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Why does Spark keep changing my weight? I recorded MOMMYBEAR82 13 MOMMYBEAR82
10/22/16 4:21 P
How to delete unknown, pageless "SP Friends?" SYLPHINPROGRESS 4 SPARK_MERLE
10/22/16 2:24 P
Hi again :) I need some advice on this and I would 12PHLEBOTOMY 23 CPHILLIPS22
10/22/16 1:50 P
Merle, this new account I had to open has completely deleted my old account. So now I have lost eve JENNIEDOTS 2 SPARK_MERLE
10/22/16 8:25 A
I work in a gas station. Does anyone know good TAAWTRY 8 RHIO3TRE
10/22/16 12:52 A
On the advice of another member ACTIVEGRANDMAP, I JENNIEDOTS 2 SPARK_MERLE
10/21/16 10:52 P
10/21/16 11:47 A
Carbs not correct for the day MRSPOTTER-TRU 2 SPARK_MERLE
10/21/16 12:23 A
Looking to decrease my carbs, still too high. Sugg FRANCAKE 11 HLANIER4
10/21/16 5:14 A
Anyone else ever been told they suffer from adrena AMANDAHOWE14 16 AMANDAHOWE14
10/21/16 10:37 A
Where do you start your blog? BLONDIEGIRL65 5 BLONDIEGIRL65
10/20/16 10:12 P
10/20/16 5:25 P
How to add one of My Recipes to a new one? SYLPHINPROGRESS 6 SPARK_MERLE
10/20/16 2:04 P
I am not much of a eater but I'm really trying to get this calories down my throat and I'm sorry I h SPECAILLADYK 4 SPARK_MERLE
10/20/16 11:40 A
I've seen this asked before but I can't remember t KP01056 6 SPARK_MERLE
10/20/16 11:25 A
I'm getting frustrated I can't get enoug protien i LEGGSMALON 16 RONDAJ123
10/19/16 1:44 P
Does anyone know of a good cardio youtube channel? TMINOR16 4 SPARK_MERLE
10/19/16 12:45 P
Hi! I've heard that it's okay to have a cheat day NIKECHLORINE 25 GMATERRY3
10/19/16 2:48 P
how to eliminate foods I can not eat. LAURABEAR41 6 SPARK_MERLE
10/19/16 12:33 P
Really looking for some tips to help with willpowe KATIEMARIE1982 15 CHERYLINDE
10/19/16 8:43 P
I've been finding it really hard to meer my calori BLUEROCKKY 5 SPARK_MERLE
10/14/16 12:34 P
All of a sudden the app is no longer providing notifications when comments happen....anyone else hav BECCAJ98 12 SPARK_MERLE
10/14/16 12:32 P
can we get polar fitness watch support already? my TOWERDUDE 6 MN_NOMAD
10/14/16 3:00 P
Does the calorie limit adapt to your daily eating SUCHADIVA215 4 SUCHADIVA215
10/13/16 8:45 A
Is cooking chicken from raw or frozen safe to do i RITESIDEUP 14 SNAPDRAGON04
10/13/16 6:28 A
How important is it to plan meals, really? I typic LINDAWHITESELL 5 SPARK_MERLE
10/13/16 1:25 A
#coach #firstpost #fitbit I have been using Spark JKGIRLIE82 5 JKGIRLIE82
10/13/16 6:22 A
A blog on making sure to include carbs would be gr N16351 6 CLARADAY
10/12/16 10:16 P
I'm confused... very confused.. on the verge of be MEL9960 9 SPARK_MERLE
10/12/16 5:16 P
What's a good calorie count for lunch and dinner? MCATLEDGE 6 SPARK_MERLE
10/12/16 4:47 P
Can I add picture to my blogs. May this is product J84916 6 7STIGGYMT
10/12/16 4:50 P
Well after 5 months, my weight has gone from start QIDRAGON 2 SPARK_MERLE
10/12/16 2:15 P
Can you guys please suggest exercises to lose the ASHUTOSH7379 5 SPARK_MERLE
10/12/16 2:09 P
Today is my first day, any advice? A46725 10 A46725
10/12/16 2:53 P
How do you edit nutritional information? CHYNAH77 7 CHYNAH77
10/12/16 8:14 P
Is there way to read your mail using the Android APP? I can't seem to see access to that anywhere. JACQUIEB75 2 SPARK_MERLE
10/12/16 1:53 P
Wondering what an average amount of beans are allo MAMAGIDGETJ 6 MPARAGIN
10/14/16 4:34 P
I am Tired people are telling me what to do and sa GYOUNG38 15 SOOKIE
10/12/16 4:28 P
#firstPost need help on learning how to gain weigh BLUEROCKKY 5 SPARK_MERLE
10/12/16 12:50 P
How do you get over a plateau? Seems so hard to do MAMIOF4BONITOS 11 SPARK_MERLE
10/12/16 12:46 P
#Breastfeeding : any tips on calorie intake and ex B41277 6 CRAFTYMRSG87
10/12/16 7:30 P
I need advice on how to balance school and my weig KANNA125 9 MARIEM325
10/12/16 12:31 P
Been teetering down 5 pounds up 2 pounds down 3 po MAMAGIDGETJ 9 MAMAGIDGETJ
10/14/16 4:21 P
I had my 6 month check up since donating a kidne WILSONDRAKE4 7 COCOAGOAL
10/11/16 11:54 P
How do I join a group?i just signed up and I can't RAVEN145 5 RAVEN145
10/12/16 5:12 P
I need a meal plan ASAP .! Someone help .! MMELENA 6 TFREEMAN07
10/11/16 11:36 P
Why ain't this app syncing with my Fitbit so I can MIGHTY_MYCKIE 2 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 11:02 P
#coach-I seem to be losing inches but not weight. BAKERWOMAN 16 SUCHADIVA215
10/11/16 10:51 P
#firspost new to this ! I'm really excited & hopin BLUEROCKYY 18 BWOOD954
10/12/16 8:29 P
What do you do with the points you earn BETHIE1970 15 KRISTYLOWRY
10/11/16 8:03 P
So yesterday I ate special k,5 tacos,half a sweet ERAYNA93 10 TERESATB
10/11/16 12:58 P
Good luck this week everyone! I weighed myself thi A58741 2 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 12:47 P
I can't seem to find serving sized on the sparks r JESSDOW 6 JESSDOW
10/11/16 3:10 P
#coach #medication #fibromyalgiachallenge Hello everyone! I'm new and have a few questions. Can some OMYRV01 11 SGENOVA2
10/11/16 12:45 P
I wear a fit bit so my exercise calories are added GALINDO_0208 8 SPARKINGMEGHNA
10/11/16 12:24 P
My app is constantly logging me off and I logging HGSTOKER89 3 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 12:06 P
What are the benefits of upgrading to premium? Wou E83872 6 TERESATB
10/11/16 12:57 P
Can some one tell me how to use spark KADIAN1983 4 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 11:40 A
# coach any tips to stick with it this time WEIGHTLOSSX10S 3 MADILYNEVE
10/11/16 11:36 A
Why is it that when I exercise the amount of calor RUBYTUESDAY06 5 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 11:34 A
Can anyone tell me how i go about listing portion sizes when theyre not on the list provided. Eg: Be JAYUPSLIFE 3 JAYUPSLIFE
10/12/16 12:47 A
Any advice on how to enter exercise times if I'm u MRRAGER95 3 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 11:27 A
I Love fried chicken. I am looking for new chicke DOCHOGAN 7 EDNAEDWIN
10/11/16 1:01 P
Anyone know of any good websites/cookbooks for fas BUMBLEBEESTING 2 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 11:14 A
Hello everyone ☺ just curious if anyone has any SARAHBOYCE2925 7 CIDPGIRL
10/11/16 11:17 A
I'm back! With smart people over last year I lost HOKIENCLT 8 HOKIENCLT
10/11/16 2:23 P
According to fitbit, I ate nearly 1100 calories ye MSCOTT138 9 SARAJLLR
10/11/16 10:55 A
Can I just ask - is everyone in the US? Is there any European version of Spark? Just asking as I am MAGGOTTS 10 MAGGOTTS
10/11/16 5:02 P
#coach #motivate so I work in a warehouse and walk THUMPERSRECOVER 20 PHEBERUTH
10/11/16 11:12 A
Spark Activity tracker is no longer available..... KERHOO 5 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 10:08 A
How do I manually enter calories burned #exercise ALOVEBEAM 12 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 10:06 A
Does anyone know how to add X-Box 360 kinects game WOWMANACAT 2 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 12:37 A
I feel ill when I stick to the suggested caloric i LLEHSAL 16 NETTIE625
10/11/16 8:06 A
What is folate? #support J9B1224 3 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 12:27 A
How come my fit bit won't sync ugh!! CHILL452 6 SPARK_MERLE
10/11/16 12:07 A

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