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54 lbs down 100 to downfalls for christmas. Im giving them all to family so i dont eat any NITA_26_NM1 13 ZRIE014
12/14/17 1:01 A
So much of a difference πŸ’ž AMYMBUNCH 33 BIKEORAMA
12/15/17 7:21 A
Posted a photo KILTORE 38 JUDY1676
11/18/17 7:21 P
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 18 GODSCHILD2_2011
11/18/17 1:46 A
Yesterday finally entered one-derland 198.8 so proud of myself! I haven't been in the 100's the pas AROCHE23 139 VERONIKA05
11/27/17 12:07 P
Food Freedom - Book Study THM_CAROL 180 WATCHMEGO!
12/31/17 10:07 A
I am 109th on the Nov leaderboard for active fitne PAM120800 188 HOPEANN327
11/7/17 9:12 P
Love Our West Texas Skies!!! AMYMBUNCH 18 NOCALORIES
10/5/17 9:16 P
Love my walks! Last night found my prince on the trail but my dog scared him off! Maybe I should l ONTHEPATH2 15 ERIN_POSCH
10/6/17 10:26 A
Lost 10 pounds but recently got a positive pregnancy test so probly just going to gain it all back! JT066320 42 SUSIELYNN50
10/5/17 4:37 P
Park and Workout ! Yesterday we went to walk at our Metro Pk. They have installed a great workout eq STARFISH1961 143 HEALTH_NOW
10/6/17 8:44 P
#BeforeAndAfter. As of today I've lost 50 pounds! I'm not at my goal yet, but wow does it feel goo JBLESSER 294 1BEARWIFE
10/6/17 1:43 A
Out for a walk this morning. Weighed in at 265 today, down from 310. Let's reach for the stars⭐ IGOT2START 118 WBRISCOE
10/5/17 10:10 P
GORGEOUS, light jacket walking weather today here in West Texas. Thankful for the cooler days!!! AMYMBUNCH 7 GEORGE815
9/24/17 12:59 P
2nd Annual Cupcake 5k. Last year was my first real 5k and it was 2 days after starting my Keto life. TIPHI1228 47 BEESHELL8
9/25/17 2:19 P
Tomorrow morning will be my first day logging on SparkPeople. I could use some friends to help me wi SHELLZNCHEDDA 60 NASFKAB
9/3/17 1:22 A
What an amazing fruit plate - someone is a real artist! (Found this on Tumblr "Her Wandering Soul" PROVING_IT 7 KMMR87
8/9/17 4:11 P
#WednesdayMotivation It made me smile for a second :) PROVING_IT 18 PROVING_IT
8/9/17 8:00 P
My gift to myself for losing over 40-lbs. #newclothes #reward #stitchfix ARHUNT71 48 QSHEPP
8/9/17 8:33 P
Body shaming is real. But when you learn to understand that not every human being was made exactly t DCA174 38 SCYANKEE46
8/2/17 10:05 A
Posted a photo CLARKLISA33 19 MSGO72
8/1/17 12:14 A
7/25/17 5:30 A
Happy Monday!!! MEANDGOD82 3 SNOWYOGA
7/24/17 12:32 P
7/24/17 12:32 P
Has anyone tried a vegan diet for weight loss? Any tips or advice? KARLTRUANT 4 LRJUSTUS1
7/24/17 2:25 P
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 8 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 7:24 P
In a little over a years worth of time, I've lost the equivalent to this guy in weight, and had a ba DEEYORE486 34 LIVELYGIRL2
7/24/17 12:47 P
Sweet potato toast is my new favourite breakfast food! Clean eating day 2 is off to a great start : AMES87 11 SOUTHTXXRNNR
7/24/17 1:18 P
Got up the guts to start again. RSTRAUS1 31 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 7:23 P
FINALLY! Out of the 290's! Yay! SUNSPOT_BABY 76 SNOWYOGA
7/23/17 3:09 P
Posted a photo RAHRAH878 11 RAHRAH878
7/23/17 3:47 P
#deliciousdailymoment It took a year and a half, but I have made progress. Never give up!!! DEBRAJ61 47 CHEETARA79
7/24/17 8:24 A
So glad I took advantage of the break in temperatures this morning. I got in a 5 mile walk this mor VICKYLYLES 2 SNOWYOGA
7/23/17 3:05 P
We had a crazy storm here last night, so what's a girl to do when that happens?!?! Grab the DSLR & t TMOODY84 61 SUNQUEE
7/23/17 3:45 P
It was my birthday yesterday! I'm such in a different place then I was last year. I'm so blessed tha CHRISTINAV7 13 CHRISTINAV7
7/24/17 1:09 P
Saw a new product available in the pharmacy. Anyone tried it yet? Seems to measure serving sizes A EO4WELLNESS 7 MADEINBRITAIN
7/24/17 7:54 A
Help! my son brought 3 packs of Cookies home . JMO070163 6 JMO070163
7/21/17 9:41 P
This is my little girl who was born 7 weeks ago. She is the reason I'm changing so I can be healthy SINAMONI 31 SARAHNRICKY1
7/22/17 11:06 A
I think i have a serious problem! Me and my teenag KINYA4571 10 SARAHNRICKY1
7/22/17 11:05 A
Me and another sis are going to visit a sister tommorow (there are 6 of us sisters and two bros). Wi KBOUGHE1 17 LEALONIE19
7/22/17 12:01 A
Roasted sweet potato and beets IGOT2START 22 IGOT2START
7/21/17 9:45 P
Not too bad on the calories. Thank you God for another good day. SCTT123 4 SNOWYOGA
7/21/17 8:57 P
I've lost 9.6 pounds since I've started on July 4th!! DLILAC 5 STEFFZ
7/21/17 8:57 P
Starting off my Saturday with a heavenly green smoothie πŸ’š JEANNIEMUMMY 14 JEANNIEMUMMY
7/21/17 10:30 P
Well have sime good news to report. Went shopping for a new outfit. Tried on a X large shirt. Thats R41266 7 RUSSELLFORD
7/22/17 2:01 A
Just want to lay down and cry! It has been a day from hell. Weighed in this morning for the first t LLOWE30 58 SARAHNRICKY1
7/22/17 10:11 A
#deliciousdailymoment Made wonton mini quiches this morning for breakfast. These will be great for w KNITTINGKITTY 18 C38622
7/22/17 11:29 A
Tomorrow is our big day. I will not let myself or mini me down CHRIS0377 4 MERIWYLE
7/21/17 9:30 P
When you slay the snack game.πŸ‘Š FITSISTA79 163 ZIGGY7611
7/24/17 11:43 A
7/17/17 6:16 P
This is me at my highest 235-236#....but I am getting in track I'm watching my calorie intake I'm dr JAMS2008 23 JAMS2008
7/14/17 10:00 A
Day 1, my heaviest @368 lbs. Long journey ahead. Watch out world, here I come! BCOMINGPIGLET 204 TTUCKERMCGILL
7/14/17 6:26 A
Wow!! Keep this picture in mind when ur weight loss is slowing down...thats a lot of fat in 5lbs! Co DIANEPAG 122 SKANTRA
7/6/17 8:03 P
Good Morning Sparkers! How are you getting back on track after the long holiday weekend? I had to ASF220 143 MOISESG55
7/6/17 3:28 P
If your having an ice cream craving this stuff is amazing! 90 cals, 5g of fiber 7g of protein and on AUSSIEMOM89 5 KCAMP14
7/6/17 5:52 A
Posted a photo SPARKE77 12 CONSECRATED2GOD
7/5/17 11:15 P
Day one of 100 days of working out. I am determined. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. My ME4ME1981 179 COURROND
7/6/17 7:40 A
SSDD. One year and 83lbs ago, my friends sent me a funny shirt after the first (of many) time my soo OVERDUECHANGE 227 AGEE1944
7/30/17 7:08 P
Hard to believe that. Whoo hoo. Also 64 pounds gone. 18 to go to my first goal DEBBIEABATEY 13 PAMBROWN62
7/4/17 3:20 A
Spent some much needed adult time with my husband to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! MRSLOSSON816 18 MADDIEGIRL32
7/2/17 7:09 P
To all my Canadian Friends, Happy Canada Birthday. KURTZIE1998 7 SNOWYOGA
7/1/17 6:48 P
Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends! JUDY1676 5 SNOWYOGA
7/1/17 6:47 P
7/2/17 12:10 A
Greek yogurt topped with triple berry granola, and organic palm syrup MSKEESH 7 MSKEESH
7/24/17 12:58 P
Posted a photo LOISLEL 23 KATHYJO56
7/2/17 12:24 A
I had to take a picture of it! Lol, 100 spark goodie points on bonus wheel πŸ˜‚ GYPSY-SOUL1 3 LEEWORD
6/26/17 11:22 A
My new travel mug...nobody in my house got it but I sure laughed enough for them ;) WINTERRAIN 127 STARANA45
6/30/17 11:47 A
6/26/17 9:57 P
I'm patting myself on the back. I left the cookies on the shelf for the first time. Bye, bye favorit DANNORTHCUTT5 15 MADDIEGIRL32
6/25/17 5:15 P
Got one crochet toy owl done! Gonna make a batch of 20 for young children with cancer in different c JBAIRD6 114 _RAMONA
6/25/17 4:57 P
Lunch/snack Split pea soup 4 strawberries and one bannana MIMITOJA 13 FRENCHY73
6/25/17 6:42 P
I can fit on my dress that I couldn't zip up last week! yay! KHERREAO 48 KHERREAO
6/25/17 9:54 P
Gonna do it this time! @LICI2012 TINNK_67 4 KINDGIRL56
6/22/17 7:08 P
Today I made it out of the "obese" BMI category into the just "overweight" BMI category. It's been GREEN-EYED-LADY 207 GREEN-EYED-LADY
6/28/17 1:43 P
One of my foster kittens #adoptdontshop ITHILDRIEL 24 TAMARAGP1
6/29/17 3:05 P