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Actor...Movie. ...Actor...Movie BUTIFULDAWN 13912 TIBURONA
8/23/17 1:36 A
Actor... Movie... actor... movie MYSTRAL_CERCE 33829 TIBURONA
8/23/17 1:34 A
Movie...Actor. ...Movie...Actor BUTIFULDAWN 17140 TIBURONA
8/23/17 1:30 A
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 109860 KITKABOO
8/23/17 4:21 A
Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind? LEANLIVIN 46665 BTDACHIE
8/23/17 3:49 A
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 165629 GOODGETNBETR
8/23/17 2:12 A
Don't know when I'll be able to walk again because I tore the medial collateral ligament in my knee. AGARDENGIRL 4 ILARIAMARCUCCI
8/23/17 1:24 A
8/23/17 12:45 A
Any woman here on Intermittent Fasting that has had some health issues from it? I've been reading on CINESINA 5 LRJUSTUS1
8/23/17 3:44 A
So I'm preparing to be successful tomorrow. Today my breakfast wasn't filling enough and I ate almos GLOMEKAAL 10 LASTDIET2017
8/23/17 1:40 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 PBVHCCVH
8/23/17 2:05 A
#deliciousdailymoment It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so. - William Shakespeare JVANAM 3 TIBURONA
8/23/17 12:40 A
My goal for tomorrow is to walk home in 35 minutes or less. What's your goal? SIXLESTER69 4 LRJUSTUS1
8/23/17 3:35 A
Racey was ready for the moment but then shared his glasses with the kids across street so th SPARKFRAN514 9 1CRAZYDOG
8/22/17 4:49 P
Watching the eclipse with my pup 😎 LINDYIN17 7 TIBURONA
8/22/17 2:38 A
How funny... our old lady Dinky is far more tolerant of new baby boy Scrappy than our first kitty Ta MIMAWELIZABETH 7 PATRICIA-CR
8/22/17 6:00 P
nice little swim tonight RLKARMAN 5 EDLEAR
8/22/17 3:17 A
Been ill for a week, finally got to feeling a little better. Liguid Diet for 3days, soft food 3 d PATRIC10669 9 SMITIM
8/22/17 4:40 A
Great. Day with friends and family. And plenty of exercise and healthy food too... COURTENAYE 16 PLCHAPPELL
8/22/17 5:30 A
Finally able to test my sugars, night all! ILARIAMARCUCCI 5 RAPUNZEL53
8/22/17 5:23 A
Prior to embracing a healthy lifestyle food tasted like crap. No matter what I ate it was not inspir DEBYDOINGIT 2 TIBURONA
8/20/17 10:21 P
Froze over 11 pounds of green beans that we grew in our garden. BILLDREW4 31 MPLSKEN
8/21/17 12:59 A
Had the best night's sleep! About 9 hours! JUDY1676 5 TIBURONA
8/20/17 10:13 P
Ran my first ever 5k race today!!! What an amazing experience to smash a goal I never dreamt I'd re FREEANGEL3 63 LASTDIET2017
8/21/17 2:01 A
Posted a photo TIFFY30 12 MAZUR157
8/20/17 10:36 P
I hear it's going to be a tough snowy winter. Two things I hate 😭 MANDIETERRIER1 6 MANDIETERRIER1
8/21/17 5:46 P
I usually have a snack in the evening, for the last few days I have been wondering why when I'm not LYKINSJADE 4 CGARR442
8/20/17 10:15 P
Day 3 no sugar. This is big for me because I love sweets. GOLDENYEAR66 10 ROBINFITZWATER_
8/20/17 6:01 A
8/20/17 4:01 A
My kids got to my water bottle today, so now I don't know where I'm at with my water consumption... TANGLEDMIA 3 LITTLEREDHEN8
8/20/17 4:00 A
Well injury and winter have taken their toll, lol I was injured but then I got lazy. DABUTTER 11 POCKETFULOFSUN
8/20/17 7:13 A
Two Words Change One JUDYGENTRY 28331 KITKABOO
8/23/17 4:20 A
Two words change one. CALIGIRL1075 18350 GERIKRAGH
8/22/17 12:58 P
Keep one word Drop one word IMALBY 56132 LADYGSC
8/21/17 1:59 P
two words change one JUDYGENTRY 21459 IREANIE
8/22/17 11:20 P
Two words - change one BOBBIEDAZZLER1 158311 EMMACORY
8/22/17 9:31 A
Two words....change only one CAROLINAGIRL377 41895 JEFFGIRL
8/22/17 11:50 P
Two words - change one KWOOD1955 4935 TEAGIRL49
8/22/17 3:04 A
I traded meals again with my low carb buddy, what a fun thing to do! It makes cooking more fun and g RLAAUSTIN 8 JLSBUTTERFLYKIS
8/20/17 9:21 P
Today was a great day. The percentages for my macro breakdown was spot on, and I managed to not go o HANNAHTHEGR8 2 TIBURONA
8/16/17 1:41 A
8/16/17 1:40 A
I have just been diagnosed as prediabetic. How can I change my diet? ARABRAB41 9 CPHILLIPS64
8/16/17 7:22 A
We I bought a tea set. So I guess they are going to pull my man card.😎 I did lower in A1C by a poin REDDYOUNG 17 GARDENCHRIS
8/16/17 10:04 P
Even though I have been severely sick lately, I managed to get up out of bed and stay up. And I can CRAFTYGIRL80 6 CPHILLIPS64
8/16/17 7:20 A
Today makes day one for me! What are your best tips and tricks for this app?? SOMEONEFINALLY 11 MRSKLAUSSNER
8/16/17 5:17 A
Happy Birthday to me! Im down to 223lbs! #deliciousdailymoment SAMMEB17 21 ALEXA707
8/15/17 11:06 A
I need help. My 23 year old son has testicular cancer again and I am finding myself overeating. He i KARENWILL2 16 KARENWILL2
8/15/17 11:54 P
new here..want to support my DW GBPFS0905 6 PIXIEDUST22
8/15/17 7:20 A
A neighbor came by tonight and was surprised that I had lost weight. She said I looked good. It was COURTENAYE 12 DIALYSISCHIC1
8/15/17 4:22 A
It seems the last month and a half, death has been a shadow for me. Friends and clients have passed ILARIAMARCUCCI 10 AULAURUS
8/15/17 7:30 A
well after a late run to the grocery store my freezer is stocked full of lean cuisines, lean pockets CONMAN88 9 CPHILLIPS64
8/15/17 7:31 A
Today's weigh-in. Woohoo! PAR1251 27 VICKYLYLES
8/15/17 9:42 A
Worked out and am digging a fire pit today. BIGFLABEAR 9 ANNDANDY
8/10/17 1:54 A
This picture was taken yesterday. I'm the biggest I have ever been. It makes me sad but I'm going to RACHELLEMN11 47 GOODFELINE
8/10/17 11:52 A
Haven't been feeling like myself lately. Having trouble eating and being normal! DYAKINNEY16 3 TIBURONA
8/10/17 1:41 A
Me to co-workers today. Come on Friday... It has been one of those weeks, but I have been good at CJSM86 12 TENACIOUS10
8/10/17 4:11 P
8/10/17 1:39 A
Had my endocrinology appointment today and they think I will be off insulin if I keep up the weigh ILARIAMARCUCCI 8 JOCELYNH711
8/10/17 6:48 A
Yup this has been me lately! 😩🙈 LAURENPAYNE1978 8 CTYONIT
8/10/17 2:37 A
Things I'd rather NOT eat (alphabetically) NCSUE0514 2423 ALFBUNDY
8/19/17 9:45 A
8/22/17 10:26 P
Famous Person Game LUNACELTA 12361 FRABBIT
8/22/17 4:39 P
Last Vegetable(s) Eaten? GODSCHILD2_2011 435 1TERRY7
8/21/17 4:44 P
Three Syllable Words A to Z FAITHSTORY 29435 KMMR87
8/22/17 7:35 P
Bands or Singers A-Z JENJEN1004 49105 HISTOGUY
8/22/17 11:09 P
I'm back again friends!! I've gained it all back plus 5 more leaving me bigger than ever at 240 poun GREEN99EYEZ 7 TIBURONA
8/8/17 1:26 A
Low calories today. Just not feeling hungry, then felt like a migraine was coming on. I was able to KIRSTEND23 3 TIBURONA
8/8/17 1:25 A
Midnight snack lol I had calories to spare! Flatout flat bread, pizza sauce, mozz cheese, turkey pep ANTHROPOLOGY1 17 ANTHROPOLOGY1
8/8/17 9:55 A
I'm serious about this now I can't keep playing around anymore MARIAHNI 3 TIBURONA
8/8/17 1:20 A
Feeling accomplished :) BECCA050992 2 TIBURONA
8/8/17 1:17 A
Im staying with a bad headache, gotta try to drink lots more water! NOOKIE95 2 TIBURONA
8/8/17 1:17 A
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on being Motivator of the Day recently! It was a nice boost f MCMABEL 13 MOTIVATED36732
8/8/17 4:56 A
Posted a photo NICOLE543PINK 11 TIBURONA
8/7/17 2:50 A
If you can't tell FW loves the beach! LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 8 GOTALOTAPETS
8/17/17 2:38 P
I made turkey meatballs for dinner tonight and have plenty for the week and to share with a friend. RLAAUSTIN 3 TIBURONA
8/7/17 2:48 A