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Is any one craving some Asian flavors while on #keto/#lowcarb ? I came across this recipe this after COOKWITHME65 10 SHARONSPARKLE
10/13/17 8:53 A
Wednesday was day two of my adventurous road trip to Miami Beach. Fl. On the road again at 7:30. TUBLADY 15 MORTICIAADDAMS
10/13/17 8:59 A
As some of you know I am embarking on an adventure of moving from Salem, Or. to Miami Beach , Fl. I TUBLADY 17 JAMER123
10/11/17 11:30 P
About fits my day today. Haha. We are in the final countdown for moving now. Movers come Thu am. Coo DRINKALOTH2O 5 1CRAZYDOG
10/10/17 1:44 P
Hope everyone's having a nice weekend. I'm almost ready to say goodbye to Oregon. A few more items TUBLADY 16 JAMER123
10/8/17 11:46 P
Thank you all for the encouraging , supporting thoughts on my latest adventure of moving on my own, TUBLADY 14 ILOVEROSES
10/8/17 8:07 A
To all my Canadian friends lets all have a very thankful Thanksgiving remembering all that we are bl MARILYNS69 14 TUBLADY
10/7/17 10:24 A
dad's 82nd Birthday brownie sundae tonight.😘🎂 COOKWITHME65 19 GARDENCHRIS
10/7/17 12:10 P
Good am, Sparkers. I saw this earlier on Facebook. Almost spat my coffee all over from laughing. We DRINKALOTH2O 14 BRENDA_77039
10/7/17 8:28 A
It's just a matter of days before I put Titan, my Yorkie, in his car seat and close the door on this TUBLADY 19 MORTICIAADDAMS
10/5/17 10:00 A
Life is good! JSTETSER 32 1CRAZYDOG
10/2/17 4:51 P
Of course the scale goes down a full lb over night, one day after weigh in day (Sunday) after a thre COOKWITHME65 11 EDLEAR
10/3/17 3:08 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 18 TUBLADY
10/2/17 2:34 P
First meal out on #keto today. Had a surgeon's appt an hour an a half away from home. A hibachi sush COOKWITHME65 20 BLESSOME
10/3/17 12:41 P
Third day of strictly liquid to alleviate diverticulites flare up. Not fun. PYNETREE 8 CANNINGNANNY
9/29/17 6:59 A
9/30/17 4:24 P
OK guys, as one of you know I am carb intolerant. Well I have been eating carbs for the last couple LIVINGLOVINLIFE 12 1CRAZYDOG
9/25/17 11:33 A
#77 lbs. lost to date as of 9/24/17. 380 lbs. -77 =303 lbs. in 8 months. 1BOBBI_62 12 FUNNYFACE101002
9/25/17 4:03 P
Swam yesterday and doing again today. APPEALSTOME 16 TUBLADY
9/25/17 10:05 A
Good Morning, Going out to dinner with "The Girl's: a group of women that get together each month a TUBLADY 14 BEATRIZ269
9/26/17 9:07 A
Miss my KindleFire, only have the phone to SPARK. Miss interacting with my teams, charting my FBG, PYNETREE 8 CANNINGNANNY
9/25/17 7:10 A
Ugh. Got on scale. NOT happy! Up 5 pounds since my vertigo/ear issue started 3 weeks ago. I haven't DRINKALOTH2O 17 DRINKALOTH2O
9/24/17 8:23 A
Today's First Day of Autumn. My mind has been in the Fall mode for a week, ever since the change i TUBLADY 6 ILOVEROSES
9/23/17 2:02 A
Don't start....eating just 1 does not work. At least for me it doesn't. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 17 KITT52
9/20/17 10:58 A
Stress eating Saturday. I WAS (past tense) making progress, then the hurricane came and my second bi MISSPEACHES3 6 SPEDED2
9/17/17 7:17 P
Can't help but post this scene, not quite there yet, , but come next month I will be the women in th TUBLADY 7 ILOVEROSES
9/17/17 8:49 A
Banana split? Small banana, few slices of tinned peaches, 2 big tablespoons of soya yoghurt, 6 hazel RAWCOOKIE 12 TUBLADY
9/15/17 12:41 P
The hot weather season is coming to an end. There's been a chill in the morning air. Days high 70's, TUBLADY 12 JAMER123
9/16/17 1:20 A
It may be weird for a 40 year old to draw on her arm, but I needed this inspiration. I think when I MINATHERED 5 TUBLADY
9/12/17 12:01 P
My Florida family was fortunate! JSTETSER 127 JUDITH316
9/13/17 3:18 A
In remembrance to 9/11. TUBLADY 4 JAMER123
9/11/17 11:48 P
Pray for all in Irma's path. TUBLADY 9 JAMER123
9/10/17 11:53 P
Dear Lord I'm off the charts worried. My parents are right in the midst of this. Thankfully they're DRINKALOTH2O 21 KABITAG
9/10/17 11:47 P
Today I celebrated my 74th birthday. I am so grateful for all of you (my spark family.) KOHINOOR2 11 MORTICIAADDAMS
9/9/17 3:51 P
Give me strength! Two days ago I asked my husband to stop buying cookies and he agreed. Then he went PUPPYBUG 13 BARRYHAPPY1
9/8/17 6:05 P
To my friends in Miami Beach and all others in Irma's path, stay safe. I am praying for all. I'm wat TUBLADY 10 RUSSELLFORD
9/9/17 9:43 P
I don't get it... I have cut out sweets and junk food... I am not snacking between meals and I am ea MISSPEACHES3 9 TUBLADY
9/5/17 11:35 A
You cant go wrong exercising with this view! FLGIRL1234 18 MIRAGE727
9/4/17 9:57 P
Montana is on fire..this is my sunrise this morning's stifling, you can't breathe ,you can't go MOM4HOCKEY 24 VIRGINIAGIRL
9/5/17 8:11 A
This mornings sun trying to shine through the smoke. 4URYOU 9 JDUNN3148
9/4/17 11:33 A
Have a great day . Be safe in everyway. Cheers TUBLADY 6 JAMER123
9/5/17 12:34 A
Happy Weekend. have fun. be safe. I'm escaping to the cooler Oregon coast to avoid the 102* temps f TUBLADY 5 JAMER123
9/4/17 12:18 A
Life is full of twists and turns, hope all of yours are in the right direction. I've been all over t TUBLADY 7 DRINKALOTH2O
9/3/17 10:39 P
Plenty of sunshine here in Salem,. Or. for the next week. Temps high 90's, 100's . Hope everyone ha TUBLADY 15 KATHYJO56
9/2/17 12:11 A
Think we all need to take ME time like Pooh and Piglet. and enjoy as as we head into Sep SPARKFRAN514 12 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
8/29/17 11:48 P
Fighting through the pain, getting ready for a short walk and then some chair exercises. I can do th LIVINGLOVINLIFE 15 PATRICIA-CR
8/30/17 10:19 A
happy healthy Monday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 7 GLORYB83
8/28/17 8:45 P
bit under the weather today but will be up and at it by this afternoon hopefully. Needing to rest up MARILYNS69 4 TUBLADY
8/27/17 7:22 P
National Dog Day. Here in this home everyday is National Titan (Yorkie ) Dog Day. I'm dealing with TUBLADY 6 MORTICIAADDAMS
8/27/17 3:59 P
The Rotisserie Chicken weren't ready at the store this morning. So I headed over to the chicken aisl TUBLADY 6 JAMER123
8/26/17 12:04 A
@SPARKGUY @SP_STAFF How do I block certain people so I don't have to see their posts? I'm here f PROVING_IT 13 SPARK_COACH_JEN
8/25/17 8:13 A
we had a bit of a rainy day here ... hope everyone else had a happy healthy Tuesday TRAILWALKERJO54 11 TUBLADY
8/23/17 12:53 P
Anyone try this yet? lol PROVING_IT 8 SARIC3
8/23/17 1:55 P
Eclipse watched from the comfort of my apartment side yard. Some people were on their decks. We are TUBLADY 3 JAMER123
8/21/17 11:31 P
Good Morning from beautiful Rockaway, Or.. This is the beach where I am doing a Eclipse Craft show. TUBLADY 11 ILOVEROSES
8/21/17 4:46 A
Dreaded bad day picture! Ugh. Now to picture a better me and not wear that dress in public ever agai LUNADRAGON 18 LUNADRAGON
8/17/17 8:59 P
Good day. My scale 278 TOPS scale 280 either way I am down 1.5 on both YEAH MARILYNS69 5 EMMACORY
8/16/17 10:10 P
Hi every one So sorry it's been so long with no SURVIVOR61 15 SURVIVOR61
8/31/17 12:54 P
Good am Sparkers. I don't know what is going on with me BUT I'm having INCREDIBLE cravings! Omg. I c DRINKALOTH2O 8 AQUAGIRL08
8/19/17 8:24 A
Just not good today. Hugs everyone. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 PATRICIA-CR
8/17/17 8:59 P
Thank you all for the support and comments on my SIX years of maintenance. It hasn't always been eas TUBLADY 11 ELENASU_
8/19/17 11:11 A
Wondering why the scales won't move? Check it out. Are you guilty of any of these. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 MCJULIEO
8/15/17 6:52 P
Vacation starts today! ☺ What will I do during this time? ☼Garden ☼Spend a day at Plum Isla PROVING_IT 19 PROVING_IT
8/13/17 10:47 A
Things to do NOT in front of a computer - Watch the solar eclipse on Monday! PROVING_IT 8 PROVING_IT
8/13/17 10:45 A
hiking picking huckleberries to day KITT52 6 TUBLADY
8/9/17 2:29 P
Another smokey day - seems like we are not having a summer as we cant bbq due to the smoke outside = MARILYNS69 4 CTUPTON
8/10/17 6:50 A
Mammogram shows no change in questionable spots, do over in 6 months. PYNETREE 7 CANNINGNANNY
8/9/17 8:08 A
When I say the whole province that is what I mean - here is a map of the province - all the orange m MARILYNS69 9 MARILYNS69
8/7/17 10:49 A
Seen on my hike this morning. Can you guess what i WALKING_WONDER 11 WALKING_WONDER
8/6/17 9:07 P
Happy Saturday to all the Beautiful People. Hope today brings you happiness and fulfillment in all TUBLADY 4 JAMER123
8/5/17 11:02 P
I have been eating super healthy today. Made delicious Spring Rolls for lunch, made 2, but only ate TUBLADY 11 KATHYJO56
8/5/17 12:21 A
This guy is an 80 year old runway model. It is never too late. Never give up. Blessings to all. MISSPEACHES3 15 LUANN_IN_PA
8/4/17 5:27 P
I have singles in right side of mouth, throat and face. Chewing and swallowing very painful. Only APPEALSTOME 9 MIMAWELIZABETH
8/9/17 2:48 P
It's HOT, 109*, unusually high temps for this part of country. Did anyone say global warming? I am TUBLADY 5 ILOVEROSES
8/4/17 10:44 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 15 TUBLADY
7/31/17 12:13 P