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Still sick with the flu, pretty small problem but there it is. ;) THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
2/6/18 6:24 A
My favorite Groundhog turned 73 today! He’s happy and healthy and bought a new car today! THEADMIRAL 6 YELLOW09RED
2/4/18 8:41 A
25 minutes on the stationary bike, reading while pedaling helps. ;) #moveit THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
1/30/18 6:25 A
Another successful walk around the neighborhood and I’m beginning to walk faster. ;) #moveit THEADMIRAL 6 VISUALLYRICS
1/28/18 10:08 A
Another walk, further distance today because it’s “warm” today, almost 50. 😁 #moveit THEADMIRAL 3 HAPPYSOUL91
1/27/18 12:02 P
My first walk in Michigan for 2018 - cold! LOL THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
1/25/18 11:17 A
Hi! I’m new. I did a brisk workout this morning and did some heavy cleaning this afternoon. 😁 #mov THEADMIRAL 7 ANDYLIN90
1/26/18 2:32 P
Merry Christmas! Counting our blessings and looking forward to sharing the week with friends and fam THEADMIRAL 10 HAPPYSOUL91
12/25/17 9:26 A
It’s a snow day here! WooHoo! THEADMIRAL 11 HAPPYSOUL91
12/12/17 12:53 P
Ready to exercise downstairs, it’s another windy day in West Michigan! THEADMIRAL 4 KITT52
11/21/17 11:43 A
Enjoying today’s sunshine, the cold not so much. THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
11/21/17 8:10 A
Quiet day at home, rough morning for my sweetie. THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
10/22/17 12:16 P
Got my cardio and ST in one swoop by mowing the lawn today. I need more ST for the hilly parts! THEADMIRAL 3 YELLOW09RED
10/21/17 3:42 P
We had an awesome day yesterday celebrating our friend’s wedding. Today we begin heading back to Mic THEADMIRAL 6 YELLOW09RED
10/9/17 7:01 A
We’re in Virginia to celebrate our friend Henry’s wedding tomorrow. I plan to get exercise and eat h THEADMIRAL 5 YELLOW09RED
10/8/17 9:14 A
So sad over Las Vegas shootings. THEADMIRAL 3 YELLOW09RED
10/3/17 6:10 P
Happy Monday! Starting off the day with a good, brisk walk. THEADMIRAL 5 KITT52
10/2/17 4:14 P
Smiles for your day, I'm smiling at my day after a walk and healthy breakfast. :) THEADMIRAL 3 YELLOW09RED
10/2/17 12:23 P
We took a nice walk this morning and we're ready to celebrate our DGS this afternoon. So thankful my THEADMIRAL 2 KITT52
8/11/17 9:10 P
Back in Virginia to celebrate our DGS's graduation as a new PhD. :D THEADMIRAL 3 HAPPYSOUL91
8/11/17 9:53 A
I had my first real walk in about two weeks and I can feel it. Nice to have a normal day. THEADMIRAL 3 HAPPYSOUL91
7/28/17 9:36 A
Blueberry picking and garden weeding done. Inside for the rest of a very warm day. WooHoo Wednesday! THEADMIRAL 4 KITT52
7/19/17 9:16 P
It's a beautiful day here, but I've been sick today. I hope to bounce back tomorrow. THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
7/19/17 9:20 A
I spent part of the morning at Camp Geneva, then we went on a bicycle ride to test the next Chain Ga THEADMIRAL 3 BETRHO48
7/17/17 4:12 P
Your mood.... emoticon it!! :) BELLACUDDLES 3692 PATRICIA-CR
3/23/18 4:38 P
Hiked around the sand dunes this morning. Beautiful day in west Michigan! THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
7/16/17 8:48 A
I've spent the day helping a friend who had knee surgery today. No exercise and I'm pooped. Taking a THEADMIRAL 4 HAPPYSOUL91
7/15/17 10:51 A
Camp Geneva this morning, groceries, then a walk with a ST cooldown. Fighting the droopy eyelids rig THEADMIRAL 2 MERIWYLE
7/13/17 2:30 P
3/23/18 6:03 P
It's a soggy, wet WooHoo Wednesday! Cardio done, ST done! WooHoo! THEADMIRAL 4 KITT52
7/12/17 1:49 P
Blueberry picking this morning, followed by a sand dune buggy ride this afternoon. Fun time with our THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
7/12/17 10:21 A
We're happy our DGS is here from Virginia, but not the humidity he brought with him. LOL THEADMIRAL 3 HAPPYSOUL91
7/11/17 9:25 A
Team Guidelines SPARKGUY 90 CACUJIN
10/12/17 2:48 P
Wonderful morning in worship, now working on the finishing touches around the house before our DGS a THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
7/9/17 8:51 P
I'm so happy to be home in Michigan and now busy unpacking and getting ready for our DGS's visit tom THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
7/9/17 8:52 P
Running around today getting the contractor set to restore our damaged condo. Going to the baseball THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
7/5/17 4:44 P
7/4/17 10:22 A
Happy pre-Fourth of July, Sparklers! THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
7/3/17 11:26 A
Ready to go to worship at our former church in Virginia, healthy lunch, walk through with our depart THEADMIRAL 5 BETRHO48
7/2/17 8:45 P
We had a good day of driving to Virginia. Tired. Gee whiz, it's HUMID here. LOL! THEADMIRAL 2 BETRHO48
7/2/17 8:48 P
Happy Friday! Rode my bike for a good workout against a strong west wind. Thank you, Lake Michigan! THEADMIRAL 5 IUHRYTR
7/30/17 9:54 P
I enjoyed a walk to see my favorite garden. Muggy today and we're expecting lots of rain. Good for b THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
6/29/17 10:51 A
Rainy afternoon, doing laundry. I enjoyed a group tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Meyer May house this THEADMIRAL 3 IUHRYTR
7/30/17 9:56 P
Beautiful day and I'm just back from an 18-mile solo bike ride. WooHoo and Ow. ;) THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
6/28/17 12:19 P
Sleepy this morning, a good walk or bike ride should fix that. Keep pushing! THEADMIRAL 4 RUSSELLFORD
6/26/17 10:44 P
Beautiful Sunday, morning worship, leading a bicycle ride this afternoon. Keep pushing! THEADMIRAL 3 BETRHO48
6/26/17 10:43 P
A beautiful Saturday and more finishing work on our staircase. Keep pushing! THEADMIRAL 4 BETRHO48
6/25/17 9:17 P
Haircut this morning, varnished our newly finished hardwood staircase and pulled weeds from the gard THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
6/24/17 9:35 A
I walked 2.8 miles this morning, very humid day. ST next, keep pushing! THEADMIRAL 4 KITT52
6/23/17 12:18 P
WooHoo Wednesday! Sunny, pleasant and a great bike ride. Big smile. THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
6/22/17 9:15 A
Short spurts of exercise, walk around the neighborhood before it rained and watching my nutrition tr THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
6/20/17 2:52 P
Beautiful Monday and I enjoyed my neighborhood walk. Busy day, hulling lots of fresh strawberries fr THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
6/20/17 10:43 A
It's been a great Sunday! Worship in the morning and bike riding in the afternoon. THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
6/18/17 5:56 P
Walk done, strength training next. Hulling another quart of strawberries after that - yay and yum! THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
6/17/17 11:51 A
It was a great morning to go strawberry picking and we had more rain during the night so my garden b THEADMIRAL 3 DLECIK33
6/16/17 5:12 P
We had rain last night - hurray! I walked almost 5 miles this morning - hurray! THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
6/15/17 11:06 A
It's WooHoo Wednesday as in woohoo, it's hot here! No rain and I exercised indoors today. THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
6/14/17 3:01 P
It's cloudy and humid, but I got my walk to see my favorite garden done. Hoping for rain. THEADMIRAL 2 KITT52
6/13/17 4:36 P
Hot day here, exercised indoors and hoping for rain for thr garden. THEADMIRAL 2 7STIGGYMT
6/12/17 2:15 P
I'm enjoying the air conditioning after an afternoon fest at church. Warm here! THEADMIRAL 3 LOISLEL
6/11/17 5:26 P
Beautiful day to water the garden babies and pull weeds. Happy Friday! THEADMIRAL 2 YELLOW09RED
6/10/17 9:42 A
It's another sunny day and I'm back from walking to see my favorite garden. THEADMIRAL 2 MERIWYLE
6/8/17 11:59 A
It's WooHoo Wednesday! Time for a tandem ride! THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
6/8/17 9:57 A
June Daily Hi's for Emoticons JUDITH316 74 GOLFGMA
6/30/17 6:25 A
Busy bee working on my newly planted garden during this week's awesome weather. THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
6/2/17 2:12 P
Remembering the sacrifices of our young men and women in the military today. THEADMIRAL 2 KITT52
5/29/17 5:43 P
WooHoo Wednesday! Walk done! Third day in a row SP wheel has given me twos. Oh well! THEADMIRAL 4 HAPPYSOUL91
5/24/17 12:45 P
I'm finished with the digging, moving and mulching for the new garden bed (with my sweetie's help). THEADMIRAL 3 HAPPYSOUL91
5/19/17 9:13 P
2/25/18 2:21 P
Happy Mother's Day, Sparklers! THEADMIRAL 4 KITT52
5/16/17 1:39 P
Happy Friday, Sparklers! Beautiful day for my walk and looking forward to the rest of my day. THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
5/12/17 11:34 A
It's another sunny day and I'm pleased I walked five miles this morning. My sweetie is out bicycling THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
5/11/17 5:36 P
It's WooHoo Wednesday! It's sunny and going up to 70 - walk, walk, walk! THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
5/10/17 12:52 P
It's another sunny day! I have my Kids Hope kid to mentor this morning, then playing in the dirt of THEADMIRAL 1 THEADMIRAL
5/9/17 10:58 A
It's a sunny, chilly Monday! Another doctor visit, further good progress for my sweetie, walk done. THEADMIRAL 3 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
5/8/17 8:31 P