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More woodland art KILTORE 7 SUESALLA1
2/21/18 9:09 P
I literally cried tears when I took the picture and compared the two... Amazing how much of a change DHARRIS200 64 MIYAMO
2/21/18 9:25 P
#MadeTimeForMyself🙂 ST3PH 5 THINMD3
2/21/18 6:46 P
The difference 36 pounds makes! #BeforeAndAfter MS1VILLEGAS 132 CSROBERTSON621
2/21/18 9:44 P
#BeforeAndAfter I see a huge difference. but I have a long way to go.. I am so happy it's been 18 ye DOINITNOTGONNAS 305 ERINLMCGINNIS
2/21/18 9:13 P
Down 65 pounds today! KACKLEY5 297 MOONGLOWSNANA
2/15/18 5:46 P
#BeforeAndAfter It's official!! Today I am now 101.2 pounds lighter! Finally lost over 100 pounds! S ORIGINALGDP 259 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
2/14/18 8:14 A
Most time ever on my exercise bike = Today's non-scale victory! SUNSPOT_BABY 4 LOTUS737
2/11/18 7:39 P
I did it. I banged that Pickleball for an hour and ten minutes. Boy was it hard. Was warmer today an DRINKALOTH2O 10 APONI_KB
2/12/18 8:18 P
2/12/18 5:15 A
Got my first 'have you lost weight?' Question yesterday and I was so stoked!! Why yes!! Happy Sunday AKIMBRE1 115 APPLEVEE
2/11/18 3:48 P
This is my non-scale victory for today! SUNSPOT_BABY 9 EVAOLIVER
2/10/18 9:17 P
Post workout selfie . Another rainy day in Georgia but I got it done INKBUD 12 INKBUD
2/12/18 2:14 P
#BeforeAndAfter ALIUSHA 48 BELBINA123
2/13/18 4:06 A
My homemade adult coloring sheet. Each shape holds JUNES-HOPE 173 APPLEVEE
2/12/18 1:33 P
Went for a 2.5 mile run this morning, then a walk with my daughter. MIAMI_LILLY 15 ROSEANNECARLSON
2/9/18 2:24 P
Finally made it into the 250's! Now I'm setting my sights on 249. I'm coming for you, baby! SUNSPOT_BABY 11 ALLYLIZZY
2/5/18 1:36 P
Posted a photo CHERRIEANN2 126 COVDAR9
2/5/18 5:29 P
Lots of snow going out to shovel! That should burn some calories ITALIANGAL44 118 FELICIA1963
2/5/18 3:41 P
#BeforeAndAfter I got a little discouraged this week until I found the picture on my timeline slow MSJOFUNNSEXY 219 MSJOFUNNSEXY
2/5/18 7:47 P
Hit a milestone today! I can't even believe I was carrying that around. It just doesn't seem real so AIMZY72 304 FLUTTERFLI
2/3/18 7:25 P
Officially down 50 lbs. I'm so happy! 120 to go, but 50 was a nice chunk of it! Thank you for all yo SUNSPOT_BABY 3 LASTDIET2017
2/3/18 9:48 A
I love these little Pioneer Woman measuring bowls -- I eat my portions right out of them and know e JENEAN165 120 CLO333
2/1/18 2:03 P
What a beautiful way to start the day! Prescott AZ's Super Blue Blood Moon. FREGGIE 22 1DAY-ATA-TIME
1/31/18 10:41 A
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 104 SMKALOW
1/31/18 2:37 P
Tucson's Blue Blood Moon DENNISBISHOP 66 JBLESSER
1/31/18 11:47 A
Today is the start of a new chapter in my life! I haven't worked since May 22nd due to a serious bac MUSIC2HISEARS 157 CATHYSFITLIFE
1/31/18 5:28 P
Starting at 215lbs and I am now 150 lbs I got 5more lbs till I reach my goal . SWIFT6913221 305 MPLSKEN
2/1/18 12:40 A
I had my first scale visible victory today! Down 10 pounds this month, I haven't been in the 260s i SHELLINE713 198 PBVHCCVH
1/30/18 5:21 P
Almost time for count down onederland here I come ⏳ 1.2 pound loss this week total 43.2 😊 If I can TMP0418 223 MANONAMISSION73
1/31/18 7:49 A
I need a kick in the butt. I set a goal for myself to exercise 3 days a week this year, compared to RAYMOSSISTER 3 ALEOPARD
1/28/18 11:01 P
Why why why do I weigh myself more than once per week??? HEIDIEFFINGER 3 JAY61
1/28/18 8:44 P
2/2/18 12:08 A
1/28/18 8:55 P
I feel that this year is going to be my year! AMYSUZEQ 262 LWLAR7
1/29/18 2:26 A
I think this is a brilliant idea! KILTORE 102 TASHAV73
1/29/18 5:48 A
Down 64 pounds as of today GLO4LIFE48 238 CTYONIT
1/29/18 2:49 A
The 250's are so close I can feel it. Just a few more pounds. Very motivated! SUNSPOT_BABY 3 SO_MANY_DREAMS
1/28/18 9:13 P
Day 3 I feel like I'm hungry all the time when I know in my mind that's false. I'm just used to eat HELLA_WATTS 6 SUNSPOT_BABY
1/24/18 11:21 A
#BeforeAndAfter #45toGo MARYDEANN1118 182 ALLYLIZZY
1/24/18 7:34 P
I’m finally under 200!!!!! I was 229! SANCHEZS1228 154 ALLYLIZZY
1/24/18 7:29 P
This is me just a month ago. I don’t want this to be the rest of my life. Today is Day One. #toomany MRSSPITSER 13 SUNSPOT_BABY
1/23/18 9:26 A
I don't know why it is so hard for me to drink water. I used to drink pop/soda all the time and now SBENGE37 6 SUNSPOT_BABY
1/21/18 11:12 P
Did it again today. Good for me. Lol. #h2whoa CRISDG 6 RDCAGAIN10
1/22/18 8:37 A
Not much difference but a 10 lbs difference! Down ANETTYB66 62 SUNSPOT_BABY
1/21/18 11:08 P
I reset my goals and it gave me range 1200-1550. I feel like the 1550 is kind of high. Have you guy JBALL21 12 JBALL21
1/22/18 8:58 P
Cheers to my birds.... FLY EAGLES FLY! SHANED2017 5 SUNSPOT_BABY
1/21/18 11:05 P
A 60 year old millionaire is getting married and throws a big wedding reception. His friends are qui JUDY1676 4 KILTORE
1/21/18 11:26 P
This is so important!!! PUGHMOMMYX3 10 SUNSPOT_BABY
1/21/18 11:03 P
Officially at 8 weeks with out energy drinks. That may not seem like an accomplishment for some but PUPPYTUMMY0 5 SUNSPOT_BABY
1/21/18 11:02 P
Alright guys, this is the year. I'm tired of running out of breath cleaning the counters. I'm sick o SGNAGEY 2 SUNSPOT_BABY
1/21/18 11:01 P
Hitting the refresh button. Fall down 7 times get up 8 IWILLRISEUP86 7 7STIGGYMT
1/21/18 11:48 P
Went shopping today and I've dropped a pant size!! NEKOMINI 5 PRAIRIEOMA
1/21/18 11:59 P
Husband and I were blessed with healthy baby boy #4 on 1/3/2018 :-) MRSVAZQUEZ1977 28 MRSVAZQUEZ1977
1/22/18 5:53 P
Below 300 finally! This totals almost 12 pounds lost since Christmas. Its not much but its a huge di MONA330 265 FITWITHIN
1/22/18 5:21 A
I started Spark People today. I’m not sure what to expect. My goal is to lose 70lbs. I’ve failed mis MOMONVACATION 302 WAWPROPERTYMANA
1/22/18 9:30 P
1/21/18 8:39 A
I am doing well with everything except keeping my calories low. I am going to work hard on that toda LAKESHIAS 8 TBRYAN-LU
1/21/18 7:31 P
Just added this app. When doing push ups and planks, should I enter my body weight in the "weight" JSNF76 5 JSNF76
1/18/18 9:06 A
Yesterday was no bueno :( definitely overate for dinner. Went over my goal by almost 1000 calories. BMARTINEZ15 4 MSMITCHELL2696
1/18/18 2:31 P
I really need an accountability partner to help me right now. I started strong the first week of Ja GYMRAT54 3 KBUONI
1/18/18 9:07 A
Breakfast! Tomatoes, veggie sausage, mandarin, poached egg on toast, finished with a glass of spiru SEAOFCARNAGE 20 RAGNAR359
1/18/18 9:56 A
Victory is so I upped my calories by 200 AND burned 800 cal from exersize AND get this.. PRINCESSAMARIE1 5 PFHEALTHYME
1/18/18 9:30 A
Gm stay warm And safe 🙏🙏💋 KEENA47 14 QSHEPP
1/18/18 5:57 P
Guess I was exhausted... ST3PH 13 MPLSKEN
1/18/18 6:43 P
Today I am 50! Although I'd like to lose some weight, this milestone year has me reflecting on what HEYMEL14146 33 BEBAUGH1
1/18/18 1:27 P
1/18/18 12:04 P
I make this almost every morning and take to work for breakfast. 2 eggs with onions and peppers with HONEYFLCN 67 ALALADY
1/18/18 11:37 A
Focus on today! ITALIANGAL44 13 BEBAUGH1
1/18/18 1:26 P
1/18/18 8:50 P
Here I am at the beginning of my journey. I have started the SparkPeople lifestyle 7 days ago. Over ARIELLA16 101 REDROBIN47
1/18/18 5:58 P
Aaaand may the processed food withdrawal symptoms begin... Ugghhh... DIAMONDTEAR 5 CATHYRAEDAVIS2
1/17/18 6:40 A
I avoided the vending machines at work tonight!! No sodas or candy! JASONLYNNE 11 JOCELYNH711
1/17/18 6:41 A
I'm engaged CJONES779 11 JOCELYNH711
1/17/18 6:41 A
Isn't it nice when people notice your weightloss 😀 ZENNITH 7 SMORSEBVR
1/17/18 6:09 A