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This was an awsome blessing SWCHKLT 21 YOGADAILY
3/29/17 12:13 P
Good sleep last night! I have a couple of meetings today, so always great to have good energy for t SPARKGUY 21 TOSTAYHEALTHY
3/22/17 9:21 A
I hope you're all having a great first day of Spring! TOSTAYHEALTHY 3 SUBTLEWITCH
3/20/17 7:59 P
3/20/17 2:18 A
There's been ups and downs. But 41 lbs down in a year!! SUNGIRL822 248 FBAILEY24X
3/19/17 8:12 A
This whats happening in my neighborhood SPARKFRAN514 6 TOSTAYHEALTHY
3/14/17 4:55 P
I've surpassed all my expectations for coming back to Spark People. Today, I have logged food or wat TOSTAYHEALTHY 3 JEANKNEE
3/16/17 10:19 A
3/14/17 3:21 A
3/29/17 6:37 P
trying to navigate this new community thing is difficult this morning-- LEANJEAN6 20 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
3/13/17 1:17 P
"If you bite it, write it" - spark people dietitian TOSTAYHEALTHY 1 TOSTAYHEALTHY
2/10/17 12:28 P
#motivation What do you do to stay motivated if you're a football fan like me? TOSTAYHEALTHY 11 TOSTAYHEALTHY
2/8/17 12:30 P
Hey peps. I have a question for you. I drink bottles of water every day they are 23.7 ounces. How ma SEXYMAMA3617 11 TOSTAYHEALTHY
2/1/17 8:54 A
Okay, so I'm really addicted to the blueberry bagels from the bagel shop near my apartment. Sigh... LIONESSFIT7 4 TOSTAYHEALTHY
1/31/17 12:31 P
#motivated Getting an exercise plan in place for today and the rest of the week. Also working on my TOSTAYHEALTHY 1 TOSTAYHEALTHY
1/29/17 3:19 P
#exercise 10 lunges in a minute! Progress, not perfection TOSTAYHEALTHY 1 TOSTAYHEALTHY
1/27/17 10:23 A
#rested #happythursday This morning is starting out good; I'm rested. 2 naps and to bed by 10 o'clo TOSTAYHEALTHY 1 TOSTAYHEALTHY
1/26/17 12:09 P
#weightcheck 175.4# this morning. On my to losing 5%. Thanks to all the support I get on sparkpeople TOSTAYHEALTHY 6 OCEANBOOTS
1/23/17 12:02 P
#motivated Some days my motivation comes from reading blogs & chats. Otherwise, I'd "lay like brocco TOSTAYHEALTHY 2 OCEANBOOTS
1/21/17 12:37 P
15 - Light Your Fire! KALISWALKER 29 NANASUEH
1/19/17 8:05 P
3/15/17 1:31 A
Challenge 1 Rockhampton, Aust. 9352 Miles & Water KALISWALKER 10 LIN1263
1/15/17 12:07 A
Is there any way to add steps on the mobile app? #techsupport PMCCALL4495 5 TOSTAYHEALTHY
1/14/17 8:12 P
#20byeaster What do you do with an avocodo when a receipe calls for only 1/4? I end up either eatin TOSTAYHEALTHY 15 KATIEG51
1/24/17 6:50 P
Buzz Around the Airport - Discussion KALISWALKER 589 MULTIMOM
3/19/17 12:41 P
The wind is howling tonight. Going to be a cold morning. TOSTAYHEALTHY 4 QSHEPP
1/11/17 6:06 A
Happy Sunday! Managed to get in 15 minutes exercise already this morning. Usually on a weekend, I'm TOSTAYHEALTHY 2 JAYISOLDEM2
1/10/17 10:33 P
#20byeaster, #friendfinder, #firstpost. #coach Hi, I am happy I belong to SparkPeople now. I feel I MMMCM_7102 26 JAYISOLDEM2
1/10/17 10:31 P
Help! I can't remember where to go on mobile app to weigh in. #coach #weighin HOOPALINA 5 HOOPALINA
1/8/17 12:34 P
#newyearnewme This year will different, starting with 2 things. One, this app and second, I got on TOSTAYHEALTHY 2 LIGHTDRIVEN
1/2/17 4:50 P
Brrrr.....Temps dropping. Love comfort food but I made sure I measured so I could stay in my nutriti TOSTAYHEALTHY 2 MSMAKEOVER
1/1/17 9:10 P
Should we now start #20byeaster? #20bychristmas CTEA88 37 COOKN5036
1/20/17 12:35 A
#20bychristmas #20byeaster Great idea....I'm in!! I'm part of the 5% Challenge but it ends in 8 week TOSTAYHEALTHY 5 JAYISOLDEM2
1/10/17 10:48 P
#techsupport In the middle of member blogs is an advertisement for Quick books. Seems like an odd p TOSTAYHEALTHY 2 WIDOWSREVENGE
12/31/16 2:47 A
12/30/16 1:55 P
Feels good knowing I have to go buy a new "smaller" belt tomorrow. SROBINSON00 9 AGGIEPILZ
12/29/16 5:43 P
Started the #20bychristmas challege 36 days ago, TTREVARE 43 RONNY562
12/29/16 9:32 P
Still can't upload pictures from my phone #coach LOVINGCHANGE27 26 TINALOUCHIC
12/29/16 1:44 P
#happy I'm so happy!☺. My app update came thru and now I can upload pictures. TOSTAYHEALTHY 3 JAYISOLDEM2
12/28/16 11:37 P
#happy The sun shining, it's a beautiful, cold morning in the PNW. And I'm motivated to get outside TOSTAYHEALTHY 2 MAMIOF4BONITOS
12/28/16 2:43 P
1 - Information & Exercise Plan KALISWALKER 88 TUKARAMA
1/25/17 3:14 A
#coach #techsupport My Spark Coach runs out tomorrow and I'm not automatically renewed. But I want t TOSTAYHEALTHY 3 SPARK_MERLE
12/28/16 2:15 A
Looking forward to starting a new challenge #2017winter5%challenge TOSTAYHEALTHY 5 JAYISOLDEM2
12/27/16 9:51 P
#techsupport I've been trying to upload a photo for my blog. It won't upload since this app was upd TOSTAYHEALTHY 9 TOSTAYHEALTHY
12/27/16 9:14 P
Hi , I've just downloaded the app. Any tips ? MICHELLEBOH 10 MICHELLEBOH
12/27/16 4:22 P
Feeling discouraged right now.Have been dieting and swimming since July 14.Hit a plateau recently, b JOANHAGEMIER 22 CBASS30
12/27/16 7:05 P
What does everyone do for a living? SOULOFFIRE15 609 ACRAZYCRAFTER
3/3/17 8:32 A
Question of the Day - Your Special Habit? KALISWALKER 46 RITA1956
1/5/17 12:00 A
#needadvice #coach does anyone use supplements for HMCSWEENE 13 VANILLASKY15
12/27/16 1:30 P
My father died tonight. We are Christian and he was very ready and he was so miserable. It remains t MTNHIGRL 51 CARTAY25
12/27/16 1:01 P
I can't add a photo from the gallery to my blog po THE-NEW-START 14 SPARK_MERLE
12/30/16 11:23 A
Slept in. The beauty of vacation. Happy Monday☺ TOSTAYHEALTHY 4 TOSTAYHEALTHY
12/26/16 2:25 P
12/25/16 1:13 P
Merry Christmas to all BHARRISONO 11 TOSTAYHEALTHY
12/25/16 12:47 P
Merry Christmas my spark friends 🎄🎁🎅🏼 BIGRENTMAN 12 SANDFOX99
12/25/16 2:17 P
Merry Christmas! This years present, starting weig MISSYKITTY0912 28 SAPHIRA70
1/1/17 7:25 A
1/2/17 7:02 P
#20bychristmas I started at 186# on Aug 14th. Tues TOSTAYHEALTHY 14 ANDREWSG10
12/30/16 1:19 P
I have loved being part of the #20bychristmas gro BEACHTIME9 18 CHERRYMCJONES
12/30/16 7:51 P
It's Christmas eve Eve!,, Ready everyone? 🎄🎠EDNAEDWIN 21 ANNDANDY
12/24/16 2:46 A
#strong I kept my appt with my Dr. It's the 3rd ye TOSTAYHEALTHY 1 TOSTAYHEALTHY
12/23/16 12:46 P
I did it! Bye bye, first 20! #20bychristmas SMB1980 70 DRBARNETT
3/1/17 3:40 P
My grandma passed away last night and I miss her a JODI-LEAH68 73 TWEETYBIRD203
1/2/17 9:34 P
Good morning. It's a chilly one but temps will are TOSTAYHEALTHY 2 LIGHTDRIVEN
12/22/16 4:18 P
Home paid off today! Last payment on my home so now I am debt free including my home!! Yea so freein AOKDIET21 64 JEREMYDEAN48059
12/22/16 8:15 A
#christmas Merry Christmas everyone a couple days EDNAEDWIN 17 TWEDEE777
12/21/16 3:32 P
#techsupport Love the updated app! Thanks and Me TOSTAYHEALTHY 3 SPARK_MERLE
12/21/16 4:55 P
#happy #20byChristmas I'm on vacation and feeling TOSTAYHEALTHY 2 SONIA_THORNTON
12/19/16 1:15 P
#20bychristmas. I'm on vacation and away from all TOSTAYHEALTHY 1 TOSTAYHEALTHY
12/19/16 12:29 P
Down to 215.2 today.. Started around Halloween at MINACARR36 26 JANEEZ4
12/24/16 10:01 A
So you guys fear logging in your workout cause you JORDANAMANI8 13 TINALOUCHIC
12/19/16 2:45 P
I lost 2 more lbs :) LEDWARDS822 6 TOSTAYHEALTHY
12/19/16 12:12 P
Good Afternoon my spark friends have a great healt BIGRENTMAN 13 J38850
12/18/16 6:52 P
12/18/16 10:23 A
#20bychristmas Happy Saturday! I let myself go back to sleep after letting Lucky out at 6:30 this mo TOSTAYHEALTHY 3 GHENRYJE
12/17/16 3:13 P

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