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Is 5000-6000 steps a day good? Everyone keeps sayi ME8704 5 TIFFANYLYN13
11/4/14 7:17 P
I ran a half marathon yesterday! But then I ate ev STEPHARLO 8 FIVEMGIRL
11/4/14 9:58 A
I lost 2 more pounds despite incredible stress and EATTHEELEPHANT 9 GOIN4IT233
11/4/14 2:30 A
Okay so new to this site, but looking for tips. I MEG1387 5 MEG1387
11/3/14 10:58 P
Do you think ditching the scale and focusing on in RUTHIECHAN 3 STEPHARLO
10/29/14 5:12 P
Quick Question...I know that everybody tries to wo SEXY_MA 14 DANELLE34
10/29/14 2:12 P
Hi I just started on this site I've been looking f YULANDABRK 7 GIRLONTHEINSIDE
10/29/14 12:18 P
Anyone else on here trying to lose those last ten PSYCHICQUILL 10 KIMBERLYDEANNA
10/30/14 4:44 P
How many calories do you eat a day? ME8704 12 STEPHARLO
10/28/14 7:11 P
I started spark today I'm very excited to start my MOMMYOFTO25TOGO 3 DSACONY
10/28/14 7:34 P
Trying to keep from being discouraged that i misse GREEN99EYEZ 3 DANELLE34
10/28/14 5:45 P
So I am trying a juice fast, and of course my in l VIOLETCREATION 12 LOOPER76
10/28/14 6:15 P
A huge problem I have with eating healthy is that CRISSYRENEE80 13 SWEETIE200303
10/28/14 11:23 P
Decided over the weekend I needed a challenge. I a TAMARAOGINA 3 BFMONICA
10/28/14 10:36 A
I fell off the wagon last nite and binged ! LESL5889 8 MARTHA324
10/28/14 12:56 P
Can anyone tell me what the trick is to loading th VORTEXER 3 VORTEXER
10/28/14 12:23 P
What do people think about juice cleanses? My loca AJ0708 14 VIOLETCREATION
10/28/14 11:28 A
Ok i had kfc 6 chiken bites... it was 200 calories RYUSARA93 2 STEPHARLO
10/27/14 8:36 P
It's been a great day! Exercised early and it kept ASHLEIGHGAL 2 STEPHARLO
10/27/14 8:33 P
HELP!!@!! I Have ecezma on the bottom of my feet. SHERESARICE1 10 SHERESARICE1
10/28/14 11:26 A
Any recommendations on how to find the energy to e BLONDY01 26 3DOGS13
10/27/14 8:58 P
Day 1. Starting slow but making changes that I nee LASTCHANCE2014 6 LASTCHANCE2014
10/28/14 3:47 P
Hi guys I m a mother of 2 child n after second one ISHANUDITH 3 JBARNES68
10/27/14 8:23 P
Never was overweight, until I decided to have a ba LETTISHIAK 8 LETTISHIAK
10/27/14 9:22 P
I'm going to fast the next 3 days... SKALISIAK531 3 DAKARISAH430
10/27/14 6:59 P
Back from maternity leave! It was hard to leave Mi WYO_CASEY 2 STEPHARLO
10/27/14 4:39 P
Cant seem to stay at 1200 calories a day. I always STAYSTRONGBBG 11 STAYSTRONGBBG
10/30/14 1:36 A
Just started a new round of high dose prednisone l TULIPSPARKS 7 THINMINT38
2/15/15 10:31 P
Can't seem to figure out how to "add friends" - ju SARAHIRYU 7 MSDICE1
10/29/14 10:53 A
I am new to Spark People and very excited about th HAISAILISA 5 HAISAILISA
10/26/14 9:51 P
4 mile hike at the dunes trails today. So, warning SHRINKINGSCRUB 4 EDWIDGE6
10/25/14 11:37 P
What to eat when your really craving something swe TRULYBLESSED116 6 EAGLESWING865
10/25/14 10:10 P
What was your wahoo moment today? JUNKDRAWER 30 3DOGS13
10/26/14 12:06 A
I'm new & setting up my app. Does anyone know if w NDCOUNTRYMOM 4 NDCOUNTRYMOM
10/25/14 9:57 P
I was doing really well with tracking and exercise KIWIMICKEY 4 STEPHARLO
10/23/14 9:59 P
Hello, my name is Kayla and I am new here! I am l KMN1987 4 KMN1987
10/23/14 10:05 P
Recent college graduate on the verge of trying to VIRGOCHARM24 17 CITYBLUESGIRL
10/25/14 5:42 P
On my journey, highly motivated to loose 79lbs. 24 VIRGOCHARM24 3 STEPHARLO
10/23/14 9:36 P
So ive noticed i lost a couple pounds cause my pan BH0405201 5 MARTHA324
10/23/14 6:59 P
Hey spark friends let's have a great healthy produ CBARCH 5 DAKARISAH430
10/23/14 8:31 P
Things I keep with me now in my cross body bag: be TIGERGRRRL 10 BELINDAPEARL
12/28/14 10:39 A
Anyone else starting all over again, had lost over REDELAINE1990 23 SPATIQUE1
12/17/14 6:38 A
Just jogged my first non-stop mile in years. Next FREDDIEB30 25 JIMA64
11/6/14 4:15 P
Oh, I always feel like I have to start over, why c LYSADELL 10 TIGERGRRRL
10/25/14 12:11 P
How do I add a food (like chili) if I make it at h EMILYH1283 5 MIDIET35
10/23/14 3:46 P
Do you eat at the bottom or top of your calorie ra ME8704 16 GGRSPARK
11/3/14 11:03 A
Ways to blast off this plateau? I've been teeterin LACY77 4 5THROUND
10/9/14 10:30 P
l love my beers on fridays after work kindly advic GECHEMBA 7 MRSSIMPKINS1
10/10/14 12:02 A
Need to lose 20kg till next month !! I workout dai L7100129 4 MARTY1229
10/9/14 7:30 P
I'm sure a lot of us eat salad. So what's your fav LUCKIESTME 17 NINAHAPPYHEART
10/10/14 6:01 A
Am I doing something wrong? I've been signing in a KRESSAK2 28 CAKINGS
10/14/14 2:24 P
I have been craving pizza...not the good homemade MEMA4BROOKLYN 4 MEMA4BROOKLYN
10/2/14 11:32 P
I want to get healthy but I am not always the one KMACCARLSON 4 FAB5150
10/1/14 1:16 P
Took a rest day yesterday. On my way to run a mile SAFFYBLUE 10 MSFITZ291
10/1/14 10:04 A
Having trouble being motivated. I can't seem to ge MISS_LAZY 17 MISS_LAZY
9/30/14 11:08 P
Only 3 1/2 weeks in and already hit a plateau. I'm STEPHARLO 11 5THROUND
9/25/14 10:18 P
Attack of the night-time sweet tooth! Am i the onl TARABROOKE6 19 GAINERW
9/28/14 10:41 A
Been away from spark the last few days. A lot goi MELODY7578 3 MELODY7578
9/24/14 7:10 P
What if I have days that I don't reach my minimum AMANDACHASE1982 5 CLOSEFARHERE
9/24/14 8:11 P
Hi Everyone! I joined awhile ago, but I would love A_DECLERCK 16 SWEETTHING421
9/24/14 11:52 P
Can i change my calorie intake? FLEVAR 2 STEPHARLO
9/24/14 6:38 P
I'm stuck in a rut. I sometimes wonder if I'm was AMOYER72 17 AMOYER72
9/27/14 4:04 P
I am doing so bad. I do good then I fall of. I am MSJ1983 31 DCOSTANIC9
10/2/14 9:44 P
How do you calculate the amount of calories to eat RETS1108 4 STEPHARLO
9/24/14 1:54 P
How do you plan on staying motivated? GNABAFITMOMAT30 5 GNABAFITMOMAT30
9/24/14 3:08 P
I'm new here and love it everybody gives good advi 1DACHSHUNDMOM 3 MISSA526
9/23/14 6:03 A
Do I want negative net calories to lose weight? JCONK14 2 STEPHARLO
9/22/14 10:58 P
I have a really hard time getting myself to drink STEPHARLO 55 ARELY28
9/25/14 4:20 P
Can somebody help me please how to set up daily go BANJALUKA547 3 BANJALUKA547
9/16/14 7:41 A
I have been getting back into the groove of workin AFROFITCHIQ 3 AFROFITCHIQ
9/15/14 10:33 P
I want to get back on this! Last year around this MSPENNYAPPLES 4 RILEYBOT
9/15/14 2:38 P
I've realised that I am cheating more often than n AVENJEE 17 GGRSPARK
9/16/14 10:26 A
I am overwhelmed by the food tracker especially wh HAPPY418 3 STEPHARLO
9/15/14 11:43 A
I have gained 10 pounds since August depressed abo MONE110 3 GGRSPARK
9/15/14 1:49 P
I love my coffee in the mornings. But I also love NEW_ME_ 4 5THROUND
9/15/14 11:57 A

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