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Need some advice?? Never in my life owned a pair of skinny jeans until these were handed down to me. TMP0418 306 CHELLE_2909
3/20/18 4:41 P
Commit yourself!!! #lifestyle #thrive BRANDICOOK 88 LAH1222
2/23/18 11:58 P
Reminding myself i wont see results in a day or immediately after a workout good things take time MERANDAORTEGA 20 KMILLER31
2/23/18 7:48 P
Posted a photo BOOHOOBEAR 10 MDOWER1
2/23/18 6:26 P
My 10th month and progress so far even though I’d plateau for almost 2 month, that won’t hold me bac AMERICALDS 190 VRACHAL
2/26/18 10:54 A
I am down 60 lbs but I gained 3 this month, so I was really bummed. My doctor told me to go to Wal-M M36435 8 REDBIRDFLY
2/22/18 10:44 A
Posted a photo JSIELKE1944 9 SYNCHRODAD
2/22/18 10:10 A
Morning Sparks! Looks like I get to go shovel before our freezing rain hits. β˜ƒοΈ CELTIC79KITTEN 16 COFFEEISLOVE
2/22/18 10:27 A
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 139 ELSCO55
2/22/18 1:54 P
#foodprep !!! Breakfast and dinners for the next 3-4 days :-) STARGAZER838 14 MARSHASHADOW
2/22/18 12:01 A
Took an extra rest day yesterday after Saturdays long run. Went out for a lite 3.8 this morning, fel SLYDE-GLYDER 8 SLYDE-GLYDER
2/20/18 9:18 P
2/20/18 9:55 A
Healthy eating and exercise. :-) STARGAZER838 13 LINDASOUTHER
2/20/18 12:52 P
Slow progress is better than no progress one weeks difference! Just remember you have already lapped PUGHMOMMYX3 22 ALLYLIZZY
2/20/18 3:14 P
Treating my Nikes to some glorious sunshine and a fresh, strong breeze. 😊 Have a great day! TIGERSEYEHEART 12 GPALMER29
2/20/18 6:31 P
Weigh in Tuesday 2.6 pounds 😊 total 47.6 in 5.5 months. I'm super proud of myself today 😊 To all TMP0418 184 ALEOPARD
2/20/18 11:08 P
Today is Day 22 of my 21 day cleanse. I am down 12.4 lbs. now it is time for a massage. Then the wor SPARKCAROLM 3 CHRISTISEO
1/31/18 8:08 A
Yesterday finally entered one-derland 198.8 so proud of myself! I haven't been in the 100's the pas AROCHE23 139 VERONIKA05
11/27/17 12:07 P
Came home for healthy lunch today & squeezed in a quick 4 mile trail run. The sun reflecting off the B_RAZORSHARP 34 MWARNER211
11/15/17 7:11 A
Oops back up to my January 1st starting weight. Depression has been kicking my butt. Trying to cope JENNKFIT 14 JENNKFIT
11/10/17 8:49 P
Day 3 affirmation. I can do more than I think I can. ALASKAPSYCH 7 EMIG96
11/8/17 7:05 A
Great workout this morning. Time to face the work day! Have a great Wednesday, everyone! MARATHON_MOM 3 REEDSKI
11/8/17 7:37 A
Trying not to snack two too three hours before bed was a success last night but hard. SKATMAN 11 CABINWRITER
11/8/17 8:45 A
The numbers on the scale keeps on moving down!!! #KETO is working!!! ☺ gonna do my happy dance πŸ’ƒ a ST3PH 62 CHERIB00
11/8/17 10:54 P
Day 3...back at it on day 3. Where will the cardio and weights fit in today. Must keep pushing. SPARKCAROLM 2 LEANJEAN6
11/8/17 6:37 A
Another day 2 for 2 can sometimes be harder than day 1. I am making better choices all the SPARKCAROLM 2 ZRIE014
11/7/17 7:57 P
Hey everybody! First time posting. I'm in the 300+ club, ugh. I've just started working with a dieti JCB86 200 SOUTHERNSUSAN23
11/7/17 8:31 A
Can you relate? DINK254 122 ZRIE014
10/31/17 5:29 P
Happy Halloween everyone KATONTHEMAT 136 ZRIE014
10/31/17 5:49 P
10/30/17 1:50 P
As I tackle yet another "day 1" of sorts...I realize I can look back and see all the good habits I h SPARKCAROLM 2 ADELINEVR
10/30/17 1:46 P
Goal met. Below 200!! Onward to the final goal. LISABERT 115 INSPIRED26
10/30/17 6:31 P
I can do this!!! I was 257 or something like that to now 200... I need to drop 30 pounds and boy has DOTTIDELERIO 17 OADETERMINED1
7/10/17 6:09 P
7/10/17 9:33 P
So, I missed my early morning walk to take the car in for maintenance service. I wanted to catch up MEROBERTS21 6 TIME4MYWELLNESS
7/10/17 3:30 P
Day one. Tired of not being able to keep up with my 4 kids at 242 pounds. Time to kick it into high N42542 177 MDOWER1
7/9/17 3:48 P
Lost 4.2lbs this week...back under 250 at 248.2. Lots of swimming and a better diet was the key. Tha JUSTSTICKWITHIT 171 CINDY247
7/10/17 12:15 P
Welcome to one-derland. Started this journey to reclaim my life on March 3 at 249 lbs. Today 199.4!! BOOGBEAR 228 MISSINHER1955
7/8/17 7:56 P
Ok so i have a huge problem with not eating breakfast, but i still eat 4Γ—s/day. Well i thought i gai S07360 5 SPARKCAROLM
6/28/17 12:58 P
Reached a milestone this morning. I was 18-19 years old when I weighed this amount. I'm now in my 50 ARCHIMEDESII 303 MUMWIVBIGBUM
8/14/17 10:17 A
On the way back down. My primary goal is to make it to "one-derland" then we shall see what may be n SPARKCAROLM 22 AUNTRENEE
6/28/17 9:00 A
I'm feeling extremely frustrated today. I was looking through pictures on my phone and I got so dish CHRISTYHARRIS84 302 CHRISTYHARRIS84
6/27/17 9:05 P
There are times I get lost in the navigation of Sparkpeople, I might make a post, add a picture, the JAREJIL 4 CYNTHIAELAIN1
6/26/17 4:53 P
Best thing to youngest wanted to snuggle last night so we did, he put his arm around me a PANDAJANE 5 SPARKCAROLM
6/15/17 10:52 A
I've lost 20 pounds... why don't my pants feel any different?? Seriously... I look and feel exactly GINNYREE 7 GINNYREE
6/15/17 12:30 P
argh...not feeling costs today CHRISSYWILSON80 3 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
6/15/17 11:23 A
I did not have to "blouse" my shirt at the waist line to cover an embarrassing roll over the top of TINKDOLLAR 5 NEEDBU66
6/15/17 11:35 A
I've lost 7 pounds in three weeks! My goal is 10 by the end of June. I'm going to make it! MONTANAGARDENER 3 SPARKCAROLM
6/15/17 10:46 A
Brother died suddenly. We were so close--grieving. Benign tumor on right foot--coming out end of Jul JANETBSFO 6 JUDY1260
6/15/17 12:08 P
Down from 427 to 300 I feel really good. Type 2 diabetic who's A1C was 8.7 is now 5.6. Still have mo TITANC911 46 DEBRAHLYNN
6/15/17 2:03 P
I started at 342.6 pounds. I am currently 214.6 pounds. Just 2 pounds away from 130 pounds lost. I WONDERGALE 50 GOULDSGRANITE
7/13/17 11:05 A
Done with my 3 mile walk. Well I'm almost certain it's 3 miles. Is there something I can buy that tr DLD2DLD 7 DLD2DLD
6/16/17 7:03 A
I decided to sign up for a few swimming lessons to make sure I know the right techniques so I won't SPARKCAROLM 2 REEDSKI
6/15/17 11:03 A
I FIT INTO SIZE 16 PANTS TODAY!!! Sure it's a squeeze... but I haven't been able to even THINK about DREAMERSPIRITT 203 RYCGIRL
6/15/17 7:41 A
It's been a long journey on so many levels, but at long last I feel like I'm making some significant DREAMERSPIRITT 149 ADRIENALINE
6/13/17 3:43 P
My first day with spark.I have tried dieting so many times so I found this and hope I can do with th JULIE9741 299 SRILEY6324
6/13/17 7:32 P
I want to make a suggestion of an audio iBook that I am listening to from the Apple bookstore that h SPARKCAROLM 4 LIBR@RYL@DY
6/13/17 7:40 A
Each day I try to do something positive toward taking better care of myself. Today I did my physical SPARKCAROLM 24 _LINDA
6/13/17 9:43 A
I have been reading a great motivational book I got from iBooks called How to Build self-discipline SPARKCAROLM 2 GOLDIEFOXX
6/12/17 5:08 P
This is me the first day I joined the gym (I can't figure out how to make it post upright). I have GIVEIT20WKS 11 _LINDA
6/11/17 12:45 P
What will you do today to be happier & healthier? I'm headed to the pool. It's become my new Sunday ASF220 21 ASF220
6/11/17 1:47 P
Today was my weigh-in and measuring day. I've been at it for 28 days straight now: work out videos, TRACY1168 53 ALICIA214
6/11/17 12:34 P
YESSS!!! Finally got to my original goal of 140! It took me 14 weeks to lose 23 pounds. That last JAVAJESS21 257 B77421
6/13/17 12:08 A
I'm working today on Mother's Day. I'd rather do this than be with my daughter. I was looking for LOVECAROL 5 WANAKA
5/14/17 7:47 P
Good morning and happy Mother's Day. It's a great day to love ourselves enough to make a positive de SPARKCAROLM 5 7STIGGYMT
5/14/17 9:02 A
What Exercise Did You Do For 10 Minutes Today? EARTHSEAME 31941 SPEDED2
3/23/18 11:58 P
(DAILY) HOW ARE U FEELING TODAY (By Emoticon Fun!) MOMMA48 5467 DEE107
3/22/18 11:51 P
1/23/15 11:58 A
3/23/18 12:36 A
3/22/18 11:49 P
3/19/18 12:16 A
3/24/18 12:18 A
New to SP and just got my Tracker VON810 22 STRIPERGIRL
12/4/13 8:22 A
Please Introduce Yourself HERE COACH_NICOLE 5011 CGH-ARTYPANTS
3/23/18 8:57 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 143650 ZRIE014
3/24/18 12:44 A