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What floor are you on? KAT130 116 TIFFA409
2/24/18 3:25 P
Places you have visited...A to Z that is... NAN041 11429 TOTHEFUTURE1
2/23/18 11:44 P
Hey.. How do you distribute your calories for the day?? Im curious. Just starting with calorie count LOSERLADY73 7 KERRIBERRI86
2/20/18 12:15 P
This always happens... I start off strong and then life gets in the way. My son's birthday so we we KENMACGO 6 MUSTANGMOM6
2/20/18 12:10 P
Can I just say I am really sick of all of the articles that I am interested to read and the it is ju TIFFA409 3 CHELAPUG1
2/19/18 2:05 P
Over the fence 2018 - chat for gardeners CBRINKLEY401 36 CBRINKLEY401
2/20/18 1:22 P
Had a great day kayaking with my husband. Can't wait for the next time. DNTSHAW 9 TIFFA409
2/9/18 6:52 P
Tiffany keeps telling me I should give this shirt away but,.....for me,....... IT'S TOO COMFORTABLE! F5-FURY 14 CONNIET88
2/11/18 5:12 P
2/7/18 4:32 P
Just joined i need to lose 100 pounds. I am 265 pounds. Really need to stick to my diet but it is so DANNI313 116 MARINEMAMA
2/2/18 4:13 A
Measuring progress KT_2POINT0 7 DEBBIEANNE1124
2/2/18 9:32 P
When drinking tea do we count the water that in it? BMGH85 2 TIFFA409
1/20/18 4:35 P
So can I have a Appel with peanut butter for lunch LISAG19882000 11 LISAG19882000
1/20/18 7:19 P
It was a balmy 27 degrees! Way better than the 40 below zero a week ago! TIFFA409 9 TIFFA409
1/20/18 1:43 P
I need opinions. I’m 5’11, 150 pounds (at my goal ISABEAUSROSE 59 WLHOPE
1/19/18 9:16 P
Something i would like to share.. I know alot of you share food ideas, ect. For me I had to mak DDBYRD329 5 DDBYRD329
1/19/18 3:33 P
I played dodgeball with my kindergarteners today. They loved it and it kept me moving since they enj TIFFA409 1 TIFFA409
1/18/18 2:21 P
Going To 150-ville? One Thing I Did Today... DEBEDEE 27 TIFFA409
1/18/18 2:19 P
I have hit a wall. I have lost over 70 pounds in the last year and I have been stuck where I am for CRYFIELD2011 3 CRYFIELD2011
1/4/18 7:58 P
Night time munchies are killing me. JISTY06 7 TIFFA409
1/4/18 4:42 P
My after work, pre-workout snack TIFFA409 7 KERRIBERRI86
1/4/18 6:10 P
A customer at work called me pregnant today :( I'm down to my lowest weight in years, 182...i don't KZLENKA93 14 STAR135000
1/3/18 11:13 P
Me after loosing 14lbs currentely I am 236lbs SACHARYA123 19 ANDREWS_MOM
1/2/18 10:10 A
TOPIC TUESDAY/ Question of the Week! -SUGARKISSES- 27 TIFFA409
1/1/18 11:21 P
Weekly weigh in CAROLYN67 19 KMF2018
1/31/18 10:08 A
I did it, I finished my 2017 goal today. I completed a 5k each month this year- yes, even living in TIFFA409 13 ALLYLIZZY
12/30/17 8:49 P
Valentine Challenge sign-Up! 1/7/18--2/24/18 MERAINA 45 MERAINA
1/24/18 7:56 P
So disappointed... 3 days gained 5.4lbs and tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. I'm gonna eat bare m ANGELICMOMMA 6 AUSHAMARIE
12/26/17 7:40 P
Steps versus Exercise Activity JIM212 8 DEE107
12/26/17 9:19 P
Question of the Day 12/13 ALP1976 6 AFERRARI
12/18/17 2:18 P
Kind of had a semi bad day yesterday. I didn't get my walk in, never got my errands done, only dran KATONTHEMAT 9 RHETTDOG
9/30/17 10:40 A
Finally kicked the 190's and weighed in at 189 this morning. 18 pounds since June 5th! I bought si RITATEACH 5 CHERRYZMB60
9/30/17 10:51 A
I know everybody loves coconut, but I wish we would move onto the next big thing already. I am deat TIFFA409 6 CHERRYZMB60
9/30/17 10:44 A
This is me 14 pounds ago. I have not been as commited to truly focusing on dsily choices. Time to st HIDDENGOLD 56 CHERRYZMB60
9/30/17 10:57 A
First blackberries of the season. #sweet #fruits MFLORENCIARM 18 OMAJ1953
9/30/17 11:40 A
Biggest Travel Likes and Dislikes! ALIHIKES 7 YIGOBUTTERFLY
9/27/17 7:29 A
2017 Travel Plans! ALIHIKES 72 MAMISHELI53
12/29/17 1:31 P
I did it! I lost 33 pounds! I started at 233 and now Im at 200 pounds! So close to Onederland!! Now BGORA9 16 BRITTANYASHER35
9/17/17 4:44 P
I ran my September 5k yesterday! 9 of 12 for the year- I have the goal I set for myself nearly comp TIFFA409 20 PHATPAT18
9/17/17 5:51 P
2.55 miles, now Vikings football. #walkforadog BELLEINBLUE1978 5 TIFFA409
9/17/17 1:48 P
Did a 10K walk. Was a beautiful day. Felt like it was still summer. AGENTCBOOTH 15 -POOKIE-
9/18/17 3:46 A
Went a week and a half without fast food after so long overeating it! Next small goal here: 3 whole RUBYM00N23 4 LINDASOUTHER
8/27/17 5:47 P
Town Weigh Station DOING*IT*AGAIN 1433 CINDILP
9/16/17 6:18 P
People in Dubai don’t like the Flintstones... SUNSHINE65 2 TIFFA409
8/10/17 11:46 P
Hi from Minnesota! RACHELLEMN11 7 MOMIN09
11/28/17 1:09 P
The RoundTable Thursday - 07/20/17 DEADCENTER 8 AFERRARI
7/21/17 11:17 A
Been off my diet for nearly 2 months, after death of my mom, put back on 15 lbs of the 24 lbs I lost RACHAELDG82 7 INPRAYER
7/17/17 4:35 P
Goals: lose weight to become stronger, healthier, happier. EMMIE_J 4 TIFFA409
7/16/17 12:28 P
And , yesterday I lost my wristband pedometer. I looked down to check, and it was gone. So I will GGRSPARK 5 GRATTECIELLA
7/16/17 12:48 P
July 5k in the books! TIFFA409 4 LALATIDAH
7/16/17 12:46 P
Soft boiled eggs on toast, no butter. Trying to get enough protein TIFFA409 6 HEALTHYWRITER
6/10/17 8:58 P
8/4/17 10:31 P
The Roundtable - Thursday - 06/08/17 DEADCENTER 9 KELLIEBEAN
6/8/17 9:19 P
Question of the Day 6/2 ALP1976 11 AFERRARI
6/4/17 5:13 P
Went shopping with my husband this morning and then had him drive everything back while I ran home : TIFFA409 3 OVERDUECHANGE
6/1/17 5:57 P
Dried cranberries as a snack... And not full of sugar like some dried fruit can be. BONNIEMCC488 10 GODS-PRINCESS
6/3/17 8:55 A
The Roundtable - Thursday - 06/01/17 DEADCENTER 17 JMAHNKEN
6/2/17 5:00 P
Start page advertising - Cute SP DEADCENTER 20 JMAHNKEN
5/28/17 5:58 P
I know I should motivate and get some steps in for the day, but sometimes you just have to enjoy the TIFFA409 6 SHARONKHARTER
5/28/17 12:39 P
Posted a photo RWHITE47565 10 L_DROUIN
5/26/17 12:07 P
How Is This Posible?? RAENDROPS 17 AJDOVER1
5/27/17 12:28 A
I thought i had this, but somewhere along my journey i lost my way. I have put on 25 pounds since i JEREMYDEAN48059 5 TIFFA409
5/24/17 9:43 A
Question of the Day 5/24 ALP1976 9 JMAHNKEN
5/24/17 6:45 P
spent a large part of the day looking up, shopping for and prepping for and making meals to utilize TIFFA409 5 TIFFA409
5/23/17 10:29 A
I had a perfect morning, a walk to the lake with a MTTRAVELS 5 MTTRAVELS
5/23/17 10:05 A
So, I've done really good on monitoring my calories and watching what I eat. The only thing I haven' SWINFORD14 2 TIFFA409
5/22/17 5:05 P
Learn from my mistakes... when you fail to plan you end up at the Taco Bell drive thru😭😭😭 BEAUTIFULLYME99 7 BBDELTA
5/22/17 5:24 P
Monday May 22 -- Set Your Week Intention ALP1976 14 ALP1976
5/27/17 3:56 P
Question of the Day 5/22 ALP1976 9 ALP1976
5/23/17 7:35 A
It was down pouring by the end and I had to walk a fair bit due to post gall bladder removal pain, b TIFFA409 41 LORINTY
5/20/17 11:06 P
Question of the Day 5/15 ALP1976 10 JMAHNKEN
5/16/17 6:48 P
I am off to bed now, so I can be asleep by 10:00. I need to keep bumping back my bedtime until I wa TIFFA409 3 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
5/10/17 11:16 P
Cheeseburger salad, ya'll. That's what's up. Lettu SARAOMG13 7 WHYTEBROWN
5/12/17 11:23 A
10 lbs down and the reality that I've eliminated PEBBLES459 110 MINTTEAINIOWA
5/9/17 1:19 P
Did a nose dive the past few days, really need to get back on track! MYRISTYL 4 CHAIRBERRY
5/7/17 1:18 P