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I have a new gym that I joined, well it's not really new but I haven't gone in the past year so yeah DANYGIRL40 15 DANYGIRL40
12/6/17 2:54 P
Coworkers invited me to go to Golden Corral at lunch for a little Christmas get-together. Eek! My SUGIRL06 6 NANCYANNE55
12/6/17 5:45 P
Anyone have thoughts/success stories on the benefits of fasting/cleansing? I know 2 different topics BENFICA360 5 SP_COACH_DENISE
12/1/17 3:19 P
This is my goal shirt. It’s hard to tell in the picture but it has the entirety of Jane Eyre (one of ADYLEIGH 15 FLUTTERFLI
12/1/17 7:39 P
What’s your favorite coffee flavors and mix-in’s for at home? I really need to break my drive-thru c MISSAM26 11 WLHOPE
12/2/17 12:06 A
Runner's World Run Streak Fall 2017 SUGIRL06 2 SALTYCHOCOLATE
11/18/17 8:26 P
Thinking about starting the runners world run streak early, like... today. I have to walk/run a lot SUGIRL06 6 ALEXANDRABRA5
11/10/17 12:48 P
6AM Crossfit this morning!! Barbell lunges, situps, cleans, and burpee Step ups SUGIRL06 5 NANCYANNE55
10/25/17 8:24 A
best relief for ibs TAPPERS 171 CINDA11
10/14/17 11:58 A
Joined a new gym with lots of classes. Looking forward to yoga and cycling the most! SUGIRL06 2 GGRSPARK
10/10/17 1:48 P
~ Low-Carb High-Fat, Ketogenic & IF Eating Plans _RAMONA 209 _RAMONA
12/10/17 3:33 P
October goals! Daily movement is that biggest challenge this month. I need to do more for my health SUGIRL06 13 SUGIRL06
10/1/17 10:52 P
Ran/walked 2.2 miles of intervals last night! I ha SUGIRL06 11 ADRIENNEJT
9/15/17 10:30 A
Weighed in today. Still hovering around 225. Sad that I'm still up in weight but happy that my rap SUGIRL06 3 MMOMMAJ
9/13/17 3:20 P
Ran/walked last night for the first time in months. Thunderstorms even held out for me! Only 1 guy SUGIRL06 9 CIERAPOET
9/7/17 10:20 A
Did you work out this morning? SPARKPEOPLE 87 CARPROTH
9/8/17 3:08 P
Two weeks of crossfit 3x/week and I can already see the belly inflammation going down! #crossfit #lo SUGIRL06 6 CHELZANNE
8/4/17 10:49 A
I got a new planner and it has this handy dandy sheet at the beginning of every month. Perfect spot SUGIRL06 12 GINGERB13
8/3/17 11:59 A
Tried a new crossfit gym and I had so much torturous fun! SUGIRL06 3 GOODGETNBETR
7/21/17 11:34 A
I'm not a breakfast person but I'm starting a new job and need to eat before I go. Any ideas for hi SUGIRL06 2 MELLYBEANS0919
7/17/17 5:46 P
This is my absolute favorite fruit, next would be pineapple, then apples, mellon . WHAT is your fav SKITTLESNINJA 185 LKMANNING7
7/3/17 1:48 P
Looking for ideas for using protein powder to help balance my carbs and protein ratio. I add it to GOALIEGRANDMA3 4 KNUTSONJP
6/15/17 1:19 P
Quick question, I'm new to spark...I'm trying a 7 day plexus challenge... (anyone's opinion of the p SOSWALD2017 6 MYFAVORITEDRINK
6/15/17 10:39 A
Ran my very first New York Road Runners race today SUGIRL06 12 NANCYANNE55
6/11/17 1:53 P
Having some food related issues and I've started seeing a specialist. Just bought this book on kindl SUGIRL06 10 SUGIRL06
5/19/17 9:51 A
Ran an 8K today! SUGIRL06 8 AMBERNICHOLE3
5/3/17 4:38 P
Sometimes motivation is a new lunch box that fits all your healthy foods! (lunchbox is by Bentology. HEALTHFAERIE 113 FIT2TRAVEL
4/27/17 6:03 P
Ran the Atlantic City April Fool's 7K this weekend! SUGIRL06 13 SUGIRL06
4/26/17 2:19 P
I've gone on 2 walks today already! It's just so nice out!! SUGIRL06 9 MELLYBEANS0919
4/19/17 4:30 P
Does anyone know how is accept a friend request? KAT526 3 KAT526
4/13/17 6:49 P
Haven't been feeling well so I settled for an afte SUGIRL06 5 MELLYBEANS0919
4/14/17 5:15 P
Could we have found you "Sweatin' to the Oldies" back in the day? SPARKPEOPLE 37 SUGIRL06
4/11/17 8:42 A
I brought this as a wedding gift for my I've flicked through it I want to keep it for m SILVERTOMORROW 4 SUGIRL06
4/11/17 8:39 A
Ran the Hot Chocolate 15K this past weekend! It was a tough one for me due to minimal training (from SUGIRL06 6 CHEIVOUS
4/3/17 10:47 A
I hate the changes. But I've found a workaround. I simply have a folder on my favourites bar at the SPARKSUE198 12 JAYISOLDEM2
3/14/17 8:34 A
So on the SP app, new home screen, there is no way I can see to spin for points. Am I missing someth SONFLOWER_TX 6 SONFLOWER_TX
3/11/17 7:52 P
I am looking for new recipes to cook I am looking at Sparks recipes app and wondering under dietary BABY4320 2 SUGIRL06
2/2/17 9:50 A
So here I go again trying to lose weight it's so hard i do well the first week and then I go back to BIANCA1120 6 FREYASKITTY
1/8/17 7:00 P
Really craving sweets right now, anyone have a low calorie dessert? Preferably a a single serving, I KENZIEALISEB 16 JOANNAEMMETH
1/8/17 6:58 P
#paleo People use to ask if I have eating disorder; it was dairy making me throw up. Years of talkin HULDEVON 2 SUGIRL06
1/7/17 11:36 P
#Paleo I have been on the Paleo/Primal diet for three months now and I have been so proud if myself DIZZLE1982 12 SUGIRL06
1/7/17 11:35 P
#keto #lowcarb #paleo #antiinflammatory So... I really don't need need more protein for the day. Def MAO-MIAOWS 39 MYSTICWOLF1972
2/9/17 7:58 P
#paleo has gotten me off insulin and feeling stronger each bite. FULLMETALBLUNT 11 SUGIRL06
1/7/17 11:34 P
Free Mandala Coloring Book BUDGETMAW 5 SUGIRL06
6/22/15 10:42 A
Favorite online sources for recipes, etc. BUDGETMAW 32 WOUBBIE
3/7/16 12:28 P
Getting Back on Track SUGIRL06 6 QUESTINGKATE
4/23/15 1:14 A
So what makes you a geek/nerd? MISPLACEDSTAR 172 SANDUSHINKA
5/2/15 10:21 A
Paleo Cold Lunches SUGIRL06 8 SUGIRL06
1/6/14 10:16 A
Coffee House Chatter CAROLYN1213 1190 FROSTIERACES
3/26/13 11:15 A
Book Reviews SUSHIYUMMY 168 LEAL536
1/9/14 12:08 A
Trying this again. RANDIIDAWNN 8 CINDYTW
1/25/13 7:34 P
Healthy Holidays 2012 Group Challenges SUGIRL06 11 SUGIRL06
12/16/12 11:16 A
Healthy Holidays 2012 Chat SUGIRL06 48 BBAHONORS
12/9/12 9:00 P
Healthy Holidays 2012 Personal Goals SUGIRL06 12 MOM_VICKI
11/12/12 9:20 A
Del State Gym Members SUGIRL06 2 GODSBEST
10/16/12 8:56 P
Fueling during Training TAMTAM64 53 SHINIGAN
12/11/17 3:20 P
Locker Room Talk FITCHICK421 270 SUGIRL06
1/27/12 9:49 A
Meet and Greet CAROLYN1213 25 FROSTIERACES
3/19/13 3:22 P
Hello Kent County! VRCATON 19 MADDOG193
5/25/17 9:28 P
Walking/Running Events _THEA_ 7 SUGIRL06
11/21/11 7:57 A
Introductions: New Here? HEALTHYCHIC 445 MOBYCARP
1/10/15 8:54 A
EMOTOCON your mood for today. HEALTHYJOANN 269 REDHAWK17
8/23/16 1:46 P
Atlantic County Tracking Thread _THEA_ 10 SUGIRL06
9/9/11 2:36 P
A challenge just for our team? JERSEYFLOWER 6 SUGIRL06
9/4/11 7:48 P
9/2/11 12:06 P
6/11/15 8:31 P
What county are you from? HEALTHYJOANN 104 REDHAWK17
7/29/16 6:20 P
SparkNJ Beach Day Aug 13 NJJAZZ 19 MARISERV
8/14/11 7:25 A
How is your garden doing? EVELYNF 29 JUSTBIRDY
6/6/11 7:48 P
Non-Stick Cookware PJGABRIEL 11 SUGIRL06
2/13/11 10:23 A
Muscle & Fitness Trainer - 1 Month Challenge SUGIRL06 2 ABETTERBECKY
2/3/11 3:49 P
Fierce by February CAROLYN1213 44 YOGAKARMAGRACE
2/4/11 1:52 P
Marvelous by March! CTUCCI 10 CTUCCI
2/18/11 1:34 P
Nutrition Goals FITCHICK421 22 CAROLYN1213
1/26/12 11:14 P
Getting to Know You CAROLYN1213 126 KIMI_SILVA
9/17/11 7:59 P