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Grocery Shopping Day for me!! Do you have a Healthy Tip while Grocery Shopping?? I know not to go FLASUN 26 JAMER123
1/16/18 12:19 A
Posted a photo JESUSGIRL7941 8 TOCONNER
1/15/18 7:08 A
I actually got over 8 hours last night! Amazing! I just kept moving yesterday so I would be so tir LESLIELENORE 11 CHERIRIDDELL
1/16/18 1:35 A
The holidays drive me crazy w the up and down of weight gain and loss. I had lost 20lbs and my pare LICA12 6 BANEWLAND
1/15/18 7:23 A
1/15/18 9:01 A
#motivation I can get to this weight again. I know I can. And, beat it. SURGEONIMVU 16 MIZKAREN
1/15/18 7:26 A
Posted a photo FIREFLY423 29 REDAMACK
1/15/18 7:52 A
My name is Katie Francis. I am 27 years young, but I feel like I have the body of an old woman... KFRANCIS626 32 WLHOPE
1/15/18 10:33 A
Sparkers, Enjoy your MLK holiday.... CAJUNBUCKEYE59 17 JUDY1676
1/15/18 10:52 P
Up early - kicking butt and doing some good!!! ATUITT 21 AQUAGIRL08
1/15/18 7:42 A
Maintained thru the Holidays , and Down ONE More LB !!!! DARPALMIERI 22 JUNIORSSISTER
1/14/18 1:02 P
My happy place is on my farm with my dog and kittens. ROVONEYE 13 GADGETCC
1/14/18 12:32 P
Cold weather on Mt Washington JSTETSER 26 LIVEDAILY
1/14/18 5:13 P
Good Morning All I just weighed myself and I lost another 3.4lbs!!!!! I can do this!!! DENNISBANS 14 MYTIMEOK
1/14/18 11:06 A
I did not do well this week. Too many snacks not enough water. Shaking it off and hitting reset bu DORISGARDNER2 19 MSPALMR1123
1/14/18 9:44 A
Posted a photo SANDYGG75 11 ETHELMERZ
1/14/18 9:54 A
Mt Washington, New Hampshire JSTETSER 38 RD03875
1/15/18 9:51 A
Posted a photo LAMILLER365 118 AZMOMXTWO
1/14/18 6:02 P
It's a cold day on mt Washington JSTETSER 18 LIVEDAILY
1/14/18 5:13 P
So overate the past couple of, happens to everyone, right?? Not going to let it deter me f CROD1830 53 PFHEALTHYME
1/14/18 11:49 A
15 degrees has me heading back to the gym. Happy S OUTSIDEJOJO 31 DIALYSISCHIC1
1/14/18 9:56 A
Green smoothie morning! BEAUTIFULSHER 4 HEALTHYANDFIT27
1/13/18 10:42 A
Hello everyone. Today is my first day on here. I am starting 3rd semester of nursing school Tuesda SKORNTHEUER 85 ZZSUSAN
1/13/18 5:42 P
9.4 pounds down so far, 63 more pounds to go. I want to be my best and healthiest self not only befo BRISMITH29 56 MJ7DM33
1/13/18 4:34 P
Down 2lbs and a quarter inch of my tummy, Up tons of positive energy. This is what happens when you 2AWESOME4U 72 EDLEAR
1/14/18 3:10 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 97 MJ7DM33
1/13/18 4:33 P
Got my exercise today- 30 minutes of shoveling snow!! AUGUSTAGLOOP 100 I-AM-TITANIUM
1/14/18 2:59 A
Hello everyone!! Well I been at my dietitian yesterday on month progress i lost other 14 lb in one m MARIAGCOSTILLA1 148 DAVENSHERI
1/13/18 3:46 P
Have a great Friday NEPTUNE1939 6 PATRICIA-CR
1/12/18 7:09 P
Good morning!!! #day5 #igotthis 😏 ATIRAZ 6 YMWONG22
1/12/18 8:20 A
Waking up to rain that is going to turn into ice then into a snow accumulation of anywhere to 3 - 5 DGFOWLER 17 REGILIEH
1/12/18 12:10 P
1/12/18 7:08 P
I’m on a bike 🚲 FRANGIORDANO 13 YMWONG22
1/12/18 8:11 A
Morning! Rainy day, but warm:) LITTLEREDHEN8 30 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
1/12/18 9:05 A
Posted a photo DRAMAQUEEN926 16 RAGNAR359
1/12/18 8:58 A
I'm singing in the rain. Let it rain, let it rain, open the flood gates if Heaven. Couple days off a SLYDE-GLYDER 51 SONDRAHARRIS
1/12/18 8:31 P
Rise and run!!! Lots of puddles this morning but I’ll take it. Happy Friday Sparklers ~ let’s make g OUTSIDEJOJO 74 PELESJEWEL
1/14/18 7:12 P
This is how I felt this morning. Managed to drink it, but it wasn't easy! LOL Arms/Abs this mornin MARATHON_MOM 12 LR237787
1/11/18 8:50 A
Today’s lunch...🧐 lasts until Dinner? DIA_MOVI 9 DIA_MOVI
1/11/18 4:18 P
Got my teacher leggings on, ready to start my day. 10 minutes walking in place (until my asthma kick YISKAMIRYAM 20 BETRHO48
1/12/18 5:36 A
trying hard LEANJEAN6 51 ZINGIE825
1/13/18 10:52 A
I’m on a bike 🚲 FRANGIORDANO 11 LR237787
1/11/18 8:51 A
EXHILARATING! So happy to be back outside. Getting my morning miles in brightens my whole day. Happy OUTSIDEJOJO 26 PELESJEWEL
1/14/18 7:13 P
Our newest Vaughn Child born yesterday about 9:30, approximately 2_hours after Mommy went to the hos TVAUGHN57 280 JUDITH316
1/12/18 2:01 A
Happy Wednesday y'all!! CROD1830 31 EISSA7
1/10/18 7:39 A
Got this to help me reach my goals. It’s on my bedroom closet door, so I will come face to face with HWNHMMBRD 17 LIVEDAILY
1/10/18 11:25 A
I am reaching up for my goals I have set for today CAREBEARS2076 4 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
1/10/18 7:38 A
1/10/18 7:28 A
So excited to be doing the BLC36 - Winter Round here on SP! BONNIE1552 7 GINTEX
1/10/18 8:08 A
1/10/18 9:14 A
Posted a photo my daughter Lily who is 8 and my da SWIFT6913221 16 2CGARRETT2
1/11/18 4:36 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 16 PATRICIA-CR
1/10/18 5:34 P
1/10/18 8:02 A
Good morning .Its finally above freezing 34 this morning .Yeah MPARAGIN 7 JO88BAKO
1/9/18 7:25 A
Happy Tuesday! DGFOWLER 16 1CRAZYDOG
1/9/18 1:18 P
I know a majority of this is water weight but I took a sneak peak at my weight this morning. Having EMILYMRED 12 EMILYMRED
1/9/18 12:06 P
Nothing better than a morning run while wearing your new Nike zip up. Happy Tuesday I hope everyone PLUMBO42 4 B_RAZORSHARP
1/9/18 5:56 P
Posted a photo YVETTE4944 10 JO88BAKO
1/9/18 7:22 A
Happy and blessed Tuesday everyone! CROD1830 10 DMEYER4
1/9/18 7:20 A
I've hit my first milestone today. 😊 GYPSYSAPPHIRE 20 IREMIA
1/9/18 9:00 A
I’m on a bike 🚲 FRANGIORDANO 7 KEN1237
1/9/18 7:48 A
my 2nd week of staying on track--- LEANJEAN6 74 FOCUSONME57
1/12/18 9:43 P
Ugh!! Idk why I do this to myself! I was doing so TMOODY84 305 FIDDLISH
1/9/18 5:07 P
Awesome workout this morning... and it was much needed. Really have had a lot on my mind and a good MARATHON_MOM 11 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
1/9/18 8:12 A
Good morning sparklers!! Hope all is well! 7lbs gone forever!!! Week 1 of 48 complete!! On to week 2 ARISISHELLE 7 TOCONNER
1/8/18 7:11 A
Retraining taste buds. Yellow squash and eggs didn’t sound appealing, but tastes great! Fruit smooth 3_VEGGIES 12 1CRAZYDOG
1/8/18 8:49 A
Made me giggle when I read this one! Hee Hee - enjoy your day friends :) SHELLLEY2 12 TOCONNER
1/8/18 7:10 A
Got up at 4 am to workout, what a great (and crazy) way to start this week! DANNY_LCF 23 SADIEMYERS
1/8/18 1:47 P
Up early again to walk... disturbing the pup... LESLIELENORE 27 CHERIRIDDELL
1/9/18 1:47 A
Posted a photo COWLEEN1 3 TOCONNER
1/8/18 7:09 A
Good Morning! let's continue fighting for our dreams,yes we can... Lets do it keep going with the g OLIE07 14 SEXYMOMMOM1
1/8/18 7:39 A
Posted a photo CROD1830 9 SEXYMOMMOM1
1/8/18 7:38 A
1/8/18 7:49 A
Ok sparkers lets do this, temps are starting to rise here in Ohio but now its careful CAJUNBUCKEYE59 17 JUDY1676
1/8/18 11:50 P
Posted a photo IZAMUM 16 SEXYMOMMOM1
1/8/18 7:57 A