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Going on the Breast Cancer walk today DSIDW2012 12 TOCONNER
10/22/17 6:56 A
Hey all you beautiful people. I am feeling so excited today... I am 88 lbs down and 44 lbs to go... ANZELLEV 35 HAWKTHREE
10/22/17 8:27 A
apples, almonds and dessicated coconut (I like it anyway (:) ARIAAAA 14 BILLTHOMSON
10/22/17 7:34 A
Went for a walk yesterday came across a renaissance fair .it was the coolest thing never know what y MPARAGIN 10 HAWKTHREE
10/22/17 8:26 A
My morning jog at sunrise JSTETSER 26 SUNNYBEACHGIRL
10/22/17 11:37 A
Great time dancing at Hollywood Boardwalk last night...Very Breezy & lots of people there! FLASUN 19 GLORYB83
10/22/17 8:43 A
Eek! I’ve managed to go two days in a row with no snacking between meals/after dinner! I no longer TORRIESJOURNEY 14 MWARNER211
10/22/17 10:40 A
Yesterday’s stats....woohoo! TORRIESJOURNEY 25 FISHGUT3
10/22/17 9:53 A
Have a blessed Sunday Sparkers!!! CAJUNBUCKEYE59 23 POSEY440
10/22/17 8:50 A
I haven’t been on spark in quite awhile. I’m at my highest weight ever. Time to get back on track MGAB04 5 AMBLEEBEAR2152
10/21/17 9:27 A
Yes, I changed my weigh in day to Saturday from Sunday. And today I entered onederland!!!!! 245 to ORTATK 13 BUMMBJ72
10/21/17 10:05 A
Crazy week for a retired person but loving spending time with my grandchildren. Today it’s all abou LJBOWSER1 7 YMWONG22
10/21/17 10:23 A
Hi ho, hi ho! It's off to work I go! NANCYANNE55 4 YMWONG22
10/21/17 11:00 A
Posted a photo STELURO 9 YMWONG22
10/21/17 10:22 A
I'm pretty much always happy but, ....... I Have S F5-FURY 28 SCYANKEE46
10/21/17 11:24 A
Just finished 30 minutes cardio walking the steps I feel great DEVONSCOTT3525 9 SADIEMYERS
10/21/17 9:13 A
I’ve been on a plateau since being sick four weeks ago. I’ve not lost or gained a pound- just back a ARHUNT71 42 LOVELY*LADY
10/22/17 11:40 A
10/21/17 9:14 A
Good morning today. From 227 last spring to 179 today.🎉🎆🎊 BEXCANDO 200 CSROBERTSON621
10/21/17 6:43 P
A beautiful sun rise today. Topsail Beach North Carolina TOCONNER 26 TURQUROISE
10/20/17 7:59 A
I stopped making excuses and stayed dedicated to healthy eating and appropriate portion size and hav KMATHIEU 193 KMATHIEU
10/21/17 5:04 P
Walking,Walking I do not know but some days are the kind that drag on and yesterday was one of thos RANJINI4 11 TOCONNER
10/20/17 6:31 A
Tried new workout yesterday and boy did it make me sore. Might have to take easy today and not do al JENNABEAR2020 10 SOOZIE12
10/20/17 8:25 A
Good Morning... I have done 3 straight days of my 4 week goal - normally i forget, postpone, procra MISHL2012 17 RYCGIRL
10/20/17 8:21 A
He is everything to me! Why could I not be photogenic like him and my wife!? LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 17 7STIGGYMT
10/20/17 8:58 A
Have a great Friday Sparkers and also a fabulous weekend, keep on tracking!!!!! CAJUNBUCKEYE59 19 JUDY1676
10/20/17 9:36 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 23 PATRICIA-CR
10/20/17 10:30 A
GOAL: Healthy ways and snacks and staying consistent EMOTIONAL BALANCE. = TANYAAYIYI55 20 MDOWER1
10/20/17 8:38 A
Lots of vegetables prepared for dinner! -POOKIE- 19 KITT52
10/20/17 11:44 A
25 Minutes of kettlebell and I feel like I took a shower, a sweaty shower! Kettlebell workouts are n SWEETSUNSHIN7 23 TOCONNER
10/19/17 8:44 A
Me at my heaviest weight PAULWATKINS 4 JTHEALTHY1
10/19/17 10:30 A
Hi everyone... I am new to sparks people just trying to get ideas and keep the motivation in trying JAMESHOWARDBROC 63 DINZEL
10/19/17 11:12 A
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 58 REDROBIN47
10/19/17 11:07 A
Good morning... Happy Thursday!! GEMSHEART 53 REDROBIN47
10/19/17 11:03 A
I feel pretty today ☺ JILLIAN48 110 JILLIAN48
10/20/17 9:16 A
Posted a photo JENLOUSAN 196 ALALADY
10/19/17 5:25 P
Down 4 pounds more! Woo hoo! SHARONSTEELE48 15 SOOZIE12
10/18/17 8:16 A
Down another lb. Still working through cravings and impulses. Still need to drink more h20. PAMELA811 10 PINKIE78
10/18/17 9:08 A
i am a slow walker. but i am doing better adding steps everyday. SOFT_VAL67 20 PINKIE78
10/18/17 9:07 A
Good morning my ☀️ Family 😘👏😌 KEENA47 20 KEENA47
10/18/17 9:05 A
I am down 44lbs!!!!!!!! NIKKIE430 299 GABIRUSZCZAK
10/18/17 11:50 P
Food for work: 💜Break 1 - Granola Bar or Grapes and protein shake 💜Break 2 - Granola Bar or Grapes MOM0F2_DANNIE 24 CHEIVOUS
10/18/17 11:08 A
I’m almost at 40 lbs weight loss, but I have a long, long way to go. When I get to what my “normal” STARRYTHOUGHTS 32 PINKIE78
10/18/17 8:56 A
Good morning Sparklers...another rainy Florida morning (I don't worry about me getting wet, but I do MEROBERTS21 26 EO4WELLNESS
10/18/17 2:25 P
Today is my 19th wedding anniversary JACQUELINE2010 33 LOSINGLINNDY
10/17/17 4:01 P
Well today marks 17 years at my job... so 17 on the 17th...should be a great day SCHECK5 13 SPEDED2
10/17/17 8:29 P
Its been awhile. Thought I had this in the bag . guess not I'm back with purpose now for me I've got MPARAGIN 10 MPARAGIN
10/17/17 4:57 P
I know why I've stalled. Now, am I going to fix it, or continue to slip into bad habits? 231 PAMELA811 8 RDCAGAIN10
10/17/17 6:59 A
8 servings of green tomato chili made, and a cute weird little double tomato! -POOKIE- 13 KITT52
10/17/17 10:43 A
Cold this morning, frost. Cute little skeleton-(Not my creation) LITTLEREDHEN8 20 FLASUN
10/17/17 4:52 P
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 14 REGILIEH
10/17/17 2:30 P
Our Grandson Moshe is enjoying his trip to Israel and Also his Ice Cream Cone!!! FLASUN 25 FOXBAY99
10/18/17 1:44 A
Have a nice day! NEWNANCY2012 22 9CRYSTALEE21
10/17/17 11:37 A
There is no better way to start my day. This mornings run felt glorious. Still waiting for the sun t OUTSIDEJOJO 37 RETAT60
10/17/17 9:49 A
Going to be tough but fun. On vacation in Omaha Nebreska. Family trip. FOOD IS A CHALLENGE. Aunt co QSHEPP 14 KATRINAHAY
10/18/17 9:56 A
My goal for today is to not look back, start fresh - one day at a time. Focus on today - I can do i ASTROJETT 5 CONNIET88
10/16/17 8:18 A
Ready to start this week! SCUBAGAL07 15 TOCONNER
10/16/17 7:06 A
I’ve got the best of both worlds this morning. Asparagus for added veggie and then a little bit of s KJPE25 18 YENNY58
10/16/17 8:51 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 20 REGILIEH
10/16/17 2:23 P
Starting today with a great start! Oatmeal, egg, slice of bacon' diced peaches(no sugar) and v8 juic RAVENSNIGHTSTAR 21 BILLTHOMSON
10/16/17 7:39 A
An awesome Brisk morning to work out those 20 annoying stubborn lbs to reach my goal. Stay focus spa MANONAMISSION73 15 JULIEA7201
10/16/17 8:01 A
May the week ahead be filled with..... Love, Joy, Peace and Blessings. God bless you all on your wei TMP0418 67 RAUNESCA
10/16/17 10:35 A
Today's lunch. What do you think? MOM0F2_DANNIE 19 MOM0F2_DANNIE
10/16/17 1:11 P
Goood morning Sparklers...yesterday's rest day is onto my favorite thing (my 3 mile m MEROBERTS21 22 KAREN_EDMONDS
10/16/17 8:30 A
2 Flannel Lap Quilts Done !!! CANNINGNANNY 25 PWILLOW1
10/15/17 11:44 A
45 min walk today NEPTUNE1939 13 PATRICIA-CR
10/15/17 12:25 P
Love the new scales! They are helping me to stay on goal! And it's nice to see all green right now. ARLOHAM 17 ARLOHAM
10/15/17 1:29 P
10/15/17 3:52 P
#keto #lowcarb Big Mac Low Carb Sauce is made of mayo, mustard, hot sauce, pickle and onions. Put o DEEO12 22 TATTOOMOMMA1974
10/15/17 12:28 P
10/15/17 10:28 A
Good Sunday morning everyone! It was foggy on my walk this morning even though I started an hour lat BOWDIDDLE 34 MONAMAC1
10/15/17 11:16 P
Happy Sunday enjoy your day 😊 breakfast is challenging for me because I'm not a normal breakfast ea TMP0418 22 MANONAMISSION73
10/16/17 8:55 A
#BeforeAndAfter 98 days 24 lbs lost Keep on Sparking! 😉 ELF41978 200 ALALADY
10/15/17 5:54 P
Thanks for the support yesterday everyone! I didn't eat my feelings or order 5 pizzas - down 1.8 lbs AUGUSTAGLOOP 10 INSPIRED26
10/14/17 10:38 A
If you haven't guessed by now I am a kitty girl. Wishing you all a great Caturday! Make every moment SCUBAGAL07 17 MORTICIAADDAMS
10/14/17 11:59 A