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Losing weight very slowly, which is a struggle. It's so nice to read everyone else's successes and s KATG33 12 NELLJONES
3/29/17 8:32 A
Good morning everyone! HAPPY WEDNESDAY! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ AMBERR_77 21 PREMAMEHROTRA
3/29/17 7:35 A
3/29/17 7:34 A
I have stretch mark too and that fine...because I have 2 beautiful kids from them...6pack I'm coming FITNESSCHIC007 16 MLR_00
3/29/17 8:04 A
Getting ready to start today's Piyo workout!! I'm going to try to stay away from the pasta dish I ma BITOFSPARKLE 26 JACMAC19
3/29/17 8:51 A
You can do anything. Make it count. GETTINFITASTIC 19 SONYAD11
3/29/17 7:56 A
Today was weigh in day and im beyond ecstatic. Been working so hard and its showing lost 4.4 pounds INVISIBLEGIRL06 306 SUCHADIVA215
3/29/17 11:11 P
Really would like to be sleeping but I have to work. Happy Tuesday everyone SLIVERBULLET 14 JAYISOLDEM2
3/28/17 8:09 A
Charlie after the dog park yesterday :) today going to Desoto for a walk with my dog and our friends HIPPIEGIRL_ANNA 9 HIPPIEGIRL_ANNA
3/28/17 3:11 P
#mobilechat One of 3 workouts done! Feeling good! Did 15 minutes of strength training this morning! MWARNER211 31 JEMMSIE
3/28/17 9:04 A
Have a great day everyone ~ Donna DGFOWLER 5 1CRAZYDOG
3/28/17 10:24 A
Good Morning! This is a another good one :) #youareamazing #youhaveapurpose #youarebeautiful #youa SARASMILING 18 SHWO59
3/28/17 8:16 A
The wellness committee where I work says for weight loss you should try to have about 500 calories p HMS2270 9 JAYISOLDEM2
3/28/17 8:07 A
So I just got married Sunday!! However since moving to Florida I've gained 60 pounds (my husband and FLORIDAGIRL2016 306 FLORIDAGIRL2016
3/28/17 9:23 P
Monday Motivation......What keeps you going? This precious Face keeps me going...what to see him gr FLASUN 23 CGARR442
3/27/17 11:25 P
It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Small changes day after day lead to better habits down the roa MWARNER211 20 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
3/27/17 8:41 A
Everyone have a great day ..... BONNIESABLES2 14 EVILCECIL
3/27/17 7:18 A
Do you plan your menus ahead for the week? LITTLEREDHEN8 17 SPARKARINA
3/27/17 7:42 A
Good Morning Monday Lets do this! NOCALOVE1 14 FUNNYFACE101002
3/28/17 10:25 P
Well here I go! It's Monday and I'm starting over again. 1 day at a time Was in beautiful NC for spr BUTTGOTTAGO 35 1MUSICAT
3/27/17 11:28 A
3/28/17 1:42 A
Who ever knew eating healthy could ever taste so good. Breakfast 179 calories & 16ozwater βœ”οΈ Even wi LULU487 12 FLOUNDER1323
3/26/17 10:06 A
3/27/17 7:57 A
How can you say no to these machines with that view QSHEPP 86 GAYLLYNNE
3/26/17 2:19 P
On a mini vacay with my family and still found the time (and motivation) to get up and get 5 miles i MTOLL81 44 ROCKGREATHEALTH
3/26/17 10:45 A
First night in a very long time I have had a restful night of sleep! BUGGYBRITT 19 SEXYMOMMOM1
3/26/17 9:50 A
Bought this shirt for breast cancer awareness. Havent been able to wear it yet cause it shows where SUNNYGAYLE 164 OMOKHAFE
3/26/17 6:33 P
Happy Sunday! 😊 GDERRICOT 20 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/26/17 10:06 A
Flaxseed blueberry muffin (SparkRecipes) and a spi MSCHIEBEL 5 MUSICNUT
3/26/17 8:49 A
Breakfast today :) had a nice workout and followed up with some fruit and yogurt. AMBERDAWN427 9 JULIEA7201
3/25/17 10:44 A
My exercise room L31370 5 GAIL_DEN
3/25/17 10:28 A
Only way to fail is quit completely. Every day that you follow through is a win. PENNYBATES 8 -POOKIE-
3/25/17 12:42 P
Back to it! It kills me not to be running but it was a great morning to return to walking. My mind f STUCKINMYCUBBY 6 MIRAGE727
3/25/17 10:35 A
Increased the intensity of my workout today and it felt great. More weight, less reps, exhausted mus ENIGMANUPE 3 TOCONNER
3/25/17 10:13 A
3/25/17 2:14 P
Happy to report I hit the 25lb loss club this morning πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰. Time to keep moving in the right direc JENNIE_LEIGH 221 JENNIE_LEIGH
3/25/17 7:52 P
To all the people out there struggling to get it right. It is progress not perfection. Have a great PENNYBATES 17 SONGAHOLIC
3/25/17 2:20 P
3/23/17 7:33 A
This sounds like pretty good advice to me :) DGFOWLER 20 SUSANSKI
3/24/17 1:46 P
I hope everyone's day is fantastic. Happy Thursday. DGFOWLER 7 REDROBIN47
3/23/17 3:20 P
#mobilechat Make the best of each day ☺. Its your day. MWARNER211 20 7STIGGYMT
3/23/17 3:11 P
Happy Thursday!! KHEGLAW 26 CALICOAN
3/28/17 3:50 P
It has taken me a year to lose 20 lbs. Each day seemed painfully long to get to a goal but looking b FREEMANSFOX 135 _LINDA
3/23/17 7:15 P
Have a Spark filled day on purpose! LPORTER2015 20 BANANASLOUIE7
3/24/17 10:12 P
Good morning. Winter wasn't a successful season for me. Lack of discipline led to weight gain. Got t CONNIETEA88 27 7STIGGYMT
3/19/17 6:38 P
This guy is my motivation ❀️ CMC0521 11 GROOMS74
3/19/17 10:48 A
Look what I did! This it's the first time that I got it. I know it is since I started over! And I e RAINYN2004 24 VEGGIEPAT
3/20/17 5:46 P
Posted a goal GEORGIA1236 7 2BDYNAMIC
3/19/17 11:00 A
25 min running - done #fitness RAWCOOKIE 23 -POOKIE-
3/20/17 8:56 A
Lol,I love my water but it's 820am on Sunday! Water needs to go hydrate some plants or something, I' JUSTSTICKWITHIT 27 NIKKIIBABY
3/19/17 10:27 A
Happy Sunday everyone. DGFOWLER 19 IMNOTSTOPPIN
3/19/17 12:37 P
Posted a photo KEASTON7 17 DLD125
3/18/17 10:19 A
As you build more courage and friends. Post something everyday. Little words encourage us all QSHEPP 5 GLIDINGIN
3/18/17 8:45 A
I am going to go ahead and get out of my comfort zone. I was never fat my whole life untill I became BOHEMIANCHICK7 19 _LINDA
3/18/17 3:02 P
It's hard to believe that I looked like this 10 years ago. After I started tracking on Sparkpeople i CHERYLDH 29 _LINDA
3/18/17 3:04 P
3/18/17 9:26 A
There's been ups and downs. But 41 lbs down in a year!! SUNGIRL822 248 FBAILEY24X
3/19/17 8:12 A
Posted a photo KQUINTERO1 4 TOCONNER
3/16/17 7:17 A
Happy Thursday everyone!!! DGFOWLER 13 HLOPEZ84
3/16/17 7:45 A
Posted a photo AMYROSEC 31 LOULOU1709
3/16/17 2:01 P
Walk 45 minutes NEPTUNE1939 3 TOCONNER
3/16/17 7:13 A
Well I am so happy just found out that I have lost 22lbs since 29th December. Still got a long way t OTIE1995 8 PENOWOK
3/16/17 7:14 A
3/16/17 7:18 A
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 17 RAZZOOZLE
3/17/17 12:02 P
Happy 15yrs anniversary to my husband him to no endsπŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘let's turn up tonight.πŸ˜‚ FITNESSCHIC007 125 FISHGUT3
3/16/17 1:55 P
Heart disease runs in my family. Today, if I'm about to fall off track, I'm going to visualize what LIZSPRINGSTEEN 9 GRLTAZ
3/16/17 10:09 A
Let's have a Triumphant Day!!!! HEALTHYME98 13 NHEMBERGER
3/15/17 11:08 A
Is it insanity or determination when you walk 8 miles in weather that feels like its 3? I am leaning WEISSMC 18 MDOWER1
3/15/17 7:58 A
Looks like my workout today will be shovelling snow and digging out the cars. On the bright side, it SPARKARINA 25 TERRISTREK
3/15/17 6:38 P
Hi there, just trying this site. Hopefully I can get to my goal weight of 130. MARILYN0000 57 RAGNAR359
3/15/17 9:09 A
Good Morning everybody from me and Shadow. GEMINIM 21 DRBARNETT
3/15/17 8:20 A
Today's activity = shoveling snow (the proper way)...should be a good calorie burner... BGOEBEL2 9 TOCONNER
3/14/17 7:17 A
Good morning, Spark World! Happy Pi(e) Day!!!! :-) ODAT1117 3 ODAT1117
3/14/17 7:33 A
3/14/17 7:59 P
Officially down 20 😊 MAL2011 6 WHYTEBROWN
3/14/17 8:19 A

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