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Someone please get my adrenalin going. Need motivation to move today. Between Sunday and yesterday d R41266 3 R41266
3/29/17 1:26 P
At a domestic violence seminar and this is the view, but I'm stuck in a room sitting all day! Tort 50BY30YRO 7 TERRI1458
3/29/17 1:54 P
3/29/17 1:12 P
Just beginning! 😁 325, goal weight 130. KBOMBKAREN 59 ROW125
3/29/17 12:31 A
After regaining 15 lbs, finally starting to lose a CINDY4JOY 14 SUSANSKI
3/28/17 9:56 P
I'm back on the treadmill after surgery. Very limited but the point is: I. Am. Back!!! GTNHEALTHY 14 SUSANSKI
3/28/17 9:54 P
Great sleep last night. I'm ready for a good day. Who is with me?! SPARKGUY 37 THEVOW2013
3/29/17 1:42 P
“I didn’t actually have plans for this weekend, I just want to spend some time alone at home.”... Do NGAWHETU 2 SUSANSKI
3/28/17 9:49 P
I am so proud of myself!! I went to the doctors to FOREVERPISCES 3 LISAMARIE2015
3/28/17 10:27 P
Hi my name is Barb and im new at this . Ive tried many diets none have worked. So trying again. BARBEVER1963 6 FEELIT15
3/28/17 9:51 P
I put off my workout all day because my inhaler ran out and my breathing wasn't the best and even af JEMMSIE 14 SUSIEMT
3/29/17 12:21 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? -- chris/spark SPARKGUY 21 JOYCEHARRIS3
3/29/17 4:20 P
General Discussion Chit Chat DRITTIMANN 2774 LECATES
3/29/17 8:24 A
Spark Guy said today in my sparkcoach program, "Weight-loss does NOT require PERFECTION, but CONSIST SUSANSKI 5 SUSANSKI
3/27/17 11:55 P
I'm not happy with my latest weight. I've never been 200, much less 200+ pounds. It's time to make HEIDIODIE123 17 LIGHTRADIANT
3/27/17 10:00 P
1st time doing 2 a days in over 20 years. 1st time ever planking. Oooooooweeeeeee it nearly killed ROLLIN76 9 ROLLIN76
3/27/17 9:47 P
I did not want to exercise. I really did not want to exercise. But I made myself exercise. BECKYS222 77 PRAIRIECROCUS
3/28/17 1:29 A
Almost at goal weight! JAMIEHORMEL 301 DTSM53
3/27/17 11:37 P
Swimmers Daily Chit Chat LADYANDREA2012 118 APPEALSTOME
3/28/17 12:50 A
Hey all. I'm Laura and I'm a new mom who has fallen into a pretty deep weight gaining hole. I've got LMORGAN1983 15 REBBUL67
3/27/17 12:50 A
Today's my birthday! I lost 16 lbs! Yay me! DEE1532 72 DEE1532
3/29/17 3:15 P
Still plugging away! Getting more and more proud of my hard work every week. Another few pounds and CHOLA82 167 ANGELAFREEMAN88
3/26/17 7:04 A
Had a great time celebrating our 22nd Anniversary! Isn't my hubby cute?! Next year hoping to be at BMCKENZIE70 24 QSHEPP
3/26/17 9:36 A
How do you track calories for places like chipotle when they all measure differently depending who m C79129 5 SUSANSKI
3/25/17 7:38 P
Today is one of those (want to eat fried chicken) days! Aah.. but I've been keeping myself busy all ALCARAZFE 3 QSHEPP
3/25/17 9:51 P
I just read where, I'm not supposed to eat fruit after 4pm! I usually have fruit if I'm hungry after SUMMERFODRIE 17 JEANKNEE
3/27/17 11:33 P
I know I'm having a higher calorie dinner, so I'm saving calories. Of course, I have the munchies!! TOSOPELO 2 SUSANSKI
3/25/17 7:31 P
Just purchased new 10 pound dumbbells!! Now I can hold how much weight I've lost in my hands! PRNCSCUP1-2FULL 7 CTYONIT
3/26/17 10:39 P
Happy Saturday! Weekend Check-in: what's one thing you will do this weekend to reach your goals? SPARKGUY 66 JEANKNEE
3/27/17 11:34 P
57lbs down since August. HHHGAME1 6 MISS-WILLOW
3/25/17 6:53 P
Osteopenia now. Share some Calcium strategies here! Food sources are better than pill supplements. ARTMICHELE 11 CHUBBYNOMORE3
3/25/17 8:11 P
Lightly spicy fermented cauliflower pickles. Full of good bacteria and a great craving killer. DIN0NUT 6 DIN0NUT
3/28/17 2:42 P
Stay strong everyone there is so many temptations out here. Stay strong and let and Let Jesus take t SHINTELL1 11 QSHEPP
3/25/17 9:53 P
Just took photo today. I hate the way i look. I am huge and big. I don't look or feel pretty even th SHIRLEYJ49 131 FOREVERGEMINI
3/25/17 10:50 P
Post your daily laps here members! PILOTSGIRL1 51 SUSANSKI
3/25/17 4:18 P
Happy Spring! I just joined and I'm looking forward to this adventure! 1WITSY 7 JONIBUSHELL
3/24/17 9:45 P
My grandson at the YMCA after his swim BIGRENTMAN 11 4CONNIESHEALTH
3/25/17 9:05 P
I did it, I got my first 2 mile run this morning, and my 3 year old "coach" loved every second of i FEELIT15 3 MEFATAGAIN
3/24/17 3:57 P
Today I am so excited because we have a German student coming to stay at our home for 2 weeks! DAWNDMOORE40 3 ENIGMANUPE
3/25/17 10:12 A
Just attended my first zumba class!!! It kicked my butt! But I loved it! It taught that that I have MILLMANK5 2 SUSANSKI
3/24/17 1:49 P
In case any one missed. I changed my name from ladyvolsfan1954 to my name. Hope everyone is doing we RAMONA1954 6 KSNANA2
3/25/17 10:16 A
This sounds like pretty good advice to me :) DGFOWLER 20 SUSANSKI
3/24/17 1:46 P
Today I do not feel up to anything in particular, although I have a lot to accomplish, including mai LADYANDREA2012 7 MIMAWELIZABETH
3/25/17 4:01 A
Frustrated with myself. Been doing training to run a half marathon and with the sparkpeople food tr CHIQUENS 5 SUSANSKI
3/24/17 1:41 P
Yesterday was my first time going to the gym in months. It's embarrassing to say because I used to b CHANDLERTHUNTER 3 SUSANSKI
3/24/17 1:37 P
Officially day 21 of this journey and I have lost 10 lbs. Some may not think that is a great start a CHELLE_MARIE 7 RAINBOWMF
3/24/17 3:40 P
So I got told I'm in the boot for three more weeks. I need ideas for No impact exercise to supplamen CINDERELLA1181 5 SUSANSKI
3/24/17 1:34 P
The picture on the left is in November at my daughter's first birthday party. The picture on the rig MOMMYRE 22 LANNEMACK
3/24/17 1:41 P
Happy Friday! I have done it before and I'm here to do it again. Getting my body back❤️ Let's keep p YELIAB21 10 BJK1961
3/24/17 4:37 P
Used 3M Command Hooks to create a wall-mount for my iPad! Now I can control my tunes with ease, tha BJK1961 6 CATTT1015
3/24/17 3:44 P
A flock of vultures on one car at my local Target this morning, which begs the question: What is in ACERBIC7979 17 CHERIRIDDELL
3/23/17 11:58 P
A little disappointed in myself. I let stress take over and I ended up eating 2 doughnuts right afte SARAHCOOK246 7 AMBERR_77
3/23/17 11:10 P
What have you found to be the best milk for those of us trying to lose weight? PATRICIAANN46 9 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/24/17 3:08 P
1st day tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice WARRIORFORGOD2 7 SUSANSKI
3/23/17 10:20 P
Getting at little frustrated because I've been going to the gym twice a week but it's so hard to cha MARCHIEROSE94 13 AMBERR_77
3/23/17 11:14 P
Is it possible to kind of eat what u want an still loose weight as long as you stay in your calorie DOUGLAS7329 4 RIEFOR
3/23/17 10:47 P
Hey y'all! My name is Sam, and I have done SparkPeople before and it worked wonders for me. I droppe HPFREAK0105 6 PENNYBATES
3/23/17 11:35 P
Two weeks in now, and I'm feeling great! I have more energy, and ive noticed my complextion is bette LERLAINE 25 PAULAJEAN59
3/24/17 1:20 P
A friend lended me their old balance board, it's great for working the obliques and better balance i HKANF 9 _CYNDY55_
3/23/17 11:39 P
Can I Pour You a Cup?..Let's Talk!Our Daily Thread SUSANSKI 862 SUSANSKI
3/23/17 3:20 P
At the end of our fitness center workouts, I love looking over at my husband as we head to the door, PAULAJEAN59 5 TCANNO
3/24/17 4:20 A
My goal is to be a 130 or 135, I just want a smaller stomach. Hard being surrounded by people who ar JAIMEE668 6 JOANNEELIDRISSI
3/23/17 12:27 A
Last week. Down 10 lbs and a jean size. Ive been walking every day around five miles and cleaning up SUNNYGAYLE 10 R62682
3/23/17 12:57 A
Never before weighed this much in my life -not even pregnant! Very depressed and ashamed. Need to ge LADYTEACHER1 16 BETTSILEDESMA
3/23/17 1:26 A
I had a question.. I just started exercising last Saturday.. I'm usually an active person but star LINGLONGS 8 LINGLONGS
3/22/17 12:38 P
Today is my Birthday. I can't wait to see what this year holds! It is going to be amazing! Adventu SKEMERICH 44 BERNADETTEB
3/22/17 6:51 P
I decided I needed a visual display to track my weight loss. My husband is an overgrown child, so w 4BABYWABYS 151 CUPKAKE137
3/22/17 5:25 P
Goals and Rewarding Yourself for Victories MRSGROGSHRINKS 45 SUSANSKI
3/21/17 8:19 P
I'm feeling better about myself. I have been eating healthy for five days now ! Woo hoo! CARO11022 4 RAZZOOZLE
3/21/17 7:59 P
Hi guys. I'm new here. I was 267 and my goal is 200. Already down 10 lbs. Very motivated. I have CINDYFILA1958 12 SUSANSKI
3/21/17 7:26 P
okay I just started this site today. my weight is currently 274 lbs. I need to lose 124 lbs by may 2 COOPER2323 267 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/22/17 5:53 A
I posted earlier of my 166 pound weight loss it's embarrassing but this is my before and after keep CTRENT2 173 CHRIS3874
3/21/17 9:55 P
This is something I want to change. I do not do mornings at all.... my goal is to go to the gym in ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 34 ~*~SPUNKI~*~
3/21/17 7:48 P
Recovering from hand surgery since Feb. I can't do everything that I want to do yet, but I will do w AGAINSTMYODDS 7 SUSANSKI
3/21/17 10:14 A
Today is 3/21/2017, I'm still on my journey , each day making new changes, of both myself and my min COUNTRYGERL48 9 ANNDANDY
3/21/17 10:17 A

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