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7/20/17 7:00 A
June 2017 JANINE8969 21 JANINE8969
6/27/17 9:03 A
WHITE chicken breast, RED strawberries (and apples), and BLUEberries. Happy Flag Day!!! SEYMK12921 8 SPARKNB
6/14/17 7:27 P
Omg! I had a bad day. (I won't explain here, I blogged about it ). I ate crap and I know feel like c DOCTORSORDERS50 5 GRLTAZ
6/15/17 5:36 P
I am currently reading Linda Spangle's book '100 Days of Weight Loss' and I am finding it full of gr BLESSED2BEME 15 OBIESMOM2
6/15/17 8:54 A
After losing 300 lbs, food just isn't that important anymore!! Remember eat too live, not live to ea GPALMER29 19 CASTALLCARES1
6/15/17 9:44 A
Today as of right now I'm changing my mindset to a healthier one.. I'm stop giving me excuses and I' VIKKIE26 4 SPARKNB
6/14/17 7:10 P
Day 1 :) this looks like a good app. It came highly recommended from someone in my health workshop. COWANKRIS 2 SPARKNB
6/14/17 7:09 P
Had a really bad day with Fibro/depression. BUT I did not turn to food! Babysteps! KDEABENDE 3 STEFANIE979
6/16/17 5:58 P
My mother has fallen twice in the last two days. I see her struggle with arthritis and spinal stenos SPURTLE1 6 GET2BEFIT
6/14/17 7:48 P
I FIT INTO SIZE 16 PANTS TODAY!!! Sure it's a squeeze... but I haven't been able to even THINK about DREAMERSPIRITT 203 RYCGIRL
6/15/17 7:41 A
June 2017 - Daily Emoticon JEANKNEE 88 PERRYBABE
7/1/17 12:03 A
Jogging to work and home has really helped in the calorie burn. Plus it is saving gas money and time SHALEESUN 6 SHALEESUN
6/14/17 4:48 A
On a sign board on the way to work: "Only YOU can prevent Narcissism!" BERRY4 4 _RAMONA
6/14/17 3:12 A
This is my first time on this app. This is the heaviest ive been since i was pregnant with my son 10 J91286 4 OMAJ1953
6/13/17 1:14 A
Where dreams come true WANNABZEN 5 YMWONG22
6/13/17 1:16 A
Healthy words to live by: SAMCOMEAUX76 7 MSGO72
6/13/17 12:56 A
Just getting started DANITAHUNTER 2 SPARKNB
6/13/17 12:34 A
Posted a goal JUDY1676 2 SPARKNB
6/13/17 12:34 A
How do you track steps? RACHELCOTTON3RC 4 IVANHOE64
6/13/17 1:11 A
I am feeling like I will never be able to loose weight. LPEZZ65 5 MIKESPORN88
6/13/17 2:26 A
My trigger is stress! I'm telling you, I could eat a ton of chocolate right now and wash it down wit FARLOW1 10 FARLOW1
6/12/17 6:07 P
Leslie Sansone 1 Mile, 100 day Challenge - April 5 to July 13. Day 68: 2.25 mile outdoor walk. Da PAMBROWN62 3 KRISUA
6/12/17 3:24 A
Fellow vegetarians: any tips for increasing my protein intake? No matter what I do, I can't seem to ENSTATITEA 8 12PERCENTGOAL
6/12/17 4:42 A
I'm Struggling STEVIS78 17 SLIMMERKIWI
6/10/17 11:30 P
6/10/17 9:59 P
Chicken mole 397 calories a little high but the chicken has been cooked with no skin and boiled with TOMBENAVIDEZ 19 TOMBENAVIDEZ
6/10/17 11:25 P
My goal was to lose weight. Today i weighed in at 146 lbs; have lost 40 lbs since Dec 2016. Have met NADINE125 14 COOLJET
6/11/17 2:00 P
How many people do you know that have a street named the same as them? NEEDBU66 11 CYNDI2017
6/10/17 11:12 P
Visitor on our floating dock today CINDY247 4 SPARKNB
6/10/17 9:46 P
My antique roses:-) HOOFNPAW 12 THOMS1
6/10/17 10:35 P
The full moon is Red tonight! This is over the river CINDY247 11 VIRGINIAGIRL
6/12/17 7:48 P
Curry salad!! So good & really healthy. I love making my own dressing 🌴☉🦄🌹#recipes SARAPAPAYA 12 BARBIE66
7/14/17 7:45 P
6/10/17 7:09 A
Dinner was leftover black beans and brown rice with steamed broccoli and pineapple spears. I forgot STACIT0571 2 SPARKNB
6/10/17 2:43 A
Well everyone, this is sort of hard for me to post since I hate looking at pictures of myself. But I ANILNI 16 RYCGIRL
6/10/17 8:49 A
One day at a time... JDUB2483 17 MARCCC
6/10/17 8:30 A
Okay, just one more episode of The Good Wife. BONNIEMARGAY 6 REGILIEH
6/10/17 12:00 P
Even though I didn't go for a walk, I got in my exercise goal for the day (30 min) SPARKNB 2 JAVNMICH1969
6/10/17 2:37 A
Tracking is key. I got it done today :) SPARKNB 2 COMEBACKKID12
6/9/17 5:56 P
Emoticon For Today; With or Without Explanation GEMINIAN1 55 SPARKNB
6/8/17 10:24 P
I'm not a breakfast eater, snack eater, and not much of a protein eater. My downfall is one huge mea STINA1980 10 KELLIEBEAN
6/8/17 8:11 P
Any tips for not totally blowing your diet while on vacation? I probably won't be able to track my e STWARING 8 STWARING
6/9/17 6:46 P
I just got chicken at sams club I am going home to cook it all and then freeze it for quick chicken SMOF3KIDS 8 SMOF3KIDS
6/8/17 8:10 P
6/8/17 7:48 P
Anyone here in Arizona?? Looking for an accountability partner. SB7284 3 SB7284
6/8/17 7:49 P
Just got back from zumba for the first time. I stayed right with it and didn't quit. I actually enjo MKPARKE77 3 JOANNAJEFFREY4
6/8/17 7:48 P
Jubilant June Chat Thread JULIEINKPT 78 LOSINGFORME16
7/5/17 4:37 P
Another workout with my kitty demanding attention.🐱 lol💝 MRSFITPANDA 11 CHRISC1971
6/6/17 11:40 P
Ran 3 miles at the Pack Pint Run at Red Coyote Edmond. LORIEN4OU 8 2DAWN4
6/7/17 12:21 A
Im here to find some friends that can motivate me and I will do the same for them I work on flat bed STUPIDHURT 14 STARRA5
6/7/17 5:54 P
A new marriage, move, and job had me stress eating all the time and I never had time to take care of GRACETOPHER 11 MSBOOTCAMP
6/7/17 1:14 A
Dinner tonight! Super yummy and low in calories! SHANAHALL82 14 BARCELONAME
6/7/17 12:44 A
Lost 5.1 more lbs. It is slowly, but surely dropping. I will take what I can get to come off. Happy MKPARKE77 3 MKPARKE77
6/6/17 11:44 P
Haven't been consistent the past several months. But ready to start again!! OCEANDREAMIN 4 TIBURONA
6/7/17 1:33 A
I think I may have hit my first plateau this past Sunday. And since then I've been depressed and eat BLAP33 8 BLAP33
6/7/17 9:07 P
I was working out today and an ad came on the television, "I lost 65 lbs, no gym, no exercise! You c LISA1065 4 GAYLEP1957
6/6/17 11:27 P
My hubby got some fast food which included a loade GLOMEKAAL 12 GLOMEKAAL
6/7/17 6:33 P
Eating healthfully and mindfully becomes habit after a while. DREAMERSPIRITT 4 DREAMERSPIRITT
6/7/17 12:19 A
#techsupport One suggestion - have 'email me when anyone replies' options should be default turned o SPARKNB 3 SPARK_COACH_JEN
6/2/17 6:46 A
#techsupport Thanks for making this great site & providing it for free! (I used to do phone & onlin SPARKNB 3 SPARK_COACH_JEN
6/2/17 6:45 A
Tracked today, Thursday. Also did yesterday's today (because didn't have internet) plus a healthy sn SPARKNB 2 TIBURONA
6/2/17 2:54 A
So I'm doing a yoga video and the wifi acts up during plank. Really? The video paused for a good 3 m HIGHWAYGIRL2004 5 AGRIFFIN33
6/2/17 1:05 A
Any tips on how to continue weight-loss after getting a cold? Kind of fell off the wagon with a lot DIABOLICALTOAST 2 SPARKNB
6/2/17 1:01 A
It's 10:37pm and I'm stuck at 12584 steps - 4000 steps below where I need to be to hit my 10 million WALKN4WARD 4 JOANNEJI
6/2/17 8:30 A
So i just started to try to lose t and work "friend" has been here simce Tuesday and today i JUSTINE_702 4 EM899
6/2/17 1:13 A
The 3 or 30 rule (June Challenge) MRS_EVA_K 7 RLANTO
6/2/17 8:15 P
The Fat Runners Club KARVY09 3591 SPARKNB
6/1/17 8:07 P
Quotes Collection! SATYAGRAHA 170 SPARKNB
5/28/17 2:19 P
5/28/17 1:32 P
Mopping floors and gardening feeling accomplished and sweaty in a satisfying way! DISNEYDAMSEL1 2 SPARKNB
5/28/17 1:28 P
I've officially tracked all my food for a full week (7 days)! It's been years since I've done this. ALPAKAPUNCH 4 MPLSKEN
5/28/17 1:58 P
Does anyone have any thoughts on pushing your body versus listening to your body? This is in regard KELLMUKE 4 MOJAVEHIKER
5/28/17 1:46 P
This is the end of my first week back to Sparkpeople. I am tracking and exercising and logging and d PUDINTAYNE 5 REEDSKI
5/28/17 1:50 P
My new personal trainer. JENNABEAR2020 15 MWARNER211
5/28/17 7:34 P

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