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How often do you land 25 points on the Sparkwheel? EOWYN2424 58 MARYJOANNA
5/19/17 5:42 P
It's been 3 years since this day...I use to feel v THEJACKIEDEAN12 305 DEBERAH
5/19/17 12:42 P
5/11/17 12:19 P
Frustrated this week. Was doing well, but have regained the few pounds I lost. Need to stay on track EIRAMMARIE 5 SUSAN727
5/9/17 3:05 P
Does anyone else gain weight while sick? I've had a bout of food poisoning since Sunday and before I LUNANIEVE 8 LUNANIEVE
5/9/17 4:53 P
Tomorrow is my last day of work before my surgery on Friday. I have a few last minute things to take LISALGB 5 PICKIE98
5/9/17 4:13 P
Thank you to those who are/were praying for Will. We just got the news that there is no brain activi ANNIM80 6 JATOMIC
5/10/17 2:55 P
So I started yesterday. I weight 235 pounds and my goal is 160.. I'm trying to be reasonable setting PANDASONG 25 DEEREID2015
5/9/17 9:04 P
Weighed in this morning at 265.4.. went up 3lbs in the last week or so... Feeling really disappointe SPRINGMARY 21 LEEWORD
5/9/17 3:33 P
This is what I looked like when I started on my weight loss journey January 11, 2017 and what I look HOL1218 320 SPARKLE-IT
5/11/17 11:07 P
Yesterday I finished the back pack I made for my friend Elana...She is having a hard time these days CANNINGNANNY 15 GARDENCHRIS
5/9/17 7:15 A
May 8th 2017 1234BRANDIE 2 SUSAN727
5/8/17 9:34 A
Would I be considered lightly active or active if I average 26,000 steps a day? #coach AUSHAMARIE 7 CHKCHNC
5/4/17 9:38 P
Day 3 of Nutrisystem I have to say NS food is terrible but tolerable. Ok I'm exaggerating a bit but RAMAH007 3 SMITIM
4/28/17 9:51 A
Finally Friday, thank you Jesus KNEECALLAHAN88 5 KOFFEENUT
4/28/17 11:39 A
Do you exercise on a stationary bike? MARLENE140 545 3SISTERS
5/25/17 10:55 A
Do you mind when people ask your age? BARBZUMBA 256 MIZKAREN
5/15/17 3:56 A
Do you like winter or summer best? WESAPHILLIPS 492 SBURDEN
5/25/17 9:34 A
Vegetarian Burger SUSAN727 12 ITSALLGOOD6
5/2/17 10:46 A
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 5787 MIZKAREN
5/25/17 7:41 A
Making one mistake with your diet or missing one workout and saying, I have screw up already, I migh FEARLESSBLISS 2 SUSAN727
4/27/17 10:29 A
FINALLY!! ONE-derland! I know it just barely, but MISSHARTUNG1 272 TCDRAGON54
4/28/17 6:02 A
Working toward November when I plan to climb Coba Mayan pyramid. NCSTATEVA17 20 B11943
4/27/17 10:39 A
Posted a photo MAURESIA20 3 MAYMA05
4/27/17 10:36 A
My birthday photo. YOKE1956 23 MIMIGEE2
4/27/17 10:59 A
Made it out the door but today was definitely a hard day no energy to do much but I gave it my be HENNYFLOW29 110 JAJABEE1717
4/27/17 1:49 P
Holy crap this makes me happy. I finally hit my first goal. We can do this folks!!! ANDYRODEN44 278 I_ROBOT
4/27/17 9:01 P
Goodmorning, just found out that my 5 weeks of eating carelessly has resulted in high bp and blood s JUSTSTICKWITHIT 19 1958TMC
4/25/17 7:49 P
I am having trouble losing weight. Any suggestions? I weigh 193.8 and I want to weigh 165 MDILLON04 12 MDILLON04
4/18/17 9:23 A
Worried about my weigh in tomorrow, don't think I've lost anything in the last week, just maintained FRANKBELLOFAN 3 HEALTHYNEWPAIGE
4/14/17 12:30 P
Having a hard time staying focused on my goal. I have such a long way to go. C66454 7 C66454
4/14/17 12:40 P
What is your Weather today? RAEBONNEY1 14171 MIZKAREN
5/25/17 7:47 A
Get upset can't exercise much ,I'm on oxygen also have a bad knee is there other way to get the exe M16249 4 BLAZINGSWORD
4/10/17 9:00 P
Good morning from Florida! TBARBERICH 6 LINDZZ3
3/30/17 8:41 A
Admit it--did you own one of these gadgets (or something similar) back in the day? SPARKPEOPLE 15 ROCKGREATHEALTH
3/31/17 10:08 A
Another beautiful Sparkday. I'm in the second week. I think I'm gonna make it. SCAMPBELL57 20 TIME4ME2017
3/30/17 10:13 A
Turning 51 today,and my first gift to myself was the scale read 180 it has been a long time since I KENJR8 302 MARIANAD2
3/30/17 3:57 P
Morning!!! KATRINKAKONG 125 TERRI1458
3/29/17 1:55 P
Hi everyone! I'm back on the wagon. I started a weight loss journey in 2012 and lost 70 lbs over the CHRISTYHARRIS84 4 CHRISSYWILSON80
3/24/17 9:49 A
Springtime in Albuquerque - 60 mph wind gusts, trees and power lines down, bad air warnings. Yikes! DESERTDREAMERS 9 WORKOUTWITHPAM
3/25/17 2:20 A
3/23/17 4:24 P
Beautiful morning for a long walk in Sunrise, FL! ROCKYCPA 9 JANTHEBLONDE
3/25/17 1:05 P
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 103084 JADIEGIRL1974
5/25/17 1:02 P
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 18878 MIZKAREN
5/25/17 7:40 A
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 138939 HAPPYCPA1965
5/25/17 12:12 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 137092 JADIEGIRL1974
5/25/17 1:03 P
Is it even worth going to the movies now? EOWYN2424 41 RO2BENT
3/20/17 7:02 A
Coffee Bliss JENNYK3298 990 MRSCORNY2015
5/25/17 9:07 A
Does anyone still have cassettes or VHS? EOWYN2424 240 MIZKAREN
4/19/17 4:20 A
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 51065 JADIEGIRL1974
5/25/17 1:03 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 28285 JADIEGIRL1974
5/25/17 1:03 P
What book are you reading? TEDDYBABE 6744 ETHELMERZ
5/9/17 9:44 A
New Community Goal Feed Feature! SPARK_COACH_JEN 37 ALWAYSSTARTING
3/12/17 1:05 P
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 8238 ETHELMERZ
5/25/17 2:26 A
55 and just ran my 1st 5K! KOBILARUE 9 MSBOOTCAMP
3/6/17 11:12 P
Anyone experienced a detached retina and macula? CHERYLHURT 4 RSKMOM
3/6/17 10:22 A
Anyone born in 1948? JAYELAITCH 13276 GLORIAZ
5/25/17 1:50 P
Good morning everyone I want to start the day by saying today is weigh in day and I now weigh 269.8 THEJACKIEDEAN12 39 CALA51
3/6/17 9:28 A
I am really proud of myself. Granted its only been 2.5 weeks, but before I started I was shovelling ANYACAMERON 8 MILKINS
3/5/17 4:11 A
Favorite, easiest diet for over 50 crowd? LLTRAIN 23 KDH1980
3/8/17 3:42 P
Diet and exercise are working wonders and i do weights at the gym. How do I get my stomach skin tigh KRISTINABRADY 9 KRISTINABRADY
2/22/17 7:05 P
Unbeknownst to me, a friend that was staying with me for a few days, mixed some wheat flour into my LRJUSTUS1 12 LUANN_IN_PA
2/22/17 3:46 P
Hi everyone!! I just joined Sparkpeople tonight! I did really well on WW many years ago but I am pla LATITUDE11 46 JAYISOLDEM2
2/28/17 1:33 P
Back after being away a while. I haven't felt motivated a all lately so I just stopped. I am back no AMYANN2005 12 N79231
2/22/17 2:49 P
I've lost all the padding in my boobs and butt but my stomach is still here! 😐just feeling bummed a EMMAYBEE 7 SUSAN727
2/22/17 2:43 P
I'm a old turtle but I'll finish the race MAGDAVIS4458 3038 MIZKAREN
5/25/17 7:52 A
Ever made any purchases you regret? EOWYN2424 14 READINGOWL
1/28/17 11:21 A
Doctor's approval before exercise? PEABODY04 13 PEABODY04
1/26/17 12:51 P
How did you initially get motivated? MADIBEET 16 MADIBEET
1/27/17 8:19 P
Does anyone work out strictly at home ? REBECCAN67 145 MSROZZIE
2/2/17 6:20 P
I just took my blood sugar. It's at 171. First time in MONTHS that it's below 200. #keto #ketodiet # BECCADIANE3782 42 ROMI1984
1/9/17 7:34 P
I am so proud of myself I have completed a whole week with no junk food. That's a first for probably ROBYNWILLIS01 23 FISHOXO
1/8/17 10:03 A
14lbs to my goal weight. Still can't cut out sweets completely, but all in moderation! Doing workout LILESSAB1110 13 EDNAEDWIN
1/8/17 12:08 P
I'm new to Spark. Any good info to know when first starting? Also is it good to weigh daily or weekl MOBEGIRL 16 SUSAN727
1/1/17 1:21 P
Today is the first day of a new year...kicking this year off at 297 lbs, my goal weight is 230 by Se THEJACKIEDEAN12 10 RPATEL21
1/1/17 1:21 P

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