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Good afternoon fellow Sparkers. Slow start today. I've been battling headaches. I think it's allergi BBABY0924 5 BBABY0924
4/27/17 4:42 P
So ready to lose this weight starting weight 229 Goal 180 First pic of my body .prayers that I can Q47673 28 MARIANAD2
4/27/17 4:24 P
The beautiful sunset at the fair. So pretty JUSTINEVB1961 9 UPSY-DAISY
4/27/17 4:26 P
Good Thursday!! Hello too my Spark Friends!!🎉😆😆🎇😇😇 J38850 4 RAERAERAE62
4/27/17 3:00 P
Morning, back from water aerobics and water jogging. Took Titan to the park for a nice walk. It's ve TUBLADY 5 SPARKFRAN514
4/27/17 4:12 P
Good Afternoon , I checked in early then had to run errands. Home to a nice lunch, which I shared wi TUBLADY 5 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/27/17 8:37 A
Rocked out to the Queen ... Tina Turner .... 45 hot minutes! .... 2BDYNAMIC 21 OXYGEN9
4/27/17 8:56 A
Upper back is in a lot of pain. I am taking care not to further aggravattethe ine old injury. SURVIVOR61 3 TUBLADY
4/26/17 4:06 P
2nd night in a row of under 4 hrs sleep...really f PYNETREE 5 TUBLADY
4/26/17 4:05 P
I'm finally below 290!!!! wooHOOOOOO!!!! MAZUR157 6 TUBLADY
4/26/17 4:03 P
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 5 REDROBIN47
4/26/17 11:34 P
about to go work out on the treadmill getting that goal done for the day - day 3 of my 100 days of w MARILYNS69 3 EMMACORY
4/26/17 10:51 P
Thank you Spark Friends for your support on my last post. It's encouraging to get the feed back. The TUBLADY 12 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/26/17 8:57 A
Plumber came,cleared blocked set tub drain! Can finally do laundry -Then 2nd load, DRYER DIES! PYNETREE 5 MCJULIEO
4/26/17 12:10 A
Spark Friends, Where ever you are. what ever the time zone. where ever you are on your journey , I w TUBLADY 29 HARRIETT14
4/24/17 10:10 A
Very mixed day. Started great, rained all day but still fun. Heading home, I got a call from my son NANCYPAT1 16 JONIBUSHELL
4/23/17 9:18 A
Earth Day, do what you can to keep our planet healthy. It's all we have, now and the future. TUBLADY 4 JAMER123
4/23/17 12:16 A
Today is our 43rd Wedding Anniversary! PYNETREE 20 TUBLADY
4/21/17 4:08 P
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was a bike ride with my son. How about you? Check out the SPARKGUY 66 TUBLADY
4/21/17 4:07 P
Anyone else find they have worse menstrual pain after losing a significant amount of weight? I've lo MINATHERED 6 TUBLADY
4/21/17 4:05 P
4/21/17 10:19 P
I am back my dear spark friends. It has been a difficult year. I just lost my dear Mom on valentine' COOKWITHME65 11 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/22/17 12:55 P
Increased my Water aerobics and lap swimming from 30 minutes to 40 minutes ... Felt great! ... 2BDYNAMIC 25 AQUAGIRL08
4/26/17 10:36 A
Today is the 2 year anniversary of my last treatment for breast cancer. I am a survivor 😁 ELLENGRAY54 129 NANCYANND55
4/21/17 11:33 P
Trying to stay in the day. Can't undo the past, but can stop repeating it. Made my first error in Tr TUBLADY 9 JAMER123
4/21/17 1:50 A
Looking for a fitness partner/penpal. Someone to help me stay motivated. Any takers? Lol. I'm easy ANGELIADEANNE 3 TUBLADY
4/19/17 12:16 P
Good Morning, hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend. For some I'm sure the battle persist TUBLADY 2 ANGELN325
4/17/17 12:25 P
Posted a photo TRAILWALKERJO54 7 GOIN4IT233
4/17/17 10:40 A
Wishing all of you a blessed Easter KATHYJO56 12 TUBLADY
4/16/17 11:24 A
Wishing all of you a very blessed Easter! KATHYJO56 7 TUBLADY
4/16/17 11:24 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 4 REDROBIN47
4/16/17 8:51 P
Happy Easter KITT52 8 -POOKIE-
4/17/17 2:24 A
Have a wonderful Easter Sunday. TUBLADY 3 JAMER123
4/16/17 11:47 P
Have a busy day planned. Errands to run, get in a park walk with a very noisy anxious Yorkie. Good F TUBLADY 4 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/15/17 4:26 P
Bunny hat greets visitors at my apartment door. I like to have a door decoration . What follows thi TUBLADY 10 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/14/17 2:04 P
There were 35 commercials during Designated Survivor and 30 minutes of the show. Ridiculous! APPEALSTOME 5 TUBLADY
4/13/17 12:47 P
MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE? Read articles on Sparkpeople!! There is a TON of great informati NARNIAROSE2003 8 CINDY247
4/12/17 10:31 P
4/12/17 9:11 P
Have a blessed day ELLENGRAY54 2 TUBLADY
4/12/17 4:02 P
I like this picture. :) RUTHSJOURNEY 15 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/12/17 4:19 P
Have planned out all meals for the next 7 days - have it all written down = hubby has gone to get th MARILYNS69 5 EMMACORY
4/13/17 10:43 A
National Pet Day. Have had pets my whole life, can't think of not having. Two cats, one spoiled York TUBLADY 8 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/12/17 8:39 A
Enjoy this beautiful Sunday in your own way. Cheers TUBLADY 3 JAMER123
4/9/17 8:26 P
Yesterday had huge wind storm knocked out electricity for about 6 hours. Some went longer. Today it' TUBLADY 4 JAMER123
4/8/17 9:03 P
I add the gift boxes I am learning to make..on my blog KITT52 9 TUBLADY
4/5/17 1:19 P
Good Morning Sparkers, Slept good last night. Didn't think about the money going out at the first of TUBLADY 3 LADYANDREA2012
4/3/17 12:12 P
Each new day brings us the chance to renew out goals and continue on a path of a healthy lifestyle. TUBLADY 5 STARRBRITE
4/7/17 3:59 P
Looks like I caught up to Wednesday. Want today to be a good one, but feeling a little under the wea TUBLADY 5 TUBLADY
4/1/17 2:49 P
Fresh start to a new month. Feeling the change of season. Have a great day. Hope no one calls on me TUBLADY 1 TUBLADY
4/1/17 1:11 P
I'm always lamenting the passage of time. When I was younger it didn't seem to go as fast. I never w TUBLADY 5 STARRBRITE
4/7/17 4:42 P
I'm an outdoors person, anxious for Spring and better weather. Tomorrow it arrives, also a sunny day TUBLADY 11 CHEROKEE1946
3/20/17 8:50 P
OK Friends, todays the day we pay for possible over indulgence on St Patrick's Day. Corned beef, sod TUBLADY 7 CHEROKEE1946
3/21/17 9:19 P
I'm not Irish but I am Italian Sicilian and I'm soo Proud of Me because I made Homemade Irish Soda B DETERMINED569 6 TUBLADY
3/18/17 1:30 P
Happy St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy the day in whatever way you choose. I will be having the usual foods TUBLADY 4 CJWORDPLAY
3/18/17 6:45 A
I'm multi tasking , not sure if it's faster, but want to accomplish much today. Get ready for the S TUBLADY 8 CHEROKEE1946
3/17/17 11:52 A
Wow just Shoveled my Car Out and Just Grabbed Tons of Bricks off my Car! Yes Ice Bricks LOL! Man it DETERMINED569 3 TUBLADY
3/15/17 2:05 P
I'm exhausted and don't feel well. The teams are quiet due to the spark changes. MORTICIAADDAMS 17 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/16/17 6:54 P
It's been awhile hope all is well sparkfriends NEW_ME_FOREVER 5 NEW_ME_FOREVER
3/18/17 4:59 P
I refuse to limit my activities,when I think I'm capable of doing. Of course I will have to pay fo TUBLADY 5 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/14/17 9:23 A
Just some Humor! LOL DETERMINED569 16 TUBLADY
3/13/17 11:44 A
My girl chin, Blocker, is doing well now. My little boy Porkie is still sick but is supposed to go b MORTICIAADDAMS 21 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/14/17 8:45 P
Happy Monday!!! DGFOWLER 15 REDROBIN47
3/13/17 8:56 P
Daylight Saving strikes again, spring forward 1 hour tonight before bed time. Didn't sleep good, out TUBLADY 11 STARRBRITE
3/15/17 8:50 P
I am not able to comment on any posts. When I click comment, a box comes up then immediately disappe WANT2LOSEMORE 6 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/13/17 2:54 P
Can we no longer earn SparkPoints for our teams? I'm not loving this new Start Page format yet. LYNAND62 5 SADIEDOLORES
3/11/17 10:21 A
I just celebrated a year of changes on March 6th. I started out at 363 pounds last year and am curre NEVERQUITGETFIT 337 FUNNYFACE101002
3/13/17 9:48 A
I had hoped that this new page was a bad dream, but alas it's for real. I keep finding "Trending" wh TUBLADY 8 CHEROKEE1946
3/11/17 9:58 P
How do I give points to my teams? I don't see that feature! JSTETSER 14 MKMMARTY
3/15/17 1:57 P
Pretty good sleep last night -- did you get quality zzzzs? Here's a to a good day reaching goals to SPARKGUY 25 LOULOU1709
3/15/17 1:21 P
don't like this half my page is great big huge pictures and articles of people I don't even know or TRAILWALKERJO54 6 CHARTHESTAR
3/11/17 12:39 A
OK so Im back! Ive been away for a while but now its time to get serious again. Im on round two wi MANDA81305 3 JKL219
3/9/17 11:44 A
Do NOT like this feed at all. Want my team bonus points back!!! RD03875 3 TUBLADY
3/9/17 11:13 A
Do NOT like this feed at all! I want my team bonus points back! RD03875 3 TUBLADY
3/9/17 11:10 A
Where am I? Why does Spark feel the need to change pages that worked?. It's my 7th Spark year and ma TUBLADY 2 ANNIEONLI
3/9/17 10:18 P
Billboard Hot 100 Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 732 GABY1948
4/6/17 7:48 A

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