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September 2017: Post Your Bonus Points Here YICHE12 25 SUSIEMT
9/21/17 10:35 P
I love cheese and will definitely try this tip. CBOND72 4 SUSIEMT
9/21/17 9:24 A
My motivation. My body was not designed to carry my current weight. UNFINISHED56 9 FUNNYFACE101002
9/21/17 10:16 A
We are off to the wedding--- Woo Woo-- LEANJEAN6 53 RAINBOWMF
9/21/17 11:09 P
Photos talking by themselves!!! I have been mainta VSOLIS73 94 DIGIT00
9/20/17 4:08 P
National Fossil Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 502 GABY1948
9/21/17 5:39 P
Hey Sparkies! I haven't been posting for quite some time. I was working out, eating right, and seei ODDR1NA 9 TAPPY49
9/18/17 4:06 P
Starting @ 250.8 lbs. I am 5'10", current BMI 36.0 1st goal: 225 2nd goal: 200 3rd and final: 175 PINEAPPLEJAM 12 PINEAPPLEJAM
9/19/17 3:33 P
I've sporadically posted my daily reports here for my 100 day challenge and thought it would only be WHYTEBROWN 99 -RUBIES-
9/20/17 2:02 A
9/21/17 5:14 A
I was over 238 lbs starting this year and not exercising at all. Now I am exercising 5 -7 days week NEONGHOST21 220 BETTERLIFE12
9/18/17 7:38 P
I reached my goal of 20 pounds lost! So new goal is to lose 10 more by Thanksgiving. HEALTHYME1961 10 PWILLOW1
9/17/17 2:02 P
Before & After (Started in April) I figured I'd share what I looked like when I stared out. Bigger a ARHUNT71 91 ARHUNT71
9/17/17 5:52 P
I SHALL eat healthy----watch my points--and move more, all to-day!--(I HOPE!) LEANJEAN6 117 BABY_GIRL69
9/18/17 4:39 P
I posted another pic that showed progression from biggest to smallest but after it uploaded it was c BOSSLADY90 304 YAYOZHIK
9/17/17 6:03 P
Then I take a look DEBYDOINGIT 138 MDOWER1
9/17/17 6:44 P
Morning push-ups: done! Even after months, they're still hard, but I did 60 :) GRATTECIELLA 17 DOLPH79
9/16/17 8:25 P
I have had a rough couple of weeks, and have stopped working out, and have basically eaten my feelin MOM2TWINS1117 14 MOM2TWINS1117
9/16/17 10:20 P
Birthday girl Mimi and her brothers. MEADSBAY 9 MARITIMER3
9/16/17 9:21 P
I've made a whole bunch of BABY STEPS to get where I'm at today folks but, ....."I WOULDN'T TRADE HO F5-FURY 98 KAYDE53
9/16/17 4:29 P
Im just like a work of art. Slowly chiseling off t CBOND72 10 DIALYSISCHIC1
9/16/17 11:14 P
Okay just took this picture trying the beard again!! Let me know what you think, if it makes me look GPALMER29 65 CHERRYKOOLAID
9/17/17 4:04 P
I have gain lots weight, since I took on the role of being sober for good. It going on eight months LIZLOVEROSES 160 MPLSKEN
9/16/17 10:09 P
I may not be where I'm supposed to be, but I am go ARHUNT71 205 CSROBERTSON621
9/16/17 7:39 P
This is my first time posting a side by side picture. I have always (and still do) hate having my pi TIME4ME2017 215 MDOWER1
9/16/17 8:24 P
My son is down 23 pounds!! He is happier! I couldn't be prouder!!! LMURPHY88 183 YMWONG22
9/16/17 2:52 A
Have reached my highest weight ever... feeling scared about my health and unhappy about my lack of m CHERIE682 16 ISABEAUSROSE
9/12/17 8:56 A
Posted a photo SIMPLY_JAE 15 JAMER123
9/13/17 12:58 A
had to be creative to get over 9000 steps in yesterday-- LEANJEAN6 35 MBPP50
9/13/17 8:32 A
I've enjoyed reading about people's successes and now it's my turn. Today I'm taking the first step. TADA_POOF 287 MCNULTY2
9/12/17 2:02 P
Found my drivers license while cleaning my wallet. Thought I would do a face comparison. Amazing the HRODGERS4 150 SADIEMYERS
9/11/17 10:40 A
Our bodies are amazing :) KELLY_R 102 GWINNER1
9/18/17 10:06 A
Nine-month-old son Booker, 135lbs sept 2017 VALFREYJA 12 SUSIEMT
9/7/17 11:11 A
Found this fab calvin Klein gold sequin dress at Ross for 69 bucks... too bad I have no where to wea DEEDEEMOMMY23 13 RUBYREDIVY1
9/7/17 1:22 P
Is it weird I'm worried about ruining my 563 day log in streak if the cell towers and power goes out DARKMORNING 11 NEETWOLF
9/7/17 1:55 P
Progress is fitting into clothes that you couldn't fit into 18 days ago! The shirt is one size small CANN43 12 SILVAS7
9/8/17 6:42 A
Okay now I'm a little frustrated. I had lost 6 pounds, and now today--- I've gained five of them bac RACHELLENH 42 SOOZIE12
9/7/17 12:18 P
Summer was ROUGH on my habits! I've been eating terribly, not exercising and not drinking enough wat USCMARIAG 28 LEEWORD
9/7/17 11:13 A
Did half a workout this morning using the couch to 5k app. Half a work out is better than none! KAYBRITMOODY 84 TIGERSEYEHEART
9/8/17 1:38 A
A little difference 14 lbs makes? Maybe I'm my own worst critic but I don't see a whole lot of diffe ROBINLABELLE 247 _LINDA
9/7/17 5:33 P
These Before and During photos give me life and keep me motivated. 3 months 35lbs MSUNEK 143 KABITAG
9/10/17 11:34 P
Workout #1 done!!! This is how I sleep so I can exercise first thing DANNY_LCF 14 KINDGIRL56
9/6/17 10:29 A
Posted a photo JENNAE93 212 R81883
9/9/17 3:24 P
Today's weigh in was encouraging: down another pound this week, 24.5 total! It's melting away!! And LKMANNING7 207 CASTALLCARES1
9/7/17 12:31 P
Finally finished the dining room floor over the weekend! Im so happy its done 😆 here's a before & a MWARNER211 152 BRENDA_77039
9/11/17 7:38 A
August Small Goals Round Up BILLDREW4 9 DEE107
9/5/17 11:39 P
Finally starting to see movement on the scale!! Hit 107 and 3 lbs to go. Managed to log 20 miles in ABODDA 6 SUSIEMT
9/5/17 5:36 P
I weighed in at 149 this morning!!! First time in years that I've been below, or even near, 150!!!!! MBENGUEGIRLS 263 UMUCGRAD
9/5/17 9:14 P
August 2017: Post your bonus points right here! YICHE12 8 BEBARB149
9/4/17 8:12 P
I'm down to 409!! Just 68lbs being gone has already improved my quality of life. I'm so thankful f AWALKER83 301 FARAHI1955
9/5/17 7:31 P
Day 28, down 9.1 pounds, start weight 264.0 to 255.9 this girl is happy😍😀 TIFFY30 40 TIFFY30
9/4/17 8:02 P
Good morning Sparky's!! I know you're not used to me posting this early in the morning or this late GPALMER29 204 ENGELKUH89
9/4/17 9:05 P
You gotta smile through this journey :) BLESSEDMIRANDA 15 BLESSEDMIRANDA
9/4/17 5:57 P
Posted a photo 202 lbs SANDY 17 YMWONG22
9/3/17 11:52 A
9/3/17 3:16 P
Same outfit different me! ABUCK6 50 SANDYC
9/2/17 3:00 P
Today marks the end of the 30 Day Fit easy plan. Started August 1st, finished September 1st, took 'a SHENTE 57 SUSIEMT
9/2/17 11:20 A
Weigh day!!! Last Saturday said 211.4, this Saturday said 210!!! That's 17 pounds gone since I start ST3PH 56 CA
9/2/17 12:28 P
After two years of being on peritoneal dialysis, I received my Kidney Transplant on 3.7.17 My Sister TRAY1229 181 FISHGUT3
9/2/17 5:28 P
Yay! 18.4 pounds lost since Aug 8th! MOLLYKI 184 MOLLYKI
9/2/17 7:38 P
LESLIEPN has maintained for TWO YEARS!!! LAURIE5658 4 THOMS1
9/1/17 10:25 P
And now for something completely different: BILLDREW4 22 WALK_FIT2017
9/5/17 12:01 A
Down 50 pounds but want to lose 50 more! SASHASMOM1969 212 HOTPINKCAMARO49
8/31/17 4:47 P
September: Monthly Challenge YICHE12 4 SUSIEMT
8/31/17 11:21 A
Singing out today - almost 50 pounds lost. BILLDREW4 37 RHONDAWI
9/4/17 8:30 P
A Brazilian lost in Sweden! THAHEDER 16 THAHEDER
8/30/17 3:13 A
As of today I'm 30 pounds down since January! It's been a hard road but with patience and persistenc SWOODALL14 67 ROCKS8ROX
8/29/17 1:17 P
I can't believe I am about to post this picture, but hopefully it helps as self motivation. I finish CANN43 262 HARRIETT14
8/30/17 11:09 A
My small goal COMPUTA_CAT55 22 DEE107
8/29/17 10:53 P
My scale is not going the right direction... ADTEACHER 11 ADTEACHER
9/5/17 9:57 A
I went on vacation and didn't have internet connection for two weeks. I ate complete junk for the en 15POUNDSNOTNEED 4 SUSIEMT
8/27/17 11:09 A
Just did my weekly weigh in down another 2.2 lbs! Getting a little anxious but that's 5.2 lbs I'll n AKAYB86 4 ARHUNT71
8/28/17 4:37 P
Slow go but accomplishing my goal of at least 2 pounds a week. Down 39# since April 24th. Down two d TDUPLESIS1 190 THEONEANDONLYDA
8/27/17 6:57 P
8/28/17 7:47 A
#deliciousdailymoment Cool, rainy Sunday morning....I would rather stay home and drink coffee but p JMRUDY24 3 ASF220
8/27/17 10:18 A