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I am Montana based. New to SparkPeople. I am just starting on my journey to better health. FAD5209 25 CMICULAN
1/17/18 5:09 P
beginning the day with fitness feels refreshing! #moveit VISUALLYRICS 3 SPARTANJAI
1/17/18 4:55 P
I had a stressful morning and wanted to stop and get a donut on my way to work...BUT I didn't. That' JENNIFERBR51 180 SONIAHUTCHINS63
1/18/18 12:04 P
Here is to the next 12 weeks.. gotta focus on small goals to make it #smallgoals PRINCESSAMARIE1 7 SPARTANJAI
1/17/18 4:53 P
I've logged in to Spark 500 days in a row. WooHoo! JSTETSER 185 B_RAZORSHARP
1/18/18 4:31 A
On the right track and it feels and tastes good. GHOSTILYUSHA 7 SPARTANJAI
1/17/18 4:52 P
Just me. Day 1. 485 lbs. Why did I let myself do this to me? RODGER1960 304 FRISKYCRITTER
1/17/18 7:15 P
Lunch today: Amy's Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup Forgot to pack a lunch, but I always keep a few ca GREENSUBMARINE 7 HOTPINKCAMARO49
1/17/18 5:19 P
Top: Jan. 17, 2018 Bottom: May 11, 2017 I've stuck with my goal of working out 6 days per week sinc YESITSSPAIN 8 HOTPINKCAMARO49
1/17/18 5:15 P
I haven't had a Pepsi since January 1st! That is a big deal for me. I have only craved it once but I KARLEENEAGLESON 16 MIYAMO
1/17/18 5:39 P
Dinner: salmon, spaghetti squash with butter and dried cranberries = 407 cals SYLBA61 9 REDBIRDFLY
1/14/18 9:03 P
I've done it started at 301 March 2017 lost my 50 pounds January 2018 I hit my goal now to set a new HJUDIE1 62 BIGRENTMAN
1/15/18 8:37 A
Dinner is simmering on the stove, my egg cups that I'll have for breakfast each morning are in the o CLCHASE123 5 SADIEMYERS
1/14/18 9:42 P
This morning my son (he's seven going on twenty-one) decided to sneak a picture of me... as I was ge JESSICA_G23 241 CONTENTE13
1/15/18 8:56 A
Lost 50 pounds a year ago and gained 20 back😒 I'm back on my grind tho and I have lost 6 pounds thi STUNNAPALM 14 SADIEMYERS
1/14/18 9:37 P
Good morning very proud just burnt 900 calories and already got my water goal in today SWIFT6913221 27 SWIFT6913221
1/16/18 3:43 A
It’s so nice coming on here and reading everyone’s post. It gives me encouragement. BELISLEUREKA 3 SPARTANJAI
1/14/18 8:22 P
Really good family meeting last night. Talked with dh and kids (17,13,11) about changes we can ALL ZAH414 4 SPARTANJAI
1/13/18 12:44 P
A huge THANK YOU to my son for picking up my antibiotic prescription yesterday. Since I'm getting wo LI1LIAN_M 9 ILOVEROSES
1/14/18 1:38 A
Have a great day! JSTETSER 12 SPARTANJAI
1/13/18 12:42 P
I'm enjoying a quiet rainy day at Pinkham Notch Visitors Center. There are very few visitors today. JSTETSER 7 SPARTANJAI
1/13/18 12:42 P
Yesterday wasn't the most successful day. Over 1000 cals too many. Low protein and high sugar and fa BEACHCHICA08 17 MJ7DM33
1/13/18 4:27 P
June 2016 when I didn't care Started July 1, 2017 ST3PH 137 SAN47BEE
1/18/18 11:23 P
Hello everyone!! Well I been at my dietitian yesterday on month progress i lost other 14 lb in one m MARIAGCOSTILLA1 148 DAVENSHERI
1/13/18 3:46 P
I am thinking spring and seeding indoors (non GMO seeds) for my outdoor salad bar. STEEPERSLOUNGE 12 STR458II
1/13/18 8:36 P
Closed our food pantry for tomorrow and all services at the building. We are suppose to get ice toni GARDENSFORLIFE 7 MORTICIAADDAMS
1/13/18 2:05 P
2 weeks into my weight loss challenge and feeling great. Feeling in control and definitely committed PHATCHIC69 7 SADIEMYERS
1/12/18 5:55 P
Have had a headache all day ready for it to go away. REMOLDINGANGEL 6 EVAOLIVER
1/12/18 6:07 P
I've bagged up all the clothes that are now too big for me and I'm donating them to the local hospic LAWLI56 120 LIL1IAN
1/12/18 5:42 P
Took a picture at minus 15 and today at minus 30. Didn't feel like a big difference but I can so see DAKOTAGRL852 94 NOCALORIES
1/12/18 9:52 P
Walk in Letohatchee, Alabama CGARR442 9 YELLOW09RED
1/14/18 11:45 A
Pray for my Mom JSTETSER 137 MIRAGE727
1/13/18 10:04 P
It's my 26th birthday today!!! Goodbye 25! I have 4 years left until I am in my 30's, and I will try ALLYLIZZY 301 CHEIVOUS
1/13/18 10:21 A
Has anyone on here heard of lo-dough? FBAILEY24X 6 IMUSTLOSEIT1
1/12/18 8:27 P
#BeforeAndAfter I hit halfway today! 44 down and 43 to go!! AIMZY72 226 ELSCO55
1/11/18 5:17 P
The before and after of getting destroyed by a treadmill. (45 min, 4 miles) I am tracking good this POKEY4321 7 SPARTANJAI
1/11/18 4:58 P
2 mile walk CGARR442 7 YELLOW09RED
1/12/18 11:58 A
#BeforeAndAfter Before - Probably around 285lbs on vacation i KATB86 45 DRMOM95758
1/19/18 12:59 A
My day so far: ✔️my lowest weight in months! ✔️Healthy pre-prepped lunch ✔️Enough energy to make it LEAHDEL16 17 WOODSYGIRL
1/11/18 5:44 P
I gave birth almost 9 months ago. I watched myself go from 130 to 192 during pregnancy. Lost weight TOY_BOXX 28 NAMASTE_IN_BED
1/12/18 9:33 A
Lost 8 pounds 😄😄😄😄😄😄so happyy!!!! From 194 to 186 LAYLOLILO 5 LAYLOLILO
1/11/18 11:26 P
This is Magi, our three year old RETIREDONE1 13 ROCKRS
1/11/18 5:58 P
Vegetables and pecans giving me joy!!! MZADAMS 17 CASCOTT62
1/11/18 5:06 P
Today was 1week in and I have lost 4lbs. MELETA1 6 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
1/9/18 9:09 P
Just have to keep going 👊💪 ASHLEYSTROUP20 7 TASHA4-8-1973
1/10/18 4:37 A
I have had a migraine 2 days in a row, this needs to go! BOMBCHELL23 4 STAR135000
1/9/18 8:42 P
Taco lettuce cups 64 calories and extremely delicious healthy food is worth it!!! BUTLEREGC3 4 FOXYHOGG
1/7/18 7:32 P
My fellow keto eaters. I’ve been following and doing keto for about 3 months now and love it! But BELLASTRUCK 3 TATTOOMOMMA1974
1/7/18 8:35 P
This is apx 83 lbs lighter since Jan 2017. BRENDA_77039 128 FUNNYFACE101002
1/8/18 7:15 A
Watching the snow for now, it won't keep me from being bust later. TWEETYKC00 9 ALEXTHEHUN
1/8/18 11:45 A
My happy granddaughter BIGRENTMAN 35 VIRGINIAGIRL
1/8/18 10:46 A
Organization makes me happy 🤗 food prep for this week done! MWARNER211 26 ENGELKUH89
1/8/18 7:40 P
Lunch is served :) Grandson wanted broccoli..yep, Nana can do broccoli ♡ #keto Sounds boring, but di LRJUSTUS1 110 CHEIVOUS
1/8/18 10:16 A
332 calories burn 3miles 65 minutes DMARQUEZ35 6 DMARQUEZ35
1/7/18 7:27 P
Some days are meant to be soup days. Beef & brussel sprout. #keto LRJUSTUS1 24 COOKWITHME65
1/7/18 5:35 P
Struggling. Having a,hard time of it. I am diabetic with high blood pressure. Been trying to lose bu LAURASARRACH 9 LAURASARRACH
1/13/18 8:24 A
#Keto day 5. Really good day! Had great breakfast and dinner. Keto strips came in and I am in Ketosi MANNYDELACRUZ 11 PIPPAMOUSE
1/7/18 12:16 A
I have done it, I have officially lost 30 pounds!!!!!!! 🤸All thanks to you guys and gals that keep KIMBERLYASHLYN 307 LOULOU1709
1/7/18 12:36 A
Still working on me lost 42 pounds took me 5 months. Still going I will reach my goal LASHAY2590 85 BOOKNUT52
1/7/18 3:02 A
So I was a bit busy tonight, so made dinner quick. Not at all fancy but tuna melt #keto style worke SADIEMYERS 30 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
1/7/18 6:31 P
Day 5 of no fast food when I used to eat it almost daily...feeling pretty good and not so bogged dow AMYE22 4 KATIPOOH
1/5/18 3:50 P
I went to doctor and I have off 17 lbs since my last visit! I'm truly excited and determined to keep LWHITE5975 5 RETAT60
1/5/18 4:35 P
The picture on the left is me yesterday. the one on the right is from 10/12/17. I can already tell a ALIENXEATER66 29 STATONJAMES4
1/5/18 8:09 P
1 cup sauteed squash and zucchini + 2 ounces baked chicken breast = 175 calorie lunch! CYNDI2017 5 SPARTANJAI
1/5/18 3:49 P
Lost 4lbs this week! JENN53888 8 WHYTEBROWN
1/6/18 6:05 A
Chicken Waldorf #Salad #Delish :Rasberry dressing RKHATERA01 7 RKHATERA01
1/5/18 9:08 P
I managed to get thru the holidays without gaining weight. Win!!! Happy Friday everyone! STAU1207 175 CFITZ1
1/5/18 6:49 P
Fearless Friday! I tried a NEW exercise today!! The Pilates Tower w/TRX & Reformer class, it was ki PELESJEWEL 8 LUCKYDOGFARM
1/6/18 8:18 P
#keto lunch. Having dinner out with friends so I needed to save some macros for that. Lunch was heav PIPPAMOUSE 12 KSTEVERSON
1/6/18 10:24 P
Teaching my grandchild about healthy living! JSTETSER 15 LIS193
1/4/18 12:20 P
#keto Trying something new to me. Fried chicken with coconut flour. We'll see how it turns out! AMYANN2005 17 SADIEMYERS
1/4/18 12:23 P
How do you stop eating when something is really REALLY good? It's a salad plate, and I feel full ... SUMMARAH 7 MCJULIEO
1/3/18 9:16 P
My supper for tonight ugggg well at lest it low calorie totally kidding. This bronchitis and flu k SWIFT6913221 26 BATGURL250
1/3/18 12:45 P
Signed up for the Yankee Springs Winter Challenge 25k Trail race this Saturday. Mountains of snow. S B_RAZORSHARP 22 CGARR442
1/3/18 9:24 A
I am new to Spark. I lost 77 pounds in the last half of 2017. I have continued to loose but I feel I CASSIEB80 125 MARYLOTUS
1/2/18 11:34 P