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We have finally decided we are going to get married in September and now the crunch is on to lose so KKSMOM97 4 EDNAEDWIN
1/18/17 11:41 A
Woe is me... I'm just a girl standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a slice of pizza. NETTIESARAH 24 NETTIESARAH
1/18/17 12:50 P
Hi. I was just wondering why there's a low and high end in regard to calorie goals? Should I be aimi EDDIEPED 7 FIBROMITE87
1/18/17 12:15 P
72 pounds lost. I have to try on wedding dresses February 10th and 11th wish me luck. Down to a size KATIEPROULX8 43 JONIBUSHELL
1/17/17 11:14 A
Im trying to loose 20 pounds. I just started working out. I barley eat during the day. I look alot ELLYSSA 9 NETTIESARAH
1/11/17 7:45 P
Well I feel disgusting , I'm at my heaviest weight I've become so lazy and lost all motivation due t WAGGONERAL 16 RYANCLAYTON
1/12/17 7:57 A
Bought a FitBit Charge 2 today! Hope I like it AMYE22 7 MELISSAG38
1/11/17 7:26 P
Officially started my weightloss journey a week and a half ago and started with this app today I'm d 1DOWNATATIME 7 KETO2017
1/13/17 9:41 P
Day 11 still hanging in there. I have made some wise choices and turned down the temptations. NAVYMOM02 6 KMEGAN22
1/11/17 7:13 P
Woohoo Weigh In was today -9 lbs in 4 weeks.... It's not a big number but it's better then a positiv KROOF613 21 DAWNIEHEATHER78
1/11/17 10:04 P
Frustrated: made homemade roasted shrimp in a teaspoon of olive oil and salt and pepper but every ti MARYCANDOIT5 5 ELLISONGS
1/11/17 7:22 P
Hi everybody! I just signed up for a Spark people today in hopes for motivation and finding a weight JAMAICADEC17 9 AUTUMN1020
1/10/17 6:25 P
#FriendFinder I'm absolutely loving this app! In April my starting weight was 295 lbs and now Im we SIMPSOUL 24 ILOVETOHIKE
1/10/17 5:41 P
Having lean burgers w/ mushrooms, bell peppers,& green onions.Each 4 oz patty only has 160 calories FSAMUEL6 5 APRIL003
1/10/17 4:51 P
This time last year I was 266 lbs happy to say I'm at 157 today.... how was everyone else's weight l DAVISGONZALEZ90 38 DIZZYBRITCHES
1/2/17 1:52 P
Hi everyone looking for #Fitbit buddies, add me DESTINCLAIR4375 11 AMBERINMT
12/30/16 11:32 A
Looking for Fitbit friends with 100 lbs to loose! LINDSAYN1430 27 DANCIN2ANEWME
1/18/17 8:59 A
Looking for Fitbit buddies so we can do challenges! No I do not sell stuff, and no I am not looking AUNTIE_AM 10 AMBERINMT
12/30/16 11:31 A
So what #Fitbit do you wear? JU5TJ3NN 41 TODAYIAM
12/30/16 11:20 A
Looking for some Fitbit friends. Hoping to join a GETTINFITASTIC 20 NDERVIS
1/18/17 10:02 P
Nothing says fun times while playing basket with y DAWN1830 2 TODAYIAM
11/18/16 6:31 P
So I'm having a date night tomorrow (On the Border RFOYE7 9 TODAYIAM
11/18/16 6:30 P
Month of Gratitude Day 18 For our new President BEULAH45 7 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/18/16 6:59 P
My stomach hurts... I just had McDonald AVORABOREALIS 11 N82323
11/18/16 7:34 P
Made it to the gym four days this week. #falling CHELLY218 9 DANCINCAJUN1
11/18/16 7:03 P
Why does life suck so much DRAKE16 16 DRAKE16
11/18/16 7:11 P
Today is a positive day. I feel full of good energ MARCELA13007 3 TODAYIAM
10/14/16 6:40 P
I lost 8 pounds 43PIZZAHEAD 9 ANGEL2GOOD31
10/14/16 6:57 P
A message to the skinny: You can walk around with your looks of disgust and contempt, with your no D4RKLYNOON 68 MBTOPA
10/16/16 6:21 P
10/22/16 4:57 P
Sadness is a part of life. Drama is to. Stress... MEANBIRCH 8 MISSLADYT33
10/13/16 3:23 P
Very weak body strength - can't even do one push-up (not even on the knees)! Haven't really done str NARMIN_92 14 MARYBUFFY
10/26/16 7:49 P
Will only walking the treadmill 30 mins 2-3 time S44551 12 SONIA_THORNTON
10/13/16 4:09 P
I weigh 158 lbs with 5ft10. My goal is to lose som NARMIN_92 13 JERILYNCONN
10/13/16 2:56 P
Hello B64475 3 BYGEM68
10/11/16 6:32 P
At the risk of sounding overly negative, am I the ACEHOLE023 24 RREICHEL2010
10/11/16 6:37 P
It's been about 6 or 7 years since I've stood on a K0B3RYANT 8 TANYA168
10/11/16 6:34 P
Just had a baby on the 22nd after my c section hea MEAGANLOW90 10 DENA2017
10/4/16 6:16 P
I've been trying to loose weight for the past two years with no luck, yesterday I found out I have a JCRISS22 5 PLOGSDON2
10/4/16 5:23 P
Hi D43567 6 COUPONMOMMA7719
9/24/16 10:22 P
I gained a pound after a week of no exercise 😔 IAMSARDZ 3 TODAYIAM
9/24/16 10:19 P
Great day with family. Definitely did some indul PAMALAMA1413 2 TODAYIAM
9/24/16 10:17 P
So I'm a nurse and was asked if I was pregnant the BLYTLE7 6 GAT174
9/24/16 11:40 P
Had my first blood draw today since finding out I' TORRIESJOURNEY 13 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/18/16 7:43 A
😄OMG I went shopping tonight and automatically KEASTON7 115 PURKEY01
9/17/16 10:02 P
Started at 314 lbs ,doctors scale says 300 lbs now SPLENDORI 38 CHERYLMARIE1212
9/18/16 2:15 P
Squats, planks, leg lifts, dirty dog, bridges and TARA2277 4 FAIRFIELD3
9/17/16 9:51 P
Can someone tell me what sparkpoints are please? I KALI_JOHNSON 3 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/17/16 9:52 P
Breast feeding moms, how many calories should I be M46075 6 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/18/16 12:20 A
Ok , I did over eat today but tomorrow I will do b STANDINGROOM1 5 TKACKLEY
9/17/16 9:54 P
Just wondering how many of you actually go to an actual gym to exercise? Right now a monthly fee for LIZBARBER16 123 QSHEPP06
9/25/16 8:05 P
Lost a pound since my last weigh-in I know that's ZDOCTORSTEPH 20 TODAYIAM
9/17/16 9:44 P
Today has bee a day of life changing moments. My h BELINDA2017 9 TODAYIAM
9/17/16 9:42 P
So it's my second day on my diet. I went to eat at COOKIECRUNCH 7 LAURENSX
9/14/16 5:09 P
Starting weight 196 Goal weight 130 Weight today SEBALOVEIT 11 JUDEDEL
9/14/16 5:48 P
How does everyone cope with hunger. I've tried sti ROSALEE81 101 BETHIE1970
11/3/16 12:54 P
count back one place starting with 1000 63KEEPONGOING 1656 TAJONES57
1/19/17 7:31 A
3rd letter starts anything from the Bible GEMINICHIK 880 TAJONES57
1/19/17 7:33 A
Looking for Fitbit friends ABARBER1969 8 DANCIN2ANEWME
1/18/17 8:58 A
Feel free to add me as a #FitBit friend. How do you add friends? I am totally confused as how to get MONEYPENNY0070 6 TODAYIAM
9/6/16 10:45 P
Anyone else walk in place to get their steps in wh BNMULLINS 30 TINALOUCHIC
9/5/16 6:20 P
Twice baked cauliflower casserole, dinner was deli JANB30 3 BMCC488
9/5/16 4:04 P
Fitbit users, I need motivation!! I only have 3 #f TODAYIAM 6 MOONDOYEARWOOD
9/5/16 9:32 P
Come on September. I killed August...I'll slay you SEXYGAPEACH 13 MYRTLE531
9/3/16 11:46 A
Today I am at the lowest weight in 10 years. 2 mor DORHYGT 39 CCLANCY4
9/3/16 11:46 A
Any suggestions for slimming/toning thighs. My pro GENNI_GIRL 11 CHAPPERS1987
9/1/16 4:58 P
Anyone else on the #keto #diet? #lowcarb #friendfinder EUN0IA 50 BONORIYA
9/11/16 3:25 A
Enjoying my coffee this morning! Hope yall Sparker TINALOUCHIC 6 TINALOUCHIC
8/27/16 10:23 A
I'm not taken in all my calories but my weight is M55328 13 M55328
8/27/16 10:22 A
According to my scale, I now weigh 68 pounds. I th DIZZYBRITCHES 20 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/27/16 3:53 P
Anyone have a good #recipe for a large zucchini? SARAHXD 19 GWITT8
8/24/16 5:21 P
Did a ton of housework! So glad that counts as a w MISHACHANGE 11 AUSSIEGEORGE68
8/24/16 5:28 P
I completed an hour of exercise yesterday... some MZVIDA81 36 JAYISOLDEM2
8/29/16 10:25 P
What's for dinner tonight? DOTCHILATHAM 24 TRISTONJACOB
8/11/16 5:31 P
How many times have you tried to lose weight and w SPORTY2016 25 NDEMINK
8/12/16 8:20 P

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