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Keeping In Touch PATRICIA441 1847 PATRICIA441
11/22/17 9:47 P
Question of the Day!!! PATRICIA441 1168 PATRICIA441
11/22/17 9:38 P
Your favourite funny and cute cat pictures TESTYCATLADYP 1445 PATRICIA441
11/22/17 9:35 P
Our Daily Dose of Chatter Thread !!! :} CANNINGNANNY 1864 CANNINGNANNY
11/23/17 6:20 A
11/23/17 6:22 A
my cat's colors PANDAJOY 9 MINIMOE1
11/22/17 9:42 A
New to the team! MISTRESSOHORROR 12 TURTLE69
11/20/17 6:08 A
Very Windy and Rainy Here in NE Ohio ! And Snow for the Weekend ! Here it Comes !!! CANNINGNANNY 8 TESTYCATLADYP
11/17/17 1:33 P
It is going to be a busy day for me. I am going uptown to snoop around the stores during midnight ma TESTYCATLADYP 3 LIVEDAILY
11/18/17 9:07 P
Well, we managed to get all our Christmas Fruit Cakes made. We made 3 of my recipe, 4 of Mom's recip TESTYCATLADYP 14 GRALAN
11/12/17 9:22 P
Well I got my black cherry candle burning I got my crystal chess set and nobody to play with LOL!! D GPALMER29 17 RONFOXX58
11/10/17 9:13 A
Hi Corinna (hopefulhippo) & Happy Happy Birthday CANNINGNANNY 4 MCCALI59
11/8/17 3:04 P
I earned a few fitness minutes on snow removal SPARKFRAN514 26 LINDA!
11/6/17 2:40 P
My uncle Bob is coming to visit us for lunch. I am making a nice beef roast that I purchased uptown. TESTYCATLADYP 3 CANNINGNANNY
11/6/17 5:03 A
Halloween was a bit disappointing this year. We had way less than half our usual visitors. We usuall TESTYCATLADYP 14 CANNINGNANNY
11/2/17 7:30 A
With the bad weather, we had one of our outside strays, beg to come in, so we now have a new fur-kid TESTYCATLADYP 22 LIVEDAILY
10/27/17 1:11 P
Winter is here... And so I trade in my garden tools, for a snow shovel... TESTYCATLADYP 33 LIVEDAILY
10/27/17 1:11 P
Good Morning ! Yikes ! The Cold, Wet and Windy weather has arrived here in NE Ohio! 41F th CANNINGNANNY 9 TESTYCATLADYP
10/26/17 6:41 P
I am not having a good day. Had 2 wisdom teeth extracted and they have been bleeding most of the da ANHELIC 8 TESTYCATLADYP
10/23/17 3:55 P
It is definitely fall. Cold, wet, and windy. TESTYCATLADYP 6 LIVEDAILY
10/24/17 8:39 A
An Old-Fashioned Homemade Christmas Seminar CANNINGNANNY 11 MCCALI59
10/21/17 6:45 P
It went to -2'C last night. Winter is on its way... I sure am glad that I got the bulk of my yard wo TESTYCATLADYP 8 CANNINGNANNY
10/16/17 6:53 A
What are You Currently Putting Up !!! CANNINGNANNY 422 CANNINGNANNY
11/23/17 6:21 A
I am so happy! Since it had taken so long with my previous order of pet supplies, I decided to order TESTYCATLADYP 5 LIVEDAILY
10/14/17 5:25 P
Well, I got another section of my garden cleaned. I cleaned up the section that held my parsnips and TESTYCATLADYP 11 CANNINGNANNY
10/13/17 10:20 A
Happy Thanksgiving. This year, Mom and I will for once, not be alone. My Uncle, Moms brother... Bob, TESTYCATLADYP 4 TESTYCATLADYP
10/8/17 12:46 P
I have been stuck in the mid 170 range for over a month. The beginning of this month I decided to tr ADUKE6 11 COMEBACKKID12
10/7/17 4:26 P
sonya bogan7 can u lose 3 pounds in 2 days SONYABOGAN7 3 NITEMAN3D
10/7/17 12:33 P
I didn't gain our lose this week. I was sure I gained with all the stress. But I maintained. SBLACKWELL93 5 5GRAMMYDIANA
10/29/17 12:06 A
On my way to 60. Want to feel and look like 30. 💪 EVIE501 7 REEDSKI
10/7/17 4:24 P
This is our Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, so from my Family to Your's Happy Thanksgiving & JUDITH316 33 4CONNIESHEALTH
10/7/17 7:10 P
I ate a huge lunch at a restaurant and had two beers and I feel extremely guilty. I know that mess-u JOELLE1986 7 JOELLE1986
10/4/17 6:52 P
Well I'm back after a week and one half in the hospital. Bag after bag of IV fluids and a gain of 1 PAMS3DDESIGNS1 8 JOANNA7072
10/4/17 9:29 P
I sure have a headache now... I went to see my doctor, to discuss a few health issues that I have.. TESTYCATLADYP 6 CANNINGNANNY
10/5/17 8:01 A
Ok I fell of the wagon for 2ish weeks. I'm ready t SMURFS 3 TESTYCATLADYP
10/2/17 2:04 P
I am so glad that I have my chores all done already. The weather is getting worse. It is all rainy a TESTYCATLADYP 4 CANNINGNANNY
10/3/17 8:40 A
9/30/17 4:24 P
FINALLY! Mom and I managed to get outside, and clean up and organize our shed. It was a major job, a TESTYCATLADYP 3 CANNINGNANNY
10/1/17 6:24 A
9/27/17 6:42 P
Q: Ol' family fave recipe? MON_THURS 4 MON_THURS
9/30/17 4:41 P
9/21/17 7:08 P
In the next few weeks, I need to push myself and get my garden cleaned up before winter. If I don't TESTYCATLADYP 6 CANNINGNANNY
9/22/17 7:19 A
Not feeling well the last few days - belly aches. Went in to the ER last night (after I'd called in DESERTDREAMERS 6 GGRSPARK
9/18/17 1:19 A
Happy Happy Birthday Alana (Enchantedalana ) !!! CANNINGNANNY 3 RAPUNZEL53
9/11/17 6:56 P
9/7/17 8:17 P
Karen's Surgery is Tomorrow ! (Livedaily) CANNINGNANNY 4 TESTYCATLADYP
9/7/17 8:14 P
Good Morning Everyone !!! Gosh, is it cold outside...The 50's are settling in, high in the low CANNINGNANNY 8 LIVEDAILY
9/7/17 9:19 P
Happy Happy Birthday Martha (Martylynn1) !!! CANNINGNANNY 3 RAPUNZEL53
9/7/17 5:12 P
Today I treated myself, to going out with my Mom and a friend to a nice restaurant, without having t TESTYCATLADYP 5 CANNINGNANNY
9/7/17 7:11 A
I have been smoking a bunch of meat in my H2O smoker, these last few days. Today I smoked some beef. TESTYCATLADYP 7 CANNINGNANNY
9/3/17 7:00 A
Going to the County Fair Today ! :} CANNINGNANNY 7 LIVEDAILY
9/2/17 10:02 P
This day did not go how I thought it would at all. It seams there just isn't time for me on the week MISSAMY72 7 GARDENCHRIS
9/3/17 1:15 P
Q: What is your fave about this time of year? MON_THURS 5 MON_THURS
9/3/17 8:42 P
Good Morning Everyone ! CANNINGNANNY 9 LIVEDAILY
8/30/17 4:14 P
Today I am keeping myself busy, smoking a bunch of pork. I like to freeze it after it is smoked, and TESTYCATLADYP 3 CANNINGNANNY
8/31/17 6:31 A
I need to get busy with housecleaning today. After being ill for so long, I fell behind in doing it. TESTYCATLADYP 3 CANNINGNANNY
8/26/17 7:29 A
Q: Where were you during the solar eclipse? MON_THURS 13 DETROITKELLY
8/29/17 12:17 A
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 47540 PREMAMEHROTRA
11/23/17 4:01 A
Just when I thought I was getting better, and over this flu.... it comes back. :( TESTYCATLADYP 4 CANNINGNANNY
8/17/17 6:23 A
So I have been doing this for 50 days now and I can feel myself slipping out of umph. I am starting TAYLUKE 7 DOLPH79
8/15/17 4:26 P
My gut is starting to feel better again. Hopefully I can soon get back to eating regular healthy mea TESTYCATLADYP 5 CANNINGNANNY
8/16/17 7:19 A
8/14/17 12:20 P
Q: Fave summer foods/meals? MON_THURS 7 JANICEONE1
8/16/17 7:11 A
Time to mow the lawn again... Fun, fun, fun... At least it is good exercise. TESTYCATLADYP 4 GRALAN
8/12/17 6:27 A
Housework... A good way to take my mind off of food, when I am bored. It is a good thing that house TESTYCATLADYP 5 CANNINGNANNY
8/7/17 7:21 A
Q: Favorite back-to-school item to purchase? MON_THURS 4 ICECUB
8/6/17 5:49 P
Thank God for good friends. A good friend of ours, took Mom and I around town, so that we could ge TESTYCATLADYP 4 GRALAN
8/8/17 6:20 P
This has been a very hectic and stressful day. When we woke up, we noticed that one of our fur-kids TESTYCATLADYP 13 GRALAN
8/5/17 4:16 A
It is too hot to do anything outside today, so I have been inside watching movies on Netflix. So far TESTYCATLADYP 4 LIVEDAILY
8/1/17 2:30 P
Happy Happy Birthday RAPUNZEL53 !!! CANNINGNANNY 8 MCCALI59
8/9/17 4:07 P
I said a heartfelt goodbye to another one of my fur-babies last night. That's two in the last two mo CLMEEDER 98 COMEBACKKID12
7/31/17 12:14 A
Picking Beans, cukes, and Blackberries ! :} CANNINGNANNY 5 LADYBUG_KOOL
8/1/17 12:18 P
Any tips for getting AND STAYING motivated to work out? Finding motivation to exercise is a big prob R45166 7 KMKGIRLIE0528
7/27/17 12:42 P
I've just started SparkPeople and I feel like the daily caloric allowance is higher then any other a NICKINICOLEW3 9 CATHERDER42
7/27/17 6:56 P
Oh boy is it hot out today. I did my gardening really early this morning, and I was still drenched i TESTYCATLADYP 4 GRALAN
7/30/17 7:12 A