKUH89
1/1/18 8:09 A
Last day of 2017 - was a good year - and looking forward to having a better one in 2018 MARILYNS70 17 PBVHCCVH
12/31/17 2:56 P
Well I made it through another year THANK YOU JESUS! Last year I was 222.6 lbs now I’m up to 235.6 l NVRGIVINGUP 9 TUBLADY
12/30/17 9:02 A
Today is my 69th Birthday! Don't you think I'd have figured this all out by now!!?!! PYNETREE 15 CANNINGNANNY
12/30/17 7:52 A
Good morning. Ready to start our Wednesday. This is the first day of your journey make it the best. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 6 SPEDED2
12/27/17 9:07 P
Day 2 starting the day off with oatmeal & small banana. I am not letting the cold & rain stop me, ti SUZYMARC 5 ROCKYCPA
12/27/17 9:25 P
Not really.. Didn't gain any BUT NEED to get back on Track TODAY.. add I Love Frogs ! DARPALMIERI 13 1CRAZYDOG
12/27/17 12:40 P
Merry Christmas ,. Hope everyone is enjoying the family, the presents. It's a day to rejoice and ref TUBLADY 7 ILOVEROSES
12/26/17 12:31 A
May everyone have a lovely Christmas. Cheers, Tisha and Titan TUBLADY 10 SPEDED2
12/24/17 8:43 P
No Snow? Sand will work just fine. Plus no chance this Snowman will melt with the 82* temperatures. TUBLADY 14 ILOVEROSES
12/24/17 8:09 A
My daughter and I celebrated her 57 th birthday in Maui, HI. EBLOOMING 18 TUBLADY
12/23/17 11:16 A
12/24/17 10:11 A
I have to get out of this funk!!! LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 PATRICIA-CR
12/21/17 7:23 P
A project of one of my students JSTETSER 18 ROCKYCPA
12/21/17 4:45 P
Thank you for the birthday wishes and the comradery I expressed in having a birthday close to Chris TUBLADY 7 ILOVEROSES
12/21/17 8:48 A
When I was younger I always felt cheated this time of year. You see my birthday is today, December 1 TUBLADY 29 OHMEMEME
12/20/17 9:06 A
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas. I traded the snow for a warm sandy beach. Found it a little strang TUBLADY 17 ILOVEROSES
12/18/17 1:13 A
What's out side your window its been snowing since 10 Am and its now 2:15 PM going to go earn SPARKFRAN514 29 TUBLADY
12/16/17 9:06 A
Some humor for all of us.....if it were only this easy. Blessings to all. MISSPEACHES3 32 SPEDED2
12/14/17 7:23 P
Happy Hanukkah. The first night of light, eight to go, TUBLADY 9 SPEDED2
12/13/17 3:47 P
I have been slacking off all year, and the scale shows it! My lost weight is steadily climbing back PYNETREE 11 SPEDED2
12/12/17 9:23 P
Happy 30th Birthday to me!!! Taking back my health has been the best gift I’ve ever given myself! MADMANSMAMA87 40 TUBLADY
12/11/17 3:43 P
Despite the snow,heading out to walk BOHEMIANCHICK7 19 BOHEMIANCHICK7
12/10/17 11:30 A
Snow this morning in OH. Wow, time for the heavier jacket and gloves.Brrrrr... Cold here and not c IRISHEI 4 SPEDED2
12/10/17 11:57 P