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I lost 10.8 pounds this month! KCGREEN82 72 I_ROBOT
5/5/17 1:58 P
Wow!! I sure have changed over the years lol. At m HMARIE1983 214 SLPACITTI
5/20/17 3:21 P
ACK!!! The scale flashed to 199 for a second before settling on 201. Sooooooo close. On the plus si OVERDUECHANGE 33 FUNNYFACE101002
5/3/17 9:43 P
I just started yesterday and weighed in at 261 and this morning was thrilled to see 256. I know, I k BEELEESJOURNEY 35 PUCCASHELL
5/3/17 12:31 P
My second day went well for the most part. By the FLBEACHLIFE079 11 KASLANE
5/12/17 4:24 P
Doing my happy dance! My a1c test result is back BJK1961 165 _LINDA
5/3/17 10:14 P
Start my weight loss again last time nothing worked KAYM90 302 DEARONE3
5/1/17 1:08 A
I have lost 73 1/2 pounds … the most I have ever, ever lost. I moved into a new temporary neighborho MTN_KITTEN 220 JEANKNEE
5/1/17 11:15 P
So I haven't been feeling very good about myself b SG91391 25 BOOKLOVER501
4/27/17 3:33 P
#mobilechat down to 149 and rewarded myself with a new dress! What do you think? The straps come off EMMAYBEE 223 BRENDA_77039
3/26/17 12:04 A
First day commenting to healthy choices. My goal is to lose 50 pounds by this summer. SOPHIEJOURNEY7 6 DAWN1830
1/28/17 10:04 A
How often do you all step on the scale to track progress? MRSMBURLEY 9 INAMINIT
1/9/17 9:56 A
How can I get through the night after 8pm without eating? ASILLOWAY 14 SWCHKLT
1/8/17 4:53 P
I've noticed that the days I don't down the water I have the hardest time with cravings and losing w BUFF21CC 7 CML011
1/8/17 5:06 P
Today is my first day on here I'm 23 250lbs trying to get down to 160 I started exercising and dieti AUDREY9312 32 LAURCAM13
1/8/17 6:33 P
Im planning on signing up for the gym but I am very VERY shy and being around alot of people I do no GLACIELS 16 SMUNKNER
1/15/17 11:43 P
I'm at 164 pounds today. I started at 329 pounds o AUTIEJ 3056 CHLOE0044
6/5/17 3:43 P
Melissa MMC7961 19 NASFKAB
4/26/13 5:42 A
tritri312 TRITRI312 13 WELDER43
4/18/13 12:49 P
Thank you thank you for having this forum! MISSJENNGIRL2 14 SONO918
4/13/13 8:46 A
Share your goals and reasons for weight loss HORNOWL 1767 JMAHNKEN
6/6/17 2:13 P
What new vegie or fruit have you tried recently? ORGANIC811LFRV 104 CAPECODBABE
4/23/13 9:36 A