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Has anyone used perfect portion diet containers? I saw them in Target and thinking of buying since APPEALSTOME 6 TUBLADY
6/26/17 10:09 A
Here in Salem, Or. we are experiencing a heat wave. 102* today. So I walked early while about 66*. W TUBLADY 6 JAMER123
6/25/17 12:13 A
look at my beautiful birthday cake a fellow spark gal made for me ... and it is all edible ... oh my TRAILWALKERJO54 106 CHARTHESTAR
6/22/17 11:14 P
2nd day driving. My legs, feet and ankles are swollen again. So frustrating. Should be to my destina DRINKALOTH2O 5 TUBLADY
6/22/17 4:19 P
Canada 150 years young --- east coast -- flower pot rocks TRAILWALKERJO54 12 KITT52
6/23/17 12:17 P
As of this morning I'm 244.8 lbs. This is the lowest I've been since 2011. IAMVICKIB 73 FEARLESSBLISS
6/23/17 3:13 P
The picture on the left is me on January 2nd of this year. The right picture, with me on the left is YAKIRA_AVIGAYIL 26 NANCYANNE55
6/18/17 8:47 P
Happy Fathers Day. Hope all have a great day and enjoy what they like the most. Cheers TUBLADY 3 JAMER123
6/19/17 12:18 A
I'm starting to believe there's a hidden on and off switch that some how activates without my knowle TUBLADY 4 JAMER123
6/18/17 12:43 A
This is the necklace I made for a customer who saw one for $1500.00 but only could afford $75.00. Pr TUBLADY 13 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/17/17 12:26 P
I just finished a special order for a necklace. This is the fourth one I made, the others weren't qu TUBLADY 4 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/17/17 12:29 P
I have not received any sparkmail since 6/14 prior to 7pm. MORTICIAADDAMS 9 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/16/17 7:30 P
Some humor for all of us. MISSPEACHES3 21 TUBLADY
6/16/17 7:09 P
My husband loves donuts and buys them & freezes them. He eats a half of one every other day. I stop DRADISCH 9 CHERRYZMB60
6/16/17 8:23 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a bike ride. How about you? SPARKGUY 104 DAWNDMOORE40
6/16/17 12:24 P
Wasting so much time, just trying to post to SPARK, my kindle is not cooperating this morning. PYNETREE 4 TUBLADY
6/13/17 7:58 P
2006 I began with SparkPeople. I have been maintaining since 2013. ~INDYGIRL 34 AQUAGIRL08
6/15/17 9:00 A
It is Monday, and the possibilities this week are unlimited. I plan on filling it with healthy, hap PYNETREE 10 CANNINGNANNY
6/13/17 6:55 A
Hello Sparkers! It's been a rainy Saturday in SW FL. There was no Pickleball, so I spent day cleanin DRINKALOTH2O 24 TUBLADY
6/11/17 9:11 P
To all of the people on here that have posted that they have lost a few pounds..... congratulations. MISSPEACHES3 10 PEGPENGUIN
6/11/17 7:16 P
41 lbs down since March 15th. I've had this shirt in my drawers for probably 6 years and could never AMANDABVELLINGA 19 SKCASON
6/11/17 12:31 P
No microwave in my hotel room. I've had to improvise a little bit but dinner was delicious! Jumbo EBEAMS 14 TUBLADY
6/7/17 11:50 A
And I will leave you now with this SONG...STUCK in your head for HOURS to come... DGFOWLER 20 REDROBIN47
6/9/17 11:09 A
Hiking keeps me healthy! JSTETSER 24 LESSOFMOORE
6/10/17 8:30 P
Not sure whether to be happy or sad. I have not lost any weight since may 23rd. I am still weighing JIFFYPOP413 6 MISSDORKNESS
6/6/17 2:08 P
Feeling discouraged :( eating within calories and only carbs being small amount of fruit/veggies, ex BECKY_US 6 BECKY_US
6/7/17 12:26 A
The cottonwood trees are giving me the worst allergy issues. I had to cut short a walk, it was terri TUBLADY 11 ELENASU_
6/7/17 11:17 A
I'm coming back today. I'm stuck and hopefully I can gain insight to get my weight to move down and REEDRACH 2 TUBLADY
6/5/17 12:49 P
Here's my latest favorite breakfast. Egg and avocado. You could eat this any time of day. We are ha TUBLADY 10 KOHINOOR2
6/5/17 11:57 P
Trying a new recipe with a head of cauliflower and the slow cooker today ... Planning to have it wit EBEAMS 9 EBEAMS
6/7/17 12:12 P
Weighed in this morning .... Down from 206.4 to 200.5 ... I'm motivated to continue to weigh/measure EBEAMS 9 TUBLADY
6/5/17 12:24 P
Getting my day off to a good start. All this plus ELLENGRAY54 4 LALATIDAH
6/5/17 12:52 P
My breakfast. Some scrambled eggs with pepper tomato onion and spinach on top of whole wheat toast w SMACLACHLAN 11 KITTYKNIT
6/3/17 11:46 A
Walked 5.9 miles yesterday ADFERGUSON217 13 DONARY
6/3/17 11:00 A
Ya never know what you'll find when you go for walks!! JENCAMM 7 JENCAMM
6/3/17 10:32 A
Finding going out to eat a little challenging when trying to track my food intake. Any suggestions o ONTHEONE 4 TUBLADY
6/3/17 10:25 A
Is anyone eating 1000 calories or less and if so how is the weight loss? I ask this because I have b RYSMOMMY2005 9 ELIMARI
6/3/17 11:54 A
So I'm new to Spark. Here's a picture of when I first started my weightloss journey... on the left M CANDISMITH1983 14 JKPERANDO
6/3/17 2:44 P
I know I'm overweight, but I can still feel cute! Got me a new swimsuit. CANDISMITH1983 18 MDOWER1
6/3/17 4:18 P
After a solid month of regularly scheduled exercise and food logging I had a bad da yesterday. I had MOMONMISSION 3 KFUGETT
6/3/17 10:56 A
Hope we are all off to a great start. That's one thing we all share, the chance to do better in all TUBLADY 5 OSONIYE
6/4/17 3:13 A
This photo and saying was supposed to go with the post about what the 5 months so far have been for TUBLADY 12 JAMER123
6/2/17 11:45 P
I'm looking back on the years first five month, thinking what have I accomplished ? I've spent most TUBLADY 5 JAMER123
6/2/17 11:46 P
Started the morning off with a 10-minute walk while drinking my coffee. Have a great day everyone! SPARKGUY 29 KITT52
5/29/17 5:47 P
Had a mild stroke on Monday. Finally made me realize that at 53 I can't eat, drink and act like I d MDAGNEY 25 NANCYANND55
5/27/17 7:11 P
Among the BBQ's, picnics, camping, car races, beach outings, remember why we are having this Memoria TUBLADY 5 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/28/17 1:25 P
Spending the Memorial Day weekend at the Oregon coast. I love beaches. No matter where they are, or TUBLADY 12 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/27/17 8:40 A
As expected, my knee is extremely sore and swollen. I will be eating extra careful where there won't DRINKALOTH2O 5 STARFISH1961
5/26/17 9:32 P
Although I seem to have stopped losing, I do see it in my clothing being looser, like my pants. Doe RUTHSJOURNEY 11 MSLOUIE3
5/27/17 8:36 A
It's raining they say🙈and you say okay the garage is dry😊Anyone can give you an excuse, it's up to MYAN1959 5 MYAN1959
5/24/17 5:50 A
Trying to get it together.. Just getting up and making a normal breakfast, taking my vitamins, and M SUNRIZING 5 SUNRIZING
5/23/17 1:17 P
I'm in the midst of some life changing moves. I found myself worrying if I was making the right deci TUBLADY 6 ELENASU_
5/24/17 1:14 P
I knew there was answer other than lack of motivation :) DGFOWLER 30 TUBLADY
5/23/17 12:58 P
This is my first day back after almost a year away. Had a knee replacement Feb. 13th and need to ge CRISPME 2 TUBLADY
5/23/17 12:56 P
Back from a early walk while still relatively cool. It's going to be a hot 91* day. For Oregon this TUBLADY 6 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/23/17 8:55 A
Posted a photo DETERMINED569 17 TUBLADY
5/22/17 1:31 P
We all have things to do that we leave for Saturday. May you get the chores done and find time to e TUBLADY 6 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/22/17 8:49 A
I've been in a slump here. Started with allergic r DRINKALOTH2O 9 TUBLADY
5/18/17 12:36 P
World Environment Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 656 GABY1948
6/15/17 4:37 A
Had my first cheat meal in two weeks yesterday and gained a pound. Ugh. Makes it not feel worth it BRIDGIEEE 8 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
5/15/17 1:49 P
I had pineapple chunks, baby carrots, ham and turkey slices, and baked cheddar chips for lunch today MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 2 TUBLADY
5/15/17 12:28 P
Turned on car to go on road trip car started shaking check engine light came on so could two blocks JUSTINEVB1961 7 2BDYNAMIC
5/15/17 5:44 P
Reset my goals yesterday which put me back into a 1200-1550 calorie range for weight loss... I was i MIMI_B 2 TUBLADY
5/15/17 12:25 P
Morning. I'm amazed that this month is half over and I don't know what I did with all the time. Some TUBLADY 9 ILOVEROSES
5/16/17 9:55 A
Awful day. I started with an allergic reaction yesterday. Was up and down all night itching and burn DRINKALOTH2O 12 JUSTINEVB1961
5/19/17 11:27 A
Can't forget our Fur Babies who we are Mom's too.. My baby Titan fills a place in my life that I wa TUBLADY 14 JAMER123
5/14/17 11:09 P
Happy Mothers Day to All. Enjoy all the time one can have with those you love. TUBLADY 5 JAMER123
5/14/17 11:09 P
If you need more energy start the day with more protein. I had an avocado, egg, and toast. Use can u TUBLADY 16 ILOVEROSES
5/12/17 10:47 A
Please comment and answer this question. Once you're healthier, don't you feel younger? Tell us wh ASF220 7 MARZBARZ1
5/9/17 5:00 P
Has anyone ever tried the master cleanse diet ? If so how did it go ? How much weight did you lose ? KAYLA_BARRETT 4 KAYLA_BARRETT
5/9/17 1:25 P
34 weeks pregnant and still doing midwife approved exercises at the gym. Gaining healthy amounts of CUTIEKIWI 8 VIOLINCAT
5/9/17 4:02 P
This is National Salad Month. I love salads, am going to plan one a day. There are so many variation TUBLADY 6 KSNANA2
5/10/17 11:14 A
Raining today KITT52 4 TUBLADY
5/9/17 12:55 P
Hi I am 44 live in downriver Michigan. I'm a grandma to a 9 month old I watch weekdays and I'm on su JRAGE72 6 MERIWYLE
5/11/17 12:40 P
This is National Salad Month. Love, love salads. The weather is getting better, more warm days ahead TUBLADY 12 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/9/17 10:09 A

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