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I have slacked soooo badly since New Years. How do you motivate yourself? MOEPALMER 6 MYSTICPINK
2/24/17 2:06 P
Good Afternoon my spark friends BIGRENTMAN 4 MAMAJID
2/24/17 1:48 P
#firstpost I am back on SP after doing it years ago. Just started with tracking food and water two w ZELDA_DANCER 5 SEXYMAMA3617
2/24/17 1:55 P
Have a great weekend everyone. Beautiful and 72 here. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 8 SPARTANJAI
2/24/17 1:44 P
I've made up my mind that I will lose 40 pounds before my wedding in September. Worked out for the 1 HUNTERLIBEASLEY 37 GLIDINGIN
2/24/17 2:08 P
Good morning everyone have a blessed day. CSSNDRMTC 6 SPARTANJAI
2/24/17 1:42 P
Hi everyone Any advice of how to get your exercise To burn a good calories in a day wen you already MIOSOTISTP 3 SPARTANJAI
2/24/17 1:42 P
I'm suppose to be on this low carb/high protein diet... still new to it. I lost 8 lbs in a week but MAYADGR8 20 SPARTANJAI
2/23/17 5:24 P
Hey everyone! I'm new here. Struggled with my weight almost my entire life and I'm now back at 220 l MIRALLEN2012 31 SAN47BEE
2/24/17 12:44 A
Went to my dietitian and have lost 27 pounds so we my last visit a month ago ! My kidneys are still SAUDUKI 11 IT*SNEVER2LATE
2/23/17 5:49 P
I'm on 1200-1500 range too. I found high protein helps stay satisfied. Fruit and some whole grains h JAX-AX 7 JUDY1260
2/23/17 6:09 P
Down 11 pounds in almost 2 weeks! CATALINA2016 8 KHAMARIA1127
2/23/17 5:22 P
I am currently 180 and I had previously (before the holidays) lost 40 lbs I gained 10lbs back over t MELISSA450 34 JAYISOLDEM2
2/24/17 11:07 P
So i weigh in today.... And even though I didn't lose inches I did lose weight.. Started at 175 and CHIO2415 37 CHIO2415
2/24/17 12:10 A
Trying to stay on track. Weigh in on Friday with doctor. So far lost 45 pounds. #weightcheck A63456 84 LYNETTET123
2/23/17 8:22 P
I've reached my first weight loss goals of 10 lbs! Only 8 lbs to go until my long term goal of 145, EMMAYBEE 8 G23447
2/22/17 7:01 A
guys, to any of you who lost weight, any words of wisdom for a newbie? #newbie #help #weightloss ANA162_DIET 23 DIZZYBRITCHES
2/22/17 9:00 A
Lost 1.6lbs at weighin. I have lost a total of 68lbs since July 9th 2016. Thank you all for your s PAMALAMA1413 26 LISAMARIE2015
2/22/17 8:43 A
I've lost 110 lbs and fell off the wagon, enjoying life. Gained about 5 lbs and tomorrow I'm back on GAILIEBEE69 42 KINYETTAG
2/22/17 7:06 A
Recently I've been over eating so to combat this I have been planning tracking my whole day out. So SUZIEPENGUIN 8 JAYISOLDEM2
2/21/17 9:20 P
I'm a girl scout leader for my daughter's troop. I can not wait to get these cookies out of my house TINK8432 39 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/22/17 8:40 P
Do you count veggies towards your calories? Like green beans and mushrooms ect. Obviously not avocad ESTI770 42 JAYISOLDEM2
2/22/17 1:27 A
Hit 10,000 steps today for the first time since I stopped working and became a SAHM. I literally wal SARAJEWEL03 8 CWILM3539
2/21/17 9:32 P
I really want to eat healthy but sometimes I want food that is crunchy or smooth or really chewy. Su LAUHEAR 13 MMWUSA
2/22/17 2:08 P
Exercised for the first time in a long time, 11 minutes on my eliptical, sounds like a little but I STARRLADY_07 14 JAYISOLDEM2
2/21/17 9:24 P
Protein shake for breakfast ,salad for lunch, went to my boot camp workout class for an amazing work K29264 11 JAYISOLDEM2
2/21/17 9:29 P
Started yesterday. Liking so far. I clean homes three days a week up and down stairs . A lot of bend CKBROGERS1 9 JAYISOLDEM2
2/21/17 9:21 P
45 mins walk - time for bed!! DELRIO777 7 JAYISOLDEM2
2/21/17 9:17 P
Was doing great clean eating and excersizing...then quit and now i need to start all over...feeling GETFITFOR50 8 BRENDAGPLUFF
2/20/17 9:49 P
Got in 2 hours of gardening..I feel great! But I still have a date with the recumbent bike later ton MO4LIFE 10 JAYISOLDEM2
2/20/17 6:20 P
I haven't drunk pop for over two weeks... I'm trying to go a year without drinking it. I'm super add BECCAISDOINGIT 23 JAYISOLDEM2
2/20/17 6:20 P
New for a couple of weeks now, and I'm feeling changes happening; slight weight loss, but after many SMCART 9 LEDOORMAT530
2/20/17 6:34 P
One more pound gone. Total of 13. Couldn't have done it without you Sparkers! EVAOLIVER 39 E33156
2/20/17 6:15 P
all I do is think of food! from the time I get up until I go to bed. I do not work so I'm at home u LEAHMAHRT1213 18 DIZZYBRITCHES
2/20/17 6:56 P
I'm in need of some healthy filling snacks to take to work. Any suggestions? ELEVENTREES 8 BCOERN1
2/20/17 6:26 P
Weighed myself this morning and I am down 30 pounds! I am halfway to my goal weight. So excited!!! I KTKRISTIAN32 23 SPARKLE1908
2/19/17 6:03 P
Today is the day. I finally made it to my first go FUNNYFACE101002 778 122772
2/19/17 5:09 P
I lost 102 pounds. I'm on my final 10 pounds. I did keto for one year. L52592 41 VALSTER9375
2/19/17 6:41 P
Well, I just blew my diet!!!! Duplin wine and chocolate!!! Ugh....... Tomorrow is a new day!!!!! #da BLUEEYEZ1980 12 SPARTANJAI
2/19/17 3:47 P
So... today I did it! Today I am officially out of the 200s. SHARON.LELA 49 OBECKEY65
2/19/17 4:22 P
3 lbs to goal! 77lbs in 8 mos so far! TINALOUCHIC 55 SNOMAMA121
2/20/17 2:55 P
Probably going to catch A LOT of crap for be it. NOT everyone will benefit from #lowcarb, # LRJUSTUS1 36 RITA1956
2/25/17 1:06 A
2/18/17 3:49 P
Lost 6 lbs this week!! :) JADEDROSE325 4 SPARTANJAI
2/18/17 3:49 P
I am down 25 pounds!! Woo hoo! MARCHAPRILEMAY 44 GMUSGRAVE
2/18/17 3:50 P
I'm new too and tracking calories. I feel I'm doing good. I went from about 2500 Cal's to around 150 MALEANAMERTZ 15 SAN47BEE
2/18/17 6:02 P
Walked 2 miles today MYSTICPINK 10 LORI
2/18/17 4:19 P
As of today, I am offically down 44.6 pounds ! I started my journey in mid October. I am feeling gre MMRSMILES25 59 JBALL21
2/22/17 10:43 A
#first post....Brand new, just signed up. Mostly to track my calories. Neat app, I think I'll like W19636789 23 122772
2/18/17 4:12 P
Ive lost 2.8 pounds since february 2nd. Im happy with it so far. Need to lose 20 pounds before my we GUMPIJUBBS 10 EMMAGIRL213
2/18/17 7:24 P
#weighin I am down 15! 47 more to go! This actually seems doable. POKEMON44778 65 AWPRADOS
2/24/17 5:11 P
Yeah! Better day and great weigh in. 8 pounds goneπŸ˜‰! SWEETPEA2017 28 CHEIVOUS
2/17/17 10:45 A
Goodmorning everyone today is weigh in day. I weighed in at 277.4 lbs that means i am finally down 5 THEJACKIEDEAN12 79 MONTROSE28
2/19/17 1:31 A
Happy Fabulous Friday Friends!! S_MHANCOCK 6 7STIGGYMT
2/17/17 10:17 A
So happy I have lost a total of 8 lbs so far, but super frustrated that I have had a 3 day stall! I S65351 11 RHIO3TRE
2/17/17 11:02 A
How to begin eating healthy?? MAUREENEST7 13 7STIGGYMT
2/19/17 10:23 A
I saw some pants on sale yesterday and decided to grab a pair. I tried on a pair of 11s just to see ADORKABLE-ME 29 CHEIVOUS
2/17/17 10:45 A
I'm truly happy to announce that today I'm down to 210!!! I started this journey January 1st weighin RYANCLAYTON 95 CRYSTAL5124
2/21/17 6:23 P
It took every bit of will power that I had, but I did not eat any of the strawberry cream cheese kin MSBRUCE337 22 DAWN1830
2/16/17 9:23 P
Thought I blew it today when I slipped up and ate out at taco bell. Managed to salvage the my daily GINGB1985 17 JROZ72
2/16/17 9:13 P
Started this jorney at 311 now im 283 im so proud of myself feeling good is so awesome πŸ’ͺ MICHELLET8828 60 BECKYJBUNNIES
2/24/17 12:04 P
I've been working so hard toward my goals. The past few days I've been feeling like crap. I fell off THELITTLEBAUER 34 KLIPSE
2/16/17 8:48 P
I have a friend who has started cooking "diet desserts" and keeps giving them to me. I have to say, FIBROMITE87 10 CONSECRATED2GOD
2/16/17 9:58 P
What motivates you to work out? I really struggle finding the motivation to work out. I feel good wh ALEXANDRUA 9 GINARIVERS
2/16/17 10:43 P
It's really hard to drink cold water when it's cold outside. 😫 #hydrate PUREANNETTE 13 COLLEEN9
2/22/17 2:14 P
Staying motivated SHAKTI101 6 JONIBUSHELL
2/15/17 6:44 P
Getting a brand new stove delivered today - can't wait to start cooking heathy meals again! So tire SEACAT34 17 MAMAJID
2/15/17 6:15 P
It's so hard to eat healthy when your wife brings home mexican food... 😟 lol K9JEDI 13 CINDY247
2/15/17 7:10 P
Back on track I had the flu been two days BABYFACE1972 8 SPARTANJAI
2/15/17 6:09 P
I went to the gym today , I only walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes, but I had set out to walk 5 CARRIEMETODAY 27 MORETHANAMOMOF3
2/15/17 7:08 P
Stuck on a plateau but happy because I've been getting my workouts! SABRINARUIZ24 11 ALINAV0630
2/15/17 7:09 P
Babysitting some children. Guess who's getting enough exercise for a month!! GLYKON 7 SPARTANJAI
2/15/17 6:08 P
I just had a really bad 24 hour food binge. Easily ate over 7000 calories and my emotions have been MOKIRCHER 18 CHUBBAGRRL
2/14/17 3:01 P
Day 7 and I feel great! Havent cheated or wanted too! No breads pastas or garbage! Keeping my carbs LGARAMELLA0226 16 BESSIEBELL
2/14/17 4:15 P
Goal today: track everything and watch portion size! AEKNAPP 7 BESSIEBELL
2/14/17 4:16 P

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