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2/21/18 12:47 P
Fit Fortune Fun 2/16 DEJU_DIKE 11 THECOZE
2/20/18 10:27 P
2/20/18 2:01 P
2/20/18 11:04 A
A little bit of Superman and the whole lot of Clark!! Happy Monday Sparky's!! I hope all is going we GPALMER29 9 CHERIRIDDELL
2/20/18 1:36 A
I dont have a before photo, but this is after i lost 10 pounds so far. RAGEMEME 7 ALALADY
2/19/18 4:34 P
My bf got me new runners so I can continue working out in the gym and not get any more cuts on my he LANSELMI 28 JOC36BROWN
2/19/18 6:04 P
Nothing to do with weight loss, just wanted to share a picture of my outside pets that came for Sund NISSANGIRL 156 EDWIDTH
2/19/18 4:05 P
I won both the Weekend Warrior challenges I was in on Fitbit this weekend!!! That NEVER happens!! THECOZE 2 ELIZABETHDARCY
2/19/18 2:51 P
I am on fire this week!!! THECOZE 1 THECOZE
2/16/18 10:48 A
Fit Fortune Fun 2/14 DEJU_DIKE 9 AMARANTH13
2/17/18 2:26 A
Made my weigh in tonight!!!! 10+ pounds down!!! THECOZE 4 SPARKLE1908
2/13/18 11:05 P
Fit Fortune Fun 2/10 DEJU_DIKE 11 DEJU_DIKE
2/14/18 8:35 P
Making better choices each day... THECOZE 1 THECOZE
2/12/18 11:08 P
Am I the only one who has to keep their food separated when eating it? Or do you mash it all togethe KATIESFITNESS 5 TIRZAHHEYWOOD
2/13/18 1:08 A
Be somebody that nobody thought u could be. # let’s get healthy CHIRGR 4 HOTPINKCAMARO49
2/12/18 11:21 P
Tomorrow will be better, today can be forgotten. RED1172 21 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:46 A
Start of Week 5... I know I’ve lost 14.5lbs and 2 TMACKEY87 40 TMACKEY87
2/13/18 10:12 A
Get in my face #eattherainbow #veggiefit BIOLUMINARY85 18 RDCAGAIN10
2/13/18 7:12 A
Me now got alot of work cut out for me but time is all i have ALYSIA7878 130 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:39 A
Woke up early on my vacation, went to hotel gym & hit the elliptical. THECOZE 2 DEJU_DIKE
2/10/18 3:06 P
Me: Hello Mr. Coffeestand Dude. I would like something with no caffeine, no dairy and no sugar. Him THECOZE 2 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/9/18 11:32 P
Fit Fortune Fun 2/6 DEJU_DIKE 10 DEJU_DIKE
2/10/18 6:07 A
Breaking in new gym shoes, so lots of walking today. Darn bunions😖. MAMABEAR372 2 THECOZE
2/8/18 4:44 P
Not my picture RAWN13 2 THECOZE
2/8/18 4:44 P
Again not my own picture RAWN13 5 FIREBRTHR
2/8/18 6:54 P
Started the day out discouraged, but stuck with my plan. Feel good about my choices. I just have to TRYNHARD78 3 THECOZE
2/8/18 4:43 P
I'm almost at home target! JAMESWRAGG 10 JAMESWRAGG
2/8/18 7:59 P
My boy! BOURBS1214 12 JIACOLO
2/8/18 5:22 P
Well, I only lost 1-2 pounds this past month. sucks but life goes on and so shall I. I just need to MAMALEE67 6 SASSYBLONDE69
2/8/18 7:44 P
Trying to stay better hydrated for my health, and for as I'm getting older. Been drinking water at w SILENT_WARRIOR 2 THECOZE
2/8/18 4:42 P
I did not give into temptation yesterday... when I so could have!!! THECOZE 1 THECOZE
2/8/18 4:41 P
After Helga's antics last night this is exactly how I felt this morning! LOL KILTORE 8 MORTICIAADDAMS
2/9/18 9:33 A
My heaviest was 268 back in the early 2000's. It always amazes me when the weight starts coming off JUNES-HOPE 21 SAPHRAEL
2/9/18 7:33 A
Fit Fortune Fun 2/1 DEJU_DIKE 16 DEJU_DIKE
2/6/18 5:40 P
60 minutes teaching water aerobics 40 minutes on the elliptical 15 minutes running around at work # THECOZE 5 DMDANGELO
1/30/18 12:09 P
Almost done with my challenge and going strong!!! #moveit THECOZE 3 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
1/29/18 11:40 A
Good morning! Let's all make conscious choices today and start the week out strong. FNIGHT 3 THECOZE
1/29/18 10:21 A
Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone has a successful week. Remembet "Progress not perfection" JHOOSER2 3 THECOZE
1/29/18 10:21 A
I need some there anyone on here would like to help and walk beside me KDICE61 7 ZOOMTHOM
1/29/18 2:16 P
Fell off, & run over by wagon! Back on track - sweating right now. #icandothis VIKINGGIRL73 4 THECOZE
1/29/18 10:20 A
My meditation 🧘‍♂️ today BIGRENTMAN 7 MSLZZY
1/29/18 7:23 P
Had a great day yesterday with our four grandchildren. The sun was out so we could get out in the y LJBOWSER1 4 LRJUSTUS1
1/29/18 12:21 P
Posted a photo KARIJGRAVES 10 AQUAGIRL08
1/29/18 10:52 A
I got up this morning and put my breakfast together for today. I'm hoping to continue this pattern t DOTTY7267 4 INSIGHT62
1/29/18 10:48 A
Happy Grand & Glorious Monday!!!! What are you looking forward to this week?!? THECOZE 1 THECOZE
1/29/18 10:18 A
2 weeks Sparking everyday! 13 days getting up and JULZ09 6 WBASSETT2003
1/29/18 10:30 A
1/27/18 12:47 P
#sweatyselfie HEYPUDDIN 5 SUSIEMT
1/27/18 11:55 A
Walked 23 minutes today with the dogs and the kid. #moveit NUSKA05 5 SHADOWDRAGON19
1/27/18 12:44 P
I'm looking forward to our date today of lunch and a movie with some thrift shop too.. if we stay aw WHITEGREMLIN252 5 WHITEGREMLIN252
1/27/18 12:20 P
Good morning wonderful people!!! What is your weekend healthy lifestyle plans? THECOZE 3 HEYPUDDIN
1/27/18 11:48 A
#BeforeAndAfter I have reached my first milestone!!!!! 10+lbs😍😍 All I have to say is holy crap wha NATALIEKRENIK 158 CLKRENIK3
2/1/18 8:09 P
Ten pounds lost, six more to go. I know the last six will be the slowest and most difficult to shed, JULIEKRISTINE 16 MILMOM2000NEW
1/27/18 12:30 P
Here is a little morning rhyme I wrote to celebrate hitting my first goal!! 😁😁 JESSICA_G23 17 JESSICA_G23
1/27/18 12:56 P
This last week was a very emotional one for me but I got through it and tried to keep on track food SCUBALADY65 5 ALICIA214
1/27/18 12:31 P
1/28/18 12:45 A
Struggling to lose DESIGNARTIST06 3 THECOZE
1/26/18 4:27 P
2/13/18 11:59 P
I need some motivation LULUBELLE65 5 LULUBELLE65
1/30/18 2:12 A
Significant Other ALWAYS wants to eat out!!!! DANILEANNC 39 BELLAMEMAW
2/10/18 8:24 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 47858 LOTUS737
2/21/18 10:21 A
Let us love one another PEGASUSMAGIC1 6 ECCOVISION1
2/14/18 12:05 A
Made it through a pot luck! JAVNMICH1969 6 THECOZE
1/26/18 4:05 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 4 MJ7DM33
1/26/18 4:09 P
You are the only one that can get you to the next step you want to take on your journey to better he BLESSED2BEME 6 ANHELIC
1/26/18 4:09 P
Brussel sprouts/ maple syrup /Balsamic glaze /almonds and a smidge of grated cheese Yummy yummy PENNYBEDFORD 17 PWILLOW1
1/26/18 9:29 P
Did 80 minutes of exercise. Even though I didn't feel like it MANDIETERRIER1 6 MJ7DM33
1/26/18 10:06 P
Down 4 pounds since monday,starting intermittent fasting with keto, i only eat between the hours of BABYZAYNE2001 7 MJ7DM33
1/26/18 10:06 P
Cooking lunch is a good thing but i think im interested in cooking on the stove more than using the TAYLORMDAVIS 5 TOTALPACKAGE12
1/26/18 4:55 P
I have worked out at the gym Sunday-Thursday this week!!!! Today is my off day! #moveit THECOZE 9 TBRYAN-LU
1/26/18 6:27 P
I have prep the following for tomorrow's lunch. Boneless skinless baked chicken breast with a spi ZAKLA500 4 SWIMANDWALK
1/23/18 9:16 P
Today not a good day, well I think it's safer to say not a good afternoon and evening. I did an in h JEBRO7 7 JTHEALTHY1
1/23/18 9:09 P
Had a good Calorie Day. Blessing to all on this beautiful Tuesday LOSEWEIGHT1212 3 NANCYPAT1
1/23/18 9:23 P
Today I had several times of 10 minute sessions working at a Food Bank, then went home and did 45 mi GOLFGMA 10 EDLEAR
1/24/18 2:55 P