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Sometimes to battle depression you just gotta go o GHOSTILYUSHA 11 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:16 P
Two years ago at Disney World and in June at The Guthrie Center. 100 pound difference. My secret? A MARKKNETZER 53 SMSUZIEQ36
10/17/17 9:11 P
I don't understand "cheat days." Who's being cheated? Me! Why allow or plan a bad day going over Spa SYNCHRODAD 6 ZRIE014
10/17/17 8:15 P
There is no better way to start my day. This mornings run felt glorious. Still waiting for the sun t OUTSIDEJOJO 37 RETAT60
10/17/17 9:49 A
When you go to work and then see that the moon and LUCYZA19 39 KOHINOOR2
10/17/17 10:11 A
Posted a photo KENISHA-1 42 SCYANKEE46
10/17/17 10:58 A
TODAY: Walked 8 miles. Workedout. Still weigh 214. πŸ˜€ BIGFLABEAR 8 ZRIE014
10/17/17 1:18 A
First day of SWIMMING today after not doing so since the Spring. The local pool has been doing rese DIANEDOESSMILES 17 DBEAU57
10/18/17 12:06 A
Trying to get in shape lose weight eat better control my diabetes. DEBRAKC18 22 ACOYNE728
10/17/17 7:16 A
Finally ready to change and really get focused. I need to be down 53 lbs by April. Doing it for my h CUTIESWEETBRAT 35 CUTIESWEETBRAT
10/17/17 8:06 P
I've read that if you work out long enough it becomes a habit, I always thought "Yeah right! What a BREASH491 3 SYNCHRODAD
10/16/17 9:28 A
Today I begin my eat, pray, love journal. Not quite sure what it will look like but these will be SALLYMON55 3 YMWONG22
10/16/17 9:49 A
Knowing that daily progress, even small wins, can make someone’s day--& that even small setbacks can BOOHOOBEAR 3 BEANPOD61
10/16/17 10:56 A
3 months ago I gave birth to my fourth and final child. My pregnancy was awful. Blood pressure was a DESTIEL4LIFE 3 PEARL1974
10/16/17 9:37 A
Hit 30 minutes continuous and 9000+ steps 5 out of 7 days last week. So smoky out that 3 days were i SYNCHRODAD 2 YMWONG22
10/16/17 9:38 A
Posted a photo STAN_EASTVALE 9 YMWONG22
10/16/17 9:19 A
The beginning ish of the new me.... Long way to go. But I'll get there! JDBUSCH1978 16 COWLEEN1
10/16/17 7:10 A
Posted a photo STAN_EASTVALE 19 TMP0418
10/16/17 7:01 A
See this picture gives me mixed emotions! Like I want to hide!!! I am ashamed of how I look,how badl 1LIZZIEG 35 1LIZZIEG
10/16/17 2:45 P
Five months ago I started my journey. Today I have lost a total of 40 pounds. Went from 201 to 161, CGILGER1 107 TMP0418
10/16/17 7:01 A
Weight didn't drop this week, but I dropped a half inch off my waist and hips. I'll take it! SYNCHRODAD 7 NOLAHORSERIDER
10/14/17 8:35 P
New pants!! Loose size 8!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜¨πŸ’œ DIANEPAG 28 STRONGERLEANER
10/14/17 2:20 P
This just happened! Yay! AUDREYGNSC 213 BARCLE
10/14/17 5:57 P
Motivation moment... RHOOK20047 10 INSPIRED26
10/14/17 11:11 A
It bothers me when hen I see food that calls its o ARHUNT71 6 ZRIE014
10/14/17 1:36 A
It's been awhile since I've updated so here it is I reached my goal at losing 60 pounds in the begin STEPHANIEH2017 239 INSPIRED26
10/14/17 11:02 A
I am new to spark and looking for support to lose AJARRY07 27 SARAKATHRYN76
10/12/17 3:30 P
The day had finally arrived! I am officially in the 180s!!!!!! Down 25 lbs since my start in April! KAYBRITMOODY 41 TIGERSEYEHEART
10/12/17 2:45 P
Today is day 40 of no alcohol for me on my 365 day (or more journey). Having gone through difficult BEFITSPIRITED 100 EDLEAR
10/13/17 5:49 A
I was going to skip my run today, but then I remembered how far I've come and where I'm going! 33 go LKMANNING7 89 CONSTANCE067
10/12/17 10:39 P
Down 50lbs! MANDI2181 169 MANDI2181
10/13/17 10:11 A
Hubby took me out to Casino. I was really proud of myself & did not over-indulge. Also, did not ha SMILINGBEAR 3 ZRIE014
10/12/17 1:32 A
Started in July at 317 lbs...down to 282 my Fit Bit -35 lbs badge! YAY MARINAK3 34 ZRIE014
10/12/17 1:13 A
Hit a new low this morning. Weight loss is a descending saw tooth. New lows are less frequent now. K SYNCHRODAD 5 NOLAHORSERIDER
10/12/17 8:07 A
#BeforeAndAfter 35 lbs gone MARIAN326 28 50YEARSAWIFE
10/12/17 7:58 A
Desperately trying not to give up. MONA330 35 INSPIRED26
10/11/17 11:15 A
Me on 10/10/17 at 257. I am excited to start this journey. The challenge is to keep at it and cont EROMP2000 49 ZRIE014
10/11/17 1:40 A
64 gone and only 4 left!!!! I'm 1 lb away from 149 - I haven't weighed that since 1989!!!!! MOMS3KIDS 220 MOMS3KIDS
10/11/17 2:14 P
Pool again this am SISSYFEB48 12 SISSYFEB48
10/10/17 4:49 P
Soooo true. Lol just keep moving!! JPSCOV66 18 STRNGNGRNDED
10/10/17 2:36 P
Posted a photo KENISHA-1 128 WOMANOFLOVE
10/10/17 4:00 P
A 15 min walk is not much. But its a step in the right direction. JPAPUGA27 64 JPAPUGA27
10/10/17 10:00 P
Good morning, have a terrific Tuesday. Here is a good thought to remember... JERSEYGIRL91305 139 MOMMY445
10/10/17 2:20 P
#selfdiscipline LALAP1012 11 LINDAGRIMM6840
10/12/17 11:20 A
Today I did not do so well with my eating because I am not feeling well. I am also scared that I hav HARLEYQ81 8 MYDOGSJOG22
10/9/17 10:50 P
Bariatric surgery next week. Finished my workout t SARAMBIGELOW 52 TMP0418
10/11/17 6:54 P
Was always told how ugly I was when I was younger and every time I look in the mirror I saw how ugly AMYMBUNCH 156 FISHGUT3
10/10/17 10:06 A
I have a question. I haven't changed my diet just CR8ED2BFIT 15 CR8ED2BFIT
10/9/17 9:17 A
#BeforeAndAfter This is truly a before & During. The work is unfinished, and once I hit the goal I STARGAZERLILIEZ 69 I_GET_BY
10/10/17 9:55 P
July 24th I started my healthy life. Weighing in at 260lbs was the heaviest I've ever been. As of to VIRIGINIAIKA4 80 TMP0418
10/9/17 5:35 A
Hi everyone. I'm new to the party. 30 years old, 400 lbs, ready to change. BLAKE87 237 SARAHNRICKY1
10/9/17 9:27 A
When I stated 3 months ago I weighed 369. I weighed 357 lbs today limiting carbs to 250 or less per KVB616 19 NOCALORIES
10/8/17 11:13 P
Ran my first 5k of the year.. I shaved two full minutes off last year's time in the same run. I had MAPFARMS 27 LISACARYL18
10/10/17 10:36 A
Me at 248...10/16 Yesterday 120.... 10/17 DIANEPAG 296 GOIN4IT233
10/9/17 2:45 A
Good morning. Down 0.5 pounds this week. Glad the other weeks made up for my loss deficit this week. MARINEMAMA 16 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
10/10/17 10:19 P
This feral beauty and her five kittens are our guests for several weeks. (She was trapped just in t MIMAWELIZABETH 17 MIMAWELIZABETH
10/8/17 4:04 P
Can't sleep... so I decided to get my day started w/ Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, Almond Milk & Banana HERNEENEE 20 ORTATK
10/8/17 9:19 A
Getting ready to go out to church so try on top that hasnt fitted me well. Today it looks fab. Go me 1990REDELAINE 26 MERLECHRIS
10/8/17 8:52 A
In case you ever wonder what a razor clam looks like. Didn't get my limit but so fun walking the bea LLR630 9 BERRY4
10/8/17 11:14 P
As the scale went up my restrictions grew as if I was a prisoner in my own body. Moving around was g CONSTANCE067 48 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
10/7/17 9:51 P
10/11/17 7:14 A
10/7/17 6:22 A
My Encouragers.....My Work-Out Buddies!!!!! πŸ’ž AMYMBUNCH 9 PRAIRIECROCUS
10/7/17 1:48 A
OK, i haven't posted any pictures of myself because I am embarrassed by the way I look right now. LILLTEX 13 FRISKYCRITTER
10/7/17 8:14 A
10/7/17 1:50 A
My foster babies are greeting you and sending love to all. ROVONEYE 113 CATNURSE1
10/7/17 2:16 A
It used to make me sad to see this but I try everyday to get up think of the positive and keep movin KEMOFD 123 INSPIRED26
10/6/17 12:58 P
Posted a photo MISTRESSOHORROR 8 ZRIE014
10/6/17 6:10 P
Posted a photo MISTRESSOHORROR 12 ZRIE014
10/6/17 6:07 P
#BeforeAndalittleoverhalfway ASHB88 135 INSPIRED26
10/6/17 3:05 P
Posted a photo JAMILETT1 6 TMP0418
10/5/17 10:09 A
What a fabulous morning for a run. Left in the dar OUTSIDEJOJO 64 RETAT60
10/5/17 3:27 P
What is this? This is the gap between my calf and my boots! Last year these were snug. Non-scale vic DREAMGIRLCITYC 11 DESERTDREAMERS
10/5/17 10:31 P
Out for a walk this morning. Weighed in at 265 today, down from 310. Let's reach for the stars⭐ IGOT2START 118 WBRISCOE
10/5/17 10:10 P
#BeforeAndAfter. As of today I've lost 50 pounds! I'm not at my goal yet, but wow does it feel goo JBLESSER 295 1BEARWIFE
10/6/17 1:43 A