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Help with fitbit syncing LAURISTEW 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/26/17 6:22 P
Best way to connect Apple watch? BONOLICIOUS2 74 SPARK_MERLE
2/26/17 6:10 P
How do i set the correct time zone on I KEIKO2016 8 SPARK_MERLE
2/26/17 6:06 P
2/25/17 9:34 P
Arthritis Rx Videos Not Streaming on Amazon Fire? SHMILYNME 5 SHMILYNME
2/25/17 3:48 P
Any meal ideas to help me with my eating habits...I'm into trying new types of vegetables and fruit. LUCIOUSLYLENA 12 SPARK_MERLE
2/25/17 1:25 P
Bar code reader LINDAJ577 5 SPARK_MERLE
2/25/17 12:49 P
2/25/17 12:38 P
Not receiving notitfications even though... MILLER-S 4 SPARK_MERLE
2/25/17 1:33 A
How do I figure out the mobile app when it shows a red circle notification Yet when I click on the JUSTLOCKET 5 SPARK_MERLE
2/25/17 1:26 A
I just started keeping track of my calories. Am I supposed to weigh myself every day? I've been work YAMICORRET 10 MEANTTOTHRIVE
2/25/17 7:23 A
Are there issues currently with Fitbit sync? PHDMAMA06 22 SPARK_MERLE
2/24/17 5:57 P
I've lost 21 pounds in a year and half.Even though the numbers are going down, why do I feel even fa KLIPSE 12 KLIPSE
2/24/17 9:38 P
Changing your start day SARABEAN428 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/24/17 10:23 A
#coach. Is it OK to do small low calorie snacks in the evening instead of a bigger meal? I ask becau MALEANAMERTZ 8 DONNASCOTT57
2/23/17 11:23 A
I usually do well and stay under 1500 calories but today I'm still hungry. I am breast feeding so I KATIEAVILA1 3 SPARK_MERLE
2/23/17 10:42 A
Sparkpeople site is SLOW MARTHA324 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/23/17 10:36 A
#coach. Hi just checking wondering beside my name it says edit?? MELITTA61 5 SPARK_MERLE
2/23/17 10:31 A
My second day using my elliptical and I did 15 min and 2 miles. it was hard but I pushed forward, so STARRLADY_07 8 WIGHTSE
2/22/17 11:26 P
Desktop Program and Tablet WAYTOOKETO 4 SPARK_MERLE
2/22/17 11:43 A
Hey everyone I started jogging today! Took me a month and a half due to my weight in the beginning! MELANEEH310 7 MMEQUEEN
2/22/17 10:43 A
So I just figured out that when I add in my walking I need to keep it and the full minute not add in MAMO2010 5 SPARK_MERLE
2/22/17 1:20 A
printing recipes RANGERJEAN 3 RANGERJEAN
2/21/17 7:13 P
I'm haveing trouble getting motivited. I get bad blood pressure migraines, and don't want to be down HANNAHMO3 20 122772
2/21/17 4:11 A
Diabetic nutrition tracker ?? GGMOM06 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/19/17 11:52 P
2/19/17 11:49 P
Any super good calorie burning workouts for abdomen? Thanks! #coach PHILIPJR 3 SPARK_MERLE
2/19/17 11:03 P
Misfit Shine won't Sync JENDLYNN 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/19/17 10:58 P
After 2 months of tracking my food I'm still not getting enough protein.... Help #advice #coach HOOPALINA 20 KTERHUNE09
2/24/17 2:53 P
#TechSupport Haven't got an answer since my question at 11 am please help LEEDAISYBOB5 5 122772
2/18/17 9:38 P
#coach #techsupport Can't add my exercise TPATTON6 6 TPATTON6
2/18/17 10:03 P
Glad to say I am home from hospital! Starting weight 247 down to 223.8. In aboutb3bweeks and 3 hospi MOPCOOKIE 5 LADYARTIST41
2/18/17 8:46 P
SparkPeople isn't showing up in my apple health! What is happening? I have reinstalled, updated the ARMADILLOJEN 3 SPARK_MERLE
2/17/17 8:41 P
#techsupport I'm still trying to get help. From SP Recipes the recipes are not loading. I have rec LEEDAISYBOB5 3 SPARK_MERLE
2/17/17 8:28 P
2/17/17 8:20 P
Can Not Change banner 2BDYNAMIC 8 SPARK_MERLE
2/17/17 8:15 P
If i add a food but forget to turn on "Share" how do i go back and share it? #techsupport TBOGAYONG 5 SPARK_MERLE
2/17/17 7:26 P
How do I ask the coach r a tech for program questions?#coach?? LEEDAISYBOB5 4 SPARK_MERLE
2/15/17 9:06 P
How do I compute protein needed daily and how do I modify settings for these goals in my profile? #c SPOKANE52 5 SPOKANE52
2/15/17 9:43 P
SparkPeople mobile to Apple Health MOSTLYMOUNTAINS 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/15/17 12:31 P
#coach I've been tracking my eating habits for two weeks. I've noticed I'm getting hungry about 8 pm NYTHORNTON 7 SPARK_MERLE
2/14/17 10:42 P
I just added the app. I tried adding my food for today. I added it 3 times and it still does not s CSMAIL1971 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/14/17 10:11 A
#TechSupport How to sync . I have now paid version, my note 3 did not update or Open. WAYTOOKETO 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/14/17 10:10 A
#techsupport I was entering my weight this am, when I realized I had put my starting weight in wrong SUMMERFODRIE 3 SPARK_MERLE
2/14/17 9:45 A
Has any ever used idealshape drinks to get started? #coach MSODROG 5 CEDRIC_FORD
2/15/17 6:51 A
#coach what are your thoughts about Slim fast? I see it's got protein and fiber, but is it worth t SEAKAEO 15 REBECCAO3
2/18/17 8:23 P
Gotta work harder on finding ways to get exercise into my day. Especially with having Office Hours # D85947 6 SPARK_MERLE
2/13/17 10:17 P
Very uplifting blog ... 2BDYNAMIC 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/13/17 7:20 P
Where can I find a banner for my SparkPage MSKELLY625 5 SPARK_MERLE
2/13/17 7:14 P
#TechSupport I walked over 10,501 steps today they said I walked 1.64 miles give me a break this rea MARYGWELLER 4 SPARK_MERLE
2/13/17 6:38 P
E-gift card for SPAT MEMA328 12 SPARK_MERLE
2/13/17 11:45 A
Why is fitbit active minutes different from sparkpeople minutes? I only track minutes from my fitbit CBASS30 7 SPARK_MERLE
2/13/17 10:48 A
Exercise Groups and Custom Exercises CHIQID 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/12/17 10:40 P
So if I eat 1300c in a day, and manage to exercise and burn 1100c in a day, is there a rule about ho ELIZABETHANS 10 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
2/13/17 10:26 A
Why are my tweeter points not registering? EOWYN2424 4 SPARK_MERLE
2/12/17 9:43 P
Today is my real first day that I'm tracking my calories and adding exercise. I weighed myself today KITTYLOVERAJA 10 KITTYLOVERAJA
2/12/17 8:36 P
Blood Glucose Entry on the App? TOMMYBOY_ICEMAN 4 SPARK_MERLE
2/12/17 8:25 P
How Can I delete a team I started? SVELTEWARRIOR 5 SVELTEWARRIOR
2/12/17 8:12 P
My post disappeared!!! Sooooo upsetting!!! EOWYN2424 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/12/17 8:03 P
#coach. I am about to give up on this whole diet thing. Someome please help. I eat 1200 calories and BABYGIRL21204 18 SPARK_MERLE
2/12/17 1:38 P
How do I get to my sparkteam on the android app 1FOXYBABE 3 1FOXYBABE
2/12/17 10:28 P
2/11/17 7:29 P
2/10/17 10:38 P
So,so far I like this app,but when I type things in it doesn't always give me a result for what I'm NICOLEV1982 13 SPARK_MERLE
2/10/17 10:15 P
Having trouble linking Apple Health to Sparkpeople JOYFULSONG45 2 SPARK_MERLE
2/10/17 7:49 P
2/9/17 10:35 P
How do I count calories on fresh packaged food with more than one serving #coach ERIKAC28 3 ERIKAC28
2/9/17 10:35 P
#coach how can I Change weight to read all pounds. Ie lose is in kgs KMAGGRAH 6 KMAGGRAH
2/10/17 12:58 A
Trying to stay right at 1200 calories a day I only go over a few everyday. How do u stay at that ra ANGEL2GOOD31 16 TINALOUCHIC
2/10/17 12:06 P
2/8/17 10:56 P
How do I change my BMR? #COACH MRSBKM 4 LRCOTE
2/8/17 7:50 P
#coach Myfitnesspal has an exercise list for grocery shopping. After getting upstairs with 20+ lbs o DEB-DA 4 DEB-DA
2/16/17 7:46 P
Spark summary calendar BEESHELL8 3 BEESHELL8
2/9/17 12:26 P
For the past week, my macros are looking great, however, the calorie intake is at the high limit. Ho KAIVANKA 5 KAIVANKA
2/8/17 12:24 P
#coach. I need some clarity... do I have to hit the calorie goal, does it make a difference if I don RAMUNOZ1 4 SPARK_MERLE
2/7/17 7:56 P

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