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Zone 5: The Living Room LINDA! 16 WALLAHALLA
4/25/17 12:18 P
Zone 4: The Master Bedroom LINDA! 37 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
4/24/17 5:57 P
I've had cake sitting in front of me all day and I haven't even craved any because I've kept myself STARGAZ3R 7 COMEBACKKID12
4/20/17 4:55 P
Been walking everyday for over a month hoping to lose 50lbs I have a long way to go currently at 209 MISSMARIA93 46 ELSIEO62
4/19/17 7:14 P
So true BIGKYLE1 10 GEORGE815
4/19/17 7:19 P
Nutrition Tracking Tips & Encouragement KALISWALKER 22 CATE195
4/19/17 7:07 P
Happy Tuesday everyone! DGFOWLER 23 1CRAZYDOG
4/18/17 11:30 A
4/17/17 8:12 A
I'm going to lose 75 lbs. On this part of my journey, I'm down 11 lbs in 22 days. But in total, sinc DEWENTON86 20 DEWENTON86
4/17/17 8:09 A
Worked out this morning. I didn't overdo it at Easter dinner. Though I had no dessert (yay), I did KOKONA 6 KINLET
4/17/17 8:32 A
Monday morning back to my 2 a day challenge. 16 mins 1665 step for the am MIMIGEE2 19 LISA1065
4/17/17 10:01 A
4/17/17 10:29 A
Good Morning Everyone!!! AGAINSTMYODDS 10 MAMA2JJN
4/17/17 8:39 A
When I finally realized I had to DO something, I had JUST hit 200 lbs. I knew it was time. I have be SAMGRAY2005 17 JOHNMARTINMILES
4/17/17 10:28 A
Went to the gym spent an hour there, now some healthy eating!!! Happy Monday Everyone! BSPEAKS 8 JOHNMARTINMILES
4/17/17 10:29 A
Weekly weigh in down 2 lbs this week and 33.1 lbs overall. JULESANA8818 40 JOHNMARTINMILES
4/17/17 10:26 A
Stayed in calorie count easter dinner. Go me!!! BRENDAFRAVEL 125 BEACHTIME9
4/17/17 1:52 P
Zone 3: The Bathroom & Extra Room LINDA! 37 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
4/16/17 5:55 P
So busy today, just chasing tasks, but I got my exercise and ST in. THEADMIRAL 4 KITT52
4/14/17 4:11 P
4/25/17 12:40 P
10 pounds gone KOOKI140 121 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
4/12/17 7:05 P
There's still birthday cake in the break room - and the office gets gooood cake … but, it's not my b LCM797 10 ROCKETQUEEN467
4/12/17 8:02 P
Uh Oh! I was so hungry after work today that I had dinner almost right away. It is not even 5pm and BECKAXOBEE 6 RUSSELLFORD
4/12/17 7:28 P
Dinner tonight is a stuffed sweet potato! It's fil FITSISTA79 14 MISSCNJ
4/12/17 8:44 P
How Do You Stay Hydrated? KALISWALKER 37 MERICANDO
4/18/17 11:50 P
End of week one: 1. No alcohol in over a week. 2.Started doing 15 minutes of cardio now up to 40 RACHELNACOL 7 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
4/11/17 9:21 P
Ok, so I decided that I want to start a year of walking challenge for myself. I wanna commit to walk SOTEIRA75 31 PICKIE98
4/12/17 6:53 A
Was doing great tonight until my sister (who lost 200+ pounds by being a severe workout addict and S J63662 11 SUCHADIVA215
4/11/17 10:59 P
My nighttime snack. Love my fruit. Going to keep on the healthy track been two weeks since I starte LEVESQUE121415 13 LEVESQUE121415
4/12/17 4:39 A
My doctor today suggested I find something to "go to" as a substitute whenever I get an urge to drin GREEN-EYED-LADY 18 DXP6028
4/12/17 2:17 P
I'm starting to notice my transformation. 27lbs down and this girl is on fire!!! Happy Monday Y FEALSTON 14 FEALSTON
4/10/17 12:11 P
cRaZy! SHARRIS1974 55 SHARRIS1974
4/10/17 10:29 P
#healthyrecipe #sunday #treat check out this guy's recipes & be amazed http://theb RAWCOOKIE 19 SHARONKHARTER
4/10/17 9:02 A
It's Palm Sunday and we have so much to be thankful for today. My sweetie is doing well in his recov THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
4/12/17 3:42 P
I have made myself​ stay away from the scale for the last week. All the up and down had me frustrate JLNAPLES 3 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
4/9/17 4:45 P
Posted a photo HARROWJET 11 SUSANSKI
4/10/17 4:48 P
What a difference a day makes! Yesterday the yellow ones weren't out and the red hadn't come all th NEEDBU66 16 NANCYA8689
4/9/17 7:28 P
4/9/17 5:57 P
This month marks my 1 year I had gastric bypass I started at 444 my current weight is 221 CSYLVESTE 21 PAMBROWN62
4/9/17 7:02 P
Do y'all see the difference in the last four weeks I'm down 13 pounds and still have some way to go ZAZABEANDER 145 FFRANKS2
4/9/17 8:59 P
I am singing "Happy Birthday to my SP friend ,Vicky ~FLMOMX2 and myself today as we share the same MOMWANTSNOWAIST 5 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
4/8/17 10:49 P
My sweetie's surgery went well, he's home and we're very thankful for your thoughts and prayers for THEADMIRAL 4 YELLOW09RED
4/12/17 3:44 P
Cactus that only bloom at night KITT52 12 GLORYB83
4/9/17 7:48 A
Motivation moment RHOOK20047 13 POSEY440
4/8/17 7:50 P
Did you have a fantastic Friday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? SPARKGUY 48 OBIESMOM2
4/8/17 9:16 P
Zone 2: The Kitchen LINDA! 26 PEACEFULHOME
4/13/17 12:22 P
Zone 1: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room LINDA! 14 WALLAHALLA
4/6/17 9:18 P
I add the gift boxes I am learning to make..on my blog KITT52 9 TUBLADY
4/5/17 1:19 P
I weighed in today and I am so happy to be able to say I have hit a milestone. When I started the we MO77MOM 5 MO77MOM
4/5/17 9:42 A
28 yrs together and our 16th wedding anniversary tomorrow! Doesn't seem like it's been that long, al SUMMERFODRIE 12 BRENDA_77039
4/5/17 5:21 P
It has been 7 years since I have used this site however I contribute my success of previous weight l STUTEVILLE 4 MIZZKITKA
4/5/17 11:28 A
Today is my Birthday! Planning on going out to a nice Italian Restaurant! And planning on going to GODS_SERENITY 22 GODS_SERENITY
4/6/17 10:37 A
This is my before and after from November until now. This app has had so much. I'm down 43lbs. Just MOCHICAKE81 8 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/5/17 9:47 A
Happy Wednesday! MRSTHOMAS8314 5 SSUUEE1
4/5/17 9:49 A
Today was weigh in day and I lost another 6 pounds ! Definitely wasnt expecting that due to being si INVISIBLEGIRL06 148 HMG7466
4/16/17 12:02 P
The hard work is starting to pay off! Another pound down! I'm really excited to continue learning ho JFIALLO 57 CHANGING-TURTLE
4/5/17 12:33 P
Happy Anniversary to My Husband, My Spouse, My Best Friend, and My Lover: Danny R. Cole! April 5, SPOKENWORD 220 DEE107
4/6/17 12:29 A
11- Tracking Progress With a Measuring Tape CERIUSLY 27 MERICANDO
4/20/17 11:02 P
I have been a Spark People member since 2007. I continue to struggle with my weight. I weighed 154 i DMSPEER93 7 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
4/3/17 4:57 P
Hard work and Consistency PAYS off... There is no magic pill ... just a determination to reach my go BEFITSPIRITED 145 SRIVERS1
4/3/17 4:48 P
It doesn't matter how you feel. Feelings are the least reliable measurement we have when things are WHOIAM3 4 MEGGYSHELLYFIT
4/3/17 5:23 P
I can't wait for my veggie garden to produce our squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs KEEPITSIMPLE_ 14 KEEPITSIMPLE_
4/4/17 3:51 P
Happy Monday! Let's keep it up! KAW0829 16 MOTIVATED36732
4/3/17 5:03 P
When modern medicine can only offer medications with harsh side effects, you turn back to nature. 💆 LULU_BRE 8 DDWMITCH
4/3/17 5:12 P
Love my herbal tea. No soda for three days. Heading into a healthy spring. RWRIMAGINEART 9 BELLAFAUCH
4/3/17 9:56 P
Yesterday I posted that I was having a huge "struggle day" with my depression, I couldn't even walk FEELIT15 17 FROSTY99
4/3/17 6:18 P
We had dinner on a boat on Saturday. VANILLASKY15 11 -POOKIE-
4/4/17 2:05 A
WEEK 1: 5'10", 194.2 LBS Hi, I'm Meg! I'm new her MEGGYSHELLYFIT 37 RAVEN145
4/4/17 12:51 P
Shopped in regular women's sizes for the first time!! Goodbye, Lane Bryant! AIMEEZ21 178 CTYONIT
4/4/17 3:59 A
Made it six months smoke free! Pushing forward to the 1 year mark now. AMANDADAWN1982 255 CTYONIT
4/4/17 3:48 A
Slow and steady losses add up :) for anyone who gets discouraged with "small losses" I encourage you JEMMSIE 212 71PAMMY
4/3/17 8:36 P
Went for my 1st of many planned power walks and was rewarded with this beauty! Cutest woodpecker eve NATSDARKTOWER1 7 SUNYDE17
4/2/17 11:10 P
I'm feeling binge-y. I want to eat everything in sight. Times like these, I just want to go to bed s HUMMINBIRRRD 18 HUMMINBIRRRD
4/4/17 8:55 A
35 pounds down, and feeling great! MARCHAPRILEMAY 17 MARCHAPRILEMAY
4/3/17 6:19 P
Pretty proud of this When I first started SP. I was almost 240lbs I'm going on month 2 My goal weig ME1994 37 SUNYDE17
4/2/17 11:00 P

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