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oh, Friday, I've been looking forward to this all week πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ DANICONNOLLY 23 ELSCO55
8/18/17 10:17 P
Posted a photo LOVING_LIFE1015 12 GABIRUSZCZAK
8/19/17 12:32 A
I dropped another 6lbs bringing my total weight loss to 61pounds... AWALKER83 126 TCANNO
8/19/17 4:02 A
My grandkids made a cake LKUNICALJUBICA8 37 GABIRUSZCZAK
8/19/17 12:28 A
8lbs to one-derland! Right photo was 60lbs lost, middle 80lbs, left was yesterday at 112lbs lost. So GOODFELINE 52 MURPHEE88
8/18/17 8:20 P
Posted a photo TIFFY30 24 GAYLLYNNE
8/18/17 6:26 P
Red Rocks in Denver. 1.4 mile hike at 6200 feet altitude. Can't believe I actually did it. Keep movi NEENERS815 14 123LORETTA1
8/18/17 7:10 P
Good morning or afternoon everyone!!!! So today is THEJACKIEDEAN12 306 THEJACKIEDEAN12
8/18/17 11:44 P
2nd day of PT. Did push-ups on the stairs (inclined) and some upper body strength. Frustrating tha MONIKH 6 MONIKH
8/18/17 7:23 A
Only good news to report this morning is that I burned 1LB of FAT yesterday πŸ˜‰. This body did a doub GYMLYF_RJONES 13 GYMLYF_RJONES
8/17/17 6:37 P
Today, dear friends keep this in mind: JAPANGURL17 19 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
8/17/17 10:07 A
Loving the site. Down 47 lbs. My biggest adjustment has been my expectations. It takes time and work JADETONE 8 COBEBU
8/16/17 10:17 A
Didn't workout yesterday, so I did 50 mins of T25 RUNNING_PHOENIX 29 MAZUR157
8/16/17 10:35 A
Looks like I'm not the only one enjoying nature todayπŸ˜‹ HAMMONDC2 5 ALUKOWSKY
8/14/17 2:23 P
Last night my co-ed softball team won the North Hollywood division championship. Even though I was a ARI1424 10 MEFATAGAIN
8/14/17 12:29 P
8/14/17 7:05 P
Just 10 more pounds left to get to my first goal of 50lbs down! Now it's really easy to tell the dif JFIALLO 224 ANDI424
8/15/17 9:57 A
I finish 10K. Painful Now.... STARMONICA 19 STARMONICA
8/14/17 11:59 A
So close! Down 54.8 pounds since March 25th. Only 6.2 pound to half-way mark. (150) Started this jou JHONNMIDWAY 156 I-AM-TITANIUM
8/14/17 4:32 A
I consider Sunday the start of my week. So this week I will be stronger!!!!! Happy Sunday everyone! RAINYN2004 35 MISSA526
8/13/17 11:47 A
Help! Good Morning... I am afraid i might quit. I am scared. This weekend is my first anniversary we MSUNEK 307 SPARKLE1908
8/13/17 3:49 P
visualize how much weight yo lost DEBYDOINGIT 19 RIVERRAT79
8/12/17 6:50 P
Posted a photo EMMALEAH17 12 LEIBEEZER
8/12/17 4:53 P
Hi, I'm a #newbie with over 2 stone to loose, starting today. JMHTAXAL1 3 JMHTAXAL1
8/12/17 3:26 P
Getting back into the game today. Went to the gym for 30 minutes, and after YEARS of not doing more DONNASMITH6 4 NEENERS815
8/12/17 3:14 P
Posted a photo SIMPLY_JAE 17 MAYIE53
8/16/17 1:17 A
How bad is it going to hurt me if I skip two days of walking? I'm just tired. Or maybe I've hit a wa DOINITNOTGONNAS 4 NEENERS815
8/12/17 3:13 P
Am I the only one who doesn't have a digital scale? GEFREDETTE 10 JTHEALTHY1
8/12/17 8:35 P
Another good day yesterday!! 10 and a half mile average everyday this week, that's over 70 miles thi GPALMER29 11 GPALMER29
8/12/17 3:43 P
As of today, 50 pounds down. Mine has been a slow journey but I still weigh 50 lbs less than I did PAMBROWN62 62 JTHEALTHY1
8/12/17 8:43 P
I haven't had cake or cookies since May, not even for my birthday, but when our Campus Ministry bles LKMANNING7 8 RUTHSHEPHERD1
8/12/17 10:58 A
I started this journey in August of 2008 right here on Sparkpeople. I lost 60+ pounds, met my husba QUESOSAUCE 112 C38622
8/12/17 12:43 P
This morning I'm at my goal weight. When I checked the emoticon I was so shocked at the number I go KRAZZYLEGGS 304 CHEERLEADER23
8/13/17 4:06 P
My morning walking trail. In my happy place trying to get back on track. Have a beautiful day Sparke TEAMKIMME 143 UMUCGRAD
8/12/17 10:07 P
I woke up in a bit of a funk today- thinking nothing was working- I decided to take a look at a rece THE_SHREW74 60 SUSIEMT
8/11/17 6:13 P
First time in probably 20 years that I have been under 300 lbs! 10 more to go to my 100 lbs lost! #I TIPHI1228 199 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
8/17/17 8:56 A
22lbs down and I can put on my jeans I haven't been able to wear since my pregnancy over 2 years ago POSTBABY4102015 177 SASHASMOM1122
8/11/17 4:31 P
Hope everybody had a wonderful day, and I hope you have an even better night!! So whatever you did t GPALMER29 13 GABY1948
8/11/17 7:56 A
Still have a lot to go but 50 pounds down now! BECKY_US 167 LNEWDSGNS
8/9/17 8:01 P
Managed to loose 4 pounds from 162 in 2 weeks. Ver AMYMBUNCH 10 STARFISH1961
8/9/17 11:12 A
Y'all I have to wear this at night for two weeks have a bone spur πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ I also had to get a Cortiso KEENA47 19 KEENA47
8/9/17 1:13 P
Happy Hump Day Sparkers - What non-scale victories (NSV) have you accomplished recently? How do you ASF220 7 PIXIEDUST22
8/9/17 11:39 A
9 miles and 16652 steps before 8 am! ZORBS13 47 KIRK-0517
8/9/17 10:45 A
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 100 BOOKNUT52
8/9/17 1:38 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 JEANMARIE65
8/8/17 11:19 A
Finally past my hump! JENGLAND09 54 GMAM48
8/8/17 1:52 P
Woo Hoo! Despite a weekend of a lot of cheese, potato chips and sitting on my a$$...I still managed CLMEEDER 6 KINDGIRL56
8/8/17 12:22 P
I had to have a cardiac defibrillator implanted and suffered complications from it so now I am start MGOOD123 4 SYNCHRODAD
8/7/17 11:27 A
I am 20 pounds away from meeting my goal of 200 pounds my staring weight was 263 May 15 I am proud t LILTBOGGIE61 8 GORDONED
8/7/17 12:04 P
Just tried to add and sync my fit bit zip to my account and didn't work. Will just have to manually RD03875 6 RD03875
8/6/17 3:09 P
Almost at 11,000 steps !!! SHANTRA7 6 SHANTRA7
8/10/17 2:12 A
Lost 3 pounds this week. Right knee is getting stronger with the more weight I lose and squats I do. SWEETEMTB 5 SYNCHRODAD
8/6/17 2:59 P
Major NSV! Today was my final closet cleanout. Went from 24/XXL to 12/M and have been working backwa MISSDORKNESS 176 SALAM4545
8/7/17 1:03 A
Finally made it over a huge plateau this week. Had been sitting at about the same weight for at lea MHEDIN63 153 HIPPER502
8/5/17 9:08 P
New sign for my cube at work... RHOOK20047 17 GZELLEFRO
8/6/17 3:02 P
Went from 240 to 227. Hoping to reach 160 by the end of next summer. ASHFELI24 24 YMWONG22
8/5/17 5:34 A
So everybody's been telling me that I need to get out and talk to ladies and see how it goes, well I GPALMER29 47 IAMSUNNYHOWARD
8/5/17 1:21 P
20 lbs gone in just over 2 months... I don't see much of a difference other then I think my boobs ar CARINA640 16 SHOAPIE
8/4/17 11:49 A
This is my jogging buddy. We have been doing the C25K since June. He keeps me running when I feel MYDOGSJOG22 7 SCOOTEROSE
8/4/17 11:55 A
11 months of hard work. 109.4 lbs down. I feel gre THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 MAMMADEE03
8/7/17 12:50 P
Hm. I'll take it. IAN2409 151 LIVEDAILY
8/3/17 4:29 P
Officially 70 lbs lost today! I'm also down from a size 24 to an 18. KITKATPOUNCE 292 WFTGATL
8/3/17 9:31 P
Feeling kinda animalistic!! Still hard for me to wrap my mind around this being hidden under 524 lbs GPALMER29 29 GPALMER29
8/3/17 11:48 A
Does anyone else live to see the green background when you make all your goals?? TAYLUKE 9 S56440
8/3/17 12:53 A
Is upgrading to premium worth it?? MSMUSTANG45 6 MSMUSTANG45
8/2/17 11:09 A
One month into this journey, and first 10 pounds gone. It's been a crazy ride so far, feeling like a CEEKAY07 5 AIYANASMAMA
8/2/17 10:58 A
Finished a mile and a half today walk/running #deliciousdailymoment SACILYNN 12 KARENWILL2
8/2/17 11:46 A
Hard work definitely paying off. Today I Woke 36 lbs less .... it hasn't been easy .... one of the h MANONAMISSION73 121 ANDERSONCH1
8/2/17 4:23 P
Feeling great down 64 pounds have 1 more pound to meet my goal 160 started off at 224 CRISTALO321 304 F5-FURY
8/8/17 8:10 P
Going for my first vacation walk in AZ. 6:30an is not early enough. MARIAJESTRADA 16 SLINKYREDDRESS
7/31/17 10:49 A
I had a great weekend. I took 3 bags of my old clothes to the local thrift shop for contribution. BILLDREW4 10 MPLSKEN
7/31/17 1:10 P
45 pounds down and 11 more to go. I really need to get back at. Got wrapped up in my success that I 2BFIT2016 138 _LINDA
7/31/17 2:16 P
7/30/17 11:22 A
Hubby and I had to lol. I wanted to see just how much weight I lost by measuring it in dog food!!!! DIANEPAG 89 _LINDA
7/30/17 8:10 P
Down to 66lbs lost. Just four more pounds until I'm just overweight. Getting my head back in the gam AROMERO77 119 FISHGUT3
7/30/17 3:47 P