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Posted a photo ALMALIBRE93 14 4METHISTYME
8/18/17 1:31 P
My work is trying to kill me! Yesterday they had pizza and today it's donuts in the breakroom. Ahh STEPHANIEBARREN 5 SMURFS
8/18/17 11:51 A
Happy Friday! My morning begins with over 1k calories burned. Can't wait for my weigh in tomorrowπŸ‘ ARHUNT71 6 PNUGENT24
8/18/17 10:59 P
I am 27 and weigh 160 pounds. I am 5,5. I have gained 30 pounds within a few years that is putting a K55834 15 K55834
8/18/17 10:56 P
Was going to go for a walk with my dog yesterday and had a visitor trying to get to my bird feeder οΏ½ NISSANGIRL 118 MARINEMAMA
8/19/17 6:34 P
According to my scale I'm down 10 pounds. I kind of feel like it's mistaken for some reason but hey SMURFS 5 BRITNEYL1985
8/18/17 4:22 P
I need you all to pray that I don't fall off. My m MISSCNJ 174 QSHEPP
8/17/17 7:29 P
Wow! I shrunk! DIANEPAG 162 ROCKRS
8/17/17 3:54 P
Went to DQ for lunch while road trippin' and choose salad as my side for the first time. I didn't fe SMURFS 2 MARATHON_MOM
8/17/17 12:54 P
I had a completely crappy stressful day. I gave in and stress ate. I have had it under control for a TCRANE522 6 SMURFS
8/17/17 9:59 A
I'm sad. I appear to have injured my knee with all my working out. Now I don't know what to do :( SMURFS 7 SMURFS
8/13/17 7:07 P
Saturday – well spent the whole day yesterday w/Mom and Dad. Dad is not doing well. Non-responsive 1CRAZYDOG 34 LIVEDAILY
8/13/17 4:11 P
Mmmm.... healthy AND good looking 😊 QWESTING 9 _RAMONA
8/12/17 12:42 P
Run/walk intervals in the neighborhood. Finally starting to run again feels good. Now I just have to MARATHON_MOM 4 KALEWINE
8/12/17 10:03 A
Wearing a bathing suit today for the first time in a very long time. Taking my little to the splash LIGHTENUP_NL 58 LIGHTENUP_NL
8/12/17 12:52 P
My new favorite workout tools! Dip Bars. For those of us that can't get to the gym! I can do focused TANDY1965 15 SMURFS
8/10/17 10:24 P
2 months ago I struggled to do 1 chin-up. Today I did 4 sets of 5. Every little bit counts, just don XUCAEN 5 CHKCHNC
8/10/17 10:47 P
Went sledding on the dunes in white sands national park in New Mexico today. MICHCLEARY 75 _RAMONA
8/11/17 1:54 A
Tonight I ate 1 serving of ketchup chips (26 chips). I was so afraid I would binge but I didn't. T SMURFS 6 NBUTLER57
8/11/17 12:53 A
Walked to town for a total of 5 miles and approx. 700 calories :) SMURFS 7 KACEYSW
8/10/17 3:17 P
I made the best lunch. I am crazy about zucchini noodles. I will never eat pasta again. I used vegan TCRANE522 2 SMURFS
8/10/17 1:02 P
Im finding it difficult to see myself progressing, my weight loss had been phenomenal but i still fe LSAGE52996 5 LSAGE52996
8/10/17 12:05 P
Traditional fare, responsible portions. SMURFS 16 MOUCHE
8/10/17 9:20 A
Morning walk/jog on vacay in the back fields. I loved working out today ❀ SMURFS 13 WFTGATL
8/9/17 12:05 P
Smart eating update: All is well and holding at 200 without feeling hungry or snackish. Down side of JDCRAWFORD73 16 JDCRAWFORD73
8/9/17 10:46 P
First day of vacation and I walked 7km! Had to refuse my family pushing cookies, ice cream, cake, SMURFS 5 LARKDC
8/8/17 9:55 P
Oops, I worked my first evening shift tonight after a very low protien day and ended up making unhea SMURFS 3 YMWONG22
8/5/17 5:33 A
My dinner! Everything in moderation :) SMURFS 6 GEORGE815
8/3/17 5:42 P
Hey guys! It's been awhile. I have a question that I can't exactly find the answer to on here. I kno MSANNAMARIE14 9 PSYCHMASTER
8/4/17 1:00 P
Took these boys for a walk today. It's a pretty day. MSANNAMARIE14 5 PSYCHMASTER
8/4/17 12:59 P
Hm. I'll take it. IAN2409 151 LIVEDAILY
8/3/17 4:29 P
Healthy alternative if you're craving A&W.. Their habenaro chicken burger lettuce wrapped. πŸ’œπŸ‘Œ TANNERZ 14 TANNERZ
8/2/17 3:22 P
Egg salad sandwich without the bread. I'm surprised that I don't miss the bread at all! SMURFS 16 AJAYZCHAOS
8/2/17 3:10 P
Well, I caved. Im on a diet of fruits, veggies, white meat and eggs. Today is my fourth day. I had a MARIAHAA2994 9 TCRANE522
8/2/17 3:06 P
Feeling great down 64 pounds have 1 more pound to meet my goal 160 started off at 224 CRISTALO321 304 F5-FURY
8/8/17 8:10 P
Kale and spinach frittata and smoked salmon with roasted sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and blueberries. JBLESSER 24 JOHNMARTINMILES
8/2/17 10:37 A
I've been at them at 5 AM today; did one-hour morning walk. MARIAJESTRADA 9 CHEETARA79
8/2/17 1:33 P
How do you like your eggs? SPARKPEOPLE 52 SASHASMOM1122
8/11/17 2:24 P
Hard work definitely paying off. Today I Woke 36 lbs less .... it hasn't been easy .... one of the h MANONAMISSION73 121 ANDERSONCH1
8/2/17 4:23 P
Having a bad day emotionally and physically. Headache and crying. I need to see a doctor but can't f TMOTZ4 11 SMURFS
8/1/17 5:25 P
Fishing with grandson's really funny bambi somehow gets into 90% of all my pics. KINDGIRL56 11 SMURFS
8/1/17 5:24 P
Guess its time for new running shoes.. darn dog 😬 MWARNER211 27 BRENDA_77039
8/1/17 11:41 P
Losing weight but keeping my curves! THATSPRETTYDEVY 11 MDOWER1
8/1/17 7:51 P
I went from 305 to 197 DAISEYKAREN16 153 SEXYSARAHLOVE
8/1/17 7:57 P
I guess the car being in the shop is a blessing in disguise, I burned almost 300 calories walking to SMURFS 2 BOOHOOBEAR
8/1/17 5:36 P
Dinner.....shredded chicken breast and grapes on a bed of lettuce & raw baby carrots. Was yummy #de NEWME 12 SHAKARIA3
7/31/17 7:19 P
I am about to tear up this gorgeous black bean burger for dinner πŸ˜›πŸ˜€πŸ‘€ FINDINGWENDY914 25 ANGELINAJOLI
7/31/17 9:06 P
I am getting good at tracking my meals. This is the second time in a row that I have balanced everyt MAMA4305 6 C38622
7/31/17 7:59 P
The girl on the left is from day 1 I don't recognize anymore. She was depressed sad and angry all t MRSDCSUSEY 200 C38622
7/31/17 7:55 P
Wohoo 7pm and there are still 200 calories left fo SMURFS 3 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/31/17 10:03 P
Well, ate horrible again. During my work week i dont think im eating enough, causing me to break do TRAVIE0331 4 XNANNY
7/31/17 7:09 P
9:30pm and lunch meal prep is done for a few days. Egg and caprese snack packs, ham and cheese roll SMURFS 8 L_DROUIN
7/30/17 10:46 P
My goal is to be able to zip up this dress comfortably by December 2017! SMURFS 5 JDCRAWFORD73
7/30/17 4:30 P
I have started making green tea/fruit popsicles & SugarF/FatF Pudding popsicles w/fruit to satisfy a LENORAJ2017 6 RAERAERAE62
7/28/17 7:06 P
My doctor wants me to lose 50 pounds by the end of this year. I'm trying to use this container as a WJWINDSOR 33 GRANNIEC1
7/28/17 5:32 P
Yesterday I spent four hours in the kitchen but it MISSESFUSCO 12 MISSESFUSCO
7/31/17 7:39 P
I weighed myself this morning and had a 3.5 pound weight gain- I'm trying not to get obsessive over KNYAGENYA 5 SMURFS
7/28/17 9:35 A
7/28/17 9:49 A
Setting up for an outdoor workout when my pup took over πŸ˜‚ SMURFS 20 KINDGIRL56
7/27/17 7:29 P
The web says if you maintain a 500+ calorie deficit you can lose 1 lbs a week. Anyone else find that SMURFS 12 LUANN_IN_PA
7/27/17 7:14 A
So I've lost 78 lbs and have been staying fairly steady with my diet but, the last like three days h TRAVIE0331 9 REEDSKI
7/27/17 12:45 A
Just started dieting. I work in EMS. This job is notorious for making people gain weight. I'm a bit ISHMAEL40216 25 DJ4HEALTH
7/27/17 1:12 A
Shrimp tacos in 50 calorie tortillas. Quick and easy with bagged Asian slaw mix (no crunchy bits) #d MISSDORKNESS 12 BRENDA_77039
7/28/17 8:56 A
My fourth time climbing this hill. I walked up 5 times today in 19 minutes and burned 154 calories. SMURFS 17 DIALYSISCHIC1
7/26/17 6:46 P
Treating myself to some chips today. I have to remind myself that it is all about moderation. There PINKMUSTARD21 9 KOHLRABIGIRL
7/26/17 4:40 P
The amazing 10-year old made this healthy breakfast for me; she rocks! FITGIGI0102 17 FITGIGI0102
7/26/17 6:43 P
I went for a 2.21 mile jog last night and ended with a 2.21 mile walk, while I was jogging I had 2 w WIZARDPIMP 325 MORTONDH
7/26/17 10:15 P
This is one of my favorite need-extra-protein-and-fiber snacks: almonds and prunes. They complement LKMANNING7 6 LKMANNING7
7/26/17 6:42 A
Sorry this is long, I just have to say it outside myself. Someone asked me what my hobbies are. I TIPTOETO50 5 TIPTOETO50
7/25/17 2:16 P
Its a great feeling when the neighbors you usually just smile and say hi to make a point to stop you SUMWITCH 7 GPALMER29
7/25/17 7:27 P
Working on understanding our inner workings to help me make educated food choices. Awesome book! SMURFS 7 SEXYMOMMOM1
7/25/17 1:31 P
Day one of my journey MOXIE 85 GORDONED
7/25/17 4:12 P
Goodmorning, I haven't been on here as much lately JUSTSTICKWITHIT 239 GETITDONE79
7/27/17 2:56 P
I took a nap, then napped afterward! #deliciousdailymoment SKABETTI 3 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
7/24/17 8:16 P
My name is Eddie. Went to the doctor for the first time in 9 years. I'm 35, 350lbz. My blood sugar a EDDIECR 301 _LINDA
7/24/17 11:42 P