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I'm feeling extremely frustrated today. I was looking through pictures on my phone and I got so dish CHRISTYHARRIS84 303 CHRISTYHARRIS84
6/27/17 9:05 P
Serious vulnerability alert! Day 1. 220 lbs. I can do this! Right? NEESIE2PT0 288 JOCELYNH711
6/27/17 8:15 A
Went to my 35 year class reunion this weekend feeling so much healthier ... 80 pounds lighter .. 3 y DCOX12 180 ELENASU_
6/27/17 11:36 A
What are SparkPoints? JWIEST1 8 JWIEST1
6/26/17 11:04 P
I have new dietary restrictions. Can I track those or set goals with them on this site? SASSYDUCK2017 2 TODAYIAM
6/26/17 12:00 A
My baby girl, whom I've had since she was 4 weeks SHANAHALL82 19 PRAIRIECROCUS
6/26/17 2:01 A
6/26/17 7:43 A
I had a pretty big lunch today. Sweet and sour grilled chicken breasts, steamed peas, and a 32g Prot DMCCANN1982 16 DMCCANN1982
6/24/17 10:23 P
Lol I won. Technically I was in last place for the DEBYDOINGIT 192 FITWITHIN
6/25/17 5:45 A
I have tried all of the fad diets and at my age I need to stick to what I need. Hopefully I can do t LSEARS01 12 LSEARS01
6/23/17 5:27 P
I can't seem to get under 290im working hard but I just can't seem too get below it. MARSHA88 6 MOLUX252627
6/23/17 2:18 P
6/23/17 2:16 P
Paleo pancakes people. That's where it's at. JORDANSYRING 3 KIMBERLY0527
6/23/17 3:58 P
Yeah keep goinng God SGAINES625 2 TODAYIAM
6/23/17 1:02 P
My journey so far has consisted of losing 25 pounds, 5" off my chest, 4" off my waist, & 8" off my h SAUERWEIN310 47 MDOWER1
6/23/17 3:51 P
#mobilechat Gearing up for my grandsons 7th birthday party tomorrow here at the farm..the outside is LRJUSTUS1 9 7STIGGYMT
6/23/17 4:01 P
March 6th to June 23rd CANDISMITH1983 28 CGARR442
6/23/17 10:50 P
I'm really feeling it now. I play football as a defensive, and offensive lineman, I lift and run eve BUFFBOY04 11 ELSCO55
6/22/17 11:07 P
Another hot day in Colorado ! Opted for a salad today. Romaine, leaf lettuce, baby spinach and kale, NWME4EVRMARYANN 10 KATHYJO56
6/22/17 12:31 A
Was feeling really depressed cause it seems like my work isnt paying off but after talking with my m MONLOUALA 5 MRSMCSKINNY
6/21/17 9:48 P
Dinner! #gettingbackontrack TODAYIAM 4 _LINDA
6/21/17 9:45 P
Been Really depressed this week, because my Mom di KINYA4571 9 JULIENSMITH
6/20/17 12:49 P
I can't decide if unsweetened green tea is tracked as water or not. I've seen both approaches. Thoug _XIALA_ 4 _XIALA_
6/19/17 10:31 P
Unfortunately this hits home for me! That's okay! Because I'm a kick ass woman and I'm gonna crush m ADUKE6 9 105ANGELA
6/19/17 10:52 P
My 2yo trying cooked cabbage 😝 TODAYIAM 8 MOONGLOWSNANA
6/19/17 10:19 P
Posted a photo EMMY135 37 9CRYSTALEE21
6/19/17 9:24 P
Another run on the treadmill this morning. I ran on a different treadmill as directed by Kendall. JEANKNEE 15 AQUAGIRL08
6/22/17 7:32 A
Hey guys I haven't been on for a while as most of MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 64 KILTORE
6/19/17 6:20 P
Been helping my brother in law move all day. Now were about to enjoy dinner! TOMBENAVIDEZ 20 TOMBENAVIDEZ
6/17/17 11:06 P
Post dinner walk...I feel so fortunate to live in a beautiful place. ROCKLAND2010 30 ROCKLAND2010
6/18/17 8:26 A
So yesterday some folks asked me about my protein pancakes.. the recipe is 2 eggs, 2oz cream cheese, TODAYIAM 5 DEBRAHLYNN
6/15/17 2:05 P
I plan on loosing 40lbs. This is the heaviest I've been in my life .. other than during pregnancy MSLOVEME2 45 GOODYBAR58
6/14/17 11:05 P
Day 1. 25 lbs seems impossible :/ I don't look too shabby, but I know it'll feel better on my joi COWANKRIS 43 ELSCO55
6/14/17 10:53 P
Posted a photo WAISTNAWAY 192 DLD2DLD
6/15/17 8:12 A
For those of you that pray. PLEASE say a prayer fo SKITTLESNINJA 302 ADUCKWALL
6/14/17 4:33 P
Feeling gutted today. No difference in weight after 5 1/2 weeks of working out and eating health(ier MALD1983 6 TODAYIAM
6/14/17 12:16 P
Me time is important.. I took a little me time to read my Bible with homemade cold coffee and my pro TODAYIAM 21 COMEBACKKID12
6/14/17 9:49 P
Sean week day 1 Convinced my legs are now putty! Way to throw us a day 1 Sean T! 😳🌟 A whole new k SISNEROSMD 6 1CRAZYDOG
6/13/17 1:20 P
Went to a buffet, it tastes so good, but not so great for my calories and for losing weight. But h CHIKO_FOX 3 CHIKO_FOX
6/13/17 4:59 P
This time I'm not going to guilt myself thin. I'm not going to ban a food or eliminate bread and the ICANDOTHISBY45 9 _RAMONA
6/13/17 2:15 A
Grilled chicken breast, spaghetti squash, and broccoli.. very yummy dinner! TODAYIAM 13 COMEBACKKID12
6/13/17 1:37 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a bike ride. How about you? SPARKGUY 104 DAWNDMOORE40
6/16/17 12:24 P
Had another baby boy! LSMALLWOO 140 RAPUNZEL53
6/13/17 5:04 A
This is my first time trying this program. I'm happy to be here :) CCRAIG1771 190 MDOWER1
6/13/17 5:17 A
Today I am starting over I've tried so many times in the past and have given up so many times more. BRIAMIDDLETON 305 GINABLUEYEZ1
6/12/17 9:18 P
Dropped 20 lbs this month, down to 200 , 15 more to go. Last time a weighted in at 200 was highschoo CAJUNJ 21 ALICIAMAG
6/11/17 10:52 P
Day 1: I have 215 pounds to loose. It's going to be a long road... SARMSTRONG198 303 SHEILA8383
6/11/17 9:06 P
Pastor Titus is very tired today I blew it bad. You see I had some classes, pigged out with everyone TFLEMING50 9 IMNERDY2
6/11/17 1:32 A
I had salad, grilled steak and veggies for dinner.. so yummy!! I also took advantage of my hot grill TODAYIAM 12 MICHELLEFOUND
6/11/17 8:07 P
Got some sirloin steak that I'm going to marinade and grill tonight! I'm also going to grill some zu TODAYIAM 3 AUSSIEMOM89
6/10/17 12:18 P
Get happy and let's do this!!😁🌻🌸🌻🌸😁 INHISNAME5 14 TODAYIAM
6/10/17 11:19 A
Hello everyone, This is my 3rd day on the journey. My goal is to loose at least 100lbs. It's not as RONDAMH 9 RONDAMH
6/9/17 4:03 P
I'm betting standing on my tiptoes and stretching for that Snickers Ice Cream bar didn't count as ex TINARMOM 3 TODAYIAM
6/9/17 3:19 P
Feeling great met my boss today EMARIOM 20 KBOUGHE1
6/9/17 5:52 P
So I got my result from my blood work from my doctor today my cholesterol is so high he told me that SONYAM1978 5 JTHEALTHY1
6/9/17 6:42 P
Have been on keto diet 6 days and already lost 6 a pound a day love it plus I walk 3 miles a day lov S61622 6 JIBBIE49
6/9/17 4:31 P
Sometimes I wish that someone else who likes to workout could do it for me and I would reap all the TODAYIAM 2 ZORBS13
6/9/17 3:56 P
When all you want is a cracker with your cheese but you are wheat free. And gluten free products sp MARZBARZ1 2 TODAYIAM
6/9/17 2:56 P
Good morning everyone!!!! Today is weigh in day and I am down 3 lbs exactly this week, which brings THEJACKIEDEAN12 277 GORDONED
6/9/17 11:53 P
Posted a photo R22814 11 SILVAS7
6/7/17 6:14 A
I finally have the courage to post this picture. I've seen other people do it and appreciated their STARRA5 156 MARYLOTUS
6/7/17 1:45 A
Posted a photo J72248 16 SRIVERS1
6/6/17 6:05 P
Just came back from walking feeling good now my squats 30 then Swiss ball exercises thank you I'm on R22814 103 SUSIEMT
6/6/17 3:27 P
This is my very first post....I have had an account with SparkPeople for years when I first signed i KAGILE 31 KAGILE
6/5/17 1:45 P
jalepenos poppers, low carb heaven!!!πŸ˜€ SPURTLE1 5 SPURTLE1
6/4/17 9:33 P
I am on the Dr. Now diet. 1200 calories and no carbs. I want to get some yogurt, does anyone know o GRAVEHUNTER478 13 GRAVEHUNTER478
6/4/17 8:50 P
Its 80 degrees inside our house. I need to buy plexi glass to put up the wall units so in the meanti TOMBENAVIDEZ 71 AGEE1944
6/4/17 10:06 P
I made pizza with Joseph's pita bread! Very yummy! The last pic was what the rest of the family had, TODAYIAM 19 TODAYIAM
5/31/17 10:08 P
Is this what you look like after a run?! MALAHALPHABET 12 CHANCE04
5/31/17 9:09 P
Just bought these for pizza tomorrow!! Super excited. I'm going to try and separate them into two sm TODAYIAM 14 TODAYIAM
5/31/17 10:46 A
Even the clouds couldn't keep me from my morning walk on my birthday!! Time to reflect on what I wan DB6864 30 SMOTTOC
5/31/17 5:28 P
I'm posting this as self motivation. Since January, I've arrived here. The before photo was taken GREENEYESKIGIRL 304 CNHAY5
5/31/17 8:53 P
Woke up to a different number in the tens place this morning! My doctor told me that a healthy, main JULIEKRISTINE 170 MWILS500
5/31/17 6:16 P
Went back to the same spot from a year ago and the THEJACKIEDEAN12 143 WOMANOFLOVE
6/2/17 12:09 A
Me %100000000! HAVING_HOPE 20 TODAYIAM
5/30/17 11:24 P

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