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I'm finished with the digging, moving and mulching for the new garden bed (with my sweetie's help). THEADMIRAL 3 HAPPYSOUL91
5/19/17 9:13 P
Where are you from? STACIEHUDSON13 6 LAKENDAL
5/15/17 9:32 P
Happy Mother's Day, Sparklers! THEADMIRAL 4 KITT52
5/16/17 1:39 P
Happy Friday, Sparklers! Beautiful day for my walk and looking forward to the rest of my day. THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
5/12/17 11:34 A
It's another sunny day and I'm pleased I walked five miles this morning. My sweetie is out bicycling THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
5/11/17 5:36 P
It's WooHoo Wednesday! It's sunny and going up to 70 - walk, walk, walk! THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
5/10/17 12:52 P
It's another sunny day! I have my Kids Hope kid to mentor this morning, then playing in the dirt of THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
5/9/17 10:58 A
It's a sunny, chilly Monday! Another doctor visit, further good progress for my sweetie, walk done. THEADMIRAL 3 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
5/8/17 8:31 P
It's a beautiful Sunday for Tulip Time. We're relaxing after a full day yesterday. THEADMIRAL 2 PRAIRIECROCUS
5/7/17 1:59 P
It's a gorgeous day for Tulip Time! Oh, tiptoe through the tulips...! :D THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
5/7/17 9:46 A
Happy Friday, Sparklers! My sweetie helped me out in the garden bed this morning. I'm looking forwar THEADMIRAL 2 KITT52
5/5/17 5:43 P
Happy Thursday, Sparklers! I toured our town's new power plant, we have a surgery followup, then a s THEADMIRAL 3 HAPPYSOUL91
5/5/17 8:30 A
It's a sunny WooHoo Wednesday! Got a good walk in and now getting ready to meet with my Kids Hope bu THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
5/3/17 3:06 P
Happy Tuesday, Sparklers! Exercise, core (oof) and nesting going on today. THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
5/2/17 1:16 P
Happy Monday, Sparklers! I'm back from a delightful walk and ready for ST. It's a low key day after THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
5/2/17 11:32 A
It's a totally rainy day, but we were both in church and in choir this morning. Now resting up befor THEADMIRAL 2 KITT52
5/1/17 11:00 A
It's been a busy day getting ready for our Chain Gang potluck tomorrow. My sweetie felt strong enoug THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
4/30/17 9:20 A
Happy Friday, Sparklers! I wrangled old roots out of the flower bed and ran errands. My sweetie is a THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
4/29/17 10:24 A
Happy Thursday, Sparklers! It's a windy day but I still got some work done in the flower beds. My sw THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
4/28/17 9:26 A
It's WooHoo Wednesday! My sweetie is doing great, the weather is great and the tulips are in bloom - THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
4/26/17 4:31 P
It's a beautiful Tuesday and my sweetie is free from crutches! WooHoo! THEADMIRAL 5 KITT52
4/26/17 4:32 P
Happy Monday, Sparklers! We have a day of medical appointments ahead of us. It's a lovely morning an THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
4/25/17 8:19 A
Happy Saturday, Sparklers! I spent time playing in the dirt of our flower beds. THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
4/22/17 12:57 P
Happy Friday, Sparklers! THEADMIRAL 2 JAJABEE1717
4/21/17 1:24 P
It's been stormy today, but we're taking care of errands. My sweetie walks briskly with his crutches THEADMIRAL 3 HAPPYSOUL91
4/21/17 9:53 A
It's been a very busy WooHoo Wednesday, but a good one. I can see healing progress on my sweetie's s THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
4/20/17 9:34 A
It's a beautiful, sunny Tuesday and I made a small dent in cleaning out the flower beds. My sweetie THEADMIRAL 3 YELLOW09RED
4/18/17 7:56 P
Resurrection Sunday is here! He is risen! THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
4/17/17 8:31 P
It's Good Saturday and Sunday is coming. THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
4/16/17 11:41 A
4/14/17 2:08 P
It's Good Friday...Sunday is coming! THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
4/14/17 4:09 P
So busy today, just chasing tasks, but I got my exercise and ST in. THEADMIRAL 4 KITT52
4/14/17 4:11 P
It's a gorgeous WooHoo Wednesday! Not only is it sunny, but my sweetie got the "All Clean" news afte THEADMIRAL 5 YELLOW09RED
4/12/17 3:37 P
I'm using my "teacher" voice on my patient, so he's doing very well..when he stays off his feet! Exe THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
4/11/17 2:13 P
The Breakfast King survived my pancakes this morning. :) He's doing well and I celebrated with exerc THEADMIRAL 3 YELLOW09RED
4/12/17 3:41 P
It's Palm Sunday and we have so much to be thankful for today. My sweetie is doing well in his recov THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
4/12/17 3:42 P
My sweetie is doing well so far. It's sunny and I think a walk would do me good. THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
4/12/17 3:43 P
My sweetie's surgery went well, he's home and we're very thankful for your thoughts and prayers for THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
4/12/17 3:44 P
High winds, rain and possible snow are not inspiring today. Getting my figurative ducks lined up bef THEADMIRAL 5 KITT52
4/7/17 1:40 P
April Daily Hi's for Emoticons JUDITH316 82 JACEYLEE
5/1/17 6:50 A
Grab a cup of coffee and take a CHAT break! LAUREN1213 4004 GEMSTONE1952
5/20/17 8:47 A
WooHoo Wednesday, Sparklers! Exercise done, Kids Hope and choir today. Keep pushing! THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
3/29/17 1:29 P
Exercised - check! I might go bargain shopping later. Keep Sparkling! THEADMIRAL 3 FOCUSONME57
3/29/17 8:46 A
Happy Monday, Sparklers! Exercised - check! More spring cleaning ahead. THEADMIRAL 3 FOCUSONME57
3/27/17 12:37 P
It's a rainy Saturday and I enjoyed exercising with Jessica Smith this morning. Remembering my preci THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
3/26/17 10:35 A
Sunny, warm Friday has been busy. Dinner with friends and a local high school musical tonight. Keep THEADMIRAL 2 EMMIB26
3/24/17 3:24 P
It's a happy Thursday! Goodies made to send to grad school DGS - check! Ready to walk the neighborho THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
3/23/17 10:38 A
WooHoo Wednesday! - check! Exercise - check! Mentoring my Kids Hope kid and choir ahead. Keep Sparkl THEADMIRAL 2 KOFFEENUT
3/22/17 11:37 A
Sour dough bread rising - check. Sunny day and headed out for a walk - check! Keep pushing! THEADMIRAL 2 JULIENSMITH
3/21/17 11:00 A
Spring is here! Exercised with a walk to my favorite garden - check. Getting ready to make oat bran THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
3/20/17 10:53 A
Awesome morning in worship and teaching munchkins, followed by dinner hosted by our refugee family, THEADMIRAL 3 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
3/19/17 8:26 P
Community project - check. Walk - check. More spring cleaning - check. Basketball - coming up! Keep THEADMIRAL 2 HAPPYSOUL91
3/19/17 9:25 A
Exercise - check! Ready to spring clean again, still - check! Amazed at 3 inches of snow today - yup THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
3/17/17 11:18 A
Exercise - check! It's a happy, sunny Thursday - check! More spring cleaning coming up today. Maybe THEADMIRAL 2 FOCUSONME57
3/17/17 8:24 A
Exercise - check. Mentoring - check. Reading - check. WooHoo Wednesday - check! THEADMIRAL 3 STLOUISWOMAN
3/15/17 2:05 P
It's a beautiful, sunny COLD Tuesday and I'm having fun cleaning kitchen cabinets. Really, I am! LOL THEADMIRAL 3 THEADMIRAL
3/15/17 1:12 P
Snow today and busy cleaning, taking a meal to friends and going to Vinci tonight! THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
3/13/17 3:04 P
It's a great Sunday or worship and fellowship. I'm enjoying watching baseball this afternoon! THEADMIRAL 2 AOKDIET21
3/12/17 3:58 P
Happy Saturday, Sparklers! I'm tickled that I did a tough workout (for me) this morning! THEADMIRAL 2 ZENYAW
3/11/17 12:15 P
Happy Friday, Sparklers! Wind is gone, snow flurries are here. Okay, I might be ready for winter to THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
3/10/17 11:11 A
It's been a very busy Thursday and now I'm feeling sleepy... THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
3/9/17 1:39 P
Monthly Team Challenge for March 2017 JUDITH316 40 IUHRYTR
3/31/17 5:31 P
March Daily Hi's for Emoticons JUDITH316 59 JUDITH316
3/31/17 6:39 A
Monthly Team Challenge for February 2017 JUDITH316 29 GOLFGMA
2/27/17 6:49 A
Change One Letter in Four (II) YATMAMA 5342 TAJONES57
5/22/17 1:50 P
Welcome Newbie Wacky Walkers! Sign in here! GEMSTONE1952 431 THEADMIRAL
1/24/17 9:07 P
Double Lettered Words (II) YATMAMA 3671 MIRANDAMASON603
5/1/17 9:56 P
Emoticon How You're Feeling ANGELUS__QUINN 2372 BABYBARNEY
5/22/17 3:20 P
Favorite Holiday Activity in Michigan DENNISBISHOP 11 DENNISBISHOP
12/23/16 5:52 A
12/4/16 2:37 P
11/27/16 9:16 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 92622 TANYAT1975
5/22/17 3:15 P
How is week 1 going? Share here! SPARK_COACH_JEN 67 RIVKAH12
4/9/17 4:35 A
Introduce yourself HERE! SPARK_COACH_JEN 55 ANNSKA
4/2/17 11:26 A
What's the weather like where you are/ Michigan GENRE009 2993 PICKIE98
5/10/17 3:58 P

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